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Nov 9, 2016|

Garland Robinette & DECISION 2016... up-to-the-minute results from CBS…and expert analysis from campaigns & elections specialist at U-L-Lafayette, Dr. Ryan Teten…demographer Elliot Stonecipher …and LSU political analyst Dr. Martin Johnson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Along more of dog run teton Elliott stonecipher dark Morton judgment and gentlemen we were just watching Florida. And and you'd hear if I was understand. What they shall in. Broward County couple of their reviews of Clinton. Looked like you'd you could do. Put rove were put their role. Of red sections of that statement Cooper pro apple or a threat we've we've sort of places like. Like daytime Miami which is a democratic stronghold. That a Korean numbers I'm seeing aren't units and we've got 93% of the vote down those are those are strongly. Clinton votes Clinton currently believes there are 64%. To 34%. 93% them when the rest of that comes and then in Miami Dade as big place. That you know while trump is ahead in Florida right now but enough of those kind of urban centers Villa on the and it could swing things back toward Clinton certainly. I think that's what is kind of throws viewers off when you watch and I'm a look at the states that are turning either blue or red in their they're going into different counties and showing you already their red or blue county. On the amount of vote that there are so if you're looking at Florida it looks like is already in your going holy hell you know looks like Johnson there. But you're looking at those most populated counties that don't have their full percentages and yet. And so even though they've changed them blue already. The amounts of blue still hasn't yet been reconciled and we can see that in states like Virginia which is supposed to be. And Hillary Clinton's state and the three northern counties that are closest to DC only have like 15% and well you're watching TV it shows that Donald Trump is ahead and it looks like he might win Virginia. Well of those coming in the rest of the 80% comes in that's gonna fill in the rest her vote and she would take Virginia. I'm the same is true North Carolina if you're looking at population centers whether it's Raleigh or Charlotte you know if they're only counting 15% in and trumps ahead those could outweigh the complete. You know him well. And within some of those areas as we were just talking about in Florida. You look at I mean you think those are those are precincts where we would expect Donald Trump to get tween the two. In your look into and I mean he's getting 27. He's getting twenty man that doesn't sound like much it's actually for the same reasons almost from the other side it's actually pretty big deal. And I'll let say and is that people who are listening prove to this probably is saying guys. Have to wait till this is. All and that's not you know acknowledged talking a lot that you're telling us and it over till it's all. Anything different in north Carroll and a as of the numbers and I've got right here it's. Tying up even a little bit more I mean it's 48 point nine to 48 point five. With a difference of almost 151000 votes if that so I mean this is one of those things that that could be just as tight as. Florida is an and the reason that we can't give people specifics on the east is that Donald Trump's campaign hinges. On Florida and Carolina if he doesn't windows so they have to be extraordinarily careful that they make the right call and those are coming in. You drew coolant 93% of the votes are now in in Florida and trump maintains a one and a half percentage point lead in Florida. Again with 93% of those votes counted in ninth North Carolina it's a dead tie right now they get 70% of the votes counted in a fraction of a percent separate trumping Clinton in Ohio worker. 41% of the votes and and trump is leading there by 3% by the way in the balance of power in the US senate. Now we estimate there are 41 Democrats. 41 Republicans. We have. Eighteen seats will ago. Interest. Obama whom you knew you surprised there. That that was the one that I think comfortable. Remember nothing comfortable about winning Ohio you're now props on not dynamic fun and be funny about that. But relative to Florida or North Carolina or maybe even some of these really wild ones like Pennsylvania or Michigan. Ohio seemed almost comfortable for so if he's had three and a half percent I'm not for a a manufacturing base a lot of trade issue a lot of. Oksana were like yeah hello lots of lots of anger in places like Ohio on a one and a lot of lot of white voters. In a bad again the caution still has terrain that when we look at Ohio we're looking specifically for Hillary's base around Cleveland at Lorain county Cuyahoga County. And then around Cincinnati and Hamilton County. And those right now are respectively. 