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10-27-16 Scoot 3pm -Is a "We Matter" shirt offensive?

Oct 28, 2016|

A recording artist was told at the last minute she would not be allowed to sing the National Anthem at the Philadelphia 76ers’ season opener against Oklahoma City last night because she was wearing a T-shirt that read: “We Matter.” Should she have been allowed to sing the National Anthem?

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Look at our show if you are just joining us to bring you up to date on everything that we've been talking about term facility or talk about the election campaign has become a very heated and very passionate. And I just get some information that of the polls now in Florida and if on a show that he does a tie. And those two key states. It's an absolute tie between trump and Clinton and some polls show that it's very close the polls show that there's no wider margin with the Hillary leading. But at this point anybody who thinks they have this figured out. Is I've just step perpetrating a perpetrating a myth because nobody knows exactly how this is gonna turn out. And it doesn't matter where you are I hope you take time devote a less than two weeks away I think we're twelve days away from Election Day. And we'll be talking about that up until Election Day and it's gonna be really interesting to see with the conversation is like on this show after the election. Are we gonna come together as a country in an earlier in the show we were talking about not mixed couples. Couples that are. By political you know once for one candidate the other two the other candidate. And also I'm continuing to read articles about people saying that their their losing friends on FaceBook and social media and losing friends in real life and having real problems with family members. Because of who they're voting for. And to me this is just a slight indication of what is going on around the country. So we'll continue that conversation also Donald Trump is offering a new deal for Black America three promises. Safe communities grade education. And high paying jobs. All that sounds good the question is. How's he gonna do it and Kenny actually. Do it. Entrant points out that Hillary Clinton has been part of a system that is the only African American community. Also there's a recording artist that was told at the last minute last night. That she would not be allowed to sing the National Anthem at the Philadelphia 76ers season opener against Oklahoma. She was wearing a T shirt that said. We matter. Should she have been allowed to sing the National Anthem. That's a pretty general opinion poll we're gonna add that to the conversation but before we get to to all of that I wanna alone talked just a moment about something is happening tonight generations halt. A crime stoppers is supporting this event is called nights of blue and Darlington stands a joins us now to tell us about the event darling welcome. And I'm going to tell me about the event a generational tonight. Well we had tonight is we have great lineup of about twelve wonderful musical artists that are performed for a thank you not only to music that isn't the current topic but a long and inaccurate and politics on this particular party dexterity in general yet the word that ever parity go to a party. They had about birds are rational about it and I want to open marks. And musical acts in all of this done because they really support. All the work they didn't do when that you can't stop which is not added value to outlaw enforcement. Julie will limit at which he would do should. Upon our hundred dollar. And I was looking ahead and pull. But for that not only do you get food and drinks and music but also. You're benefiting a really really important entity in our area. The only you know what we do his part to date period portion of the kind action to thank. You we're providing. These different areas chief superintendent at least there. Much in part. On government cheese and enjoy it and we're providing him all kept in. That they content onto a serving officer and the Yankees from the and really that the Arctic air ship the war on port on the current. That doesn't provide new information or equivalent criminal intelligence and the way for the protecting the it saving time and a couple of. Right for those who are still afraid to call because. You say it's anonymous but they're afraid that it's not anonymous what would you say to those people who do have information. About on a criminal in their area somebody who has committed a crime police are looking for but they don't call crime stoppers. What they had to do the work part time job that came within the -- want them can't. Public comment. And they know they hear things on the street that people have information but well can't work or out think itself will actually. A lot that you may be desperate for them and come forward. And there is certainly at bats they're at it that they came weakling to them crock. It is truly protect this is an honor you know that it no fear him and I think it is an international program to hear people macular crime Stockard. It's internationally proven process and where. And think that they're being here and one year on the job and it's never been by the retaliated against him in public. Gave the information that we. Or arc tech into covering. Items. A great way to get involved in and be part of the process salt content. And it didn't happen or not ball. And you know Darlene it seems to me