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Think Tank 1110am Obama’s new overtime rule

Oct 25, 2016|

As Businesses brace for Obama’s new overtime rule – that will make more than 4 million workers eligible - are they preparing to pay more, make more full-timers part time or put a heavier load on higher wage workers?   How will your company respond?  (pay full timers more, make more full-timers part-time; hire more part-timers, expect higher wage employees to work more.) This hours guest: James Sherk - Research Fellow @ Heritage Foundation…(Expert on Jobs and Labor Policy, Unemployment, Macroeconomy, Economic Mobility, Jobs and Employment Report, Labor Regulation, Economic Analysis,Labor)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think it's very its aid to business owners brace yourself and work parents. President Obama is overtime rule Grossman group. December above one. A figure more than doubled the fair labor standards act he threshold as to who can all of five from overtime and from 23660. Books a forties and 1004. And seven cents a year. Federal understand all that good news we've got an expert June ensured. Richard jewel Heritage Foundation expert and jobs labor policy unemployment. And much much more. Jane welcomed showed thank you so home. Lunch. Thank you ratting me out. So what what what what's happened here. I think. That there's a lot of dust smoke been blown. The administration is saying that this is going to give workers arranged. Our win in taxes the the notion that businesses are going to pay more. What they're gonna do what would you liberal economists agree is going to happen. Is that your company's Opel this rule for the first salaried workers that would it was a tax dollar workers for salaried workers under the new threshold. During the start collecting overtime pay for what network more conduct air week but the base salaries can be cut by an upset about. So the the total company for workers is going to be pretty much exactly the same before and afterwards. If the administration want to talk about I love these were appreciative overtime pay and doesn't mention all of their race to hours correct Erica. Suing to do their talking about two options number one. If they will board. Doling out more overtime date change its salaried workers tea our employees. To better monitor how they were up one way. That's certainly it's opened this morning happened if you're eligible for overtime your glory have to log your hours it doesn't matter if you work. Cops say 38 hours a week for Purdue and on our week or your work and you more than forty horse which you know if you were eligible for overtime. Your implore have to watch your purse. And for a lot of salaried workers that's gonna come as a pretty nasty shock. There's a lot of solid workers reached out and worked and flexibility in their schedules and are employers. Many of them were used to being able to do things like a technical problem that you tick off the early in the afternoon. Go to a child in say a baseball game cry and then weather chills well mostly going to be able to have finished out pork and he's trying. Later they get paid to do a particular job not to block particular hours. However if you're eligible or on pure or have to log your hours. Which means these same businesses are Bachmann want to lobby says Shalit workers to work remotely to do things like cut telecommuting or. There will work from home they're gonna be a lot more right new picky about you coming and you be working these hours on the clock. And don't be where we're hearing your element is going to be a great loss and flexibility for many salaried workers. And and would see at the end or year. Legally be opposed say bow it's can be a little bit of a hardship upon us broad cheek and still birdies son's baseball game. You can still work at home is that legal to do. It's not that it's illegal. The thing is. They have to track all the time the workers were problem. And I think that's they're very vulnerable lawsuit Q trial or should be launching thousands and thousands of lawsuits every year. Are basically saying look you got these workers who we think we're eligible for overtime. And urgent things lecture me or email over the weekend we only got a bit of pro overtime to that punishment check in now things like that. Just not that it's illegal it's that you're running a risk to earnings news. If imported then comes back and as well. That emotionally in one hour but it turned. Two hours and here here's my bill for overtime and this happens to. Here for you X number of weeks ago Mary's church member Beers. Total lot of now lawyers are advising companies to do in the circumstances just tell them were promote. You don't take a risk you know in my attitude and surged don't take the risk and don't want to pour permanently forced them to work. From their office in the company when we can clearly bought reversed on the clock and. That's about what. I talk to. Britons from that room and medium sized companies. And and I've said that that the rules already