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10/26/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Series finale of Ghost Hunters, and the truth about Christopher Columbus

Oct 26, 2016|

10/26/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson discuss the series finale of Ghost Hunters on SyFy and the 12 years of episodes & investigations. Also, guest William Keegan joins to explore the truth vs fiction of Christopher Columbus' voyage to the New World. And, your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded October 26 2016. It's their normal Wednesday and it's kind of a bittersweet Wednesday night beyond reality radio Jason Hawes TV Johnson and. Well absolutely hey big shot out to all the listeners out there and listened beyond inaugurated on all the newbies and everybody in the chat room and order listening America the stations in their area. Com yes it is Jamie it's it's a better night and you know it's it's tough because some also investment. The time during the shell on on Twitter bouncing back and forth. And I just seeing what the fan the fans of the show or typing everything else I have it it hits you and it really does because. You realize how many people's lives you impacted how many people's lies you've touched. And and it's it's it's tough man it really is. Well there's a lot of indicators that demonstrate how many lies and how many people ghost runners in new personal. One such evidence is just look at the number of paranormal groups and when you guys started the show in 2004. You know there was a handful you guys talk about all time yet to really search on the Internet to try to find another paranormal group here and I communicate with. And they show kinda opened the door and said hey you know what it's okay to do this this isn't a bad thing this isn't something you need to hide. If you have this interest pursue and you know groups and people got together and share their passion for the paranormal and it spread like wildfire around the world. And that was a big thing that we want and we are we turned down doing yourself five different times Jim you know that. And them in warm we finally agreed to do it from him and we only agreed to do it were worried about other people are gonna creation on housing Tamara present field. But honestly our biggest goal is okay well we can only skip the word out. And just try to take it away from people feeling like they're being laughed at mocked. When NATO went Atogwe having these experiences. Would then we would have made some sort of a dance an improvement and that's all that matters and to think that. My gosh you know twelve years later a 140 plus countries and it's amazing it's amazing to see how many lies we've touched how many people we've helped. And be honest with you. All those people out there have made the show's success. They're the ones tuning in every week making it highest rated show the scifi has ever had. Yeah yeah and then makes a big difference and down you know we're gonna talk about this later in the program but I've got to mention now we can mention again later. You know I watched the episode just like millions of people dead. And does a great episode. By its way but it just seemed to kindness darken an end ends and startling actually how. Little emphasis on five put on the fact that this was the final episode after twelve seasons. Well and as. It's so and I actually don't post on non on Twitter about actors saying now in LA after twelve years and so forth. You know I'm not even a call to me your program fills and the reason I said that Jimmy I'm not trying to be vindictive or mean by any means to we chose. We chose that it was time but the fact of the matter is I've worked with numerous other production companies pilgrim films have as has as well on numerous other networks and everything else. And no matter what they always call you always hey congratulations say banks that is something. Tom will we start it was scifi literally number forty something of the watch cable channels. And our show brought them with in the top ten show channels on cable. I mean literally went Comcast is buying I'm buying NBC. You our show was one of those things we talked about in their meeting because it was a top breach of aside fire had and it's still still was and still is. And the fact of the matter is. And they wanted to and they wanna part ownership of go senators Reid and won again and you know I'm sorry I would camp I would walk away from the show before we gave ownership to a into it's his network. Comets is not about that because then they can go and start making changes and I feel that they. Maybe a little pair crossed their politics Howell and an NIH that's our heads are very delicately put it that. Because of that and then with that they chose to pretty much give us. No advertising whatsoever and be as funny as we still get all their other shows bugs with the ratings on but no advertising and and pretty much nothing to to say goodbye to all that the millions of people who've ever turned in tuned into their network to watch Michelle. And it that I think is a very it's very very poor on on scifi is behalf. Nim we're into something kinda unique tonight I'm we've got a guest William Keegan coming up a little bit later we're gonna talk about columbus'. Actual discovery of America was he here first with a lot of evidence says he wasn't and William Keegan is gonna talk about that. Spoke to spend the next step 1520 minutes. I'm taking some phone calls we have a lot of people that wanna chat about the last episode of ghost runners on scifi. If we don't get all the calls in this segment animal take calls later in the program as well CJ let's go to the phone lines and bring in. This is Mary Ellen from Connecticut Mary Ellen welcome to be on reality radio. And I. Am doing well how are you and doubled the show. Thank you very much I just wanted to say that I couldn't Cilic you can finish the show for so long you have the best team. You have the best result I've ever seen. I want to try and it's gonna be eight years. Yeah a door car accident and it brought a lot of hope to meet. That you know I know he's still around because iPad things happen in my house where. There's little trying. I was looking to urge them collection at one point and I put everything down to go get a drink of water came back in their little rubber bands that make it even happened on the couch that with them per fixated by the heart. And it was the same way he drew a heart. It was really incredible to me that was like they're Eli you know. But what I wanted to get tailored. Not only saying that they appreciate your shelf for so long but what exactly what is your best destination that you felt. You know it's the most rewarding for you guys. While you are we talking on the shore off the show because of power hitter and it because we're honored you go to we will belt that you rarely that that straight though. Well anytime we're going to a residential home and helping a family I think is it's the most of them the best connection we can have. As for activity. Plagued I during the show I think some of the best activity we've ever call was Waverly hills. As Saint Augustine lighthouse. Little Sheen ruins on Ireland. A places like that Stanley Joselio tells one of my favorite so bomb. Yet but off the show there's this whole side of taps and a lot of people don't realize that we exist long before the show Lexus long after the show. And we still do these and these private investigations. Off the show. So we've been able documents are great stuff but to hear. That. How how the show's helps you write that means a lot to us because that's all it was ever about we didn't wanna be on TV. And and just to know that we when we decided to that we be able to touch so many people. And help the mountain. It just that just means everything so it's so nice to hear from you and I greatly appreciate the call. And it just trying to go ahead he didn't wanna be on TV about how to do exactly get out until it. And oh jeez well I had worked on numerous shows in the past all behind the scenes everything from scariest place on earth to empty vsphere. I did a new site I had been a featured in numerous articles though no one. One time actually doing a New York Times article. And it came out on Halloween what were you able to deep bunker haunting as a medication issue we had a New York Times reported John Leland with us and it just it was such an incredible article that it went on a wire and ended up appearing in hundreds of publications across the world. And from there it was just numerous I spent the next six days in my life men taking calls from. Production companies and and so forth I wanted to get in touch a man. And do a show and apparently because you know Merrill intrigued and how we did it and everything about Saddam. Sell like I said we turned down a bunch of offers to do shows that was until I met up with Craig bullets in from pilgrim films. Who Craig kinda got a Craig and you know I sat down with Craig and we talked and until less of him and if you wanna invest millions into us going out and walk around a dark possibly never catching it goes well that's up to you know. He was hey I just witnessing cameras with you see you guys catching goes they work for you you do your way nobody gets in your wages to you know do which usually do. We decided to try and you know there has to go now to owners later. Thanks for the call Mary Ellen we got to move on we've got a call from John from Illinois John welcome to be unreal to radio. Hello. You