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Beyond Reality Radio - The Mothman, Woodrow Derenberger, and Indrid Cold.

Nov 15, 2016|

Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Matthew Pellowski, Director, Producer of the documentary Eyes of the Mothman discusses his research and interviews related tot he sightings of the infamous creature. The story includes reports of a mysterious winged creature, men-in-black, alien visitations and abductions, and more. Plus, listener calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded November 14 2016. Our current unreal here it is Monday night you know what that means. It's gonna be great show because. We've been talking about the moth man. Well since we started the show we just haven't anybody on really did to really get in depth about it but. Most people know the moth man's story because of the movie with Richard Gere the mosque in prophecy that's really drawn to it was and it really brought it to the forefront of conversation. But there's so much more of the story you know obviously the movie just like in any of these movies we talked about has a lot of Hollywood and it. Change a story around put some things in that weren't there left a lot of things out they were just hard to show on a screen. But nap allows ski who's a director writer producer. Made a documentary called eyes of the moss men 2011 and it is I've seen it it's it's it's long. It's in depth its most complete work about the moth man sightings and everything that was going on. Not just with the moth in itself but there were a whole bunch alien. Sightings in UFO sightings and men in black sightings in this and really peculiar characters will talk about that. Have now become an come impetus infamous and now you follow discussions and it's really fascinating aggregate get into depth about it. Tonight one for those you who aren't familiar with them off men this is West Virginia home Point Pleasant and we analyst Jim it was fifty years actually fifty years that's right yes exactly the November 15 1966. Was the first real reported. Sighting of the most men were exactly fifty years from that data it's pretty cool yes so and and people initial sought an exciting where some people in a cemetery. That were do you agree if and but then after that some couples had a sighting in Point Pleasant and analysts goes on and on just a bunch of weird things but you know. Anonymous said no Jimi you know the anniversary is was just the other day in December 13. While it was what 42. Anniversary of one oh yeah Ronald butch to fail and they're taking his family's life and vows that became the end of door. That's right yeah the murders of his six family members while they were sleeping in their beds he's still imprisoned for that crime we that we had Chris Lutz on the show not long ago talking about a wouldn't have him back. Talking about the Amityville part when he lived in the house part of what's family. But yeah that was a tragic. A tragic point in history was what 42 C 42 years ago yeah two years ago he was contrite convicted for the killings in from 1974 killings of his father mother. Two Brothers in two sisters. And it was around 6:30 PM on Wednesday November 13. I'm 1974. And he was 23 years old and that's the night he also came running into the bar name of bill and a Charlie yelling everybody you got to help me in my family's been sharp and so forth yep what a crazy story and it real tragedy and it. It did set up what what has come to be known as the most infamous spawning at least in America probably the world in the diesel haunting. I'm still very controversial. Case from every perspective from the fact that the warrants were involved and they weren't involved and and it's Buhner George what changes story few times whatever but we had the expert here Chris Lutz and he's gonna come back and a programmer we soon to finish the conversation. Yet so how old everybody out there and listening to be on reality radio greatly appreciate you tuning in with us and hopefully had a good weekend it's been a you know almost a whole week known Jim since the election took place so. Thing is as I'd gladly sit this out as everybody calmed down well did most people but they needed these people out there vandalizing and mr. Ryan is a big difference from protesting and rioting that's. Absolutely and I was in I was in New York City last couple days and they run their protest in down they handle I wouldn't call them riots but there's certainly a blocking streets and and making it difficult for people. But you know I don't know I don't know how long goes on an American change elections in Russia with through what they're trying to do well because that would. This off the other 50% of the country yet and sorry I just wouldn't go well yeah so. But you know everybody's got a right to protest that's part of the American tradition certainly by no means it means exercise a right vote but looting and rioting in the and throwing things cops and. That's justice unnecessary and a book. To gentlemen I read something I wanted it's only words from Paris to recognize it when you give me tests while this isn't the text from your wife again this is now this is something else. By the way tell Amy Heller riches winner mark itself. We cast this message into the cosmos of the two billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy some perhaps many. May have inhabited planets and space faring civilizations. If one such civilization. Intercepts. My assignment and can understand these recorded contents here's our message. This is a present from a small distant world a token of our sound our science our images our music our thoughts. In our feelings we are attempting to survive our times so many this so we may live in two yours. We hope someday having solved the problems we face to join a community of galactic civilizations. This record this record represents our hopes and our determinations and our goodwill and a vast and awesome universe. Director hasn't. Bit I don't recognize that taken you out. Apparently my car. I don't know I don't managed and that is the the greetings. That they have on the voyagers now Voyager two when we didn't win with Lucent now Voyager two's been off thirty years now. So all of Owens before and they were sent in different directions while so when their launchers in different directions trying to cover and different different areas. But the reason I brought that up is because then come. Voyager two as it's preparing to cross over into deep space. He began help putting a strange language the scientists could they couldn't read. And so right now there that it appears the system was packed really want and how do you hacked. A satellite I mean something that's. 3003 billion miles away. It didn't some extremely powerful satellites. On earth to be shooting a signal there. Or it doesn't happen from earth that's it think of it that you know. Because they have they were talking about some miscommunication. It was coming in. And you won't see it just about ten billion billion miles away from earth and all the sudden it starts sending data. In a language we don't understand it can be called an alien language. Really don't think you so now and what happened is you. The whole program is set after binary codes or somehow. One of the binary codes where it was changed. It was actually changed from a two. Yeah it was changed from zero and flipped to a one. So any changes a lot of the data when they got in their attack systems so. I mean. That it just opens up the world well I mean impossibility thank you think of our computers right now. If there is something else that's traveling a discovering different galaxies back and forth. The computers are or their systems are way more advanced than me exactly we've got so for them to get in and access something like that could be them. Letting us know they're taking some sort of communication. Yeah I mean that's pretty fascinating innocents those those Voyager missions are really designed to try to probe space and see if there was we get any response. From intelligent life and maybe this is the first of that response so if they're that far away if these if these. Space vehicles are that far away the signal must take for ever get to us I would think so you know must take I don't know belongs anyway Sears. And sermons. I would think it would take it would take quite awhile now and it's it's going to be traveling by Nam. Controlling the thing and it's itself parents. Cells something's been able to access from that far away and you think that if there's something here should signal out there. We be giving off some sort of a signal that we were able to Tennessee right. We be able to see it or somebody would detectors and that's what I mean you'll be able to see with our devices now paralyzed. And yeah I'm pretty interesting stuff we mentioned who we've got coming up for the rest of the week in the show. No we didn't has some pretty good stuff coming up we've got Robert Stanley tomorrow night he is say an adventurer basically been in lifelong pursuit. A modern and ancient mysteries for over the past thirty years his quest for unique ideas and information is led into research and write about many controversial topics. And he's the author of two ground big breaking books including close encounters on Capitol Hill. And Covert encounters in Washington DC so. We talked about some pretty cool stuff with him that's tomorrow night's program. And then we've also got Ken Gerard whose though widely recognized it was all just. And the heads on the field investigates and he's traveled the world searching for the evidence. Mysterious animals legendary beasts including big foot. While this monster cheaper Cabrera. And just other program winged creatures are where rules and you name it. Yes Thursday night it's I'm Megan Gibson. And Alex Howard Magnus and award winning journalist storyteller and televise and produce producer. She's director of the conscious to TV series and how I created a halt. She's produced films commercials major broadcast television including the voice and who do you think you are I don't think we'll be talking about the voice server who do you think you very much but the stuff that she's done in relations to Colton and those topics will be that will be chatting about a lot with her on now on Thursday night. And we can talk about the voice scenario I don't want my local guys Billy Gilman losers. Only a few miles down the road from me he's. He's one of the the remaining twelve on there and actually he was a big hit when he was a young kid he had sang a song one voice. And and he's still hang in on the matters is great singer. While I'm I do also want to mention to something pretty cool coming up here to tomorrow I think it's tomorrow night it's the premiere of I think season for. Of the personal talent and History Channel after saying. That's right L and if he would get a chance machine check up in tonight's the last night that Superman and let's return now you all sorts of stuff going hostess and listened while in the super moon you won't have won that close again. Instilled 2034. Emily I believe is November 25. 