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"Go For Two" Episode 8 - The Tie Heard Round the World

Oct 26, 2016|

This week T-Bob and Seth discuss the Arizona-Seattle tie on Sunday Night Football. Was it a great football game to watch, or a ratings killer? They debate.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to bug Goldberg do podcast with the T Bombay there and south Dunlap. It was of everybody itself the lap and my partner Toshiba bigger here for the go for two guests like partner and a hell kind partner partner in crime partner in lord of the ring guess our game yet in our just. Compile a bad robberies the other's votes out young couple bad numbers like that topical humor then there are people. I don't political hits episode it's as we enter into week eight of this only sixty football season your premise on Tuesday October 20. Fifth. Reminding of follows on Twitter and I Mets at the map and he's at T about 53 at what what would date his stick with the threaten yeah. Yeah which is or as it will be used to you know in the deleted the greatest day in Cleveland sports history potentially. LeBron and the cats opened up their season gives an accident or ceremony action. And a Indians obviously the I words I guess you should maybe say 316. In the World Series. Started a game number one I don't know exactly how to go to a baseball that is gonna win but. If they win that's mess to deal and then either browns game they signed Joseph Callahan. Off of the waiver wire after the saints cut him and Jim Talent is the next Kurt Warner and those type of MVP stories here is he's not the auto parts guy from Tommy like he may or may be related to Italian family look as the economy and country has vault we all know the auto parts industry. I did suffer a bit exigencies. Kind of trying to save the family name. By making of football but cynical times he the next Kurt Warner story seems had him. Using clear replacement for Drew Brees bus and he said this many zaps yes no doubt unfortunately. They cut them brown who jemaah. And well huge huge huge day for Cleveland all around the bridges in October 25 the rejuvenation of the browns beat cancer at bill Lugo and sixteen this year and then NAND at all Dixon poll what will be the death it was 92 deaths the hot seat you're viewed as the hot stick was he's the news and the new 76ers GM yes yes yes. Digestive quickly looking like Sammy do you trust the process. Yes well I jeers him five years eligibility. And the version of it is Keegan Hartley did Simmons do. Burgers for. And of course gives 76ers that are even more seen out it isn't that we talk with pelicans or topical pelicans over their season tomorrow night in record is on Tuesday. You're exciting your pills but. The delegates occurs mind is right and his team that maybe curse word. Curse worse is that Philadelphia 76 team however. I get why they lifted the car the the basketball gods they'd be against it. Are inherently anti ethical. Oh waves of tried to manipulate the system money. I have no problem with what they did all the that when Stanford as a fan but has yet to deal with this years years years of trash but. I think and that's God's punishment makes suggestions. What is the deepest except for being great. Greatly here solid hockey community Philanthropic. Why didn't so he tried to shoot threes. And the basketball gods are very offended now until July 1 off it does sound like he's back Cleveland is much outside as it was last year so tight and that's about it and eternity you've been in the body healed on war. They're on the winning more. I'm excited shielded by the I don't as the football pot yeah I think body healed immigrant. Yes of delegates. And he's not it's in the end. These guys of course I guess they have this weekend. Actually don't know at this bill warriors and this suburbs yeah that is. That was last year's I had to Google states. And openness in their lives their life yet it's. Yeah boy I don't know I don't know hopes are. Even if and it's it's it's scary what sort of would you forward kind of guarded. Pessimistic it's it's. This is pessimistic hope that thing except as cautiously ox is not elect. Like Venezuela and ultimately our debt. It has to miss ago where it's actually that it tighter locally here and LSU Alabama the town you describe a lot of LSU fans feeling right now where. You have this glimmer you really wanna leniency but everything else the kind of reality. Of the situation point GQ not been to excite. Lama hasn't exactly hope that we get through this podcasts. Without. At least one agreement on the day and we're gonna disagree on this first topics it'll see how many times you disagree it's kind of Armonk trip so with. Without further ado is it's our story line. Of the week. Really. This is that with the a little bit of further ado we don't have regrets. I've heard. Our biggest storyline as of course this tie heard round the world on Sunday night. I think it might take on the game and then all I'll give you before he can you mean you're taken just to be fair we watched this game together and you and I answer and yeah. I don't think I've really said him. Watch the game nonstop and commercials multiple probably isn't suitable some regret so you and I did that it watches the other. But full disclosure we have not really talked about these other like when we brought him so. First of all the hot takes out there in the sports media is that this was a horrible football game right that Peter King writing that this was basically an absolute national to bock cool. On Sunday night you had all the shows yesterday on all the media outlets via first take asked shows just shredding. This game shredding NFL and assuring both franchises for this was out again battery what he's got that ratings yeah my audience my tape caught them up at a high. This. Football game to want to sit football fan if the football fan and you sat down and watch this football game. This were two playoff caliber and NFC. Championship caliber squads. Butting heads in a say it again as energy on Sunday a tractor Ole. Type of game on Sunday worded more Wear and your team seemed like they are going to given it 66 tie on this. But the two defenses were absolutely outstanding these two teams see each other so much knowledge they had so much bill on each other video that he is knew what the office was trying to do. Really probable for the office. Knew that I was trying to doable that sent the special teams you gonna say it was bad bad the mistakes of the amber bad especially teams up outward. Fantastic some of the big plays we saw about Bobby Wagner and he expressed regret maybe did it not not the car it. The want to. Think that would CA it would keep me from calling this. Neil I wanna invest into their job would be the penalties yeah right there were there were too many penalties and fortunately I saw that should have been calls I'm not gonna put this on the official sort of but it was or sticky tack on some of the whole bull weighs on by Dele. Towards the orderly exit. I'm half you're being much kinder to the referees at this point and you were and maybe it's because the passion. Of the moment amber you're being little more forgiving of their calls and you were on Sunday night but we had should great defenses we had again division rivals on the road any. Really meaningful early to. It's. Really meaningful early season game you had to head coaches. I'll just. It's good to cut it to them throughout the game we're just fantastic my lasting moment this game was Bruce serious putting his hands up Italy analysts point fighter. It's miss any slams. The plate policy doubting is just in absolute despair for the rest of the game and then the opposite side what Pete Carroll. And it. County except that sad puppy dog look on his face. And English is a wild game. It was a very memorable game yes it was certainly raise our game to you about why it's not like I look in my opinion on it will look to accuse of being a great game as you just said the penalties were go to church to at times. And in and as far as it would Seattle. There are drugs aren't necessarily die because they were getting down there to help him out of that. They were dying because holding and they get put back two yards in bids could bounce back so. That that's the critical loss. 44 report this game's quality. Because it did. Kind of slow it down at times and revered model pace and it. It wasn't always the problem is is that the perception of this game is and always it it was his defense is doing amazing things coming up these huge stops. As much as sometimes it was offenses. As being inadequate or or not up to the task are not really able. To get out of their way to the into the day. The truth in that kind of push and pull between those two marriages. It somewhere in the middle so it I don't know exactly what is I really enjoyed the full. It was crazy like is that we watch it beginning and we are enthralled on how to Russert the brother yeah I know between him and and and we had a good time there were some wild plays. Major input as. You like which means. Talk about as a fan of football what media did such a subjective being right and I do think for the average football fan. This is not. A game they wanna see this is not a good game in their opinion aid to guide people. Tend to like more often scale I get 2421. Battle 2424. Tie. NFL I mean that's 2.4 point one you see that. A 906 and games like wiggling your red zone looked like the rise fans dressed breads are highlights I mean. How many highlights are like any solid pass breakup on third and short that was really needed to keep this stalemate of the game and how many like AJ green one hated to do it yourself jump cats like. All I'm saying. What would define an average football fan for me because I'm not sure I agree with you at the average football