that those who don't call crime stoppers those who have the information. They are more likely than the average citizen in New Orleans to be the hurt or killed by the very person they're protecting. Now we can we hear turn it on against the law enforcement yeah it has. You know we chatter on and on certainly someone they commit great in the patent. Armed and I'll think about it then you know when you're in the hot with my shop her heart that you protect them onto the ballot. Well make the difference pretty well and definitely communicate. So to wait until it. Tonight is a night of Lou generational downtown from 730 to 1030. Five dollars in advance 100 Ellis at the door the tents food from great restaurants. And open bar. And also. You're gonna get some great music and you're gonna give to crime stoppers. That really does do a lot of work to help solve crimes in this area. And that the made Khatami actually him and charming network package party Irish artist that we. Followed them around my pop and jazz are up in bars on a and John. What can all stars to standard and agency. When they're out they're giving of their Corey because they believe in the mission. It is nice beautiful and you are now with a look at. Everybody can. Yeah and you know I would take an event like this when you when you think about. Did the nation this event you know if if somebody can mean I was kind of shy single in their life this would be an interesting place to it may be. Meet acquaintances. Well certainly didn't meet you for a goal for this morning on the porch. And and where he's got to get that kind of lineup with great food. But such a little prize and they know that you know the money is actually helping victims helping families that would provide services at no cost. It was critical more money at you know at no cost to family when you become a victim felony crimes. If at all around the won't be able to it. It earlier great or good with good luck and Unita boot tonight. Are trolling. I'm sorry this is going to be a fun event tonight cherish this whole. So we're talking about this of recording artists that was told at the last minute last night that she could not sing the National Anthem at the 76ers season opener against. Oklahoma City. Because she was wearing a T shirt that said we matters should she have been allowed to sing the national. Also we're talking about it's new polls out this race is too close to call and miss all the negative stuff. All the negative stuff that is out about Hillary and about Donald. It's amazing that one of them is it running away with news but it's because there's so much negative stuff about both of them. But neither one is running away with with this. And then negative stuff just keeps piling up for Hillary and four for trump. We've got a Hillary parody song coming at this hour and also we're talking about the need to buy political couples. Are you by political coupled your voting for one somebody else is voting for the other how's that working out. On this day October the 27 1975. After the release of the single and the album born to run. Bruce Springsteen. Was on the cover of both time magazine and Newsweek magazine. And I remember the early years of Bruce Springsteen at the municipal auditorium. In the mid seventies as soon as you saw this guy you knew he was special. I'm scooter in the afternoon and we'll be back on WL. I hope it is a love that keeps you together if you are one of those by political couples if you would rejoice for the comic this afternoon numbers 2601878. Area code 504260187. In a text is a 7870. Pairs are pretty general of people this hour. Should recording artist have been allowed to sing the National Anthem wearing a we matter T shirt. 15% say yes 85% saying now. Can assure opinion by going to our web site every if you don't outcome. Here's a text about two by political couples of my wife is as far left as you can get an I am very far right. Been married for 33 years I try not to talk politics in my house. You're talking politics is is is very entertaining. And so to not be able to talk politics in your house it seems like you're kind of missing something Jenna forget that Hillary Perry's song ready to go. Our share with you yesterday we did a Donald Trump Perry's song we've done if you don't truck Perry's songs it seems like there's more Donald Trump Perry's songs and Hillary Clinton Perry's songs but. Here's a Hillary Clinton parody song I won this year with you this afternoon. Fire. Endangered that. My. We at all. The. It is in it's fun. Hillary has a simple. She. If you look foot true. This time. OK and I. You'll see. This is. Doing hearings. I. New world. Or 60000 email. And we're not only. We. It's. So. So. The law. Really yeah AC Milan between a man and a woman. Heard. Okay I'm. Concern. Including this new meaning you know instead what. It. You saved me. Dishonest seeing Hillary Clinton parody song yes we have and occasionally playing pear sauce. Street that's a good way and we did do a good job. And I hope that if you are voting for Hillary. You can still find humor. In comedy. We wanna congratulate Tony Fiore he has just won a pair of tickets to see LSU Alabama Saturday November 5 Tiger Stadium Death Valley. For tiger radio WWL. I'll have another pair of tickets to giveaway to relish or Alabama next Thursday on the show we do this every Thursday in the show give away a pair of tickets at all game. And you know I'm kind of surprised we got it overeat calls for an ovary calls you know so against