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10-27-16 Scoot 2pm - Did you ever walk home from school?

Oct 28, 2016|

A 5-year-old in Houma got lost walking home from school and the mother is blaming the school. Kathleen Hotard waited for her son Kenneth to get off the school bus, but he wasn’t on the bus. Is the mother right to blame the school?

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We are gonna add to the conversation is a story from home about this mother who blames the school because her five year old kid walked home alone he told the school we had a note from mummy. But he could walk home alone but he really didn't have a note the kid lied so who's to blame the school or advocate for lying that's a pretty general opinion poll. Give your opinion by going to WW dot com we're gonna and that's the conversation at this hour first of all I want to remind you to sometime between now and 4 o'clock. We're gonna play real issue fights on. When you video issue fight song if you were the caller torque conscious life and a conscious line is 504260. Wins 2609467. The caller wins a pair of tickets to see LSU Alabama Death Valley. Not this Saturday at the following Saturday. I'm not sure people are interested in that. But if we yet if we get at least eight calls and somebody's gonna win the tickets for the game November 5 LSU and Alabama we're giving tickets to afternoon. On deputy well. I got so much to to get to this afternoon and we'll get to have more of your calls and an text in just a few minutes. There there seems to be some reports that the that Donald Trump Halloween mask is outselling Hillary Clinton Halloween mask. And apparently. Down under in Australia. The Hulk the Halloween masks that we don't celebrate Halloween they are the way we do here. But he Australia the Donald from mask has sold out. At a couple of places and what's interesting is there's a relationship between the Halloween masks itself for presidential candidates. And the outcome of the election. This may be more significant in the polls. There are two Halloween costume retailers reporting now that Donald Trump masks are out celery outselling Hillary Clinton masks across the country. And Halloween masks have been a predictor of presidential elections one index shows that the candidate with the highest number of mask sales. Has won the election since 1980. You know here in our studio for the last I guess two or three weeks. With gets a really scared I look at this every day we could have really scary masks umpire clock. And you know additionally several on my clocks on I'm looking at the clock and numerous times during every hour of every day. There's a truck mascot there in the Clinton mascot there. And right now from the perspective it's hard to say which one is scarier because they're both scary. I'm gonna tweet out a picture of this of buyer studio clock you're coming up and if you wanna join me on Twitter it's act scoot. Every WL. I've got a text here that says who talked about a businessman. On being politicians and somebody said well. You know doubts properties of businessman I don't wanna do is expand to be president or politician because of Ray Nagin rain Aiken was a businessman who became mayor of new more points. And I said I don't think it's fair to judge all of this has been by Ray Nagin Ray Nagin showed signs that he was a certain type of person. And it wasn't that he was a businessman become politician it was that. The person who was a businessman who became a politician was that kind of person who got involved in things he should not have got involved it. And the text says look it what if Romney did with the state of Massachusetts and he was a businessman. That's true and I mentioned this name a couple of times the last two days and I'm gonna mention it again. With the the idea that you should watch watch this guy in the future the Democratic Party. John Hickenlooper. John Hickenlooper is the governor of Colorado. He was the mayor of Denver. And he was a very successful businessman in Denver owned. A chain of restaurant parts. And he did a very good job as mayor of Denver and went on to become the governor of Colorado. John Hickenlooper seems to me that he may be. Somebody whose name is mentioned in the future for the Democratic Party. And you know he's one of those guys is. It's politics. Are some whites somewhat blurred he somebody who could attract. A lot of Republican voters he could tell attracts across party voters. And I know he's got that the temperament that is totally opposite of what we're seeing during this campaign. And I I still have this very strong sense. That as I look back and all the things I've talked about over over the years and in in radio. That his country has gone to the edge and I think we're gonna back off from the edge were not gonna go over the edge. And right now with this campaign we are at the edge so I think there are going to be people it may not be John Hickenlooper. But I think it's gonna be that prototype politician. Who is going to be the politician in the the very near future. Because of this campaign and how it's being perceived. On we've been talking about a new polls on a new poll show the race is too close to call others say that it's not so close. A new Fox News poll shows that Hillary is ahead by three points. And on line poll