2034. Yet November 25 when he 34 and so now's the time that. Yet south China and its sister and everything seems it's just it's a very busy week and that's it's a really busy week a great week to be talking on about paranormal topics on beyond really ridiculous for sure one more thing that's beyond reality figure that aren't so scientists to grow their first full size huh. Beating human heart from stem cells to him. Think of the possibilities it is we talked about this in the past where. In of people it. Thank you get older you're impart to your body award now. And all the sudden now you're you're at the point where you can pretty much replace them. And it's just it's mind blowing news of the 4000 Americans are waiting for heart transplants only 2500. Will receive new hearts in the next year. He those lucky enough to get a transplant the biggest risk is their bodies were rejected in part and launch a massive immune reaction against the foreign cells. But the combat that the problem. A organ shortages. And decreased the chance that a patient's body rejected researchers have been working to create a synthetic organs from patients' own cells while. And now to a scientist from Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School. And gone one step closer using adult skin cells to regenerate functioning human heart tissue. I mean that's that's a huge step in medical technology and racing yet I mean a nice change a lot of things you get much further with this you will be able to. To have somebody live. Forever if you think you can continue to replace ever ever 4050 years ago maneuver argument delivering a new kidney you know I'm aware do what's going to stop you. In in the long run you will come to a point where you will be able to to have you'll even have not live forever 23400. Years. It's amazing that it. And that it's kind of scary in its own right well it does because leasing you wanna do is see everybody around you go away but it I mean if everybody's wondering now along. It's been our hope that they're able to somehow control. Replenishing here because. If people in every 400 years it's gonna get really populated fast will only have to hope that those voyagers actually find some. Place and some race that's willing to it takes him. Give us some property 106. Death until an hour and all sorts of complicated thanks so when we take a break when you're you know he's a it's another phone numbers a 446877669. Again eat for four. 6877669. You listen and Jason javy and Dioner. And scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans and Anders parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a week and you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con job cuts. Welcome back to being on reality radio Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson thanks everybody in general good to see everybody here with us tonight great Stanley growing and growing and growing in the chat room. And if you're listening I'm the year and the radio or whatever and your home and Wear on your if your cellphone. You cannot easily just go to beyond reality radio dot com click to listen light button you don't even have to listen to the show there. But you can join the chat room with would GB and I learned there as far as well as you know lots and lots of other people so. It's a great community great family yet and everybody seems help from everybody is through love about it or risk and helping him but he longest questions and answers not always gonna taps taps family members that are in there Jane Chris and then and you know so they're answering questions on somebody needs help and it's so it's just wonderful you know very well let's go to the phone line to bring her guest for the nice right now in this is met Polanski man is the producer director of the documentary entitled. Eyes of the moth man from 2011. And now welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the program. Blue hey Mac years. I hear this kid he can here's a kid out. There yeah we can hear you can hear us. Yet. Are you able to hear Jimmie are elements let's let's get let's get slick and here to check this of phone connection. While alone even on the story we wanted to chat about how wall near we can honestly continual bulk of that hole. And that hole in being able to grow human heart I mean I'm so I'd enemy I was talking to my sons earlier about. And just the possibility of how that could really extend the human life via. And it is an almost you know that when I'm I'm struggling with something right now with my mother and it's related to an aura though and that's why it's when I tell the story I was really like wild. And it's something that. Really could be and can be extremely beneficial and and you and I thought of that from knowing when we can have an opportunity to to have the have organ replacements generated you know in laboratory situation and in body parts with what 3-D printers and things are let's see if Mac can you hear us now. They slick. Parent almost. Yet now from sell but yet and everybody alternate you're sorry and others where we're just only it's due to you know throw all lines we're gonna him again man and but yeah just put it but think about how. Because they say even that honestly a long long time ago on its through some some site. This theory alters that humans lived a long time couple hundred years yeah. And now I don't not if there's anything to really back that up but he but that was the thought that's what that's what they claimed and you think about it now I mean wasn't he your body your body changing the way it does. What happens is EU as you get older you know things get tired stop working. And if you can replace them see you replace those it's just it's mind boggling to think. Yes it really does open ample a lot of amazing possibilities well we've talked about that whole cryogenic. Suspension thing there's a company in Texas it's now offering for the basically the cost of your of your none on what the numbers. 20000 dollar life insurance policy whatever the heck it is they if they propose you do the free you until you can move for a ever and down. Will you also see this cross combination between electronics and human beings. And that that's you know hysteria nephew talked about people putting computer chips in the different things that people adding. These these new. Things that they can actually installed to the eyes where people are able to zoom in on objects and and so forth I mean. Now you're you're starting to replace the body parts and just it's and the question fame Arafat you're going to be part robot part human life. He carried part human I don't know because these things are pitching or whatever it's going to be really screwed on his or less if we've got mad no matter you this. They met you there. Carried out okay and you're so they know I think I'd think you can hear me but I don't think you hear Jimmy for whatever reason some little confused on this. Yet aren't you can. You hear me now well you're recording it in terms of can. You hear me meant. OK I think we're good now all right thanks a seismic event and malicious. -- anyway Matt that we're mentioned before but you couldn't hear us its met allows you director writer. Particularly of of a documentary that were interested in talking about tonight called the eyes of the moth man from 2011. And Matt you on before we get into the story of the moth man. Tell us how you got interested in the story begin with a one did you decide to make a film about it. Should calm and well I've always been interest in the paranormal. Just persecuted obviously going back to. The ninety's before it was popular. You know I think once you thousand. You oppose in the cold in much more mainstream. I was encouraged couldn't afford him so popular because there wasn't. People weren't and more COLT sent. But I also used to order a writer producer. Normal magazines. So you have to start as a personal interest in terms of the general idea. Of the unknown then but that's normal you know there's very few things in the world committed EnerNOC. You know older explains. And there's less mystery. These days so it looks cute things are the worst so now mr. Jews that's kind of our whose. We'll just interest in these things and let it sit back and just. Eventually emerged in some lies. Profession so I guess you try to sort started writing about on the web. You know I've been researching and writing different articles from different magazines for years. But I kind of just wandered into the Richard Gere film wondering. And saw that film and I just couldn't believe that I never heard of this story specifically. Because there are some pretty. Unusual things or accommodation. At all and how the once preached one one person one time it's my interest and that's person that I kind of