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Think Tank 1010am Hackers shutdown major internet providers

Oct 25, 2016|

Hackers shutdown major internet providers using connected household items like baby monitors and home security cameras.  Are nuclear plants and weapons secure? This hours guest: Andrea Peterson - Washington Post reporter Arun Vishwanath - Associate Professor of Communication at University at Buffalo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our and to show is doing broad view but we look better and it's twelve noon. Gonna talk about how old dozens. Thousands. Of veterans. That a goal in the war or been wounded loss relates post traumatic for it's you name. They come back. A death hidden danger. The military and the pin Ringo. Decides their recruitment bowl this. We're not appropriately. Administered. So that ultimately. In their gore pushing wages. Veterans are having second mortgage Holmes to period. Congress it was where government. So we're gonna do that show with a couple of experts and back DO former assistant secretary and the peasants is going to be here. Questions on the they have all week really care as much about dips. As we did Colin company taking a knee in a football game a bench on that important. Talk about that as well. Leverage our business is getting redder brace for Obama's you overtime rule over four million workers become eligible. And it is going to be a cluster but but Papa Papa. In who gets full time do its part time who sees pulled time to get small and work. So we're gonna try to figure that out old so with a couple of the experts. News perhaps and they. We've redundant so many shoes and science technology. Itself. And we've done. A virtual on the Internet of things to work of the world is becoming connected. Not just in our computers not just in our phones but he'd meet mom enters in group bridge raiders and security camps. Well somebody. Got hold of that Internet of things. And millions of Internet users lost access. To some of the world's most popular web sites where there's Spotify bread. Sees in the and antsy. Murad talent. And Andy even mess with the mind Netflix which debuted a collaboration more. But it it's it's more than introducing to me. Because a bread subsite obscurity. For exit say. That's that's was just keep probing move. This was just eight test. And more is coming and we're not sure exactly. What these. Attacks in the future will bring and why. The federal undersea at all this and we've gone through Washington Post reporter. A lot of work on this and repeated to me Andrew thinks it's time appreciate the call. So. I used to do television news tonight do help a lot of Reading for the Chicago so I know. Somebody that covers his disposal and interviews club church. Your overall Buell watched what you think QC one that you think you learn. You know it's all part that they were increased C especially are talking about cyber attacks but what is really know about happened on Friday. Is that someone still unknown. You'd stayed and emerging format now where Q keep over a huge number. Internet of things to write they would. Lot which appeared to have being like Internet connected camera. Their security cameras webcam. And you'd QG. Are a company called dying you know which is a traffic. And that's really sad or at least it was really hot on Friday. Because dying is a but he said for like they're really cute Easter it's pretty and it does something called get means means that that. Being. And essentially what that means is dying is accompanied help you. Computer figure out how to connect the web that you want to get to it translates. BURL. Put in that way about direct. Are running stage twitter.com. Into the I can string a number that's the key actor at that actually he connects the darker current of that circuit. So if that certain death and believe that web site is still bake your computer or Europe out there just doesn't know how to accept it which is why so many people were happy in trouble getting to a lot of their paper such. Don bright. And Antonio businesses bad and now would I was. Trying to figure out exactly what dime was in every day our bread seem very content leash for me. In a bit more of the reports. It's a dying is kind of electric companies that puts all good signs on the Internet. And pulled done down there moon sign so you don't know where to go. Is is is that. A good analogy. He thought that there really need it now edgy and it can explain it is that they're sort of like the phone book you can look at the big name. Me in the which is that you are back if you don't have that don't let you know how to do it to the actual. On number are which is how your computer which string. Figure that person's IP address which is actually how you get to the site. India and numerous rating. A hacked and released on forward code that it's called to Miree. In my way or you and I. End did he relieves that only in that Peru in the bond uses it easy for somebody do you lose. Yeah it much easier for somebody used that didn't develop their own news straight malware but yes it was released on the buying eaten by some wine. Several weeks ago and would actually seen another attack like ten that also deemed to weaponized the inner edits they'd been. Black mom which targeted at journalist called bright grad who speaker urges a lot as a cyber security that he actual. We have former Washington Post reporter. Really great you break it being