fan and this is able I didn't think that's a little authority of football. Well did they get as bad. Did you just did Peter and doesn't this game. Think I've got in and out here we got to know this is yet sort of die perfect that was going to be my segue. La Peter King he's on my favorite columnists so I have a bad day as is often raised the best. Peter King it. And the rest of the national right out the rest of them the majority of the national right as if this was a New England Denver game that ended 66. Awful that they massive game in week seven of the National Football League season. Being in this national outcry it was. It was a bad. Deplorable football game you talked about while these duty as a slogan these are two of the best teams in the league they're gonna meet in the AFC championship game again probably to determine who lives irritable of that though. And saying that's people would be talking about are you what have you what have you. People saying this Big Apple it I completely disagree Diaz is that this is East Coast bias at its salutes. Cynical way do you know that pinnacle the that's all. Our listeners. Just sadly shaking their heads and you're very obvious West Coast if it's a major here. These these youth appeal it picked off and I was involved in this I would say that the people. Here in New Orleans actually. Probably get this a little bit because throughout the season would bounty gate but the other things. The little bit this is well throw that away from the national media sued big East Coast bias I can I. Now it people's defense now. This is certainly a smile on our Mary contrary my own argument is that Broncos and patriots Q you know most. Realistic France as the last two decades in the AFC. The Steelers Seahawks yes there in that category but the cardinals are so I kind of get it like if this was the Seahawks and the Packers playing to 66 tie in May have not had this out right either but. I song yet I don't know a lot myself there are a little bit ruffled. Tell the pearl. Is we really do you have just a fundamental. Disagreement about hypotheticals in this situation. If the Broncos and patriots word play this succeeds him same manner what it. Sixteen accepted penalties between the two teams. Total what does it look like 31 down 10111. Downs. On the night. It was page it's played this game meant that I don't believe the source of the many different OK but as they. I stories like in the offense is failing that recipes out there and not okay Tom Brady goes in a playoff so much art to that would be that why didn't receive one iota of that talk after the AFC championship game last. Period they lose to us since Denver right. Because that was gets accused of patent story lines out to lean out shining Tom Brady took the day I mean they care at today's result and in. Detroit and it is how anybody can no no but the point being that was defying old Brady may be the right that was goes and aired it. And in many better road operatives cents and street Anders groups which he now where's that every. Do you appeared to make exodus is geared games here at the room under the tendency injuries either way. In my opinion as your friend. You know just just be a little to do well here yes I I I admit that little defensive look. It's okay dad it was a fun game and any great gains in your opinion that the majority of people. The only way they're going to take it 66 tie endured he started on the very weird. Like this is America we don't tat tat that day like that's garbage I don't even. Do you want you want these guys is this used to defense hurt the air outcome also and I don't happen all the time in football it's okay it's so rare that teams are so evenly match today. And in a weird things happened the joyful this quarter. Without breaking the tie that I'm 100%. Okay this. The just I think that year. Being able to pitch in the all the way that people are gonna take its execs tie. If it is if it's one clearly the defined by like. Shearer. Defensive. Dominance and even then it's going to be an uphill battle did people like in this game that appeared to have to dominate but. At times via the penalties seemed to out shine a little bit and you got to this reinforces a lot of story lines that are floating around to right in the NFL as far as terrible offensive line play. Low quality of the games this comes on the heels of the ratings discussions. So it also if you think the reaction has been overly negative to it. I would also say that data that is influenced by. The surrounding air it's meaningless at least right now. Maybe this is why I am such a huge soccer fan his book is love and really post season baseball we talked about that that recently as well. Is it really really enjoy. Athletic contests. Where every single point and every single play every single minute of those games matters and in this type he did in the games you're talking about. The the 2824. Type games. Not every school or truly men are all right not gallery first down truly matters but it's manager does it. Feel like on Sunday that every single first down. Every single arc of these two teams matter like it isn't crawling yeah. Next holding penalty on Saturday when you just prepare for the inevitable. You know look I I I I gear soccer guy broke my idea what you're saying I don't need a huge offered to buy games to love them it is good is that it was. It was impressive but I think that it also there's just it's it's almost a matter of perception. Did it that I watching game where these. Clearly stellar and like above average amazing Norton and watching games which you putrid. Offensive line is getting dominated by good defensive line and then. Like it's it's a mixture of both. I had a lot of fun watching his game completely understand though. Why it seems like the majority of your reaction has been negative because of the timing of the deal as well as the quality of the game did leave a bid to be desired. Even though badly badly Bobby Wagner's. Kate baucus pretty sweet. Via our well let's. Move on at least from that part of this she's got a regret Bruce Syrians. We have a goat of the weekly column does it loser of the week. First off areas of any cable that I don't watch adopters of football. To know if like he sometimes makes that switch he does OK I was pretty shocked when I saw minority and that was our tech right on sites is persistent she said they sit there and lose this game will be lost confidence and obviously in and in the process. So big negative their prayers also. Bruce Syrians literally quick snapped what should have or could have been the game tied touchdown and meet particular view but he he. It won the dumbest coaching moves I've ever seen and I get the logic behind it. Because you wanna hurry up and try to scored in the game. But I think the ball like five it looks a David Johnson rubbed it and it's there close towards a rule that if that you have you played at breaking the plan of his put it into the. Well let's got to the ball so it was very close I agree it was close. The players were talking about get a little of that she was the runner screen pass and little were or her I think it might have been a mean I cannot really was Johnson the left side and he kind of fell backwards out of bounds. And he did his foot hit the pile on and the ball and as he's falling backwards that is. Is ball wasn't his left hand and he couldn't really quite so opposed to a semi right it's close really worth another look like maybe they had more angles. What made it wouldn't interview ahead voters let's not knock critics that it's so bad they don't move their quick salaries of like you see yourself a chance and then down. Your terrible POW you back tomorrow by the art of the penalty which could've been on purpose I guess they want a little more room but yeah. Brazilians just men in the trash in the kitchen and I guess is the game just gonna say the not a good. Ocean yesterday am corollary to this. And also mean just on Twitter was to coach's handling the situation expect to pull drop the where there he goes into the locker room at his post game press nominee on Monday absolutely trashing. Kansans aero the ticker saying you know this isn't high school this is the NFL ER make that kick. The Specter yet Pete Carroll saying. Notes okay is our guy you meet two kids. There is a lot of us admittedly so though it that is that Stephen has two has been much better than can their kids are now has blown. On multiple games and I'm not in the kicking unit everything was that he had amnesia yep it in the deep snapper blew another one is after their heads insurance. Is in the kicking unit as a whole but. Pete Carroll Amber's here it's had vastly different experiences this year than you get and this time is good pursue this time they win yeah. For Seattle they're still two games ahead Arizona. I mean I had how do you only scores six points in the game where you have the ball for 46 man. Perfect Segway. I stat of the week yeah. Which and a year pretty pumped up. Harmless drugs don't know we'd. Studs in the week plural there of the Seahawks defense stat of the week for me. The Seahawks defense in that game played the most minutes of any and I totally fence and a single game in the history. They'll deliver or you should ever that is Everett's. Ever and they only allowed six points. Throughout those five quarters of play an absolute domination and I don't really think you call it a hot ticket mind when Iowa we discuss the rest of us on the I did actually in the podcast few weeks ago and I I firmly believe and this is. Objectively speaking at this Seattle defense is the best one they've had under Pete Carroll this year. And I think that they look at that this performance on the road against Arizona who's he had at least an above average offensive not lead offense. Resilience a Seahawks defense again most minutes beneath the Tennessee game in history allowing only six points. Must doesn't week. Now young. Yeah I mean like cuts. Part argue with you quote quite literal a store performance. Such as Allan as far as as he did as being better. Com and I was surprised to learn this Stevens is statistically better. I am do you definitely presenting compelling argument there on the path to be better but they said a long way to go. To make up buyer to match what that 2013 Seahawks defense did. And it's still very early on seemed they go into single seat that you dominate in or out to get to global. So. Probably regrets to get a good my stat of the week I was seeing about JJ JJ. The I think it's tiger did did July. A lot Jason their triple. 