looked into Google of the book or junk you know an art ultimate surrogate. Well and a lot of people lie and you saying you are really familiar with that story. Is understandable because a lot of people in the paranormal community really fit the separation or comes to crypto zoology and and Gholston and haunting. So he had to be in the internal field never hear about that is it is now far fest tonight I've dealt with a lot of people who who've been involved in the crypto zoology aspects. So really have never even gotten to know anything when it comes down to the market is. Yeah history is exactly transcending you know being micro John groups of karma honorable mention it was a lot of people that are pretty. I'm mentioning Larry. You get cute thing that they like in order goes or you oppose or monsters and things like that and yeah they're they're very dedicated to that kind of slaves to our normal in the not often see. Crossover so often is unique in that regard. And then not. Yeah it's just it was kind of kept it secret a little more popular now about art remarks on the really wasn't any other films. Alderman Richard Gere. Narratives I was really out there and and you know now of course you're gonna you're others. What do those are the reason why wanted to do it just returns haven't recovered a meager during forty billion Roswell. Double venture years you know our. Well that we're gonna lurid detail where to take a quick break as we got a heartbreak that's coming up only come back I want you to tell guest. The history behind them off man and or really get into some detail so. You're we're talking with Matthew polo ski and you're listening Jason GBM unreal and. I welcome back beyond reality radio Jason Katie tonight is moth man Monday. So proclaimed by us here on now beyond reality radio also fiftieth year anniversary it is exactly fifty years Matt this is not lost a mule I knew I'm sure exactly fifty years tonight. When. The young couple. The two young couples spotted what they claim to be what was it like EE ten foot creature herb or creature with a ten foot wingspan. And red eyes red glowing eyes. You lose very. Accumulation here where they describe to its. Around site senators. Greg piercing guns. And of course the most interest in bringing. You know from the people that describe this first and I spoke is that you know and eyes but no head it kinda had these are interviewed Dirk. So intense or. Is here would be kind of floating so there are these honors. You know weeks. Welcome Morgan has to help. Yet look where we're gonna have slick Eddie through some pictures up on our FaceBook page of of what people described it as well I'm sure it's scared and scared them greatly because one of the claims to was that it was following their car. Correct. Yeah it's not it seemed to kind of packed. Korean news. In a you and I'm almost want select grounded way almost like a creature supposed to like. Union. I guess you could say and act erratically and then act you're graduates it was two years and territorial. And auditory. In innocence so. Worried about these cars. One person I interviewed. You know had a very close encounter with it or not only chased her car but. You know basically and the audit and it was just kind of aggressive. Yeah I was very usual and scared while you're. Was it possibly ramming it hadn't of had like. And I'm saying is there out of there her dog a marked man mall so it'll always delighted him maybe it's just Jason on the like I'm. Who knows that lets some let's really started to beginning with a moth man's story because it's quite complicated let's just give you could take us through kind of the the basic time line. And summary of what the whole story is no more break it down. Sure you know I don't have different opinion on that one of the reason why do you like film warns. Humorous side there aren't really showed that the mock me and story was not just about the incident a happened. In the sixties would decrease sure and the sightings and most notable use years. Dole and those most ensuring the people that gravitate towards Puerto bring it to me is they collect dues. Group of events that all were kind of under one spotlight more numbers out on the West Virginia. So that really does start a small print on me. News we late seventeen hundreds. Where you have what a lot of people consider the first battle the American revolution. And they are prominent native American chief named corn saw whose murder. And betrayed Burke and it just seems like all the unusual activity in the area. He stuck to that in turn and started them from fires floods too mysterious brings a neutral site during. So you ask me about law and root ball and starts which that curse legend. Because darkest. Interest in parallels you know was noted in American culture and in history and belief system up to birds and number similarities between. Those incidents and stories or you can. According to the murder happened in the sixties switchers but we've been talking about a physical creature. But kind of just showed up ordinary aunts and started. There are people treason and so decree divorce and starts with the cheese the curse of course. Any good and is one of the interesting things about this story too is that. There are so many angles I mean when you talk about it a collection of paranormal topics. They kind of all converge on Point Pleasant West Virginia in this story with the moth man. And all the ancillary people and and events that were happening at the same time. It's going to be good guess American horror story pepper. Created a crusted or cold. Because it has everything to where. You know it's like the saying it's like you know you know you to call somebody who believe churches should be so. Can't aspect and you've got. To coerce with native Americans and that origin you've got. Just argued to a two week or two years ago oh man in black. Adoptions. Missing time hope or gun used. You have and and his varying. Description of sightings that are just so fascinating. And monster like anything you ask for a great story. Here's here they're not town in the talented very charming beautiful actually hound I am I shall go back once you're urged see the people that I what was on the project and it's got like a really good adultery and bring her in and just charming in a weird way to say that but you up on the panel cited yes it has everything that you just were. The story and you know credible people look like three people solvers are all you know related to marriage each other they were. You know all walks of life witnessed the ball meant hundreds of people restructures newspaper reporters. You know things are prosecuted by the military. In terms of UFO sightings and there's some documentation of that so. On Saturday and got credibility. It's. You know fantastic storytelling can monsters it's gonna everything in the camera on the Muslim. So note. And sir so that history behind it it started what November 12 1966 is that correct worsened grave diggers. On song had a first encounter. Yeah I believe what actually you know and America under etiquette to beat a little bit got just because it's such a while some sort of you know. Worked on the film it's and until some time ago but our board Rupert you know what happened with the Bluetooth couple's. Bitter outcome but lovers Levine. That used to be in this town are used to being. And an ammunition depot in town or large manufacturers to almost use of world war two and went on from wild it was some communion people live there. And they're not will eventually shut down wound up and shut down economy in place for people drag race. You know go out there with a girlfriend and things like that a military couple out there are. November 196166. I believe. That's it we were world attacks there and solve this segment were driving on road and salt red he passed this spring. There was a senator monster. That scared development and flew out to the apartment kind of after that it got ordered. Our ability. Investigated. Except on what's. Police certainly local police department interviewed them all individually and separate rooms all believers story. And then once Travis surrogate now. There were few other people that terrible as you know be solved there's two months ago or treat your two months earlier nuts were like a great diggers. Other people do you integrators that saw what they're told a flaw in your hand you want war. And I believe there is one of a sudden I was kind of recorder also received in foreign person. And they only come you know. And told their story wants. Near double greed and so much trust. OK so bad at that point they felt comfortable enough turn common voice of that they've experienced it as well. I think certificate that exist you know it was kind of just. In calico dynamite stick went off because now then this of the creature was being seen and witnessed. But hundreds of people over the next year and went on for about a year. Hundreds of people saw it. To pinpoint or it was panic and mayhem people took it very serious they went after a killer. Look you know what scrutiny is a very big. Hunting community. People have guns and gorilla you know Purdue extension of the body you know there are no problem on something shoot air and they anywhere after restraint. Was a ripple like monster hunt and people you know. Q clustered sought found and no it never shot and obviously but there are many many stories of encounters. An and I know when he's sort of talked about this stuff. It sounds. A little goofy but. You just have free about a reality per second. You know. What they are proud about what our film is that we really. We're an article car but we look into curing computing research from a lot of people that are no longer will this news. Right now there are people that we're the last people can't see mistakes. There's not a whole lot of what was yours that are still a lot of welcome Larry and the other people we spoke to that and that didn't talk on camera