know into your main Lauren. The other Arab girl. Who was. Well the first one there should be your you know what. This may do positive of their work go. Well mom jeez Caesars there's evidence long prior to show that made me truly believe there was something out there. On having my own personal experience going from somebody who never thought about paranormal and then seeing. What I believed at the time being ghost I'm really took me and sort of thrust me into this field. We've been able to document tons and tons of things that fall within the realm of the paranormal. Emma and can I sit here and 100% stated does this was a ghost that was a ghost no bullet. Some of the things we're able to document. And that's the thing I'm just looking for answers sister as a figure out what's truly going on their arm I'm not trying to push my belief system on anybody. I'm just you know somebody calls me in the need my help I go they're free of charge. I go to their house doesn't cost them any money we go in trying to figure out of its paranormal or not. And just come up with whatever answers and try to explain truly what's going on empowering them. Thanks to the call John let's go to. Lucy Christian in North Dakota welcomed me on reality re a Christian. They're little Christian. Christian there Chris Chris on our Christine welcome to be unrelenting media Christine. I carried out saying goodwill from the show. I gave birth and give a shout out a few of the whole cap came on my gambling and I've been following you think they want and we absolutely it. We adore. Everything from the very beginning to. Broadening our across. Many continent and everything that you build armies and march my mother who passed away here in April. On the it will be very big very big fan of your show. And she is. And I have a lot of discussion and I think one of the biggest questions that need both come to. If we ever had a chance after the diet was. On or off the show what was the most rewarding location achieved in Q that you felt. Was the most rewarding whether it was personal spiritual. That you gained the most from. I would have to say you'd be off the shell that would would be residential case I am one really that comes to mind was. We I went to house on Christmas Eve night because there was a small boy in a small girl. Children a family that we're seeing things. And they're poking themselves in the air in their eyes because in wanna see these things and another family called us and and upon getting there and and doing research everything else come. Don't find out of the house was actually built on the foundation an old farm house so they were seeing these entities from the waist up. Walking the Soviet did you see the waist up walking on the floor. And as they'd never see any legs so it was traumatizing to them but you come to find out doing a researcher able figure out the foundations and the floors are different heights. Everything also explains a lot when it came under residual type one. But honestly working with those kids speak in being a father myself working with those kids. Then that. On I think is the most important and one of the most memorable things that Oliver have in this field because I still talk to those children now and now their. What I'm just graduated on a college. And just to be able to still connect with them and talk with them and agency it means everything. One other thing that. I learned. Most from your shell like especially and I appreciate more than anything because. I. Growing up I never knew what my ability was but I am very hyper sensitive when it comes to energy EPS from people work. My biggest thing is is copper piping which. I never knew and tell you watched your show with my mom. And we were looking at a really old building at the time and I was constantly having panic attacks I felt in her on the back of my neck stand up I can't let that. I was not feeling comfortable and after it. The first couple episode that we get to watch what you guys first and foremost I totally appreciate. That you go in and look for our national conference to debunk. What could be going on and back has led to the copper piping and the bank and certainly Laura. If I'm I'm very hypersensitive. IA almost I get panic attacks. Because being around. Older buildings at the copper copper piping that hold the a lot of the energy you had been passed in a year a year in year. With a wary of the building by. I'm sad to see you guys go by I'm excited for the future. Between everybody and everything you've done throughout the years you guys have been truly a mean thing and my mom loved you up and tell her very and can't hit rock and you thank you China along I appreciate you taking my call. Thank you thank you so much thank you Christine we crushing news appreciative mom yeah I appreciate those kind words. Let's go to Chloe in Maryland Chloe welcome to beyond reality really good to have you on the program. Chloe. Sorry lust Chloe let's go to. And in Maine and a welcome to beyond reality radio. I and a hard. Karina and good welcome to the show. Same here so I wanted to think he has so much as any huge fan of the show for as long legs rather my dad introduced it to me. And I have a little bit of daylight and we watched every single and stay. We only for you seasons and every how we and other things at me in my that would dale also was like a family time. He and I want a ground out from time and to that commented Richard Clark's turn on your show. And public I had no way and then to blank ballot vote so your uncle they're show you about they. Couple years ago. And shows like there are periods then they're out for the good for it and they were it was like unknowingly. Dick ever show. Well that's awesome is that. I mean that means a lot to us and it really does and we greatly appreciate that and please give your whole family are best in our while. And it's not the end it's not the end of us it's just relieving scifi channel. And there's a lot more color we're sort of seem more at this time but I can't but it's him but there's a lot more ground there is a lot more to come there is that takes a much of the. All and a let's go to Lindsay in Ohio. Lindsay welcome to be on reality radio. I think I islands in local militia on. Yeah. I am I actually wanted to ask about my husband and I started watching that show we've been married fourteen year. We remember an app instead of how a hotel that I think. But that's mainly that we can remember that the kids being so let all it. Now we've seen her daughter went for Pacman I wanna know why that's feels like for you to track your daughter which he ill. I have audience investigations. And what happened to be had howled. Well actually it was a Spalding ending grant night purchased we got rid of it about to you about two years ago. And just because it's tough trying to run out health four hours away from the house but are. And as for the kids it's it's an incredible feeling of course my daughters who've grown up a houseful of their dead counseling dealing with the paranormal. And now my old Samantha who and she's a history major and she's a teacher at school now. And I really Haley who's in college and she's also vet vet technician. It's great because they're huge fans of the paranormal and I still have and still got other kids here at home. Who hail wanna I wanna get involved in my in my area fifteen soon be sixteen year old daughter so Torre. Is a huge fan of the panel she's always been interest today and it's it's a passion for her to get involved and investigate. And yeah so. But it is a great feeling being able spend that that time also with my with my children as well if I act I can't beat it my kids in the past they really are. Yeah it's just that need to see I mean we didn't realize it's. When we're watching this so I know. How how growl. That they I mean compared tent you know a year ago. And it AdSense it's surreal it's been such. Are you. I mean I mean what a wonderful you know experience perhaps you are part lol. Wednesday night cap carrying hurt you know what whatever day it ever started on we don't remember by the Edwards spend such let me. Little thing that we have to gather it back and watch and that's been the pants. Everybody Guerrero went into the show and can't wait techie volleying and on to the Max. Absolutely and they Q and to congratulations to fourteen years of merits and yes thanks when I agree and I and one of the things that is in that on to the next is of course beyond reality radio keep listening to the show will take one more call. And we've got to go to break and we're gonna bring our guest William Keegan and to talk about tonight's topic and we'll take more call after yes we'll take more calls after our guest it's beyond Rihanna read a let's go to Tennessee. This is a tryst interest welcome to be on reality radio. Highway and I from the celebrate together so blunt. Q school. Actually both the question and a comment some limit startups that type questions surged and a lot of comments aren't aren't that. So I that happened to me about it Kawika and I. Dug in India worried commit this kind of more geared toward chasing. And I know he work with the Roto-Rooter. And I was driving into work and I just so happened is he one of their trucks stride by. Okay. Yeah I thought I'd try this year and Alec yeah and like question and is that out of but it won't years are you being long Airways. Let it go it would have Condo owners. If you were to go back to any. See you location you didn't she didn't want what they car and all of you have now. Wish location would you go to. Archie Saddam. Well eastern state I loved what the first case we ever did Brando's house own. In Altoona Pennsylvania was phenomenal as well so. And that we we just their first season with such a learning experience for us but we we loved we have such a great time by all those locations. Because any location we go to there were able to figure it was truly going on and it's just I I'd love to get back there and and deal with the failure. Just get back there and investigate more power. And thanks for the call. Nearly for you Justin thanks so much for the phone call as we said we're gonna be bringing our guest William Keegan in in just a couple minutes after this break but we will. Take more calls about ghost honors this the season and the series finale on scifi com after our guest segment. I'm so if you're on hold your you're welcome remain on hold or you can call back whichever works better for you. We're gonna break it's beyond reality didn't choose. Scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary time dot com that's Garrick content. