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2016-10-31 2nd Guess

Nov 1, 2016|

Bobby and Mike Detellier talks Saints Football LIVE from the Silver Slipper Casino.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of the second guess he'll likely that you obviate there. Live from the so most of the casino. Side right here and not on the Mississippi double bind that that this will be here in Seattle 730 that night so lot. And they'll have the squared up with a Monday night on this and you could hear that game live right here on the home with the sites in the NF now. Inevitably now it'll be in Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings at 630 tonight with a slight regular network would be the Saints coaches show. With Saints coach on. And quarterbacks coach Joseph Lombardi. Got locked up a lot sites wives but. Bob what do things that I'm now the day young man it is college football itself in this. Jamie Collins got traded from the New England Patriots to the Cleveland Browns. I mean I've hit the that the points via a lot different peoples it wide it this late collapse that Jamie Collins. What are the reasons is they had to hold the team on the treatment Jamie Collins. Jamie balances in the final year of his contract that skiing somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen to seventeen. Million dollars a year. The Browns took a chance in trading a compensatory. Third round pick and I don't get it in opiate early fourth. The Patriots in exchange for Jamie Collins with one technical football player. But it's par for the business for the Patriots they are not willing to Shell out a lot of money a evident both Brady or Gradkowski. That was a lot of big it's a thing as that it is seldom lose it instead of losing him and not getting anything the other thing too is you bury him. My half the year in Cleveland he's not gonna hurt you if you. Trade him to Cleveland any stretch of the imagination. That's why a lot of teams were interested in him just. The Patriots got a pick in tunes it's that you don't let you get a compensatory third retreating to post from the worst. Put the best team to the worst team in the National Football League open night it had not that they do with talent it has everything to do with the fact. Paying you know what he wants market value wise you're in that spot you can get traded with Hewitt a spot similar. Yeah with the Saints where Jim makes. Before we take his seat belt is no you don't do what the Patriots their feeling is in their free agency world at a funeral side what will we offer you a you can go so well routes we not get a. Yet now the things that trading of and AFC east opponent. So then you gonna be facing them and you look at the Browns how the Browns are irrelevant so love. Kind of a Patriots again have their peak needed to get up the pit top player. Because they look at OK we do we visas but we don't want pay him that kind of figure. And and looking at well he's not gonna hurt us that we get to the forum I mean that that that are they bottom happen. And you know ended. They wouldn't have traded him I think that you know you're rumored but all different teams that they wanted to services. Decadent traded to someone maybe contend with. With the Pacers and there were doing a trip to the Steelers in the AFC north. Raiders dusty admitted that trading anybody right index goes back to haunt them in essence with Dick it is very you know what hapless season. Now what do we get to as the years. Public money all the rounds willing to offer him because if they don't resign him enough of delegates will pick up big contract to do it. They gave up basically at third round nickel early fourth book got its only gonna play out the season and he might be. Out on the open market and also to I think would help that situation rookie. Old linebacker Atlanta Oral Roberts young man from the University of Houston. Has done a great job at that linebacker position and you'll feel that the that as close to show the Belichick match in that. He knows I would it's such a good football player they can't afford sort of speak on how they look at things that made him. But they have a replacement ready for him as soon as they can trade him out they get a draft to. Yet now if they'll listen. Could you make the team better you know I don't look at that this year but you look at normal tournament down the road. And I mean I don't know ET Cleveland's gonna pay him that kind of money. And why would it pumped Jamie in this at all what made me. Why would a yelling Dave Cleveland right right well I think there's a lot of players that within look at their career. That it they are overpaid. They kind of pinnacle that even at that an opportunity to a lesser money and they go would have more. I guess the team with prospects. To go to the playoffs and so I've just been around enough poem that I know that money talks and everything else well and he could wanted to go to a great team that also be wanted to hide the into the pits of guys come probable. You know let bill Roberts gets me 540000. Dollars next year and he won the markets where one. Which is basically around 78 million dollars that wasn't gonna happen so again that's not the explanation that the team Collins deal. There were a lot of teams after him. I think basically the Patriots got a draft choice what they want it any clarity about Cleveland until we shot that he's out of a free agent market. Come that's February abort Bob big win yesterday put us nights. What it but when he. Game doubtful he would as usual and get used to love it because that's going to be every Saints football game but they beat a good team. A really good team in their house. Now these six and eleven now in the last seventeen games late in the bill. On all that you file the running game that was not there any thought they made a commitment to the running game that hightower played a huge reported that. Well you can't get more balance obviously got 35 passing active 35 rushing it is the dog and I think they'll with the linemen and they kind of big it is is gonna kind of game it was going to be involved and worry when gonna have. Wreath on the ball 45 the fifty times I've got to play catch up that via a different story and it would bode well with. If you look at it they Pete Carroll and that's Seahawks defense the big get humbled. I mean I'd like to do Michael go to research and look all the people formatting is that the Hawks be with us to say the last. You know four seasons. I mean the Saints had 281. Downs vs Pete Carroll team. If you look at six straight scoring drives. Fifteen plays ten plays nine plays eleven plays nine plays eleven please you wanna talk about dictating the told. You look at time of possession the Saints have the ball at 36 minutes. That a Seahawks 23 minutes of it. That was domination now discordant say that being 25 the warning. But that balance that dominating. Effort. By the Saints and the first water. You it's able to see X the Seahawks won that looks like they were even at a different speed. At times the same cut off this will start at the Saints won. The last three quarters and you have to look at your opponent also what they've done on the road. And even that early in AM kickoff. That this is unbelievable come into the game there were 85. At a T and AM kickoff because you know there's bodies acclimated to Pacific time. And there rate five not aided think that you look at their last. 27. Road games. Mike that they were 791. We're now they 1710 and one so you'd edges be. You know all the today NFL win no this has that. Be a big feather in kneecap and be confident that builders. That to beat a team like I don't know of that hole. I'll would like college as it goes that Seattle kind of like I Kansas City but I'll like out