there and featured in the film so helped. Which. Just back story in history that spell did witnessed a monster and he would not come on camera or degree remember one woman's. Where you know I was still new in town. The end someone in dispute certain you know that would like to talk QB serves you know who knows you saw about. The creature. And I said you know would you be comfortable during your view and not all Sadr which nearly broke down started on users you know sixteen year old woman. An adult. Took a better person parent you know. Decades later still traumatize. Two either pack of thought I hadn't talked about so don't sound kind of goofy silly. They're you know my experience there were doctors deliver real period of these people experience and tell it and a burst seriously and it. The great strokes a long after. And you with the original witness. What format it. Met him well with Hugh doing the research. How much did you really chalked up to with a mass hysteria and these people not maybe not a lot of these people really not having the experience. You know just saying he did or or just drawing more conclusion for something. Well so that we Jewish seizures because when I first got down there. I was kind of not sure what to expect and liberated to a politician shouldn't what is now a new element in the courthouse and eagle putt politician. And he wasn't all of them were large role. You know you his own children were two years and dollars or Q well around here are creatures like. Yeah I don't like just you know Joseph missed the farmer who haven't turned on to cheer and our costume. When you do it later though like all public has come down here her hopes are sponsoring exam. And I started talking to the next time next time the next guy it and I don't know where we got I mean get a sense from the people I spoke to. Of of a situation of mass hysteria and sounded like media that aren't you know there were people that were scared you know crowds and went after it. But it didn't seem like. State of delusion or like you know masks and I can sense that people work. Over exaggerate what they're receiving because. Two people I spoke to wasn't like we saw this 300 yards away this is writing your streaks. On your caller. You know close encounter. Physically involved so I believe used the majority of the people I spoke to. All right you're talking up a little Democrats hold unmet so I wanted to quick break we're done with Matt Palau ski director and producer. Of eyes of them off the minute documentary about the moth man settings we're gonna take a break more with Matt when we come back it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps her magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. If you're interested. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. And now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched the serve you better. That's right go to the website caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's that's the term extreme where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the paranormal community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tabs Tara Mac dot com. That's caps paramedic got can't use promo code beyond the safe. All. I really hurt. You can register cracked I just I just to single out just is a during the microphone. I look at the video camera or the video screens is doing the robot to robot car and video titles are really stark welcome back to be on reality radios Jason Hawes. JB Johnson it's moth man Monday. We've got mad Palau ski who's the writer director producer of the documentary called eyes of the mosque and probably the most complete. Documentary ever made on the subject in matter again thanks for joining us on the program tonight. On we are in the middle of just kind of going over some of the details of the mosque in story itself and. That that the settings of the moth man at least in Point Pleasant because it's it's been seen in other places in the world at least similar creatures have. But they went from November 15 1966. They went for about a year ended December of 1967. And it was at that point that the silver bridge in Point Pleasant collapsed in a lot of people believe that the moth man. Itself was kind of a harbinger of this impending I'm catastrophe. Yet if you were Q you know based remarks were close of not only bought it but also the arm. There were hundreds of you have close sightings going on not now. I'm not senior spaniel man in black fighting electrocuted there are quite pleasant what are you specifically. There's a very small town today I mean you visit Eric Berry. People know accurate outsider it expired minutes ago. Crude back argued dot org or county can only imagine what it was like economic success. Is going at a higher magnitude so you know a lot of people it's. Spoke through distributors are weird people went out and they haven't heard so you know not only words. Balkman does it that was being seen but there are men in black. There were abduction cases are poltergeist cases there were a huddle when he reluctantly doing all of the alma really. You know again today you can just tell it's not a total please wants to be the center of attention or you're not on the people that. Wouldn't really want this type of thing going on but it all comics into close all of those earnings are Oreo. Or risk his. In December 19. Six. Seven I believe yeah. The bridge collapse is still risen. Largest. And agrees that you know great collapses you. Records history in terms of casualties. On terms devastation. I'm right around Christmas aren't you a lot people on the bridges. You know that I'm a year or so people walk and hard families regarding the smallness of the Peron. You know a large portion of the town will walk on racial. You could argue that people's attention maybe we're not structured or somebody else it was more enjoyable very very you know more real. Well you know there are spoke to what they're have a chance now unequivocally. Although syndicate or seeing 200 stocks disappeared. You got grids cell and there are some of course Balkman was seen. It around the birds flying by the bridge before that happens. Numbers why comics tied into it but more so that Brittany spears truck. You know like Lego logo. Lover and didn't hold them Chris Colby is racist like going to cause an errand there's still some straight into won't trade to promote pork. The level of activity that was going on whose every night it was in every newspaper every memorial what some call us lucky or going out you know you look so. Hunting and watching. Which it really wasn't that much and appear under an open air or you know it's a receiver very. Daily routine is all angered when the birds. Well you wonder if just now everybody's mind focused on something else and got totally away from all that that other stuff that was going on that's what. We have in a more of those people who have always thought about the moth minimally it's a really interesting story. I just don't know if all those people have the experiences or if it's just a bunch of people they give a bunch of people claim that they saw you iPhone now all of a sudden you get people coming out of the woodwork saying I must say it happened here is an on the of the and becoming infamous skeptical standpoint as a possibility. Sure it's certainly possible. You know even want my approachable project was to really pretty. Journalistic and others are more internal and there's doesn't exist in Oslo peace election you know I don't go to art and and everyone's as you are written in general and particular return. I really tried to adjust on. Present facts are essentially just you know what people Serbia in the case like this the best you can really get. News of first here in testimony and it really just trying to judge do you trust what a person is telling you it doesn't mutual still real. I will say Molson people spoke to. And think they were missed you intentionally misleading me or scrutiny I think that buried the lead you to what they were telling me. For the most part nobody believed what they saw so who shall be massive area of course but I'm definitely see Mercury believes what we saw. Almost did just understand I'm not know in no way of saying somebody who has who has lately line. I decide who I wonder especially as paranormal investigator and to locations. And a lot of times you got to take everything happens with a grain of salt after the first experience the first couple experiences yeah. But after that it's like now now this fears built up and everybody who enters this house in all these experiences. Seemed to to steam roll and roll and roll and get bigger and and a lot of times those people you're able to chop him up as soon lots of fearful situation in the they felt they experience something literally didn't buy. And but I totally utterly understand what you're saying it's in the person believes is that they have is experience so and then bottom line of Spezza. Yes that's sort of like you know our summary is trying to tell the story and retreated from all you have to go on news Q. Kind of presents. When it comes in the locker room and Newman wachs you know the course doctrines or rules or W two. Speak to historians increase or talk of those mental or actual historical or what happened. In terms of the war in the murder obviously you know as a person going what it would keep law and yet that she really gators are trying to. Just talk to as many people wouldn't Aaron. And see. How credible they should be I will signal. But people don't really. Recognize him he's passed away now or one bites favorite people looking backward spoke to just enjoy his company. Thought it was a very credible witness in any moral partridge. And here is indeed on. Famous book deal or by John keel liberal lexicon of talk about him. But I was at some doubt there are several hours it was he was military. And it was heard practical. Matter personally spoke to knew what you remembered news