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11-1 6pm Bobby & Deke: on the first CFP rankings, Pelicans, and Saints

Nov 1, 2016|

Bobby & Deke talk with Scott Kushner of the Advocate about the Pelicans' 0-3 start and tonight's game against the Bucks, then discuss the black and gold with the "Voice of the Saints" Jim Henderson. They also dig into the first CFP rankings of the season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number three of sports talk coming of this hour. We'll talk to the voice of the New Orleans Saints Jimenez and gave his take on the Saints. Three info at San Francisco Sunday and today is depicted birthday of the New Orleans Saints. Supper ready jaguar opinion poll seemed like the Saints always lose a thumb in a game that they shouldn't. Are you scared the 49ers could be detained and knock off the Saints cancer vote online at WWL dot com with a first college about L pulled of the 2000 in. Sixteen college football season is coming down the I've right now mark and audit. It's his car up on who's ranked where as we open up the road to the fourth team L mark what does it look like those four. College Israel the top three and at the three teams you would expect maybe not me or you would expect the course Alabama is number one but they do you have Clemson at number two followed by Michigan. At number three they have reveal the rest of the top ten under number six is seven bull bull number eight Wisconsin number nine Auburn and number ten Nebraska. LSU comes in at number thirteen. And with what they're about to reveal load of those the 45 and six slots here number four. Texas a CNN from the Aggies ranking number four in the inaugural race in Washington has five Ohio State at six. I'll let let me know and I I don't I don't think is gonna happen but at village you what are on the table. They got an excellent chance to be in the top old topic so I write about it now because Florida. He's got to be someone at top fifteen so you got him in the top fifty do you have to still play four and number one and they were they with the pass on it seemed like you would do. It depends on what Washington does out there wasn't gonna run the table thought they give me one of the four in there. Missed an Ohio State's yet the place of both of those teams to control owned us the right but Louisville they don't go to little boy shot and attack in them he got that 'cause they don't handle them a backhand they have afternoon nobody left to play. In drawn people out is with Dave they were delegated to make it they can do that anymore. They got to have a trophy candidates out of four touchdown of the game. But it did this schedule lost a lot of pop there's no doubt about Lawson out obvious basically Houston has lost three straight game three of their last four finance out the window was content is another team out think and Auburn LSU. That are in prime position right they could all of those three of one of those third on the table. Is can be very generous to see where they are with say. No worse than five in May be every afternoon before the tier point Florida is number eleven in the third ranking LSU Duke got to play one thought of that. And by and I take proximity. The the Washington Huskies run the table I think they would in this in the top foursome where it is because. I don't know ran with any region not like it change I would. Alabama one Michigan to. Clinton in Washington report in an hour and a Alabama one of my you mused in two. I'll hand washing three Alley I Allen had in him for Clemson yes this is likely that is one area and I think Tuesday at the statistical Tennessee's intended to of their next to listen to their only losses that that that is a not a ban almost. On the road in us or how they won on the road. At Wisconsin. And he's yet to play Nebraska who's in the top and so you know we live at these schedules I think we're quick to say all yellow plain and looses the DePaul which you never know how is scheduled coach now. Like right now look at LSU two losses if Allard told you would have issue loss to Wisconsin the first count as hell hole. Both Rose losses to Auburn and was content those teams to be eight mad at L pole at that on his agent called me eighty Michael meeting of abuse it you must be crazy man. LSU barely lost to Wisconsin they show no imagination but look at the Wisconsin you look at Auburn Russian a ball better and Auburn right now. Nobody and their plan to pretty decent defense. So you have to look at their quarterly losses you look at Wisconsin's Cardinals who did they lose to. Wisconsin lost to. Michigan and Ohio State ball by a touchdown won in overtime in the garbage Jamal they lost at times and AM him so all Prado to a team but most feel alive in this whole thing so big I explained that he at this colonias rate in how that works now. This is the only poll we paid to do them you know with the remembering. As you mention was content running the table and Auburn running the