does Mikell that packer angry at least the bad guy hacker. And someone bombarded his eight with them very similar attack all that you made in this mirror rock a year. Malware. Last month and one of Canada working theory that some people are reporting and cute that died actually. Book and dying researcher or prevent it. Stated that some find being about that attacked at a conference not long before dying added up beating target it by this NAFTA as well traffic side. When the attack was just. But pristine line and it's spraying crowds that it's that way on the brink cut that they been detected. When they was attacking dying. We cannot quicker and keep Howell and and you already mentioned Netflix have a lot of problems. Or people have a lot of problems getting to them. To be a little bit more accurate. In there and I've been correct me if I'm wrong. One of the diamond experts I think your target about Doug map and ring. Actually made a presentation. On this subject that day Bo ward does happen. And a lot of people think that triggered the attack but also shouldn't die in the have been prepared for the attack. If one of their. Key employees who's making a presentation. We are not there at mentioning about and just to. Presenting research and I think where we need to talk about aging or dying. One bombarded with it kind of easy not a traffic in the million IP addresses that the same time and and although dying really is one indeed. Biggest players in it particular field. It's not infallible although you know it did manage to get things and back up with being 24 housewares. And even while the attacks weren't going to interpret intermittent. What thing that they never security expert to talked to me about it. Is not doubling the victims being despite here by. You can register with more than one of these DNS service providers so if I like Twitter or like not ahead has had not fully rely played. No I'm dying in order to provide that service. Users wouldn't is seen in the problem. Are limited rig rig Mona product comeback. Why rent is about something I've found in person. Number god from an NC former employees of in his Saturday. Formed a company called area Warren. And in some of the people that were affected or or their machines were used in this attack. I'm number one woods video welding company. And the ease in its say god Shula. And say you're machine was taken over. And rehab would lead to monitor. And stop these attacks. Say it would need five more minutes come in bright back dubbed Olympia. Always fluid city big story when my daughter. Talked to bud news on FaceBook. Chambers get about a big cyber attack ago levels weakened objected b.s coach was screwed something Cuban Australia parts of Europe. It brought their importer and spot a body and read it didn't see unit and then have seen New York Times Netflix and more. The boards and pursuing they use the Internet of things it'll be long reactors and home security cameras to make this attack. The veterans' symptoms were always good or reporters big covers it in depth Washington Post reporter. Andrew Peters to. Andrea of look at your sources Internet security experts say we believe this attack was just a task. And more attack actual column have you heard anything about that. Well you know I haven't talked to exit myself what the point they needed that that we don't have a week to prevent attacks like this. Theater and it being marketed head. Reunion you'd be deep beans security problems. Especially yeah I mean we're talking about load it and manufactured in China according to a lot of people it's OK and Q. The wave bit awry it works then malware that we used Q hi Jack all of these device that is support the attack on Friday paid. Is that it hasn't set how were heard and username matches are bought and she them. Get for it and device that is dead. Happy people password or very weak one that is sometime and very hard or user changed if they can change at all. It's so unique in that it's they were able to third and the Internet and find devices have this week password combination. And hide them. It almost impossible act particularly means for us to go back and take all of those devices are already online insecure. And make matters worse they are also oddities Jordan. Regulations it's going to be able to make company used produce stronger security for that neck device that they come out who it. That the especially difficult speak. These attacks come from anywhere that it's not just like uh oh what we need. Regulations here in the US to make sure all of our Internet of things to buy it it's. Our figure it really would have to be global effort in order to stop attacks plague these forward. And about government numbers right with god six point four million in the Internet of things connected this year. Twenty point eight billion by 20/20. Is Israel waited till it's a start up. These attacks using it in and other things five that the keepers by the Google's bug. In Israel and waved for the big one suicide company teen T have that kind of thing. Yunel. They're potentially be waived for Internet service provider. To look out or we need CDs weird load of traffic and potentially block them but out there really be a bit potentially prevent. They spoke they'd have to do more monetary and Amy have necessarily the equipment. In order to you about mine very. And especially in many of these devices are. Can decade in other parts of the world old odd that researchers