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Think Tank 1110am Let’s talk NAFTA, Obamacare immigration, Dodd-Frank and more

Nov 10, 2016|

Trump handed out 28 issues that he would do in the first 100 days. Let’s talk NAFTA, Obamacare immigration, Dodd-Frank and more. This hours guest: Dr. Ryan Teten - Campigns & elections specialst at U-L-Lafayette

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back we once again thinking about probes are like trump. Did so and maybe maybe you heard of them was around the world but he did speech I think it gathers spurt. Before the election and GU hand and issued through 48 issues. 28. Major things it if you would accomplish in the first 100. Days of his president. So we thought we'd try to go to English to his more and use the most important as we couldn't. And since try to do exhaustion and kill them a tool clot could through 230 practical he lets you. Like warranty and survived. And is agreed to come back. Campaign in the election specialist professor of political science you owe Olympia. A complete B came back after all that abuse. I'm just good for punishment. You do it you do it gives words still dog can about you do duke who's. Our only one time during the night of historical. There. Cooper that I've appreciated. Our daughter. It's hard to have the topped the lists in the an orange written lives last played. In the end today do a little bit more homework and so we're introducing his is first proposal and it's impose term limits on all members of congress. And it and he wants to do I think that it's. Close to a true in dollar extra in deterring and and restructuring announcement over the next ten years. And his proposal says that revenue neutral. So I get out of this morning reading an article about his majority leader. In the senate Mitch McConnell. Who says. Turbulence in congress not gonna be you and your agenda. And affords you infrastructure plan that is depth pulling off pronto. So does he brought in to. A little liberal block already is that just won me and speaking. Now that it does it tutored me in separate issues you know the first term limits. In order to look at an attic constitutional amendment and you have to have one chi chi chairman at its. The constitution only has termed a deterrent present the United States. You would have to have congress. Not overwhelmingly. Think it's it's two thirds of both chambers and then a proposal to the country where yet cheap third to. A the legislators. I just. I think that probability is very very low is congressman. Even if they ran on term limits usually won't stick in and out of the senate. They elected job so much particularly maybe currently the target. So that would probably happen the other one were looking at infrastructure support. Even if it's not a priority for Mitch. Arnold nick could be a priority for our that you could use expected orders network arts to be able financing towards specific projects that you. He currently in. He of the structure it would only be there's a major plan for our in the new deal great society or something like that. That he would have to have very Ito approval from both the house and the senate. So he could do an executive order. And hypothetically. Pool Poland from all of there are reviews of finances without a little. Yeah I mean that's currently he couldn't do it trillion. If you look at. To eject it voters even issued by Barack Obama you know it's it's a few million here don't like about hundreds of millions you know 290 year 300 million there. Sixty millionaire so. These are individual projects that trump could probably go through and it would take congress you know the only thing there verses and executive orders in that district court ruling you know constitutional for congress passing a different law and so the probability that congress which -- together to reverse that record lows as she. The contention there and pick away at it. It would a chisel if you will in and get a lot of things and you actually want it. And it is not an endless well we've we've got just go through due shortly. Is his moves on the Supreme Court. Three justices. That are really the backbone he bride Susan. God praying in the room vs wade. There's 7080. And 83. Plugs. There has been Thursday petition obviously. And couldn't Scalia. From internship you know change replace. Is if he replaces. Obviously these condemn one but he he knew if he replaces two or three or four. Is a good chance we could see reversals to things like rove verses wait. You know at the probability and that is very low. Record well that the Supreme Court I took Accenture reverse itself when you're looking at weight it has legitimacy when Supreme Court they shall rule which it is wholly reliant upon basically the president. Most congress to in the states to affect that ruling mean he's the executive. Passed by congress in the ruling debate but the screen court. And so by not reversing themselves too frequently we see it in the the Supreme Court tends to allow. These Linksys in a long period to China NC a much more likely Garland just see. That instead of me a clear reversal of Roe vs. Wade that you might have weeks. That would allow different things at the state level or more restrictive. He corporations and regulations dealing with getting abortions. I as opposed to a complete overhaul. The only time the Supreme Court is almost fully reversed itself and separate people but curses Kirk sent are cases where on the idea that absolutely should be the case and. But it's a new vehicle listeners that professes to be Christians. Said the group voting for for Brooke or it's one thing I heard because news and sport and states. Oh boy accused judges. Being talked about him prior bell Bentley B graduate from two ruling New Orleans and boy Tuesday. Birdied evangelicals. We music bigs who Paul ever and portrait. Couldn't put four opium three of him. All your report and they would reverse