40% in 30% in and 0% and so if we're looking at Ohio in the trump lead that again could be something that when the rest of the votes pilings from these. Metropolis from that the major city centers that could change the way that the state in the zone. Doctored treatment we we were just talking about how broom. Complicated this is getting. The hoax don't kids getting. There's bits and least as possibility of weeks or months. Being contested right yep are purely wounded. More and absolutely I mean. Bar from the automatic kick in which most secretaries of states have. Anyway so if you're looking at a North Carolina that's 485 and 47. Found in the gonna kick in an automatic recount anyway to see where the rest of those votes are but if it's within 3% even if it's where they may be 5% but. Within 3% to five account challenger and I'm. Within the margin that that would put me over the top on a challenge in that state if there's a couple of them I can do it and I'm a challenge in both of those states as well. More and well I mean I you the bailout here would still have great statesman. So you know we've we've been talking about this for you know a little over an hour. It's as young and you know it we make chicken to that scenario where we've got these automatic challenges and and razor thin margins in several states and you know of Edmonton in a I've just I've just sounding that caution. But I think each of us have had a turn in. Got to have fun no doubt it's probably it'll end up to it someway completely different none of this all happened so now I'm at it and now I'm gonna tackle it would be just that. But in Florida in 2000. We have provisional bow. How different is this if you have two states are theory and you have provisional ballots to Fido. It's not going to be boring silly with a single area both America help America vote act a part to. Decision 2016. Come and ride back. CBS news special report election 2060. Polls are now closed and all of attend the State's latest CBS news projections taxes goes to Donald Trump New York to Hillary Clinton Arkansas Kansas Nebraska Wyoming north and South Dakota to Donald from. That runs in North Carolina right now considered a tossup CBS engine crucial in Greensboro once again the key state of North Carolina with a fifteen electoral votes is considered a toss up right now. Although it's edging toward Hillary Clinton. According to exit polling Clinton has done well with young voters women and minorities while Donald Trump has got strong support for a man and white voters. The top concern for tar heel voters the economy more than 40% of registered voters cast ballots during the early voting period. Other battleground states still toss ups Florida Ohio Pennsylvania Michigan one big winner tonight former presidential candidate Marco Rubio keeps his senate seat in flora. Are going to be OK we will turn this country around I have faith finally got. America yet. Washing senate races CBS's Steve Dorsey the first major blow to Democrats seeking control the senate is our projection Republican congressman Todd young. Will be former senator Evan Bayh in Indiana. That seat open from senator Dan coach retiring. Polls were close in the weeks leading up to the election yet by eight came under fire recently. For apparently living and working out of state CBS news special report I'm Jim Taylor. All right we're dog run to Eden Leo it stones front where. Doctor Martin Johnson. When it comes from Florida and what what happened with the Hispanic to everything Brad said. There's surging. In early voting big numbers of Hispanics. Do we have any numbers on the in the re. Or help herb was that they're very definitely was a much much stronger Hispanic turnout in Florida. Compared to both 2012 and 2008. But in cannot talking it through earlier it also sounds like those could've been big percentage jumps. And not that large. Population of John I mean we didn't have the baseline for that. So I don't know right now I'm sitting here thinking well if it was a huge Hispanic thing to happen by the percentages we were here and earlier. I don't think it's this close but that's a guess I had nothing to back them. Exit polling data showing Latino population of the vote was about 18%. And and that's bigger it is that and that's that's a spike but remember we're talking Florida here. So that Latino vote within Sony places in the country that Latino vote is gonna gonna breaks so heavily. For for Hillary Clinton and in Florida. We've got still that bat population of of very Republican Cuban American hit them in the older generation. So that exit polling showing that breaking 62%. Only. For Hillary Clinton 33% from the Donald Trump news director David Corn. We have our first resultant from Louisiana only nine parishes reporting of the more than. 39 hundred precincts that we need to count but the very first results showed Donald Trump with 66 point 4% of the vote to Hillary Clinton's thirty point 9%. And of these very few first votes counted John Kennedy 33 point 1% in the senate race. Next we standing with fourteen point 6% again these are the very first results coming in. And Louisiana polls are still closed and we're told some people are still in line waiting to cast about. We you're right. Yeah which nine. Are Russians have announced a promise I right now just for anybody else's anything's who's standing gets African American votes like no other Republican candidate gets. He's very much a part of Canada yet networks. Heritage in that part of the Crowley area. So any time some like that shows up it's not that it's gonna hold necessarily. But Pakistan and it may