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Think Tank 1210pm Jim Henderson, Happy Birthday New Orleans Saints

Nov 1, 2016|

Today is All Saints Day... which marks the 50th birthday of the New Orleans Saints.  The NFL awarded the franchise on Nov. 1st, 1966... and the Saints first played in 1967.  Let's look back at the past half century and what lies ahead for the Black and Gold. This hours guest: Jim Henderson - WWL's Saints Play-by-Play announcer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon Dave Conan for Garland Robinette on this All Saints Day 2016. Today marks the fiftieth birthday of the New Orleans Saints the NFL awarded the franchise. On November 1 1966. And the saints played in the first season 1960. Sevens so. Let's throw up. Let's sing happy birthday to the saints. I did you a favor by not singing along I'm a surprise and maybe Jim Henderson with sing along though the voice of the saints joins us now to celebrate. The saints fiftieth birthday Honda thanks for joining us. You yeah I spared our listeners that's latins. That I would not have a didn't. Com to walk and that's that's fair enough yak and comets and but some of those notes asking to be with Frank Sinatra. Fifty years ago today the New Orleans Saints were born does it feel like a fifty year old franchise Tia. Well I haven't been here girl that he got them no it really doesn't seldom happen here since 1970 aid in. Politics can't be thought of as a major lake city Major League team thanks to the efforts and Dave Dixon and Pete Brazil. Feel are on channel kits and all those people. John weakened as well. We are major cities that prosper so much with the presence of the world saint. How do you think the saints have progressed over the last fifty years and where would you put their maturation. Now in terms of there cohesiveness is a team as there organization all. Efforts and and really on where they stack up in the national football. Never been better and obviously with the Super Bowl in 2009 we all realized that that. I think the day after Katrina I think that galvanized. The feeling around the country about the saints. As they were all America's underdog and I think a lot of people who work passionately involved with their own NFL teams. Rooted for the saints and for the saints to come back after Katrina and play so well. Go to the Super Bowl and it. Have the greatest quarterbacks of all time Drew Brees an excellent coach Sean Payton. It's never been better technical and every year the excellence simple every year the idea is to try to stay in contention have cohesiveness. And the saints had that since 2006. You know we made a big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll. If the saints won one Super Bowl on the first fifty years how many will they win in the next fifty theaters. And folks and go 1234. More or nine. Out of my question out there for you. In terms of the progression of this team and where they are now you say they've never been better is an organization or in a position to be successful. So do we have to wait. Forty plus more years for another Super Bowl victory. Well I'd say. We happen certainly enjoyed the next two years that sit next Booth number nine under senator. After that. It depends I think probably succeeds him. I think you're usually tight here quarterback's success. We had a question the other night and we're actually about how would you rate Sean Payton is coach. If you of the greatest coaches of all time and we said you know he seldom get acknowledged as a great coach. But not a great quarterback. And I think probably as a researcher and execute that developing a coaches in the NFL all the same. They currently in out for the most part corresponding quarterbacks in the adult failed Sean Payton has been awfully. Fortunate to be paired with Drew Brees since 20061. That changes that the parents couldn't get. In the draft should it succeed so I hate to put in number for the next fifty years in ovals I. And I don't operate that I wish everybody that is as things stand in years to come out at that opportunity because they can never say definitely missed that you're that we. So you made that point just now that you think the next great quarterback for the saints will come out of the draft or whoever is that succeeds. Drew Brees you don't think that that quarterback is in the saints' number right now. I don't know that well now. They've only got the count right now and they have to get in a young quarterbacks somewhere as we've seen. Young quarterbacks played awfully well this year deck press cat Kyra excellent sort of Obama got the Asia that. In this day and age. You can win with the quarterback because for the most part they're so well schooled coming out of college. There are more along any used to be when people talked about by ear planner or at least a three year plan to develop a quarterback. And other quarterbacks definitely are more at the plate in the eastern Italy and Libya quarterback Philip duke it out to see that. You know we learned just