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11-15 4pm Deke: on the Final Four's return to the Big Easy

Nov 15, 2016|

Deke talks with Jay Cicero of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation about the return of the Final Four to New Orleans in 2022.

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And good evening whoever took another addition at a early edition of the Saints players showed a nightly at the pump things up with several days because the black and gold. All playing on Thursday night this week it two nights to be here in a city count down to kick off did you sit for the Saints. And the Carolina camp this coming up on today's program our special guests on location will be. Children ranked first round draft pick for the New Orleans Saints he comes into after hitting a couple games under his belt at the thing you're just took the first part of the season. He will be here with us from six to. 70 in this evening we'll also have QB QB I would be conversation. We Drew Brees all of this is a bumped up now because the saint will travel tomorrow so that is what we had to take care of some things this evening. That we would only do owning Thursday night including all players should. Also coming up on the program who was with Jay Cicero president of the renewal of sports foundation of course New Orleans the week last week Manning means final four. In 2020 to talk to him about that. It aide familiar with LSU and at the point the Florida Gators were LSU now in line for a major bowl. Since they beat Florida and Texas in him LSU will represent the SEC. And the Allstate Sugar Bowl that would be years. Big big feather in the cap with coach there was no and the LSU tiger it's more fun on that and not some rumblings about who with the possible candidates for that an issue positions surfacing today. Joseph Pearson who cup person to coach the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer will be with a says it is a desperation game there tonight for Carolina. Don't wanna fall to three and set although a couple of years ago they did with the division with seven losses in a right now things sort of different. Because the leader in his division right now Kerney and man up already has six wins on the season that he showed ranked at 6 o'clock now. 645 it's QB QB and it is 7 o'clock now we will go around the league the National Football League is we do each and every team tonight from 78. We hear from reporters and beat writer from all over the NFL the Covert teams you'll talk about right now the two top divisions in all of football. Three the NFC east. And the AFC west though the two best division in football currently according to teams' records. Final four to 601870 is normally get involved you can take the city 787. Are pretty dead whopping oppose available for you up online at WWL dot com New Orleans has seven remaining games on their regular seasons get to. Of this inning games only to. Teams currently have a record above 500 that we beat Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons. The Arizona Cardinals the 44 point so they are 500 not a book by a part of the team to play about the size Atlanta Carolina. You also have in this or Carolina coming up this third tonight they had the LA Rams the following Sunday the 27. They we had the Torre lines that's a five and four ball but right now. Who was atop their division the NFC north division that is on Sunday decent before in the Saints here to Arizona and take on the Cardinals who play the books. Twice in between the into this season they had two more meetings with the books so that made the books. Two times out of the last seven games and knows all you'll matchups including four divisional game one against the Panthers. To get the books and warned against the Falcons of those seven remaining games how many do you think the Saint Louis you can can't devote. Online at WW you know dot com so lucky to coming up. On the program including would take a look at the Florida Gators to come in wants controlling their own destiny they still do as far as the flora. This is their final US EC game of the season. And they have put their final game will be their rival game it's Florida State. Basically put it's a winner take all four foot or if Florida wins on Saturday. They will go to the ACC championship in Atlanta and be the sacrificial lamb for Alabama probably looked at about between eight. Right now at the very least a fourteen point on the though part of between fourteen to 22. As of right now. The first became a decent December 3 in Atlanta. If nearly shoot to win they keep alive their hopes for a suitable for which would be huge it wouldn't be a six both outside of the playoffs. That the alchemy designates to sell him like likelihood remember a few years ago the new pact with the Super Bowl is is CC. And it will so if you paid attention to who could possibly an opponent for the SEC team to Chicago. Right now standing in land those top two candidates would be. The the winner or loser of Saturday's game meaning Oklahoma. Who with a two loss team with the riding position look at the new playoff numbers Baum and Olken to a system vindicate him at 7 o'clock. And West Virginia. A one loft West Virginia team that runs the table and were to win the big twelve championship it's hardly imagine him not skyrocketing up. In these