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11-7-16 Scoot 1pm- One day away from Election 2016

Nov 8, 2016|

As an American – what are you feeling today? What are you thinking about – what are you talking about today? What is the most important thing every American should be thinking about today?

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It is the Monday before Election Day 2016. And we have got all lot to talk about this afternoon I'm scoot Shannon glacier witnessed. Like spending every afternoon with you on these are extraordinary times and this afternoon I think we're just gonna get together and and talk because there's a lot on everybody's mind people are feeling a lot right now. Misty before Election Day. And also what makes this Monday even better is the saints want anyone in a rather impressively beating the 49ers. In the Bay Area yesterday saints ran the ball that passed the Baltic that I think it ran the ball more than they passed the ball Mark Ingram Tim Hightower were incredible. And Mark Ingram went on that job and 75 yard run second largest second longest run in state history. Second only to Deuce McAllister who ran for 76 yards. Tennessee's offensive line they were opening up holes they were protecting breeze enough. And maneuvers did they have the rookie receiver Michael Thomas mean this guy is unbelievable. What a miraculous catch in the end zone. And they were talking about John how he dies hand you'll. And he has all the special things with his. His hands. To. Prepare them for for the game and for the touch that he has with the ball and it seems like it's absolutely worked at the sync started out oh and three. And they're coming together getting key players back I'm really impressed with the coaching. An oppressor the players. And I'm feeling really good about where the saints are. I watched the last Sunday Night Football game last night. And the Broncos seem like a team that can BP and they'll be here Sunday afternoon in the Mercedes-Benz superdome we'll talk a little bit more about that later this afternoon. And of course the second game show with Bobby bare and Mike's tailgate is like this over super casino on the beaches of Hancock county Mississippi. At 4 o'clock this afternoon not a lot of second guessing but it's it's going to be a fun show. A lot to talk about this afternoon and I really think that with where we are. In our lives in it where we are as a country. Are really wanna spend some time this afternoon talking about. The relationship between the PH factor of the soil in plaque of his parish and the booming citrus. Citrus business. I mean it's not I've not really I was just kidding about that here we are day before Election Day 2016. The choices are. Clinton trump Johnson start. As an America. Where you feeling today. What are you thinking about it. What are you talking about what are they talking about in your office. If you follow politics at all you have to sense. Where we are right now. And what's coming up tomorrow. And the importance of this election. Donald Trump on the campaign trail says once again that Hillary is being protected by a system that is not fair. Hillary Clinton. Is being protected. By a totally rigged system. And now it's up to the American people. To deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. You know I think that's really a very very catchy phrase of departed Donald Trump delivered justice at the that fear on the ballot talks. Because for those people who believe that Hillary is sentenced crooked that's a really good thing to rally up his supporters. President Obama on the campaign trail in Michigan today in the key key battleground state and he talked about how truck usually not for the working people. He said squeezed Michigan. Michigan hurt. Ben your auto workers would have no choice but to accept less that is not somebody is a champion Gil Morgan picked up. You're gone but don't hear about tomorrow. And on the tarmac if she was ready to border campaign plane if white plains new Yorker Hillary Clinton said her focus today. Is on turnout. We're you know just looking at dad and maximizing. Our turnout operation everywhere. Hi I am working in coordination and obviously with the other candidates in both the house and the senate ended up. Ships. So here we are the day before Election Day what do you what do you feel. What is your sense of of where we are as a country. Because while the world is watching. You know we're watching ourselves. Kind of looking in the mirror. So. Even if the world is watching this is also important to us forget about the world it's also important to us and and and and how we define who we are. And the big question is will we come together after the election. If you wanna join us with commented any time this afternoon our numbers 260. One a seventy area code 5042601870. And I text is 877. Here is a Texas says an effort tell someone their vote doesn't count every vote counts. Yes every vote does count. I mean if you wanna use as an excuse. But be honest. You're just not taking the time to vote. You rather do something else. There are there are good excuses why people can't vote on election. But many of the people who don't vote. Just don't take the time. Or they're discouraged because Louisiana's a red states. So. The predictions are and I say the predictions