recently more deet tails swimmers celebrating the reopening of the superdome this season the tenth anniversary of the reopening of the dome after Katrina. We talked with then governor Kathleen Blanco. And we learned that the saints were really really close to not returning to new world ones that. The state was given an ultimatum either you get the dome open for next season. Or the saints can't come back and the dome did reopen. Within one seasons time in the saints did come back and the saints did have their most successful season to date that season. And I think it's hard to deny. That this success of the signs. The reopening of the superdome the return of the team arising from its historic ashes to go one game away. From a Super Bowl really did inspire New Orleans. New Orleans leaders and others to believe that New Orleans itself could recover from Katrina as well. When you look at all the historical impact the saints have had. On this city on this region that's got to be there is a boat the most significant impact or target other than just purely in sports. But he had to say so in the superdome is not an iconic figure in itself. But the Saint Paul has been the symbol of New Orleans I think for most people around the country along the Mardi Gras and others shortened bench. The essential that the symbol it will launch for the longest time it was a symbol. Perhaps as searching in the couldn't win. But once it came together in 2006. Came back in both said that they went hand in hand. This is the city to its knees franchise that it stays that that the each other up together hand in hand. It's sort of the great stories of all time inch or so we'll never doubt that. And Doug Thornton gets along with all actually gets all the credit the world for voting. How else do you think the saints have been significantly. Important to this community above and beyond wins and losses. In terms of helping New Orleans over the last fifty years. Well I think that they set the tone for the entire week and it just looked around the city right now as it's certainly yesterday it's such a festive time here and I'll anyway. But just look at what winning that game against the Seahawks football has been recently it damages for the saints and look very match play that game. Probably changed the mood most of the entire city. And they'll ride that I've earned a that we can sentences that next weekend. Out of 400 plays football game at that goes the other way the entire mood in the cities different people don't go out as much. Enjoy the city is much to spend money that don't go to restaurants. And this is larger overview of course but for the most part I think it influences the entire mood the city from week to week out the same play. When you win a game like that the adrenaline does aware until an excellent. You talk about that he's it is a uniting factor the psyche of the city that rallies around a team. And it is I think unique here in New Orleans is I've lived in several other cities several other NFL cities. And while there is a dedicated and intense fan base for every NFL team. It seems like it is. Last kind of a core of a fan base here and it's really a broad fan base in new world. I think probably that's because for the August in the same ordeal in Majorly for a year. And apple is equated to green today we are small market green Bay's small market Green Bay has no other Major League team. And I think you feel the same sort of passionately agreeing and attendant gained a game of field should do here. And I think it's because for the August there was no other Major League franchise and watching it gave the payers. And of course the bears are often look at the start that they played well last night. And the answer our arch site about the team winning over the vikings the first place team in the division. But there are focused on the constantly. In Cleveland and trying to win the World Series so. Is it similarly in New Orleans fans in New Orleans new would've felt like to never in their lifetime see their team win a championship no one alive today has ever seen the cubs won a World Series it's been 100 in nine years insists that cubs won the world hears. That your right. You know that you look at Chicago and it. The Major League teams that you look at most other major cities around the country they're actually three or four Major League teams. We for the most part of lawless said just the saints and I think that's one of the reasons why there is such a dedicated fan base here and it means so much sports it's football country anyway. We're one of only 32 teams that it has 32 cities and get a chance to enjoy this. You know we're talking about how the saints do unite us in our. In our feelings and our emotions and everything else and you look back at the civil rights era and there is. Very difficult to deny the fact that the saints had to have a lot to do with the integration of New Orleans because people of all races all genders all cultures came together as saints fans not only in the superdome to