68. To its owner along those lines. These are the fourth player rep back to back to injured rushed 200 yards rushing performances. And rare because impressive is when you look at who's on the list of them. It's OJ Simpson it's Earl Campbell. And it's. Who's the last guy that runs regularly and yes. OJ Simpson Earl Campbell Ricky Williams at least two of those guys are all framers Williams giggled a real fan and I'll probably right now. Could have deadly could have called starter if not it will mean like he he was a bit of a he was a pioneer in the candidates yes there is is he if he I wish that Ricky Williams could have played in more. Marijuana friendly times. Even in two days in a felt the lighter workload that created just. Murdered his body would be credible bottom line those are three of the best running backs and so my question used to measure dollars of the when news broke my question you. JJ JIA. Is he. For real is just at the beginning. Of the next great running back or is this just one of those statistical anomalies I want to wait and see on him look at the clearly know that same note you have to say right now. I needed here will you be talking average age age ideas like. One of the best backs in the ad telling consistent threat that they needs editors salivating over Gordon next year's draft or is this is fiscal now because you don't get away. Ray of that sentence I will say yes. I don't think you'll be one of the best backs in the league I think he's Thomas Rawls 2.0 Thomas Rawls last year Eric very similar to methods are we talking a sincere and yet here's the Kindle still can't believe they don't Thomas prices surfer he is the Seahawks running back last year when Marshawn Lynch Libby came and and ran for Edna almost 900 yards in six games or something like them obviously taken league by storm hasn't played since there's an injury so. Maybe that's gotten me on that that you know wait and see approach on these backs but. The way you framed it what the best accidentally got to have on your fantasy team I mean look dolphins haven't had a running game. Centric view Lance Bass also. A team not by drilling. I think that he's got a debut by stormed out where I get to and did series of them build deepens as he pretty good against the run when that when there's things maybe your -- minute I didn't. And that's the bills defense really I was young yeah the city of Downey yeah. Are all rock side of the wagons or I act I guess and sort of got them now that teams don't. Then the dolphins have a running game again in the GIA is good light. What happens is they sell to stop the run and then all the dolphins that is right ten elegance so I don't. I'm fine yeah yet an up and let's just haystack cast of the week. Got a good team that that was all it. That built on told us steadily but now that it's not my soup week it is. What at least impressed eligible receivers of the week in that is how can do Matthew Stafford. Did 29 to 661 touchdowns no picks. But more most importantly I should say the big twenty to seventeen win. Over Washington. In now when you look me in the lions want our teams from one and three these are what a lost 30. Now one reader wrote a forgery and Stafford has led game winning drives in each. Of those three games he continued his march to be the highest paid quarterback. In the NFL he's been incredibly efficient. When you look at his last twelve games and Jim Bob cooter. He's got like 32 touchdowns of buy singles is adamant along the list nab an oddity about work and that's the name absolutely. BS to look at it is a game where Detroit. They got a game they got out possessed that it would turn over battle but. They're they're finding ways to win games at Detroit would always lose me remember especially all this team. Because how they let Marty's Mario and a beat them on a lasting drivable they're the ones during the last thing MB now for Stafford. Rolled his crazy stats about. Hit against winning teams the Reagan record and how terrible they were. Washington had a winning record scenario via the good that's as one more feather and has never get to the lions. It's legally fighting their way back into the playoff picture out of something really it's certainly brought the kicking the door out for the first time. Our Detroit Lions I guess they break kind of war even though you copy via access and it's just not done. By the way I guess that's it feels awkward. It's our official stats that your kind of asking for it the at time of possession cardinals. Time listening in 4621. Which was an NFL record. Unbelievable full three quarters. Of the game and they 1000006 points seem to meet it does speak to a bit of the Chip Kelly lost in altitude oh you're oh a different way out of are gonna say it's Khaled floss B which is time of possession matters zero zilch hung out and starts I think that's up like you're going to be ridiculous I think it got better. I think it speaks to that through the cardinals are out I put and I don't think I ever I still think your report on the fourth and one was sketch in fact it's 20/20 but hopefully it's all point yeah there was a lot a lot of points on the field so for zaireans man if he's mad and he's gonna win the kicker. But he's bad he's got a lot that he can look in the Mir Mir about a little discomfort right. Card carrying member of the Aryan Nation and I just. And a big big doubt it might be getting the British Tikka I got tattooed in my left arm out at us but when aaron's looks in the mayor's wearing the tangle hat that's the question I don't know like I don't even probably probably he's probably where in just normal baseball cap nowadays because that would suggest he's lost all yes it's his it's like Sampson getting his hair cut off right he's how. It's heavy it's disappointing man but he's he's he's in scramble mode right now and the cardinals were all the might be done well let's let's. And our own scramble mode and scramble through our weaken or via. Peers know week in review. Anything else you want to talk about mentioned the Seahawks cardinals tied. I think you put it best equipped to sum this up in the most on the field is bad result for Arizona. They're still argued two games two and a half games back of Seattle. With nine to play zip bad result. Yeah I would you're not going to. Yeah Emeka by. That was. They needed them but there's still very much in play for a while car to dobbs over the well just the way they played and it really looked like one of the better teams. That's an insane to defense I think he'll let us feel like it's a defensive my mind like I just feel like that that performance moved to a lot of ineptitude and they really didn't ever talk about it to dominate the game that manner not producer yeah yeah. It's been on the saints loss. To the chiefs' point seven Tony why. And I would say that you probably had the best one liner of this game you said the scam was over sinister breezed through that. Dix six yeah yeah yeah I gestured towards literally went outside started us clean up dog crap in the yards. Sprayed Danica to bugs in the yard and killing him really does porn you've seen it but he's bridge this stuff to kill them that's it. That's how much they knew it was over that I was doing the chores and I'd been put off. There that I have been putting off deed done for awhile and local holes it fixtures at this age are not good enough team to get away with allowing an opponent to score a non offensive touchdown and that was proven. That those roads and even though it is kind of shocking that. Any game where they've got to be your big six the fumble in the red zone on the waiting you know way to critical time of the game they lost turnover battle by two. We've all this going on it was still pretty close and still gave themselves. A chance at the end bud close but no cigar is kind of the story of the saints the last four years. Even without one pick Drew Brees still absolutely stellar against a secondary is pretty darn good. 3748. For 367. And three touchdowns. The running game absolutely nonexistent though. Anyways I just that certain at this point anybody talk about running game this age of missing the point like it does not happen they do it's it's not come along. That you maybe commit more resources out of their best chance to win the ball Sebastien how Michael Thomas he would he does look like the next the next guy yeah in this offense he's in Asia since you've got very easily and haven't won in two years breeze for breaches to Denver. Howard is that I champ is joyful legs don't pay it manic salary man half full Manning saw him. Other. Look it's so a lot of the talk of the saints after the games actually prisoners and he's like. And his team realizes how good they could be because he's talking about what I just discussed read that you played unbelievably badly on the road gets a playoff team and you still. Gave yourself a chance. And the agree exactly the saints are not a bad team they are an average average teams go eight may. The problem is we do a little further digging you see that there are only an average team. Because they're a bad team