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10/27/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - discussion of the series finale of Ghost Hunters and creepy stories

Oct 27, 2016|

10/27/2016 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Dark Waters discusses his dramatic interpretations of true-life paranormal and other creepy stories as found on his YouTube cahnnel. More discussion about the end of Ghost Hunters on SyFy. Plus listener calls, and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded October 27 2016. And welcome and is set Thursday night is our last broadcast night of the week it's beyond reality radio with Jason Hawes and JB Johnson misses. T minus one or T plus one how does it go when you do. You go past a certain deadline last night was the last episode on ghost owners and Somalia so it's T plus wondering. I mean I guess there is minus minus I don't know I am not that aren't good so hey welcome Michelle everybody under. Jason Hawes and JB Johnson be unreality radio. Precede tuning and but and we got to racial plans and I we've got our good friend dark waters on. And he sets some of the most compelling true horror stories. Two it's just music and and different voices that tell that tell these stories and it puts them on YouTube and and he's just a fan favorite people on this is videos just plea and mostly. So what they should be ditch on the Monday our Halloween special we have our good friend Christopher quarantine a lights yeah from a deluxe family who live in the human bill. House who have experienced the horror of was written abound in the movies and everything else Chris comes on each tells us a lot of good information on. What really happened how the book in the movie really blown out of proportion. Some of the inner workings of the family that might have helped to fuel the activities that they did experience a house in just a lot of great information. He's sound he's a really interesting guy and he was very very quiet about his experiences in that house. Really till recently and now of course we know all that happened back in 197576. And so what was that forty years ago basically. With forty years ago and it was like in the last four or five years that he decided. That he wanted to come Fortis are talking about those experiences on set the record straight and a lot of cases. And done you know he's reading a book and he's giving talks did mostly paranormal type conventions are there gatherings and and on radio shows like beyond reality radio and it's very very generous and hear what he has to say. Yet he's just a great talk with and it's it's always a blast and what a perfect. Concept of a show for Halloween might need him you can't get any better than the with the world's. Most infamous of ghost story which is the Amityville story. And we're going to be featuring it on on Halloween night here on beyond reality radio yeah so it should be fun so. And Jim did you hear the vice president's plane actually went running off the runway and skidding off the runway in New York while I think you may be a little premature. I don't think he's I'm sorry. If they're vice president candidate if it didn't know politics as I. And its. Yeah of today his he was returning from a helmet idiots play strategies. My losses now plane carrying Donald Trump running mate might. And skids offer on Wayne new York and of course the vice president nominee was returning from an event in Iowa when his plane skidded on landing at LaGuardia Airport. And half the problem there's it's LaGuardia Airport officer. So line everybody's okay. You know there were no injuries and lot of footage online the main thing is it but he's okay and that's the most important thing and before. Pence got off the plane he he went around to everybody to make sure everybody. Was okay and that just shows he's scary individual doesn't want to bottom but I've all I've heard great things Ottoman. And so forth seems a good man. And I'm assuming it him assets on the to do with the weather I mean I don't know what what. LaGuardia god but I know in upstate New York we get snow this morning. He has gets no we got Lou we've been raining but did at one point or calling for a possible. Mix but it never happened so we looked up and I know New London, Connecticut which is you know twenty. Twenty minutes from my house via atlas now so we're just right on the border area that we're able to NASA. Well last night as you know gee we spent a good a chunk of the show talking to listeners who would call in and chatting about ghost owners season series finale on scifi. And we ran out of time we had more callers and we had time and we're gonna pick up where we left off we do have some people already. Lined up on the phone so why don't we start by taking a call from sandy in North Carolina sandy welcome to be on reality radio. I thank you had her own pace and you look on the show. I don't think you. I have a question and a comment actually trying to see if these guys and in doing more reality shows. Com for the growth and other paranormal experiences. Well yeah we definitely weren't weren't talks right now with a couple couple you know. Very well known all networks to. India today to move on and them we're just we're just tired we felt it was time to move on from sacrifice who some of them the best buy it. We're just going on different paths. Thank you know what we love you so much well that means a lot that really doesn't it's it's always nice to hear that. Twelve year what are they don't all the guys noted that having thank you and thanks of the calls I had thank you other strategic up in Wisconsin Jacob welcome to beyond reality radio. Thank you out of the huge federal goat herders now linkages it's supposed yeah yeah. I understand it well there is no I've actually myself personal experience of Errol. Leg. And look at my graduation I graduated in 2011. And I experienced the poll claiming experiences. Cold. You know young and there are I think it might are escalating 2010. And something only that they would like up there. I'll Liam yeah I'm sure that's an important day for you and it's it's a day that no parent would wanna miss so on. Today if he if you get a forty counties and sorry to hear that product. And I'll tell you right now if if I could I'd I'd make sure hang around to see my kids graduate student. Legal of their life and everything house it's so. I get that and very possibly and and hopefully it wasn't for you and all that matters is that you felt them and I think that that means everything right there. A skeptic are typically in the paranormal debate live and our house. YNN and that's going to be always got to look at things skeptical though. Yeah he has yet have a healthy dose of skepticism whenever you approach it otherwise you can be fooled into thinking. Things are happening that are really happening yeah Afghanistan. Of course you want you want solid solid proof solid evidence but. You get a good hating your shoulders and I wish you the best and thanks for calling in and you know had I dual view that you're dead is is around here to make contact. Thanks of the called Jacob let's go to Michelle in North Carolina Michelle welcome to beyond reality radio. Track and I didn't have a quick question very thankful they pick an actor really quick for me sure. Come. Get out here investigators. Are digging out of the investigation and there with beanie and the team in order to bring religious elite if at all possible. Mom no I not today not than anybody ever came up and told me. You know in the a lot of the team we do have. Individuals on the team are poor and her religious and we have some that. Believe and higher power like myself but I am I am not religious by any means so. No we've never had a situation slate even we've worked and inhuman type cases because we're always were working with numerous. Religious organizations different denominations. On record what kind of preached we're going to be bringing an hour or so forth to L while the family. Okay and tired. And not only Armenian investigations. Connor. Detainee saying after the investigation or any investigators. They never fail meaning hitting it they never fail or. Anything like that charming and escalation. Honestly in and not that they've ever told me about China I know Steve Dave's Samantha and alien none of them ever have Sherri and never has Tom. So yeah. It tease their own idea I just feel that your power comes from within you to to keep these things from following your homes are. Hopefully that installed. We thank you quite well thank you very much for the call yes thank you. Yet thank you Michelle let's go to Andrea a good friend of ours in Canada welcome to beyond reality radio. Kagan and patty do. Good unwelcome news show. You that kind of take it landed here as big news. I'll let them around and Canon Atkins Diet and that he had. I think it went dead that you met that I tear it definitely think they appreciated but they had. You guys that and I believe. That is and I they can anybody you guys again Elaine thank. Yeah eighteen is and and it would supplies lacking that the that. We'll let you know that means a lot to us and it yeah it was just yet we've we felt that you know we're the highest rated show on scifi and and I don't know we just didn't like the content of the seasons and and all that stuff so a lot but thank you very much it means a laden to all the fans up in Canada we greatly appreciate the support. Absolutely. We know that yet he absolutely. I