watch games are at Tulane stadium to watch games. But they had that common bond that made them realize hey we all of the saints we all have batting common. Can't we all does get along. Yeah I think. The saints have been at the forefront of it's remarked. In recent years and so adjusting to seek out white and that the games were Marcus Colston jerseys and black fans come to the game. Wearing Drew Brees jerseys and I think for at least an afternoon. People girl book but their differences and they do you know there's a haven't done. In support this football game no matter what the ethnicity of the team what the racial make the team there are saints and it means so much everybody here. We're talking with the voice of the saints WWL saints play by play announcer Jim Henderson on this the fiftieth birthday of your New Orleans Saints. Jim when we come back ought to find out what your favorite moment of the last fifty years has been wearing here's some of Jim's iconic calls after this and talk about the best moment in the first fifty years of the saints history that's coming up next on what your calls at 2601878. It text messages and 87870. And vote online at WWL dot com saints won one super ball the first fifty years how many think they'll what are the next fifty. Snapped placement here find Harley this. Big zoo balloon. Kelly. Good saves. And I just got chills again listening to that Jimenez and has got to be my favorite. Call ball Simon's favorite moment in saints history do you have a favorite moment over the last fifty years. I'd say it being that Dave a lot of great moments. In the position and and and in sitting in the chair that incident. Don't look back 1987. That the big game against the Steelers were essentially assured that their first winning season after twenty years in franchise history. 2000 when they beat the rams and their first playoff victory. But then that game against the vikings put the saints in the Super Bowl was huge highlight in my career and certainly the opportunity to. Announced suitable. And the winning Super Bowl Miami so it's the army but I think that would probably favors as well. Always told people go out and speak to them well. I career and they're asking my paper calls. Really regret about that as we had to go to immediately start doing television. Network which is fickle out in the community. Exuberance and I've seen on tape continued to. Pouring out of the bars pouring out there. It didn't start well. I never got a chance to experience it but that small price to pay for that well. You had to work because that was your job viewer work while. I actually did run out into the street assert interviewing people. And start getting ready because once you guys were done we came on to start talking about that exuberance of that feeling and it. It really was an amazing amazing moment. And almost I think even more dramatic than when the saints did win the Super Bowl because I think after that moment. Everyone truly believed the saints would win this overall I think there's still some apprehension. Going into that game the NFC championship. On whether or not this was really happening and that's I think that was almost even more dramatic for us. That it came out applied to other suitable. At a small lots of ups and downs and drama as well that I guess what for the last couple minutes to happen it just about the game. You're pretty sure despite the fact you're playing a statement. That you were going to wait you did do is Tracy Porter perception Everett and so there's certainly highlights of that game that'll be talked about first autism at. But you'd new at a certain point the saints were going to win. And having watched the saints all the years that you could never be short shorts that Google here partly. And people in brought back the other way for a touchdown that we and so I think that took part moment. That they kick didn't want that to me oh stand out as the greatest moments district. As think you're right I think deep down in many saints fans hearts based on their common experience and what they've lived through the expected something to go horribly wrong there. And it wake up from this what really was a fantasy of a dream. And it turned into a nightmare Jim Anderson on this fiftieth birthday of annoyance than anything else you wanna share. Just fortunate to be in the position that. And only 32 people a chance to do this topic from week to week. Missed my old partner Oki yeah Asia and that is the system that. Do you literally are so and a sense that you. Season reaches its apple appointment. I think with a victory there be for a port apple intricacies and after the restart got. Great game. It's a you have a little optimism now heading into San Francisco the lowly forty niners designs can pick up this morning gets even then. And the seasons come alive again in. Jim will be listening for your call Sunday at 3 o'clock right here on saints radio WW valued deuce and Christian there act. What they call apart now Hamas a candlestick and us forces have. Levi