shows that Hillary's up by fourteen points that may be the methodology. The online poll may attract more people who would tend to vote for the Democrat and the Republican I don't know that but that's just. On that just one thought. With all the negative stuff out about tropic Clinton. Neither one is dominating the other that's what's amazing to me also Donald Trump is offering a new deal for black Americans. Now I think it was Mike Myers character on Saturday night life. Who was doing a coffee talk. And he he does for years ago on Saturday Night Live and he says something about. Roosevelt and the new deal it was neither new nor it was a deal. On port truckers are making it a three promises. He's promising Black America safe communities. Great education. And high paying jobs. And drop a set again that Hillary Clinton is part of a system that is failed African American communities. Could Donald Trump have a deal. For African American communities. And also we've been talking about whether or not Europe on a mixed couple. Are you a by political couples. Are you for one candidate and your spouse your partner your significant other is for the candidate. And house I go is there is there tension. Is they're still respect. Because you know your relationship is is kind of a microcosm of the divide in this country. If you're for one candidate and somebody else's for telecasts or you're very close to maybe family member or friends. If there's a lot of tension here that that is projected into the the country and that explains in many ways the defied we have an American. So I hope there's there's respect for those of you and those kind of relationships. And I hope there's ultimately respect for everybody in America regardless of who wins. Because I keep hearing things. That make it seem as if there's going to be there's going to be even more tension after the election. Then there is now. If you enjoy as for the comment this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Every code 504. To 6 L morning seventy at a Texas 87870. Here's a Texas says so on my husband and I are both voting for Hillary. It's hard to be a Democrat here in the south. I've had FaceBook friends become belligerent. If you oppose their viewpoint. That's true. And that's happening across the country. And then there are people who. Looked down upon those who are voting for trump supporting trump their people who think that they they suddenly think less of of that group of people so. You did just great great divide in this country. Also coming up I want to talk briefly about. The First Lady campaigning with. Hillary Clinton. It just occurred to me as I was watching this before going on the air it just occurred to me. That there may be a bigger plan. Involved in politics. And also this five year old kid in home. He he got lost walking home from school is what is blaming the school. Kathleen haute chart a hallmark. Was waiting for sun chemist to get off to school books. He wasn't on the books. The mother panicked when her son didn't get off the bus. Five year old Kenneth told the school that he had a note from his mother. Giving him permission to walk home. But his mother never wrote the note. A citizen saw the five year old boy walking down a busy street alone and called homo police. Canada the five year old boy was about half a mile away from the school and apparently was headed in the wrong direction from his home. His mother Kathleen is mad at her song for lying about the note which he didn't have. But she's blaming the school for believing the candidate and allowing him to walk home alone. He's a mother right to blame the school or should the kid be blamed for line. If you wanna join us for the comments are numbers 2601878. Arie cut 504260. Point 78. In a text is a 7870. Also that is our attorney general opinion polling you can give us your opinion right down by going to our web sites WWL dot com. Happy birthday today to. Simon Le Bon Duran Duran 58 years old today. I'm scoots this is where politics and pop culture collide with your opinions and we'll be back on WWL. Yet despite year old kid and homeland is walking home after school and apparently he's kind of lost disease heading in the wrong direction. I Kathleen coach hard as the mother she was waiting for her son Kenneth to get off to school bus he didn't she panicked a five year old Kenneth. Told the school he had a note from his mother giving him permission to walk home. The mother says she never wrote the note a citizen saw the five year old walking down a busy street alone called on the police. And then get the guy is safe which is really great news so so what do you blame. You know according to our party general opinion poll 79%. Say it's right to blame the school 21% say blame her son for line. The shipping of like going to our web site WW dot com I'm getting a ton of checks. That. Saying things a line a it's a no brainer the school's fault. And nine other text there was a noble why didn't they asked to see the note. Yeah I think in this case on a five year old kid says he's got a note. If you'd like that he'd walk home alone that's your fault. In my opinion the school is totally responsible. In this case and they should not have what they can walk home alone. And the mother should just come up with her own form of punishment because Kenneth allied. And