table. LSU at that table right would it be odd man out because they lost it was an arm and not necessarily. Because history this way because if they if they want out there even though they lost head to head if they want out you know to see if Auburn would win now. And your dog say are we went out okay beat Alabama. Lazy attitude BBB break be beating Alabama when he ranked higher I got to be ranked and they would be the indians' -- I haven't talked to him was what when he AM and it's O line they call Auburn and and right not to pay as legally what we Will Allen Wisconsin's caveat would be who is going to be ranked on the other side if the Ohio State amused and as can be a top three team but each of those three I don't think we haven't seen anything like this even in the BCS air. When you come out like the first BC is owed it to two loss team. All of their losses a top team related. All of their losses atop journey Wisconsin. LSU and Altman and what they have in front of him is no doubt about now the best chance to run the table probably be Wisconsin right because obviously as Georgia which is now much Alba plays bad habit this week which is now much but they do have to go to Alabama and if Alabama Sydney and number one it can be just like it wasn't Rambo a couple of years ago. And when it was Auburn and Auburn had a crazy win in one of going to the national championship game he can be very similar that. Oil as you could run the table. The one thing and makes his generous and if you get three to most teams that all of varied very much alive especially at a shoe in eleven. Four and one right now and it may cut them see if any of those teams lose if they win that beat those teams. How those team they beat Venus at the season too because a lot of is now predicated on Wisconsin's. A win over LSU looks a lot benefit LA issue now that's a lost Nady won't firstar deceit because they were already ranked in the top 25. And in so just looking at Disney. Boy and is early. Willie you know is not even relevant. The big twelve or no denying all of a and I you know big collide but then I didn't top West Virginia what do you on Saturday would have been times and then they lost their toward the end snug ogle was fourteen. Well when it in and really entered and think about Clemson is it too and in the they've they've done well. But to me is predicated not only this year Clint what not what I did last year and they're undefeated right now because ACC loss on a shrimp. A ton of drama for a state fell down when that loss in North Carolina obviously Miami fail down Virginia Tech heads of it did ACC is not. Where it was distort the season where the Big Ten and ACC are exactly where they weren't dating right stronger especially with the with the emergence of a in the him. Auburn and LSU as of late in SEC east. Florida's only hope right now and if you want a decent team meets in game. On the other side if you for the west. Then you know you've got to see what we won't throw water on the table if you Alabama Auburn or some island day DL issue. You wanna run the table but it ought to for the ACC charity to look hey we are attractive they were you flawed are they look at another lost by a Florida they all thought the top twenty. Andy Gila. The trip this. Werder sitting. It's about running the table. Who's more likely. They Washington winning Utah. That's a big win but now that they have excellent in a running where and end at three teams they had in a row was that one David LUSC is getting better yet he's getting better. And they get countless weeks in history to have games in a row for Washington to a road and it got out and blow it out yesterday but when you look at what's with a face and your right now Bobby. A Florida ballclub talk about Tennessee. Tennessee was making all his big stink you got one and now there will be that much pressure on an issue in order to make a big game. If Tennessee was where they were a three weeks ago bought you know it is all of the way Tennessee just point two all wiggle went all light east games and we've weed I'll get a chance to go to LSU elation or don't like. Mean we tease him. Can lose two games right now and ease and steal when it. Didn't seek it gets him in the fall apart at the about ready to run on them and you number one and that loss is transparent for eight games this season. What's going on over than him. Law rocking out Rocky via all right we'll come back with talk to. The voice assuming that Scott Smith took over the pelicans and then ready to play for the advocate what else get their first big after the season night at home and attain the books in the while this is sports talk on WW yeah. All right welcome back to sports so that in the college football play I'll pose right now we're looking at. The way things are ranked Ellis who comes in number thirteen the top five Alabama's want Clinton to miss game three. Texas a and there at number four to 601 aids and his number get him out tonight to New