thanks Sandra good to talk to you okay we're gonna go this is somebody who didn't want to earn mean. Listed so. It's anonymous call anonymous welcome to be on reality radio when really we don't usually take anonymous calls but you're on. And I think you'd think you for let me out all that and I I apologize if I'm a little. Quiet in certain parts. I'm kind of all the grid. So we are excuse me. OKMR particular reason your off the grid. Yeah because they're always watching you know the government. Home. Don't okay now than they tend to attend a watch that's what the and the NSA is you know I've ever lose any knowledge and asking for a back and US. That's right Buddha and that I am AM all that's why I'm wearing currently Wear it in oil under. Oil and oil up. What if they do you get a JPEG or what desperate what do you protecting with tin foil underpants is if I didn't know. Information I didn't write oh you'll real brain. So caller. What makes you call in tonight. Well I don't know you know this but I was watching on that on the television. And I watched you know I steal defeat from my neighbors they don't know what I'm watch so. You know perhaps not an odd. So am I you know off the grid and I would say but I'm so I I took the feed from my neighbor and I was two in and around and Ike Saul. Then on American Media channel. There are militia groups. Just beating the hell out of each other I mean did you see this this was this was Sunday night. No American Media channel. Weight that pretty beat him at ams Sunday night with the split you referred to show the Walking Dead. Know these people or alive until they've built one of these guys. It the other in the head with a baseball bat. Hole as did one of the guys' eyes almost pop out. I saw that news story that was creepy how do you imagine that. This is what's happening under the current regime heading into the elections are trying to sway at the current Garrett. And it's the aliens that are being amendments to a malicious or out of control I just want to get your pot pot. Played the hand man so the current regime is. Is doing this but the aliens are meaningless to us who if when it's happening on our planet. While apple who who hold on I got a tender spot for him. At. Thumb. OK now I really sure what to do with the skull. Is there some way we can help you caller area. And indeed disease we call help for you who can well maybe some fear it felt prouder yes some some say have I don't know what you need. I mean if you wanted to I'm kind of run low on rations if you could melt some food trip me I'd greatly appreciated I'm currently living. In my neighbor's basement without their permission so he can give the address or maybe I can start a guy kick starter for me and not. That would help because it I don't wanna get it with a baseball bat. That the FOK. All right so just say you know mom. Yeah you should probably hide out in the basement because the those things are walking around everywhere and as people crazy people at bats with our our barbed wire on siege probably Ohio guy. Oh my god it's secret I've got to go yeah. Our I thank you thanks thanks for the weekend and hopefully get. Let's take a break who can recover from that. Well as a all right if he elicited its its normally guy dosages and JB MBI a reality revealed right. Thanks Derrick Todd might be over for this year but there's another scare economy. Works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett kind dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. This bumper music is an honor that last call yeah. As I tin foil under it that's got to be the most uncomfortable. Yeah I mean even sitting down it's gotta be desperate yet there's nothing about that that sounds comfortable we do have a lot of phone calls we've got dark waters coming up on the program in just a little bit were really anxious to. Have him on but we know that there have been people wanted to talk last night and they they're on phone now let's go to Elizabeth and Virginia welcome to be on reality radio Elizabeth. I know you can't have a question think they sent its okay I was wondering. How one of your past episodes. You know and grant we're doing EMS. Session with a little boy and some kind of effect very. Okay is it the way it's no wonder where I invited him to cut to follow you home. Okay that don't get wondered if ever. There was Slater mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and no I never had any Evans said he followed me home by a honestly and it would have been perfectly fine with that situation told the wife that I did that part of the show airing now blood come. No matter that offer. But now never followed me home blood. I did throw that offer out there and I've been vector couple times sense and actually its plan to go there in the near future and a check it again so. Bana. Well thanks for the call on. Yes thanks for Conan let's go to. Jeanine in Wisconsin Jamie what Michelle. I Oreo. Good Jamie welcome to show. I don't plan thank you have been watching for years I've had my own experiences and what you've gotten back. Open up other people's minds and let people know it's okayed the deal being seen here being I just wanted to thank you. Well thank you very much means everything you hear that more happy that we we made some sort of a dent in in this field. So. Well yeah I just wanted to say I am. Readied at this time around I lift and every week and so thank you very much. Well thank you you have a good nine key policy in the show integration with yes thanks Jamie this is Marcus in Washington hello Marc Fisher on beyond reality radio. Well hello armour golf. This is like unbelievable right now first Sunday that they rap about I grew up. Watching ghost hunters and like it had a big influence on me and it's what got me to believe in the paranormal and I still believe to this day. All that means a lot thank you markets to be greatly increased. I'm glad. But armed just in my only question is. Are you still going to be doing paranormal. Related it's like stop in the field. Oh I've Zola I do I do even off off the show I do investigations as well so we because we existed prior to the show will exist long after the show. Yes so I still do investigations that aren't televised but I'm also in the talks would numerous networks about. And continuing on in and and so forth so on and so you this far from the last of us you've seen part of our. Now that's awesome being here and out. Like it's so good when you know you stay here like real soon I don't you know would you say I don't Armenians like in your group's. Yeah well I've been doing it for so long and whether TVs there or not. This is a passion that we've we've always had that we've always loved doing we don't just to have for four on television. So are dead and an always on and always stick to to my beliefs and to keep it real and and that's mainly you know all the matters. Yeah and lumber for lay on my ago unfortunately as much about about much anything you meters by. Hundreds of other callers call waiting to talk but come on not just for me up for my entire family we all. The numb watching your show for years now. And so just so big you know thank you NN dot blast from every one of bus and I think Hamlet from a mob my dad my sister everybody. Well thank you in use held a mighty I said thank you as well and a they'll see me ends soon so you know hours you have a great night listen the show thanks Marcus let's go to Michael in California Michael welcome to beyond reality radio. They're great guys for having me on and I appreciate it in my ultimate show. AJ and I during the night I'm good thanks. And I just wanted to say you know like everybody else know they spurred me in twelve years with all the technical strategy prudent especially in the light typical because that would boosting completely incredible. My question employee was my friend and I were watching. These street italics my economic I was away. We're canal where ill. Man. We will watch that clip we're definitely evil locking up to the attic where Dustin got an actual forwarded pushed back a little bit. We stop that current a couple times but we started looking in that look like there was something that was reaching out from behind the wall. Actually in there and that this occurred back ball. Common interest a united I didn't see that so you know what makes the heads up on that little do is. Tonight or early tomorrow after ala Alter your real close look at that. In the united I don't know I don't know it would I don't it was the shuttle from them but he just said he was pushed back and we look like. Down below toward the step we are black look like I hand her shadow out and then disappeared behind the law. Uninteresting are Al deathly take a look at that and thanks for the heads up. Yes thanks Michael thanks Nicole. Here's salmon Pennsylvania we've got just about a minute and a half Sam before we have to go to break welcome to be unreal to reveal. Hi how idea to sell. Yes thank you on the outs from Erie PA and like previous caller said just let's say you know I thought you guys he'd be getting big band. They get the two part question real quick. If you can't that are already and I apologize that what are your plans after he now the show's done. And also have you ever been Erie Pennsylvania because that's you know very rich history when it comes the paranormal and Nokia gonna come up here there's a lot of things he should do research on candidates that Terry haunted city. Last for area I've been