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Nov 9, 2016|

Garland Robinette & DECISION 2016... up-to-the-minute results from CBS…and expert analysis from campaigns & elections specialist at U-L-Lafayette, Dr. Ryan Teten…demographer Elliot Stonecipher …and LSU political analyst Dr. Martin Johnson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to decision. 2016. Finally. Followed we got the mushroom cloud always have to worry about is the fallout. Should be Gregory introducing not. And we're big my good and who always get me through tonight. God drew a doctor Brian T eaten you will help political analysts who I don't know which call and say ten minutes aren't to keep government power. Oh it's over and drive for over we pulled away from book writing and politics and everything to draw and it's. And L issue political analyst doctor Morton. Charmed and doctored to England and so we do your thoughts for the evening. We we were just talking trump had hopes to win four or is there are new while there. Route to be death. There there are other routes but there are very very difficult it would be like suggesting climbing a mountain and not taking the trail. I mean at Florida and North Carolina are the ways that he has to go to get to that normally talked about the Electoral College. Signet roughly 263 yourself for Hillary she picks up one battleground and all the sun is done. But he has to pick up both of those he has to make headway in the rest of them he has to trying get maybe even if he doesn't get Florida North Carolina it's like about needing a Michigan. It's talking about needing a Pennsylvania. It's argue about needing a lot of help and other places to try and scratch and claw today to seventy whereas a Florida and in North Carolina Mike him good headway. Doctor Jones I agree I mean I think. If he doesn't get. At least one of Pennsylvania Florida North Carolina. The night is pretty short of mr. trump if if he gets. Ohio. North Carolina. And Wisconsin. Dudes he begin to build round. If you then take some away from Hillary and dosage that's the point is that if if he loses Florida and she gives them yeah. Right soon have to start having offsets across the board and looking at states that might be. In one or the other camps that have switched so you looked at yet in its argument in the and that he loses a Florida. Where has that chance. And wins blips on Michigan. And manages to get a blue Pennsylvania to. When you lose Florida and your Donald from that's that's something that speaks to the whole match book house. He has legitimate chance there so it's either going to be real close or it's going to be he wins shorts going to be short night. I have since questioned earlier. I didn't moved from pro for a Clinton two words it's not prejudice. Question. If you come out. In use alienating the Latinos you Italy and large section of the female population. Alienate. Some highly educated whites. Alienate the black population. If if you would wind doesn't bring bright everything. As if so how are you wrong and win. An election absolutely and then of course there's the question of how did you go there. So that's the whole thing and it's like you can really change separatist it could pull off something just crazy because there's been some dramatic realignment. We really thought maybe could happen but didn't know okay he did now. How does he golfer you can't do those things you said and then golfer. Even if you pull off some crazy. Wind. He can't. He would. And I think you got to start looking ahead to the next four years some and we don't wanna talk about 20/20 tonight but I mean. If you've if you somehow scratched it out after alienating. Every growing constituency group in the country. Looking ahead for years and and and the future of the Republican Party that's that's. A tough. Things envision you know thinking about governing certainly with them thinking about where where this goes in the. Future that be the end of the view pig could bring a third party a cutter can be a re envisioning of the GOP I think. And and with the same token that the talking about with you know if if trump wins and he asked to look at these groups that he's alienated three things he says and it's important looked at if Hillary wins. You know the basket a deplorable as the people who are terrified of the regulation she might pass down on the Second Amendment this group. And has serious serious dislike and reservations. And you can't just say one and represented fifty Warner or 60% of the country in the other forty you know will just will work it out in the future. That's gonna have to be remedied as well but I think regardless of who wins. The GOP house to revise itself especially in terms of the rising number of Latinos in the country it's it's a a voting bloc that is not to be ignored and they're hoping he hasn't done permanent damage to lead to an alignment that would never be overcome able. For an idea coming races. And and when we come back I won't talk broad demographic. Shift. A look at borders in Raleigh in North Carolina. For the young people. Highly educated. All of a sudden turning blue right the middle of that state. Don't we see Democrats and changes in and and every kind of change you can think about from old to young. From. Why each to Latinos. Asians we've we've got to see change coming go. Yeah and