are looking that it earlier this month now and headed there were Mirai infected by it in over 160. Countries including really remote places like Somalia and had he can't stand. The other third providers there are. Certainly not have the capability he can easily be able to goad it into their customer they're carried out these acts. And you talk to me anybody that's concerned about. I knew him getting it tree but nuclear power plants weapons systems. I you know not that leans forward DOS attacks distributed. I'd denial of service attacks which is like hate it be common name for that kind of attack it just. Bart site with traffic. But we've certainly seen the incident to where. Her. Computer systems and nuclear plants had been infected with different kinds of malware now in theory. General computer systems are expected be separated from the east at ten to actually operate reactors for instance. But it's a lot of report that suggested to bat at. That air gap isn't necessarily always enforced and that oftentimes plant operators aren't really even sure which of their systems are connected to the Internet. For to. Brief Gary. It is do little quirks. I mentioned earlier written last night. Five members former members and National Security Agency show. At world hinge on the dress shop. And annulled the sewer ball. And said today. Your computers. Were some of knows that there were used in this. And and we can handle a ten acts. In the future that you heard anything about that and if so is that partially in. It's called now hybrid one company. And I remember reading about and I think storm would get behind cover and go any signs at Wellesley keen. Company back in June. So you know there. Certainly finding out where infected devices are and either clean them up for potentially moderate man is helpful but crisper and just the sheer scale of this most recent attack. Make it really hard to mitigate we're talking ten that out. But not think about it do you mean it even worse than in the new IP addresses that were used in this war on attacked. That is eye popping. Hungry you couldn't even held the conversation about chew on over your busy thank you over the top of them have big great Tuesday. Are covered ride but I will talk to a professor of communications. University of buffalo moved that specializes. In cyber assumed security attacks what you think when you listen to this is that's. Brave new world that on the way he's scaring the hell and of swords is just hey we get the fraud bid every once and a while. No big thing Jersey general 170. Double down the a fellow Brit and your wade to determine. If in news story is pretty. When my daughter and friends are talking about it in the 27 and were talk in the land sweet collect for what surprised me. Internet attack millions of Internet. Users its laws that says and some moves to web sites in the world. Hammered the East Coast and the Packers. And all kind of voted for a big bending it the West Coast I think B approach race. I think they've been hit a little bit and in Europe. And they are not downsides like Twitter spot by brits in the Etsy New York Times and had legitimate government. But once so interest and it would we call it as cyber attack that plunged and Crooklyn. It was more an attack on the Internet of things. More more we're trying to connect to our world. Remote cameras brokerage raiders each baby monitors. You name it. Trying to connect every thing togethers so we can monitor and constantly. And apparently they use the Internet of things to attack. But to better understand those thankfully we can talk to an expert Erin did one of so student professor of communications university about Delaware and thank you so much. I. You on doubt that you understand this kind of thing today imperil it went after one company. And managed to reach this kind of habit to skip assumed overall view what happened. And boarding what do you think this means is it's just a disruption that would inept again dues to orange or is it gonna get workers. Just being invite you over. There and it should shall. Is there. Actually accompanied you. Directly. By that day at the net of direct strapped. Chewed if you wouldn't I'd been a direct traffic at and you. Just been the site. So what the accurate and done the time. Quote I'm aware an alternate in billions and unsecured. Home based security camera so these are security camera. People buy. Dollars. You. You come and you put your house connected to and from. You know what. Some people use those. People viewed as security camera. Here in what about managed to. Find these. Many many spammers. And malware. Dude over dead to grow its stock attacking. These cameras. Requests for aid. Which war well. Indian infrastructure. And advocate went out there and just crashed it couldn't take double. A number of changes that question. Each of these members acted like they individual computers into your age. Now. You know any web site sort of actual. Comic pages that can that can acquire an army in the and an open mind and can take the core of this show. You can call them the exact same moment. That it gets action and that's why stop denying the page and just quote there that quoted in the attacks. Yeah killed and the I am. Not prepared in a lot of that and I'm good between arch. Which is what are you that option. Two that. And that is it shall. What possible. The duplicate you know our web site that people use my. And what that optimum would be helped get