chances. Winning three in a row. I'd say average Siskel and on that same global body he could be bite your fingernails in the fourth. Water beat my goodness they view I think right now to say to a two point favorite on the road so it's still like a field goal. Tight game when all's that it definitely getting the Broncos. In the superdome look at it their all then it's. Prepared to have the collective bird. It might just looked at its emphasis whether at this that your confidence builder policy that Torre should be there you go dead last in total offense. That party niners. And it dead last against the pats. Not now that I guess they've fourth against the rubble relegate him last in the past to teams think the key passages might not run and a while. His idea game Drew Brees would throw maybe part of by the time that they can exploit. That defense that you look at the fifth Utley. My. Can this help offensive line and out running the football and in all of a sudden. You don't have back to back games where we can maybe have more balance right now the 49ers also. Dead last against the run and the thirtieth overall so. This could not that the kind of game that you sit on the how to say it who's though we should not lose but you've still got to play that is in the NFL but I table witnesses. You know beating Seattle than have a Beagle the relatives of the things that they care that. Well with the second guess she'll run at the as break here on the negates that. Me. Welcome back it's like it did show Mike and the Bobby you've been alive from the so what's the casino. Beat sided Hancock county Mississippi are definitely up already Jack or the new poll. Shelton brackets in Melbourne rove actually commit three more Lawton would've likely he'll be back what the snap to school game will that greatly. Through the Saints you that's what would it be about the same. You keep accurate quote knowledge that if the Al dot com are already some of the people will say they think it'll help a little but he's one of those guys all all the pass rusher that this team was looking more but I do think it'll help this football team now have a guy like del potro what they may end up being the greatest quarterback ever. The play on this team. And have a a Shelton Rankin who we saw. In the limited time but he was it disrupt their inside. That could do nothing but help you possibly. Down the stretch. Well you have to look at who we playing and now. At the hell beat beat this week you get at least to the middle of the pack in I think it does matter. Would opposing quarterback that you're facing. That's why I think it helped that the that it competent. Going to at San Francisco in the Broncos come with the Mercedes that Tuberville that you got knocked out that don't bat an eye opening no problem beats Carolina played again. The Cardinals I don't like I you'd expect them to play. And they look at they can't use and note Cam Newton is legit. The Rams who knows now we always lay an egg every year old that nobody. That you know you should lose to what you look at top quarterbacks though. It gave it to me you look at the head. Detroit when the lines of the town Matthew Stafford. Is don't fire very similar what Matt Ryan with the Falcons. Other than that you look at the quarterbacks. That you face and what you gonna get it came with with it was that I played in life. But it's not like you going to is that Tom Brady. And then whoever you received. That might be a top quarterback. That place like that you like to him down. And Stafford Stafford didn't Matt Ryan I felt like yeah yeah he acted that the last game of the year who knows bill on New Year's Day at Atlanta. That it be at different. Until ninth at seven eyewitnesses division. And that might be UN taking. You win the division. It's okay that that to the NFL what's that happened in theory but I still look at as the double digit winning TO. And it's very frustrating out. It is different even though it is basically privately these 7980. Metres 97. But I said collected issue when the schedule came out. But I thought we had the ability. To connect it is scheduled to be. And nine at seventeen it's still where we're at right now you have the momentum. Considering Mike now. When you look at it and yet you have to look at this because well where we get right now. And now. You look at where rip out the threat they've proved that 53 now would still be able to have our attitude is still game and a half up Oilers right now. But what all what also added Dunn. Are you hot and and now argue peak kidnapped at the right time and I think that's we're at right now and Goler winning streak getting we have that opportunity. Gotta think to his health. You won the starting to get. Zone guys that were down back to the lineup and again rankings and I know would certainly will be reports of that but. I think going back and we'll talk about this more apt to be a huge weight but. I think the emergence now finding that god that I think really fits offensively with this team. In running the ball to him I column. I think that message has been sick and I think you know what Sean was patient and stayed with the run because one reason. You were successful with. If you're successful you have to look at it shocked me to Wear this you look the Saints rushed the ball a season high 35 times. At 123 yards now if you looked at 2006. This may turn out 39 and or. When they. Record at least thirty or cut charismatic contest not look at that what you skating. Just it hit it to run the ball to in that region I play catch up when they have thirty or more carries. They're 39 at four solid they Sean Payton but one still utilize that formula that I think. The more you can run it more balanced than drew will be even better and it be more precise because. Whose group was basically. Go to get the top deep it when he departed receiver Mike pro football focus had a he was 27 of 33. A good goal when he had time to know where he was throwing it being productive against that secondary. Yeah actually seven completions out of 338 passes. And with those past Russians do you have the law on a premiere. More with this gets you right it is you regret. Jim and so. Welcome back to the second Daschle Mike it to you Bobby's been alive from the so let's look at casino beat side right here it got on in this if anybody gets up for political. Yes I like it looked now we won what three at the last or gains and I think we keeping it. The five that the last six I think you take care that this is the 49ers and never Ottawa look too far ahead. But we can we we knew where able to do that Edmonton. Look at where the Saints are right. We get it keep it perspective how Seattle has struggled offensively and we gain six point witness who would score if you look at Seattle. You've now scored just one offensive touchdown. In the past point three possessions. Thing about that one off with a touchdown the past what you possessions that the state Thomas Everett that and the people without the blame drew if that we've we've got to go to different direction. And Russell Wilson's been eliminated but that's how bad Seattle's offense has been. And get the Saints. To not even looking at the other games one off but it touchdowns on nine possessions but the Seahawks. So that's Ozzy got to keep your perspective it's a big confidence Miller to Seattle had outward. Most opportunistic defense is one of the top the that is so but that's life to good win. But as far as defensively. What we did. It's not like we were beating and all that that was though rolling in it does put them within a point. For the viking Adams who works out a new York and in Naples this right after the game Russell Wilson hasn't thrown a touchdown pass miked three weeks. Just think about that has not thrown a touchdown pass. I