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary kind dot com that spirit con dot com and. Welcome back to beyond whale and radio with Jason JB thanks so much for hanging with us tonight it's paranormal Wednesday. It's the night of the airing of the series finale of ghost honors on scifi their a lot of people on the phone lines. Holding to talk about that you're gonna have to hold for a little while but that's that's 200 chatter about we certainly want to chat with Cuba we're gonna bring bring our guests in just a moment. I did talk about tonight's topic. Which happens to be Christopher Columbus was a Columbus is discovered America Jane was at the vikings who was it picking your first I know they do. Some reports of the vikings are actually coming through Canada. By 500 years before Christopher Columbus and coming in America so. I don't know have to get Williams take our poll found that we have the best person I think in the world to actually answer that question must bring him in this is William Keegan. William welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. Hey Jason and gave me great to great to be with deeply on the bill builds Matthew bill thank you console in. I was listening to the beginning and sorry to hear that it's like -- minute while leading bit and. They didn't bail on us we we chose not to re sign with them just because honestly some. At just we we just didn't feel a cat it was where we wanted to go anymore and you know so we wish side try to messed we just have no no plans to to deal them again we'll leave it that the. Well I think I guess one thing I hope you guys continue what you do. You know people are always asking me if I mean apologies about. Other societies and strange beliefs and practices and things and and I can say that. There's probably never been human society that doesn't have hasn't had some experience with paranormal supernatural or have beliefs. That can't be explained by. What on what we would consider scientific cut explanations. Well thank you thank you very much. So bill let's talk a little bit about your credentials I know that you want them and I was about to read them you've got a long list of credentials an incredible resume and I think it's probably best. If you hit the highlights of people know you know what your about. Okay well I and the curator of European archeology. Florida museum of natural history. I've been studying almost forty years native peoples of the Caribbean islands. And Oxford asking do promo I have a new book coming out in January. Caribbean before Columbus with Oxford University Press. And in the course of doing that Columbus provides is the only description of that native Indians. The only written description that exists at all. And so in trying to understand that and understand those descriptions and where they were I got involved in the hole in the info controversies that. You know National Geographic made a big splash went back in 1986. And then I started getting into Columbus the person hand. You know that debate you're talking about who who discovered America. It's it's a real it's an interest in tangle of issues. Or especially when you when you sit there and thinkpad and we will learn the holes then the songs where kids in school and you know. Clump sell the ocean blue and 14192. And and so forth but. There's all these there's a lot of reports that show all right down to rocks were carvings in them found all the way on Minnesota. Would that would viking and vikings writings writings on the and so com. What it was so what is the truth there who who did well besides the Indians who ordered for everybody. When it comes to into that was Christians who was was the America's. Located long prior to Christopher Columbus. Yet it there's a lot of questions and that we definitely know 21 on the East Coast and one on the West Coast when you. Alluded to earlier the vikings and their settlement and lots of meadows new and we used to probably made boy ages further south yet and that was a thousand years before Columbus. We sent out about this resent Iraq. To actually located. In Narragansett Bay and somebody ended up taking in Davis Crowley 1520 years ago but those Iraq in there that actually had. Again writings from the vikings on it and and Narragansett Bay here Rhode Island which justice that they they made it here as well. Yes it's it's not clear how far down the coast they explored. But at about the same time there's good evidence now that Polynesian actually reached. To the West Coast of South America. For years there was a problem explaining. Sweet potato which is a south American cropped. It was very widespread in the Pacific islands at a very early date. And recently. There are sites where they've discovered chickens and chickens come from. Southeast Asia and through Polynesia so about a thousand needy. It's likely that the Polynesian voyagers actually reached there on the West Coast of South America. So coming in pretty much for all the way from Hawaii making it to the and Togo West Coast of America is a wesun. Yes yes has has you know if you look at the Easter Island it's really not that far off the coast of South America. And in these guys who traveled thousands of miles across the Pacific to reach Easter Island. Then in June 2 and it's just it's going to be terrifying journey my gosh. America. So bill what's. Your study of a Crimean pre history just kind of set the stage here. What does the what is prehistory consist of what's what timeframe are we talking about. Well we we it's it's not a good term but we use it for any time where we don't have any written record of what was going on. The problem with a written record is that it's and well it's histories written by the victors as they say so it's often biased and prejudiced against. The people at the pictures are writing about. But often it's the only. That's is that written information we have about these people. The rest we have to interpret from the archaeological materials he artifacts to remains. House site so. Whatever information we glean from what they left. And what is the what we would consider the grade school version of the founding of America. By the Europeans the Christopher Columbus story what is the story in a nutshell. Well I think you know we talked about discovery and I think we need to distinguish between discovery and in Asia. You know the likeness of Polynesia ends. Vikings. You know John Cabot was sailing for England at the same time in Columbus and fishing and the great banks also on New England. You know he might even visited there again today we don't know. They say that to an explorer will come home boast about his exploits. Fishermen will never tell you were his best spots are. So we have much information on I'm Chad cab. But what Columbus sitting motionless. An invasion by by the Spanish of the American is. You know the introduction of disease had significant impact. Especially. You know long before Europeans arrived. Smallpox arrived about 1517 in the Caribbean. And there's cases smallpox in North America centuries before. In the Europeans arrived in in those areas. And the common beliefs become belief was that Tom that the Columbus and the Europeans they came after Columbus brought these diseases but you're saying. Some of them pre predated Columbus. No word that diseases were brought by the Europeans. At a very early date Columbus probably introduce Swine Flu. It was devastating as you know if you remember the influenza epidemic of 1918. Small part came later but. There have been apologist recently for you know Europeans. Killing or murdering content and some people have put it. They are. They had did have a significant in effect on the population just based on harsh treatment and enslaving people and it was an all disease that that led to two demise mean peoples in many places. So what what do what you know we were all told. Is that sound you know Columbus. Finally won favor with the quarter of Spain was able to finance an expedition brought three ships over. And planted a flag and claimed. The new world. In the name of Spain and then the flood of Europeans came after that. That's pretty much the story right. Right. And so. Let me ask you question keynote you know the names of Columbus is Sri ships. It's. Mean in contends his into the area. That is what everyone thinks and usually I knew there was going to be trickier. We know two of them the what was called the trainer Marie was blind guy Yeager. What was called the