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Think Tank 1210pm What are the polls saying about the race for President

Nov 8, 2016|

What are the polls saying about the race for President nationally & locally? This hours guest: Pam Coulter - CBS Whitehouse Correspondant

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon Dave's going in for Garland Robinette we're joined now by CBS White House correspondent Pam Coulter and Pam I got to imagine that. Just like most of the people on the nation you are very excited that Election Day has arrived and that this long process. That is. Dragged on and on and on for really two years now it's finally coming to an end. Break it until about deity that. By like an idiot and know the new president you know. By the end of tonight probably. Bittersweet time for President Obama went out early today and played some basketball which is an Election Day tradition for him. And obviously payment and efficiently on the ballot. For a lot of people. Eat idiot because pretty big as a referendum on his eight years that topic what they are not they don't Hillary Clinton here or Donald Trott. Yeah that's definitely ban amongst the few issues that we've actually been able to hear about through all the clutter and name calling and controversies in this election. One of the big issues has been that Donald Trump seeks to reverse much of wide. Barack Obama has done as president of the United States while Hillary Clinton seeks to carry on most of the Obama policies having been a member of the administration and sharing the same party I did think a lot of voters. Are looking at that is kind of how they're deciding who to pick today if you liked what Barack Obama did you vote for Hillary Clinton if you want to reverse the Obama years you vote for Donald for a. Affairs and that I mean I think in most elections are referendum on the party in power and how they did in office but and that. Bodes well for Hillary Clinton because Barack Obama job approval rating is up near 57%. Which is. You know month high of any recent president. They're back that acts in their favor but I'm. Yeah they're calling this the change election that Americans want change in dock properly has the message of change you may not like the kinda change. That he wanted to do but a lot of people are responding to adapt. He has problems that even in this most recent round of rally of the big twelve rally in the last two days. He that he would immediately repeal would he call President Obama is legal executive orders. He would repeal. Obama care. He would get rid of the Iran nuclear deal he would scrap the spirit climate agreement. And those opting to recruit and support. She wants to. Make changes at the Affordable Care Act she wants to improve it that the like between her President Obama needs to be on trade. And Nat trans Pacific partnership trade deal which both she Donald Trump oppose the. You know it's summarized Pam Coulter CBS White House correspondent. To hear someone talking about the issues in this race and telling us where the candidates stand on things and what they feel about things other than just calling each other names like. Criminal old nasty grab her whatever the case Mickey B. When you told us that President Obama as spanning at least part of his day playing basketball today and probably doing a lot of reflecting on the last eight years and looking forward to what his future holds. What are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump up to today. Vote this morning. Hillary Clinton went out quite currently after both of them have late night last night you know when their. The really almost post midnight rally stared at the final rally of their campaigns these points. Hillary Clinton without in Chappaqua I think at about 8 o'clock this morning eastern time meant. Donald Trump without not too long after that. And yet they were both kind of reserves you know Hillary Clinton basically said you know look like at that. Privileges being elected in undated did the best I can and it looks. When Donald Trump without dipped you know if you could expect the result of the election because we'll all see how it turns out and he was not so well but it did. In an election date for the candidate is almost. He climactic because they'd be on mr. rush of adrenaline for. Weeks and months of appearing before these big crowds and making speeches and now it's it's basically all over but the vote. Tonight both candidates will be in New York. That's right yes. Of course Hillary Clinton voted out and Westchester County in Chappaqua she's going to be coming in. To the Javits Center where they're gonna have their big election night party don't talk of course that is by getting spending most of the day at trump tower. That we are he's gonna meet with the big donors and supporters and family members and and presumably watched the election from there and and until becoming over year to be made accountable to where they have there. Election night. You know victory party get to. And alters CBS news White House correspondent will be looking forward to hearing from you all night tonight in our expanded coverage of Walton wal election results. The polls close in six hours and 44. Minutes. Along the East Coast oh. Wow suddenly after two years and minority. Yeah we got that three tiny towns in New Hampshire that voted. Donald Trump one of those three towns that voted at midnight I don't know what that means for the rest of the day and the polls are close there showing at the very close race. Many states that are too close to call in over all literally Hillary Clinton with a slight lead in the polls any final thoughts you'd think folks should know about as we. Count down final hours of this election 2006. Gosh. It's just going to be a big change it's going to be historic no matter what happens. Or either going to happen the first woman president and our country's history. Which is huge when you think about it. And or were going to have. Big man at a very. Well this man who has no political experience. But who economy and you know with the idea that it's time to shake up Washington and what he calls the corrupt system. Change is coming one way or another there will be history made hopefully tonight