close to the top full because now you have more more to loss teams that are ahead of him earn it right now. Including Penn State and Wisconsin people for those teams really controlled their own destiny. As far as if they. Make it to the big team championship so be hard to imagine that if you have four or five championship team. One of them let's say Alabama has the losses. The ACC champion has won all too evident with the and the B team champion with their two losses vs A West Virginia team. Or at the Oklahoma with two losses did it come down to the question him because we know what we've seen the first two playoff that conference championship does carry a lot of weight. Now in arresting put is that Ohio State stand to beat them with too if they play out however. They don't control their own destiny as far as getting into. The DT championship. They can't get in the championship game you can't be a conference champion then they would be a team that is very very attractive that would not have a conference championship. Remember they gonna do BCS and are they competitive for the playoffs is being the first team that would be taken with one ball that a conference championship. And you can have a two love champions either a two loss at state team or two loss Wisconsin team. Because Penn State's other loss was not comfort to Pittsburgh early in the seats out confusing when it's clear things up with the new rankings at about 7 o'clock at night. With tickets I'm out over the phone lines you know not talked to coming up will be taken all the Florida Gators now they're looking at the Carolina Panthers. And a lot more notes to his whip saint practicing to date a travel tomorrow. And the black openly third tonight against the Carolina practice and come on out and Jonas come out to buddhism veterans boulevard for the Saints players show. Should rank it will be here you can register with some great Saints have a billion would have had to football's book all sorts of things we. Rapper often give away for free each week it's all from the its locker room located in lakeside shopping him. Count it down to shatter records at night. What's talked the Saints players show all of sage radio WW. And welcome back we go I kudos on a location this evening followed the the Saints players show for 6 to 7 o'clock my will be done by sage repeat the top draft pick of the black gold 2016 NFL network those children rank it of course we'll talk to him about his. Days coming up on the high school though become one of the top recruits in the country and we became the best interior defense to land available in the 2016. If Beltran is. Caught a team could be making their parents for the CL rankings come out on Saturday misspoke or that the frank it's a couple off at seven. They will be out he even if teams haven't hopefully at WW dot com Chris DT Bob. We talk about that course also talking on the front it's the LSU coaching search is seemingly now it's the sources continue to say who over the sources or. That some of the candidate along with current interim coach in Georgia on Larry Fedora who the current coach at North Carolina. Summitt said they hope Woodson who is the coach and West Virginia I think something and it just to be seen it. And it of course a guy who seemingly has the most file as a possible candidate for could emerge as the front room is former college golf at the coordinator. And current fourth they coached him go fishing give them back and even a year ago about a year ago this time. The fish's name was linked to. Everything it was volatile these Saturday at the Thanksgiving in Tiger Stadium when you know that you take at Texas Stadium it will hold moments after it and if you beat him. It would be announced it. And if you retain the coach in this ma so that's the talking points as far as what hues of the coaching search. But today it just seems to be it everything is an issue with doing as of right now that was a thing as a precedent it as that we in the regular season and it your hand. Bought a victory over Alabama. That they hate it. Because of that Alabama hangs over you go back in. Well over a decade you know if you come out they look like that most people against Arkansas that makes the point sometime in Troy it was always. It was Hawkins albeit after Alabama sometimes it was not. Pain and I Hugh came out and if it's viable they dominated the he'd quit and he looked excited that was the first time my silently fuming in the 21. Something meaningful if it looked like LSU looked like Auckland sound like. When they won The Who. It is much to the unity deal and so I think that's what this robbery at the acting because I think we all we have to that point. It seemingly looked like Arkansas. And more invested into the so called battle for The Who did an issue be. So now we have to take that into consideration and if coach O were to continue to win these next two. I mean I just don't know how you have a coach fits. When we need now losing one game game you know in the games he's won it it was cute. He was so three straight. Before he got to the Alabama game almost Alabama they beat misery. He beat so in this be old news in the north Alabama so it's 41 right now we wanted it to be six in one. That would put him as a limited three in his last game as a head coach. And so Pete wanna quickly go practical obvious but I