Nina was Santa Clara. And can't Maria was originally called Marie go on things that we have Marie Delonte Nina and Peta. I just Spanish any idea what to what those names. No resentment killers if it was German I can help you out Spanish not so much. Well they're on the nature prostitutes I'll. A good girl painted line and dirty Mary while. Anyway it there's like exit new book had a little twists and turns to know what's knows who explained that though was that was an intentional errors that is that a where does that come from. I think that's just sailors being sail sailors and sellers on then yeah because Columbus himself says that he couldn't sail on a ship called dirty married so be. Re christened its Santa Maria saint Mary. Well it's kind of a kind of appropriate given what happened once he landed right. It yeah it's set so I let's get back to this whole a Scandinavian possibility. How Kevin how much evidence exists that the scandinavians. Work here. Often and prior to Columbus. There is not a lot of evidence of that and part of the issue is that there was changing climate. Two. About that time. And beer their colonies in. In Greenland. Or abandoned because it was so the ships were coming to resupply in. Climate was too harsh for them. And so I think that it climate had a big effect on their ability to continue to expand. Across the Atlantic came to Guam in the North America. And so this season in the contraction about the time they reached America but they were here on board. But they were area who were here yeah and you know I've I've read some of the books about rooms out and Minnesota. And other places. Across country and it's I mean these are possibilities that this merit investigation. But nobody has any conclusive. Nobody nobody's come out no smoking gun except for the opposition no smoking gun them how far they they traveled across. We are we're talking whiz William bill Keegan. And we're gonna continue our conversation talking about Christopher Columbus and the founding of America it's beyond reality radio with Jason and JV will be read that. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. And now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps parent magazine has been completely redesigned. Re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website its taps her bag dot com that's captured her match dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code and beyond at checkout and save even more on your subscription. It's catchy term acting where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazines again go to the website tab power Mac dot com. That's caps CarMax dot com. Used the promo code beyond just say I told me museum nasal funky and I own running for president the United States. Would you like every day workweek it's. Coming from. One month. Our psyches. Talking about bringing people. Well yeah. He heart yes. So it's during my presidential saints. Interesting my best. How much time spent trillions of and yelling help me. We're tired of feeling out. How about. Next this next senator. Or go back to beyond reality radio chasing causing JB Johnson thanks to everybody for joining us to nine paranormal Wednesday the airing of this series finale. A ghost hunters on scifi I know we've been a lot of people on hold please hang on I know you wanna chat about the episode and stuff we'll get your calls a little later in the program. Because it is a bit of a bittersweet now JJ. You know. It is just exciting for the future but it's gonna said. Two you know to say goodbye to twelve years of from coast and is on scifi. Well that's it and you know we've got a million of the places we can turn outward in talks with with numerous urban networks it's just we we just felt it was time that we needed to separate ourselves from scifi channel. And and mainly and I I've. I won't hold anything back it's just I refuse to give up any ownership of the showed them it's because I feel like at that point it'll lose its credibility and they did wanted to borrow so. And US but in animal talk a little more about that will be taking your questions and justice and just little while yet our guest tonight is. William bill Keegan and we're talking about Christopher Columbus. And the discovery of America if that's the appropriate way to to to phrase it any more bill I'm not sure it is but. You know we we did talk about the fact that the scandinavians. Visited. Obviously the the didn't have a whole lot of interest in staying or we may have learned more about it but was it also product of the times when Columbus came. Wasn't thorough more. Intentional and deliberate effort to look for colonies vs may be what the but the scandinavians are doing they were just more like reading in and kind of you know looking for the resources and and taking them back with them. From MIT and Mike yeah he misrepresenting it. Don't know I think you're. You're correct there there is. Is that Scandinavian expansion was on a much smaller scale and the it's being moved oh lead Europe that the time is is stated. Pretty densely populated. And on. Henry the navigator who really expanded. Ocean going exploration that was really the beginning at the age were they actually went out culture. The new areas. And he it crossing barriers to. Previously held people back there was a feeling that C on the equator the water was oil and sailed through. Along the coast of Africa is very tricky area where the it's gotten juts out. On it to them you know if you years before they figured out how they could seal around it should be shall belong on the coast of Africa. On eight figured out instead of beating their head into the winds in southern continents that. Is actually faster to sail around Africa but they'll sailing to sell America first on the means to. To follow on security. Around the southern end of Africa so there was a lot going out of the people. You know Columbus is expedition only cost around 7000 dollars. In today's styles so what not a huge investment. On their part they wished very little. And a lot of people but the Columbus would fail or that he might discover some islands out there. He used. On viewed estimated. That the year was about 25% let's round. It. So he is he was only about 9000 mile walk terms. But fortunately for and there are you know. Huge north and south American land mass. Blocking the way so even so. He was successful and wants. Or suspense got into Mexico and in Peru and found it very. Quantities of gold and silver and other valuables. If it's everything exploded. It was all over for the Americans. Now why do you think gay history. Hasn't really updated itself in in our findings and it's still. We still pretty much everybody's teaching kids that mistress or Columbus who found found America and and so on. You know I don't think. I don't think most people really care. You know I didn't articles for the conversation for Columbus stand. Sort of sarcastically suggested the title game at Columbus Day who really celebrate Columbus Day. Except for you know Italian American communities. It's. And it is. Sort of an excuse for a well Columbus was turned into a hero by the United States and 400 anniversary we needed. Symbol of on somebody who had an idea and nobody believed him and he fought for is his ideals and succeeded. And the other thing is that the US was trying to get Spain out of the Americans. And Columbus was Italian so it was like. Well Spain didn't have anything to do this and so. And and you know shortly after 1892 was the Spanish American war in which. Last sustained colonies were. Liberated in Puerto Rico and Cuba. Right this is there truth to the stories that Sam when Columbus came here he used. His knowledge of fund may be lunar eclipses or other types. You know scientific type information to win over a favor with the end native people. That is a very good question. And I don't. Unfortunately have a great answer it is. Reported on his fourth voyage to the Indians are getting tired of supporting him. And that he used an eclipse to tell them that he was going to. And the world won't execute them. The story. Appears originally in Washington Irving slight and times which has a lot of fictional elements to it burned. It'd also occurs and Samuel Eliot Morrison's book and more similar to Harvard historian who is. Known for his scholarship. I can't say for sure there were books of the day that they would predict those things. The problem is you have to be able to calculate one to two and it was no method for longitude reckoning. It's the books should it eclipse in terms and so a kiddies or. Madrid or someplace in Spain. And so you would have to calculate how many hours different you were from those native now. Until the krona amorous intent to. And okay and what about the Chinese we have about 45 seconds for we have to have to break again. But some people say they're the Chinese were here actually before any justice. Yeah there have been some Rex called the Manila scallions and I think San Francisco dirt on them stay in. And the picked yet Chinese certainly had the ability. They have the vessels they have. The capability of crossing. To northern consider the Pacific to get to. The American is. Can we just don't have good evidence for it it's certainly a possibility. Yeah sounds like that we were melting pot before we even a melting pot. Yeah that's what it comes comes down to. Are able we're gonna take a quick break and we come back well we talking a little more was well bill Keyon. Bottom you'll listen Jason Giambi on reality radio will be right back. Yeah I