we know who will be the next president of the United States. I don't know that I have the stomach for another one of these elections it drags on for days or are we. But. Unfortunately Campbell let's hope it doesn't. And Poulter thank you so much and you got elected to get ready for tonight's coverage we look forward to listening to your reports throughout the evening that it Pam Coulter CBS news White House correspondent I'm Dave Conan for Garland Robin had come and up next your calls when he here for me right now Bible for 260187. In your gut. What do you think is going to happen and how will the election and tonight. So many people timing they don't believe the polls but deep down in your heart. Do you believe that their right or do you remain hopeful and confident that your candidate will overcome the odds if they're trailing or the year candidate will. Indeed win if there in the lead. How long did it take you vote that's our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion polls he would vote to telling us online at WWL dot com. It's our text messages at 87870. Also coming up. I will tell you some interest in sports indicators. That may. At least give us some. Indication whether they're accurate or not of who's gonna win the president's stroll. Race tonight who's going to be the winner based on historical. Oddities that have proven correct time and time again while stock about ABC and ravens and today it is it any yard signs to anyone. Very few people with yard signs one is that let's talk about it if you're our lines are open call right now what was your voting experience like. How do you feel about today's election and who do you think's gonna win 504260187. 1223. It's election date 2016. I'm Dave Conan for Garland Robinette is. Garland gets ready for tonight to wall to wall election coverage here on WWL. In our panel of experts and an analyst will be at 7 PM are back at six to help you get ready for the election. One of things I'm gonna do tonight is take a look at the major issues in this campaign that has been elusive to so many voters in Italian based on. What they've said during the campaign kind of a presidency we could expect from either Donald Trump. Where Hillary Clinton are big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll how long it take you vote. Of those of you logging on to WWL dot com 63%. Said it took less than fifteen minutes only 19%. That it took. Sixteen to thirty minutes and only 6% at that more than ours so the vast majority 72%. Actually pardon me 82% view. Are getting out of there and under thirty minutes. Gail thanks for calling your on WWL what are your thoughts on this election date when he sixty. How long did they get about a. And acting. Oh. Our outlet you frequent that. On the old. I. Affect the I. Yeah now we can have the next president taking three Supreme Court justice is that's this thing. US senate actually votes on any of the nominees we'll wait and see if that happens or that gridlock continues. But why is it's so important to you that you're single issue that's what you care about most is. Who is in on the supreme court for the next several decades. It ain't what happened. In each year. Are hard. At the a lot of adequately capture. The year is Erik. Opened or. 11. Does pack it aboard war. Starting. We're not part of our. Kotnik mini Sheen there are there any me all. The president coming and I made eight. Hail and I'll. Hopefully. You know they moderate. Moderate. I loved it but. Dale we appreciate the call thank you for sharing your doctor for exercising your right devotes just X rated 787 aces but only three minutes about. Yeah we're asking about the entire process from its hunt you've got to the polls to the time you were able to cast your about mentally how long did it take you. Not how long did it actually take you in the ballot box now how long were the lines that we're trying to get it and handle on. And I think that's why most people are telling us they're getting in and out of the polling places. In less than fifteen minutes Glenda thanks for calling your on WW well good good afternoon. Hi I'm hearing what had been in email account there. Weren't. Now he can't bang on. Our. About the conflict in law. And activism has been for as long as I can remember that's why we always urged people. Either go to our website at WWL dot com and download the sample ballot for your precinct or go to go vote use the app on your Smart found. And look at the ballot before you get in their do you know how you wanna vote and then you disconnect. Click in and push and and and filling it out as you've already decided yet that is the largest rarely realize the the polls that poll workers actually enforcing it are painting from the Booth and Donnie I'm not got laughed. All end up actually work it out there it. Very. Column in the apple. Ain't. And act that Google. Well that if I ever rocketed you're allowed it change your mind in the ballot box that's fine as long did it less than three minutes. The hot back in batting in Britain did not call well. Now I I've not seen that before I'm sorry that happened T I can understand you know I'd like two and a half. Half minutes saying a man BF thirty seconds left but geez after one minute certain bang on and yet I'm on an app was there a long line behind you and a lot of people waiting to get it. Almanac. Now. While while sorry that happened the in my wanna go ahead now. Just contacted the secretary of State's office and let them know about your experience or the clerk of courts office who oversees the elections specifically. All right thanks Glenda. Happy elect today. I'm 042601870. Hey Lloyd would you vote today. That can back out there. I think that in. It was about the. Yeah over New Hampshire three tiny town to get together at midnight and cast their ballots. That work group. Rates it's nuts Stosur you may have heard is one of the three stay cities. Donald from one over on the three New Hampshire towns by a vote of 3225. Margin over Hillary Clinton polls in the towns of Dick dale. Hart's location and bills field open just after midnight in New Hampshire and closed once everyone in the town it already voted. Guy by the way that 3225. That wasn't the entire vote Gary Johnson. The libertarian