don't think Drew Brees in his life going back to Pee-Wee football has ever had that kind of sped. That I mean yeah. That those of you want to look at it now no matter what quarterback we face against San Francisco a lot of is cavern it still playing are probably averaging a little whatever it. I mean I think those dots that don't look that up but bubbly but they shouldn't have success they'll think success over a game against the. It would happen is if you decide it is the nickel when I think that that element with you know. If you a lot of trouble as a defensive team but they don't you walk them in the 49ers. John and that's a big John you know how to wit about him like. You know our notes you beat John Barrett we're all happy now when he spoke about the they that you. Yet have a few characters out here it's in a couple of dress though that are. The other go oh yeah. Though you know he got Halloween so Bob ball so we want to congratulate B yeah Hendry. And instantly I became a ground ball late last week in. But duties. You guys are well I don't let you know you understand the ball well ideally you eating all the candies that. I wouldn't. You'd about it now we've always been warmup in the Al and nobody ran it right circuitry but almost the and we we have. We think about football and you know the most famous football player involved in history. Papelbon now we night and I hope you all about it on that. Radio beep and JD politte and plays that because my now we've not. But you know not complete website you Billy cannon running in the and the ball. It like that on a local sportscast they'll let there be mature audio is now we should. Absolutely had a look at some research got down to make it played on Al we'd only five times in the entire fifth in the get wrapped in tune to rate. But the most could most local games but now with that infamous Browns game back in 1999 with two outs in the field married Kevin Johnson. That was where you might get this right yeah I hadn't and we like. Don't like almost passed out of that league and you go face first. All of the services you wouldn't. You don't like big John remember that game because you know we is that I think they've got a aka the right way it. But apparently this that are eagle on the. Benedict route that nobody. Out we ought. On the other the other big victory we have with that read Sunday night game against Pittsburgh the year we won all human. We played rounds pretty poorly the week before and it and feel comfortable we play now Al football. What on what they opera review the wrapped reads a league best in employees were a couple people yesterday. Was all the guys in the wealthy wrapped. And I can't let this hall. That would support this game and Mac about it you know he can help with demanded by. It couldn't happen to a more partner coach. Are all of you know apparently involved in the long in the back field what will the like them in the apartment you know why. Are. My last night is that what down war and I and I agreed the that was a great win yesterday got equality Seattle the they had injuries we have out there and been out there. My man beat down you win what job he's doing just enough what we needed you win. Now what the fact that becoming a habit for him really step up at the end game. What proves little blaze at yeah yeah. Gonna give him credit there that have built up one. Receiver. Accidentally got idiots old I don't know own out of bounds and it out there a whole lot but it didn't take much. What is that the white the end of the outlook this great to have a little bit after the problem that I've pondered at times like this. And then collapse again so we got to wait and see that. You mentioned seldom ranked as he's going to be able to help with that they lost because endurance really Smart play. Like you know the first round draft pick that he walks. And and can you create more pressure on the quarterback you get into released the ball quick look back at a top of the pats secondary what the you know row he'd W well. Or you know. Epstein net the idea he was still there so. You know I think that. It's a wait and see attitude but it looked to me like this teams really start of the plate. Football like to see ya and and and capped off him I'd what what the game yesterday in. I've that this somewhat low block on that more. Applicants. At and what we had discussion many many years in the past and we've ever over you know about Sean Payton Ron you. Off and on one point 530 pounds to gain and then you get three yards seats are. But it blows you know those big ones at the end when Warren defensive line out from all those will breed aren't. Beckett to the media that's what it's been doing Chauncey some it's about. And and lots there it needs government but that it's on them that you have more on the ball. And play better defense of the season of them yeah. Well the thing is as to what they gave credit and you go to beat John this season quick feet and article last week Pete Carmichael. As they call on the play is that the karma likely bidding knowledge that a time out we need to run the ball more. That's all the sun that's what happened like against Seattle and I think even as great as Drew Brees is. If the 49ers. Are dead last against the run. Opera and all law I mean. I don't know how productive movie what you think you should have thirty attempts. Well listen that magic number I wouldn't be good at thirty if knocking me twenty Bible more hay that's right up mild real house to get this you rolled in running the football at. Like we get that thirtieth big giant I hit the thirty simply because that's an opinion. Now thirty and I waited there for a loss that's big now with the upbeat and you have Drew Brees at quarterback now we need to be to game when you're not having that sort of play catch up so in that gave happy agent. The bottom line it just went at them at a high you win but 39 at four when you have thirty rushing it is like that that's dom. To me if you can get one Bible more. You put this thing yet but that's a lot of average run in the football. Or a Sean Payton coached me more with the second guess your right after the break you owned negates that. Back here on the second guess you'll like it to you Bobby you've been alive from the so let's look. With casino beats nodded and cut coming Mississippi given New Orleans did you know how to with Bob and Mike. Yeah you guys don't. I can they can. You know two quick gains. Our number one you definitely want to help my team and roll call that. And you guys could really feel because you only care. But he and now teams would just Wear him out or. As strong and go through that corner. With a wrap up tomorrow waigel who with anywhere. Polls. I'll take Rollins. Yeah yeah. Back. Well the thing is but that you wit it that that he could not do that could've caught the game. When you look at that last drive in the nordic quick slant. Yeah I think he's got to be freaking kidding me as a plus thirty yards that it's 36 with. I'm not that you got to give up the first down we got to beat enemy attack that cannot be built thirty yard gain. Whereas now with the rules the big improvement but if you ask you know put him on you wanted to question him. Well it. That can't fault that defense that called the defense you want me well and he's playing that plane properly. I would say he's coached to play properly at and then he'd be get it done it and now it's all about angles. Now. Missed that we've been on him. And and rightfully so. But you know played unbelievable like in. Is Jared. Byrd you got to give him credit Jared Byrd finally meet tackles but he showed the he lipped out his contract for one game where he played good and I think he had an interception whatever. But he tackle. Yet eight is that the attack is