please warns them. To take full time positions. And make him part time. But their part timers. After world two and three part time jobs. So there's no legions there in the there's often times holes. In the schedule being coached for. One reason enough that they don't Chihuahua. And a couple of guns and spoke Jews have more than the answers may be. Is is take the old time hourly workers. And give them more war. Either I would he the the ball carrier regulations that have been discouraging. Hardly the part time workers assuredly the companies from hiring full time workers that are urgent to hire part time workers. Aren't you got these regulations that are just in America Q&A lot more costly for businesses. Feel like you're trying to get things done sister plants that now has got a track you have got to measure everything you do got a picture awkward offer. You know when before he could just tell your employees. Get the job done that and challenged you know you. It is ticker where you know all you have to keep track of is are they getting worked on. And so many businesses are gonna kindness. I just say it about tolerance you know they're dealing with a lot character dealing with peace deregulation it's. Are coming down for over. And all the regulations are getting billed as a little benefit to workers cost benefit to workers. But that temperature has been chairman of course. One of the reports. A broad from a single company. So they're gonna be asking their employers appeal portion of their health insurance for the first time. In the gonna do that. Because they expect to be all upset by the overtime hours employees do work. Do you understand that and can you explain it to me. Well that's that's probably going to be fairly common response on the part of my a couple of extra. And so then basically what comes out he's the company's no overtime payments on cash which keeps. But they don't know it's so whatever your level of European your your cash which payments are. You know the three years shower that's what you calculated effort I'm partial. The benefit payments don't factor into. And so that some companies are going to be doing is that I think our one week increase are salaries here just over in this virtual. Which is about 47500. Dollars or you've got to work we're making today. 47000. Or 46000 here weight increasing salaries so don't have to worry is over world. But at the same breath to think an increase in benefit cost of their bigger reduced benefits that for product isn't that just got worse. And so Q increased their Robert cash wages or reduce the benefits to company's total cost. But they're also not to be covered by this this regulation. And so I think you're missing a lot of companies looking for ways is hard to basically happened we cut back and benefits. So that that we can erase your pain not afterward that overtime rule. But at the same time it poppy you're paying more campus today these big companies find ways. That there are not and that's. The the question is how it was like it then chipped it out of the workers and advocates of the workers. Preferred to have made a small cult and further their health care. Are you this attack structure and amateur. It's a Clinton not a different from the time war. That employers might have preferred day. You would lead benefits from more money put into their 401K plan. To any number property content benefits. It's because there's a roll up less of those benefits and the been forced to think that competition and cash questions that. Orange and saved a million other 510 minutes or so if you're just showing. With finger at about President Obama is overtime rule goes into mpeg December the first. Those call volume parole or bird time. Do you do a bit caught a ball will move from 13000. Plus it's 247000. Plots. And it's gonna breed a lot of changes in a lot of companies what do you think your business owner you're an employee out there. Terms eggs are one big celebrity does this like a good idea to you or a bad idea or. As James it's companies. Argenbright anymore build upon and weight and keep their costs. As usual so is it just something bad. Where did wrong with you put on to as a juror 187. He dug up. Wherever they go about business of bracing for the Obama overtime ruled December the burst the roads that qualify liberal overtime. Torres show were removed from 23000. Plus the 47000. Laws each year. Rednecks heard from via heritage foundation on all of those labor policy and implement Jane shirt. Jane general mind let's bring in the caller George and look comb appreciated the call. I thought no amount. And I agree to overturn rules are bin. I'm retired players. Then outcome both sides of the spectrum. You know hourly employee had not been South Korea away. And that company had to work through. Few years ago they had to changed the lower level management. They were not change to our early but they are changed so that they have clocked in and out for everything that they they just like its salaried employees. And management captured. All kinds of money because