WWL>Topics>>11-7-16 Scoot 3pm - Are you anxious about tomorrow's election?

11-7-16 Scoot 3pm - Are you anxious about tomorrow's election?

Nov 8, 2016|

One day out how are you feeling about the election are you anxious or do you just want it all to be over?

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The saints beat the 49ers I thought it was a very impressive win on the road in the Bay Area and the saints ran the ball more than they passed it. Mark Ingram Tim Hightower were incredible. Ingram went on that 75 yard touchdown burst. Second longest in saints history. Second only to saints color analyst for every WL Deuce McAllister. Who had a 76 yard run. The saints offensive line did a good job opening up polls protecting breeze. And even though it was against a forty niners team it's not good against the run. They still did it and the saints have lost games they were supposed to win. Great teams win the games they're supposed to win and this was a game they were supposed to win and they did it. And Brees was was accurate and Brees had a couple little slumps but I mean nothing to even compare to how excellent he once. And rookie receiver Michael Thomas showed great poise and that catch in the end zone which just miraculous. I mean it was unbelievable how much he concentrated on the ball. And then the the word is out now that he practices something called hand yoga. And that he's into doing a lot of things to make sure that his hands are. Our our limber and that they can the fingers can stretch and that he can grab the ball went obviously whatever it is that he's doing he's working. I mean this guy is set at this point as a rookie to be a crime receiver and in the NFL. And next week the saints play for the Denver Broncos in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And I watched the Broncos in the game last night against the raiders and the Broncos are beatable. The saints off to an 03 start. And they're coming together and they're getting players back at a perfect time. We have found an article on our website at WW real dot com. And type in a priest says. He says I'm not satisfied. The saints are just scratching the surface. And I was really discouraged right in the early part of this season. And I feel really good about the saints right now. What impressed you most about the win yesterday we can talk about that but since this is Election Day eve we're continuing our conversation about. The election tomorrow and if you're just getting in the car to joining us we have been talking about. Just add to the mood in the country to stay before the election this has been a really rough presidential election. They're not all like this. And and I guess some people would say thank god this has gotten a lot of people interest and a lot of people are now registered to vote who did not register to vote in the past. And then there are a lot of new voters a lot of new young voters who are voting for the first time. It's not always like this. I this is spin. This has been a year that will be study for a very very long time I mean there's there's a recent Hillary's in the position that she said. And is a reason that Donald Trump had total outsider. Is in the position that he's in. The other sir there's a reason that Donald Trump somebody who in some police acted more like a radio shock jock and a politician. Is in the position he sent to the criticism it's an observation Donald Trump said things and did things especially during their primary campaign season. That would have ended the the the campaign of any other candidate. But the fact that Donald Trump this year says a lot about the mood in America. If you wanna join us with a comment on this day before Election Day and our numbers 260187. Very coach final four to 60187. In a text is 87870. Here's an update on our party Gerry wrote we knew Paul from the first hour the question was do you expect there to be a clear winner in the presidential election tomorrow night. 40% said yes 60% said no. There may be a clear winner it doesn't mean that there are not going to be a lot of reports of voter fraud much of that is going to be based on hysteria. And not fact I hope. Friday on the show there was. Gentlemen who called. And he said where you know voter fraud you know what what about when they were bringing the bus loads of people went from from Texas. To vote for Ray Nagin is re election campaign. Those buses were filled with New Orleans residents who were displaced to Houston. On during the or distort. So yeah not technically they were busing people in from Houston. But they were New Orleans residents. Who had every right to be bussed in. So they can vote. So it again it's. It's amazing how social media. Has changed his country is in a very negative way. I mean in a lot of ways it's a very positive thing. But in a lot of ways it's a very negative thing because it is helped people sharpen their skills. To spew hate. And it's also I think shown in new avenues it's it's it's helped them understand how easy it is to spew hate how easy it is to to to pick up a quick. False headline. And and and spread that around as if it's fact. And we've said throughout this campaign and it is so true even today. People see what they wanna see. They hear what they wanna hear. As opposed to what's really being sent a