led the team with him. That that would be maybe that you won it I have to look back exactly what a cart on that list or the safety position. The bill to stop a thirty yard gain. But I'll overall. Yeah our quarterbacks always expecting help from their thing that they called in addition. You two quick in my. Annual. And I've been excellent. You know air while. Option of playing ball in the corporate position but when you can't hide rated him and you talked about his decision. It you'll like it since I mean if he was in the report that Hawaii would be picked them to. Played we just came out there. In cant kid he uses kneel at the re yeah I think the eighteen years nine college. And get much of a path with Colorado yet so he Hughes nobody here was so we'll limit not just like what we saw Randy Brown. But you know what is exactly what the scouting reports that all adds on top. Oh at this point in the houses to me. All the angles he used problem you know with that being inept as a linebacker. All I wouldn't you lose confidence that four is. Who Jamie Collie lowered this deal again with what you do that. You have to make that commitment. To go long term yeah I just went out and give him the baucus where's my money that's the catch of it and I don't think. You went live tennis than him. Anywhere. That they think that there isn't it then I think this got a little bit personal but when he. Bus Cook and the Patriots and not think they buried him. And you know what that deal with next year. Kobe you don't you'll somewhere else get that so much but while we appreciate it. Well with this issue right at this rate you're on the negates that. Welcome back art of what you hear on the second guess you'll like it the Bobby you've been alive from the self worth slip because you know. Each side right here and cut down in Mississippi Bobby and I'll be on until 630 tonight. Knuble brought to the sites radio network and because it took issue with head coach Sean Payton. In his guest that I dopey quarterbacks coach Joseph Lombardi then right after that Monday Night Football right here on the big 878. The Minnesota Vikings played the Chicago fans if you in the areas couple bond business. Yep the squares up well at that much unite not this right here at this it was a little Bob while we get racquet but Tim Hightower. The first hour but pro football. Well yeah all that well. The that a breakdown note this right now okay because I think it's that snakes and that wouldn't be so low we look at what do you do after contact. Like okay you make a guy this. You know all of a sudden all of at the line. Is not. Haven't these giant holes like you might see though it Dallas offensive line. Q what are you doing to help the running game with Tim Hightower. He averaged two point six yards after contact. Per carry. Now that about it. Two point six yards now he averaged four yards that carries it just goes to show you not only falling forward. Football football or was that you've seen. In a Chris Ivory a car Robinson. About the kinda. Ready that we get neat because Valero with the blind is structured. I think we can protect Drew Brees will never be a dominant all but the blind as four run block it. That's why you need running back yards after contact. Army could defenders miss and that's how you truly get average. You know Florida half the argument that Pierre Thomas though with high fours five point two yards which is ridiculous. You go at times so. That's why I appreciate the effort is with Tim Hightower. Now at thirty years of age. But he the young thirty I guess that reaches the yield 37. Who's you look at when we appreciate opportunity get back actively. So even though he's thirty years that the age. He's more like you we'd be as far as where it care what's it like about a 27 year old considering you know the running back position. Now who else with outstanding. He was an emotional it's Kansas City. But we need him to be show up every game week in and week out as cam Jordan. Can't jar it was dominant and I thought he should because the Seattle was the dog thereof but it tackles are very good. We can't jarred stepped up a big time like you did the previous two contests when you look at it. Before that I achieved scheme he was outstanding. Against Carolina at home and at San Diego. All of us etiquette Seattle can't start stepped up big time we got that we need to have that kind of strolling. From the camp Jordan. Compete every down B that have been against the 49ers. And I think he will be its bark you know why he went to cal Berkeley. That in the Bay Area if you like all of a sign. Him to art art just looked approximately where we live around New Orleans. Berkeley with San Francisco like Olsen. That are super bill. So when you look at Berkeley part of 49ers so that it is back yard a couple of you don't wanna be embarrassed it was the kick the 49ers but. So a lot they can't jarred gonna come up big time whoever the quarterback with the forty niners if you look it's Russell Wilson at six total pressures. Yet that batted pass which I think was one of the badly he'd done all season. A pair of runs dobbs but. If you if you can remember statement. This shows you that you knowing the situation. The tackle try to cut him chop. As soon all the sublime school like me you mis what are they doing trying to get your hands down. So as soon as that happily cam he got his big call up any batted the pats now. Because they would have the first now see that that will play all the third Seattle got to putt now. He knows hopefully not that it's the eighth in camp already done that level right now that have built instinct and he knows how to play. We've got to go to telephone lines and you go to being in Slidell penis Slidell. You're the huddle with Bobby and might. There I go Bobby and the rise and I doubt a big one. Today we need but opt out of goods. Big city. And the big boy OK yeah at a all of them go. Wanna go on be in no and there until the ball crosses they expanded whose lone. Okay sort of like we respect right. Bank. It was quick and in that it that there is good good about it yet. It was quick. Okay so. So when the gap that you probably close and you know so hot it has been present here. Well the thing is is. The team to me. I'm that you that this secular or flagrant act like right now that's. You gotta get the receiver an opportunity. To use his body to get off the line of scrimmage. Now the thing is that you wanna be fight through it like at least the did. Well I looked to me that outlet out and out like he's picked him he tried out the ball and he definitely a chance. And it deep lob equally with 11 guy that can do it better that anybody. Andrei rises in bobsled bullets would say bad bone at that they got the ball in his hands up in the air when they went not calling. Well that's that I I was and you know have a coach Lombardi on and Sean Payton. You know you never know everything I would it would have me out there the coach there receivers on Iran the the right at that. Blake got it in it with a huge you'd award at night talked about this and I can show your technique in the pitches it never call it. But it takes his skills that where if you truly getting in the way of at the end there and being physical and if you look back at the quarterback and yes it. They can never call in there and really you could be picked in. The Bender. In billing the ball's not leaving comic tour I'll write Ochoa made. Mitchell that technique. That we can utilize now it doesn't work work that well it's that you know as that coverage. I'm telling you it's not like you missed it. And put it it's actually helped me get approval. Actually in the Olympic Andy got it under runs a lot of money. I thought locked rocket right at fifteen touchdown pass that one year about that if