or people just didn't LSU Alabama tickets. No surprise to you eight caught the they would have been with the second call I didn't know people would be that if you sit in that sense for the year. And tripling up your tickets to giveaway and next week. And it's going to be another beautiful weekend down tomorrow on our show will feature a lot of opera music with the summit people who are performing this weekend. And food to fester and it'll be great for all the festivals that are going on this week ended. Nice for a Friday night football as well. Here's a text that says said the NBA also has a rules that players and coaches must stand and face our flag during the National Anthem. And here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll and it's about a story that I've read earlier today. About recording artist she's not well known her name is a seven Streeter. And she was told that she was not allowed to sing the National Anthem because she was wearing a T shirt that said we matter. Not likewise matter or all lies matter but we matter. Should she have been allowed to sing with at all. 17% say yes and 83% say no and you can give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. You know I think that at this point while I'm not offended by we manner and I think I kinda like the phrase. We matter. I think the 76ers probably made the right decision to not allow her to sing the National Anthem wearing that. But outside of that. I like the phrase I I liked the program we matter. Because. We do matter. And I decimation white or black it just it is we use as people we we matter. Here's a Texas says hypocrisy is amazing. The First Lady parading Donald Trump's treatment of women. I wonder if she ever listened to the songs of the rappers. That had been invited to the White House. You know I understand that that text and and the concern. But there's a big difference between a commenting on something and doing some. And songs are. Commentaries. Quite off. Songs. Reflect. Society. The politics and the social. Issues of the day. Of the time. And so commenting Ari is a lot different in then doing it on art should be free to be expressive and two. Talk about those things in the context of art but for an individual to talk about those things. Just as an individual saying this is what he he likes to do I think cat I think that's the that's the difference. Here's a Texas says the a parody song was awesome scoot thank you early voting for trump Tuesday. God bless our troops to amen two god bless our troops. I was gonna voter. But honestly I haven't decided who I'm voting for. I'm not gonna say on the air but I haven't decided to on their vote for. I don't wanna be fair Election Day. I mean I guess or something fun about being part of the crowd Election Day. And if I don't par early voter Leo survey votes Election Day. But I would like to vote early to get it out of the way but right now I can't I can't cast my vote. I mean I'm I'm very bothered by the information that came out earlier today. About Bill Clinton and Clinton foundation. And the funneling of just tons of money into the Clinton foundation. And how some of that money was which used. And and Bill Clinton being paid for speeches and for a consulting. It seems as if people I don't have a problem with his name being used because he's the former president. Because he'll always be to former president and always have notoriety as a result of that. And every former president has the benefit of being an ex president. And they get to a tremendous benefits. So even though they get their salary for life and they get. Free medical and free everything. They also have an opportunity because they're ex presidents torn a lot of money through book deals and speaking just I'm not bothered by that. But I'm bothered by the implication. That and there does seem to be some link. Between this money going in the Clinton foundation and Hillary being. The secretary of state. I mean this is really bothersome stuff if as I say often if you love trump you got to recognize these bad things about trump. If you love Hillary you've got to recognize these bad things this is a political couple. This is a couple that has. Used. The political system for personal gain I'm not saying they all don't do that but they have turned it into an art form. And one of the things that's always bothered me about the clintons. Is when when bill became president. I got this sense that. The clintons thought that it was important for them to do what ever it took. To win an election. Because. They thought. They knew what was best for you and me. They were convinced that they with the elitists. That do what was best for us. I'm just expressed in my opinion this is my opinion of of the clintons and and that really hasn't changed and there's not much during his campaign that is change that. So the choice is to you vote for one that has problems or Tivo for the other. That has these problems. Because they both have problems. And if you wanna comment on whether or not this sound recording artist who was told at the last minute she could not sing the National Anthem at the 76ers set thunder game last night. Because you're wearing a T shirt we matter you'd call our show it to 601870. Every coach final four to 60187. Tex or were they 7870 I'm screwed in the afternoon. And today isn't. It's a really sad day and up pop culture calendar. Because of a purchase that was made on this day I'll tell you about that when we come back. Undoubtedly well. Today's I