on the predictions are Donald Trump is going to win Louisiana. So if your truck supporter well you don't have to vote right 'cause he's gonna win. And if you're a Clinton supporter you don't have to go vote because trump is gonna win. Why would you settle for that possibility. That may be the way it turns out but why would you why would you settle for yet. And don't you think there's something important. About. Taking the time to. Physically and actively participate in the system. I mean even if the odds are against you or the odds are so much in your in your favor. You wanna just not participate. Thick thick about the football teams that you love. They're way ahead in the game. Do you want to just not playing anymore. But he wanted to get out there and try their hardest. And if your team is behind it has no chance of winning. You want to stop playing. Or you wonder still try to score. I think it's a good way to look at this. As far as whether or not we vote. I did not vote early. In a time pipes and on the show I I think I was undecided in some ways to I think the real reason I didn't vote early was because I just did not wanna have to make the decision. That I know I have to make I was delaying the the the decision making process. So I will make the decision tomorrow. I'll get up early and I'll go vote probably take a self ease of me in the voting Booth which in Louisiana is legal it's legal here you can do that here. Pars are now. If I'm not here tomorrow afternoon and maybe I gotta rest. I if you wanna join us at numbers 2601870. Perry code 50426. Cell when he seventy. At a tech's number is 87879. Skirted the afternoon will be right back with them more of your comments. On this day a November the seventh. 1971. A guitarist Izzy straddling the quick Guns 'N Roses. And he he said he quit because he had gotten sober. And there were problems with him is heroin addiction. But he said that he is. His newfound sobriety was causing problems with the band silly so record was it was getting along with them anymore. Sometimes drugs messed up a band and I guess sometimes when you're like Guns 'N Roses if you don't do drugs. I can be a problem. We'll be right back on different view well. It I don't know whether his people can't make up their minds as they just don't want to have to make up their minds in this particular case. I'm scooter the afternoon we finally got some rain here along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and there's of more rain on the way we needed so. You know hopefully this is not. I down Monday for years so we've got a little rain on a Monday the saints won in tomorrow's Election Day so you should be up and is happy she can possibly be on a Monday. And he got an extra hour sleep over the weekend as well we've got some highlights from Saturday Night Live they did something really really interesting that. Well I didn't expect it and people were not expect tennis. They do is simply where they turned from comedy. Into doing something. Serious. We'll get to that in just a few minutes up from Morgan City Francis welcome to our show. And I. Bet it did bell. It. It means that actually. Game but. What. Could. So all they want. Out but it. Public. We. To be able to. Right. If the. That's that's a question that that remains because he certainly has left us with the idea that he might not accept the results of any of the election. When we get. It. I. Don't Marco. I appreciate the comment ledger listing gonna Morgan City here's attorney general opinion poll this hour do you expect there to be a clear winner in the presidential election tomorrow night. 80%. Say yes 20% signal. You should team by going to our web site WW dot com and Brenda welcome to our show and. I. I. Don't want you. Out. In the island. I. Get. Me. Back. Get at it ever. You. L. Go out. When to. End. I. Well at. It but I'll app. Now. At a lot there that. Other. I. Quite. Oh. Brendan is that is that kind of like you're one issue because our I talked to people who have said the defected Donald Scott Peterson is so pro choice is there. Single issue the single issue they're voting for trop. Light and but trump is a truck that I've only ill right. We have got what they had it happening out what it so. And it. Democrat. Which L Europe. Because that country go the way it look like every edging out yet. There a debate that. I don't want it to grow up in a country that it got out there. And it. Under it we are we to have them the freedom of religion but when you talk about edging up edging god out and I I guess that would be one and decisive socialism most people of course socialism with. The end of the government says solving more of our problems and dent and individuals. But I I would also argue that that nobody can take your faith or religion away from you and if if it's the absence of something like keep prayer in school. Is is the excuse for somebody not being religious and it seems to me that their faith wasn't really that strong in the first place. I. That. Country that at. Eight. Get. So. That. Oh. It. An age. Where. And. We have become we've become very relaxed and they're very casual fan effect I think Sunday morning I heard on not one but on on two different shows on CNN. Either CNN host or contributor not to so many were interviewing. I draw the espy. Can you believe it. Or not. It