Orleans pelicans and attain the Milwaukee Bucks. It's moody teams senate. Scott has no the advocate in the advocate dot com joins us now Scott a lot of Andy Davis in the first few games of the season and that's about it. That pretty accurate way to the they. You know I actually historic start Randy Davis but Yi is aware as well anyone that. Those numbers that he put up are not good enough quite frankly that he's gonna need in Baltimore guys and match. They're gonna need to shop. At some point per from the outside in. You know can't accurately portrayed immediately into this game. It's gonna need much more complete effort particularly upper BO report are the worst cheating in the India. Yes I'm just gonna actually issued late 19%. Three point ring like to you see how that and the team is structured. I mean listen. We obviously want to support a winner. But they're looking at the strip the schedule learn who you play in right now said only three what they wanted to. You'd think they would be did Nuggets and they went today and basically be to a 20 win tonight against the bugs but. You bottom line is you gotta get it done but. Scott in the big is one of those those streaks that. That. I don't know that that they will turn around they have to she did that three point shot better. And that's kind of what everybody in the locker this thing is. You know we're not about tinkered not to shoot or not gonna try to draw more doing anything to. I'll eventually they're going to score that elegant not shoot the worst report percentage in the history this year they get puberty good shooters that. And it's gonna break out at some point in Jason Kidd just said all coach that he just coax it. And everyone knows that. At some point I'm just a matter what and and they have to be able to match that with what Anthony Davis did yeah he's got to get similar production may be David if you an adage UDQ it. And all but you gotta really winning formula. But he got to hope that he doesn't tell all the same time you start shooting a kind of a delicate balance strike but. Go out and everybody was pretty clear today pregame media that. They're desperate they're desperate for a win and you know it's November 1 and you know and you know and that they're desperate because they know you lose the game they're probably good ago. Which is you know a brutal start and and they went one last year they Childers he's in the so they know how important that game and. Scott had a people keep a week you all it would. I probably got the pressure got beat you are Scott always opposed thank you so much for the time. He got erased all right Debbie did the only semi 630 tempers news and we will go to Christmas. And welcome back. All indicate to him Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia the new college the first ever college football poll of the 2016 comes to both season is out. And mom and argue it's just caught up mark what is the posting. All the pollsters at the LSU Tigers are ranked thirteenth in the country's a little bit higher than where the AP has in the fifteen. And and definitely in a position where they can make a move if they run the table here to to push their way maybe into the top four to who's ahead of LSU well at top of the poll Alabama comes in at number one as everyone pretty much expect. Bennett to Clemson three Michigan for Texas a and M that would be your top four if the season ended today those of fourteen to make the playoffs now five is Washington. Six Ohio State southern blue oval at number eight Wisconsin number nine Auburn the two teams that beat LSU this season ranked eight and nine. The number ten Nebraska eleven Florida and number twelve Penn State so that's who LSU has to get past that they wanna get into the top four point play and mark. And you brought up now says they do in this pull polling deacon Barbra does some good point it's far from over obviously and you look at the initial rang it's as they started this. 201415. On to top form or when you say three of those eight teams made the final. Yeah of the initial tie of the initial poll of they've done both of the first two years of those eight teams were in the top four. Only three of those made it into the playoffs won the first year and two last saw a lot of footballs that. Right in there worn amenable here is we know who yet. Now around broad and all right Tim innocent and that. The voice of New Orleans Saints John just today and he is happy birthday to the Saints GM a twofold here at. That's our Saints they are very reporting data courses Saints celebrate the fiftieth anniversary. And doing so coming off a big win in an opportunity get to 500 Sunday at San Francisco. And Michael probably the Indians game on Sunday and I think that adrenaline carried the Saints and San Francisco where there way to 49ers team coming off. A bye week and eighteen which in a bit of turmoil usually people think they'd like at the 31 a worst team in the NFL with the with the Browns 