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10-27-16 Scoot 1pm- Are you a bi-political couple?

Oct 28, 2016|

Are you a mixed couple? A bi-political couple? Are you for one candidate and your spouse, partner or significant other for the other candidate? How’s it going? Is there tension or respect for each other? What about family members and friends? Have you lost any friends on social media or in real life over this election?

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It's Thursday already we are almost heading into Halloween weekend and then I know there are going to be a lot of parties a French Quarter is going to be packed this weekend. Halloween is one of those released special. Special holidays in New Orleans because of the mystery in the mystique of the the French Quarter a Halloween is Monday night hotel there will be a lot going on this weekend we'll talk more about that since coming up on the show tomorrow. I got the code word in my hand right here and I'm gonna give out the code word right before the topping our news at 2 o'clock. And you're gonna have a chance to win a thousand dollars in our nationwide Fennessy cash contest. What you have to do is text the word that I give out to seven to 88 point. That's seven to eighty point you don't have to register you don't have to go anywhere all you have to do is do what you're doing right now. Listening to our show into the WL qualifies you to win a thousand dollars in cash so that's coming up right before the top of the hour news or two. I don't know if anybody's interest to do this but I've got two tickets to giveaway to the LSU Alabama game. In Baton Rouge that this weekend cart next weekend. And we'll give those away sometime between now for a cup again I don't know if anybody's interest and I'm not sure we're gonna get medical we. We need at least eight callers because we're gonna give them way to the eighth caller. The calls in the contest slime. And the contest line number is 504. 260. Wins that's 2609467. Eight call if we get as many as he calls the caller is gonna win but illicit for the LSU Faisal on. That will be your cue to call in and win. Have you lost any friends. If you want to leave any friends on social media or in real life over the selection. Are you part of a mixed couples. Are you part of by political couple you don't wanna hear of resorting for one the other sort of four to the other. Is seems as if there are people who were losing friends I mean I'm remembering stories about this in the news it that people are losing friends. All over this election. No I was in a marriage I was in a dinner relationships. Where we didn't vote the same. But I have to admit that it is more contentious. This. Campaign. Than any that I remembered the past. So what if you've lost any any friends there are new polls out that show the race is close there are new pulls out the show the race is not so close. And if Fox News poll shows that Hillary is ahead by three points and on line poll shows that Hillary's up by fourteen points and part of that may be. People who are participating in an online poll. May be different from people who are reacting to a poll that might tell be conducted over the phone for example. But you know you you got to think it would all the negative stuff. About trump. And about Clinton. And neither candidate is dominating the other. It's it's. Amazing. And there really is too close to call. There are those who are saying that trump really doesn't have much of a path to victory with the Electoral College. First of all I think it's. Irresponsible journalism. To promote that idea. And I really don't think that there should be polls allowed. A month before. The election. But we all have to vote. And even though Louisiana we talked about this recently to meet the challenge is getting out in voting Louisiana is a very very bright red state. When it comes to national politics. Answer don't trump is expected to carry Louisiana. We have eight electoral votes were not one of those battleground states and I guess some people are happy that we're not a battleground states. Because then they would all be here all the time I mean my god poor Ohio. And they're getting bombarded by candidates. Florida. Colorado all New Hampshire. And Pennsylvania. They're getting bombarded with these these candidates at a traffic jams when they come to town hall kinds of problems so. Maybe we should feel blessed they were not a battleground state. But even if Louisiana is a red state. I would hope that if you're supporting Hillary Clinton. Or. Johnson or starring. That you'll still get out and vote. It's it's an important thing that we do even if you think your vote doesn't matter. When I would like to see you mentioned this briefly yesterday and I think this would be a quick fix. To our system. It would make everybody's vote count. Instead of the state. Awarding all of the the electoral votes. Based on who wins the popular vote. Take the popular vote. And give the electoral votes from each state. Proportion. Proportionate to the popular