lifted up by the boot straps of hall of fame quarterback and a so they really are not. That well constructed and you really cannot take too much from remaining competitive. Or remaining close especially related to edit close permanent not be good benchmark fans are okay with your best or two and four for four the last five years. You feel very much like a seven and nine team for the fourth time. Our last five years under competitive teams Boozer averaged teams but they're just not good and really I still shudder to think. What it's going to be like in the outpost breeze there. On the other side of the football Alex Smith surely one of his better games. In a big spot as the problem is a big spot I guess it's big spots dozens nor on the talk throughout the saints a lot they needed. Yeah not you look he does nine yards per attempt for Alex Smith is that's something you don't see very often with him. That's her fourteen yards two touchdowns no picks very Alex Smith like is Kansas City the team to beat now in the AFC west. I don't think so right at me and stop Denver. I would suited Denver. Imam or ruined in the best in the west Turks. Realize I had a real real mess and I IB senate talking and cheated just get it right they're the best team in the NFL can't win an intelligent people is at Ole miss is the best for a lost in the nation. Chargers quite easily invest for a loss team in the NFL. Me and I'll also Broncos may have just because cheese look it's it's in my game preview. Do you show Andy Reid in that they're not bad me either very solid global team but they're also not especially threatening an anyway. Credit mean like it. You're not sweating about seeing the cheese in the playoffs. They would where you would say roommate so law. Good on you all yours excellent job and you read but what I'm not sold on them as far as. As the top tier teams now do you think that changes when Jamaal Charles Foley gets back he tried to go on this on only had a carry. And then they want me or whether it's been fun. Arrow to meet you wouldn't touch that runs the Thursday Adams unisource is fine but he's not Jamaal Charles Charles donors Jamaal Charles after another ACL there. I I don't know I don't know Jamal Torre hasn't he take it in my caddie easy bag liner for three weeks now and he hasn't had too much and you'll have a bigger impact. He's Jamaal Charles still that kind of game changer them mentally I guess is it's like is he. So markedly better since at this point is created and Spencer ware is at this point his career that it would lift the chiefs up even more. I think the bigger thing to look out for is how is Justin Houston when he gets back. Because he'll be back next week or the week after he's he's getting close now and if he's he's black and that is used in past and a so Lavinia may be over yet Virginia nestled against the saints saints also no sacks again there was an order no equipment real quick. A little human empathy fertig fairly admitting fairly he's getting it tough on the backlash right now. Over the personal valley community and idea are we so there's no she's sort of bet played arguably in that cost union because your chance. Now winning the game but. Let's just say you sit back and remember that this is a man you went through pretty unbelievable tragedy just a couple of days prior when his mother passed away. And so I'm willing to give a guy a little bit of a leash for an emotional outburst or a guy. Bit of a mental gap between when we're when you're dealing with that level of emotion and it's not. Is isn't even like him to excuse your order is is I just to call for empathy. Right media a lot of times things get lost in the town kind of lost in the shuffle so stay strong barely a thought it was held that thing easy about their play on Sunday. And I'm. Well putts I was move on. Giants' seventeen grams tennis is in London now you tuchman truly at a bad football game this was Italy was probably Wembley on sun probably too early for most people here actually wake up and watch it if you did you sarge is. An absolute dumpster fire at a football game four turnovers for LA four interceptions. By case Keenan and towns behind Manning wasn't any better you throw interceptions. Hey old age group of five yards per attempt. But no touchdowns and the giants to. 36 yards rushing one point eight yards per attempt but like we talked about. The rams have reverted to form. They announced three of four after his missed the ball in ousting. The rams right next it's what it's worth pointing out. Where. I am on your probably right it's worth pointing out though. That the the animals again as the shuttle schedule makers are absolutely insane with some of the things they do. The travel eyes of these teams that these West Coast is Roy Hughes at West Coast bias against the get this again the rams they had to go to buffalo LE two Buffalo, New York last week. Then they had to go from LA till one in the week after I this is absolutely inexplicable to me you talk about competitive disadvantages. And that epitomizes that was scheduling blow. Edged its it'd also demands an illegal. Power. For deciding to create a civilization in a part of the country that is falling into the ocean manages one. Big tectonic shift away hopefully no more. They've got to live up they're dangerous territory over again I guess I hits close on rests up I guess we can't really talked out here I mean brown it's it's coming here as well. Right we're flooding so and so basically every time he needs to move to cancer blood that's a big midwest come and do big way Kansas City though would Google fiber. Somebody's telling the other day about Kansas city's economic Greece and skyrocketing right now. It might be it time to get just off the overalls get in the court game. Here's how hot is that a picture Kansas City a lot of court driven economy yes lot of court German Economy alone Google fiber. The royals Eagles countless others him off Eagles vikings. Sam Bradford reverting to form. From the elite status. No one is. Do love. Let's twenty you guys are always rails against. Making it snapped judge asked. Based on one weekly call. Is his last five years his career this is ever heard of the a snap judgment is 85 years to. Every C Bradford conversation we've had this year has been in regards to 26 teams Sam Bradford not any other version of Sam Bradford. Not Oklahoma's Sam Bradford and every college debts at us now just 2016 Sam Bradford and he had is. We great theater baggage bottom. Now Mike Richards crazy stuff to it. Well as part of my take part might take your podcast and they were cited a story. That Mike Zimmer during the bye week. Have like cut up a bunch of big cat. I liked hacker can you are good big cat stuffed animals like that kind of up and splattered with fake blood all over locker room. It kind of pushed his message that out fat cats get slaughtered. Which is proof of it. It's a little out there I can hear that dad set the double double check your temperature tribes could it just sort disrupt. The excellent part magic unless it gets a little that's a little aggressive and then he was pretty aggressive in his post game comments. Speaking of league coach about during your team under the bus he you need to daisy come out blame the O line. Talk about how loved he isn't putting him that a great trouble. That's a great point when I heard in his post game press conference he says I'm embarrassed by our performance I cannot believe it after what this team is done over the first third of the season. Going final now five and one that their head coach. Would come out and say he's in there and just let let's say yeah that Mike Zimmer is not Italy in the nod goes absolutely not he's kind of losing it. Yes this okay this is true. Is from an article out that's it for us this is a good bye week. Coach Mike Zimmer scattered stuffed animals that Eli variety throughout Winter Park there's throat source lasted some of the white stuff with a seeping out. Over the aids blood splattered with red. Hanging on the larger cat in the locker room was a sign that read fat cats get slaughtered. Man exhibited act what you did before. Come alive but we can't block anybody we were soft area over power light. There are losses and loss and it's going to happen to us late. The views are not so. It's huge if there's any red flag and all this is not. Sam Bradford although the off its line and gives him Bradford hell. But whatever rate we will be celebrated Eagles did applied for reasons they're very good to regarded teams be good. Tied for second fewest points allowed in the illegals here now and I absolutely believe you reporters out of the agency dominated by. Happy and absolutely so the biggest red flag to me is mikes cameras losing. It wow I am speeches after that that's hey. Did you go to forget that tech excuse. For it to me it's for all lead the good natured ribbing we've gone back and forth about Bradford. Pat itself kind of makes you wanna jump off this bandwagon and the housing and handle it down the stretch here well my question is what are these veteran guys who write league for ten or twelve years. What are they think even when they commit for bye week and there's murdered stuffed animals that were suddenly motivational it's a joke. You laugh even the rookies you left it wasn't that well is this more and number. And you know got slaughtered. By Bert for. A number of frail like. I asked the vikings are fine and I Sosa yes you know this is a playoff team that viewed. The moon to fund there deep they've they've. Is I don't know about Zimmer now on a pressure moment. Contrary I agree that he's the biggest red flag. That war lions and Washington last week in Washington to grip the ball yet. Two teams press is the playoff very big game standings wise for the lines you're right they're bright back in the thick of the