accounts. It seemed like he had a very. Houllier. No memory of what he witnessed and saw. Way back like I democracy heroes star struck a chord with me seem like a regular guy. And I noticed mechanics clearly better damage is seen by. Can you consider certain. You can sense a genuineness in certain. Witnesses or people or telling you about their encounters and and I understand exactly what you're saying we're gonna take a break we're talking with Matt Palau skis the writer director producer of a documentary called eyes of the moth man. It's well worth checking out if you get an opportunity it's very very in depth. And it talks a lot about a lot of the ancillary things that we're going on while people were seeing this moth man creature there are also seeing men in black in the community. There are also a couple of very strange characters one by the name of what he dared burger in the other one injury hold and hold. Get into who those people were and what their part of of the story is when we come back it's. Beyond reality radio Jason Johnson & Johnson. Welcome back to the show is beyond reality radio Jason Hawes JB Johnson if you haven't stopped by our FaceBook page please do give it a light there we've got slick Eddie posting pictures of moth man in some the other characters in this whole mall man's story that we're talking about their because there's some pretty interesting stuff. So it keeps you informed me in Saint Louis their plus when we're doing stuff at all shows up there's been no what's going on. We had a great week had a process Tuesday we've got Robert Stanley he's traveled more than fifty countries during his lifelong pursuit of modern and ancient mysteries. And we're really talking to him bow and a couple books that he he wrote him close encounters a Capitol Hill and Covert towners in Washington DC. And then Wednesday we get ten and Gerard. He's a widely recognized crypto zoologist he's traveled the world searching for evidence of mysterious animals and legendary beasts including big foot. Loch Ness Monster to put Cabrera. Where walls unit and Thursday of course it's Megan Gibson and Alex Howard Megan is an award winning journalist storyteller in television producer. She's produced films commercials and many different things been involved in. The address as a director of the conscious to TV series how I created colts will be talking about Holtz. And the cold. Without Megan on Thursday night's program. Tonight we've got to the writer director producer of the documentary called eyes of the moth man it's Matthew Pulaski. And now and I just wanted to revisit a second. When you're making your film. And you were in here you were in Point Pleasant how long did you spend in the town. And how were you able to really get to all of the sites that the stories were talking about Asia as you as you worry more more detail reboot the visit all the sites. For the most part we're in town about twenty duties. But before we regarding the town. I'm. Meticulous in and I to a lot of pre production sites and months and months maybe even a year ago. Research or went down there I actually went down there. So our direction most what I went down there early just to meet people air and album at all what I want to do. Again pat are my notes and previews you know wasn't that long ago. That time when I went down there. He people who wanna talk about like no more than talk their dislike. You know our town. Jerks from New York it's gonna make it look like idiots like you're a year and I had to hack around who earn people's trust. And take some time now didn't do spend time. Did you aggregate amount that did that predate the moth man festival does not seem to embrace it there. And we absolutely you know this was like. Maybe you know one or two of the fast also still very new that was her controversial. People were not happy. When it. Besides you'll celebrating these tragic occurrence so we're it was still early in the festival like it was maybe the second or you know first or second year. That was going on the end com. You know people warmed up to me I am and Richard explain. That I was trying to take a more historical aspects and really just trying to present during Melbourne are not have an opinion on them. And that you know to trickle effect on persons as gas in the next person is yes and most people learn to say it's a small announcement here you know. But I doubt museums are absolutely Sudan say yes if you look at the cap where you're like church and like you are not. Comes together look down when we actually don't we spend about twenty days where and I returned after words. Just for other are horrible things and actually did some of the editing of the project counted in that sound you just trying to. There are. I take. It's an impersonal such severity or do and you know I want a lot of older he shows. Should Bonnie honestly about my job during the days. Produce and edit indirect other reality shows are immune to those programs we don't care about people reduced exploit them and used them to make. You know cooking and hurt studio and whenever I absolutely not I don't think I don't want should people got so. Get to a long way here and arm to have an approach would people of this project. In a bit like such stones and a lot of dramatics don't go visit them we user 12 year. And state in consequence of com. I can you most like forty days of production. Yeah and the I wanna talk about some of the witnesses or at least one or two of them because I if I remember the details correctly. There's at least one. Who felt very very threatened when she saw the moth man creature mean very threatened in and can you share one or two of those those stories with us. Sure one that I personally just remember. Children in the film. But. Some I was trying to get to to talk on camera and she ordered an RC solution is currently cheaper composure and so. Rattled. An upset by here. That she's just. Basically every time I try to talk to about Jews have a meltdown and it wasn't like so it was someone like a legitimate. Trigger. To a horrible memory of something out who were eventually I just you know this article consumers struggling to try to make some talk a major Tara. On. You know all the people that made it in the film. Armed you know there's a few witness present in adjustment and urge you tell chatters were there concerns are close chatters very. All we know it like a 22 thing is you know some McConnell went on for long armed and had multiple witnesses that cooperate. Each other story here and things like that so. You have it there and there are a number two most people I spoke through his hard someone who like shut sought miles away was clearly not occur. In the few people that I. Decided to keep in the film who want to cover close and in some type of encounters so you know we're the creature. I remember a story and we're gonna can it shift gears and in this same story in the more. As it relates to the mosque perimeter remember story but a local reporter. Who is a belief. Reporting on the sightings and she was visited by a very odd man right it was. What we would now I think called me a man in black right. Yes absolutely so there will you'll want to come anchor can this whole story is female reporter named Mary higher. Two. Basically became like a town. Shoulder to lean on and all this weird stuff from our knowledge worker or local newspaper. And she was where people seeing not just to report claims but this could be console. It should come McCain's public figure. For people who just elder countersuit but she also had Tony herself one could be. You know she was working in the courthouse in town one night Anderson very small unusual me and she and and was asking her direction to another town nearby. And just tell her her accounts and it was just. But he spoke art in an unusual meter stressing an unusual art and also does seem like fascinated with. Every day brings like up and on her desk your engines just so weird and so we're we we're into outer. And then I I think it's statistical purposes. (%expletive) castaway and four. In the project was kind of in the production could you speak to her. Publisher group the publisher of the newspaper. Or be editor and chief. To rescue her boss. And you know he spoke about her counters and certainly anybody here is you know very very nice very elderly man. But yeah. Memory use it was funny news you know I remember him telling signal so we're restoring it hurt you believed. To be true that can reported. In unitholders stories like this sixteen year old girl. This abduction story. Of comic series to series took a woman that public know who it couldn't bear in. If I could even when you taught me values you know just remember him being likes. Still we're not fired but also believing it because pretends to places and aren't. I can 66 little lower West Virginia. You know yes you have imaginations partner saved some pretty wild stuff. They were doing a part struck out there or. Not. Or perhaps some real religion we're stoked on our. Well I knew you had people all you Ed 11 guy claiming that his German shepherd was taken also. People were claiming buzzing sound from their TV we're somehow associated with this. With a small man. I know career or via via electronic interference if you like a lot of people just would you know. Callers car batteries diet and EU treaties would be on the trips and want to hear stalks and again you might start well and not doing anything when you're out of everything works like Eddie nabors also. I'd do with wings last week over his house you know my uncle on the road. You are older guys who met a black monkey we are working you know at all Arctic ever act together and maybe some glimmer of up to. Discuss water what held on on the panel. Did you ever happen to look into I know there's what doctor doctor Smith from West Virginia University who told that reporters. The deciding sounded very much like the sandhill crane and which. Was installed Amanda had like