through there I really haven't spent much time there but I have always want to and I would love to get up there and checked it out. As for the show mom there's still a lot of potential for obstacle other other places and more and talks of other networks. Right now and other concepts and and things of that nature so. It'll definitely be around and evil in the show's not around. Willow will still be investigating self and is beyond reality radio terrorist bitterness and then we're gonna take beyond rally radio on the road and do some investigations did he Sam isn't the eerie horror film festival going on with this weekend or something. I yeah as a matter activism going to be there are so. Yeah that's a pretty cool event dumb I haven't been able to make it there myself but I wanted to and one of these days I'll get there. Oh yeah yeah yeah I had that the very fun times so I had definitely check out area when you get the chance. Austerity for the call and we'll thank you very much art is so we're gonna we're gonna take a break and we're gonna have our friend at dark waters on. And the loss of legal back to the phones a little while. And 8446877669. Again it's 8446877669. And. Our it'll be right back then if you if if you're on hold just remain on hold we will get your calls as soon as we can Bloomberg and bring to our borders and right after the break and have a conversation with him it's beyond reality radio with Jason in TV. Welcome back to beyond reality radio radio speakers and attendees included two. Start. My guys or is this just in there and that was serious I mean you know it's one thing to have disagreements in politics we're all gonna have them is just the way it is the way it works is the way the system supposed to work. But did you know to do things like that I just don't get it and them guys there should be no hatred. Between anybody I mean if this has been in the worst I've ever seen so much divide between people. So much anger in and I it's just it's ridiculous it really has its its a shame. Yeah we've got dark waters waiting but we're gonna take one more phone call of Victoria's been waiting very very patiently Victoria. Welcome to be on reality radio. Rain here on its editorial producer and it market and you know. Welcome to the show. So we were unarmed oh my god I know where you're from. Our implement aqueduct and won't Alter. Authority at Norris that you park Michigan. Victory did you have a question. I want yet my original question lies about these guys aren't happy continuing care network with your theory is yup and save that in mind and learning. Yeah duke the medical actually it somewhere to. Why didn't start their own and almost paranormal group. What advice would you give me that. Well first off and that's a great question I'm. Find Ali and you can usually starting your own or finding an existing groups he can at least get used to it. And then go off on your own two different things. But if if you're just trying to start your own honestly I would and connect with friends or other people who. Might have certain backgrounds you're looking for. And start investigating start heading to a so called wall known haunted locations and they'll find him find locations like that you see you can you can work out. Your knowledge base on that but I usually recommend trying to get involved with the existing group has an altar for awhile first that way. You can learn you can get used to what you're doing before going off on your own. Right and originally I am from the Chicago area that I'm moving back to an area in the future. So there's a lot of faith they're know about that from his childhood in and stories. But I can out week to go back there and connect with people as well as live in a very small town here. So. There's not a whole lot of that thing or something that you know of course there are little pale look pal but. It's not a whole lot of you don't have numbers here in the area per say but I definitely have always mentioned in an appeal in I totally appreciate everything I could go over the years and I loved it. Think it's so much at Hamilton well thank you so much and there's a lot of great groups around Chicago as well so make sure when you get out there. Yet check into them and get in scan multiple local group for a policy Kimble looking knowledge and and then. Then decide what you wanna do from there thanks for the call but Torre were appreciate you calling in by the way if you wanted to call and chat about ghost honors or anything we've had a lot of calls 29 already. A we will take those calls with a leader in the program so if you're on hold just be patient we'll get there but right now let's bring in our guest for the evening it's dark waters good friend of the program. Dark waters was on I don't remember when it was Jed. Late winners somewhere and prisoners in the area near February march somewhere around there something like Deborah welcome the program dark waters great to have you back. What's our daughter's treatment that got its good to have you back new loans to. Walk restrictive. I'm happy and excited to be back in relation wrong. Doing the agreement was WW he's also all people or to listen to meet New Orleans. Look at you and me tomorrow horse and Tony is. And that's without saying. What you did with you some additional. You know elected. Goals to go 00 what areas do paranormal investigations. And angle show on TV. You know that wouldn't be any of these of historical homes sold it to look for you so. You know you got to make a transition in our transition period bigger regulation and order because. It is today you collect our partners in the war orbital all. The incoming Obama Blatter has to do good you know it really too good to know that you started. OK well thank you coming on the program and our quarters the darkness that. Put out yesterday and that this. I mean that means a lot that really does and it's always it's always great to hear and if it's one of those things and he gives me great feeling but also puts sort of like a tear in my SOA. I greatly appreciate them and means everything. Yeah you know you've got seven you know. The problem always always a way to do whatever you want you to New Orleans and we talk about how well lo and are so you know you. All the levers and the quality of port so again you are you on your show use and is adept. Over the next 203040 minutes or so dim Anderson Guerrero let. Didn't like your regular board included might get period I want to cover you know according to girls indeed (%expletive) (%expletive) and that. You got to do was give me. Again that they want to talk about. Well I think the first thing we should do you who Jason and I've been talking to our listeners for the past ten days or so. You know talking about the fact you're gonna be on the show. We were trying to do our best at describing what you do but I think the best thing is for you to describe exactly what to do. OK questions so. To explain exactly what are your regular order chairman which you and try to Wear our. I re create. Being counters are people have in an hour you'll format so I eat some particular opponent called unity. Ward has something real weird. And and I. Would initial composition of that person I didn't talk to about 67 times mag about hockey courts are you know story over and over and over and over again and I talked to there why I'd hug her or you're gonna air play much historian here. And are coming out about the decree very trauma so if it will one day in the life were looking. Broad also don't want you here. Old irons and then you hear that story and why do without you hundred. Imagination human beings like base. In error by the got a straight glued to a cells are an artist retreat and everything is so original so I. Exactly yeah we're back to the days when. We sat around a radio and it will listen to a regular program and forced the match and each individual are going all. And that has been an extremely sick so we have been extremely successful donuts eat those are just going into imagination or does not have recognized government. I think that's real dark I think that's a really really important point you know when when we're also used to watch television and on and in all these shows whether it's Walking Dead or whatever happens to be. But the days when radio was the primary medium if you go back and listen to some of those shows. There really really engaging in the recent are engaging this because you have to use your imagination and we. Is the fact that you can use it that the show allowed you to use it makes it very personal. Absolutely would look you will discover. And listen to these stories not only are you hearing it would. She's talking visualize it you actually. By here so in a little bit situation with it because it engaged in your activities or not it's not like it it's an active experience. Because your brain using any news because well I imagine they also turned pro like once you could like which aren't. People have a business and experience because there's not really that much use so. I think they will bizarre ritual lebed arm so more. Our everybody that I read atlas lately majority wanting to repeatedly stated. Actually elect when mr. so. At eleven apartments. Your imagination and it surely is can be the most terrifying thing any candidate can now terrify you more than any movie any Booker. Or anything like that so. Arm yet so it's it's the best way to set up earliest. I read a bit took the last we spoke I have learned so much