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11-2 6pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke on LSU-Alabama + Drew Brees: QB To QB

Nov 2, 2016|

Bobby, Deuce & Deke talk about the college football weekend including LSU-Alabama, and Bobby talks QB to QB with Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ambled into the final hour sports saw gear solid body deuce I'm Deke Bellavia coming up QB to QB it's exporting and we'll get our preview of SEC big game this week he just a minute reduce. But first forty more interested in excited about tonight game seven of the World Series Saints and minus Tigers and tie that's go to Jimmy and tear it down the pace in the way. Jimmie thank you for calling your on WW yeah. Career. Also got a call because we we erred on a Major League baseball's got you in the city if there. Yeah and is granted they have won by mail lot and I am and good. Got a bit naught are here and there. In regret not oh. I'm right and yet and I and my daughter was working. With the DEA in terms of Paris and I by chance Jamieson while on an even though the statue was a year. And and not know of any other Major League. Baseball player who's at that level you know will Clark he did great things. But I think he's only one that being a lot having that you in the greater New Orleans area. Correct I'm I'm sorry I don't know yet they're down prior to being on a call and no matter a lot yeah yeah. Jimmie thank you think Miami your goal jogger and Arctic quote Joseph equal ticket revenue in the. Hope you're right Jimmy thank you very much that go to hood Darian cut off. Jay thank you for calling WW it. Call me and I think the thing is how many area from. That makes a guy and right now from the post Paris county district eight maybe in a man who. Who hooks us up every Saturday cooking goodfellas he would. And by the eBay so let's ought to make you this week what would you guys Jerry's staunch Democrats this loss doesn't nobody thought the line. We got so it's real grass Scioscia usher out. Fried chicken become why have you got to lose nine. Yes he go to like a dead dog meat. Legal I have a separate trials I got completely full on the that I still cannot believe. I am you name and I'm not a. Was that a best man I mean he's a real critical call lost by Nugent was that Darren. Bobby you know at a good in his. You notice speaker. Know they'll tell you know he couldn't. Speak fan Alia. Only on Damon cook him but his peak if they aren't Dodik what you think about the game since. List and I think I think of albeit Taiwan as easily as you know two years ago we eat they and we beat. Beat him up enough on the field I think it is great coaching mistake of amateur all year and this year. And I think it will be a title but I think Baylor on and elegy Dario. You know I wanna thank coach Otis we ran outside the front so it's one he was kind of not the the donated to local rules down. A couple autographed football and liberate and Goodman but it so helped out the community tremendously. Yeah it jam I think it day to go around there the you know laurels they got orbit negro coach O the French food I don't know it's now happening days it was it was don't about how we. Use our we're gonna carry that there. It's you know by weaker bat a couple of dumb that would normally you know just a small college that replayed so both read in the fact that too much. But. We are all young Ahmed yellow yellow yellow set up shop on Friday in a down down. Will be there at 8 o'clock am I'll talk at 5 o'clock in the ball than usual getting credit but so we're excited. And I think it's so you know I'm on the ten yard now there's. And cultural. It has been out of the when he got I don't know that it goes too excited errors. But when he got the interim head coach some day you're out potential buyers. And and and Louisiana thing but who are we so. And you know I'm trying to get trying to make torture now like with the welcome to whose tires they're Birtley go to you know. Oh ya ego won I just put a bug go coach you know. I really don't do it here going 20. Let down like an extra that we excited about it you read it for it's we can. You know it adoptive mom I think you got that he has some great but apart from how would we get. Yeah I know that the man he's got go to these games are these. There and I'm in here according to bring out to be in America are all. But you know I decided Obama talked to Coco will be fortunate to go out there. Chewed excited. But look thank you also what job on the note good chill and Bob it would catch on Saturday is. He bit. Coming at the end at the big dogs are coming out here I am here at this like it's like going to charity Christmas time you go see peavy seemed once a year at. Well I I would Gary muffled bill announces he about took over. Well I thought I'll bet I'll bet I bet a buck is there grosses are way better look out and and we we look to fall to be in which outstanding at the weather's supposed to be beautiful again it will be nice and coo. You're I want. Are right here staring a car counts and have fun ribbons and Bobby's home town and all down and that district eight. I was in of them haven't in any issues uncle counts in the fine yeah oh Carney who lanky you have neutral. As I say this as a Larry it is always like this a Deke to claim although small towns like this is south of food offensive that you just Crosby in circles though arrive at pinnacle as out of the command it yet the Rose by cut all the gallery animal than that deuce you know and whenever whenever the big dog come to