also like to look at what some might have been the whole body of work. You know what as a coach learn what if they don't line and he be completely high. A limited three in his last fourteen coaching gains cut the program right we know he's excellent recruiter so who's on the board when it comes to stay on the board. And wooden bats and it gets stability. And the big thing is obviously what is it that you could do we move forward they're all for it because that is a plus for him blowfish you. He carries the weight its fourth quarter banks it good quarterbacks is an issue. Could you more control so there. He had but the guy has come forward group of rolling baby who was a great come at quarterback ever in a record setting infinitely issue. When he which is suitable and hit him in the or. So he does have that. But you look at that where an issue has all the books of the corporate company in England you can you quarterback it's becoming like. With it if they can't risk a year all we've battled down to somebody emerges you look at the rest the SEC right now freshman quarterbacks. All the hip pain and Alabama quarters didn't hurt. The humanities. And Georgia and you know what we saw the other night. You've reads that are Richard eloquent what tobacco to check him but they pulled the Richard. Offered C Patterson anti Patterson that the move like a freshman at first true freshman but for the rest of the game peak that it won't respect that was huge in. Full news and more importantly give him more. Now even if they only have two years there were treatments. Statements they can do it around and recruit and get some big time. Recruit in the air around him I would think that the good thing it's a big time guys like the heated we think it did the recruitment would prevail. UDT. I don't. The rest of the place for a few years ago it refer for now so that's going to be key to what is it that you do offensively movement forward. If coach who is and what he does like the style. If they had you see me it was there modified it. If you went to Alabama. So a lot to be to a lot of talk about it seemed like it it's sees it gets Obama the number of games the news that action in the game bigger and even that is a few. Two weeks definitely the season is a lot of football at the plate and all the confidence with the exception of the ACC DCCC has allowed. But the eighteenth you have a lot. Obviously the pac twelve to hasn't because you can't Colorado alive out there Washington State and have out there and washed it out there as well. And then of course you talk about the big twelve Oklahoma and west but did you play this week what happens it was the did you run the table has one loss or four Oklahoma at the table. And it two losses and non conference so we'll have to wait it's coming up next. We go to visit with Jay Cicero the president agreed to a sports foundation that he won't get any except on this week. Meant to the final fourth 2022. And look at our. Around the league from 78 Drew Brees at 64. But first here is a CBS news update with the Columbia broadcast Texas. At the players show here it buddhism veterans boulevard in America went out and Jonas out of the way it's goodies. Like Saints memorabilia hats and different things we give away from the bits the locker room and makes that it's expensive yes. Of course is the Saints rookie defensive alignments that beat Hewitt ranked. The Saints have seven games left on their regular season schedule but at the black and gold cards get to. It is against this week the three and six Carolina paths and they take on. Next week at this the current record at that point them forward five Los Angeles ranked. Did at the that the Saints take on the 54. Detroit Lions the game you have. A game with the demonstrated it can't beat twice are currently Tampa bays 45 that you had Arizona record their current record is 441. In Atlanta is at six and 40. All of those final seven games. Just to. Currently two teams currently have a record of both five on. How many of those seven with the Saints winning we could cast your vote on line that beat if you go back now. Anna what is being reported now all of the possible candidates for the LSU coaching job. Jim bow fishing and it was promising to be the top two. Oh let's have thrown on Larry Fedora there from North Carolina it you know others it is well I think does that discount him me too so with the like they go home with a with the team you. But this is his first really solid year and Lyle. The unit played in a huge it was Morgantown they want it bad that year. But this is about four his first year which is that one laughing it earlier this season they have hew to a Saturday in Morgantown but it's a home. Which could really bode well for him move for probably get it conflicted if anything that is the with the with the team on you but does that sound about right to you or do you think there's a candidate the cup out to be out there. 26 so what makes him you could take this in seventy eats him in the can across the NFL. Last week of course. Meaning you have. Talk talked about it yesterday on the second guess show coach you show on how that via the NFL. Came out this past week and interesting. Talk about what took place in the Saints and you know Broncos game and I found it interesting reading a point since the end FAO. Has changed the PAT. It's some of the numbers don't seem meant you know is as big as they possibly. You say when it in the big difference but that's just look at what they're doing now. Extra points or two point conversions is just too weak team in the past three seasons it's. Now PAT 2014. When he moved back. This is that your thoughts before me who they excuse me it was an emphasis. 