a seven to ten foot wingspan as well. Yeah we did you know we try to cover. Not every angle bush warns that we saw. I'll mortgage being in different. Turns out you're different from from each other. In your incredible and one of those in this film we talk about news and you know does the cute cute like I mentioned earlier that are used and structure. Bombs in World War II worked or was originally cited. You know also what happens years later in the lead and they use it was discovered that this whole thing have been basically one big toxic waste dump in our terrorist. A major contamination and you know from miles miles or so people certain wondering if it could have been essential Cramer had been reviewed sector to a new student body. The environment there and environmental strolls there are the people spoke to do that. Had encountered other animals mutations going on their tradition brings like you got. You're basically almost like trying to call for our troops from the Simpsons essentially. You know and how that experience up. What they cannot Erica to produce an oak tree that was beaten it and or. Accepted by drinking the contaminated border. Look a whole other eerie you know some people out about what could have been. Possible. Let's get let's on what's so good is this is only two hour show and we got John lays were already in getting a bit tight on time and there's so much talk about but I wanna change his story to what your number. And what he who he was what his part of the story was and it really has anything to do with the Martha manor was this stuff just coincidental. Chara in regard to tighten them all men and speakers of you are. When all this stuff going on you know over the course of this year. In the 1966. Small menu oppose them blocked twenty miles Norton error. You know their collection are in position earmarked may need to spin off. There's this guy who is in every day regular guard cells sewing machine Dora Dora job. Never had an issue and it like in terms of psychiatric problems. Then one day you just start telling people that he had this. You know very thorough encounter on the side of the road looking. None of them are flying object and being that came out of the craft. And what makes her so. You know send tactical is that. This is an on going and this becomes an ongoing. Relationship concerns between there's abduct the and this. Alleged. Alien creature that great as communication. And they have coordinated. Meeting points were warned you. Those on the top of the mountain. Meets what this creature who really does increase our you know pretty crazy to work in Intel assembly that pays like. Back to week I'm gone up throughout products. He can we put he would disappear. But it is what I'm doing about that story is like it sounds so ridiculous. But then you have stayed all substantiated you know like. You will be hey you know I saw a chart I screamed and Oliver 66. And three aliens came out one name was. EU earlier seems like you know bullets blocked and your own name like call. And then what they're all it's crazy event though like eager to your man not that UC. You know whose daughter. And that. You know basically kept all his archives. The end you're they have documentation the united states air force that all of these accounts here actually slowed him down. Took Florida ambassador to be interviewed by NASA's shuttle tankers in the air like all these crucial government partnered. You know there are still pretty good on a typewriter old you know now stained paper like there's this account. In drone Gwendolyn route 66 so. You regret baton the military was taken story pretty seriously that were current. Just it's crazy because these you know this sounds like. What we don't all our top stories what people were treat you are seriously. And we're talking about would be Denver is a paper now Celeste and jump. Yeah we heard you wherever everybody else there and he was. He claimed to what do you abducted it was a book for the whole mall and stuff correct. It was kind of like it was after being walked since fighting started happening in two god I don't really know Woodrow ever. Was electricity to the information on moss and was happening about twenty miles south of young. The stories you always get put together because of the proximity and because of targeted but our own. You know I don't if he never spoke about law Mary PO and doses. Are that was here's story just comfortable side story. Blind and ignorant place and walked in because just the army and. Welcome Angela moth man was I was 1966 it was from going November 14 fifteenth and who would grow Woodrow claim well it was November 2 I believe that he claimed he had his experience of the seniors it was prior to the moth man. But Andy okay for everybody else they're used sales salesmen. He was returning home from Ohio all and heading through West Virginia all along highway 77 when out of nowhere. He claims that he came across these. Obviously ships. And from the area he had his own now. Zone abduction stories yes so I I can definitely see the connection being in this same area. And that's not far from where the Omagh snippet of. Yeah and then you've got those are the men in black sightings in Point Pleasant while the moth man sightings were occurring which creates an alien connection earn extra pressure connection so don't really cut all ties itself together. Now hum one of seats and probably the most. Talked about aliens that so what do you care rubber mat was this gentleman who called self injury. Hold. And injured was a re occurring character in in what he's. Encounters correct. Yes you particularly the main guy you you know it in Iraq was murdered that they had this. And chip to these folks are talking Khamese serious you know dear amber had a very. And detailed description of him you know just being like in all skinned man regular looking guy. I was kind of from the usual smile that was ordered me to meet him you know different I mean in addition to and you know on our station. But I don't. You know there are remarkable pioneer in recent totality of entered old. And we do have experience as the other duties from. Same crap certain entered Kolb came out of but or people according to do you as a description of them can be very similar to the men in black. That all and its you know described almost couldn't you know humanoid slipped slightly off. The people however on murder cleared out insurers with government officials to American people as. Altman and blocked that were just so you know. The the united states air force and military officials did an interview in Iraq or burger about who's sightings. Did you know Portland could be different. Did those officials ever meet and talk to injury cold. Don't think you can Pia. Nothing that I saw yeah Arnold thanks so. You know there're there were. Although assembly members. And trends in town people that kinda word. Cooperate the stories of forty pair murder and to see you like Scotty. You go up to mountain mountain experiences you can look at it like like the law and you're story went on two months it wasn't a one time thing and also like law and these were close encounter type experience she's very emotional thing this network and on war. Loans. You know when now through Jiri your research. Heading down there talking to everybody. We've all these UFO sightings of these small man sightings. Were you ever able to connect to together or did you end up coming up with a theory Newton the moth man possibly being pressured terrestrial or. Or something different. It's certainly crazy because you know he's been so much time Iranian people researching things and I know I wonder what. Yeah air and you know I don't really have a conclusion about Calgary ignoring it or put them what will you people might blow this sop produce something unique like you don't then the lost men. We'll out of West Virginia disappeared from the screen one was seen. Lying around retreat center before nine elevenths. I my my gut and my feeling is that what whatever happened to not sound. Would not sound and that was isolated incident or go and other and other sightings of similar but I don't think. There's this one creature that lights left and then went in on hung out on another Metallica just what how embarrassing happened there. And then they're suspended IQ did very grounded in close to about how ridiculous story in the war that I did in the people I've met. It seems. Centralized. To that town. In that region and not kind of scope beyond our company expects. Okay we're talking to map allows you were gonna take a break when we come back Lola will couple of amorphous if you have a question about moss who welcome to call an 844687. 