know it's. On Thursday morning we do this every night reach. He talked about finding a way you are in the country and what channel you're listening to us yes. I know and I get so confused about it but either way external Wednesday it's the night that the FC's series finale. Of ghost honors on scifi airs we're going to be talking to a double appears to yours. Yeah I don't see crying too much with the stomach it's a good with the stuff that's on on the horizon there's no reason right. No notice of respect for hecla. But you know it always been a big part of my heart and doing you know what we will we do able we're able to accomplish. It's absolutely right and we're gonna be taking phone call to talk about. Ghost honors at twelve years of episodes locations evidence taps team's members the whole thing. Will open those lines up in just a little bit for you to call in another some people still on hold. Thank you for being patient we will get to your calls as soon enough we should mention. That down coming up not beyond reality radio tomorrow night it's dark waters we're gonna be featuring dark waters we had him on the program back in I don't know January February march somewhere in there before syndication before syndication he'll take some paranormal stories that people share with them. And he puts him into dramatic form four and puts menu to another not I don't think they're acted out I think that is voice acted so it was just audio. But dude they're done really really well there spooky and it's a great way. For us to lead in the Halloween weekend. And then on Halloween night from again midnight to 2 AM we've got our good friend Christopher quarantine all lots and you all the almighty known from its the Lutz family you know ones who have dealt with the Amityville horror of the books the movies are all written about him and his family's experiences. And Chris comes on. Tells us about a lot of the the real information. Then things in the book in the movie that we've blown out of proportion and also gives a lot of inside information that most people don't know and have never heard about things going on. With the family and also rooms that were found and it just goes charm well most people know the Hollywood version and most people. Today haven't even read the book they're just familiar with the movies. He you know his. His. Show that he did with us and injury apparent from victim who was families the movie based conjuring. Nom are the two most downloaded shows that we've ever had yet in and dish they're still going like manhunt is thousandth time. Yeah yeah give Jim Merrill to run for his money right to have an ego so all of will be looking forward that how we program tonight however were talking with bill Keegan we're talking about. Christopher Columbus in the fact that you know the stories that we learned. In the history books in grade school might not be completely accurate in. A bill that could again thanks for joining us the question I have for you now is should we be looking at this completely differently I mean. You're you're right. Not many people celebrate purse say Columbus Day I think a lot of people get the day off they may appreciate that but there's no. You know hey let's get together for being Columbus Day celebration. Yeah I don't I don't think it here and Vietnam. When the card companies and candy companies. To a so and give companies just really haven't found a way to syllables so on. All in there is removed from around the country to. Change Columbus they do indigenous people's day. And I think it in would be far more interest. If it's removed and that correction and a Colorado. Recently passed it I know you Berkeley California celebrates indigenous people today. And and in my opinion you know Christopher Columbus was really blown out of proportion for. America is. Political reasons is we are becoming. Player on the on the world stage at. At the end of the nineteenth century. And you know actually the Spanish would've been happy if you just wanna sealed off into the sunset disappeared. My said. Yeah it Protestant so much well. Mean she was entitled to. 10% of all the trade it's being conducted near the Americans can you imagine how while the would be. You've got 10% of their bank while. Yeah and so. In the in 1982 I was writing Syrian articles for Hispanic newspaper supplement and the actually Barack whoa she's in the polls still on the Columbus gambling do Nicaragua Panama. Is coming to the United States to sell claims that the Spanish minted printed in and 500 in the nursery. And and try to do a phone interview and I mean really rude so. Column I wrote started roots. You know 500 years ago Spain came and stole all the gold and silver they declined in eight years later they returned to sell activists. It didn't make a lot of people happy that. But according to they're selling. Martina Alonso in zone Spanish sailor who captain a team. Is gold coin worth 120 dollars. And Columbus is not a silver coin worth twelve dollars so it chose Spain. Still doesn't really. And really get an interest is in. In promoting Columbus or or what you. OK let's some mistake of phone call we've got to listen who has a question for you this is Jay from Florida and eight. Welcome to be unreal on your radio. Hey guys and Pelletier get despite the prep for its record I think I think. It's important that we set the record straight. And it's about giving credit where credit is due. David and Michael Jackson pointed out before he died trying to warn people at eleven Heidi hell art history it's correct about being part right there were. The president somewhat not. And it being someone who is. Tiny bit native Americans inherited so yep that definitely important and that I think what people need to be aware that it was where Qatar but the diseases earlier. Lepers cease syphilis bubonic plague tuberculosis and a few others are back very drug resistant and terrible most of them that's upcoming and what these refugees from the border. What I wanted to know. Which you guys in more so with big guests discount every confirms split GR OXT one. Has sit on YouTube viewed as a really good job to adopt. Telling them narrative and explaining. Symbolism of what the portraits I mean especially once likened Bank of America and at Denver international. Airport and he was saying Al. The native Americans started over here they eventually make their way to Hawaii and and eventually had to wait to. I think it was the West Coast of California where were still I want to know is what roles. If any I believe they did have some and the timeline of make sense cremate them the illuminati. Where in site template haven't played. And also where. Maybe think August people come into it at that note we recently celebrated the apple to a 450. Anniversary of the cold count America. Thanks for the question Jay bill in the common. While I. I. I cannot get into employers and the woman nada sorry it's not an area of so my expertise so I do agree. Or is the the caller that we do need to look. To try and get to. History straight and we need to investigate. You know various aspects and threads at its combined to make this story that we hear. And we teach. All I can say is that to Columbus story is. In some ways invented to promote an ideal of or America at the beginning of the the twentieth century. On how. That ties and some of these others seemed so are just I'm a person do. Jay has a lot of information and calls infrequently and shares it with us and we we often find ourselves some in the position he's got more information that we do. Bill we're running out of time here but I wanted to askew of what what projects are you working on now on anything on the horizon that's canoes shed anymore light and any of these topics we discussed. Well I'm working on a book right now. Howell the Columbus miss was was promoted in the United States how it affected. Sort of early twentieth century I killed in the states and even some sort of ways it is still continues today. One of the things that is fascinated me was. How similar the story of Columbus since two. You know the political situation we're going through right now. Just the two personalities involved and the way that I deals are being promoted in. And presented so. That should be done and that in the next few months. And continue to search into the on the native peoples coup on live in the Caribbean I think it. On it's important for us to tell their story as well. They they don't have a voice and unfortunately the only. Literally written documentation that's presented about the news. Israel and by the Spanish and English colonizers so. Or trying to get. Enough evidence that we can. Tell their story a little bit better than it's been told. Right one final question because you mentioned it in talking about the book you're working on is there any value in the idea of the ideal. That we've you know you come to accept as the Columbus story does that itself has value. It continues to be our American dream. And we are not seen. The American dream is the same way that. You know outside as a kid my parents' side in the after World War II. So. I think. You know Latin I. Three kids or millennial. I think that we're we're seeing a a change in that dream and I think it scares a lot of old people. I think it changes coming that I think in new generation's gonna bring it. And it'll be interesting to see what it's personality they choose to to symbolize the new American dream. Working people find your books. And if you just go to Amazon.com. And cool and Keegan theirs so. Everything