he lied in a situation that put him in a case where. He might actually. The injured are the architecture calls for quickly I'm washing Michelle Obama. With Hillary Clinton today. And I'm thinking about a conversation. That may be going on. Michelle Obama seems to have political aspirations I don't know for sure but it it does appear as if the speeches that she's been making for Hillary. Are setting a rock for maybe a run for office. That's exactly what Hillary did. First Lady runs for office ultimately running for president. Do you think somewhere in the back of Michelle Obama's mind there's this idea that. The clintons did it why can't the Obama's to. When did they do it or not that's one thing but it's interesting to think about that thought going through their minds are from uptown L when you're on WWL. You fail and you don't go. They lit the show. And every city well well. Warren should get expire. And go. That alone should get him back in. Number rate. Is pretty. Cheap and before and that the day. It. Should know that right there. While there aren't there are people backing him up and there are Republicans who were backing him up in some Republicans are now coming home and and backing him up so. I understand the point you're making and I hit it I think that Brian street is that everything that Al Alicia continues tomorrow but I'll I'll I think victim rights previously. The ahead of the the chairman of the Republican National Committee I would think that it's not his job is in jeopardy because this has been just. I'm such a fiasco the way it's it's been handled. You have what is the thing is they got saint. Hillary two. As do most of the email. And the public enemy's been norms and I think on treaty. All right all of a truck didn't do that on TV he he he said he did it in private and that ended appointees eBay truck didn't do that on on TV. At the same to you couldn't even be great wherever she didn't because I look like sepia. What Alan I am you know I I do understand that that's the dilemma that voters have you know for some people one thing's important for others another think's important. And I'll tell you nobody who votes for either one of these candidates can tell the other group that voted for the other candidate they're stupid they're idiots or do dirt portables because there's something. Just tremendously wrong with both of these candidates. Are you still there. I just like we lost contact well. And the EU CUL when is is presenting here this is like well OK bush wanted this and Clinton did this but I'm okay with what Clinton did not okay with what trumped it. Well as a whole the group of people that say okay I'm okay with what truck did I'm not okay with what Hillary did it. And also there's some news out. That links. Memos. That show that that Bill Clinton. And the Clinton foundation. Was paid millions of dollars. And it seemed as if there might have been some influence with Hillary Clinton be secretary of state and this is bad bad bad stuff. This is the stuff that you and I are trying to revolt against. The use of politics for personal gain and I'm getting to text you take all the Clinton foundation is nonprofit. People take nonprofits and get rich all the time. I isn't the NFL nonprofit. What I'm saying is you can have a nonprofit charity and you can pay an unbelievable. You can funnel money and so but don't think the clintons are not reaping personal benefits. On the money is funneled into the Clinton foundation. And and and through the foundation. The foundation can by thinks form. Can send them wonderful places so they're they're personally benefiting from there. It's so don't be so naive as to thank always nonprofits no you know no big deal. If you are on hold stay put aside scoot to the afternoon we're coming right back with more of your comments. And here's our WW elders updates with Don James. I. It is also very appropriate that we play a song called he's in his as we talk about the presidential campaign. I'm scooter in the afternoon and that's not a bad Tony when pilots and he tends. I like your weather sudden here's an update on our party general opinion poll. A the mother of a five year old in home it is a blaming the school because her son lied about having a note and he was walking home by himself. Does she have a right to blame the school or she she blamed her son for line. 73%. Say she's right to blame the school 27% say. She should blame her sign the line I'm getting some text here about to trump foundation and try a few yet again. Donald Trump has personally benefited from truck you and from the trough foundation. Because I don't include absolutely everything. That could be said anytime I say something just if you hang with the show long enough you'll do you'll hear what you wanna hear. In all probability. I'd I have my opinions but I try to be fair in terms of exposing. Both sides in many people call up and talk about both sides. But there has been some new information out about the Clinton foundation and the people. I'm talking about the Clinton foundation it's like these people used political power use their names. To benefit tremendously with this foundation and you know I don't think it was until August. That the clintons decided that they were not gonna accept money from foreign countries. It was a good decision that they thought you know