candidate to get three votes Bernie Sanders. As the Democrat who. Lost in the primary. Hillary Clinton John basic who's the Republican who lost in the primary. And somehow 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney each got one write in vote. So oh at the final tally of trump and Clinton was 32. To twenties. Five but we appreciate your call. State Margaret calls coming up at 5042601870. I'll take you from the time we got the ball actually cast your ballot let folks so they can know what to expect. When Diego to vote today also share. You the interest thing. Anomalies I'll call them sports activities three different sports indicators that have historically. Accurately predicted who would be the next president I'll tell you what all three are saying. And that all three say the same candidates gonna win tonight if they're correct this time as they have been. For many many years that's coming up after the news on with your calls at 260187. In text messages at 87870. On WW. On present estimated 787 is as Dave from the sound of the people's voices. It seems like people are more at ease today happier than they have been on previous days during this election. You go on to say maybe it's because it's finally coming to an it and I know I am happier now. As we finally got into Election Day and that it's here and that this visceral. Nasty. Really disgusting at times campaign is finally. Over and regardless of the outcome. We won't go through that again for at least another couple of years in a someone. Brought him cookies up here this morning to WWL. They had read it. Ice that at trump on half the cookies and blue icing. On the other half it's that Clinton. Well someone has decided to I think make their feelings known we've talked about how so many people don't like either of these candidates don't think either of them. Should be the next president of the United States. But someone broke the cookies. One of them now reads rom. And the other one reads legs. If you can't have fun like Kenya at. Romp in the land may tell you how people feel about the candidates Michael thanks for calling you're on WWL happy Election Day. Yet. The time it to me I mean I'm not so but now estimating somewhere and it shouldn't and it. The area you know. The time he parked your car walked in voted on video. Well. You know it isn't fast that's it we're trying to find out. Yeah I went and in a course. Voted. Donald Trump. Two side. Believe it is. On both legal Liguori candidate non politician. In April right reasons not be able to anyone. You know oh and sit in the past people. Forget it or. And you're motivate you motivated to go to the polls to support a candidate a lot of people are going to the polls to vote against. A candidate I'd just so weak finish the first conversation and how long did it take you in terms of how long was the line to get through it and do all that. Well we're we're gonna go like probably India. 1520 minute there. I was on my. Not terribly bad you are different power and nine. Yeah I do this. There's no doubt about. Tribute doll that these people going to the polls this unbelievable turn out all the vote for trump to take the country back. Well that's not the old telling us I hope your right. Because I hope that you end up happy about this. Personally I don't have a stake I don't have a horse in this race I'm a journalist and I'm covering the election. And sharing with view the results but. I think. It's unlikely that your correct that the voter turn out the record turnout is because of overwhelming nationwide support for Donald Trump. Because the polls don't show us that and will know if the polls are accurate or not in just a few hours well. Oh. Inaccurate ball in the hole. But they've been historically accurate. Look back over the history of the elections the pollsters get it right why do you think suddenly they're gonna get it wrong. That's fraud. We appreciate the call nominally Tia. WW. Afternoon Jay Howard your voting experience. It would actually surprised that longer than usual while it early this morning and no Slidell. And I got here. Good luck to you and not have a separate open and there was quite a while it took about forty that it two. Yeah we're hearing that there was a huge Raj first thing people trying to vote before they had to go to work and that we saw the longest lines that. Generally during this hour the lunch hour we see the lines get a little long as well because people are trying to vote during their lunch break. And then man watch out you know after 4 o'clock that's when they are generally the longest as people have been putting it off all they go to vote but didn't go vote. You know between one and swore. Prague Vienna for a nice quick vote a lot of people are taxing us and it's ebony it's 70 voted after the morning rush that only took them a few minutes. Yeah I gotta say that it my. Both of Bullock plays. Are they are traditionally go prematurely it will likely work early and I've got to seriously the bigger turnout there are saying and yet ever. Or location. That's about it. Especially with Ali early voting that happened we had record early voting so you know you take a lot of people get on the whale. Yeah I guess it took me a little bit by surprise. While I was telling the streamers you know it's interesting we've got to keep it there. Roughly the country each of them. And yet I think that legacy. Voting turnout topic literally unprecedented. And it just uninteresting to people get the point that it and other. Q propped them out there at Jenna and get a that there matter. Yet to get why you think in a perfect world people would be motivated to go for somebody they love somebody they really wanna see be the next president that would be the ideal. But with these two candidates you're right we see a lot of the people who are voting against someone may eighth rather than voting for someone they really life. I think yeah it's the president that we got people that probably never exercised their right there they're rarely there actually not doing well. Actual proposal outlining. DOJ thank you thank you brush and sharing that silver lining with here on WWL I'm calls coming up. And final four to 60187. Got a line opened view right now again that's 50426. No one point 78 and coming up I have in my hand right here asked. And Brittany thank you so remote computers but as vibrant. Three sports indicators. That if history holds up palace who will be the next president of the United States I'll share those with you activists. 