737. I said before they want as many campuses. In the following year last year they moved it back it dropped all about 5% for posted 655. Had a 691 which is 95%. Right now currently through two weeks it is 640 man DT may. The roof of the 685 track which is 95% but what is interesting is that some book in the percentage of two point conversion tries. It 2014. It was 43%. Sixteen of 37. In 2015. It was yes 49ers 62 which is 47%. It's so far this season. Those with the attack seat that we have six regular season games snapped. 34 of 63 for the door to be 63 camps it two point conversions including Stevens. That they went 42. After all four of their touchdowns on sun. What prompted Pittsburgh do that I'm not sure. And he wanted to lose about five you know it's kind of that old oh golden rules of football what you want to go for too you gotta keep chasing an extra point you know always go for that sometimes people wait. To them at a point the game tackle for. Do the moment so for. But 54% of the two point conversions are being me. Put the ball out of the two yard line so it's interesting name is dropped from nine and a percent when he first or at the regular place with by now the three yard line. Who backed fifteen. The ways it isn't that he four point 4%. We've seen some games affected by it. Not just wanted it is obvious but wanted him blocked. I was sharp view goes and we soft duplicate this week. Not just because he is that an extra point this week because he's been stick to point this season. He struggled. With it move it back and I think it you know it. Kicking they say is a mental game had a chance and they would kicker comics at various successful. It in National Football League whether they're successful college. But you know it's we won't mean anything. That you could just hear about some of these kickers. The once it seemingly had its more than one extra point. Ottawa that stroke away from what you took like Blair walks while I was Minko. And I think a big part that was the hagel from last year he basically had to chip shot it was sort of an extra point vehicle went off to Seattle in the first round the player. He's you know a very good kick a percentage wise but the issue had statistically his worst year. And in accord that Hugo that he means that the that the game it would gave Minnesota the victory over Seattle in the wild card round of the playoffs. So that is interesting. And now looking at Beckett Sunday course this is that kind of one of those medical what you. But the NFL. Basically went back stated. That senior vice president of officiating. Team blend and you know about them but what you gonna take anything it was eagle. With a new Broncos to push down the back of saint walks now but just a stretcher. Sam has blocked the extra point which would have been the extra point to put the Saints a 24 to 23 we don't know we'll talks picked it up scoop to score. With a minute point two mile. In the third such. Kick return all blocked PAT return put two points into the history ironically had taken place. I'm in the don't we sought to finance it do it this year against the Falcons. And we saw a fourth Sunday we'll talks that would be the Saints but it in the NFL and stick him. By themselves and Beckett threw that thing it was in the before the Broncos pushed down the back of the Saints long snapper Justin Christian which it may be. You know I think if you Google blocked extra point he should be good here wouldn't you gotta do to block it two point August mountain Everest but. You know the out of bounds treated it like it was out of bounds. I'll Wear the same can't do anything about him that impetus behind him trying to beat the 55 they can't let that bad loss on Sunday. That controversial or forum on Sunday. Affecting them tomorrow night Thursday night at Carolina. We'll take a timeout when we come back Jay Cicero talented great dual sports foundation this talk about the big game for new all of the final four. Who 2000 and 22 which is he was at the 4040. Or fiftieth out of our ticket to fourth anniversary of Michael Jordan. Nearly did jumper in the dome with Georgetown fail to get off Ocala star studded and it's a great final four with an awards. Jordan's jumper we sell. He's more. And Steve Alford. And Bob Knight went in the end then Lance national championship general's final match a championship. We saw him behind come to New Orleans a couple of times he lost to Indiana. In his first trip to the final four came back and won over the star freshmen abiding Carmelo Anthony. And we also saw the time now. Final full Chris Webber called a timeout again with the Duke north which was coaching knock on that year and not. Beats me at it mock troughs with the senate there and it. Very excellent any to a final four the last year but they have flap which is where it was time now got a technical it's beast in. Look phenomenal and won that championship so the history of the final four in remarkable gains into all that don't continues. It 2022. Talk cases