vote. If if Donald Trump. Gets 60% of the vote. And Hillary Clinton gets 40% of the vote and Donald Trump gets 60%. Of the eight delegates and Hillary Clinton gets 40%. Of the telling the to me that would be a quick fix it would really make everybody's vote count more than it does now although I still argue that your vote does count. Because ultimately the popular vote in the state determines who gets the electoral votes so it is up to us to vote and and even know where red state. Don't assume that don't trust gonna win. And not vote and don't assume that Hillary can't win so you're not gonna vote also Donald Trump is offering a new deal for Black America. The three promises are. Safe communities. Great education. And high paying jobs. And truck saying that Hillary Clinton is part of the system that has failed African American communities. Is part of what trump said. Here's the promise. I made tease out what these votes from me or not. I will be your greatest champion. We live in a very divided country. But I will be your greatest chance. To you notice how his tone has changed. You know to tell his tone has come down. Is CC finally listening to those around him. If Donald Trump had been doing this all along. And it trumpet focused on being the outsider. Being the guy who. Is anti political establishment if he had focused on that instead of all the stuff that he's focused and don't blame the media. Donald Trump. Like people uncovered things but it was the way Donald Trump handled the stuff that has kept it in the news over and over and over again. You've covered been focused on this. Persona that he has sometimes now in this campaign I think with all the negative stuff that comes out about Hillary and I mean there's more new emails that come out right now. Coming out today about about Bill Clinton's relationship. We end up with the with the with company's consulting companies. When she was secretary of state I mean it is ugly it's written I mean the clintons the clintons used politics for personal gain. You can lock the clintons if you want to cannot be blind to that reality. So again the choices are a mess. Hillary says there early voting numbers mean people are motivated. You only see numbers like this when people are motivated to stand up for what they really believed then and I really believe Americans are coming together at the end of this election. And not just Democrats but Republicans and independents. Yeah they're they're some talk about that they're you know getting closer to the election on some people were coming home on Democrats are coming on the Democratic Party more Republicans are coming home to the Republican Party. A we have another Hillary Clinton out parody song we played I don't drop artists on yesterday's Oregon Hillary Clinton parody song a coming out night in the next hour. It's it's pretty funny. It's to the a tuna Billy Joel's honesty song is called dishonesty. So I guess they're suggesting that Hillary Clinton is dishonest. Oh my god. And you know this campaign is just inundated with rumors. I'm skewed if you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon we are just getting started our numbers 2601 a seventy. Erick are 5042601. A sanity tech's number 870 sanity will be back on every bureau. I think this is a pretty appropriate song to to play well where are talking about politics in this campaign the Eurythmics. When I lied to you. Hell yes they would as often as they can and they had and they will continue to line. By the way on it's been announced now that the prosecutors in Jefferson Parish are going for the death penalty. In the that the death if Taylor free though that we see a young lady who was killed the 21 year old I think she was when he went. I killed at the end of the canes and location on Wii has boulevard Kenner. A stabbed to death. On they want to killer to be dead. They want him to dot. And a lot of people love would agree with with that. That goal. New polls are out shows the race is close social the race is not so close but it's really too close to call at this point. And Donald Trump says he's offering a new deal for black Americans. Three promises. Safe communities. Great education. And high paying jobs. I'm asking. People to break from the bigger failures of the past. And to imagine the amazing. Possibilities. For our future and our future together. And so the question is how's he gonna do that I mean how. It's it's easy to say. Safe communities it's easy to say great education and high paying jobs I mean that's that's campaign rhetoric and both of these candidates present that kind of campaign rhetoric. Question is how's he gonna do it. And Kenny actually do. And also have you lost any friends stories are strained relations with your family members because of this election because it's so divisive and America. It's it's dividing friendships. It's dividing families. And here's our party general opinion poll have you lost any friends on social media or in real life over the selection 61%. Say yes. 39% say no. It was your free by going to our