you get that double digit around well that's a lot. If he does now pat that they have the rules they have now that riot that. And it might opt out there is values will operate. I was who I was Sama world. And on and on it but ten years so maybe those. You know there's only there's only seven. High school football. Eight fool thing. And not. In quote but BA is. Like 2000 accepted as the rules. Oh yeah. Then you got that right buddy and thanks so much football. We have I did thank you thanks so much being and they'll will be back with boards like he guessed right at this rate your own them. He. Welcome back to this like against you'll like it to you Bobby alive from the so what's with the casino. Beats and it got on me misses that tiger fans wanna get the next eligible home game lucid and win. Listen to this to show Thursday in you can you to Death Valley for LSU Alabama on November 5. And it's so we see we here at LO she fights on college for your chance to win. This could win LSU tickets from scoop. Thursday afternoon between one and four go Tigers from that we'd be out on the line with this now we my match. Me out go who covers the San Francisco 49ers. Or yes yes and Bay Area and once we hit quite a change will win you'll quarterback in. It's all those great 49 at the end of what ignited teams that that you see today so what we welcome Matt. May not go witness Matt thanks so much but don't in this. The problem at all it didn't it great that. Why is. The story has really been all that you'll put up what it out of instead of on an almost lose the Bob you know was over the years Whitman he was go to their men. They were the gold standard is forced football's concerned demand as that pick at double. Beat. No question about it and it wasn't too long ago he'll be a run of three slippery couldn't beat him in game yeah. Which you are on there and you know things fell apart off the field and they they'll art. Even more so off the field and on the field. And indeed Jim Tom Nolan you ever am used to coach for one year. It and everybody alone now that Chip Kelly imminent things be better. And it turns about it being Villa is looking at the person indeed these things have been worse. There that are horrible it. They can't stop anybody on the stand and there's really no hope for the team to get better. Now match uh oh what about the quarterback position obviously college cabernet. Blaine Gabbert. I mean is that China is that cavern aches. You know opportunity arm to have a run its he would he could do or is that kind of what we do we think clarity at all it's because like you said that there at this. They're dead last. A total offense. Legs it beat Italy it thirtieth. But. I mean that you play tonight getting it notable excitable when. But obviously the quarterbacks gonna get a lot of the blame it what did you take wet weather that we Gabbert aren't cavern neglected to gain so that was the thing. Yet have Gabbert won the job during the off season programming or training camp I eat he would help me in the act play that you looked pretty good. Cap and it was was rehabbing. Treat Petersburg injuries surgeries from the the off season program. The team is about to leak to training camp so it's really no surprise that they Gabbert started the season. I'm at the starter. But he was simply not able to carry over anything each of its field in the gains. He struggled through five games and 49ers decided that make it change so I think now that. They have happening in the air either rate me tees start. I think Chip Kelly and you analyze in expanded run. And maybe you know five is our community decide to be something else but it is being did. Then I think really. But then it's sore and make 49ers and nervous is that there's nobody that they're building. He you know they Albert is known Saturday in Jacksonville that it took part of 49ers. He's not the future and then cap and it. Redid his contract. Before his first start. So that he could opt out after this season. So he's not going to be around next year he's not the future. The third quarterback that's Christian Ponder he already had his run with the Vikings he was out game last year. So the 49ers really aren't even starting it at square line. Offensively with the quarterback position. Because everybody knows it. The quarterback or quarterback you're gonna have on the team next year aren't even here right now so there's nobody here even they'll let the final nine games of these. Now Matt this a multiple question and different answers. If you look at the far not as where they're at right now there are kind of light and the theme. Category I guess like the Browns in the there isn't. And then when you look at the fan base are they what you look at sports talk in the Bay Area. How how how the the view Chip Kelly and then also. The fans be if they say man why the hell we moved to Levi's that it would be to go back to Candlestick Park that's a. Yeah I mean it would be you handle it Barkley. Ian is deteriorating. There's there's no question about it they needed needed stadium. A lot of the the end days. I think was happy that there moving forty miles to the doubt he can Clara. And their only game Francisco now in in name only. So you know there is the badgers daddies you. The last game they played right before the bye week the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came down and there were more empty seats have ever seen. For a 49ers game whether candlestick or leave I TV. And you know I think the B&B he is. And they're quite rightfully that a lot of these people paid very good money. On the heels of of the winning that they are doing under Jim Harbaugh 84. You know the heat light it and it paid top dollar for tickets and now those people. I think a lot of them have a difficult time we've been giving their ticket Khaleda. To be alien friends though you know forget about the money they have those people lost. The it's it's just not a really acted products it's it's not an end at all. Citing former football and I think people not we'll leave the offense will be better this season. Under Chip Kelly but it's not you it's not in. Advisories particularly haven't receive more criticism. Is because general manager Trent balky and CEO Jed York. Are the lines to you were here through the the transition from Harbaugh can talk to align the Chip Kelly though. I think chipped on and a free pass here for a year ago. It got no matter as far as that that those shows it it just because the product is not winning. What about college cavern negatives controversial laws then it's does that even come into play are not really. I don't think so I I think it's just from you know the anecdotal evidence of that that I gatherers. In in talking to stand on its own them bring in now but I don't know that it that big unit deal and here in the Bay Area I think. A lot of people feel like. His message is a good message. Maybe that's some of the stuff on and he even knew about this big he wore comes off to a. I'm ultimately lightly flip the page yeah. And year out so I think yeah I think that the one thing that everybody alma the united that'll be valid certainly you'll concede. But yet spartans met the in and I think people believe it he he's sincere in what he's saying and he would like to effect change. So I don't think that that I don't think that that's been in the issue whatsoever spark life into this thing away I think it. You know that they're losing out on whether or not they're not only their bodies being competitive. So I think down more than anything in life. They're gonna have a tough time putting butts in the seats here last apathy. That. Thanks so much for joining us under the pitchers as the real good depth got some great runs for a long time but now. Your wallets before Bob and Jim Bates