felt. About it right well yeah. Are you or your brick and appeared you were to write a book on my. Which tunnel would that be the mobile tunnel. Right I know exactly where your. Heart your horn in the in the job market horn of the tunnel. And people think it's like good luck. And what I did stay at bat. I grew up. You know. Beautiful. Everybody. And there are. Quite. No. I don't think people. Oh. I don't know that people don't know what way. That. Bit about. It you don't what are you at rail. I. That. Our country it it. It currently. Out. Oh. The like. Where it. But we're also founded on the the the idea that you don't have to worship god to be an equal part of our our society. Right so get. It. Out. Yet. Oh. Brenda and I've got to move on to a new spray I really enjoyed our conversation have safe travels to Destin I'm proud of you for taking the tactical way to Florida to two vote went. You know nobody needs a real good excuse to have to wanna go to Destin. So I have to have a great. It. It. I. Or. I know this has happened to you before it happened to me over the weekend I was out in the sought for your wires and I heard this song on being played and then do the music. In the in the store and I was in. This is a song from on the 1975. The sound is a song. And the song played in my head all weekend long. South on I played today I might get out of my head there's a liquid falling from the sky and for those of you who haven't seen this in so long yes that is. Rain still to come I got some highlights from Saturday Night Live and Saturday Night Live did something I really interstate eight. They turned from comedy to doing something rather serious all in the in the in the same bit. I got a lot of people on hold so we may not get to that until after the news at 2 o'clock but we are gonna play that for you. Are right after our press to a clock. Also it's important to remember that Election Day tomorrow there's a very important senate race going on and local offices on the ballot for judges in town a lot of other people. And arguably. These races have a lot more impact directly on our lives. Then the president of the United States so there are reasons. To vote. At Texas says so what a breath of fresh share on this Brendan even though I disagree with much of what she said. You know it's it's true. We should not be embarrassed to be civil. And night I'll get into this more time after the election by. We should not be embarrassed. To be civil we we shouldn't be embarrassed to to disagree. To agree to disagree. Anderson idea that we have to hate each other and all of this was this was started with with talk radio becoming very very divisive. If there was two hours more interest in getting on the radio and on getting attention by creating hate. In establishing fear. Yelling at people. You'd basically presenting a show of on the lines of encouraging people to grab their pitchfork and head to the the M proverbial. Town square. We shouldn't be proud of that. And here we can disagree we can be passionate but we should also be able to. To be civil about it from home Floyd you're under the WL. Michael sure. Let them about that speculator from Florida. And get it involved quite a bit older and appreciated nailed it short and our. What what I want to buy. On our own piggy about a week so ordered it and given a news conference. I think that the other 72 days. What happened that he should go to Bradley. Well I think it's a really good question Floyd I don't know she's not big on giving news conferences and you know sometimes our presidents go a long period of time without having a news conference and then the the media brings up that and in their pressure to have a press conference. You know she's talking to depress. On tarmac she's talking to via media on the plane that she Sandra she has sent. She's really been reluctant to hold press conferences I think that's a good point because the president has a responsibility. To hold regular press conferences. But fortunately it went when they're trying to game out there the guy back in October. They had a campaign it. Debt and they were gonna let you know all the all going to be aggressive shall overcome and alt reply and one day. And neck you know war would go along with Geithner should that oh. Did you actually get all. Here at the western. She does avoid answering questions sometimes you know that's that's that's a clear pattern Ford appreciate the cartilage or listening to herself from Slidell Curtis welcome to WWL. I do drugs. Oh. Lead. And support him. It. Are. You figure. Out. The gentle and video. It. You. Get the global. And which. Could be. Oh. Curtis I appreciate the call and a lot of people feel that way and it's just it's so interesting to me in this this election and and I've never experienced this before. My god I can't tell you how many elections I've talked to dots on the air over the years. But whatever you say about trump. You can also say about Clinton supporters if you criticize when you can criticize it it's just it's just it's really amazing but it's. It's amazing in every sampling. I'm screwed in the afternoon. Here's a text that says it's called sky water. The tears of the ancient guides because we have upset them. A pop culture calendar it was on Tuesday November 7 1991. Line of Paul Reuben is better known as Peewee Herman. Pleaded