web site WW dot com and if you would like to join our conversation this afternoon here's a number 26 held. One a seventy Erick are 50426018. Saturday texting seventy ace every from New Orleans Thomas welcome to the show. Hello Tavis. All right would you is post back if you get a chance Thomas a from the co Marsalis joins every W John good afternoon Marcel. An easy I usually wait and make it really is at work and that didn't want to say. Men like he should shoot. Yes it and strike a friend. And a and the number. Actually don't infringed. Because so bring it. Yeah Kyra you're kind of breaking up their Marcelo so you say it's Carson strain in fact we just we just lost our our our contact with Marcel Marceau if you get a chance call us back. So Marcellus saying that tees has some strange relations. And I can match I mean in the past there have been times when I have not voted like my wife or girlfriend at the time. And it didn't cause any intention mean I I realize that our votes cancel each other out and I guess it would have been. Justice effective if we stayed home and didn't vote but both of us and all these situations both of us felt like we need to vote because that was our responsibility. And I know a lot of people don't wanna hear this because they've got really good excuses for not voting and they don't wanna lay down the veterans. I'd I personally believe that Americans owe it to the veterans. That have. And continue to fight for our freedom. Around the world. It we have a responsibility. To them to vote. So even if your vote is canceled out doesn't it make you feel good to get out and and actually. Cast that vote. I would hope that that's not something that's it's lost it is hampered society. That we have if you wanna join us our numbers 2601 a seventy. Because final 4 to 6 all morning seventy Tex Amber's age 77 yards Thomas welcome to the show. Loud you know that would in the I talk to people on it and. Yeah I'm encouraged to hear though that we've got a record number of found people now registered to vote in Louisiana and debt to oh we could hit 70% to 70% of the registered voters may. They vote this election I'd love to be around eighty or 90% but to simply percents not bad. You won't get. An indication golf course and not all. Of the policy issues. I I agree I agree with you. And that's that's why do these things come up on the campaign trail. And I'll see. Element out. There have been. So it. We would concede at all. If they. Wish. They need to. The media in general needs to leave toppled along with that and I'm not saying them defensive front which is like look the guy's already answered the question is a start pounding the question. On at him. And there are few other things done that have come off like that now mention morning in just a moment assault with a CNN reporter Dana bash yesterday Thomas thanks for the call. Off from saint rose Albert's here and every WL. Lecture. At gold dollar and a bit throughout their top that a ball. Caught a ball. Drop and Hillary. They want the black hole. By bill were. Black but what you ought not to be called out to about we just well. Promise it won't make these promises. There are a lot more popular right Corey jobs. And he called. Law right at the outlook they are from a pursuit on the market. Archer the third or bark all but. Formal. Albert do you think there is some truth to what trump says what he too talks about how Hillary's been a part of the system for a long time in this system has taken diluted Democrats taken the the black vote for granted. Don't expect that. At. All. Ripple trop. Because. Is that you don't they are prepared to Jeremy entry this temple. Temple records open trouble. Bought I ran one hopeful Hillary. The top five of all of this come out that she. And the dollars UQ a politician. Cheap little politician ever really need change. Regret. It wouldn't stop there for a bit and try what is bought it you're relaxed or are different. It got you to change that we need. It out he's not a politician people that bear. He's big on the work Albert you have a lot you don't really need I'll stop. You've done a really good job explaining the dilemma there's so many voters are facing I've got to get to a news break I enjoyed our conversation specialists. If you are joining us our numbers 2601870. Text numbers in Sydney symphony I'm screwed in the afternoon are you by a political couple mixed couple you know one of these for when Kennedy and as for another candidate. How how is that working out will be back after this WWL news update with names. This is this song explains the way a lot of people feel about each other if Tehran by political couple. So it was called the I hate you and I love you. And I love that I hate you and I hate that I I love you are you raid by political couple. We're talking about those those couples that whether your your partner your spouse or do significant other whatever. On the person you're dating. The people who are on in a situation where one's voting for one knee and resorting to the other. Got to Texas says I haven't lost any friends but I have lost my mind and that I get peers are pretty general opinion polls. Have you lost any friends on social media or in real life over this election. 