from public James you're on WW LD James. You're ma. Am not voting for either one of them tomorrow and Google in my head down mark night and sleep with a clear com and I can't you Marcel and I'm. Normally a Democrat I normally vote democratic then and there are some things that Hillary. Bet on that party's side that I would go more ahead of the Republican side the monkey wrench. Q and we're in which. Which is not a Republican. On the democratic side with with Bernie Sanders and and and one cheek even though he is acting Hillary Clinton can't. This year I cannot vote. Democratic I'm giving my vote to jail mine made that Nash. Man or woman and mature and you you actually. Correct or are you any other votes that we don't talk about in the senate rate should be John Kenny understanding and there's just there's too many other things that you can trick inner workings. He had the party system will not get mixed. And I I just can't give my vote to the Democrats this year after the need. And James arguably the the senate race and the the local offices on the ballots judges and etc. these. These things have much more to do with our personal lives and even the president of the United States. It doesn't talk all industry when you talk about. Bottom in the entertainment business with them the movies are there altered different candidates and not Republican or Democrat. I'm picking a party this year and I am voting for. People on both sides of the I'll. It is amazing what one in the actually do your homework. Did you do your homework parent do their homework cheer not being a night everybody should down into little homework where there may here. With there and reaching that they are going to be voting Puerto mark do homework a whole lot more Paul good to. James that is really great advice I appreciate you must anytime there's this afternoon. If you would rejoice for your comment on numbers 260187. In Teri code 5042601878. Text number it is pays 77 are coming up we've got a comment from Donald Trump on the campaign trail and Hillary Clinton to campaign trail. And also the question is. Is America really ready for the selection I mean are we ready for this to happen tomorrow. And what's it going to be like the day after. Well we're gonna be here Wednesday afternoon to talk about it. It's a cloudy Monday there's some showers around the area there are some locally. Locally. Areas that are are flooded his when what you know about tests or just be really really careful. A turn your lights on no hazard lights on just a couple of reminders when it rains it's been awhile people don't know how to act. But even though it's a cloudy rainy Monday we need this rain so this is not a depressing morning depressing afternoon. I'm screwed and we'll be back on WWL. Oh. In my opinion one of the most talented active Mitt bands today is a Red Hot Chili Peppers. They're going on tour. Red Hot Chili Peppers New Orleans smoothie king senator. January. January what January 17 I think it's a Tuesday night concert to 7 o'clock. Tickets on sale now. I stood in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meets European soccer two or so your text here in just a moment. Also I'm coming up we've got we've got one of the best Hillary a parody songs not to play. It's to the tune of honesty by Billy jolt but honesty is not the title of the song. We'll play that for you were coming up this hour. Here's what Hillary Clinton voice a talking about two issues on the tarmac. About to board her campaign plane in our place New York early this morning. We're you know just looking at dad and maximizing. Our turnout operation everywhere. Hi I am working in coordination and obviously with the other candidates in both the house and the senate and governorship. And truck continued to talk about how Hillary is protected by a the system. Hillary Clinton. Is being protected. By a totally rigged system. And now it's up to the American people. To deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. We'll have a lot to talk about tomorrow annals have even more to talk about Wednesday afternoon of the show. For pearl river Leon welcome to WWL. Oh oh I'm currently on. A sanctions. Maxwell's. The government and appreciated Leo you and you know you remember. But anyway. My nine year old Grant Hill particularly in black and call me a you know. And that problem. I got a joke that it would it when it's a regular all the way through the election. He says that at all drop when Hillary Clinton more on the boat. And the boat saw. Who won. America. That nav or non Euro kids in social might you medical and cheek. By Europe and you know of only and there are some who think that you know kids are oblivious to what's going on in and that's not true and government will run out. When I was a kid you know things like the Cuban missile crisis in the assassination of the president president Kennedy. These were things that our parents thought we were paying attention to and they really did scare us these were frightening things for a a young generation and I believe it's at those things. That set the mood for the anti establishment generation which three months after Kennedy was assassinated. The Beatles came to America and and just happened to be here at the right time presenting. An entire new image for a generation that no