playoff putt here. And Stafford. It's Guinea a lot of traction this seems like a very you know kind of riding riding the coattails of the national media who have been saying this the last few weeks that. Stafford had a proving that he's in Natalie category now. I think when we said it before the season I'm I'm gonna take credit goes budge an excellent article by Joseph quarry. You covers cap contracts and everything for CBS. Dot com he's excellent he's former sports agent. He said that if Stafford continues to pour that he had at the end of last season throughout this year. And he will be the highest played player in the entire NFL you'll get the biggest core red contract. Because he will belong to the top tier and it's not about being just strictly the best. It's got beat that top tier in them when it's your turn he is. He's performing like the time that the top do according performing like what are that. Oh lead quarterback is what I I don't wanna get an argument when the ballot that means. Bottom line is that he's doing what it takes to make himself get paid even more when you look too bad Stafford is going to be re ridiculously wealthy. Just broken contract money like guy I would like to see where he stacks up with the old times as far as just got to admit because he got the big rookie deal. In the end did he get a big second deal yeah and then this really like eighteen million here announced and that's who beat him give it may third deal that would make him the highest Payer that's pretty. Regan wilder well he's he's ordered out oh well Detroit's bit ragged bullet. Is it really off I just that I was OK I am now just thought LK CD zero like one of those a Shia areas like the other shy trump voter I handler Shia alliance I have a lot of shows social anxiety that. When they were one and three people were consciously make fun Meeks and a mile line of bleed blue and sober. And and it back on that we're surprised once again go go lines that they yeah I mean I've heard you're going for Halloween as Jim Caldwell so Jeff is completely yes yes it just dressing up as a normal African American men yes the mustache and he. This cookie cutter and indeed as you can get their head gallery at the it ruffled feathers that head coach. That will not listen and I'm Mike Zimmer let's. It's a Toronto writes I trust for as much as did Jim call Google gets. The business and in big moments and have him right now over Mike's number but I'll miss the football lost in what should we side of Kirk cousins is playing really well the last four fight weeks including missile while amber yeah he really as thirty of 393011. Touchdown no picks. In this game at 82 QBR 106 quarterback rating played really well that's I think the. Quash what he heretical cousins credit for stat lines like that freedom human voice MED I can't spotlight Sam Bradford doesn't throw for 300 or else. And again I want positives negatives here right there right now is true I brought the wins the last time the Sandra effort to paternity arsenal lost. I don't know if it's not that somebody it's a feather in your captain bring much does it all the well yeah and resolve of quarterbacks is all it is is so I didn't see that big a doesn't have gotten. It yet it. You throw away. Whatever good good Kirk cousins but it. They do lose their hands on after winning the division last year. I don't know I'll be interested to be used to see if it's enough for Kirk cousins to be statistically good. It didn't commit to long term or they have to make the playoffs again. Again how are by the way it is Easter great form on your division everybody has a later. Yes. Rebounded right this was supposedly lowers visions of football Beers here at least. Is what it used to be they're good I cal was legitimately look as they beat the Packers this week. Tire last week is his name but they look. I would like. One of the 23 best teams in the NFC higher due to a couple blow outs the Eagles one of the most ridiculous weren't pouring differences in the entire NFL. They scored what these six they've given up. Easy to. Deal was doubled that in their parents and I still don't feel like the Eagles record. We'll find out this week and we'll talk about this game a little Tennessee plays in my leg of Galilee. Credit because of a rookie quarterback and a rookie head coach and we didn't think they'd be yes and yes this is three factors it's the trifecta of overlooked nation and a that sets then yeah you will miss sometimes by. But your point is still well taken. Now right. What was I it was an ex or all of the game it's a matter cut jobs and support it with this comeback. Bills blow one way and dolphins Tony bills 25. And use did JJ. A JDJ act. I call rockets Virginia tickets. But they. Kkk that change manager Robert your your man. This is a battle for the bills. Because they couldn't control their destiny with a game this week out home against the patriots now announced. You're born three not only do that controller that's name in the east Muslims speak honestly to each element division anyway as likely but. Whatever other kind of at the auction with CFC playoffs with a. Wild cards yes exactly how to Welker shaping up. Five and two would go a long way toward separating yourself from the pack much like the raiders and Broncos entered right now both at 52. Whereas. The bills now but you should record gimmicks and two bills fans this has to be kind of one of those thirty your hands up in the air light of they of course we knew that you eat right when you think how hot it was all the stars were aligning their ram one he stripped you at one foreigner room. You have a Miami team that is looked terrible they've what they're up three or four they would turn to and around humbly go to my last run amok that look. Terrible. This is going to be perfect opportunity go to hug you like image controller does he its features and they do it they do they kind of blew it and I don't know I don't know what to make the bills and morbidity get that really got. I hop off had been regularly as you guys been two years with them I don't know how buffalo fans have done if the last seventy. Chargers. Another massive comeback in the fourth quarter how can so boy. There's fans having vivid that deja Vu of last season when mayor actually melted down in the middle and part of a seasonally quo. 33 to thirty. And it's it point chargers legitimately could be a five indebted to tackle football. Him and I hate to play a game because say six argues that. But teachers have to realize same way you beat by one you can be owed six because your wins are that close but. With the chargers YA and cultural play that game. Is because in that lie probability tractor as to where you are tracker as to what chances you have of winning the game. They have twice heading 99%. Chance of winning the game and caught on to lose. That is absurd that is he one game that I have Caldwell saying yes they indeed could easily be five until right now. Two weeks ago had noticed zip plus 41 point differential. The guys who I think more than a Jai I. The jail and a JJJ. Hey just go tripled tripled today okay tripled it what this is the guy I think it looks as Melvin Gordon. Man the running back for San Diego he's been really really did not have a stellar amnesty yards wide the two more touchdowns. I think that this is. Where did have a good game yards total yards its they appreciate rushing yards well he ended up with 33 touch of deals co want the air hundreds of receiving yards I think you know worked on it totally did he had three scores counted it knows he's been he's familiar voice of touchdowns all year. I'm kind of convince somebody in city whose ownership has on their fantasy team though. Because he has and always guessing nargis is the highest fancier and running Mac this is probably could do easily intelligent sensitive tape that but he still one of those situations where until this game I wasn't sold because he didn't have the the yards reporters he seems to have gotten more I don't know them and eats. You never see Melvin Gordon making crazy place. It's a lot of just. Breezy kind of routine type of score easy pseudo David Johnson I think maybe the best nationally. I don't really see him make him now it's all. Our guys for a lot of guys are quoted judge David jobs in the case of the reasons he bias created by the Seattle that's exact elements in the Seattle game a certain but that's kind of they were played four in that game. Are you just say are you saying he's well liked. Molly and I went Trey you don't do you see the highlights late edition. Now he's yelling deserves they've got Gordon is that. Statistically he has been stellar this year obviously. I don't know bugs sold that he's yes like a lynch say he's like a game changing type of back but. Hey man what the hell do I know over under total yards three TDs. And a comeback win root out by seventeen. And as is it Diego chargers and how you losses she's how demoralizing should be. You have no right you know nobody would have blamed you if you did just given up and rolled out. You're talking about me that's more important story like freedom no torture it's the kind of alarm bells going off in the AT oh yeah it's. It is securely conservatives say it when I hear you say no I I am not so it's absolutely not I still think they're the favorites obviously in the and it's NFC south. The problem is they could be a 500 team after this week the Packers come to town. Again Atalanta is favored in bid obviously nobody is gonna be surprise of the Packers on their island affable again. I will be there Roger sex and Aaron yeah that's true I forgot Bradford easily. Rodgers is horrible yup. And that was another desperate man in an area you're three India and very good Jesse let's test your. It's your three quarterback Todd takes yet the Dawkins I am concerned about