32. They're very poor team against the run they've allowed. Six straight hundred yard rushers against them and by our. They're the worst team as they sent against the run a lot 185 yards per game that's forty more than the Browns were second worst. And Jim Leavitt had to say is turning 59 you could see historical franchises who have been able to keep that in. One family. I in the rulings and you know there is examples of it. Whether you dealing that is so much money involved look at the Robby famine how they couldn't keep the Dolphins. Because it taxes but it. Look at what occurred with the Saints. Why it's amazing when you look at meek them. And as as a young twenty year old I think is in his league wanna yells and on our team in. And all of a sudden. Who knows that the Saints are going to be in you all as long term because they were ready to go to Jacksonville and B hole. Governor and woods and when and where is Tom Benson. And why it has been overall lead at the state is stability a pretty good thirty year run would miss the Benson at the Helm. SM over the flirtation with Jacksonville. And we all know on the flirtation with San Antonio. In that 2005. So but right now I think you'd have to say about it that this is it more stable franchises so we await that the change in ownership. Contending for the Saints one of the more stable franchises in the NF talent franchise that is really risen from the actions since 2005. Now Jim. What is your take. As far as game plan you know we the only sticking chances and I looked at this that we need to do this more often I was looking aware. Since 2006 when the Saints just run the ball didn't matter they get a hundred yards are would an average of per carry. When they've ran the ball thirty or more times have 39 and four. Lot of it also includes a pay my telco is Carmichael. Can figure out. Oh boy I like that when he was in his after we get at least have thirty rushing attempts because we are playing catch up. Did you say Baghdad's strategy that if you're able to run the ball thirty times you controlling common position. Now we had unbelievable sustained drives of fifteen and 9/11 9/11. Again it's a great Seahawks defense but drew would be even better maybe when he's throwing 35 times verses 45 the fifth. I don't think you would find that whatsoever and you know which one or street but not that sort of thirty courses. 35 passes on this past Sunday and I think that's what you strive for every week but you know 11 timed it up and regain its top. You put the ball in the hands of your best player and that's true and he's having another phenomenal season. He completed 77% of the past is perhaps the last two weeks. So yeah I get up and that kind of balance the Saints up and times when they haven't had that we need to recommit ourselves to it. It's seems to be successful and that oftentimes they'll go back to what they do that minister on the ball on the field but certainly the late Tim Hightower performed. I would the first hundred yard rushing. Effort by Saints running back this season this past Sunday I think a lot more and that seems to be obvious. Now but Jim I just takes them or read it to you because it kind of makes as you say different time different scenario but. If he considered. Being number one draft pick in this tags goes and is Pete remind me. And Jim Dombrowski. Are drafted as a tackle yet and say it's struggled that became a rock solid guard. Let's just hope he doesn't step would who's put in breaks it but it. You know that that that can be a scenario where Jim Dombrowski is an outstanding garbage bin that's out of work got to tackle. Well I think it's a really good analogy about me they can get the same body types. Not that that that certainly means everything that honesty was drafted as a tackle. You look at him he's built more like regard and he certainly played well. Couple weeks that position so that was an area that needs area of need for the Saints as well so he's going to be a cart for the future this game. And plays as well it looks like he could that solidified that position and you know Backstreet nickel on forever you having an excellent year Max Unger to have a terrific year general reading two mile one pressured this year. And I think the best that anybody at that position has done over the course. But this season has been out for sure he's on course and perhaps give up two pressures of Drew Brees this season he's having an all pro year. Now I'd gently you look at drop it spreads the ball around will moment 89 in eleven different receivers but as far from a confidence standpoint I think we've seen this in training camp. I don't know of ever seen a rookie receiver. Maybe dubious confident. A man of few words bodes very common in his ability. Well Michael Thomas. He looks like he truly to me wouldn't trust factor between him and drew. Can't be because of his stature in size be that true number one. And really passed in the torch wrinkles for him. Well I think you