I think that's what we're saying too about the Republican Party. The cause of that we're already seeing signs of publicity in night. The Republican Party right now looking for one thing and one thing 51. Members of the sent. If they don't get 51 tonight. In the real landmark the new Republican party for all those demographic reasons and others. Boy it's underway immediately they're looking for their butts after. Almost. Get ride in to a good we're gonna get CBOs for the compliment. It it it if Clinton wins and lose. It's going to be difficult to have to government she doesn't get that six these 61. Seeds in the second. Right now that's right it's going to be tough for her almost you know no matter what because she's gonna have. A lot of attention from committees in the house you know this is going to be spending a lot of time on the west wing playing defense over the next several years. But without a friendly senate. She's she's locked down I mean the unprecedented growth. Yes. In both. A tough definitely words and well we god or more of the same well oddly. Ugly this thing uglier and I totally our rhythm and tone tone tone that's known to cinema chain Jimmy and his battles the last sort of six years have been. I think we see that it received tonal shift to look has a come becomes about a for Tony Tony. If you're the Republicans who have capture the senate and kept it you're looking ahead for in track to bill EC can face somebody who opposes turn one Antonia time. Cooper Corey. All right stable Gibson's gonna get. Bowl review board introducing Dave Cohen joins us bored you got date. Clinton now has 44 of the electoral votes of the 270 needed trumpet just searched a 55. He's got Indiana West Virginia Kentucky Tennessee South Carolina and Oklahoma. Clinton as Vermont Massachusetts New Jersey Delaware and Maryland. Still leaning towards Clinton though Florida and North Carolina. It says it believes it's going to be interesting for a wild. They whether it's we've gone to decision 2016. I think it's gonna be boring I think it's going to be a very entertaining. CBS news special report election 2016. Latest CBS news estimation is South Carolina will go to Donald Trump. As well Oklahoma Tennessee and Mississippi. Hillary Clinton will take Rhode island Illinois New Jersey Vermont Delaware Maryland Massachusetts. And the District of Columbia considered tossup states right now Ohio battleground states of North Carolina New Hampshire and Florida. As for CBS is Peter King joins us live from Orlando. And the polls are closed here in Florida it is a tight race for the White House and a tossup with 88% of the vote in it's also a tossup in Ohio and about 30% of the vote counted. Rob Portman has been reelected to the senate there Clinton leads in North Carolina Democrats have the edge. Pennsylvania's just close the vote is slow to come in partly because there's no early voting there already some results to report and other significant senate and congressional races live now to CBS's Steve Dorsey in Washington. CBS news predicting Republicans winning senate races in four states in skis B five states now including Ohio and in Florida where Marco Rubio. Will be re elected Democrats estimated it would four including Illinois we are watching much more closely races and Indiana. North Carolina Pennsylvania and New Hampshire polls in all the states now closed if Democrats. Heidi Republicans. Don't need the vice president to be the tiebreaker. CBS news special report I'm Jim Taylor. Welcome back to returns could come within got a three or inferred stock to run into nearly so and so hampered Doug Morton Johnson. Doctor didn't let me start with the what are you seeing and Florida's cut a little tied to this point. Again I think that. The numbers that they were put a matter of very nearly daddy van and I think that you're seeing that in North Carolina as well as their starting to have these counties trickle and maybe that'll make a huge impact but it could suggest that unless they come and heavy in certain areas that it could be a very long night for Florida to be able to watch. In in fact the most recent update has trumped up by 8000 now. Where he was only up by Tony for. In Florida so there's another county that. Was trump bridge they came in but if they Clinton rich count it goes in that completely negates the whole thing again soon. So we can't really draw one conclusion from lower and tool everything. It's looking right now and I mean you know. With. Yeah and we we've got to see. You know we've got to a bunch of those panhandle. You know pretty Republican counties. That are still out about three of those how come in yet but we also have kind of offsetting. Several urban counties that are probably gonna go Clinton. Haven't come in either side category of wanton Estonia so. Did you if it's not on time bird shows plumes. Does that give true. Of a better plan. Well read recount is automatic it warped three person now you usually want Labonte Yemen to honor one of governor under but he could claim within 3%. That they need an automatic recount or recount of the entire state because it's within kind of an error of margin. That could look at provisional ballots and absentee ballots as well as missed counts and that could make the difference so if we had that. What was his path beat him depends on North Carolina yeah