are about that nicks here on WW it. He is the president of the graded in all of sports foundation and in the form of good news came from the NCAA a week ago with a 20/20 two. Final four will be in new ones Jay Cicero joins us now Jay how are you how you've been. How do a great peak they were on our role sports foundation leading a charge or. Happy to have the NCAA men's final four coming back to back to the world. So much history hit the outside around all summer and of course they could be the fortieth anniversary dogs big shot. Although a freshman Nate Jones counted team defeat to Patrick Ewing who would later win the a couple of follow what a final four plan of his to a final four they lost to Villanova. Of course we talk about the timeout final four with talking and I think Chris Webber and yet teams Bob I want to general what his man snapped a championship here. All of which you bait time mean there crew and you eat you talk about Syracuse was here with a great team. We've seen so many other good clubs he is so you know big final four with Carmelo and if they had they come back. To do all it's they get it done overall we have Kansas he's lays coaching game in Kansas before he with talk Carolina. So a lot of future here with the final four and I know it ET it's got some it beats market may it's a place they like to go at a dual task be right. Well that's why you know our relationship with them now having we'll have posted four men's final four for the sports foundation six. That would be in the world and that's when you consider that history combined with our experience here. The the NCAA. Really helped us we I'm not competitive bid I'm going to work and our owner over the past Bob and half months. We were pretty much kept it on the cover for that that by that time gated. And that really wouldn't announce that last week. That the men's final forced him back for 2022. I'm really bits of the sports foundation is with another what you guys are looking forward to another what you're trying to before. Well we're always look at it suitable. You know we've we've. The raucous posted ten sports foundation has has I managed the last three that we've posted. And we've got the the culture bought championship game coming up in partnership with the Sugar Bowl. In 200240 we have the women's final 42002. Point. We we've got our sixteenth annual in the Rose Bowl coming up at the end of this month or in the December excuse me. And you know we're working on major events all the time you know that this state called upon. To secure manager wrapped up these big events it's what we do it and our record is pretty in match. Today I did to paint a picture as far as preparation for Andy isn't isn't the same process the same methodology. What you guys do it's always if you try to appeal a final four berth a super always is take take us today he'd take us through it. What are some of the differences in maybe semblance of an iron if there are some. While that they're different they're different processes. You know each of their own set of inspects that your. There are some similar things in the bid specs and there's some different things in the each he's one of the dates back but. You know each requires. Certain level of expertise that the sports foundation brings the table and then we have. All of our our partners and hospitality community. Tell us supporting that did. And we move forward where. How most of the time it's it's. A pitch to the site selection committee and a lot pinch. To them. There's that time period which they're making decisions and how did that day and found its a week later. And if our business. Pitch to them and that's really what it is by coming in Portland but it really takes a winning business pitch. To get these events to come back and we were able to do it successfully. They are you know they're there happily awarding it to the world because we've got all assets here with a great facility in percent he's been super down. At the French Quarter you know hotels in the course and nightlife is is completely on Matt. At valley. It help and volunteer at full all sorts of things went the final four comes to town. Absolutely yeah I mean we had 3000 volunteers and 2012 for the final four. We had 6000 volunteers for the Super Bowl 2013. And not a two or 3000 in. And 2014. For the NBA All Star Games so. You know with the NBA all star game coming here in 2017. And now the the final four coming back here in 2022. Were. We're just overall and and happen to be and is more cops more exciting news to comment you can't abide if these state to work and work in day and night to bring the best in the world. Working in the hours for him what's in this foundation worked wonderful seventh president agreed to a sports foundation. He says the road. Alrighty sister. I'll come back out to eat too including next hour and a ticket on the Florida Gators. The Carolina Panthers game. It's called up on everything to technical and in a film called around the league showed ranked as the Spezza it's a night to Saints players show here. Did you that you. Three more hours of the Saints players show coming up live computers in Metairie show Americans will be. On the premises at 6 o'clock. The goal on out and enjoy the show of course what Drew Brees QB to QB at 645 around the league seven stay tuned more sports talk on the way on WWL.