7669. It's beyond reality radio would Jason javy. Don't go away will be right back. And scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary time dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary kind dot com that's scary con dot com and. Radio Jason honest Jimmie Johnson junior got a great show lined up for two. All right Lulu on this we knew Robert Stanley struggled more than fifty countries during his pursuit of him modern and ancient mysteries. We're in me talking now about the books he's written close encounters a Capitol Hill. In a Covert counter in Washington DC and if you had any effect in law if you have any thoughts on on the moth man or. Anything like I give us a shout it 446877669. And 844687766. Night. And and after that we've also got. Well Wednesday we got Ken Gerard coming on he's. World recognized crypto zoologist. Traveled the world searching. Evidence of mysterious animals are legendary beasts including bigfoot Loch Ness Monster Choo Cabrera. And that an interest ignorant and interestingly enough he says enigmatic. Winged creatures so I'm curious as to whether he's done. Any work investigating the moth man on how you called you've been calling him a marked man Monday immunity he he checks a world do we go Worrell where holds a sticky problem that then you know we can we can do like to do tick Tuesday that I mean that is considered good wondered how accuses him this is endless service please we've got but again if you if you have any questions for our guests. Matthew Pulaski. Give us a shout a 446877669. Or just any questions in general. But are sore images taken a real quick break and when we come back more with Matt threw him Matthew Pawelski who listened Jason TV I don't know. Welcome back beyond reality created this monster Johnson it is Monday night and you've got a great week of shows lined up some make you tune in every night at midnight eastern who love to have you on the program. Also ahead over like her FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality real and we keep all the information up there and it's a good way of staying Constant Contact Brooks yeah we've been talking about the moth man tonight it's moth man Monday and our guest is Matt Polanski writer director producer of documentary called eyes the mock match. And got mad and in our chat room we had a lot of people asking. It is the is the documentary still on Netflix or do they have to go somewhere else and finally. Yes we are not currently on Netflix. They're on him or non animal long would lead unit right now. It is also still in from best buy and but digital Yemen on Politico now. This film is getting reissued. Coming back album destination America your cool. That'll be an abbreviated version of a joke. The extended version the best way to give it is Amazon. Yeah and I think I am from when I watched it you also have on the dvd folks who grabbed the dvd. You've got some mob behind the scenes stuff there too. Yet the dvd. Past the hole. Addition and it has some extras are apps let her interviews were some of the more. Kind of prominent Eyewitness News and so almost got bonus interviews in a lecture but I'm not. So when you went into making that film and then you've you've you made it you you you you did the interview she came out at the other end and were Zhu Zhu. Change your opinion at all did you come out thinking differently than when you win in. Yeah I think so I mean I wasn't really I wasn't sure what to expect going in it and you try to go in skeptical I think and then I just it was just really. The people I spoke to. We're very good people who were sincere people were honest people that organized people. And borders you know I can't vouch for the authenticity of like I wasn't aware of what they saw a camera for the security that. They believed what they saw a news lead what they were telling me. You know walkman or speaker. A little more not harder or just it's such a single player. You know you oppose. Those are punishing buy every book and that so there's definitely like there was always people on those electors gun there was something there walked into fewer people were still a lot. But. You know that's stupid to stop it harder to common competency. But computer expert went on your life you go to your people do you believe German tensions that they come off a credible. What's so hard to put yourself and notions of what happened at department Calbert. Could also you have. You're sick of people achieve. Before and it's rare that big trucks like coming up you charm you but that may not mean pretty much did it. Right and Nicole and I'm sure it it didn't help as well he's I know that there were some situations after the sightings. Of hoaxes that word purposely done this and whether it be people tried flashlights. To helium balloons and things of that nature but. Yes sewing and of course that just goes to that just hurts that your stories out there that your experience is out there. Yeah it's unfortunate to hear it does get tarnished in there and how straight. You know one thing that kind of bummed me out a little bit and it has come happens there. You know what made the film years ago you know extra sometime now it just wasn't that popular wasn't. Cool wasn't like saying it was kind of like this little. Secret in this town not what I love about it. And apple I'm happy that the town has gotten you know it's celebrating it are they have to speak passable. What you know now. There's all these guys just brought you that have what ten mall and there's no need for ten Barry should limit his conduct. Milking it and you see people exploiting the minute you hear people comment. Trying to to a degree images that we act on a muddy all the waters and content excellent column. Really become a credible good story that you bear all the all of us. Oh I made I agree with that I just didn't match do you think the the film the moth man prophecies were Richard here which really put this story in the forefront. You think that was a good thing for the story or do you think did it just created too much drama around it. Are now. I think it was a good thing I like the top who elect our director. Could arbiter and like the way. He translated book. Other a lot of people that don't like it Netgear. It awkward they're a little bit with you know kind of be on. B the leeway to cut story but you know to Hollywood film and it's here to assume that you always happened. Welker that's why I'd lead our country is art it is actually might better serve our country because I know how. To that is you have to do in the conventional nervous reluctant stick and Saxon sense but on topic so little back thing. Secure our future that you know. He is currently in talks retreat from it grows into a bigger. On the to stick us. It'll lab grown bigger movies. You know it's like you know it is the mood the movies are always blown way out of proportion you know look at the conjuring country to via very emotional or in and we spoke and all the people. On here and yeah and milk lately tell you they you know in the movies nothing like real life that's all blown out of proportion and and we get weekend how Hollywood just has their reasons for doing. Now meant. They are remarkable though what I remember though I didn't brokerage public option out. Is it in that zone there's not a whole lot of likes seeing this monster running in the woods recruit an oversight I takes on the law and since then and it's like become this monster. Creature actually oddly like tries to eat people like we'd Kamal atrocities film. It was kind of told them what psychological way in which is close to how people. Are in are quick to do pretty good job. Matt you said that the film is being. Re edited re released on a destination America coming up as any new information come to light ascension. Produced the film what 56 years ago that tab will be included or have you heard anything new that you. May have maybe haven't been able to include the wish you could. Yeah you know after I mean the summit was purchased from nature or do. Researcher and an exhaustive exhaustive research Aaron. The background or shortly and won't talk to me because it was still very taboo and teachers. And what talk about it that later after congress got a little more popular and mainstream and you know some of the other witness came out of the woodwork like you know moral to it. There are people that I just. Didn't just the timing wasn't right short of the project but it surely would've actually you have yet and I'm partner and also there you witnesses Burnett you know. After a sack just. Saw this Coleman and connected with me but upon you noticed. What you're able to connect with the number confined them you know harder to make your umbrella group of helmets couldn't go to release it come on now on that vision America. It's more of an abbreviated version of the film. Nothing you know necessarily. In view which is kind of a shortened version of extended edition we might be doing a Blu-ray release and and we do that. We might add some new stuff but that's kind of still early in the works and just I'm also just it's been on the back were full grip on. And try to Q Andy are content riposte the film because you know both worked hard. I'm Don the interviews are done. You must feel like. There are resource you know murdering her argued similar. Rear view of our new two hours of the people you're you know interviewed and are some people are witnesses. That arm and even even people learn to speak. More elaborately about porn star curse that you know what goes into more and I feel like that served as the bodies on. Comp compliments of the settlements you know them scramble form I guess so I am doing not much here as well as an annuity amount a. And for those out there that are wondering in the name of the movie is eyes of the mall program and it was in 2011 correct. So Matt similar any any more of these. Strange stories on your radar to me to go out in and document. Yes essentially making that film are on a sitcom on a lot of television program and make the studio your New York City and we do a lot of things were trusts and internally but we also do a lot throughout our company armed but it is not always paranormal. Our I might. I'm kind of spurred early talks of maybe doing. Law may have related serious. Or network so it's really kind of talk about. I am also doing. Word of involvement of a very intense and very sorry. Oriented elaborate work on books. The work of professional exorcist and exercise. And that news events in project army. I believe to actually work with some of the most respected people in the field. And we're trying to bring something that you view it really hasn't been done or concurrent terms of global credibility. And that's a project called police and that might be happening next year it's in development right now it's pretty close B. Ready to be York. Discussed we're talking to a few networks and things like that but yeah that that's a pretty in terms. Colonel prosecuting and scariest. Yeah and we talked about that on this program quite a bit actually had quite a few people who forces and yeah yeah yeah. So will definitely like Debbie come back on a chat about that at fifty you know with the moves forward and and your what