more about the could pick I don't remember you know let's goat he made it one bit. It's a toe injury he can give a swollen beard for a week about the. Oh it was talked about you know some of the things that you didn't. Occur in the normal activity squad I'm actually you know you would come into. About our lot now armed. Powell you know our discreetly into protecting cells and how much believes police intrigue. Are you of these encounters especially for mr. Rogers. Thanks. You gave me great advice halted mandated it really really gets so yeah we are counters. So are our history. I'm happy we can help too great to hear now dark you have found any formal theater training because when you listen to recordings of nine I think you do some of the voice acting yourself which also of other soups and other people involved. But it's really dwelled on its very dramatic you have any formal training in that regard. You would. Have liked our. Colleague general British retraining I get a little bit in a radio. And about 45 years in radio I have like a little Tokyo. Armed but I just focused on learning from the producers. That they ain't gonna out. Talking to people on them and electric ins and outs out to make commercials aren't good and so does it up from other producers. On how to use the the tombs in the equipment. And they recruit and his. This isn't god giving you when you tell me your score real when you really have masses of actually visually MI it's over you telling me hey you know. And I'll walk the street in clown look behind the U I've usually seen that in and mark my energy on it and so that I can recreate. Why why do you know I usually just might you have to go to clowns really. That that really claim that you clowns now they're. Sure our embassy Evanston clowns forever but I know I and I and I will I will agree with Jimmy. Honestly though in and just the way you do it some of these stories to. Use him being down and Owens I I could see you doing one of those haunted tours led in those and being one of the toward guys scored just the way you tell these stories and how you get into Latin and so much so. Yeah you you can look at any boards are built on. That. Really admired check that you actually do which would. Really. You know good. It really didn't you do more oil from the baker has something mop back on pants pocket and start talking on how to build. Give an example banks and I under my ability as. That is Brittany out. Something on the plane. Country you know and I was like I don't touched. It. And what I need to be edited and challenging it an industry you know man I can't. I can hit the this is what we're gonna do reject quick break when we come back we're gonna play one of Dirk quarters stories it's featured on is used to channels beyond reality radio and T. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right after an arrest in the you need to subscribe taps her match. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps turn magazine has been completely redesigned. Re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website its taps her bag dot com that's captured or match dot com and click on the subscribe now by. Enter the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's that's. Packaging where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tab power Mac dot com. That's caps CarMax dot com user promo code beyond just say. I'm back to beyond reality radio Jason haunts GB Johnson. We've got a great program tonight with dark waters don't forget the telephone numbers 8446877. 669. And don't forget that Monday night this is dark waters. Show tonight is a great way to lead into Halloween weekend and then we does put a giant exclamation point on it Halloween night with Chris quarantine no from the Amityville house he's gonna tell us. His story and a share his experiences living in that house for 28 terrifying days. And so a lot of crazy things of course the movie in the book Camilla way out of proportion McChrystal Phil Solomon tell us about term because they still did have a lot of terrifying situations that happened there. Yeah fact from fiction is what we'll do when we talked with him. He'll set the record straight but tonight's guest is dark waters. And again we've been excited about the show for a long time since we had to reporters on back in the early part of the year when we are just. A streaming on the Internet so now we're nationwide dark is on the air witnessed. And we've got one of your stories that we're gonna play here. This one's called and embrace it brace for a Jason this one's called. This one's called creepy clown at a gas station. Know that a path that he's our quotas I'm sorry we can't have you on anymore. I. I hate it's it's I guess I guess I have to say yes I have time I'm bothered by. I hate clowns I am a hard tie I literally get an out of a circus one time because Clough when leave me alone and I started making threats bodily injury to. So dark. Dark setting this up florists we're gonna play that set it up forest. And be given an arm. Two weeks ago and it didn't have a surge properties because. Storms. And so they call me to say amen you know store itself. And they go to our. What they were all in which these guys were coached they have little electricity it does sound when activity. And into that lead in the particular hour. You know what else they could get pretty and that is dead that is when they have this encounter Wiki. It himself so well over a minute we don't belong to an abundance. Little different a bit difficult. I think you gotta love this one doesn't actually sound amazing Q. Completely creek power down to reduce or listening Q. I and everything and I am a major to be cleaned or the. Okay passes this is called Britney creepy clown. At a gas station sit back turn the lights up and take a listen. OK it's not playing here with city home on second. Tackle Jimmy tries to figure that out and how often do you put new stories out there dark. Meant pretty much every 23 days sampling something new format could be. The first do was really really high octane. Peter quality story goes into the electric Porsche or. Armed electoral that it was listening Cobo expedition I'll let you Barbie actually out of politics what which that was crazy that he got actually did not talk to. OK I don't know if it was some of that on your to get as useless and that earlier on FaceBook I let's try this now mr. and this number two days and mr. Just. My column with a creepy clown in the mean speed and all my boy see the firemen AK 47 out of a sunroof. But in order for you to truly understand what went down and the to take you bet wave back to the beginning. You seem a boy sees them have been hustled since we would achieve. Based auto steel embarks images from McClellan still. In some of them on a panel for a dollar piece. And odious who graduated to more whole core pharmaceutical sales. Poker become a common have a while we were in the small town's main. I'm not gonna tell you. Which is set up shop missed ought to work an area. If you think about small towns as everybody knows just so six new phase in the town is bound to draw some attention from law enforcement. Especially when no faces on the team knows. Have a we may as keep ourselves out of trouble handle our business. And get our word pushed out it was literally our last night in town. Sees our minds that the gas station on the outskirts of the city the Philip. And it just come out of the car leave it running blessing on new favorite song by Drake I got enemies. Season was in the past the seat Carlson around like an idiot and rampant and lyrics. As I walked into the wind to pay for days. Woman behind the security doors that the medal drought. Enacts the for 25 dollars on palm one. That's my nose yet this blog that look on the face. The chicks if I had seen anyone we pulled out. I care is Lance and ninth seen nobody. Who you think is out here. The pain a perfect pitch deflated as gas station was on the outskirts of town about five miles away from everything. Effect if the landscapes as well and 600 miles. Essentially somebody tweeted a wooded area in trap the gas station. Mike I was telling our kids says amount we've seen nobody out here who used ink is out here. Task when be this exhibit were people in Constance. And it was standing at a pops wood bats and knives and machetes. To staring at her as she walked around outside out store. For a second at the ultimate zone that would run up on the cob constant. As a son had a bag DiMarco. And I kind of led. But walking back to the car something clearly is seeking permanent IB. She was weapons damn sure wish ago. But clowns. Now that's something things that Manning was going. And rod that the car placed upon them against him. The little match that made it won't automatically. Gonna hit it to the drag this out when the region into the cigarette from season. But now I turned on the music I was plan on cellphones. When I turn on the light the cigarette. The day that the world three dvds with the clown outfits. Standing by the door to the gas station. And to right at the window edges level. The two standing near the window and beds and the other one had a machete innocent. It was clear. These three have been terrorized this woman all night. So I stuck my hair back and Carl were quickly the agency's detention and grab my pistol just in case you decide to run opponent. They seem to be completely. Man assists for the for some reason my pool they gas pump part of the tank and hung