67%. Say yes and 33%. Saying no give us your opinion by going to W if you don't talk cup. And I think this really does explain a lot about how contentious this this campaign earliest. Here is a Texas says so yes we are a bite political couple. But I told her my vote cancels out hers. So I convinced her not to vote. So now my vote will count highlight trump she likes neither but settle for clay. That's a trek but that's kind of sport you tell somebody well are both cancer each other routes or don't vote in the person goes and votes anyway. So so I try to pull that on you. You know if you tuition go vote. On our cellular data W a good afternoon Marcel. It's connecting my. I am I have a problem. I guess it's striking image it was what one member and a threat because election. You know and check out the banned in Britain. You know that's something that we'll talk about over the tonight that will we'll talk about not only America coming together but those friends in those. Those people who warm and relationships with each others that have have had different opinions during his campaign. How are they coming together and that's going to be an indication of I think that whether or not America comes together. Bright and you got the right now abuse it is. Our. I out so don't I don't believe child thing about it in a black people. RE ET been a bit but many in yet that. Giving black people. On jobs you know especially pretty good job. Even. Not black he lit it is apartment building it is spelled. I don't I don't I don't know about that. But Marcel. So with eight years of on eight almost eight years of a Democrat in in the White House hi have you seen any more high paying jobs come along. I am the way. Actually I'd. I think about it being. Are quiet. And at any age you do with equipment addict Democrat are public in it ought. To be completely odd the usual. I wanted to be a republic in. However at the that it that that it and I'm. What I went into the republic in an op beta duplicate chairman so that I am done with it from that point all. I can understand that. But politically speaking. On. It. I think it is candidate. Is. That the anti American and as a and it. As the problem military. Officer I'd just couldn't imagine. The true today having seven such a president who is going property for any human. Marcelo do you think the troops would unite and and and follow the commander in chief regardless of who's president. It would be an area what did Spain oddly under truck. Marcella appreciate the call. Have a good afternoon if not you've got a comment you wanna join our show this afternoon on numbers 2670. Recovered 504. 260187. Or text number is 87870. So I'm Donald Trump says that he's got three promises. As part of his plan to. Make a new deal for African Americans. Grow the African American middle class and to provide a new deal. For a Black America. That deal is grounded in three. Promises. Safe communities. Grade education. And high paying jobs. My vision rests on a principal. That has defined. This campaign. Right from the beginning and you've seen where we've come from. And where we are right now. Called America first. You wonder if Donald Trump is going to maintained his new composure but he has. So did Donald Trump Halloween mask. Is selling out. We'll tell you about that he toward your calls when we come back I'm scoots on every WL. For the baby boomer generation the call Norway is something we dealt with every day and it was on this day October 27 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis. A U2 reconnaissance plane shot out of the sky killing the pilots the song reflects that fear. That's on in 1962 that was two years of with a Beatles came out this reflected discs have fear is that the United States and Russia would get involved in nuclear war. Some Slidell ads here on every WL. Yeah hello. You know I don't. With Sam lay idle talk about politics that's how I protect. Relationships. So you're close relationship you don't know Lou they're gonna. I do I just don't talk about what's gonna change mine then frankly I don't feel like debating Fox News somewhat of mom not talk to them off our Fox News. Old blue districts to you earlier and so the key at camp told him at camp out and vote yes you have heard that. He only canceled out of when he convinced are not below which was a pile thing to do. Don't. And to cancel out the opposite so. I don't war that way. And cheek instead or anyone who's been told that the election hasn't happened yet so don't not vote because somebody challenges that. And I agree with you and I appreciate the call and I maybe people should do we are doing and that is I don't talk about politics. I love this audience I love this tax and this is just such a reflection of how the audience gets to show. To access my grandfather is voting for Hillary. I would try to talk to non event but he died in 1984. I'm