town everybody gets excited you know in of course say it was my dad in Oxford heard this year. But you know that's just that that that comes along with what Alabama's brandy and in all the years they've ran from banter. When gene made a run and now this incredible run Nick Saban is but not only you plan that that Alabama brand that your plane that. One of the best programs in this run fought a seven national champ Tuesday be ranked number one at one point this season every year. Since 2008. And now when number one comes down to get there by a fired up. I'm no doubt about it I mean you eat you can really do is come from a fan's perspective. They've been weigh in on this. This has been circled. Have a couple games arms to get to before the game and you know where is the letting go coach miles. I think this is the one where if coach Ol can really win it. Home he took. Little. We we know what apple actually afforded you know date they have to come out and try to establish to run better at the same time. That is gonna have to its pants you know I would not give away too far from who I am and what I do. Because at the end of the day there's going to be some situations where you have to get a yard. You know you may even have to get three yards and you know there's only so much streaking you can do to a team. At some point to gonna have a lot of middleman. And you know really just run it run and adamant and I think that you have the better better players. Then you can't do that whole game you know and I think that's where you have to really. You know low. Lee known and be who you are as far as Ellis who was concerned and still is gonna have to hit some girls. You know not being decent to believe they're gonna have to try to steal some positions on me about that. You know coalition. As the match to be there to be able. But it took to put hurt and some bad positions but they have got to figure out a way to steal you know what it's one or two possessions. Further all print and you know just regular red though Katrina played great red zone defense and it is they've done it all year. And soul. It's going to be interest in match of this one and just as football and you really look forward to. I come Magid deuces take on a few other big SEC games and also good to Chris Amanda bill. Induces take we always closed -- it's on Wednesday's would ask him what type of matchup it is for the black and go give the chance to do that went over a and giving his take Knicks visit with a great Deuce McAllister allow Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Drew Brees had twenty minutes here on WW. I allow a deuce and Bobby a big bag the phone or go a man to be okay Chris Chris thank you call it. Bubble there. Bob Bob and yeah believe. Me. Are probably I don't think that was. That's it as the applause. And come back a poor poor. And I thought it was this. Sosa Chris what do you calls the rule like double digit win ten pull out the. You know I without. That that would you. Like it was. And hit it and know. That as a kid and I can't nobody. And they know dog and is that we don't have with you know the o's and as the thing as a player. Bring it down to the fans how. Really whether Saints Arad he can't afford to be overconfident when you look at their record. And it is the NFL he even I don't care because of Browns or whoever you gotta come the play. Every game because you don't want the 49ers. To believe they can win the game in an obvious TV get the momentum the crowds on the game and jump one rumor early. Well one thing that you know Bobby is they get paid to them in the match and had a lot of success to me and wants but the worst thing that that can happen is they get confident. Edmonton in Alou would really make winners based had a weak call. It'll calm and told to go in itself out and from there from their point of view you know. They can try anything they they they can try any trick plays they can be unconventional you know the coaches are ready that. That type of coach anyway. You know so what what is it gonna hurt him to gamble you know when when there at 45 going Meehan you know and what's important for you know also decides. They really have to be on your p.'s and q.'s and him because this does the game. That backing get away from them quickly and then they have to fight and claw to get back into that team because. You know that they cabinet breaks along with early in the society you know they they put both quarterbacks. EU never came entail. What's the spark they're gonna Hal we're trying to Younes just because they happen more and so you have to be ready. Two and prepared and then expect any game this week camp. Army team that has more. Do you know a lot of predicated coaching contracts on you know if you get to that sent a whim on a whim mark you take your team to have a divisional. It's championship a conference championship but you know I know coach through provident had this in his contract but if someone would have put him in coach Stoops is contrary Kentucky. They're going into week nine of the season Kentucky and Florida will be only two team than a bubbly allow for the SEC east division crown. Nasty taste right now deuce is Kentucky is at five in three they only four and two in league play just a game behind Florida. And they can become bowl eligible Saturday as they entertain. Georgia in Lexington and I don't think it's gonna have somebody does go to show you how turned upside down the east is Kentucky is in second place right now. Yeah I mean you think about Peppers game again let you know other miss you know