this isn't right we shouldn't do to us. No they came under pressure. And that's when they decided. Not to take that so. Again this just continues to exaggerate the choices we have in 2060. I WL. A good. And we are when I bought the field and and well that we know on the Nevada can't rally her so called you know. On the U him when he have a problem the outlook cops and that was almost a right. And brought outlook as Robert the murder capital starts well. While that he had a plan expense that it and he went on track elect a crime currently. I'll talk like there right. That's gonna happen. Yeah it may sat back and at least people aren't car politely it usually do when you. Have been there and then why don't. Are you trying to answer it with with eight years almost eight years of it Democrats in in the white house on have things. Gotten better or worse in African American communities I mean is that not a legitimate question to ask. I mean as the legitimate weapon coming up from what I hear when I want to grow up pal account. I mean a whole lot it's our output and better and work. You know beauty killer army and problems with him at the end of the people complain about all audible book ever and there. Is great. Yeah he'd gone. From when you were akin to today there's something senator improved I mean obviously there there's the crime situation is is who is worse part. You know he told meltdown on on on and partly it is no matter how our. A cart world organized girly man in the eighties there. We are glad yes you're right in the in the nineties in particular the mid nineties there at the crime refuted that death rate was just unbelievable. I I went to Philadelphia for New Orleans and nineteen I think it was 1996. When I left here. Very did the the murder rate that year was a 435%. Over 430 people killed the year before so yeah you're. Without you know my man walked out on the morning after and on our entitlement expect when our. Look at that I'll ever or are. The community police and let the border are now in real solutions to go out. Well either that we try ever you like to know what that note. Did. You know what what. Jacobs of the problem is is that you don't really to address this problem. It's impossible for politicians to address this problem because they would have to address human behavior. And it it doesn't benefit them to address human behavior because they're blaming the voters that could vote for them. Instead they look for some outside force to blame so they're not blaming the voters themselves and that's something that. That's part of politics and at every level and it's wrong. You are in and so book titled burden rubio and you know that occur server of Maine comic strip occur or that mean an idea what they're American communities. It is believed it and deal struck ever which is oh that's true. If you know. Well where there has been a tendency to take advantage of the new deal which was designed to. Help people who needed help not people who could help themselves. Yes but what we've come so I don't but real broke out there were what the drug war. Think that you want to deal only army disparities. Six months or a year you would get thirty and forty years for that broke a pair didn't have. And Bainbridge came to tune in and we're really aren't into. And that's part of this problem in the days that mentality that's part of this problem and that needs to be addressed the politicians can't address. In a when not not as we were hoping that that has been addressed and I'm out he you'd go bankrupt on a statistic that has been on the decline since you demand 88 America. It into medical Norman car. Jamie are you look. Teenage pregnancies are down yes but with what Bob. But this is it's still an issue with deciding to have babies as a career choice. Well the other bank on that fiscal interpret that government can't have a trauma or sort because it neglected and good equipment equipment equipment. When you go back to bet. You cannot buy. One person that allowed it every government program that program that they can. But what I like you can only one birdie on each match and it will bring in Eric we call the government is a network like that that some of the personal. Elect looked at him to work requirement that you are currently you know what how's that. There what are their what the earlier but people have gotten away with what I'm gonna have to get to break your Jimmie nine join our conversation but you know people have gotten away with this idea that they can get something for nothing. Look there are. There are middle class and upper middle class people who try to get something for nothing there are people who scammed the system there is this entitlement mentality. That does transcend socio economic boundaries. But it seems as if there's a disproportionate. Amount of of of fatherless homes in certain communities and until that can be addressed forget about the past what about right here and right now. I see it every weekend when I'm out. I see the way people pick up young people. I see how they act. And I know what goes on and they're not using condoms as they do care about pregnancy and don't infect us sexually transmitted diseases are going as well. What we've come down. By that you can that you move preclinical work report or order tricky edit the war. You would like