from Springfield are rosier on every WL. I rose. I am. Currently you handle. Are not believe. In. Yeah. Our anger that he can't. You know you learned. And more. Coming in Lee and learning. Yeah I mean rose as a legitimate point. And I appreciate the cult. And from just hand dug welcome to our show. Hey yeah I just wanted to say so mount. Receipt out child need you to Korea businessman. Hillary is a career politician. Well don't you want change right since career doctor to be the top there. Are anything like that there's a lot of career politicians. Do and politics. I mean look what happened in the race. Well that. That may have been just because of the type of person Wright make him wise in not because he was a businessman and then at the state of Colorado has a governor. John Hickenlooper who was the mayor of Denver. And before he became mayor of Denver he was a successful businessman owning. Owning a chain of pubs around Denver and he has done an excellent job with Denver and a good job of Colorado so. It can be done or not I think it's unfair to say that because Ray Nagin was a businessman and failed as a politician that every businessman over fail as a politician. He and look at sound track where. Well our. Duct I'm glad you colony that's I mean that is part of the conversation. If you're Arnold stay with us if you wanna join us for your comments on numbers 2601. In seventy. Erick are 5042601. Saturday at a tax receipt sanity seventy. You know this this whole campaign. It's a wake up call. It's a wake up call to America I don't think we're gonna see this again for awhile which is good news. I think things are gonna settle down in the next election. At least hopes ago. I'm scoot him we'll be right back on WL. Happy birthday today to leave Greenwood this song yourself played quite often especially around patriotic related holidays. God bless the USA Lee Greenwood 74 years old today. We're just a couple of minutes away from me giving out the code word and if you text the code word 272881. You're eligible to win 1000 dollars in cash. In our nationwide test you can't contest a Oklahoma Cory you're under WL. Eight and I don't gonna. At Quantico quick comment. He'd hear people talk about anger issues. And they really don't know Hillary well I mean you could go back and look at. There's many Iranians that it her blown up on there people. In public alternate Al bubble crop that. Just in general. I want dotted in particular that you support they came out Saturday. I 1%. The new covered. Foreign property negative so it's easy for people relate. He's told over and over again it trumps anger issues. Whatever are not is beyond which you could. She is the worst yeah it is in there. Yeah I mean I think it's fair to say she's a little better job are curtailing her anger from the public but it doesn't mean she's I mean I've heard their stories about how angry she can turn if you can get a private and that. That seems to fit the the image that a lot of people have a for including me including myself she's. She's determined to get what she wants and that seems to be when bill and Hillary do. And even if you love bill and Hillary. They're cheaters they're just artists they they have done a lot of bad bad stuff and there's a new report out now from WikiLeaks talking about Bill Clinton. I'm getting money just funnels into the Clinton find out which he was secretary of state is so what they're so there's a lot of dishonesty there. It's just a really interesting choice. Better another quick comment and you talk about that it was a bit like overvotes where and the deck there a way to solve that issue would be. At each state have one vote in whoever wins that ate the majority vote of the eight. Look at that point eight and at the end you know you get only stick. Of the Beijing when they let. So. Every state we don't have one electoral vote. And well that we do that would mean that we would be as much a battleground state is anybody else Corey appreciate the call I gotta get to break here. Corn is calling a set from home I wonder 35 year old boys walking around home. Five year old boy walking around homo walking home from school. On his mother is blaming the school where sort of an historic coming up in the next hour but we will continue to talk about the election and whether or not Yuri by political couple. It's time now for the nationwide fantasy cash contest the code word this hour is date. Text. TE. To seven to 81. That's seven to 81 and score a thousand dollars in cash without ever putting down your phone you're one text away from Fennessy cash and listen for the next code word right before the top of the hour news. At 5 PM and good luck from Smart radio and are content at all Russert every if you were never charged for text but it visual punch action generates may apply. So are UA by a political couple one voting for one the other voting for the other and if you lost any friends or has strained relations with family members because of this election. I'm scooter the afternoon welcome to your conversation coming up.