they've they've they've they were you. Made they bullets a minute comeback and give back in the game and you know full well for me and it there they were about. Our Stoops early is because his defense was abysmal and you know they way it figured out hunting wanting it that helped was BA to run the football and not a bit defense out there as much in the in you know they they finally continued to grow open. Now like he said he'd been there and in the two. You know and I still think they'll go to a bowl this that they did they were in position in position. To represent the east. And it supplies that he's at BC champion manner that that's an active. For the eastern division and you know paying. That that we all wondered about. You know and they were I have an old team and at one point in me Iron Man. What. Beagle you know to them yet you know and to see them count explode out they have and you know it's it is it's been rough and the question will be. If woods loses. One more. Debate going in important close game because the talent was there. You know I'm never gap that is this year particularly as a pastor and when they played today in the hand and Alabama. And you know. Aka rather no way to bridge to the loss aka Lima but they do you think it really just exposed. Some of the not chemistry that they had there and man that's that's tough situation over there for for Tennessee. Do some accounts that deuce we want to outdated big game when this things get set to battle 49ers. No problem looking forward to it and you know that the debt to gain that they can play with you know that you have to be on the people accuse and go out there and and then and not let those guys hang around because legacy at those guys get paid to. So they they they can get some confidence and you know they can make a ball game. Deuce deuce they say we're talking only we can't. Our right coming up next QB QB would Drew Brees WW and whose time is 632 without a first news and we will go to Christmas. Understand now for a QB to QB always the conversation we Drew Brees and Bobby Hebert here on Saints radio WW on a sport you by the go to locals auto insurance. Drew thank you so much for joining us in there that was a a big victory as I told coach Peyton earlier this week you know it it's it's a wing and it's one game with. It was a away Andruw gets a team that is being consistent a Super Bowl caliber ballclub that has been doing what they do best and that's play defense. Extremely well and the Saints did make a good job coming up with a big victory although a very proven team in Seattle. Yeah. Eight ERA. I think the fact that we had put these guys you know a few times back in the 2013. You're an obvious you remember those games. From their place and yeah they've accomplished a lot since then you are basically been one of the most wearing loose in the league. And it done it was a great defense in the gutless play and there's also answered. But they're super consistent you know some of the chosen her restore their. Who's gonna require your quotes execution. And great patience and you know fortunately or there or put together you're really good after all the way around the balance of offense was great for the perhaps. You know what you guys spent about making big plays in the RC give up the wire because come up with a big stop little skewed went. Andrews begin have a patient's not too many times this happens. Against the Seattle Seahawks and I said this in the post game. I think Pete Carroll might have been somewhat shocked. Even know he knows how good our offense was good that we were able to get 281 downs and after. The first three drives and he talked about that patients six straight scoring drive and talk about time of possession could pain in mentioned that. Fifteen plays ten plays nine plays eleven plays nine plays. Eleven plays all the sudden you got the ball 36 minutes compared to there. 23 minutes. That doesn't happen too often against Seattle. No all I know I would say it happens too often period. Here on the that. What was that that's what you strive or you're you start the ball control. And controlling the clock and if you do that. You know you have the opportunity to Wear a defense that out. Especially with the great combination on the outs which which we work. And you know you gotta convert third downs obviously order surge and those guys and an annual point two dollar and I think. Looking back on we you know couple those guys did in your pupils. Certainly could have been touchdowns. You know on the I think tree goes three drives were stopped. In the red zone where you're the five or minor inside the five era and also were just men knock on the door right there. So as we look for improvement in their place of the. No. Drew look at net. What you are able to do is for you talked about the balance. 