saw that as early as the first series this past Sunday they were right after Richard Sherman and singled up against Michael Thomas. And you know this is the kid that caught everybody's attention from the first day that some. You know PA's. And yet it's terrific camp up at the Greenbrier he's been nothing but get more get more polished and better. He runs great routes he's got tricked the pretty strong and he's really good. I'm on the quick slant so. It looks like they've really it hit the jackpot and Michael Thomas and we've all about the Saints have had. In the draft in recent years he certainly doesn't appear to be one it looks like he's going to be a player for years to count. Jim is it possible for the Saints who beat a team that has turned a call and has gotten better atmosphere the same results at the end of the season and be 79. Well they don't restart the you know long haul that's going to be hard to overcome leasing this past the Saints started 03. And then had to play their their butts off to get the 500. Peter for a week and fall back and finish 79. I don't know what they. It overcome a slow start but they are true that I've done so at least for the time being. Hopefully go to the sentences good when there are some tough games on the horizon coming up after that the Broncos being one of them but should they go to Tampa. And it's good when that in the paper to do so hopefully they will. Other near the halfway point foreign born after known restart that's pretty good. Jimenez and it divorced in New Orleans Saints Condo thank you so much for the time we appreciate it. Our item Condo here on WW or did a great job dude they inducing a hokey into the saint. All a thing. 2601 rates in the you can Texas cities same seats in the you know I I try to be a voice of reason sometimes it common sense and just our own thing wet track at some people they just you know they they know what I mean there's no doubt in my notebook. Eight I just do not see how what happened cause LA issue they they have. 82 must have to have of Ellis and make a big ground okay Mears he has. LSU was it thirteen right now thirteen to follow is what Matt okay ninth spots. And at what they got to play in front of everybody got the they would accept an Arkansas. Is ranked ahead of him now is it that much more believable as they did this it way he much more it happened but LSU between now the first in November. The second week the samba in what happened no 18. One day in 2007. When they went from two to. In one day they were from eight to two now what wave Moehler got to happen a month and a half. One day you know our way a ball I was pirated adds I'm no movement happening GA yet way to much more you don't know what to talk about way too much more history can repeat. Well I think you know wicket repeated so this is history Ellis who beat Alabama now run the table and in the back where when you look and eleven it will look and an awful that it is in the but he is that thing you have to know the big twelve schedule not being to a pac twelve schedule ACC schedule SEC schedule in Big Ten schedule to see all these team just yet all of there's no doubt about it. And it isn't even if Alabama or to lose and I LSU. I think that haven't yet not on the table in the right yeah that I think of the four massive damage it cosic. His long what one was when they were undefeated in a loss and although the ones. All right this is sports talk on WW who'd day. Thursday night it's bush some laughter unloaded some veterans boulevard and Metairie joining us this week is saint turning back marketing arm was in a bipartisan patio drugs on bits in Metairie. And a Burress casino hotel and then Andrew W from Vegas and a fantasy football preview all the from four in to 8 PM Thursday night here. On W building speak at that time being it's you can and the marking would you animal before and oh well right Brian. To meet him remains of use of professional football and held him in me so I'm is that it like that and I'm might want it too well now that you are not lightning don't we you know some players are some as up among them he's an active that he realizes this one game out of bounds back and all of those varieties but they you know has not been in this situation where he fumbled the ball before it bounced back. I go back to the nation against Auburn. They get ready go out there at seventeen ethnic article 24 on them against the wrong and you and amble and implement bottom out you ready going to a score he bounced back from man standing here he knew he'd that's a part of a Adrian Peterson Walter Payton in his cement. Now bounce back united is in our Joba parties A Durham is not available it. No he's not yeah that's not saying they're the catalyst for neighborhood fumble to be one name but he he's not known but no he most of them do you view good ideas. 