it up. And let them turn around a store is slowly walking away. The whole situation though the feel like somewhat of a horrible. That's when I noticed something moving out of Panama left back. Looking now. I realized that we were actually so my own about clowns several of them comes from out of the woodlands across street from mountains out of the store. And I. Do go ahead weapon. So and about did the hell out of sight Upton a coroner ruled of them but season he'd done one. The next thing on news he turned it great song back on openness on little cloud about what is AK 47. And his crazy best stories you. I had been dancing he's been out there. Battled did you hit anyone. Who made use of a sudden clouds roll in crawling crime and sly and running Omar got there was Larry. Enemy. She is. How mind beyond. Reality radio that was called creepy clown at a gas station we'll be back with more with dark waters on beyond reality radio don't go away. And welcome back to the floor. O Graham our guest tonight is dark waters we've got a great lineup for you coming up. Next week we should run through that real quick we. Is one of the lets kids who lived through 28 days of terror in a house in Amityville New York which is now infamous says the Amityville horror house. Pencil and then Tuesday we've got Debra and Sherri Devern cherry had a list and they shared a near death experience. Which opened them up and they believe gave them cleaned abilities. So be adjusting to talk with them you know one and one is more involved in the healing aspects. And and so this should be a great topic and them Wednesday it was guys what John John Cox I mean this is somebody that you really wanna talk to Jim. Yeah I'm excited about this week at Johns was scheduled for last week and then he had to do the pre recorded program which we ended up doing about the Salem witch trials. But John is a Houdini expert and historian and down just kinda. Who collects in and follows the Houdini story which seems to be a never ending story because Houdini of course. Promised to come back on Halloween. And delivery secret message I don't know if the message. Menem mourned things and ask him. Did it died with his wife when his wife passed away or did she tell somebody else the message so that if if he ever does. Come back on Halloween seance it would they'll actually know how to verify that I don't know. Well I figure Monday Monday's Halloween so we'll give John until Wednesday to be on the shows me a lot of spell a fifth Houdini to come back. There's yet another hundred years but actually affiliate there is there yet Vernon my Hubbell who is a founder and the director of the Apollo mystery. It's its suit in San Francisco so and I am excited about this one to. The user really really interesting guy it has talks about to palm reading and what your palms mean with the lines you know you don't and take line in a million entries and it means I can open up a jar of pickles that's correct. That's correct is that true. Nine attacked America open you know what it meant because I had no idea. So right so that's so we've got coming up next week it's another great week of programs here on beyond reality radio tonight's guest of course dark waters and before we went to the break. By jumping over some technical horrible hurdles we were able to play the creepy clowns at gas station in. And dark that is a very very timely. Story to be telling given this media that seems to be sweeping not just the country but the world. When these creepy clowns are people actually outlawing clown outfits for Halloween because of this. While this kind of insanity you know I'm I'm I'm understand. I personally don't understand what our crews. In America where there are more gun in this country in any country outside of probably. What kind of person put Automask. Com how written in gold out to our current speed you have perhaps ten to breakfast psychological break and our. Euros you know so should step recycle something as well would you order to do it especially this current street. And you know especially some of the cities they're they're local planning on visiting and I know that the virtual beer planning some type of debate. Or Halloween. Like it is I don't think it will be aiming clown are common warms my costume or trying to go critically about that just don't see that Bert. You're honest everywhere are listed some of the surgeon but I can't get by Margaret you're just makes no sense. Well and India anomalies and anybody who's gonna pay in a smile on to their faces it just has an issue an icebox com. And it there's deathly likely penis and I had said in the past that this was going to lead to somebody in a clown Alfie getting shot or killed and and there was somebody actually shot and shot and and not too long gone Pennsylvania. There was also another situation where summon it clown outfit was it was stabbed. And then another and another thing just recently happened was a young girl a clown outfit stabbed I guys so. A lot of a lot of strange new south bug. Yeah I can tell you right now for concerts coming down my driveway that's going to be the last right we have it came down. It's right now my spikes you know they sit you'll you'll you'll resorts. And I know. It has yet there are you a year. And it BR he walked off secretive compound their own secure. Palin today it's funny and I admired my twin sons say something about about that the other day to their right well and what would you do it if somebody was coming down the driveway and a clown alpha. I said on the senate just pull the trigger. That's at the have a nice day hit him as one was climbing at a worry about. So dark how long did you let how long you've been have you been no I'm doing this with that with the stories paranormal and in the scary stories and turning them into. Productions a lot of columns have been an in progress. Meanwhile our assist them in November 15 will make a year. That I into her own home a lot of my permanent war experiences. Sort Bechtel would back out chopper up Ed. Well constitute so you don't lately. You know I'm an early get a better place now have a better understand and haven't just lately. Adamant tower were laying in a bit categorically stating where I didn't get my clothes that I. I'll have increased. By inoculated in a critical was climbing and it would be a you know our. You know yet significant government could. Argue it and it could be it's our. Yeah so are. Think about tire smoke and support is split so actually you know on our. Well back on your mind might be protection wells. And a bit more money and I'm letting my hands are on the way we didn't accurately apartments that little extra reports on the summarize that it makes it feel better. He lives in a little girls are better earning. Amazingly amazingly. Little to go. Our. Are you law and floor where I cared most beautiful blue cards there's been a little girls like. I was like you won in Texas keep them. Look like let pretzels camps and it was more will actually trying to say something but you know I'm not there I'm actually an animal. I. Am worried. You know unit at between eight being awake equally true I want to have a majority. So he's not my irons and is still Sabato a outlaw little brother's idol almost out of my. So she's not on need troubled them on such well. What does that old actually yeah actually it'll take. On any cars. We're not sourcing materials onto the URO back over door well. Turn. All alleged thwarted intensity continue the war. Blue one investigation and things like go on grieve your policy or as little iron. Eric Holder so Chu to amber took investigation key. And it would try to cigarette what she was where she came are crucial to sell to one member of the recognition he actually in tried. The drier wanted gently open where Bryant is groceries and are no probable problem. As usual those so students whose children so it ended a drought when he will come home. And so. Haven't seen her chance because it you know because that happen happen. They are operating or at least are in my come home into marketing issues are struggle and it. Come back from downstairs in the basement and wanted to change she linking to shut most of what it is not you look at what have Albert. It is weaker system he's symbols are actually being moved around columns in his coming up missing intern and later so. I have I have to colonel more activity mattered remarks are aware. No one understands how to deal woody don't look at the year all were calm he could point out of power being out oh. You know you're seeing Whitney and I am. Model minority you are you don't want those what what doctors write what you should do. Free nation back in the warmup act some are bargaining would mushy political oppression that could put it back to you so. Com where I am what is now. Almost a little speech Lebanon must little. Well I think you saying in a EU controlling your fears the most important thing is fears and emotion and it can he can make you or break you and and that's one of those things whereas everybody always ask me I'm you know do you have something in have you ever experienced something in these homes that scare you or have things as startled me but. I try to stay in check out of my fear so I'm not pulling a due to run and run amount of a building. I'm there China and trying to help the people called me in so. You gotta be in control you gotta be you gotta check your fear at the door and and just know how to control. He makes a huge difference