it is that certainly. Why he would put him. They picnic that you know want to remember the Supreme Court justice is can only be removed by impeachment and from the president. And so more often than not OC is even conservative presidents like George W pushed. You know when he appointed him he'll lead a whole process it Democrats and senate. Illegally and there in the first single leader did against bush and one. And so they. But you know well thank you should go on about threats we have them much longer view of how things should get in this country as evidenced by age or Easter at you know and will be here long. After you worked on so that kind of gives them different perspective than they rely on precedent. And also Ireland there reactive institution McCain just blew on it. So there were have to be a case that would work its way all the way to challenger I'm that would not be dismissed by any of the lower courts and succession. That would prevent from getting to and want to get storm for. Have to agree app actually have to agree here. Talking at a 130 million cases a year at the start in the court system. That your roughly ED. So you know the probability again but he gets all the way up there is urged that it happened church that it completely reversed themselves hasn't happened in the past and. All right drew a word Terry gonna break bread have you listening. That bode Rupert problem which you know obviously that he. Vast majority view when you start he would be using words his lips. And what he has promised. And then we started hearing the details of not very likely you were very difficult group probably impossible. What what do you think is that K do you say well we could happen to. Every president and let me try what are re controller and hopefully he can do it's open or. Do you pursue what it meant the bit angered movement put him in the office with a specific reasons that adds to why. What do you think it's a thing directors had 01 he'd celebrity gives call. I about the brush W bug the election and in particular room the media views side boards that much about issues. A fund that Donald Trump during one of his speeches pre election. And did a list of 28 things that he says he's gonna do in his first 100. Days as president. Talked about it you'll already know or is your doctor or Brian he couldn't. Professor of political science tool though Latvia specialty campaigns. And elections. Doctorate of one important thing it's our group is applied your banner in the White House or congressional officials. Becoming lobbyists after the leave the government. Can you do that. And Kirk Kirk and her record cute girl. Yogi. A lot of political. Bureaucratic discretion. It over his chamber as well as those that he'll be secretary of this sort of the cabinet position a year or the department that he can institute regulations and they have to go through congress has in effect years. I'm the head of the agencies and so he saying okay that the new both did an institute. And states have that so this is not that rare to suggest that you keep people out of the process he's trying to get. You know trying to keep the positions from going directly from congressional snapper congressman to somebody who works for Mike or so that are simpler FaceBook so. I mean that's not that were here what I would like to go back to just really quickly as Supreme Court discussion. We're a lot of your listeners because. And I think. The key when you're looking at someone filling the Supreme Court it's also going to be at the opposition party still has the ability to block any Supreme Court nomination but keep the sport. Accredited but he has the ability to so buster in the senate. I'm basically Republicans would need sixty votes in order to override a protest from Democrats in the public yet so. Just just having him in charge and having the Republicans in control and and how does not guarantee that anybody that he's been well for like we're. Drug issue is that the filibuster rule in the open it is. Can't the Republicans chose change a rule. They can I mean and that's the thing is when and the Democrats were facing a filibuster from the Republican or employees court appointees for Obama. They lowered the number necessary from that filibuster. From sixty to sit he won basically it would shut down so luster to want. There was a nuclear option that the so but certainly aren't the only key to protest for the minority party in the entire congress. Couldn't you have controlled house you run the table there if you can't control the senate you're on the table there the print and it's the same party all for. But the only opposition protest apt to be the mustard so there. Should you know forget that. The end Republicans purchase such and so if they faced that and a challenge from the democratic senators that ego. You didn't are in the right in the 51 and then it does when he's there. So we employ his wouldn't have much trouble getting the pru right. Not at 61 notebook that the Republicans apt one so it would just. It would take. All the fundamental power that it Carlin I cannot stress enough that went Terry Reid changed it to step in one of those. Court appointees. Get it was the biggest change occurred in English street in our country's history. And so they do it or Supreme Court nominees as well then it will basically take the protest the minority completely. Aren't a go back to view plug your ban on lobbyists in Britain. Leaves the White House or congress it's. And if core live from think there's already. A route three year ban it and ended and it's been a joke because. They simply go to water program in world war. They put him under a different title. Give them a different jobless and what they do the same thing. Yeah I mean this is I wonder if this would dispute took end. Does suggest the American people look on cracking down on lobbying but it did that people who are crafting these laws of the same ones who will