lap and what is manager go to the ball game in the eighties say they're doing their own but they really. Not alum a lot of money not really doing it so that that was not getting on. That minute at better prime August over term rose. More work shutter get in on an the company. Oh (%expletive) or pick and people twelve hours now Arctic and nine hours. And song spoke sports science and I think it's a great thing. And the PG. Well like any company that wants to have the managers or any salaried employees Lockett blocked out. I can do that that's still well within Europe their powers. Others additional lawful under that so I any company it to which has been beneficial or enhanced effort to do. Additionally is reportedly forced workers and forced companies to do that's. Others though a lot of companies where. It just absent at the flexibility makes more sense to if you were saying they convenience or and he rocked. You know it's pretty clear and drop your order to help a good store or order your back pocket. Our butts for a lot of jobs particularly appreciative the acknowledged workshops. You know you can be worked on your work your from your home or can work anywhere from eight a computer and your office and it doesn't make much difference. Andean my concern is that they regulations are and make it very very hard powerful person which shops like that would toward the flexibility. That for many of them have been very helpful in terms of balance and there were contaminant that's. Georgia's bloodless. Are there and what might push and it is I'm CNET. Who's going to be and other companies. Where workers there their words basically a full time position. But they don't want to be overdone to the read part time. In the part timers tend to have the number of part time job. And and there's no real little legions to the company and what about that side of the where people in Dublin part time jobs and set of poll. Well you keep. Companies. Named in any they have under. The last company award certainly did that they started hiring are. Park turned out in their move in more sort I mean it started hiring full time. The people that were grandfathered that they were able to make all time but the new hires are called. Part science. Or even these part time people. Senators of both sort thirty hours were in the work in 48 hours so based here at pale return. But they don't have the medical benefits it'll probably salmon and Mercury program all daughter. Been remarkable in full time employees. Introducing it and what do what do you think about that side. Well I think it's it's it's quite a challenge when you've got so workers in the I'll be Affordable Care Act is strongly I think urging companies to only hire. Opted to part time workers that tell you you'll penalty if you are now work more than not dirty or shall we couldn't. To have what's pretty expensive you disqualifying help cartridge and get there's there's no penalty for part time so we're seeing now estimates that. I work between now 500000 to a million more workers have been hired a part time instead a full time. Are because of obamacare. And effort since some of that approach we're still hopeful times scheduled that may well mean that. Other rushed to do more to pick up slot it's having it's it's one of many reasons that Yugoslavs about the idea. And you have to give. We handled in this country would more parred charmed it's when we could have had old time. Does that have any effect on the economy yours and basically. Walk much. I think it's hard for a lot of workers because. It would many workers ot say the only into wages of the dollars of the full time jobs. Volleys and get as a part time. Than. He stood up and it's for Berkshire's and to cast like. And so you'd need to find another job by in many cases if you cannot critics are urged to part time brawl but here transport yourself and apparently need to find ourselves more. But you'd juggling hours between two separate part time jobs to be difficult because. That if from the Port Harcourt and accomplish schedules. Now they want employers tried especially if when they are or wants country of it's it's a problem. And so it's a lot for pursuant pretty difficult to to juggle those cars. You know if you had a system where review very easy for. Part time more percent late to juggle two jobs and it deplores for has a schedule like great you know the hours to others of the steps toward recover app that would be most much lesser can cheer predictably. Nordstrom and workers but. Cannot trust a concern because of the difficulty and can actually string together a two part time jobs and coordinator and now it is your schedules and availability between employers. I had many workers want to put fuel operation must and on the Dakota doors earned and investment for them and which lost to the economy. And and you're in plunged incorrectly businesses. Gonna have to readjust. In another three years. The Obama rule. Automatic increase in salary threshold every three years absorbing and junior marine birds 220. This has been highly to report but the way that they've constructed this hour rule. There's over time moral code will going to be digital eliminates overtime for anyone making less and so deteriorated house here. I'm not the it is not a 47500. Suggested. It's what they've done is they've based it on basically the how to fortieth percentile of salaried workers so we'll all have to basically whatever you know level. 