stadium field. Haven't been too because it is so new so obvious interest in trip to the Santa Clara beat by stating. Iowa enjoy your trip to Levi stadium maybe anywhere Levi's for the game they've got. Tremendous happy birthday to the saints and thank you for being such an important part of the saints and are celebrating them here on WW. I devices thanks Jim Anderson I'm Dave going up next your calls and text messages and we'll hear more of Jim's. Most famous and most favorite calls coming up after the news as we continue to wish the saints a happy. Fiftieth birthday today is their birthday here on WWL. 1235. Good afternoon Dave Conan for Garland Robin enemies celebrate the fiftieth birthday of your New Orleans Saints. In the final seconds. Sorry lapsing the saints do not have to run. Another play. In it's noon it's 76. My. Or. No I. He knew Laura. Sorry if journey started out Muhammad Umar predicted that the old. That's saints have won the Super Bowl. If that doesn't give you goose bumps you're just not alive and I just won't have got to chill just from listening to that again. Jim Henderson and hokey guy's done with the called the saints' first ever and only so far. Winning of a Super Bowl a big 870 pretty jaguar opinion polls the saints won one Super Bowl on the first fifty years how many will they went in the next fifty. We got a few crazy optimists 5% who say the central win four or more Super Bowls in the next fifty years. 5% who say it will be three. 78% of you say they'll win one more in the next fifty years. 33% think they'll win too but the largest number don't think the saints a win another Super Bowl and ball. In the next fifty years one now they want one of the first fifty. You don't think that when at least one more final four to 601870. Tim thanks for calling your on WWL good afternoon and happy birthday to the saints. Thank you Dave afterwards please. I do remember I was one of them now what made an example who were at the should be very dark. He had everybody you meet them is that it. You know there with me it's like the bus after a crash there's so many more people on it after the crash and before it. Everybody talked he was at that game that stadium did not hold nearly as many people have told me personally they were at the game. No sorry some 500. Is what they held old Tulane stadium and I remember distinctly. A lot of the other details of fact that that was probably ugly as Google and if did didn't it didn't turn over all it was a wounded doctors all data much of the infield the ground. But he did feel more. And of course to kick in with deals where a vote frail. So it still as they rapper regardless of how many have been exit. It is a record of sorts you know some aspects of that our record is no longer the longest field. It's not the longest the longest where so. You know now. The other thing is that normally. My father now at that game normally it would take. Anywhere from him in two minutes to a half hour to get out of the stadium. But this time it took us about our camp because. All of them vendors had their jet pack so you remember that jet pack. For your beer. They had a had a big tank essentially running on the back below the year. It would just come out it's one a prayer or. And they voted down with the ever again two lane stadium but. While I'm mad at least one more. Tip the baby in training camp but the sides particularly in the early. And and during the sixties and seventies John Maine bill would commented typical and it would park is. Metallic brown for Rory cross hatched across two parking lanes and this year and there. And the fans would go and went blood in her eyes but that would come out with mud and on Canadian bottom alt breaks so that America. And they weren't winning games but they were again free drinks for a donor. Out Tim I appreciate because you're sharing your saints memories with us here on WW on this day we celebrate the fiftieth birthday of the saints yet. It was November 1 1966. The franchise was awarded. Called it. 26 187 unity cup final four takes me at 8787. In Tommy your favorite saints play of all times someone just accident. And all they had to say it was Hakeem drops the ball you know that line go. On fourth and fourteen wolf punt it away he hangs it very high. Angling it for the near sideline. Touch. It's. Time you've got to be. It's. It's. Game. There it's. I have at times that we said that since then there isn't god after all examined very good happens blasphemous perhaps but iconic in saints history. The first saints playoff victory. I'm Dave go on more of your favorite moments in saints history coming up comedy right now what your favorite to Cusick 1870. Our text me at 8787. You will hear more. After this. This is crazy and it's. It's. Forty. When seven seconds remaining in regulation. Learn. Some sure. As the first of two crucial Tracy Porter interception and has to get the saints to and to win the Super Bowl one of those text messages I'm getting at 87870 said that was. And listeners favorite play of all