the could be hours or. The good ones are critical structure protection system could be yeah. You know. Electricity grid actions being financial. It could be which fortunately. As possible. And now when you start thinking about her acne system in more than you'd think. All right Liz let me tag breakthrough when we come back. Cracked rib but I'm wrong boomer come back. Talk about I think so we're quote bill it was a bases that there's something Coleman and and when we come back cup a one and find. Did that hackers put that software. On the Internet is open source. Because. Everything. But software like raw and makes it much easier. And if it's open sores anybody can get a hold up and we'll talk about that more and coming up benched usage or 187. Questions comments. And once I had this seems like it's a hot a threat to civilization. On the other side. It feels like maybe it's just an aggravation we get abuse who what do you think two's exit or 187. Our broad thing good about to last week when there Wednesday human cyber attack. Disclosed worst coach skewed. He's coast and more Disco it's. And it didn't bring down things like Twitter and Spotify and remittance Ian Ian at Ian and many many minimal war. And worry your bank delivered talking to an expert two bedrooms than that. Professor of communications. University of buffalo. Professor Erin bush won at. Proposed Serb. Brought about software I think the name is more broad and and ended says these this cyber attackers. Put this solo work code on the Internet. Does that mean. They open sources and does that mean they've made it easier for all the people that didn't have the capabilities. To do this. Well well he didn't. Source. Decree it. Separately a group of people who created. Open sourcing where marketable. These stocks were created by a group of hackers are the best eight from. Right and get beat at the quarter up on. Convicted. In October. Do you usually because they're getting. Into trouble you're afraid of getting caught. So once you put that in Europe all the people started to use at Egypt and getting attention at all and at the it. You have the Euro could net. Auto companies people.com. And start using so you know you they have more pacs or people get. Your report. And yet that big. Burst wonders even offered went to school actual. Which. Is not yet oh. Other malware family. Very similar. And very capable of being an innocent man. So how concerned should be yours it's just something. This can happen. Intermittently it's can be aggravating. It is gonna hurt the companies that. Getting used heard the bottom line a little bit or is this something prices surged something. Some believe the board certain nuclear power plant weapons plant. What what what is his good bad or somewhere and I'm not good is as bad or really bad out there somewhere in the middle. And somewhere in the middle. It would lead oriented there's we. Wanted until you sort of bat. A bat out there. Did you do that to step into a corner. Quoting you for some obstacle. Or the whole the company opted for the old people hostage. And didn't know. Quite the rare terrorist groups like me. Have tried to recognize these kind of system and merchandise have been killed. But even simple act like your section. We have seen that in the which identify people so for instance you know the color typical person and make that. Are there so we can find them. Should go and packed them very breed ignorance. And that unity because a lot shoppers just like Iraq. Coming out into the open so that we lease it out and I hope people. Wouldn't including mark is it skill. Candidates include any of the you know terrorist threats out there are getting people. Didn't. Eclectic. And I beat you with capital could let. We need to be between. Professor. A cannibal comes vision without shoes thanked the time. We'll do we'll follow up and hopefully we'll students some more time have a great day and thank you for calling them. It. All right don't forget that we got the big goal then there's the catch content as coming up you don't wanna go way you'd double the BO big exhibiting AM. One of 53 year offend. If fuel. Our e-business. Story of you have jobs and bill listen to those that show and view 11 o'clock show. December Burris Obama has seen who overtime rule going into effect. And four million. People for a million more people are going to be eligible. For overtime. Now watch your boss can do. Pity him or. In Europe full time worker. When he made two part time they dig out abort your bottom islands they got to make a profit. Or. If your full time worker and they'd only give part time. Or they gonna put I have bureau loan on news. Because news. Euro higher wage. Worker. And how do you think your company's numbers on. Paper poll numbers more. Make more old timers part time. Hire more part timers. Expect. Higher wage employees. To work more. A main company is already. Or are hiring part timers. That have to do two or three jobs and have no real emotional connection to the company. And this looks like it might put in a little bit more strain known. Time the 1000 dollar Tennessee cash confidence sykora Byrd who's our. His paths. F eight ST. Have a and it's T fast. Tech Ted word do seventy to 8172881000. Dollars one touch way. Listen for the next code word Bogota Colombia news into BM. Good luck from all it was a double WO we never charged with the text but individual black and types that raged hoopla please don't text and Ross.