40% of salary workers are making that you'll percent virtual. However. Many companies are gonna classified workers were going to be covered by this. Status and being you know our workers instead of that's our workers got what are huge vacuum it all the way and secure our. And many of the companies are doing things like cutting benefits and then you know recent salaries house that the Serbs there workers were near that or shall blow open door of now they did that affect that is that 48% now is going to rise. Because you just trot out number they could workers were partly due for crossroad and our. So credible candidates. Say that the 21 days. You know three years and engines from Al that that over time not Herschel was gonna rush say 47000 to 55 section. Are dependent on how many workers yet we trust myself we we don't quite know. And they and you could have just in Brussels repeat itself for a lot of those workers making saves proceed if you wanted to 2000 the year when just last month as. And then again taking the other to an apple just so it is not clear how this moment ago that it could be that. Anyone making less than 7080000. Year. It technically can't be salary slot. Think will be doing the show to get injured Hampshire Durham playing with him and yet through he's definitely inch you do do you think tank have a good day. I thank you. Hard time for Dave Cole and and new ones it. Just UMB. Hum. What do think about to. Number of things I've got to me you won't start boots down. One of them were gonna do full ensure one that some form a mortgage for certain. Several thousand members of the National Guard. Were urged to read a list. Because experienced forces were needed and abroad can Afghanistan in the outcome of really short. So the federal gun Serb led to hand out bonuses shall be cut by land that being thousand. Special bonus if they re enlisted. They can use the motive to hold them pay only in the he's physically prepared to ship out. And they got a contract. This was agreed to in broad. These soldiers and good for you returned to war Russo lies for the recruitment bonuses. But now they're being control. They have to give them on he back. And what am what I acquitted with the remember the Wells Fargo Bank. Dostum a couple weeks ago the bank employees. Open thousands of counts for customers. Without their permission. Recruiters get bonuses toward true that your web Al ought to reservation. In both cases it was of people on the ground branch employees and realism of recruiters each. There were under intense pressure from the people above them to meet unrealistic if not impossible grow. In both cases. It was a big blue the bottom were punished. In the case of recruitment scripts to. The punishment. Have been unjustly. Extended to the soldiers. Who received the bonuses. Honestly. Nobody's ground troops had any idea of this into the bit of bonuses were illegal. Or fraudulent. Nibble at 45. Our directors. Have been the sun did check the cases in nearly 20000. Some members of the national goard. And claw back those payments. Garnish the wages. And make him tag on his second mortgage. On the home. In some of these soldiers are or ten years I'll. From returning home. So missing limbs on the others grievously injured internally. Post from that drugs you name. Or they just server. The best to me. I'm looking forward to see what you'd the listeners thing tussaud's or 18 sub. I could if there. Which aggravates. People more. Calling Capra that taking their knee. In a football game. To protest. What he fell and of them fell was pleased from child. Org yes. 1000 plots. Possibly having to. Return them in recruitment bonus. That they were told ten years ago big could have. Mean if it were a good column project. Because I mean he. It is not giving. The attention to the flag did he should be dis respects the plaque. Well do you think of the Pentagon. Of the high erupts. Good news these bonuses were being given. Them when they found out the recruiters. We're committing fraud. The recruiters. We're doing some things illegally. Simply to match the numbers they were told to get for the wars. And we'll get a total money back from the soldiers which kind of village for more now on the bed with. This story is gonna have about two days away. Colin Capra that we're still talking about. Can somebody explain that to me. How Colin Capra and it's just respected the Platt. There's more important more vocal needs more attention. Then tens of thousands of soldiers that have been to war many of them multiple time. And ten years ago. They get a bonus to go together and debris and list. And now they're being told. Good recruit jurors. Did something illegal something fraudulent so you do. Are gonna pay the money back. Bench a little little. Couple bucks this story is gone through three days. Numbers still talking about Colin Capra that. How many stories have we heard. Veterans in the via. Who's. Better and in the view dying because they couldn't get him. Veterans in the V not getting big treatment that they should. Don't seem to get exercise of death that seems to be something that well yeah oh. Things happen. And I'm the first one we sailed into the via a very good people. Ended the instances I've been very very very good high in treatment. Bob we've heard the stories and other cities around the country that's not true. It hadn't had upset it's. Why is it column count. 