be that those are Acadia. It very well could be and that's that's my home stomping ground WL and and that's exactly the case is there's an appeal. That some politicians especially get here in Louisiana that go beyond the are they. And in the situation to you've got somebody who even though they're a Washington insider has been rushing. Running is kind of a Washington outsider you know I'm a doctor I know what's going on I can help you repeal obamacare. I can figure out what's going on here have represented these other districts which all have huge diverse. Backgrounds within them I can do this on the state level so I think that. That place to some of that strength as well thought. Understanding when he ran against Jeff Landry now the attorney general Jeff Landry had a congressional seat reapportionment they had to come by and third seventh. The stay any wins we find out that there standing and help me here from wrong about the number. I think he got 14% of the black vote that's that's a good twice. Three tabs what to expect for Republican congressman. So that's a strength he always has that a lot of times you don't understand UC's. Him tuned for the room. What I do I just found these numbers are of course he's got a chance of runoff and out of a Democrat in there though and they file and Sam Nunn and Campbell's right there on its heels. Or what I'm saying is you're standing at fourteen point eight. Campbell thirteen point 60 you know this this is far from over whether only 12% reporting was right how do with the island New Hampshire. What Schwartz the Fed has some nations. Well first in the nation primary yes. A very important inroads very important so I couldn't they've put gore. Into the presidency. Of the bloated. I don't know. I mean as somebody had to ship if gore was going to be president Jean. You know all ams are going to the final on his answer yeah I can within them well we had and running up to New Hampshire lately. Maybe Maine is what you're thinking about that date second congressional district in Maine who we would they were talking about news and today as well as four or five yeah I would trumpet if you talk about turnovers Clinton in New Hampshire than there and with the numbers they have coming and even early numbers it shows you how may be odd New Hampshire is in embracing its role as a New England state. Because we kind of check up Massachusetts and we check up New York yet and with New Hampshire they're dead even at 47 point seven of 47 point one right now and hardly any votes are and but New Hampshire kind of embraces the as goes New Hampshire so goes the country mentality. And I think that's why they're looking at that as possible shift is that it has come back and forth in the past. And does this sort of thing to midwest and central. And Webster and gold's role and he seal lose. That's look. In 2000 we made that argument we made it well and interestingly enough the search after the fact backed and a I don't think it's true anymore I'd to want to but house 40% of the people have early voted anyway. But there are only voting earnest hard all of this that's the Bane of my existence I can't stand that. We you know I thought the Iraq are very awry I read last Ferrero and I thought the secretaries of states that agreed. That they would not release any of their results for their stay until they had hit a 100%. Because that influences the vote in state like Nevada or Utah or Arizona or Colorado where they're still enlightened us. And plus we've got these these states Washington and organ that are doing male living anyway so hold that thought got to take a break. Come right bank decision 2006. The other WTO. Special report election 2060. CBS news estimates the presidential candidates so far have won the states where they were favored but the battlegrounds are still up for grabs Clinton Campaign spokesman Brian Fallon remains optimistic. You look at Nevada and seeing record turnout in early road. In Clark County which is accused democratic stronghold area and even in a state like North Carolina which we think it's gonna be tight probably gonna be late to the call. AJ Delgado is a senior advisor to the trump campaign in these battleground states especially for instance Michigan I just stopped poll last night that show we were actually up in Michigan. It's really anyone's game at this point in Battleground Florida CBS news estimates her opponent senator Marco Rubio has been reelected I. OK we turn this around. We estimate Democrat Tammy Duckworth beats incumbent Republican senator Mark Kirk in Illinois. CBS news special report I'm bill would. They are welcome back we have doctor Ryan's team Elliott stonecipher. Doc Moore and Johnson with its. And a look back to trump coming down that dealt escalator. In New York while we're succeed in the eighteen months ago. And we gave him no chance it's been all through. The primary and we gave them little known each ends in him and egged it and it didn't consider little particles. Noah yeah. He could turn this thing into the present it brought. Yeah yeah a little particles I'll say now I'll put it that way and I'll say this if it stays close if if he finishes real close in several states it's it's just not over. I'm not sure he prevails in that