longer could feel secure with these steps. Would that the truth and had established much. One in the country. Leo and Matt. Appreciate the call thanks for the memories of the past a from the West Bank Bob a year and evidently well. That's going to be happy rainy Monday. Yeah yeah we we eat at the rings on all we celebrate on a Monday but we just need to get so badly that you know this is not a bad Monday and then the saints won yesterday that helps out. Much me as a pop music you played earlier in your show with dark turn carpenter what a port city. Knock the outplayed Brady days and Mondays always get me down I must have really no negative event that voice is so pure I I do I do miss arts are she's not Stearns. Great song bar called soups taught to call and report. No it hasn't been really law. Great you are elections psychologist wanna call. Tell you how much support you on the conservative I don't know was agree with some you call those. Pot saw I think most of our party voted on our first early tea early voting which is October 20 sir now cheer went. All of it on Supreme Court charged just. Pointy it's going to be very important I think that's the most important thing in my view are I am partners and counselor and off. I'm pro life but they'll dispute court justice. I mean when needed and we did debate on abortion that's fit to know as torture buys that they're viewed on an article got mine. But. Whoever gets elected once as election screw this gonna have to work with the senate and congress is that the bickering and get it done and opting. Donald Trump mr. Trump's in the position right now. Because of the mid terms of Republicans didn't stand around and glory years were years. I think you're right the 2014 mid term elections were a big disappointment to a lot of Republicans because. Because the Republican candidates were running on this promise to repeal obamacare and they were running on promises that they never filled once they got an office. Bobby appreciate the call. If you wanna join us this afternoon numbers 2601870. Every coach 504260187. Tech's number is 87870. So many interesting aspects of of this this campaign. That you know in in some ways it's going to be sad that it's over but. There's going to be I think a collective. Sigh of relief in one way but it doesn't mean the controversies are gonna go way. Because. This is you know it's it's not that the media is not that the election it's not that the candidates are dividing us. It's that they perfectly reflected divide in America. And the lack of even. I desire. To get a law. If you Ronald hang on I'm scoop ledger witness on this Monday afternoon and here's our WW elders update with Chris Miller while disarm. Because it feels good. A cloudy and rainy Monday. But the saints won. And that victory was. Impressive. A few weeks ago I summer at the station ask me awarding to talk about after the election and I jokingly said the unrest. I wasn't necessarily referring to violence or unrest it's manifested in a physical way out I usually referring to the emotional unrest. I thought was certainly probable after this this contentious election. Never before has never time which supporters for the two main presidential candidates. Have been this divided this antagonistic toward each other. And affect only one candidate will win is sure to leave one large group of Americans passionately upset over the outcome. You're candidate may not win. Are you still gonna be an American. Presidential campaigns. Have always had decrease of divisive test but I think there's little question that the selection between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is so divisive. That it's difficult to predict what the mood will be on Wednesday in and beyond. In the past there's there's always been a sense that well okay you know once I usually disappointed. This idea that we're not gonna accept or that a large group of people will not accept. The president. If we act like that. The politicians that represent us you know the politicians are not the only ones responsible for gridlock. That's our fault too. Because we elected him. And they reflect us. And these people we are so willing to bad we're so willing unwilling to compromise were so unwilling to bend. That they represented us. There are people that just like went when Barack Obama became president there are people who want. Republicans to just. Put a stake in the ground and not move an inch. To not work with the president. If truck Wednesday or people who do not want to work with trump because. Of what they think of him. Doesn't help America. And a less than subtle references that have been made to taking up arms in the event that Clinton wins story if she wins she needs to be taken out. I'm never forget the guy at a rally he says. You know she's be taken out. And the reporter said is that a threat egos are no. I mean do you don't even know that's a threat. So the possibility of a cup victory has also inspired. Instability in America. We have we forgotten that this is the United States of America. This election hasn't caused the divide. The selection is simply reflecting the divide that now defines his country. So the answer to the question. What kind of country will we be Wednesday. Is going to be an interesting answer. Will the results. Further justify