my third quarterback correctly why is it Jamie Swenson is going to be in it he says champion. How. We did talk about it that we we didn't talk about the Tampa Bay game big time mentioned again what I said and did. Team Clinton is the most on athletic looking quarterback that I've seen a misleading since like. Say it black quarterback under wanted to say well I mean. Just say well we're not used to seeing matter and I'd yes no I mean there's nothing wrong with say nobody just forget the race to be. It's our special because it looks awkward in the like it outside the pocket. Great hitters me it is probably unlike in the let's clear he's someone he's got rushing touchdowns whose name. He's he is bubbling quarterback like I'm talking about back he probably gets that but. Matt Stafford on the atlas is an old man but does Stafford makes some plays on the run broke sometimes he can also be a bit awkward. That would suggest you god he answered he answers scored a secret to his feet and up but I split. Yes I agree with you that Jamie's words and is as. Taking the race out of tree 2016 and him just proving he's just as. All word of pocket quarterback is all these. Tall think like guys again before s's actually yeah it feel like breaking out there ice to have a light dreams of being an NFL quarterback it was obvious delight me right at me like my bumbling. Pass out and I'm trying to think what's good for six. You know I ran up 4840 what's inappropriate. Kind of a level about lettuce isn't it really did Joseph Flacco. I think we've got more than yes a little bit more I was but that's asked of all right we've all that's terrible in the and the lettuce is inspector people to Matt Stafford he's he's in the Palmer Flacco or Chaka. Is a little bit he's. A little. You know much movement speed of the game Monday night first off the bag as he ought to quit net. This youngster in decide that killing Russell Wilson is a is easy I could pass it and a contractor easily it is. There's not a blue and he's gonna die. For like I mean those are gonna end up would too high ankle sprains both knees it surgically repair but he still gonna play the next week. It reset to a trust Wilson dire addresses season. And I as a an unabashed seahawk fan I've looked angry because I'm Carson Palmer as well but the debate is settled. James Woods is between Joseph Flacco and Matt Stafford at what is okay him in the middle. That's that's. Trying to think of any am let's get ranch like that arrangement. Trevor seen him maybe is it too soon to put I have no idea where I know watch Trevor city games the first game I still think he's. You look at this good again they look pretty good last managers and it's coming and you know. I guess growth was there were on a scale he looked good on a scale the regular program on the curve that were rating him monarch that's a really could be so. And really couldn't say anything about this patriots Steelers game this is one that it was a disappointment because Roethlisberger was out excuse we're competitive like it thought they would be but the patriots pull away in the fourth quarter with the score and they went 27 to sixteen to put too much. Now we're only not even halfway through is pretty much locked up that first round bye. Boy it. Unless the Broncos somehow beat them. I would say yes just because you don't expect the patriots to falter but we can't you know it. Just from mid terms of what's likely what's out there and Agassi Estes. But you're stuff. The brokers could beat him quite easily. How do you be pretty. History yeah how to order that that would put them even in the standings and you think that they're for older. No I understand that it I think I have it Ocalan to put it this. If I gave you even money to say patriots first number one overall seed of the entire field number one overall seed what's worried about it. Geared to your point jury close touch so that was the field and blow early yeah. The side that maybe a little Lauren in sabres on and on its I resisting that and I think I think there are at that's a week in review let's move on. To slash through it data only for mortgage or reprieve. Man oh man. And aimed at it in any week following the did they keep at times overdone conversation over NFL ratings. This was a garbage slate of weekend. For her for the NFL I felt land that was they were not very many exciting games are not very many exciting matchups. Yeah applied. I get out I'm just clouded because. Odds I just thought that sending nine games site that is game and if it was. If it was like Denver and Oakland Bernard Fernandez hurting him enough time and I'm not saying I'm trying to pick to Arizona was a big angles Steelers and at least 66 I don't be real and it might be all and for that again. Wasn't because of the teams were outside it was a fantastic division rival Italian invasion is just that I gave in my sport is even taking the easy on us cardinals game out of it like it was it wasn't really a memorable patriots CEOs are supposed to be at the yeah shot at odds and he's off that sort of say great ratings down breeze here's our table ratings fell Sam Bradford reverting to former innings down. The falcons. And so to do their. I mean the bills dear Qaeda hopes crumbling with the loss of the dolphins mean that big NBA's team more exciting. The falcons now investing more exciting than they did a couple weeks ago. That you like you said the judge ratings game that was offensively bad game and that was via London on the big stage. Just your Eagles vikings was sloppy as hell. It's kind of a week we can approval and unfortunately apple can't controller schedule. There's a couple cancels out the supposed to be a big games that are not champions yet an that we had to be saved. And we're gonna start here we preview. And for the weekly previews. God for titans jags on Thursday night's. Both men about that game hate the NFL ratings are back maybe you think so Michaels had a great line in that game he says. Used previewing that there's meg game he said something like just it. As usual titans jaguars on Thursday and I do think that was him for a little shade like or. Horrible game on Thursday and I like I sort of crack an outlet but he was doing like little subtle. Little jab there at the authors and I schedule so I love it and I've there was cracked in there. I I think I think it is a good sexy quickly becoming numb. No more and more yeah. Because even even once he didn't direct Armitage. The FT got to maybe joke along the lines. You're used in public for the annual NFL tradition that everybody looks toward two. The old I'd jaguars. Titans Thursday night after the game that the countries come to love my goodness now obviously it's gonna be another really bad Thursday night game and it's it's just once again it's kind of funny how it leans. It comes right on the heels of all this kind of doom and gloom. He's actually a big game for added the titans that there's an I game because that would go to 500 and they zeroed out did squarely relevance Mark Martin is playing. Gerri Willis and very in the second act like I'm David Swenson PSA it's patient you're right he's and I think it's absolutely and I give me. Marionette. Knowledge that our weekly preview. If you're sort of fringe they think Mario Woodson at bull when most people now know it's. Didn't put me on the Super Mario and I. I guess that these. Well whatever road we can have a cap region fight that battle let's Ellis wait until actually we get a area where ago. Our prospects and picks here weekly preview Seahawks saints. I'm him personally looking forward listen for so long man I've been here in New Orleans for six years that's the first time Seahawks come to New Orleans I'll be there ought to get up there with the about 9 o'clock and albeit the dome the whole day. Oddly. I think this is a sneaky. Spot the saints to support him. I did just coming off the what we saw that defense playing the most minutes in NFL history going on the road here and this office to move the football and anybody. And I including that including Seattle I think they're gonna move the football score points and. You review. From the standpoint of like you mentioned earlier the saints are an average team. Mean I don't know we get we gotta basis they will compete with whatever team they play load mostly evening 79 teams. Don't have these horrendously bad scores they lose a lot of close battles. And I've seen up editor breeze. That. This aides are actually capable. Avoiding this game and there's arguments you've made that it's closer than it appears on the surface. But in terms of what's more likely. It's still. Very much sure Seattle's game which are not just at you know yeah no I agree it's not it's like a closed book it's not just opening shot of Seattle's way that there are once Inkster and four. I really there and as weird as this out because his aides are what five and eleven and held their last sixteen I still think that being at home is a it is an advantage. But it's not that Edwards was and still. And I got you more research ever really gotten the books yet that I actually looks good yes of my picks bill fire but. I'm obviously Seattle pretty strong actually the saints will was kind of broken a bit. By this. By this chiefs game this kind of anything that's going to save the saints will it will be the fact that the NFC south is so bad. Because he did Sean Payton apparently still talking and his team that went in the and it's now. Absolutely I'm lying by the way right where I think it should be in my mind at Seattle my two and a half so I'd ghosts who I think were both against Seattle here but I actually also put money on Seattle to cover. Yeah yeah until it's over three I'm not let him flirt with the world's great their also. Perhaps the saints need to look. Motivation. I say take one step further from what Zimmer