2001. They suddenly doubled up. Broad thinking about basically about 101000. That marooned in California in particular. Big got recruitment bonuses. About a ten years ago. I'm trying to get him to re enlist could. We didn't have real people for the multiple wars. Well apparently the recruiters and so VI higher rub. Used fraudulent illegal changed to get those bonuses. And and may. The don't have been quoted its. That they had me to get people back into war. The Pentagon says oops I have the veterans have to period that gore machine wages forcing them to. Mortgage second mortgage or home. And it's not just in thousand teleport reported by several auditors are now checking on twenty holds some members of men that fuel gore. Things let's go to well in Covington now I appreciate the call. I thank you call. Oh opting one. Don't give. It about Jewish like the should we do injection. You. Got it takes energy off the problem. That. Politically correct right now. I think that we should be. It being pretty packed ball in corporate objectives. And I don't understand the whole time it's like. Always used the same thing thank you bird reserves. Now. Thank you root servers now that you're balloons. And they can compete. Burden. And because well like. Indian community. We're impressed by. And Hugh Price fell. Working out on the today. Jogged as a moment laden or were more. Org cannot get sick of watching a couple sports guys talking about San Francisco and cap permits for performance. And they had to go to him taken me. But boom we had story. Of thousands of veterans not getting the treatment they need. That story. In. Just like Wells Fargo. The people at the bottom got fired. And they didn't know anything wrong. These guys not only didn't do anything wrong they went to war mauled a bold times for. Adjusts. And the come home and figure bonuses way. Denigrate the point. It doesn't. Denigrate. Everything you think about this country. Every time music god bless America and we've got to respect the flag and standby I'm the country. While those more basic. Than taking care of veterans. Make them give back their recruitment money ten years later. For something they didn't do. Be kidding me Jared Metairie rigid skull. They've got addicted to wake up call buddy setup I'll let let it get so disgusted and it though. Cheney editorial board to put. It desecration of the flag. That desecrate everybody that goes to war. You know it hope cap predict. The problem is that Ottawa state view but that media is dealt. You're late GP ignorant stories like cap predict the only. And and being disrespectful. And you know you have. You have these guys to give an airlock basically for the service. L and have no choice but to take that money and get your way to being so they got to take it back in you know somebody's died the Atlantic. And and then look Iger who were Jews saying go read the media. Are all sold media. That that make you viewed twenty or thirty year it to Capra had stories. But over the last year I've done tens of tens of trillions of veterans being abused. When Miguel Angel by the schism. And why isn't that the immigration. Of the flag. Why is and it could story. That will not go wait there's Jones talking about it. But this. From a few. On the issue two days from now you'd probably Google it and bind it. In any headline. Find it in any major news story. Unless perhaps. By some. Miracle to build a gun goes to draw. Of some brilliant bad thing to do because. Think about discreetly thought. You Boris borrowing goes we gave the bonuses. To. Who do you think dumb enough. To walk into recruiters office and say god could get me some more rocked in Afghanistan. Because divide don't. I can't come home me give you the money back that you are given mean that well. Good lord that also happened to us. A bit of via. Pilgrim bags were gonna dig down on the end the year controversy you'll of the government's. Being absorbed to her bonuses that got ten years ago. And to do it I wouldn't talk to of former assistant secretary of dependents. Memory and talk to be president founder national veterans foundation. Try to figure out it does happen in the bird's plays and how can it be continuing. Governor Abdel brigade celebrity amoral five to reassembling them. Wanna give on the column decision come about twos or 0187.