our division will we use these results to be even more divide it or will we even if it's reluctantly. Unite. As we have in past election soft. In the past we united not so much recently. Nobody likes to lose. But there can only be one winner in a presidential race and I I cannot imagine that either side go allowable loss of their candidate and their ideology to fade gently. Okay the world is watching and that's important. But what's most important is the fact that we are witnessing how this election is defining us. This is not an America we should be proud. This is not who we are. And yet both sides feel so strongly. That they are right. If there's an unwillingness to accept the final results it could be overwhelming. We call ourselves. The United States of America. But that's a name that needs to be earned. And right now. We don't deserve to be called the United States of America. Let's hope and pray that we surprise ourselves. After the election tomorrow. Even if your for Hillary Clinton I hope you can find humor in this. One of the best of Hillary Clinton parody songs. You know I look for new wins but you know some of the new winds are just own stupid and I don't replace a couple of via best Oz and what Steven if you want Hillary LP find humor in that in the same way that if you want trop I hope you find humor in the truck parity sellers. I'm scooter the afternoon of your policy for this will be right back on WWL. The Disco craze. Took off on this date November the seventh 1977. When the soundtrack for Saturday Night Live I'm sorry Saturday night fever was released. Man I had those as a platform creeps seals creep bonds sold shoes. The and polyester bell bottoms. That Jersey material pretty church for the year out yeah. Elect really really hot out Larry you're at WW Augen afternoon. You know if there. I don't know if I'm we've you know app tomorrow. And always deal well with the food. And pieces of bubble and give them. Uninhabitable. In a good lead. But there is they get big on this is what apparently. Aggravated. Oh it. That. You know Bhutto billion put money down on campaign. You get right to know who he saints also built. Person responsible for. Internet it's the right now. Our own set of going to use your roster lists or tell me what you think these people are gonna do. Dubai. Don't want gain. To. It almost say you've got Kerry and currently. So right what would get them on board what do you think they're gonna do. I don't know when it ended up apparently didn't. Look that. OK I Larry do you think do you think that Hillary and Clinton supporters don't have an agenda. Oh yeah you always you know you get. It. It. No I don't know what. It did. So I would Nancy white. There he. Means well but Colombo. And it. Larry and art that you you do you can't warrior practice. Because there are people supporting both candidates and their people with money and with power and if you're suggesting that. That those who have right cavs have some influence on right leaning media if you think that they're gonna somehow. Destroy the country then the argument can also be made about the liberal media destroying the country. If you're Arnold hang on I mean again you know I understand the division America I I get it. And it's going to be really interesting to see how we react afterwards are here's they trump parody song. Too recognizable so this is one of the best ones. And that is to the tune of lomb by the band the president of the United States ironically I'm skewed in the afternoon hang on we'll be right back on 200 of you well. High tomorrow is Election Day and we'll of course analog to talk about I'm gonna get up really early tomorrow morning and to go vote I have been going as long as I can can't delayed anymore. So I'm gonna go vote tell probably detect a Celtic with me in the in the voting Booth because in Louisiana that's legal. Here's a text that reflects the hysteria about this campaign. Hillary will not lose quietly. I bet she will continue to be on every new source saying deplorable people need to be put in a concentration camp. So this Texas saying that if Hillary loses she's gonna be on every news source saying that the truck supporters. Need to be points in a concentration camp. While. Coming up next it's the second guess show at 4 o'clock with Bobby Hebert and might retaliate life from this silver slipper casino on the beaches of Hancock county Mississippi. Assays did really well they've become now four and one in the last five games are they now a legitimate playoff team. Also the saints coaches show at 630 with saints head coach Sean Payton. And defensive line coach bill Johnson's all of that coming up next. At 4 o'clock here and having him do well. I want to thank all of you for your calls thank you for your text I read all of your text or respond to a few and I can during a break. And we got to get to as many as we can on the air thank you for being part of our afternoon audience and again we'll have a lot to talk about tomorrow he will be Election Day 2016. One thing Diane Newman our executive producer timer necessary associate producer and John wick. Our studio producer and again thank you for being part of an incredible radio audience every afternoon. I'm scoots in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions one in New Orleans.