that I published. On there's also a web page. You go to Florida museum of natural history. And research and collections there's care in archaeology page which has. On some more information about Columbus and the native peoples and some of the projects we've been doing. Or just. Sending email to key in that. Florida museum of natural history and if you have questions I'm happy to answer it. That's listens. Thanks so much for coming on taken time to talk of us tonight and it was an honor hopefully we can talk again at some point. All right well I appreciate it very much in and appreciate what you guys doing. To publicize these kind of issues. Great thanks bill. Thanks so much room to take a break when we come back. Your phone calls we'll chat about ghost hunters or anything onto and talk about. The numbers 8446877669. It's beyond reality rating content. Scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Welcome back to beyond reality radio Jason Thomas JB John. And our telephone number 8446877669. We've loved to hear your comments on the east series finale of ghost hunters that aired on site finite or any of the episodes you've seen over the last twelve years it's all. All the available for chat tonight on open lines rain now in lines are open. Absolutist or some calls him OK let's go to Tammy in Cleveland Tammy welcome to be on reality radio. I thank them for Stan Miller so I wanted to be on the from the cat home thank you sorry sorry it took so long to get too young. Pay no problem. I want if they like three really quick things and then a tiny story and the question is better make sure you're. OK first saint you used thank you to the entire half team you've got an elevated our. Fields of referred to add actual field that resurgence stepped up Bob. I'm so proud that had been in the field almost as long as you have Jason and I learned things from you guys and that would stop them. I sent him like audio matrix thing. I could put up AM and I kept hearing and call my name and thought I was going insane until that one episode. Which you guys did. And then amusement park and Steve was actually talking about audio matrix thing and then like the light bulb went over my head not light up camp not saying that's. Well that's that's awesome a year ago. And if you guys do move to another network. Please bring back the Halloween specials because it was like I years ago ghost hunting with you every Halloween. And then they get suddenly disappeared. Well you know why they disappeared though let me be honest it's I chose not to do them any more for the fact of my kids my I've got twin twelve year olds and it was just tough China and missing these holidays especially when Sam and Haley were young. I was out with them every every Halloween I was all patent for a endless years I had to dress up as the beast because they always one is beauty. And so is one of those things where I was always able to get out there and do that with them and and centauri in them I am but my twins. There were young and if so I felt like it was missing the peace holidays I told scifi Buell and do show a day or two before Halloween life songs are wanna do that. But they only wanted to do on Halloween so I just could not do. I can understand that it is in that. I'd just gotten you know nobody knew at that time case you didn't have this forum in order to tell anyone they. Exactly here. Yeah it's it's pretty much RO showed but thank you suddenly did you ever have a question. Yes okay so the last thing how he's and three episode three here at a private residence. The a father has two small children a girl I think and he hits attacked you know one of the girls is bad. Now this was very early on that you didn't have really great equipment once you do now you know and you ended up saying on television that you couldn't understand what they were saying. I heard very clear what these creatures first saint. And I was wondering if you ever found out what they were saying it went back and actually did anything about it because. If he didn't actually tell you what I heard and then maybe it could just make a note and call these people or something has been years and I think they need an answer. Well honestly I do I have a very vaguely remember that case you're referring to and I do. Old that we did help Finley now. Bringing in on some way priest that followed their alleged police what did you hear. Them there and being sent. OK I heard one here female investigators asked what is your name and what I heard was we have no name we need no names. There's only three things that all of supernatural lexicon that does that did demons which the market was thing because. Demons don't hide very well they attacked with blood you know. Dragon which it would have been or ferries which makes more sense because they were playing with a little girls and they attacked the father. Which has ghost might not have done by sharing their all and they wouldn't care that that this guy was an adult. Yet you know entry Sam RA amen amen actually go back and and check that out and I'll listen to it again LC for example Tammy thinks I get a look at the information it's there's just been so many years in nine years ago Coke and Tammy thanks so much for the call you we have to we take another call here Mike. From Arizona welcome back to be on noted radio good to have you back on the show. And I says there are going to be here for me JV and I can't. They might tell you we'll concealment. Doing great Hofstra are fantastic show tonight that's you know offset that no it's the end about it from what I've been here and it's not the end altogether shall it be here just a new beginning it is Iowa. Exactly. And yeah the greens your work hell lot that the aircraft Miller paranormal society. They were just on colonel and two weeks ago. The amount if you saw that what. I I honestly I would be a liar to say that I ever washing ashore just because as soon as. My show is done and I'm done and two trading light tweeting I usually come downstairs are getting everything ready for the radio show. Now law that makes sense. I don't wanna take a popular it's your time as I say it is then. They're great twelve years he gave her the one that got me started and you know in the paranormal. All laid back than them. Still doing today it's great passions and I want to thank you nature. Macon and you know even just better for me they know that they're groups out there. Well they do so much it means a lot to hear literally dozens it just means that we are able to accomplish what we what we really wanted to use our. Yet you so much thanks Mike and thanks for holding on for such a long time and I was quite awhile let's go to Pamela and ash fell. Pamela welcome to be on reality radio. Thank you very much idle. Why I have them like a big fan for twelve years what why. Watching I love how long. Every other. Charities are Larry Lee I'll eat you don't just get a little packet feel any you know I electoral that is. Yeah I think I had those as an ally not finished two at the White House and hit the problem. Yes San Augustine actually saying don't house yet. It was a great place a way it we did one of the Pensacola that's that's right we did do it we've actually working with the blue angels over there. That's renew their base so. I can't. I was then can't control at the time and all locked out of my gosh it would have been a great on deadly job the. Well you get a chance do that somewhere along the way I'd imagine Pamela I make sure yet thanks so much for the call let's go to. This is candy in Florida candy welcome to beyond reality radio. Kadima and thank you for having me and thanks for. Hi Patrick. I'm appreciate it back at continents. About because doing. Then on that topic and stop it it has been able there. I'm people be more open minded where this actually that that in the religions you know mom. And yeah I really appreciate that because I'm talking about ball and you talk about the death of life that very topic now. I appreciate that and I am so glad to hear that. There will be paid more than we saw and I'm courtship and for the following you everywhere. And because my question that. When we believe there are more patient than ample. The body won't want to also famous. Country western singer would spill on the set up at that while a lot of them that I wouldn't go back into the bar. And then you visit. No this blight that. It is real yeah real quick though I'm way in which are entirely mentally sound and when you grow their. And the what you need to make sure he won't bought your home. Okay well and first off I'm not familiar with which party referring to because there's there's never been a location that we would we were unwilling to go back to I'm. But. And so the only like to think it was a countries and that would be Bobby Mack he's put we we look back there and we told them anyways but Tom. As for bringing something I've never really felt the concern bringing something to my house. As a something's going to follow me you know something's welcome to fight and battle from sitting in my couch love to. But I value and offered up things to to come to my house with me whether it be. Dealing with what police what appears to be a small child entity at Slater mill talk at Rhode Island. Or or other cases so I have an I these things don't scare me am I am fearful of them and more intrigued by themselves. If I can go haunted house and I think my kids to be into it too we will be having a blast investigating together ultimately. Well let you know there's there's there's different