it him or hit down. We thought it. That's they've recently happened here and you Wallace quite a bit though he may Brett. It will matter what what but. Hopefully what's that in ST what is it that thinks so but with Jordan as we appreciated. All right Mike have obviously yet. Think that they local who is the or not it is not a preseason and Bay Area. War with the smoking issue right now it is very quit yet and so. We're back here on this licking gets she'll like it to you Bobby bill lives. But this almost a casino beach side in Hancock county Mississippi you we got to go to Australia and Tony. Tony you know how to weigh it out it might. Mike did a good thing get a bit on how about that Doug yesterday. Lot like guys like. The senate. Or about one week. And our guys who owns the eagle on a couple of months ago. To. He did early on national. Holiday we might dying. And then got to make you would net. Dominic. Right. And Alicia. It was a real good win and I just wonder. Cleaned up or does should go out and lose then it's. I. You have listened to beat here is absolutely beautiful about Tony that media poll did so what's land. It read if his speech around this notre. Happy they'll they'll look now and everything but and it is absolutely gorgeous out there in this sport. Of Hancock county on the beach hasn't been fully developed like you've seen in other ports. In the Biloxi Gulfport area eventually. This will be a haven mandate they had the a cordial out here two weeks ago. Well Opel 141000. Old scores that rolled through the mystery here Indy Saint Louis so you don't like that that fuels it because the only. Thought you know it would have been. But does what would like we've. Tonight aren't. But it's an element and read that and do it the don't fly fly on display. Actually. Lotto it's my interest. Was a guy that I did do disciplined. Not being utilized. Q that penalty. That. Yeah yeah on and it Tony that has not been the case that it to me at that as the winning formula that we talked about this all the time. Is that we have hit penalties a moron of a yard that basically a touchdown. We'll look at Seattle and if Pete Carroll was like Leavitt but he had eleven penalties that we had to know than an end in a close game. That makes it different. When you went to Orlando. And act they don't let. You know what I think if those that were called more penalties than you might a couple of it plays a deal and released the duck to win in the Seahawks. Of the half but. The bottom line at Duke following had a game where we look discipline as far as the penalties. At Seattle the Seattle like the Raiders out there all because it. You know it's amazing how the Raiders are still winning I think by our they have the balls that I am in well it was not even close. Pretty Smart. About the special welcome record you know yeah I think that that that's ridiculous. That's and it was 200. Plus that he. Yeah yeah I'd you know Tony it's amazing. That will we dueling. To meet third down all that third down deep ditch you know what you're trying to. Said that goal of the game and have sustained drives are not necessarily force at three now. But defensively. What we did I thought that the that was key if you look at half time they were only one of three. That beat the Seahawks and third down and after three water they would just to have six at 33%. And at the three the first that we would 64 pursue it we ended up at 60% nine at fifteen. So we said that told the look at our kicking yourself or shoot yourself in the foot so to speak. And I united in not a negative category with the terrible argument of being even. Because great interception by an eight to par in wind up scoring on back drives that to me with the wash either Whitney football ones who would score. So when you look at that. That's one number I know that Drew Brees and the faith as the team. They look at that at third down the fifth and off fifth in overall defense. Even though scoring defense has been terrible. Voters speak but you look at the last two weeks are brutal the pick six began at school with school or night a look at the quarterback in college he restructured. But I expect him to have three outstanding in general could fit and going against it's at the party not as many tickets did at the office you might have a whole month of four games. Rob Davis could be outstanding on third down. Overall just and just be productive. Which scoring defense not given up thirty plus point could do when outlook it would also and then the final score. Is that and and I do take that into consideration. That it go to away games. You could not afford to give over a pig sick to our school with glory you will able to overcome that Sunday and not necessarily we did we did do that against Kansas City. Tony thanks so much for the call buddy we got to go to break we appreciate it. You take Haggis help out in Austria right on it I don't think they care about it more with the second guess she'll run at this rate Q on the negates that. We're back here on this looking good show Mike that you Bobby you've been alive from the so let's look at casino. Be excited Hancock county Mississippi and go to Deion in Slidell beyond you know huddle with Bobby and might. Beyond. Once twice goal with Deion we get a go to John in Covington John. I don't Pedro I'd done. All wanted to own this juggling of respect all of this become a little boy and and you follow propped up the demise now. And it what you found the bench all. It is. Keep rotating on a give us shut out you know I was so ago kept right. On well the whole thing that Sheldon rank against. I think he has an opportunity via available. But I think he'd be on a limited basis that he was available as far as. You know they do a rotation. And we get back into the swing of things that you could re having you come back. What are you ready to play in NFL game that's different than walking you know blog are arc has been a member of society. So you look at whether it's 51 he snaps. Could yet that they would Shelton Rankin. And it's not the forty niners game you drafted him in the first round at the rookie. I mean you might civil we need him now but it might be a case in point when he'd be better if you is available. An extra two weeks maybe November to seventeenth. I Carolina on Thursday night exactly. Or even the Rams that that they ended a month when the Rams cut that are super build. So I'll I'll I'll answer I don't think he's available against San Francisco. I think yeah I had a few woods played to me be limited very limited field Bulls. You know I don't have the exact number of without warning like it now Elin be by how many actual snaps. Because I usually do rotation and an LB overall. You got to see that he was productive he had out five tackles for an assistant. But you know you have different packages and how you implement it in the game plan still that if he does play. Italy V they can control the circumstances. And it is not available I would night get this guy ritual to serve because. It was a serious injury when he had in August. And you got to think long Derek. And if any thing about. At all if you remember right we had who should not. Who's trainer. To put a regional medical center at the couple days after Reagan's injury. Use that I expected QB back but it Carolina game. Well that there's an idea we talking about now that was. That was back in August and he said don't be surprised that he doesn't make it back into the Carolina game so I think was probably right on that it's O pit walk and run. Played football also pulled it still was a witty. Basically said it was more like twelve weeks is that that can we instead of eight did it yes that well ball with a second special product that is right here on the negates that. Officially get up bureau our