601870. You can Texas and hates him meets in DC United States always lose a game that they shouldn't all you scared that the 49ers could be that team cast your vote online at WW. Dot com via I could. Act act could be skated in about organized can be that team. Yes there Rams have been before. As the day because likely into the last year to a hotter we lose that it Titans at home that you say well the Saints are five as a team but you know act as fans if you want it. And I do an edge you see every game but I think the whole season you gonna be an edgy seed. You know and an right now what it will on the road winners Saints are two point favored. Or it could be a few oval type game and I I think this thing's gonna take care of business and and we won't sweat this one I just I just think that Wittman who knows even like and how did you lose the foreigners have partners like the brow. But it did not been a very good and and that's not. That's not just getting down on the 49ers Deke. They are not a very good team right now there. Basically dead last off that the defense I mean there's just one of their act now. The game I'm telling you that when I load down the road I think like I don't like this game like. December 18 you might tell the Cardinals are down I'd Arizona I don't like that game and now. You know it's could be a shootout type game very entertaining with him if you wanna go kind of like Carolina and your shootout on how the Giants were last season. December report would Matthew Stafford in the lines. Target speed I kind of game being. 3030. Right in oath that you would like oh we can get him out at that you got to beat a team like you did say do would you predict in the do figures to play good ball. Ought to quit in a row but not all but not only three Euro you know you'll look and you look at a team that would be. Yea tutor with the three now you talk about being five and one him as six though. So out as much as on the pick at three in a row we talked about Seattle San Francisco and Denver. Five don't want is more impressive to me in the one losses to Kansas City about clue with that point that will be 7282. Not that that's that's more impressive than in the three game win streak I think because it's a little. Amare and hand over a month and we don't with a bye we can there that you have been playing solid football. And you know meant to be admitted to the west page on the defense on the football in I don't win a couple weeks if we don't play better defense and I think they will play. But it defense the because they're renegade team about it and I'm not. As offensively I guess you'd say productive. As we have the first. Four games with these Sammy Seattle and not the same offense. San Francisco are struggling we hope it'll come out and making bust this week and even though damn was I did atop its exit to open an AFC west. They've struggled to. So become public and added like his final seven games and I'd say this with the schedule came out with the best case scenario on 97. I think even if we get in a row will be in 917 and I might be good enough to win. The NFC south the Miami depending who you because you played candidate twice still glad Atlanta at Carolina yeah so at 90 another course. We have two games live with Tampa you won't Tampa to win Thursday night. Yeah Austin or Atlantic injured throwing gas and we can't end on in Atlanta the first week in seasonal you want to have it away and yeah Andy you wanna beat you twice and you place to begin it and you realize course. Sample was over time away from winning. And Green Bay. Lost about want to Atlanta at manna. In Tampa right now they were both had the same wreck in Tampa would be in first place. If there was 22 whip and a touchdown overtime in those two points Amanda beat Green Bay about what thirty between now. So I mean I Goosen how close. He has been this season by a little while I could have been a first place affording it it's amazing the parity Cologne he looked like the Bears that'll beat the Vikings Collison aren't like that they would dominate or do you listen I'm is that right on the way home last night they dominated the Vikings the a big I know this guys not dominating us 1685. And attacks he says you're too stupid to be on the radio ally and you can tell that that the the United States. In 85 act out act. You know what I look I love we did tech I guess because the way we sound. I'm more degrees at the mom number two stupid but I needed to and make it it. Spell radio all right this is what to Oakland WW yeah. All right coming out we will go around the National Football League each and every Tuesday night's offense is now here on WW we recap all the week's action. And we point toward this weekend's big matchups stoning and AFC with the east. The north the south and the winds it would take it would of course in the NC where right now the best division record wise in football folks. Is once used to be dubbed in NC. The lease is not in C east where every team is above 500 at least a game over a file on all that's coming up next to go around the league right here on WW yeah.