because. You know you. Want to go I was doing interviews Michael announced a government or four. Months ago do these interviews. What terribly story the whole entire. Net change like you at least EO. Arrogant and include environment change around here at local stores now I've do it it is it is Bob and armed I spoke to you know about this in the educated me on a huge hit to protecting you know were created or argue about parents. Your beliefs do you know how strongly believe in country great role. And to affect your life that. You know if you can't give that power during your power or figure in our our. Problem little our on site. You don't really. Love talking to people from one of the best things about Richard have a number of people. Actually Pete are you might. All people called the cover stories. Look like. You and storing it corrected eagle finest. In the but I've talked about people a week. Different stories into account. And out and who suffered through whom upcoming troop. In the differences you know one person or something dramatic done. Because here it is important you do down here when the horse. And still remain consistent able to destroy a cook here historic. Things could distort it never told me this seat. If they're gonna agree tone and the people who agreed to you know it's an historic. Unrealized because you know people actually. Distorted and some. Ago. In the league you know disagree with no less fit into it that this is and boom boom boom bow to look at that process already a little bird would people. And it it it is enjoyable there really isn't your focus is amazing how much to comment. Again from walk and talk a peep from us and toward an escalation. It is so much common that we don't. And so it's just an experience or not so. Long arm. We're gonna play another one of your stories this is one you sent to us as a YouTube late so I hope we've got a right he said it starts eight minutes and it's the skin walker valley does that rank. Welcome yeah yeah of course this inevitable and the world. Yeah walkers and that he didn't see what's his or. And images are political animals ordering. And oh yeah and enjoy it. OK so here we go this is in walker valley story about the ship would view. It's 100%. True. My Graham of Florida. Lived and you talk. He needs so many stories Barbara skim more. And how they could take the form of any animal or person that you knew. So one bags that cramp or. Did you ever meet one of those game Walker's. So mean yes. Receive maximum wind. It's a very long time ago. Before you'll born. And even before your mother was born. It was when he was young and foolish he said. I went to the valley the skim walkers. It's a place where life of enters. Matty and corals. In the other very guardians of Def. They won't even go there. I'm a pharmacy he went out there to prove people wrong. He wanted to prove that meant no such evil existed in skim more combat boy it was he won't McGrath for a set on a fortune. And he mumbled a little bit. They need to see him on a finished seventh historic. San Diego on a scale walker valley in his laureate for pickup truck. When he reached the valley. You describe how the grass was black. As it did just vilify your. But it didn't kill all of it and some it was still allowed to grow he sit and everything around him look days but yet it was still alive. Including the trees. Grow apart told me about this house that he could see in the distance. It was old. And roofers came and more. Towards the house's goal. In as he walked towards it. That would be strange markings on the silent house. Animal skeletons which drew the around the property as if there was some type of secret burial ground then. He her. I. Only problem. Graham of ahead and did overall Tom but yet he still hurt experience. Will begin in the Carl for him. For his life. Force skin whose blood it is so wrong deeds. From man to beat. To begin the chase him. Told him. That they would never ever forget his face. You know I always thought it was strange because whenever we'll visit my grandpa. He was show me something that he had just bought brand new. And within two days. It was broken. These spirits completely disrupted his life. They were kilogram. OK so that's that when the skin. Walker's. Either. Yeah. Well it could cover story. It wherever well spears was killing animals they were moved things around here. So this thing. Arm this attitude actually it normal portal to rent or when he coming door echoed. Court order to score well. Beat. Him how could probably treaties what. Don't believe you'd lied to grapple interpret it also. We worked on turning back. And great publisher turned his back on CB's action in all walks only grabbed all the back. I mean like. You scratch isn't actually recorded back any creature. Looking to create green marble come. Out come out. Sports splitting up Blogosphere why would you show your met aren't scaring him right there any. Understand reelected and absorb speech in the comic art barbarous. And it could my. EMI. And you know probably Q who put smaller and lots. Walking to go out here are picking them up walking into house you can go with my children are also you boost the road in a studio. Here this target blank adult you're standing there. In the field he looks over at the grand sort grant or be hitting on a porch staring down at all. And it comes in Germany real. Not only what your grip orbit being tortured and you know arrest by a series. It would create an exact ranking. And that young man never ever ever aren't. Doubters wraps Portland yet much greater grapple die mysterious. And the doctor told that it was failure bush in rental and Gingrich should be working in your every day and he came to that including. That these are finally children grapple because it was just such as sudden death. And he saw scratch marks on all. When he was in the hospital where he dies so. I mean it really is a scare restore inept story actually change slumps some gentlemen who are new America. And they wanted to bit scrutiny which you got here may not know it's very very all our two years. Certain members of the American and tribes even. To share the stories. That they have because they have some of the oldest tales. These yours that you you leverage here and it was a long time to get in the determined. And I just want to do just about that by telling. Because they trusted me with that story I want to make sure that keeper to beat combat that is terror charged in millions. Yeah it is and I think the problem errors were playing menu to YouTube throws ads in the middle of these things now so then it's got interrupted by an ad this one we had to cut it off. Comment you got me you don't ago. Sir we do. All right we we Ellis here let's take a break and we combat we'll talk a little bit more was dark waters it's beyond reality radio would Jason NGV or telephone number. Is 607 and now now he's a force her 44687. It's been 66 tonight I guess in a while folks call my personal don't you won't get a regular cellphone number. 844687766. I'm Rebecca. Amazing hockey and I owned running for president of the United States. Would you like every day work week it's. Covered from. All cycles can be good. Talking about bringing people. Well yeah. Behind me ask. So it's during my presidential saints. Hey Dawson my best. How much time spent trillions of yelling help me. We're tired of feeling happy. How about. Dollars this next senator. On reality radio case cause Jeannie Johnson we also have to our quarters where this or telephone number is 84468776. 69 Dirk we've got a couple minutes before we actually have a heartbreak at the bottom of the hour. But I'm. When you get the inspiration for these stories I mean you must get a lot of stories that come in which selection process to decide whether or not you're actually going to commit the time and resources. To produce one vs one that might not meant make the monster. The report that I have with individual tells the story. It in the report about what it would dictate what I what I what I retreat in the reason why Connecticut recruited. Different personality. To. Country and personalities try to make a lot easier. Historic. Some people war natural track and you have to almost old story element to tell us sort of the gold eco. Very very wrong to treat but they're they're the people. Actually have added a count her arm you can tell is adamant about the sold out or their soul. There's a point that it's very easy you to the bottom of what's going on Oracle's board so I. Did you go on the record about. Of the portion which would go and say hey you know just got that are like our kids. Of their products much electric car to be flat with the exception of me going to the police weren't ERG Derek and I. And the quicker you know and and follow my gut him. Haven't been sold yet people try this complex there's certain things it. You know resounding ring true you know you eat their remarkable story. Ten times nothing changes. Armed you know they're come true you don't have a urgent and it just fluctuates. And they go and and more more so today and almost got the lead that you notice not Coventry so it's based on the report that I have what that urgent. Hansel and what you're doing is is different than what we're doing we're going and we're sitting there with them where we're spending a lot of time with them going and checking out there and their location. And day he unity you're connecting with them and just trying to talk them in hopes that they're being honest with you so. Of course but. You listen to Jason do you view we're going to be taken a quick break here in just a second but we're meal also opening up the phone lines and 8446877669. Again it's 844. 