number two of this that you get show Mike to you about music but if it went with Matt was saying about how. Difficult the appointed on a secondary has played yet this bit early draft choice out there early draft choice. Eric Reed first round pick Jimmie ward first round pick Rashard Robinson this year. Former Ellis should play a pick in round four he spent a lot of money on but they got up bringing him in from the Indianapolis Colts. Pete was used a lot of early picks on the secondary and yet. They get that walk clean it's from a pass a numbers standpoint that's something that we have to do with a lack of a pass rush. But it would used it that much money and all those picks on a secondary. And you know that. You want a little bit but. How long. Slip all he has been general manager he was he got it basically gave the pink slip that Jim Harbaugh told him to get to step. Well IE he should've got the big excellent. The you to pink slip an overall nine yeah I would Jim Harbaugh but you know it might what they concussion issues that linebackers retiring. It was this bitches Patrick Willis route Narnia Patrick Willis retired I mean it all of us that it was a snowball effect in I think that's what. Hit a terrible when all's said and done in. You know food supply that was the wanted to bat that's why do that the that the line from the glory but just this myth that the yet and all bonds admit. Think where they. If. Welcome back to the second guess he'll Mike that you Bobby alive from the what was the casino beats they cut down. Missiles that they can opine that the body cannot appeal it to six there and we'll put this regular network will be the Saints go to Q would it Goetschl. And quarterbacks coach Joseph Lombardi and at 730 right here on the big gate seventy. The Minnesota Vikings lead Chicago man right here at home and it's like the end of now. WW now in Egypt every 6 o'clock IR. We John I've missed that they've built it from the civil slip at eight thanks so much but Don and great to be here. And listen out of if you go to bills put up beat him as a couple small amount yeah I saw that well you don't ease lapses today but nobody. What do you do we keep doing it. Hope everything don't hit the slip without him you know well liked him because I'm annoyed that it and I thought I did today. All what that's been in it just a few minutes. Will be a guy that these late lot of it and that's miles written from things and lawfully years. Out of the road at Mississippi in ball miles you basically holds every passing record there is in his native. Unit if he did know we have that he had no interceptions reckoned with in any it would group were. Almost 4000 yard that's and they like to care of football obviously young and then you know you might say well. It's out today that he's used it in the chances that time. You can't you or goes but well advised throw. When they played brother Bart up to that game he was he ruling handled football will equity they had profit per throwing but he never threw an interception. Put it out of bounds there. You know we are we good. They tell everybody what's happened here at the slip but. Halloween night got a lot of things coming up because of all the holidays in November and also well that's what we do and actually November 6 is our tenth anniversary year but they have long unity we've had to show here for nine years nine you had to every money all the week due to global Sunday. But we had two big winners here we at city of for where she won that golf partners that Friday night. And beer slide a one up the argued it usually at a filibuster the mustang on a Saturday night knows that. I called that last week that was also body is like I would bring that out today. Laws Slidell La the silver slipper on it and they're growth medicated brooms they hear they are. The courts are but no one but failed to coach and every Monday Tuesday Wednesday it's half off beautiful thing. Somebody named Dave that you you in the them. This this coming weekend we have the dominoes from him and we do it right it ban. The next weekend where tradition and all the body on him and it would they go put their weekend it's are we need to fire the last weekend witnessed it not been as well. My and I thought they've what would you have Kubel in fact. Sunday night or Monday Night Football without yeah oh am I on the unit. As we roll it here it's going to be when we'll have the big trade down on the state released the first half and all the TVs will be turned on the game but I've ever by the before dude yeah going to be. I just can't imagine they would they would go through which they went the last two years ago damage and it's got to be today. All of newest about a school board at seventeen point absolutely because the last five games they've scored seventy points or less. Well and you're not beaten Alabama if it lets you get it at a Wendy's. All the today imitation of prophecy right now well you're human this is why Danny handling has to do. As a quarterback because I thought. I didn't Bernard did this in 2012 not to provide this year 2012. Whitney threw for 290 yards. He was that 4435. The completion percentage was sixty and a half I was sacked three times out of the game LSU lost to anyone this to have that team. To me that's the kind of effort it's gonna take to upset. A team like Alabama Paterno is from the other what about right right and it but I'm looking at Italy Canty have. And NFL tight gained a professional game. Coming from his perspective like I meant berg did in nineteen good Gonzales who had a fighting chance that a fight chanted. And out back tried it three yards sixteen after we to percentage. And I think it might it take that kind of effort. You know putrid game on know that and that's what you Whitten. Wednesday's night game to that he can throw up at that time the game against that the I don't know how old. That I don't care who's at running back. He can be by committee. We keep before an eight guys whatever pocket they could not have success. At the quarterbacks it would do that with the passing game because they UK. OK okay is one of the box you got to honor the past now if they went to be righted the top five. Not from where they all are but idea that it would breast. Pretty good but it they would ride into it Uggla and is that it and that's the captain losses yet that I have two losses that we although I'll the stars are lined. With two losses and now that's a playoff scenario. They have a great chance and have a chance yet to be dash had a chance to practice of it happening already yeah well our grading. Apple with Dave again. If if you wanna come here Saturday he'll watch the Saints game here Sunday at the big screen up but also like one little game and you've got the move. You'll look every slot but as right to sit there every crank you watch the game. That up at them their credit they think so but they guarded us we appreciated mr. David Hill went from the civil slip up. On the line of what this now a guy who's basically got every record in the passing records what's in the state of Mississippi. Just been unbelievable talent. And first Hamas saw him first thing that up that in my mind. Was Tom Watson. Tom grew up right down the road from me in that's what miles but it looks like to be like that second coming of Tom Watson's so. Well you do. Well the thing is Tom Watson who was one of LSU's greatest quarterbacks ever SEC quarterback. Where'd atop SEC quarterbacks can't be productive at Tom hot that was that. And Ellis shoot. You know tomahawk that got it done. Now they work I'll put him with the Patriots get an out at the NFL level you but the supporting cast and everything with hey first things birds. You wouldn't make it work and L Hewitt coming out and did that in. On with this now up be