you're willing to above have you talked about it. Oh yeah no would be great if you'd be happy to. You know I heard there's always something what that would look records not paranormal related to bury our there are duty right now in new production on. It's something called our attack and I just talked about Rupert your short acting. TV dot com. It's. It's it's a jockey series title or dirty jobs. A former host of American Chopper. Going out to meet the world deadly dieters are actually booed art direction true you it's very exciting something that hubris in what we're doing like right now like we are shooting right now it's going to be your grips. And then what's it what's it called Ian. Art. Art like any RT. Yes you are intact here and expect security jobs for the extreme oral. Well it's coverage through most extreme. Deadly forms no longer in production are right now and it precisely but you know there are some aren't worried if you are dives into culture cards into. On mysticism and things like that so the wicked little paranormal possibly where I can promise you re so. You know are those talks a lot of things. It's great. Hey Matt thanks so much for joining us on the program won't keep an eye out for your projects in hope to have you back on the show. Our thanks for pardon me and have a great night. All right thank you Matt blouse Q writer director producer of eyes of the moth man he had any interest in the moth man's story highly recommend checking it out. He said the best place at this point for digital viewing is up Amazon. Yes now and I tuition harassed an argument like Amazon. Prime. Or something where. The auto actually. I think he's amber just resumed streaming whatever you know yeah I think that falls and iams and it's part yeah yeah. I checked him out and they are a cigarette break when we come back we'll take your phone calls it's 8446877669. Beyond me. Beyond reality radio Jason hunt JB Johnson welcome back to the show great again thank you map whilst you for joining us. On his film eyes of the moth man available on Amazon we think in its prime its streaming. And also he can pick up on dvd in various places I think he says there might be some still left to best buy but he also said. It was going to be edited up in my pin and decimation America comp time is on some time soon here yeah Emeril can up again Amazon crimes are looking up and actually stomach watching you recommend Larry he says Alaska I watch it's just very very detailed. It's you know it's a long is one of them that is one of the longer documentaries have seen but it is so detailed or so much information. That he has a great job of of spelling and all out and not just the moth man sightings of all these other things we talked about the alien components all these other pieces to the story here in there as well there really does make you wonder I know there's different reports only different theories people talk about how they think the market analysts and me and extraterrestrial. And I don't but I I think unit Steelers saying with mass hysteria thing. It's you know one person has an experienced in many reporters are seeing it and it even if they've truly believe they see it is the suggestion of it could have been that big crane going over and some of those people and assuming it's something in its its mall and us are right let's go to our phone miser you have some circles and try to get to this is Chris from Massachusetts. Chris welcome to be on reality radio good to have you on the show. I don't detonated their under penalty get ready to show. Outlook but it you know that call them development of mop and added he has yet part. I'm I'm a momentary bump up both spoke well about someone called undermanned. And when I looked up you know act upon it on mine as it goes back to normal it is time that is what the mayor has that he's been around them. Cannot let our auto it anymore bumping and others involved somewhere on yet here is the way to get away on the mend in my book it's we're. There are more directly behind that they're going back to give our. Because as you know anybody that might no doubt about it or someone come on a pot of water on the radio thought Bob he had not been ordered off. Why no slow enemy and does have and Summers seriously old roots but I knows more reinvented. It with the whole creepy pasta. Thing I believe or they can sort of brought back up and then. I'm not too long ago didn't you have the two girls kill one of the generals Jim yeah it is based on a Muslim amend this onslaught commanders in us Letterman and his. Is it in her sister because we covered it as an urban legend for quite some time and it seems as though. As this urban legend spread there more people were coming out of the woodwork claiming sightings and it seems there might do more truth to it than originally thought. So it's still I think it's still very new. Subcategory of the paranormal if you will but Tom you know we're getting more more information. Even you know that actually and it's a good cold and you call and is that we're we're gonna cut have slick slick Eddie actually look into finding somebody might. Have some are real information on this Holst wonderment mama and we'll see if we can get them on the show. Yes hey thanks for the call Chris we appreciate it thank you thanks very much latency week let's go to Vince in Missouri good friend Vince welcome the show. Events. I no go to Mac and snowing and I with Garnett. I don't want them around her under the bowl chose to judge how much about the mark Graham Earl. Our. On this server moon Neil oh yeah we've talked about the nap you know you don't step solution someone out there. And I don't know it'll pay a little looser and his via the smelly grab. Military evacuate remarks they don't feel. It's people from the community you know it a little background more breaker of you know. The conspiracy and I'll under got along. Com bowl hall only you. Not just here search. As to whether or when you guys get this new ability news channel not that there was downgraded. Oh yeah William we will be on the actually a lot more channels as well including the ones who were on now. Yeah we're going to be adding many many stations around the country so a lot of the folks who wanna be able listen to us on radio station that can't right now will be able to sort of just be bigger and. Her work jets trying to get it connect to more people out there's another nut and news all the people are listening online. Can actually have other options right. I got a lot of people scared they're black I don't know how bad yeah they're gone through dom and now we have to keep the trade could just scroll ball. Are there only goes so there's is no longer make sure you are you know actually a bit on radio. Yeah enough and go senators is being gone I just I can't say much right now actually work in with a bunch of different things right now so. Register which has gone from sight fight as it was it was definitely time. Our guys we'll have a grade nine math and I hope period tomorrow on our seasons. The tribes say no joke tonight in Los. Go enforce you have and have a good night all right we've got about one minute for JJ welcome to the program from Florida of course could have gone. Hey guys real quick please delve into the elusive very an agenda what Robert Stanley tomorrow that's what they've focused on his uncle's decode I think that the prepping matter and you gotta have a couple other things but. I hope you guys they're gonna build on to that deeply. And it kind of Dudley do what you guys are talking about earlier with medical technology at what. I'm gonna do about some dates for a quick Argo and to a bit later this is what people need to be on high alert Thanksgiving November 24 to seventeenth which is before that. November 30 December 19 when they do Dell Electoral College December 24 equipment the equipment they because. Does actually detail a couple of days. December 30 and thirty person that you could economic collapse. That and then and then January 1 Gaza New Year's Day. And an especially Gingrich plane because that is the death behind win. Comps should be taking those and his new terms source epic and that of their debt and make no mistake. Any thing. Can and will likely happen between now without even looking I'm seeing things about martial law being mentioned the three different people that with the on YouTube. But there's going to be that alien invasion. Martial law. Another kind of cool or takeover. And real quick in the Bible prophecy encode as well as I told you about tactic will not remember that all public is the last president. Interesting. Posted it always good to have you on Jane I tell you you know on some of the things he says he's saying there I never Reno would have given as much credence to until I'm seeing what's going on the streets these days some and so I'm allege Jefferson if I agree it's definitely a little stereo tarsala. Regan musical background now organ rated Hannah. It's getting real close now geez well like we said that Plavix. Out out to mass people husky. For coming on talking Austin out of Oakmont man and it's Mario Robert Stanley. We're talking about a couple books seized on close encounters a Capitol Hill Covert counters or Washington DC. When Syria can Gerrard and he's been traveling the world searching for evidence of serious animals including bigfoot Loch Ness Monster cheaper Cabrera. Winged creatures of where rules that you limit so. Yeah it's going to be a great week make sure you join us every night here at midnight eastern and beyond reality radio. Aaron all your listening Jason and javy you'll get some rest and catch it tomorrow night have a greater. And new media is to discuss its inclusiveness and. Our chances are your salary can't or don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page and give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what bond or you'd like to be guest on beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.