situation I'm ruling not so win is gonna have it. That's interesting to see how the kind of came through that primary process and you know and I think a lot of people are skeptical of the idea that you would look at the campaign. And save that teaches you something about how. A person governs but I I think I think he campaign does teach you a lot about what kind of what kind of personality they would put in the their government what you know what kinds of things they would do. As president. It's. Just so. Wild to think about what four years at least of the trump presidency. Would be like what are those what those 3 AM tweets are gonna look like. Or are on the other side the for a lot of the voters for at least half of the voters. You know would a Clinton presidency looks like to know a lot of the argument is it's lesser of two evils and it's only four years. Well how we look throughout history a lot happens in four years a lot can happen in four years and so. These candidates have they have whoever wins I would say it would have kind of a pyrrhic victory that they have burned the country down. To be able to get there yet. Well bear in my what I'm talking about I'm I'm not necessarily talking about policy views some because I completely agree with you we've got. An electorate that that it's gonna it's gonna come down to about half of the electorate disliking. The president whether that's Hillary Clinton or whether those Donald Trump. What I'm talking about it's totally what you know what what kind of government we're gonna see what Donald Trump Donald Trump has been. And unconventional whatever else you think about Donald Trump you you have to admit he's an unconventional candidate he's he's the candidate that nobody gave. Any kind of credence to who at every turn. Has has shocked the country. And that in fact is a big part of his appeal is his shock value and so and so what happens. When you have a shock jock president. That that is going to be a somewhat new experience for that for four for the country if that's what happens at the end of the night. I keep thinking about US grants. And it doesn't have anything to do with alcohol. I mean I just think I think it's about it being in a situation where somebody who never had a chance at all of being there. Is there for a host of reasons that nobody protected center Tyler Tyler. What's the chance that anybody in today's tan can get there. In that same circumstance don't have talent he couldn't have been the wall on senator senator. And golfer. That's why I still say it falls in the category of the winner loses. That is so often true now on politics. It is the winner who loses our problem is America cannot afford. For the winner to lose this. This is different. And that's what scares me about this with either want approval numbers disapproval numbers at 62%. For both of these people. When the country needs a strong president on as president. You know Smart talking president somebody ever buy in the country in the world wants to deal with and we are not gonna have that however this turns out and that this is so different from. What we would see if there was a party wave. You know if it was a Republican revolution or are Kennedy even like Barack Obama. Who could come in with a lot of people as well but this is just you've got these candidates up top and that almost completely separate races percent and house. So that there is gonna be this huge. Pun intended wall between them as they are trying to figure out how to do things David Cohen. Not a surprise but we're ready to call Louisiana for Donald Trump. We know that we come early auction however the US senate race in Louisiana is going to be a tough one to call who will make the run off. We've got less than 200000 votes counted so far but of those John Kennedy has 33% of the vote. He is clearly going to make the run what happens beyond that right now Charles boost Danny is it 15%. Foster Campbell 14%. John Fleming 11%. In Caroline they are 10% through as you concede the battle to face John Kennedy in the run off. It's all all of the remaining four candidates are separated by 5% of the. Or gods and may indeed some of my listeners. Or roots confuses. Yeah. The usual told Maria what we're looking at right now. Are to treat. We're we're looking at basically all of those battleground states that they had talked about for about the attack the last month just not having any of their results it. You know Americans if we want to get an idea of how this election's going to be. You know I tell my students US Florida and North Carolina and if trump loses both in Florida North Carolina than Hillary's got they'd that's pretty much the way it's gonna go Philly will have the election. But both of them are really slow and putting in the results and right now he has a lead in both. India's elite in Ohio which you know they thought it and then he has a lead in Virginia and suddenly you're going well where these coming from you know Virginia with Tim Kaine as the VP nominee for Clinton that should be a lock for them so. But the numbers aren't in yet so it's got to saw sitting here going malls and what if yes yes exactly correct. In and in India. Troll wars and Florida. North Carolina Virginia or Ohio. Clinton would still