did give some actual seahawk animals in America. I'd kill them ha first you have a budget deadline he ought to herds all over the field and they end. You bring the team in froehlich a ritual sacrifice made the night pregame meal the morning of the game. Where you have a life seahawk game you slips through OK I like fat cats that might be a little snow. Lowell high on the citizenry Arafat bird like is that just something that's like you know they're crapping on your hands flying over there the other vessels. I don't know if study astle perilous truth I don't know OO. Exeter courtesy our kids but John did you get if you don't make seahawk is it's just a hawk like any article COX. They're they're birds of the city maritime. And they live. They've made their nests under duress I mean is there there is seafaring. Animal best. Well Lance bit. They're not you postal code red and it was his honesty gold it's it's in his neagle is a hock. Their Seahawks in New Orleans. I don't think so that. Couple of what's out there will be this week it's going to be tough to get out of the get all that many sea hawks to kill but chuck luxury leader for your mind to. Packers falcons. It's a massive game here for Atlanta and home their favored by three. Everything just seems we fall apart when the blow it starts to snowball like this as much as I want it's I told you like I'm. Our our bandwagon I am my falcons bandwagon when possible and and I'll tell fell out of the bacterial I'm grabbing on the side of trying to hold on for dear life business that car just keeps it wagons keep speed along. The man getting clarity your graphic element of fall off this week and hopefully I can like you know catch back up for the stopped the lag and let me back on how distant and I'd just say you were never really directly with a lie and it seems right I actually died three I gotta go Packers Packers while it. Yeah. What's written here three. Falcons get to do your packets kids out there it's the falcons giving threesome falcons master. Okay yeah I mean now walked fielder compliments pressurized Packers. Now what are we and arresting them and maybe you be in the felt this guy maybe you can answer this question. Is that. How old how this team respond. Well this team respond like it did last season. Where you start off five you know the wheels plea follow community wholly irrelevant or. Look. You know who were credible whatever you don't for me lately type of society in. We quickly bring you the falcons did really well against the Broncos in Denver it was just two weeks ago it played it must maybe were of PI call from beating sale and I know exactly right so I I'm getting give them. A bit more leash that normally would here and actually born talked about it being kind of slowed usually convince myself the dogs might bounce back. But regardless. What the ego I think we both agree on is that. They have to have this not necessarily for mathematical implicates that they did she sell their five that I think they have to have this. For confidence reasons both the players in themselves and the fan base if you don't have this then they will be dealing with regarding immediately this week it'll increase in intensity. These constant barrage of questions about our you'll collapsing again why is this happy to have him last year's happening now late. And in order to avoid that they had dated a guy. Next up alliance Texas the only odd lines of the week Texans there at home that they favored. By two and a half so alliance getting two and a half here I am all on important lions again to win out right. As road docks the Texans excited theory dale look I agree again they just played Denver in Denver and no offensively is going to look good in that scenario let alone. The Texans offense. But the lions. Thought Milton stab. Only the score Igman not yet seriously there is definitely I let out here Bradford measure that's now been given the alliance men usually did easily. I don't know why aggressively dislike it takes so much for its sister offs while. Now why do April Basel maybe it's because I feel like he got paid. Do you others hard work like there's a lot of defensive players on the Broncos you'll never see it contract. Like for God's love god but you don't play much bigger roles in the Amway is Super Bowl I don't know item. Deathly bit of a hater but I am not a believer in the Texans or brought Gaza plus there's not a lot of urgency. On the Texans has been in the AFC south they don't need that its emergency you can win this division at seven and 98 made. New England at buffalo Vickers so this is going to be it's 47 to twenty game as they have new England's by six and a half on the road. In this game I like injuries here. Absolutely but I like the bills to cover I just we talked about earlier this is and I realized that it was a garrote blow him. Brusett. And that that it is just lawyer says. Didn't drop a plan talented I don't think so I thought I'd ever say to her that it was the fourth game assure that. I'm not odd percent. The present started I don't know of a numbers and knows super sick and hurt the game four and there's questions about whether or not you play. Questions about whether or not problem is back but in his desire ever present plated its bills. I regardless I'm gonna go I I'm I'm I'm playing it. Wanted to take the I'm David bills players on alignment ago patriots to Wendell secure hears rumbles score at thirteen nothing fifteen of the sixteen on the sixteen up and agents numbered your score more than sixteen yeah no I think the page you when this game Bulgaria and movie deals covered yesterday and I'm kind of feel the patriot club here. It is really. And the outlook is sixteen I think the score like kind of speaks even offered some struggle against those cameras not allowed. I think did a immediately performance. Tom Brady and company and also Bill Belichick. You little added motivation to the emperor. Alpha team changing dice rolls yet wait for earlier complaining. About Bill Belichick getting a legal advantages. Are having in flew low over Herb -- team change in any guys are all he wants ones for around. It's like well actually miniatures game here pretty I'm going to check a world championships and a couple of. And on his message ten days that's what is legal. Experts and don't object probably yes. I cannot tell you in the emperor I'm gonna take and I never take these types spreads but I'll take guess I'll take the patriots and it covers six did out here. Move on let's go chargers Broncos is is a. Yen and at mile high a real tough spot for anybody Hanley had just said. Denver by five highlight San Diego to cover here San Diego is playing well. They have an office they can score some points and for Ximian moved into an uncomfortable situation we're probably gonna need to throw. Maybe if they do it Llosa it's early leads in this in these type games just yet washing. It seems like Seattle and Carolina as he degree defense is not great offenses. Or you know roots truly should really offices that if the other team gets a lead early. It completely. Changes the complexion of those volumes more than I'm really against any other teams. So maybe sandy your scores early and this somehow they plausibility when this game I like the rockers to win but I do like the charge to cover the now the drug is a struggle. Those are needed pressure on the back of quarterbacks right record's been Trevor Syrian or Paxson talked chased Fallujah. Little jab there they're back at 10 wait no you know it's like you couldn't really funny and he is just a bit of success you're just talking patriots. I didn't really realize that those are the Broncos quarterback Sears I accept it gets in the backyard yesterday. But we need you brash as a job when you get pressure on the young guys a heck Chile Bruce's pieced it moved to a says what three sex in the three games for sex and I don't is that right now yes no ginger goes the ball out. In his first game ever give like a second half and seven pressures. Make any continued its I think they get the pressure or chargers are the best even. In the NFL the best three and fourteen medical history. I'll take the charges you five and a half. Arizona and Carolina Carolina coming off the bye Arizona that blue brutal and so anyway is tie it to Seattle to go on the road now bias. Boy. I don't like the Panthers in any facet of their game and their giving Arizona three points here who. I s.'s. I'm going Arizona I'm almost tempted to take them out right. Munson. But. Will we talked about this was Mike Zimmer. Is adversary is gonna start losing to veterans and locker room where week after week after week after week he's in the media. Just absolutely hammering. On his players. Yeah it's mainly you referred to really kicking in storage is being kicking into the than it has Steve kind calling you know in the media as well. Saying every aspect of our team was embarrassing after Haas earlier this season you know he design. Some guys that do this or hey now you're starting law. Don't leave players we did get a eviscerate bothered her nose if they were out there and talked like. Everybody has this league very. Dual dollar checks a heart ask kind of got the Belichick would never in a million years ago on the median sale just as bad as the Panthers are. It means that your concerns about the cardinals thirty years ago with a red birds. I'm I'm going rivers to cover. I don't know I I don't know thinking all right and I just 40 barrier you your body's gonna be good for law and elimination yet this is one of the Carolina absolutely 100%. Has to have to stay alive and actually. And the Panthers win. I don't think the cardinals have their receivers in the pass cards is a big advantage to being their fifth loss or tie the season yes yeah bull look at there's only so that is hard. I think did them