mortgage and Metalico that. I need to leave him a single parent will will become popular Karl is yet aware that the net and mail well. But the but the father has to be involved. It just a matter does it to farmers got to battle. Not that should be candidates Bob Symbian all got to the ultimate in home. Because the you know it's our own media well our. That's what that's what I was turns it on. If you are holed stay where this if you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Taxi Seve seventy. I'm not have a chance to do at this hour but after 3 o'clock we've got to Hillary Clinton parody song that we rule that we will play. A sad day and a pop culture calendar candidacy was so on this day. And where it was it was on the stage acts he and hang on. Penalties papers and economy. When American habit. Oh here it is the state 2013. Lou Reed passed away liver disease. You think he drank sadly was 71. I'm screw will be back on WL. On a pop culture calendar it was on Tuesday October the 27 that Gloria as stuff fond of Miami sound machine performed for Pope John Paul the second. She got a call from the Pope first pop star ever to get a call from the Pope to perform for his special anniversary. How wondered if she did this song. I don't she did this song. Is called bad boy are we we had this queued up to the wrong spot. I stood in the afternoon Utley get back to two more of your calls and from Morgan City Cornell welcome to the show. Hello. I was calling about is the call you via bit down from outspoken about. Yeah do you think it's I don't you think it's a deal. Of course. It's on madam may and in neighborhoods safe. Well the biggest problem with the neighborhood is gone and he's acting you know oh. Our poll. Regulation and control and somebody makes an neighborhood they've seen edible when. You bet that the armed unit that amendment. And are you. That'd be. So in other words the only reason that the criminals in. And neighborhoods the only reason they have gone this is because of the the Second Amendment is an is too loose it needs to be tighter. So in other words if the sick if if the gun laws were changed. Those people would not have gone they would respect the law. But not necessarily because. Grown and grew and I am a city. Aren't there more by eakins. So what went so site also witnessed somebody say don't do drugs and I don't sell drugs and don't get involved in the in in the drug world I mean at at what point did this to become the responsibility of the individuals that make that career choice. He. Through when you go back and his three. People talk about slavery it's slavery. What the economic issue. Immigration and economic issue. Coupons and economic issues. The people at the top of immune from prosecution. And they gave a respite bill may have even in Louisiana whether it private. People practical. By the prison. When he have to arrest people to make people. And that he would be out. I saw really so anybody who is it the drug trade business it's not their fault. They and doing it to make money. What what what what what what what so there are no other jobs except selling drugs. And it it the but. They can make more money deeply. OK so so so okay so they they make a choice. And that choice is celebrated the choice is not condemned the choice is like oh there's a reason for this so it's not their fault so let's blame everything else as opposed to the individuals who decide. I want to make more money so I'm gonna sell drugs and get guns and dammit I'll kill you if you get in the way. As trite as are super rich. See. That rich people. What good academic community these people who have. Oh wait wait a minute why don't people didn't outsmart the rich people and say. No ma'am we're not gonna do this anymore. They make some money and you don't get prosecuted put. Get our Cornell I appreciate the call. Varian. Lies. The problem. There is no longer an acceptable. Excuse. For dealing drugs. You can talk about history. But at some point. America has to take responsibility for its behavior. As a country and as individuals. And there is no excuse. For selling drugs and having guns and killing people who stopped the process. No excuse and when the excuses are tolerated. The problem gets worse. I'm scoots. Will be back. On WLI. Here's a Texas says I hope you are well paid because your job were driving to the brink of madness. I live on the brink of madness. Daily. Or your checks or your call Sarah coming out it was on this day October 27 in 1973. After 24 hits. This song my Gladys Knight in the pants hit number wine it was their first number one hit. Is the classic. And this is one of the songs that is rated news topped the list of the top 500 songs of the entire rock era. A recording artist was told at the last minute she was not allowed to sing the National Anthem at the Philadelphia new assembly sixers opening season game against Oklahoma last night. She was wearing a T shirt that read we matter. She she even allowed to sing the national land that we have that to the conversation coming up the next hour. You know I still get really. Exasperated and frustrated when I hear people make excuses. For the continuation of people dealing drugs. And getting guns. History is the past. It's important but can't do anything about that win are we going to take responsibility. Now. We'll be back.