no contest to indecent exposure. After he was arrested in Sarasota Florida for allegedly exposing himself in a movie theater. Apparently there was very little evidence thus the name he week. I. I don't know I think its original case was based on the idea that he simply drop the hot dog in his lap of tried to pick it up. Repeatedly. From man to feel hanky right WWL. Hello Hank. All right let's go to a New Orleans and John year and a BW or good afternoon John. They didn't. You didn't think yes we can. I've got a a leader that talked about the founding of our Clinton being patented. Under god I'd just like just Whitney you know and well. It bothers me to over not to let it go a little issue guidance they were short sale I will agree with you. It. Really Christian no. It but you or be eaten but he. Thing is we have under. Or in god and moved it he'd under the Communist. He would scare we all all but the thing. And should really clear about note that was literally doing that under eating it can be in court with jurisdiction. I'm ready to do. It market it could happen next year that those knowing we. All violations of our future. By John that doesn't that doesn't take religion away from from anybody. Exactly and hear a thing I lobbed off. In fact if we could have a 81 nation I've got good would it be I might note is that. Well that was not really the right way to run to put that you know I I you know sometimes we have to we have to dump somebody. And I'll say it. It makes me feel good that people are several lax in the conversations that they have on the show that they just bullets something you know. Line like they're having a conversation with friends so I like Tampa we've can't let him beyond the here. I enjoyed our conversation with the brunt earlier. But I I don't interpret our history as. A nation found. On a Christian values. Are found that with god in mind. Now the people who came here from deal world they had god on their minds that's why they came here. But they came here to establish freedom of religion. And establish a country where they were free to. Expressed their religious police and not be persecuted. So the concept of freedom of religion. Or no relation on imposed by the government or endorsed by the government or I've accepted by the government in any way. To me that is the founding of our country but there are those who believe. In our country was founded on Christian Judeo found on values if you want to believe that you you can choose to believe that the deficit and it's it's a legitimate. On interpretation of history to say that this country was not found that specifically on. Christian values it was fountain on the sheer aspect of freedom of religion. If you rejoice that the comment on numbers 2601878. Area code 5042601. A semi tech state 7870. There is that Texas says so please comment on on the lady this and I want to go back to how it was when she was growing up in the forties. Blacks were slaves. And that's what she wants to return to make America great again. On blacks were slaves in the 1940s I don't think so. But. What Brenda and what people are talking about when they talk about that is there aspects of of America. That they want to return to because of the tradition it doesn't mean that they wanna accept all of America in 1940s. How long is this singer been around lord. Has she been around for a long time this is a big hit royals. Happy birthday to lord. Ward is twenty years old today. I'm scoot in the afternoon we'll be back on WL. On this day November 7 1968. Senator doors currents are too was in erupted in Phoenix after Jim Morrison told the audience to stand up. Police were concerned because of Morrison's intentions. Because he recently had moon to an audience who. When you think about the songs. That are on stage today at concerts. Moaning somebody's doing on that big a deal as it. A from Harvey Rickey got time for a quick comment welcome Ricky. I don't sir do all. I like it Clinton. But we need opera level when they email. You say plenty Ricky and and we'll talk more about that tomorrow and of course on Wednesday in the they're the question is or will this country pulled together. I wrote an op Ed block for our website and it's entitled. Is America ready for this election. Mean are we ready for this. Talk more about that in the next hour also if journal stay with this will be to work your calls. I just wanted to have a relaxed conversation this afternoon and just talk about the election. And what's your feeling this day before this very very important and contentious Election Day 2060 what are you feeling today. What are you talking about what are people saying what is it that you wanna say before people go to the polls and vote tomorrow. I remember there are some very important local elections by going on at the least of which the big senate race. We'll talk about all of this in the next hour also Saturday Night Live. Went in one skit they went from comedy. To a serious commentary. About the election. I thought it was brilliant. I want to share that with you we'll do that are coming out passengers. At 2 o'clock so again if you're Arnold stay with this is a quick update on a pretty general opinion poll. You expected to be clear winner in the election tomorrow night 40% say yes 60% say no. I'm scoots hang on we'll be right back on WL.