I just from a matchup perspective kind of like Carolina here I don't of the cardinals have the receivers to take advantage. Of how depleted the Panthers. Is secondary is. Also Arnold's office supply got down by Seattle did look maybe Kennedy get right game for Carolina's do you find it pretty more Portland on the offensive side. Cam Newton like Greg Greg Olson could be huge mismatch for use in more than Russell Wilson used Jimmy Graham when they didn't target grand had a lot of success. IE and the more I think about it the more actually like he Carolina in this game despite one of five record. Take a moment here to really one of the saddest stories in the NFL this week was. John Brown being diagnosed with sickle cell Anemia now. This Burma's pro immigrants use visitors said why sensors said yeah them to you guys had sickle cell Anemia and I have this is indeed this is the worst version of that I believe this is the line. Well he couldn't play last week because of it it's what is the reason he says he's effective and religious is. Someplace like you did as first tour isn't like career over their saner now that they've now that they've identified you can. Now they've identified as you can kind of blur okay like oh this is why I've been tired like why there's no coming back could be true but I just think that. I don't know man it's still. I don't know it's a little personality obviously for other reasons that it's yes and Allan it. It's gonna change his life you know I mean yeah notre labs. Right I mean you're you you you wake up and also in your life is drastically different the day before but. Hey I think I think that up until I don't think that will be seen the other baseball bats celebrate July. I didn't want to give flags. Yeah I know Zambrano started on the these units about another influencing factor in the ratings it is the know you have mandates the threat. You've you know what I'm pretty personality word about their fight and look where every talk that shenanigans. You'll find 25 grand for taking off his helmet after a touchdown on his sleeve in the. The field silly best game of the week. And it's actually in prime time Eagles cowboys for the NFC east lead. This is in Dallas. I do like Dallas here. I like that office line even against one of the best defensive lines in football Dallas though favored by four and a half these games are merely. These division games are rarely more than four points. Just or four point more than four point differential so I Eagles instrument on underdogs this week but like the Eagles against the spread like Dallas and the. I think I agree that assessment of the game. As good as the Eagles. I believe the cowboys O line. To be better I think they win that battle. So cowboys are six and one they did have a half game lead over the CO messy game and battle the rookie quarterback. Acts as well and that verse Carson winds plants and little little little chip on the shoulder for decks as outraged as pigs or into weight around. And all the brought here to your love is given a Lance after the first four weeks when I think now it's it's Dax thrown away or L expose that. It is went to still current noise Talal. He's all right of course slot season but if you had two favorite track now be Decker it would be interesting to watch is if how decks narrative develops if they you do you have success willing to move away from. Deck has been great to. Dolphins collided having a running back running game my dad's invaluable for young quarterback but it will peoples are giving Carson where it's more credit. Even though maybe he would deserve replicas of the defense occurs when says and it all hypotheticals you'll see it play Elvis and it was a long way towards determining the story. It began can't wait to watch our weekly preview tickets last couple items here for stuff are sucker lines. Here's the week in review. Did that I presser on one soccer line. There just like that. Never it'll know it really doesn't. We both went last week Ahtyba do you pick the charge to cover they covered and they want us at football Dario your dive into. On the season. I had the Packers to cover it went and I wanna close on three and five slowly make him come back here I've got it's as I said. I like Arizona to cover in the strip on the road against the Panthers and now he's getting any aspect. Any aspects of the game right now crop of cardinals getting three on the road give me Arizona. My second week. Or. Oh. Oh. You know what we yeah aria let me and I did I I I'm I'm clear of prepared this accident just realized now on the spot. I've as the sucker I'm yeah I'm I'm literally having dual and it fell spreads a look at. Is would you want marked exit at home buyer if you are my money here and your by the earlier pick sixes 29 at thirteen and I at least win. Forward to this week maybe 51 I got a double check with him. So that'll be what at least in the worst of the 33 and fifteen he'd be legitimately put mine I'm scared to. These you're you're scared gambler the all of it. This looks like yeah I mean it's sort of favored by six or Chicago or so ago attractive to me. Do I ride this into username like Minnesota delegates and Kyra checkers or in this. Right or is gonna murdered. By it and and Mike Zimmer assisting in his sykora and Mike Zimmer is actually I I was talking. I got it right pace he's been norms were subscribers videos taught him. And they were working on getting Beers illegally shipped in from Russia like I've bears. To kill in front of the TV before she aims to get him fired up Mike's. You know it because it before it goes and Diego to row although that line is it could be that's could be this could be your Sandia write this any news or an all your man yeah I just. No shame and and nothing else jumping out of me but it but it bit ignorant it is that it covers over the six. Are on the road six point favorites on the road yeah yeah I don't and so McGraw-Hill in here but look you know we we were your hot yes David your instincts and Zimmer and we trash on the show I think the murdering of bears is gonna do a lot this team's cal. Let's go our lock of the week. Which acts as. Lock of the week yeah I hear about something at your two and four. As you had Palmer going to 752 touchdowns on receptions that in half and obviously I actually touch underscored that no. For an up or three as that was almost exactly spot on rogers' 353 TDs no picks he had just under 350 but treaties no picks. So I went oh. Just under three it's not out of the way don't as the person arbiter of via. But I go for two podcasts innings that is firmly in the win column idea so. My lot to do something in this saints Seahawks Ingraham wait port for six years so much a lock of the week. Russell Wilson who's played well as a for a pick since week one that is only five touchdowns and six games he gets. Completely on track this week he goes for 300 yards and three touchdowns. In a closer than expected. Seahawks. Oh wait you don't grunt too much of Olympian at quarterback you really getting its say school boy. To pretty crazy lock you got there are okay well I'm gonna you can you add up. It's your last week you Carson Palmer doing everything I bet against this ought to feel pretty valid. If it he thinks the bottom I ate cereal I. That's that's the addictive nature that was referenced it earlier. We figure out when you could talk of west or East Coast bias you're. Good city and let us who lived here let's see here. Am I I I really wanted to do something. With the jaguars titans Robert I got my Angel you're okay. I am going to go to a the only person leaders about the scam. And I was involved. I am going to go win their case you have into your court Mexico portals in the area. Not QDR took my QB rating. They need those games they both in the game with a ninety plus QB rating and I think the game comes down. To a lack did you last score pitcher to win here to have cute it'd be a few or no. Let's look at some rest and Perry. Aggressive block as far as Thursday nights ago it's always normally right bit about it is going to be close. But he bogeyed court exits you've played well ninety plus normal quarterback rating. And Lessig scored it 101. Meter that's that's one of the possible blocks Iran through well show it'll count for three points when it happens is that true he got to get back over 500. Just so pop of color you you're like yeah Thursday here like they gambler who you know he gets down. A couple it was a couple have the blackjack success doubling down to what analysts actually else it is unlikely cycle has taught me anything it's if you start fielded an easy start to lose it that you started feeling out. Doubled down everything that got you there in the first place just. Really lean into it. And well just tests to be president one day. So many. Things I wanted to cigarette they're to a guy and a lot of troubles ultimately that. Six listening to our go to but guess that's it for our president needs. This season and be sure you download Sheraton Franzen follow us on Twitter as well again I'm asset Dunlap he's anti dog 53. You can also send us an email at Dover to podcast at gmail.com. And next week nobody you know it is the halfway point of the NFL season you know that means cornerback Terrell is does it desire and bi annual NFL quarterback here we go 132. And all the quarterbacks leap and divide them to five or six years to be sure you could. Children are out and actually and its unions minus Huntsman and B and download mustn't. Pay. Yeah its original injury report this coming out. It's solely down to three. Drew on eight I think yeah. Today Davis on that. That's our trio there's standards podcast about endurance Atlanta thanks for listening tonight. Our utilities. I. No don't don't don't don't don't don't own their own home. Don't don't don't don't. You do. Oh. Yeah. This. Okay.