6877669. And Agassi called the other question about the show last night the last episode ghost hunters or a question on one of the episodes or whatever just give us show. You listen Jason did you be right back after the. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right. Dressed in. When you need to subscribe taps her match. And now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website it's caps aromatic dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code and beyond at checkout and save even more on your subscription. It's catchy term acting where every issue is filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tabs Tara Mac dot com. That's caps paramedic dot com user promo code beyond just say. Welcome back to the only Ellen yeah Jason Hawes and Davey Johnson while yeah. OK okay you're having a great night. Has a music as you look at. The if you better hold for wild thanks for being patient we're gonna get to everybody's calls the numbers 844 succeed set and 7669. Dirk waters is our guest done. Dark. What things we haven't really chatted about much tonight is where you live I mean nor lenses such. Of of city steeped in not just history but paranormal history. And down I mean if anybody is going to have a and tradition and history of of paranormal activity in ghosts and spirits and whenever you win a whenever it is a New Orleans is the place to have it. The leaders are people are mountain people keep long lucky to have them all morning long and all of a normal. It's not one of those things where slow. Pebble like many public relations. You'd be amazed at how many friends spoke to him to come up and you'll restrictions. Whereas in Marion or how much night watching TV in the rocking chairs the mark dead used to it and the retired judges should normal. When might really an idea you know it is it is just one. The police XP in mystery and always. Got things going. I don't hear it but it's a corporate like sort sort of so what do you what sorts and so what most people arm and to be out you know it's no big deal. Typically it takes a lot to give to people talk about the war began to talk about it opens up until you pretty much any New Mexico. You know under better everywhere so in all of this. And body because I met with the personnel. The end of the way people in the war on law and you can easily understand. I'll out of commission to spur our. Well I I agree with you know Owens has definitely. From everything I've seen have been there's so many times I love it but they've they've really embraced. Everything now has to do with it with ghosts and on things and and things of that nature and when you when you get down there you feel it but it's also such a hot bed for. So many different religious cultures that are that are in that area whether salary whether. As it is in the voodoo aspects of it it's just. This phenomenal place to get down and just and check out some history of and how all the people that are there. Absolutely I'm in not so people calming become a New Orleans. It changes you arm in ways instead. People cannot imagine for the older looking live in the war and all the way. Mean people you. It is cute to lead this unit and could he left and I are significantly better but it's a part of all this is so. On this war Internet how to order a rubber city and remarks pretty well whenever you review. Because this place in a moment here two years. My whole life from there and go low Willie separate years so. A lot of stories. I'm happy to be here after president city. Let's go to the phone minds we've got a call from my Cindy in Arizona. Cindy welcome to beyond reality radio. I. I wanted to find out that the team is going to. Be going around in investigating other places. Oh you're not but I work. I'm honestly yes and we we still investigate off camera as well on. We will be still investigating and it were were in talks with three well more than three bug multiple different networks right now. And yet acie definitely gonna see more of us we just. We just felt it was best at that time so to honestly severed ties with sides trying nor did go our way. We wish investment in just saw that and we're going to on different paths. So yeah you'll definitely see us again and it won't be too long but apparently. Yeah I I went to jail stone not that long ago and and went on. As those timing thing and and in the birdcage beer or sketched peca and it secured their part shut one down downstairs you know it isn't it was a great experience it really low. The birdcage steers a phenomenal locations thanks for the call I loved I loved that blessing granite both experienced something we wouldn't tell each other when it was until we got outside. And I in front of our people what was so just a back up our our. The experience yet thanks for the call Cindy we appreciated 8446877669. Dark waters EU are doing audio versions of these stories now any plans down the road remind actually do some full production with some video. And I bet you must include a lot to try and keep view. Some collaborations. Partnerships with people who really Greek yields surged. Have been able to success of the vote to get a deal or anyone I'm working on that alone there are several stories. We'll. To bringing to light so remote it you standpoint. Haven't been able to do it when talking tree you know owners. Some might be very expensive treatment does that make up and everything else you'd be very EU. And once you're out there. The score. If you are. And pregnant you know. I can bring it equal to to produce or. Bad acting. Let's bring on spring Vinson from Missouri Vince welcome to the show. I don't great an hour. I'm good I'm here this loaded question there are on the commercial an obvious question to you guys medal for the guest to. Lost or how are we followed a long story Brooke. I had a friend who passed collect they expect a lot some of suicidal lost my brother. It was shall eleven Arabic culture. I lost my daughter homicide. But there's one from Europe and America and 1 o'clock we've known each other for a thousand years. And this man we could be up harper a year two years. Did the optic solid cover up another ballot. And when Amanda it was mark we never ever separated. We were connected. And we were structural tropical would talk. We'll probably talk about all star you have a problem by now. But when it passed away. I got an autopsy results I got nothing no Greg stone known happen. And to have today cannot accept. Background bit. Now I don't know what good how brain now want to accept to be dead but I got no proof that he is dead. Now that exchange. Traded him. Partnership to the other day you never want. I spoke to get start reckoning was talking about people and he's. For example take a look at the body and the years ago. And it could be like 1516. Years ago outcome homework and ask where. I'm former colored vehicle armor don't sailor man and black granite on that. But the little warmer in the backseat away whenever her mom passing. And Luke and it blows my wife. And I were to got a model act. I get home on my wife her home. Which is totally different. He come about or change. Or something there was something different wrote a dollar and works go actually marry or not together now. On the dollar patent but her she was never the sanctions such things occur in the person in the car would like yelling at regular trade it for me this would mean it may. While seeing what appeared light disorderly you're dealing with it toppled gang hereafter. Referred to our report Rivera played. Do you still feel that way do you still feel that she's different. Yes and let's see Matsui dark horse and start if you and any heard any stories like that anything no ring true Cuba that. I bet people call me it would complicate the story where you every good story worries they are occurring person. Arm in one carried out also one place without a personal in about elsewhere apple Q were upstairs and eventually but the image. It exactly and you're running Iran Egyptian. Now answered first and worry that what they're very first virtual soul which is one little spot is that. Gold beyond doubt it's your shoulder packed together so. Armed UN that you have such a strong bond that there is almost nothing reckon that our workers well workers. But he's got to get a so proud per person not as second situation. What changed the way you're trying to know what's going on that's pretty newly I mean that's pretty new to me. I like to speculate but they're I don't know should all what did you notice. Yeah well we've dealt with cases that and we actually had a case years and years ago of a lady who was seeing her own and toppled anger. And and so. You know the possibility I'm I'm a firm believer in game they go back soon and she's the beginning of use these talk of McCall watches the Woodson and all these different things but. Yeah it's definitely weird story. Yeah I I'm not. I mean the first thing I thought when he started talking messing his wife go by and then choose different with some type of alien involvement. But who knows I mean that's that's his first of efforts amendment that myself especially the car part the fact that she passed him in a car. Very very strange our telephone numbers 8446877669. We've got time for one more. Call her before we have to go to