1246. On this election dates when he 169 gave knowing it out another five minutes as one person taxing us and it's underneath them about their voting experience as as they voted in Donaldson politics twentieth this morning to precincts in one location. And they say it was the only voter there. Another President Obama nor Sharon meant to bill that five minutes from the time I've parked in the time I've voted to drive knows doesn't Guerrero token. Minutes. Just voted in Slidell is an attack at that five minutes total. And another. Five minutes and that's majority of people about two thirds and telling us there voting last man. Fifteen minutes from the time they live at the pointless at the time there back in the car and headed on their way patty you voted in matter it was that. Matty. Am. Now. Man and a lot on the tree in a lot. There are only you can name that crap get out and both are the bad news and all four. And it was a management problem with the commissioner Bart. And it look. Long wait for you would just the wrong place wrong time. And that was good inconvenient. As should beat theoretically been out in forty minutes. Our partner although I guess you know based on everything else in the world the fact that we can vote in under two hours that's. That's probably not terribly bad is and what other countries and people have to go through to the the. Didn't let me twice the about it and then now why not one of those credit. And at no point an hour and forty minutes you say you know what to heck with it I'm don't know why Barbara. Thanks Betty we appreciate and happy Election Day. All right there's patties experience an unfortunate one but the vast majority of people are getting in and out of the polls are right folks are you ready there are three. Historic sports indicators. That time and time again. Accurately. Predict. Who will be. The president of the United States now this comes with a caveat this is purely coincidence it's based on nothing. That it should. Accurately predict the outcome of the election but for some reason these three indicators have historically. Over and over again being right. The one I think that is closest and nearest and nearest to the hearts of locals is the outcome of the Alabama LSU game in every election. Since 1984. The Republican has won when LSU wins the LSU bam a game in an election. And the democratic nominee has won in the years that Alabama. But we know Alabama won ten to nothing. Last Saturday in Tiger Stadium so based on that. And going back to 1984 if that trend continues. Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States thanks. Then there's another indicator. When the World Series has gone they a game seven. In an election year. Time and time again. If the American League wins the Republicans take the white. If the National League wins game seven the Democrat. Is the winner of the presidential election. On the cubs won for the first time in a 109 years. And they were the National League representative to the World Series so that would predict Hillary Clinton. Would be the next president. And finally the most famous examples of so called Redskins rule which says that the incumbent party. Wins the election when the skins win their last home game before the polls close. And the challenging party wins when Washington loses. This year the Redskins. Won. And that means the party in power which is currently the Democrats. Obama as a Democrat is the president. This also predicts Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the united. What does this mean absolutely nothing it's a crazy weird set of coincidences. But it's true. Please if you don't vote yet do not let this keep you from going in voting. Whether because you support Clinton is now I don't need to vote now she's gonna win because Obama won the cubs won in the skins won. Or because he if you support Donald Trump thinks it is a lost cause to be interesting to see after the election if it holds up. Strange isn't. Final thoughts coming up after this on WW. All right the first polls closed. In hand. Five hours two minutes and eight seconds. Then we will start to get a clear idea who will be the next president of the United States I gotta tell you it does astound me. How many people. Believe that the national polling which currently shows Hillary Clinton within the margin of error but shows Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote. How many people believe those polls are Ian. Accurate who believe that they're not going to properly predict the outcome of the election especially with that tells us right now it's too close to call because it's within the margin of error. But I think nationwide the pollsters that tell you that Hillary has the slight. Advantage right now. That obviously can change at the polls because it is so close so please go exercise your right to vote. Go share your thoughts at the polls and go feel good about the fact that you took part. In this Election Day and that you were one of the millions and millions of Americans who enjoyed your right to vote we will find out. Hopefully. In the next twelve hours or so. If the polls were accurate. And did properly predict who would be the next president. Of the United States. And they'll show it was that close is really going to be that tighter race when it's all said and done. Will know early. If Donald Trump has a shot. If he can win Florida. And North Carolina. Then it's going to be a long night folks and it's going to be at bat. If Hillary Clinton wins Florida and North Carolina it's all over. It's the counting. I'll be back at 6 o'clock to help you understand what a presidency by Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would look like. If you haven't been able to have cut through all the crap and get to the issues yet. I'll try to make that clear at 6 o'clock Garland you'll join us at 7 PM with a wall to wall election comfort happy Election Day by the way that. Rom Cokie I dismayed at the Rome much better rom yes.