types none had been more power that I have my demonic. People are still there and that's what that's my compared to expect. Now that you've been reviewed Donovan and not get into another shot but the reality is that. Here here in Britain and the amount per day and then you have children and everything. And you know my thinking at that children are all like sponges and they were saying then that. Now on to carry. Candy that's a great question we got to cut you off as we have to go to break I'll answer that as soon as we come back yet and we'll take more phone calls it's beyond reality radio with Jason team. Welcome back to beyond reality radio Jason Hart street Johnson on this. Paranormal Wednesday night the season finale series finale. On scifi anyways ghost hunters aired tonight and now we've got a lot of calls today people only people sad about it gambler still. Aren't let's see let's go to this is. It's arugula stuff this is. Cameron in Oregon Cameron welcome to a beyond reality rated good to have you on the program. I aren't going to be on the camera to show. Check it. I actually got a big question army sensitive shell that show it ended now. I mean what you pointed who I mean not receive the poorest of the cargo charters crew. Reward help plane had been out since show it and it. Well just just like usual we investigate on and off the show we investigated before the show last year after the show com. So we're human we're still gonna investigate Tom and where I'm in talks right now with Iran on geez glitzy three networks but it's actually more than that. But Nam. About about different things so there's endless possibilities. Yeah it's just coming back going to a different network doing doing things like that so. We're just trying to work out those details on. You know a lot of different. Lot of different possibilities laden a lot of different options and Luis wanna make sure that. That we can we make the right choices I mean we just in nothing personal we just got tired of of scifi and I think yeah. After twelve years the relationship was really start to get strained. Yeah I mean I'm not split understand anatomy not a watching villagers about ten years old and obviously not how I mean one. Mean app mark and archery nutrients. Kind of grew up with a long thank you very much it's awesome definitely has settled him. There are bigger by that I mean I'm originally from great board from mobile. Alas not an orderly else. Yeah and it's where we've been up there so many times says it's such an incredible location. I mean you cannot go up there and so you never saw or felt any current mean is it am I went up or I'm younger. I had 100 aren't. That's awesome. Well thank you so much for the call appreciate and we appreciated yellow just pay attention because obviously will pull some stuff in the near future about what what's. Happening and will make sure we keep everybody in the loop thanks Cameron Moscow to a lists a Minnesota list so welcome to beyond reality radio. Tiny I have to say that I am I huge stand happened like go partner Yan or. Thank you reluctantly I am glad. I've when he announced school and I aid drop from the very expert either watching. And that. Wounds to academic history later I had eight can't feel it the united lip outs. And that what I would bear and from what you get experience from Elliot apps of the on air I ate completely. Believing your credibility. And freer. Who for your believe I'm just trying to do bulk. I really I'm that most people allowed is believed anything that they here. And see and just. It hit it into unbelievable while Howell. Things did go round out our actuarial. Well a lot of people I go into a location wanting so much to believe there's activity that they're blind to. Explanations that can disprove the activity well and also so many people believe that it has to be wanted to it to sell. And and I just think that that's just not worried mentality. Exactly it's our eye as I really printed at her dearly you're essentially from going to these are. I know a lot of so they're just going and believing. Everything. And Christian scientists only needs sank it again normal. Explanations are things I really. It makes a lot more guys do credible are really prayed and I are going to debunk. Well thank you so much it means a lot and and that's all we've we've got credibility in the field so we wanna make sure we yeah. We we keep that so thank you so much for the call Melissa thank you for the call let's go to on the C this is call from Texas this is Jake. Jake welcome to beyond reality radio. So Iran Egypt welcomed the show. Thank you. Fourteen have been more reserved for maybe two or three seasons. But. I am fascinated by these huge paranormal. Weather beat you know. People heard your call. Yeah and and I think that in almost people tune into the show. Are there they're loving the idea of being able to see what might be after after this life. And as I was also wondering. If you're talking beyond two or other gun another show where I'm sorry another network at some. Point. Yes. Yes from Yahoo! later so where were in talks with that numerous networks right now. And there's there'll be some information that will be able to release later on we just can't right now of course. But actually it's a lot of huge things to come they're aliens. And I don't. There's a little town in Mexico call outcrop. Where eighty. Hotel called the launch he alerted that. I have no. There's and there's this story can't believe it's true about a and TP very good. This sort it walks the halls that she spoke at night looking for. Then she would. Q player boyfriend this has been decades and decades ago. When he saw her 40% of demand in some or there. Patent I'm like universal's to have a large OK well I'll check out chicken that they get a call thank you Jake thanks for the call it's good Jay in Rhode Island this is Jay welcome Henry on the radio and Jane I. That's why I've warned that talking for a long time JJ EGG. It's side here a couple of convention. Had a chance started Spalding and you know my family. I just wanted to say what you gunman a lot to me so much that I had to look into myself. And percent to look at myself like. I found a couple things out that I didn't know and I want it done that and not our identity your friend man. Well hang on his list DJ. Yeah. How policy I got a good memory and I remember everybody's oh. That has no no no like I even got my own show up just cause you're chosen meant so much meat and you know. And just consider your front. Well thank you very much Jerry and I greatly appreciate and and the same the same to you as line we also share some mutual friends. I'm so on and so you know Rhode island's two small unfortunately the thirtieth. I don't know any time 'cause like I'm always liked. Mike trim like OK and done with each other always made sure respect you man and same for me my family always. Well thank you and I think I think that it's that just shows who we are it's just us. I mean I mean we can have different views but we're still friends and that's just seller Romer real person's story of. Absolutely wolf thank you very much Jack greatly appreciate it means a lot to hear the ethics of the call Jay let's go to Don in Florida Don welcome to beyond reality radio. Already I already think he was depth of my car was trying to get a full dollar. Haven't you told you days and then Davey they've got a call and have been the goal. For taxes he took one. Of my question is I have like a report they see. 1000 the last few guys at The Beatles site five so many years what would network were you considering. Which easy compensate. Well I yeah I can't say too much but I can say that yeah you you have been talking listed discovery room and talking with a bunch of different networks Tom. He's cool about it is not a couple I have this ten aka pupil of his re here at Florida. And and I have two little quick idols and I'm Google's social ideals and you know line at Tokyo Pavano. Wanna hear what you had to say he. And I feel kind of bad about as in the second title because this mole hills and would you probably do remember relieved that this is futile because on this too you know. All the time here indicates it in my housing portal on cook and clean and and about fall file weeks ago long age old tape the date the biz guy called it he misses about Walt Disney human remains. Oh yeah Clarissa do yet you called in ticked off at. Oh yeah very upset them still out there right now and still nobody gives you two got that they do poorly you know look. Army of Florida you can talk about Walt Disney C. Like that here in Florida I just want to know did he have a call back in Ankara by oral apologize for whatever. He's called and he calls infrequently he's a regular caller he's got a lot of ideas and theories shares a lot of information ID you know we don't necessarily subscribe to a lot of it but we find it interesting and when we did challenge him on the Disney comment in the said you know I'm just presenting the way I see it if if people don't agree and agree to me that's fine and I guess we have to respect. That from his perspective but I happen to side with you want it Don I think. I mean Disney was that was a great individual and had I mean he had some flaws but I think everybody has some flaws. And I think he did a lot of great things I agree with that Jimmy he did he did every everybody has some flaws and you look back in and you think well and stuff going on the way I would handle certain things but. But teach their own I don't have. I'm happy