break this is Scott in South Carolina welcome to the program. And eighty how he got a district that's got a call from my favorites in the country housing don't you heard over Easter and and persons resident and look at center in America this question is actually directed towards you why are all I was wondering. Bomb so folks would go out into the ghost on campaign and the groups or whatever. Palm that your risk for bringing anything back with him up or going to a mariners Oxley. Pot. Quote unquote so we'll be. Yeah it's it will barriers barriers retrieve some of you mr. Clinton dream earlier I mean a part of a lot of different. Content but it was not ordered. Yeah the well anytime you goats shoes so called haunted locations or especially if you're dealing with in in human type on a demonic tape entity. You stand the potential of that following you back you're trying to push it out of that location while K to leave that location but wannabe the problems is seeking come back with you. So and everybody everybody has their own police system whether it's somebody who has face and across they're carrying your holy water. I've always believe that your power comes from inside you. So and I do the only reason I don't it's not that I don't have faith and across or holy water it's just the fact that I don't wanna ever put my faith in the something that if I lose it it gets lost or taken away from me now I feel vulnerable. Of course in the energy the power inside you it it's always there can't be taken for. So yet it is they do need to remember that when they're going to an inhuman and negative type entities case. That the potential is there for this thing too now harassed you and just need to be prepared for that I've never had that happen myself and I've worked on some some severely. Or just really negative cases. He dart just a quick comment is we have to go to break have you heard any stories of people having something follow them home that has become a menace. What you know or moral low. Worked. In an open court well. Look at right let's take a break when we come back oh continue to beyond reality radio Jason. And scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. Beyond reality radio Jason host Jimmy Johnson was a song remind you object. I have no idea I'd never heard that song for ignored came from as I was gonna ask of course what were what this its doctor John. Wright place wrong time it was a it was a pretty big hit in the seventies but it was in the movie boogie nights if you are seen that film I did I did see that yes just remember I was born in the seventies so whenever that has not death or any act and I don't. Are in the spring dark in. I dark waters are basically at a time but we wanna make sure you have an opportunity let everybody know how they can behind your. Videos or your audio file what are the video there on YouTube so I guess we'll call on video and even though. Audio files how can people get ahold of that and also anything else again going on. Well to allow trying to get through grim search order channel. Real quickly and subscriber and you trim pickle and conquered earth well there are all these oh inch. H two O one and on Twitter at age 201. And I can tell people wanting. If you rented a normal that you really easy to train two bit strange we. On the Kindle strange you will be enjoyed a bit electoral experience and you can experience a where it went. Equally prone. You know the compliant but also aren't recover belligerent. That's awesome and it's always great to have you on always Terry talked with yen and will connect and get down and owns a warning now haven't we'll have a hurricane at some point that the thanks emotionally and so. It appreciate InterDigital which you don't want one of those doors and don't give John. All right sounds good mental talks in the all right dark waters thanks to him for being on the show everywhere to kick off. Heading into the Halloween weekend now let's go to the phone lines we've got Nicole from Arizona welcome to the show. I carry it there on pinnacle from the show on. Thank you. What's on your mind. And a lot of signing I'm back affirmative right Darryl how we live in Opteron for the past twenty years. On it's not a proper towels in hand that we stay here for the most part because he'd live patterns upstate. Content there's spin in the past. Ran about ten years ago when we first lieutenant Sullivan we're feeling. But then about ten years ago com. Visual steps circuit that happened. TD return mosques. But are there on me I've been would go off by several times the bit about three or four times. When the houses totally begin at one point about two or three years to come over you know check everything out in front. I have grown blocking out and called to check the windows and that ran. And these fire alarm went off and the only way to get it to stop what I had that terror off the wall and disconnect the electric. Summit developed electric common health that they she would run up like cat nap in the summer that he would run in the winter. I'm which is weird stuff happens. And claiming now that we've been living here permanently put Powell then almost six years. It seemed like being there are starting up again I mean it's quite fit in now it's like IE I'm starting to see and hear and feel stuffed again and so. A bad call you guys and. Well honestly I don't for some I don't think it is really anything or about I always recommend a set up recorder and night lawyers sleeping senator Cameron nightly sleeping Selig it's able to be documented without your contamination walking around the household. Com and and seeing what that. I'm afraid what I thought he. On the plate at the. But no but now a lot of time knowledge is power at least if you find something and you're able to figure knowledge and understand a little more of what you're dealing once. That would be my recommendations to you. What that something that's just claimed that just eight don't like. Joker triceps and it'll likely all accept its armed. You know like nothing happened you know I have animal actually captain at our kids know that it never seem hurt or scared or anything like that. I'm I guess that's mainly what I'm concerned about. Because not activities seem would be kind of start not began its slow start it's like the noises and certainly here. You don't noises. And like a wipe out our heart allow. Mark can actually not a bad and that you know I'd just. Yeah I guess I'm just have to start recording stop or. I'll do it in my recommendations or you can go right to taps website to earn just click type and taps family dot net. And find a tap Stanley group that's local winners of a combined three charts combined check announcer what they're able to document connect. I don't I don't popular OK well thank you can barely get it. Thanks for the call on the call let's go do we have time for one more call this is Monica in Missouri welcome to the show Monica. Oh it should. I'm not. An object. Here's how. We're. Back out. Here they are. In an aide Eddie called it. And I. It important at all and every. It. To. And we won't end. I am watching. The old. Bomb. Ever. An important and he didn't carry all I didn't get it not all that credit is great yeah. And how little you know all. Of she actually. I have. Met you but. It. How. I leader and that aren't that it. I'll put it yeah yeah I a agent. That you let the street and we had a background in that aren't. And I am. I've never right right I got it on. Our back yard. And who will be all right. Partner. You know that you really and I'll think out of. Will ameliorate it or not. Let me answer this real quick is or almost out of time but. Honestly when it comes to human spirits no they're gonna and they're gonna look Martin and look like who who they they look like if they're not going to be able change form and discern people. The only thing that will if they can do that is a negative type and tunic and change its form it says to locally and different different people and so forth but is always some sort of in perfection with with. With the copy that's creating so it sounds like to must be multiple spirits around and it that you're friendly and is open enough to seat. Hopefully that'll so thanks for the call on senators to cut you off but guys big shot out to to dark waters coming on an Alice and I always have a pleasure to have him on. Discussing got some great stories make you check out his YouTube channel. And again next week we've gotten. Well again Christopher quarantine now from by the image of all he'll be on the Monday following night. We've got Devern Sherri who both had near death experiences and believe it now the latent abilities. They're going to be on on Tuesday. When they were covering Houdini everything Houdini with John Cox. And Thursday we've got we're talking Vernon. My humble who's director of Paul mystery institute in San Francisco osu we had a great show Grayson a show's schedule for next week and hope you'll tune and spread the word like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. The editing system and Williams have a great Halloween weekend everybody we'll see you Monday night stay safe seal synergies and javy will catch you next week. And it's. Just a skinny. Yeah spy Alexander Graham Johnson and her Connolly handle and don't forget to stop light our FaceBook page and give us a life and say hello Ali it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow up on or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.