have a trial. With Pennsylvania as long as she keeps Pennsylvania and and Michigan and Michigan then she's got you know you start you served them really looking at that no amount. And New Hampshire Iowa and it went out I was definitely a volatile lose probably know is Iowa but those you know you start talking about those smaller states and we're we're attempting to focus on. These states that a lot a lot of Electoral College votes but. If she doesn't win would those she's got a pile up a bigger number of those smaller. States and I think that the the result was always going to be. A lot of us are reviewed be a complete massacre on behalf of Hillary Clinton camp that she ridges dominate trump. Or it would be extraordinarily close to see him both scrambled to get to that 270. And if these results hold as it would trump in the lead in the southern block. In the entire basically bottom half of the south the knack to be that scrambled to seventy. And yeah and I'm still sitting here thinking about the the little states and the one catches my attention that would to be so stunning. Harry Reid. Managed to do his magic in Nevada he's leaving after all these years. He does his magic and gets the senate candidate that you know elected like he's poster. Nevada has a place where. Trop can win even though Harry Reid did that can look at Nevada and say gosh if Hillary Clinton I don't want it to being Nevada. Because the virus got the very cap population Harry Reid notwithstanding in the senate that they'll haul off and go for a trauma. There're several of those little states patent and knows that better but boy Hillary Clinton does not want to be in that position. I. A look at this little clip let's. A little maybe trump did soon. We do we would talk about he proved how you act in the pro lunar. Budget. Did the military. This sentiment. The Supreme Court. Is in league hinder them enough where you really can't do what we'd seen him do. Well that's but that's the optimistic. Take good you know and and I say out of favor there there are plenty of Americans who wants the that kind of different tone in and that kind of energy. Coming out of the White House but I mean I think I think what Donald Trump this showdown is except for this very last week of the campaign he is. Kind of unmanageable Donald Trump is gonna do Donald Trump is gonna and you know he's got to get hit you know if he's president he's got to get the senate. Two. Two to help them make certain appointments. He's he's he's not. The only legislator many as a role in the legislative process that something we don't necessarily always talk about the president clearly has. Agenda setting and and other critical functions in the legislative process but he's got a house. A legislature to work with a the speaker of the house becomes very important we'll have a Republican House but who is that partners that poll reminders that somebody else. You know there there trump presidents who got a lot of variables that work and he will be. The leader of the Republican Party go unchallenged. Leader of the Republican Party. But also they have to you know he if you don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it and it trump needs to look back at the presidents who've come and with this party support. And then proposed huge pieces of legislation and things. And that pendulum swings back in two years you know whether it's Barack Obama and obamacare or you know back to Bill Clinton in universal health care and gays in the military. When presidents come in and say. I have a mandate on the to do all these wonderful things. And then they try to do a map to two years Americans go. We wanted change but we didn't want that much changed and so they've realized the wall yes cause I actually in the manipulative yeah. Going to be some interesting time to remove and Segovia and moved them they've Cohen come in and they would treat. We've got 300000. Votes in the queasy and I counted now and John Kennedy will make the runoff are ready to make that call he's got 32% of the vote but man it's close between Charles was standing in Foster Campbell right now. Only 300 votes. Separate them in the race for the runoff would John Kennedy. Slight margin of error of. Lead special report collection 2060. It's a close race for the presidency too close to call right now CBS news does project Republicans will keep control of the House of Representatives. And that Hillary Clinton will win Connecticut Donald Trump will win Louisiana Florida a record voter turnout and nearly all votes are counted but. The outcomes Phillips also applied to CBS's Peter king and Orlando and Jim Donald drum beat Florida will get to the White House would 95%. Of the vote counted it's still a toss up and if you're wondering about recounts. It would take a margin of one half of 1% trigger one automatically. The margin is slim but not that low right now and the more than six and a half million people voted early here in Florida that's helped the state get that record turnout. Other battleground states still considered tossup Ohio North Carolina Michigan Pennsylvania Wisconsin CBS's Anthony Mason in Pennsylvania looking at the exit polling there Hillary Clinton winning basically three out of four voters in the city