I have a brilliant ball what about from things that lost miles like so much but don't in this tonight that's certainly proud. Myles up boy it's been quite a ride what you the last six or eight months. Talking to people that that know you a little bit and you were. I would say not lightly recruited but amid little road that all of a sudden. You'd get these camps and it caught up while boy yeah you got that offer from from Ellis you decided to make you commit early but what was that experience blown through. The last six months here that you know you. How it is unbelievable senior season. I think you gonna graduate mid term and and committed Ellis shoot. But the last six months and nobody. Bit an eye opener for everybody certainly been a change your life. Yeah for sure. Mean you know the top last year I'll never thought I'd be in this now. You know kind of started out that the league now you eleven camp the war. You know last a small part. You know somehow that the lead lemon journey started. You know one out there haven't been all day you know work out ideals. I'm not being invited on the spot. I got a call to dissipated and I mean a lot and just with the Austria other you know that's what concerts. I'm not false and that early June and spent another three that it worked out there. And that's what they chose who have got about where you know participate in the opening to that we in July. In all sports you know you it to go on to that Carter met up with who's been. Other group on a common national. You know that you think it is the top you know hundred ticket pickup if the car to get together. And golf Ichiro we together. And now out executed us before that. It feel like that's what kind of you know put me to play tennis doing in you know you're popular guy and you know it's it's our dot com nonstop. If you know I don't have that good news media outward. I. It's in newspapers you know these days like that or not. You know that's an arithmetic. But not to be more great honor and the honored to be Beilein today. Now out that this might be well worth it requires. A background all you enough you know Goetschl and I want to beat jams with 77. College roommate. And Dominique and at the end and it. Back to the family. Now where you're at right now as ours yeah its eyes. I don't know how big you mama daddy is up. Apparent and they'll all look at down the row you know at that I did not grow with a lot of twenty years old Garcia background. And that. Yeah it doesn't have to that he was blown. I wanted it toward when he spot in the car not arranged. My dad played linebacker Q lane theater he's brought that to. What they cute 3235. Lamar platform for about what to think she's I think she's Bobble. Utterly but yeah I should fall. An apartment and it will follow the Patriots this question miles. Yeah I don't because that that's what you I'll look at it gene pool that's a politically correct elected to keep cool and on it but I know that no way that at bat. When you look at like you mommy that you grant prior to imitate coach O. Coach old they had it was a little man that coach old's mom. That's where he got its size in the eyes from his grapple with the laws not edit the post draw. But the close loss I'll look at all of that I'll look at them on the side. I'll look at that daddy's side so. When outlook it use my senior year. In high school Allen does a skinny guy. I'll like 185. Dollars 62 and a half about then you start lifting way that you start out Willman. The looked to me that's that you got to look at it and I know you got to be committed Rupp and realize that the physical stature in the spring it. When you look a big guys like god let this and you've been Roethlisberger. Now it is what it is but it does help. If you could stand strong in the pocket and that's accurate. Stretch it out there that are. What are the things miles as the fact that yeah act groups excused from the pocket. And that's the thing with a lot of back in today's game we've seen so much red alternates but. I think that's what's got everybody's into Europe Phillip the teams stand tall in the pocket under pressure but throw accurately from the pocket. Not a lot of guys can do that at the highest level like you war but think that's what separates you today. Yes sir I mean you know it just it goes back to the talents you know about Marcos I would then. You know it's a relief to get into those tough situations that would kind of either the chaotic situations. I'm not really you know seeing the pressure which feeling it you know had a charge on the fourth in the pocket or you. And not to overstep the Q the pressure and no impressions from from that action between my doubts he'll. Which receivers you know sort of comes in like he's still my biggest attribute to the regular stand on the pocket. Do the pressured you know it's need to go off in there I'll take it like to mr. that are active ball. Graduate. Off actually I am. Our school does not allow it off but that is what does that you know aren't where they did about the job well board but you know I was kind of sense out of there region. And now miles per think Spurs coach Joseph said he wants a pro style quarterback. And he got all over the country not necessarily in this area because everyone does this brandy you always in the shotgun. Target date right now you know with admit to or meet Joseph Ferguson he was the quarterback you poll or Jim Kelly with the Buffalo Bills late seventeen years. In the NFL. Can you do it three step. Five step drop and that is thinner. And not necessarily always being in the shy guy can't do that and are you capable. And I think coach Joseph like times. What's the run USC type offense. Where you gonna have a power football or running the ball with the new play action. An NFL needs that. You're truly succeed in the NFL you gotta have running ability but I'll tell you right now supply and demand there's not enough quarterbacks. He goal and that is standard to a 35 step drop. Do you think we get right now you can progress at that. The officer yeah I mean that that's kind of like you know untouched you know what I committed. My coach and I respect out. And really you know to do it you know as you all that. And out on one thing you know some work knowing not to. You know we looked at them all out who we were never under in on the sinner in previous years and this year every week in the pack it to what historically knows how to strictly sports knows you. And legally work in to you know last year violence is more committed on you know every day is the idea grease spot in its spot in seventh. Then managed. And we eat in yet that all the work that went oh lead and on the opening or. It would certainly understand their shot. Sergio made an outlet to kind of the first solved it but they are self not really you know I'm comfortable with it and you know every week we put that package. In our it will more excited about it. And not you wanna talk to build on the post you and do that you need to do you know understand in the session gone. Miles thinks so but which orders. We'll have you back on it. In a little bit but that we really appreciate your time tonight but sir thank you write about miles Brennan and what a great prospect he has from right here. In saying that loss. Will throw it to the sites radio network to be the Saints coaches show would head coach Sean Payton. Guess the I don't quarterbacks coach Joseph Lombardi. We need to be real traffic and going about possibly do have a problem if you make your way to a North Shore bought out on the call wait Brit. About by a mile on mile marker five point one you do have the maximum block on the map lame. I hear point blank is palpable that you want to ordered all of this state I repeat I thought that couldn't stand to get to the.