said no two on our pop culture calendar because he was on Tuesday October the 27 1980. Mark Chapman. Bought a five shot 38 pistol for a 169 dollars. About six weeks later he would use that gun that he purchased on this day in 1980. Two murder John Lennon December 8. So here's a case of a guy and following all the laws we have on the books. Getting a gun. Waited. And used it can John Lennon. So it's not that the laws are bad it's that there are people who just don't follow the laws. And got a text here that says it's this is a report regarding your comment and they just a moment ago. That is so unfair scoots I'm not voting for trump. Liked to crucify him. For his boastful comments. While completely accepting the lyrics of most rap songs is the height of hypocrisy. Well I disagree because artists can sing about things that they don't necessarily do. There are countless songs that are written and performed by people who were commenting on something that happens in society. But yet they are not guilty of doing those things. A song is. Is commentary. In many cases it's it's a media and it's again it's it's something that reflects reality. So. Doing something and singing about something art are two different things now are some of the rappers doing what they sing about. Perhaps. But I don't know that. And I think we we get into a dangerous scenario we start saying well no you if you sing about that thing you do it. Mean I'm thinking about you know I'm born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen and that is not. A patriotic song. Is Bruce Springsteen not patriotic because he sings that song. For the West Bank Robby welcome to WWL. The skirt happened Thursday. Good. You know like com dug it up you know stance on this election hasn't wanted to vote for sure. Arm. Pit bulls sized city via. To Leo options. All of our voted Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon. Or Algiers. And non. Our players saw a person or for rubio a primer. Ball but he pin if rubio would prevail all very sick. All our tippy runaways in this election with the baggage. Not agree I'm not a big. There I'm not a big fan at all dollar dropped his house and shot himself on the part numerous amount times. But talk there's nowhere to bolster Hillary Clinton cheap and then. Politics at over thirty some years. And it doesn't look quite. She. The only help I mean she's element hypocrite when it comes to. Sang and that's huge for women and then their Clinton foundation to accept that money bomb. Countries like Saudi Arabia it you'd swear him in law abuse gauge. Now in the relationship with the Clinton foundation and any Haiti is it's like you know Haiti for profit. I mean they are so it took advantage of situations support people and eighty debt. To make money I know it's a nonprofit by dead bodies you know of people. Who who are working for or responsible for nonprofits. They can on make incredible amounts of money it's just that the company V. Steve the corporate structure doesn't show a profit. Yeah you look at those features. Bill Clinton announced on hand. NGOs on to annex except that I mean thousands and thousands of columns over the years. Are you just taken a take on champs. What does election itself. You know that all you know been on it now to sort the new media has the ball. Very heavily on favorable. Often I don't know what is this country's gonna unite no matter who wins. I just Oprah took preelection. And you know the last two years this country and market in my view my view. In my view in my opinion I think this is a very very. Are divided country collapsed. Are you an audience it is obvious appreciate the call and there we are gonna be here to talk about whether or not America unites and now and how it looks after the election will be here before. During and after the election. On this day October 27 2014. That Pet Shop Boys. For this song always on my mind. Voted the very top copper sought. Of all time. On the BBC. Now I mean it's okay benign and tough cover song. I'm gonna play one of my favorite cover songs classic but it's a great it's a great cover of a classics aren't. How do that we commodity springtime studio we'll be right back on and WWL. This. Is a good covers on. And that is. Ever clearer can I know there are some really good and cover songs out there on the one by by Pet Shop Boys always on my mind I mean I was OK but I mean the greatest of all time I don't know about that. Here's a Texas says a songwriter like the author of a book does not necessarily embrace the beliefs espoused by a character in their book or song. It's a basic element. Of the literature called voice. Very very well put. Here is a Texas says a Bruce Springsteen hates to spices trop the fraud. And I couldn't agree more Bruce Springsteen rocks. You know there are a lot of people who love Bruce Springsteen and they are very very conservative and Bruce Springsteen is very very liberal. All right sports talk is coming up next is alive from polluters on veterans highway in Metairie but the State's players show a 6 o'clock today's special guest. Safety Roman Harper presented by our partners a patio drugs on veterans in Metairie and look bearish casino hotel in Baton Rouge. Sports artist coming up next when they die in Newman our executive producer. Todd Manassas or associate producer and John which are studio pursuit tomorrow is the fighting heading into the weekend before Halloween. And we're gonna act like it's Friday on the show such agreements bloodied New Orleans.