then explain at least to exploit them. To anybody looking cute change careers it. You know I don't know if it's a real victory against an about the side on the front of what may actually. And along were bad trumbull and shall I come there and White House officials lobbying on behalf improved foreign government. Now would be the same thing we're just human debris and titled lived there for and missions hey good and they could still loose and couldn't. Oh yeah that again. With the approval here you. There's no way congress is gonna go that's. Because congress people and senators in White House officials are going you know official I don't like courier there is at most and be eight years. In so after that I'm planning on lobbying on State Street I'm planning on having each. NRA to back a come and hire me and so if you prepare and implement. Well they know that my job. Is actually gonna make the money. It's just like Torrey limit stoic congressman. Big elected. They spend most. Of their time trying to get re elected again. So good there and her dog boo for term limits are gaga after two years. Oregon got about a minute and a half NAFTA of the big. Canned canned heat on his own doing were snapped and via TPP's via trans Pacific partnership. Now he will have to be careful on this one that is basically treaties are at the approval congress and in the senate specifically. You know if they're. I did it in secret yet that reversed you can change it but what most presidents have done is use their executive order power. To change two weeks on it just say OK that has we're going to all this that's as our organ ought to this because you got to remember one. Want to stats who want to pass by. Congress the president is the one who actually implement it and Obama was a master of taking the law the Republicans at past and gone. Well you know that interest in what you say you wanted it that I actually in the details and that would implement them only to wait and a lot actually. And so he could he could go back in revising. That to try and make it more beneficial would it prompts. And end with the big boom did did trump god and and the yeah who would blend experts look at why. They seem like there are old sin well it was a huge group of anger. Yeah and one of the things is drop. So congress would probably beat box and him. Renegotiating. Or getting out and after she BP wouldn't. Well you know what. Let me go back to that point you just made. Got about a million mark in new drug runner up in time moment conduct it. We go out. Problem I'm just you know everybody's claiming it's the anger vocal when you look at the demographics and the results were having come again. It looks like Republicans voted at about the same rate that dated for Romney in Democrats were the ones who voted about 3% less than they did it for Obama in 2000 well. If you have a drop off I'm not necessarily sure that we're claiming all there's new people coming out and being angry that it looked like he got the Republican vote and she didn't get the Democrat I mean it could boil down to just that as opposed it and repeat. All right to a boom we come back little lips continued that compensation goes. When when I'd say jingle voted itself like people out there were court people dues and pray and trucks. Save militia movement up to a CBS news will come and bright back. Double to Olympia. About via impacted Arabs look pro. Gave vowed to lives. Prior to production of 28. Issues there he boutique Euro. In his first hundred days in office. Veterans say and his chances is doing them and abduct and Teague and political science professor you know. Expert in campaign. And election. Professor. I'll go back and and French Pacific partnership. On many times in the media campaign sedatives and do speech. And use it said something and pursuing I'm still. Operating under the impression that the Pope trump were big blow. Concerning angering were watching him in the room were the system. And not think you explain that ruled in the eighties. But what then what about if from wasn't anger. Wasn't ended a large part. Though owns that field does some break in college hoops that. Can't make a living can't provide for there they're there and even that they can barely eking. If they can reported in education. Children. They come home in Kampala and jobs. Was that the lower part of it in Egypt's oh wouldn't congress be motivated to give and troll in the eliminating these. For a degree. That it can person as your. If we look at them. Exit polling I was there were less than 30000 dollars a year overwhelmingly voting for Clinton. And those that range from 3060 were overwhelmingly voting though don't we sit well people Europe's sector that it. Well they may have been that they'd they'd vote for Clinton and it. That these demographics are coming in Ireland suggests that I'm there were problems but there were problems when it. Hillary Clinton's strategy but it certainly charts and trounced the net certainly changed me. Among black voters. He percent of black voters for Democrats in 2001. Person in Lecce with 80% turnout. You can't lose 11% in and suggest that you. You know make improvements that are the women's vote and well you know there were available in order for them. Italy Clinton bono's actually at the same numbers and keep quote that there are many I'm among men that number increased trumpet. Among education levels you know that's where we have she gap I mean among all voters. Trump unions goes with the lower educational level by eight points on the back. And actually translate in the net income change so I'm not cherry and that it is a an angry about that matches. Maybe it was couched that way but it sure seems like it's just a Republican votes purses a Democrat who didn't get the terror. And everybody might not even be. Part of lower and call mole or or were appealing. Being excluded. And I were drumming yeah. The example that. In Garland played