505035. Rushing attempts 35 passes but. When you look at past his shoe what you've done and to Saints uniform was his coach being called the plays the coach Carmichael. And one of kind of jokingly maybe you brought out to him. Coach Carmichael you know we've been 39 and four there are no wins four losses since 2006. When you all have left at least thirty or more the rushing attempts inning game then matter what you averaging Byrd Tim but I thought that number was astounding. Considering just by having thirty attempts 39 wins and only four losses. Yeah I mean that's the championship so there are uttered these game. You know current as you go law somewhat. Or dictate. Maybe many rush attempts in the getting that was actually reached. That would start the he pitched well is just it's possible. And then depending on their slow the game. Out of it or sometimes. Yeah I think they're perfect world maybe it's. You know it's so a lot of that that running their parents. Are cranked out which it's the fourth quarter you could say the tiger esque form and mentality so you're you're out of them after you wore down. They each finish games. But noticeable figure out here. How do you. Like get with the receivers ours it as a by committee with a wide receiver coach the receivers and all. The skill position as far as the technique on a rub tight Ralph. And I try to explain to fans. That to me. That was a flagrant linemen by time we get a call galway the 34. When you hit cooks for that plus 25 how important that was. That I think as the needs to be more subtle. A man concept verses on that touchdown to be asset that is not. A pig play because therein sold these trying to come off the ball on the two yard touchdown there are so. It was two different defenses. We are able to get big plays and and having a Little League controversy on those. Yeah yeah. All of a the one on your chart about where. Really. ET actually ran into each other. Its the respect. If you watch the film the DP falling out you know pretty good right around that he'd be stumbling. And so I think it has doubled into Willie yeah Willie strike. Is this is kind of tried to order that there and continue on with his route but it. NS doubled into the bay lighting it looks like you're the collision that sick but that that was not the intent. Now drew looking at dog it's a blind in where more can you say. What you to comment on Andrew speed on the left side and it and the level he's playing at whether. It's at left tackle ours are now left guard. Play would have similar. Player who's in the Saints hall of fame Jim them browse in a one draft pick. He was drafted as a tackle being quite workout but he is an outstanding. Goran are you see this and similarities there but. And then also Max Unger read somewhere where through eight weeks he's allowed the fewest pressures of any center. In the NFL. And I thought that it goes hand in hand what you are quick release that. If you look at that you break it down you only pressured 13% of drop backs against the Seahawks. Annual leading the league below average at 20%. But he sellout that has to do that Lee. Low of a you'd get rid of the ball in and a two and have sex is like two point 272. Let's look at those as the door and l.'s and there's such a great units together and people stand. Just about communication that goes on. Between. Offensive line during the course of the game and that left side right side it altogether and match in the sugar is. Responsible for a lot of that Runyan and pass game see I'm involved and that was them but. They did then they've got to be in the same page in La Boca and Oprah you know that they're responsible for him. It was to me is they make it into the count them. How formidable. Ones. And how we were really in dances on on the on respectively and how that would open up other other elements real answer. I can't say enough about me Carter couple years but especially this past. Now drew look NN I weary at as a team and looked. When you breaking it down the where you rank that I'll Landon to me a look at right now you know scoring defense. That even though the scoring even has given up 31 points a game. They're not last anymore. As a team we're like. The 49ers are wise they even give an ABBA. Like 32 points basically. But how they use an offense that you have to being courage who when elected this. That was mutually break it down the defense has held the Giants when he goes strictly. He would he do and he fits who held the Giants had nine points to cheese to twenty points the Seahawks had thirteen points and how we've always been very efficient. Offensively Todd Davis continues to do that. You've got a great opportunity to win and not necessarily always you know try to meet tight game. There are and its compliment you know. You know the side control offense rights it was a under the that it would be coached and it control the ball. You balance the position to importance in sustain drives all those things everything you're out of I think that. That this gives our defense you have more opportunities to. You know to beat her out so fast and then. Whenever there's going to be there's those times where. And because these cricket Flacco falters it blackened and and we do that we could perform under that kind of the nature of the game but I think. They're perfect world this. Feed off one another you know their defense's success builds momentum for the offense and part were some. And and that's your sort crooked. Now drew a couple of things on the 49ers. What your break down what you've seen so far on them defensively. And then I was looking at this number aware the far niners are seventh. In passing defense that's pretty good top ten given up only 222 yards a game. Is that a case in point maybe because teams have been able. To run against them because that that is that is ridiculous that you look at their rushing defense given a 185. Yards a game is that where they're not passing as much as they can running his opponent what have you seen with the 49ers and so forth defensively against the run. Yes. By those ones that actually surprised me because. He I mean I I feel like it's better as you and so you know I mean they're there at street fourteen you know they're old they're built as such a great. Big physical guys so far. I think they've. In