time they've been so many amazing moments in saints history. So many great things people are texting me at age 7870 of plays they feel are their favorite. Yeah. Yeah yeah. This week Lugar. It's. Who put the evening. And we'll do believe he didn't. Now about that Steve Gleason blocking the punt. That's one summits next to mediate 77 a big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll Sainz won one super ball on the first fifty years how many do you think they will win. In the next fifty years that. I think some people may be letting the current condition of the saints influence there decision on this and I just stood back and take a deep breath. Given month as it can get to 500. This weekend Sunday in San Francisco and and who knows what can happen all right got to do is keep pace with the falcons the rest of the season in the and they played them on New Year's Day. Well now on the saints beat the falcons then then just want they can win if they've kept pace with them until then. They could win the NFC south than we could be talking about a post season. Anyway those are detecting a sedate 7877%. Believe the saints will win four or more Super Bowls over the next fifty years. One more Super Bowl 20% of you think they're gonna win one in the next two years 33%. Think they're gonna win too. And 4% think they're gonna win three still the biggest vote getter. Is that negative now. 36%. Have you more than a third. Don't think the saints are gonna win another Super Bowl in the next fifty years. Why that's the prevailing at least that the majority but the prevailing attitude right now 2601878. Our text me at 8787. In tell me why do you think it is. But the saints. Aren't gonna win. Another Super Bowl. In the next fifty years so largest exodus of 8787 instead for some reason it ever got to hear the onside kick during the Super Bowl that really put the saints in a position to win it in that second half. So the saints will kick it away be getting in the second hand. We will defend the gold who are left Thomas Moore said that his hand over. Likely sleep cycle. Momentarily they're still fighting sport no indication. It's still a battle down there's still has grown as players are separated. Don't count is sounding young. Then do it. And still no indication. As the saints. Try to play well. On sides kick to begin the second half and still no indication it's. Worked for a moment I don't know Fredricka they're able to get on that moment. I mean he's certain. Right now they took a policy condemn and Jeremy Shockey says it's the saints' home. The officials have made no declaration yet. Other sinks in front of the saints fans who security indicate. Ruins blown. Dark blue moon could open them. It's at the football. Soon. Maybe it's the colts are saying we won't get fooled again. And because the saints pulled them to begin the second half with a an onside kick and came away where that. And how hot minute 25 it took for us to figure out who had that football. And that her when he set the saves edit your big crowd go crazy. Eric is once again a lot of goosebumps this hour now Mort this bombs coming up after the. So. OK. Very good singing yeah three and seventy. I'm wondering if he did it's always good. Now we're playing your favorite saints in moments of the last fifty years on this day we celebrate the fiftieth birthday. Have your New Orleans Saints November 1 1966. Was the day the NFL awarded the franchise in the following season. They started to play it's been a difficult fifty years for long suffering saints fans before finally some success. In the last decade and the first Super Bowl victory. I wish I could play all of your favorite moments you've been texting me some great ones and 87870. But. My favorite and as you heard from Jim Henderson in the first half hours his favorite. Now I think is your favorite do we got more text messages about this one than any other play in New Orleans Saints history. Snapped placement do you find hardly this. Big zoo balloon. Do lose. No snakes. Now I may be a little biased as I was there for that one I did not go to the Super Bowl I stayed here to cover the New Orleans reaction to the Super Bowl so I didn't get to see that in person but I'll never forget. Standing there in the dome watching Hartley kicked the saints. To the Super Bowl. And I did in my radio once I got to hear us Jim call it although as hardy here because that crowd was so go crazy loud. You really was until last of course when it went back and listen to the recording that I really get to appreciated. Thank you folks happy birthday to the saints I'm glad you help me celebrate their fiftieth birthday here and the think tank on WWL I'm Dave cone I'll be back. Tomorrow morning at 5 AM to help you usher and hump day. Let's celebrate that together as well then I'll see and the think tank tomorrow skewed is next with just one week to Election Day is still undecided. And if you voted early is anything happened to. Since the makes you wish you hadn't cast early vote did you change your mind.