really interest into what. But the two fundamental misunderstanding in the public school college went. You have people protesting in new York and Chicago and Los Angeles in these are places that Hillary Clinton won overwhelming. So I mean you. Yet there it is that you have to deal and that in these are states. There are no protests that are getting coverage and Internet it's so interesting that you were like well you know it. Now my president what your presidency. State voted overwhelmingly. And Gerber and Kim we'd frauds the exit poll so. At the exit poll usually are are pretty responsive I mean we're we're looking at. Spectacle that has been done and over and over again by all agencies and not the one that called for Hillary. But are people who just look at demographics and we have a sample of you know thirty or 40000 voters that usually gives you pretty good idea. All right were exploding a lot of lives and they don't go away on the radio were doctor Brian Teague and you'll though Latvia. Tom little mud hole Long Will come to you next. If you blasts and listen to what it's ten minutes. If you're like me you certainly learn something you did noble report coming up. Forget about the hunt for the you're doing that Bradley electro and says he wants to get done in. First hundred days in the president's. We're dog to run into Eden RX spurred from and you'll well. We're just got through talking about trump wanting to doing with a print trade agreements let's go to some call it. Tell the whole Euro doctored you didn't thank you for the call. Yeah. In orbit the couple. Election cycle. Why am I shot your. I'm. In it and where. Voters. Are. It then. That. And yeah I mean that a strike or. So ago. Country is. Sure. So it. Or the election cycle. The more. You don't live there. Yet the CNN has been they've been issuing over and over in this clip where they're keeping the selection of being a white lash. A white voters are kind of reaching out her Islam phobia etc. But the white voters only one by 1% over the last couple elections. I mean black voters decreased by 11% for Hillary Clinton Hispanics were down 8% by Hillary Clinton. In youth voters went down 6% for Hillary Clinton chokes I you know the volatile like latch is kind of a misnomer it was. You know if we boil it all out it looks like Democrats didn't you know about people stayed home for them. That didn't stay home for the Republican Party sorted out labels that are really kind of inflammatory but it mark incorrect. There every big pretty convincing Michael in Metairie Euro moved doctor treating. A good good good morning. I'm. Confused by this Grossman's 100000. Votes. Look at people. Person. And this happened. A 201000. To me it's a confuse them a lot of parties urged people in a row can't decide that. Three world. As a so I also thought you know terrible mistake or back. Earlier message he should be really good because. Everybody knew that the Obama coalition. Mainly was devoted to Joshi thanks a black charismatic like a couple of vice president she would get that question haven't percent decrease what. Do you think. It. Your well your your probably dead in terms of what you're looking for the people who are regular and the people who should continue Obama's policies of her voters was 91 person it's so they were being hurt at him. But I think again with the record book. And convert Democratic Party at you you have some people get excited about and yet to contain a lock for Virginia and they did get Virginia. And it kept people home. And knowing that it one final Tom about a minute to and Electoral College. Yes I mean it that the disapproval. Rating among American population it. Again that popular vote persons Electoral College. But it it just doesn't work but popular but it's nowhere in the constitution. We have a system which had a number of reps or senators nurture. Here wait for each state and and that's the way it all and so in the end if you look at it that state of whatever people blame a third party brokers clients it its street to Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin nets that's what are the richter. And then and again more imply don't question. Washington Post today you won't have moved French probe could realized. Earlier in his first days and all posts. As important special prosecutor to investigate. Hillary Clinton what he's doing the chances of that are. I I think you'll. At this point I think that that was a nice kind of. Turkey used to get voters. You know lock her up from global block I think he had Terkel that he did not go to law I don't that the voters were women who don't you know all you don't. January 20 per. Doctor Eden. I never had Bjorn world. And Leo lives and saws learn a lot. Thanks a million election I'd think you were calling in today and Greg. Are. All right a road project part of it up built in limbo control of the twenty big twelve gauge things we've been talking about during his first 100 days. No 80%. That must be the liberals that group is state. I'm leaving this they'd have to believe that he can get them all the wives we wouldn't have been behind and that bug bugs would add to that would be. I didn't vote for him didn't vote for Clinton with the state journal did throw we gut 80% and our poll. Saying they don't think he can do what he said he couldn't do that so little confusing stay with its public bureau. It or a bird or birds thought about its next subject in the next hour. Take no good social media did their did not affect the election. I filmed a number of things on a pro and fascinating. That I did know was percolating. When it comes to social community in just whip the election certainly. Couldn't certainly reluctant. But in a or everyday lives. I think. A few things new concerning social mediums they will this. Nobody called choose a juror quoted celebrity incumbents questions Garland rob and it would we called the think tank in this. Is double to Libya.