yeah example net and the rest of the country just magical and if he want these other ones that we think he can Ohio. You know or or in the wincing in Michigan. Wins Pennsylvania then we're at a furlong time just all fallen off Carol. And that's not even to say if we had more than one state that went that direction where it was club and like Pennsylvania come into it only fifty or an Ohio comes in 5050 and look at it recount and three populous states that could take months to be able to sort out. World will certainly don't pay the FBI director rules that. And I don't count on the do we need more sandwiches. And I beat Virginia Markoff. We also start looking at these smaller states we've been paying attention to two big populous states that are that are all parole. College Booth Richmond. If if if you know we've really given of that zone of of those battleground states yeah police are looking at Nevada and those other really close ones. That is a good example that was supposed to be Clinton and as of yesterday we started hearing that when could be tan. So do when when you hear things like I think it's Ohio. And it every. Present and they voted for an won since 1960. Per cent or something like and there's been at least one by one yeah yeah. But yeah they're they're good and carry it. So. If it is pro wins that is is that a good indicator we're still lives put of the down. For me so we kind of knew he could do that song not sure that one. Make that case this time Pennsylvania makes that case that Stan yeah Michigan makes it absolutely for a change overvote I think Pennsylvania Michigan do it yet or Ohio vote it suggests that maybe GOP voters. Actually came out voter trump because you have basic who basically said you know I'm writing in John McCain. In that. Seemed like it through all the GOP faithful into a Tizzy and said are we going to be unified before Ohio goes Republican in goes the way it's boasted an exam all right. The red states are probably go red and the Blue States probably go blue which then opens the door to this Florida situation or North Carolina or Pennsylvania. And and bear would be excellent and one more time ha ha could be the end of this being. We extra moments both war. We finally they could do that I newer slim. But it spots do I have if we find if we find big populous states that the swing the Electoral College that are close that invoke recounts and you know we we find ourselves in Florida 2000 situation again and if that happens in more than one state Bennett potentially. Strings out and battalions of lawyers are dispatched. To the state capitals and and and and it it it runs out. And it would've that would've lasted longer in 2000 head. That gore seen. That instead of just challenging in three states which was unconstitutional that's for the Supreme Court actually came down. If he would've called for statewide recount one it would take and a hell of a lot more time. And two it would have been constitutional and we've got this weird tweets as I think that's when he Fourth Amendment says that enough nobody's qualified by the time the first president is supposed to be sworn in which for us is the you know in January 20 that's when he first then. The sitting VP kind of steps in. And it's been a situation where if the constitution and sent out. You know if we call for a statewide recount now imagine that on a triple state scandal. We are counting not just one statement possibly 10120 or thirty million votes it would take for. And with Florida 2000 under the under the bridge so to speak yes these are these are both national parties that know more about. How to do this because they've had. Sixteen years to kind of you know Monday morning court and. And it kind of weird is that you've been fully enveloped Supreme Court. Well probably. The thing that's interesting to me is the road along what is a lot worse than it was before not just girls story. May means that one it's because we know not trusting in the Pakistan and we know we're not trusting the Justice Department this. How long does that. And you know you're not trusting. Polling stations because survey said there are having problem exact electronic and paper. And yet you've seen on the news that some polling stations and had people disqualified in response to certified votes. So fun trumpet its anywhere near close yet and I just ride that and say it's. But this its raid and that we need its applicants. One important he becomes look like what could go really fast and then kind of felt like Nomo might bureau long time and they've cordoned. Is gonna give us the latest idea. In 91%. Of the votes have been counted in Florida and right now. Trump is leading by 1%. In Florida in North Carolina Hillary Clinton has a one point 5% lead. With 61% of the votes counted so still. Much too close to call me two key states of Florida North Carolina by the way Ohio now starting to come in more strongly. 