that as a crew because there is have been here for twenty years and not take like his book was being parked. And you cannot talk about him he's dead you know what I well soul of it and upset about it. And still well somewhat calm down to math here well Meeks. Don't have particular subjects and I missed the call that he he called armistice shall be called Hamlet. I wanted to be that. Hope we don't condone violence. Usually people can talk out their differences but I prefer a. Murray gave that you feel you know I've never met Walt Disney I'm sixty years ago when you can't do that and last at least and this is Lou. And also people what you guys can only do well and hopefully. You can say so the ball we don't even wanna you know because this election. To me he is like when I'll wake up all breakfast. And they've fixed and pancakes waffles and I really wanted to crystals. A us. Cut Don that's a great way to put it I'm Jason I don't wanna talk politics on the program and we're gonna stay away from middle weasel for foxy liberals call for (%expletive) it. We do I think we've we would we agree with everybody that this is a real tough point and I think that. You know. We're we're in good bit of a mess sinister and it's just it's just it's as a rule. Tough I've been through a few election presidential election cycles and this is tough this is an inspector for sure. And ask about the little comical election sponsors say it again done. How mom happy to talk to you guys Sonoma we'll see you talk to somebody. All right thanks so much for your call very much you know we appreciate it wouldn't take a break more of your calls when we come back the telephone number is 844. 6877669. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jason season. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right. If you're interested. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. And now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is it taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website is caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's catchy term acting where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tabs Tara Mac dot com. That's caps paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say I. I really really that's the song by the wind changes Charlie Manson. Says he received subliminal messages from The Beatles on which caused him and his. Group to go to a murder Sharon Tate and should focus and I home. We investigated that house those house is up from. And I didn't recognize songs as an elderly notice filter you know. What it what a night when a night I mean it's just trying to such an incredible emotional roller coaster thanked. Yeah there's a lot of there's a lot of people went chat room who are kind of joining late and missed a lot of questions Jay about we know what's gonna happen to the show what's going on. You know maybe just take a second before we go to our phone caller here and just once again until folks what's going on. Well right now would that tonight was our final episode on scifi channel we wish from the past we just decided that we didn't wanna go any further with them. And I do wish that we are able to do some you know good buyer farewell episode that site Friday yes I didn't want that after week. We didn't wanna him pretty much compartment shows that teach there. But com. Yes so who were in talks would numerous other networks and also rose a couple networks are some other stuff as well so it TSA to munch put. It definitely haven't seen the last of us a lot of big things in the works and Jim you know it yup you know some stuff you know and honestly I think it's going to be a much brighter future some great stuff let's go to. Bruce in Massachusetts Bruce welcome to be on reality radio. I haven't actually you know is welcomed the show what part of Massachusetts. Little town on the ocean Coke Coca. Well can ultimately was beautiful. Has repent or SharePoint page here in fact. Although treated. His name hold serve something you know little coupons or console songs. Yes it was here your years ago checking out the town hall. Because that's. They it should sat it sure coast. But Hong as the plane in the fields. Aria is whose daughters have and the final based. Always just say jaded we have his daughter on the program. Or are we talking to her about coming on I think we've been talking to a we've talked to a few different times and she's been some events at me and reading sheet and she's a sweetheart yeah you know. Well I can communicate to or if you like that. What I'm calling in about it is. A real 149 experience step in Beverly farms. Which is on the North Shore of Massachusetts. And very. You know beautiful town very old right by the ocean. I could walk to the beach from my place. And quite done all the research on that property and haven't found and the blemishes in the past it would explain what was happening to me. What I experienced while I live there. Well in a lot of times that it doesn't take something happening a property for whatever reason something can't be passing through and decide this day. Something can be attached to an object on the property is there's so many different factors that come and play. Sure and I'm just glad they didn't dare follow me when Uggla. Yeah through the aren't quite into aideed so much study and on the Internet afterward. To try and compared Tammy and the only can knock it on the receipt and copper pollutes. Even keel poltergeist which. I'm sure you know about it was so. One of the most notorious won't be in London. Yeah you're he it happened in the late seventies and up. Well I experienced. Things Lyon around the room. And the first introduction iPad was when I was sleeping in my bed light square. Doors were shut quiet street doors to my bedroom. One simple living room once the whole way one to the kitchen where it beyond that troop about two. And I'm asleep in bed and dates. Do start pulling for them see a cold wet. Took my hand up on my head woke up. And our soak it and I turned on the bedside lamps and it was just white group. And then she just depth chart that the mine and if it's container dropped out of the seat of bought me on the head insult to the floor was a little plastic container of my shaving cream Coke can ask kids Smart takes. A great thought that we as interest seen introduction. Night. And and before you know it. You know this thing to be introduced itself. And one time I saw the phone with my brother. And he said that's it yes or no question. Because we could turn on the lights and turn off the lights. I indicated that they shouldn't turn off the lights at the answer was. No war turned online it is the answer was she actually started out with the lights off and on says. Are you a malevolent spirit and the lights just flash lite crazy. While you can imagine. I was so you know little bit too. Disturbed at the time. But. I have a great deal looks say so. I told him loose. Mildly entertaining and it's well. On the same and say we probably. Could opt out who grew up in and no outs in New York primarily and it's been bill by step through while it was on them most. Famous architects of the Victorian period. And the united patent with Evelyn that's bitten her husband ended up. Killings. Stamper white and so we always thought our house was a little bit haunted by this spirit of that and that's it. And can't be sure but we did hear you know put steps up its and you know strange things with. It's the butler's pantry in the buttons she you know it it was kind of many don't have become of them but it's very little. Thanks a lot of the core and thanks a lot for the caller we gotta we gotta just take some of the calls that thank you so much for calling and I look forward talk to you again here we got about thank you so much Bruce we get about a thirty seconds for and beef in New York Andy sorry new only give you about thirty seconds to welcome to program. Certain Obama off try to be quick guys wanted to come in regards to your best to make sure there's no a lot about the time players as sounded. I sit down some research originally there is several different areas Henry's Sinclair couldn't thirteen 98. The voyage. This said he discovered. Nova Scotia new Scotland. Yeah actually were talking about he had to and took the holy Grail over to oak island correct. Grade he had me and I watch it chose to have taken maybe that's accomplished treasure that. Also. Can do some research have a book coming out in the spring rate purport this period. Christopher columbus' father in law was a 33 degree premiums and in Spain. Interest and what were who were who were out there were a time not to cut you off for at a time and I'd like to hear more of that actually give us a call may be tomorrow night more life he had to only give us a shout tomorrow and we definitely wants the more time talking about that. In a big shout out to everybody tuned into ghost hunters tonight it's season Vietnam them the series finale. And we appreciate your support of me she would you like to FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio will be shared some updates there. And make sure you tune in tomorrow night we've got personal friend of ours the great guest dark waters on. So are you listening Jason and javy appreciate the sport we'll talk till tomorrow night I. And no immediate as yeah yeah. Could I ask Alexander Graham Johnson and Connolly and don't forget to stop playing our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello he's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.