Donald Trump winning nearly that margin in the rural areas but the real battle is there in the suburbs where it's dead even this campaign already going down in history as one of the most contentious ever on buzz feed President Obama with a word of wisdom she'll. Remember no matter what happens the sun will rise in the morning and America will still be. The greatest nation on earth. The investors are nervous about the tight race Tokyo stocks are down more than 2% Dow Jones futures plunging 400 points. CBS news special report I'm Jim Taylor. We're just talking about Leo book the big short in the movie's big short. And and talk to lose some university students it said to me do it yourself when you read the book. Did you notice. That they stole eight trillion dollars from our future. And the senate knew about it the house knew about it. President knew about it. Is that overseeing the trump for people who just scoring but what and we. Is jumps on board. Yeah it's broken. That's the thing that I just heard by the way and this is pure pure rumor although it did come from and network understanding. This is the white stuff starts happening. The conjecture now is yeah well okay maybe he can win will he immediately retract his his the expectation that he would get rid of chairman yellen. And the Fed. So that's one the second one is senator Manchin is announcing apparently he's perfectly willing to change parts. If the senate margin needs an extra. Vote. So that's the kind of stuff that happens just win the chains. Is suddenly there. You imagine what it'll be like over the next few hours especially as the markets roiled. It's that are so. He just mentioned the markets do in that I. A unit you know yeah between seven well I mean we we see some volatility. Seeing news reports of volatility in Asian markets saying. Currency markets showing some volatility. I think I think a lot of people in the financial class. Were anticipating tonight was gonna go faster earlier for. Secretary Clinton and a maybe don't have the same level of comfort with a when mr. trump in spite of who's. You know sort of business orientation. And so we're seeing some some hesitancy in and these these these markets are holed that cognitive corn latest. We've got now almost half a million votes counted in Louisiana and Foster Campbell has now surged into second place in the race for the rock off. In the US senate race Foster Campbell now has about a 5000 vote lead over Charles boosting any. As they both try to get into the runoff meanwhile in these key swing states in the presidential race. Donald Trump continues to lead in North Carolina Florida. And has moved out to a big lead in Ohio leading by 9% in Ohio with 65% of those votes counted. In North Carolina Donald Trump now at the three percentage point lead over Hillary Clinton. With 80% of those votes counted. But in Florida remains extremely close promptly just 1%. 95%. Of the votes have been counted in Florida. Booked doctors to resorting. Sometime in Florida. Holds the big votes to the big battleground states wanna be just as much a part of this is the candidates do. If you're the decider if you are the one that makes the difference. Then you kind of hold your results you. Well we're stuck we wanna make sure we get it right and they said it about 90%. And then they wait and see and in if it is a tight election. Then you could have Ohio and Florida will not Ohio you can have North Carolina and Florida kind of set on him for a little bit. To see how the rest of it flushes out and if it doesn't make a difference show you may see him release immediately you know if they start calling states for Hillary then. You know why keep him in the back pocket anymore well Florida went for bachelor's. I think the big drivers is is a warning to be and I think I've there's drama to be sheer mean everybody wanted it hey guys and step up and I. I I think I think you know some of the lessons of the last couple of decades we're. We have inaccuracies come out too early. And you know the nation's captivated by. Ever changing calls states as a result of those inaccuracies. I think they want the drama but they also want to be sure. Well this early voting that yeah I mean over half of the people in Florida early voted you could accounted over six million votes are ready and we're kind of wait in the see what happened with the rest and so I it. I I I absolutely agree with you that we need to be completely back. I was just back a mother well mother. Wave of thought and and I apologize to everyone that I don't have history and what this number means a checked at 5 o'clock today. The betting odds and at 5 o'clock today. Were 87%. Clinton. 13% drop. So there's ho. Thanks that's gonna play out of the next dole few hours. We're talking about the Dow futures down now at 400 it may be more than that now so they'll be a lot of that happening as well. Sure who would come back but not if Florida goes to Hillary Clinton. When we come back. Let's let's talk about what that means. Many things to good sandwich food dealt Leona legion field read food tonight. Bret burns lunch he'd bring you Sam news go to zambians food and jelly dot com from and you would daily specials. From Holland they cabling go to Jack in to news dot net.