3% lead there for Clinton right now the states we've been able to call Clinton as 68 electoral votes to drums sixties it. Do when your thoughts on the latest figures. But only at. You know we're back mordant we're back what we're saying earlier I mean if North Carolina is that close instead of Clinton math 5% and 61% in. It it's looking a lot like Florida at this moment. I talk about a short night and it's important remember we've got we got fifteen more minutes of voting in Louisiana and all over the country polls are going to be open for another. Hour two hours so I mean we we West Coast now West Coast as the reasons is it's we're not even into the long night yeah we're in the late afternoon. That won't matter for most of the West Coast but it matters for Newmont at this maybe. May get a good point I I think if these fan now where it's close between trump and Clinton in North Carolina. Virginia Ohio and especially Florida if if trump does win. Then I think Hillary can directly point to you you know Johnson and Stein. And say this did make an impact I'd talked with you guys since it well I mean when you look at. And the numbers that they have right now our Johnson a 190000. And Stein 60000. You know if you're a percentage point away. Then this could move one way or the other and if this cost one state. Well then you know a well with the cost too well then it's problem with the cost three. Well then we maybe should've nip this one in the bud you know and they get all the interviews with the candidates who said. You know Hillary Clinton is definitely much more it better qualified than. Then Donald Trump well are you worried to divide up the vote well we need to get to that that 10% to 15% to be viable 5%. For the next presidential election. Let me just remind everybody that Bill Clinton was elected prized because hand newbies are there. Party candidate in. Animate that if and when George W. Bush yeah I think our rock that'll be it. You know at frost for a managed to kind of know a little bit more around the world and the image of the end of the day of them but when I'm done I'm okay today I ask you ask. But could a third party do you reflection. Of how fed up people or goes I mean that. I was gonna vote libertarian until card mood can Gary Johnson's. Funeral in the world but we didn't. I don't think I can vote for you. But to be is to vote for them or reflection of the angering the deed being fed up with the system. Well I'm not sure it's necessarily that something found out that some and I think if you're if you're that angry. I think you've got to Canada. In mr. trump but you know that they certainly. A sense of some issues that you know the Gary Johnson talks to the Jules Stein talks do. Particularly on the sort of left side. Of the libertarian rhetoric you know and legalization controlled substances and things like that. That that you know that resonate with a portion of the electorate. Didn't do it broke a 20% of the vote in my arm and nineteen total ninety yet that was an anger. And guess 19% of the vote I mean I'm not sure what third party is and I think it changes. Can have with broader. Broader periods of time or at least with cycles so I really do I think mr. Bruce never group. Collection. Unlike K I don't like be that we need woman that's absolutely that's not necessarily anger though you know I don't like Gail I BMI my issues are being spoken to when they are by somebody like Jill Stein a bomb you know Obama Obama and American so. Let's see I don't even think that's the I the number of people who voted for them because they're issues I think is smaller than the number of people voted for him because the other two were terrible. You know I mean I think this is this would be the greatest time for a third party candidate. And this is the worst third party candidate situation anyone's ever had if you had somebody up there. Who at least knew geography you could keep their Massa and who addressed the issues of the country I think they would have a real shot may be more than way more than Ross Perot. Because you have so many defections with people going and Clinton's got the baggage and trounced at the baggage and and this person we don't know that well but hell we'll give them a shot vs on this so maybe if governor weld a topic that. Well they're separate possibility that. And a third party candidates need to know they're going to be third party candidates you have to get in and be on off fifty ballots you've got to do all that work and they don't. All right we're gonna meet CBO for the latest update. CBS news special report election 2060. Latest CBS news estimates South Carolina goes to Donald Trump. As does Oklahoma Tennessee Alabama and Mississippi. Hillary Clinton will take Rhode island Illinois New Jersey Vermont Delaware Maryland Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. Virginia right now leaning toward Clinton but right now no projected winner in any of the battleground states. Florida North Carolina Ohio and New Hampshire or Pennsylvania Michigan emerging this year is a big electoral vote state Clinton Campaign pressured to secretary. Brian Fallon. Michigan we've been pleased of what we've been seeing so far in the back tightening that. The day after this election one of the mistakes that the top campaign we'll look back on their failure to contest the state like Michigan earlier on. How we never took it for granted. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway we see a couple of different reads we see about six or seven different reads it to seventy and we're just going patient as these returns come in you know people are still standing in line to vote. And I don't want to see you talk too much about exit polls and may dampen them one way or the other. About the Latino vote CBS news polling analyst Fred Backus despite evidence of a surge among Hispanics and early voting exit polls so far indicate that Hispanics seem to be turning Evan similar numbers as they did four years ago. Speaking of about 18% of voters and their breaking for Clinton in about the same proportion as they did for Barack Obama in 2012. About six in ten Hispanic voters are voting for Hillary Clinton CBS news special report. I'm Jim Taylor. Are welcome back drug run to you and with the Soviet stonecipher. Guard Moore and Johnson. No longer a mile and let's talk about where we are at this point to adopt Johnson fell short review what we've seen where our way. Well you know we've been focused on media presidential election that's obviously where we wanna stay focused but. I think it's worth looking a little bit at. The senate. And we talked a little bit about the already we've we've seen. Congressman and congresswoman Duckworth win in Illinois which is not a big surprise that apparently they've just called the Indiana senate race for the Republican. Which is and denying. The Democrats. One of the pick ups that I think they probably needed. In that march toward control of the senate. Which is pretty interest. The 51 votes from the Republicans in the sun is just Hughes some of that that one right there is a good indication it. You know maybe an act and get there I mean it was two weeks ago we were looking at seven net change in San. Now we're talking about. 34. You know benefits if it's 5050 and Hillary Clinton is elected. And I'll Hillary Clinton's got a it is an upper house Mets things like relatively enough. Aren't talking about and mean coup bowl woods and stood. What do you need for a quorum troops. Together the doom reports 61. Friday and just basically pass anything in either of them need 51 but that the lifting yet he has to succeed right now the asterisk that comes in the senate is the use of the filibuster. You and so that's where they can hold up legislation. Because as they have rules in the house that govern debate time and all these other things and then I'll vote. But in the senate that's kind of out the window and so someone can lock up the sort Ted Cruz red goodnight stories to his. His kids when they were trying to force Hillary Clinton to come to a big Ghazi. I hearing that can think and so they can shut it down and that takes sixty and so if you have that had barely. Barrel Marge I mean just barely there out of 51 or 52 you can't get to sixty which means the opposition party can can lock things up. One senator can hold things up in the house they have that that democratic CNN. With the dozens of members of the house and the speaker's office labeled shut off. C span and and and and put that uprising down pretty quickly so. The senate operates in a completely different way. So you if Clinton wins that she's got an avenue to go over in well ordinary if the Democrats. And the Republicans end up at 1550. Or the Democrats do even better than that. All I'm saying is. If she's in the White House and has the scent because she really doesn't have a chance at that house so she's got one house. In government plus being that the president yes she can go up. Sort. Of David Cohen knew were. NBC news has projected that the house will remain in Republican controls CBS has not yet made that prediction that NBC has said that according to CBS right now. The house has 22 reconfirmed Democrats 35. Republicans are winning so far in the senate. CBS says. Forty Democrats have secured their seats in the senate to 37 Republicans obviously still key seats become. Thoughts it's not a shock on the house side of things they went ahead and swing at a tremendous number to be able to get that to flip. Somebody in the senate if she can't get to 51 and she is a chamber that. At least can do battle for her on her behalf. Against the Republicans if you have that it not flip. Well then I think she stands on the shoulders of Barack Obama which leads to all kinds of other issues. Basically charges of abuse of power you know the same things Obama did when he came in and said you are fighting too much I'll start that we can't wait processed. And just start issuing executive orders to get things done that the most. Notable of which from muscle its listeners is making five million illegal immigrants giving them citizenship status. She can do that because the precedent is set that if there's an attractive building in the congress. Who's gonna go around them and I'm get gonna get what I need done and so. But then you face all kinds of challenges from the congress of the hostile and saying well that's impeachment. Well even without their their limits on what you can do we're we're probably not gonna see. And ninth member of the Supreme Court anytime soon and you know eight AA presumed. President Clinton has to fill out a cabinet with the advise and consent. Of the senate so where does that. Well on grass roots which an awful lot of people are gonna settle for almost automatically after denied because nobody's going to be happy half the people are angry no matter which way it goes. Hey if it's gridlock they're probably okay with that. Say whether it's decision 2006. In regard for a TD and Elliott stonecipher dog Moore and Johnson tonight going to be boring night were not really sure where it's going to probably get more picture.