the product of some big plays at times you know that there may be skewed numbers smoker but I think they're very good secondary on the aggregate to really experience rate he's. Think of product you know there epic formidable group mark Brooks who is a very very good power structure and really kind of in the course of their. He could apply here for awhile. You know. They you know they have been lost the global movement on that go either position but they've got. Guys we rotated in capital very good athlete to slide around you know it's a pressure defense that's built off that want Lee so. Our perspective pressure they put multiple different ways of both the sub base and so so it's a lot to prepare for its like yeah are you ready for. You know days. It's different things always trust or excuse our ability to recognize the stuff that. Get blocked out and we have the opportunity in the sports. Drew boy act Agassi you know it's in the rotation and going back to San Francisco. I would say that if they wanted to greatest playoff wins ever but it was very entertaining. That playoff game at San Francisco this the first time we get to go to Levi's stadium new environment but. While Larry call that great comeback well I think what we had five. Turnovers were down seventeen pointed took the lead twice in the five minutes left in the game and came up a little which are now the chance maybe to two dad repeat dead but. And kind of different venue this time around go to San Francisco and not a Candlestick Park but it only by state. Yeah you know we we haven't played here so I understood that compartment. Are you support their luster to a really nice mostly support that. I'll bottom line is they're game it's game that we we have to win. I'm because the next game or continue to. You know car transport here and then Dole's momentum. You have to think about 500 which. You know a big meaningful just because you lose you know you feel like Q it's at the midway point this season still have. So much season left ahead of you and and in the trending upward on the precious their massive directional ago. So what is it about it I knew that Timo Glock on Friday it would what is about on this long trip out West Coast and even on Friday that allows your body you. May it may be a little bit better to prepare for day games. Yep and think about it for a personal slight differences. That go on Saturday and you don't really have much to kind of worked out a system where I have a Friday. If we get up Saturday goes stadium in the good way and and just. It's got to begin to acclimate yourself do you know that time zone and you know preparing for effort in the next day in and just in order to accommodate the future general. QB QB has brought you by the go auto local auto insurance drew thank you so much for the time good luck this week at San Francisco. They threw all right involve Bobby look at that and some of the notes here we as we do we thank the Saints. Mean apartment Craig Benson Justin amazing O'Neal of course though all the fulfilled it everybody who have to sell and looking here talking about a team. The Saints have four bananas drinks some similar. Number listed to gain the 31 at thirty seconds to Werth scored defense has to square off Sunday the Saints at thirty point seven which is 31 allowed. And the 49ers 31 point three which has been less than the Tony and told defense is New Orleans and thirtieth in total defense in San Francisco but the 49ers hold a we Thomas overall because of what they do rushing defense. Dale on Dan Mansur Russian deeper in 185 point one that's almost like college numbers right there and Allen. But yeah all -- is if forced to by the deal worth in the league in total offense in tune Manny powerball game where the Saints a second with 415. And they're rushing offense is pretty good fourth in the league but that has an offense is 32 then I won 161 point four Bobby. As his day and age that that that's what L issue was averaging in the lean years unquote two miles. And a lot like cabernet like Paris that would be last in the SEC right well they allow like Harris analyses. Cavernous only completing 46% of his passes Bryant but just to keep your idea between the college game in the pro game though those numbers dead and I just last an NFL. They would be less than some some conference did college big before the rule changes Arkin parlay that at the hardest 61 games they'd be like throwing about ninety yards a game right. A media it is that poured now. When you look Deke that's Arthur this the most ridiculous when you given up a 185 rushing yards allowed. You know they campaign continued it eighties. They did on pace to throw in the more rushing yards. Than any team. Says the 1980 saint. The bet here in 1980 thing to finish one to fifteen gave a 194. Yards a game zone at them they did even wanna game beating Justin yeah yeah yeah hole out of McKinney Emanuel was given average like 200 yards a game. Well coming up folks later tonight at 8 o'clock is double covered sports of all Christie Garrett and he'd buy a bad thanks so much to do to being would have Drew Brees. All of a wonderful call us and guest. And B should John them off on 48 PM hooters on veterans but of all we're mocking of Saints running back would be I was coming out similar remarks. He'll get a close approach Lamar for the first time and we look forward to visiting. With number 22 are right up next it's that aired or drawn show LSU football for Chris Miller mom and on a big Bellamy is always traumatic. She just can't embodied anything on the Oilers. That.