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Think Tank 1210pm Can the Electoral College override the Trump vote

Nov 17, 2016|

Can the Electoral College override the Trump vote and put Hillary Clinton in office?  Not likely, but over 4 million people are trying? If successful, would anyone trust election results? *NObody should go hungry at Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, 1 in 6 households in Louisiana do. This hours guest: Dr. Martin Johnson - LSU professor of mass communications & political science Jay Vise - Communications & Marketing Specialist for Second Harvest Food Bank

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And to hear more brute strength and about in the think tanks could elect horrors in the Electoral College. Change your vote and vote for Hillary Clinton. Don't get mad do very very bread Louisiana this is Joe's and exercised. In hypotheticals. And more stuff and try and understand the Electoral College a little bit better than I do and I would suspect. A lot of you do. Here to help we want to get in doctor Morgan Johnston Alicia professor managed communications. Political science doctors always thank guerrilla help. All right we're gonna petition son buys. Well bug or to have million people encouraging members to Electoral College camps are bodes for Hillary Clinton when the college meets on December the nineteenth. And there argument that you won the popular vote showed when the electoral cop. In it and could that possibly happen or is it just hold him pops. I think I think the way you're describing it as the possibility of the way in which of the possibility. Were the far edge. Like could it possibly ever happen. Okay yeah maybe it possibly could ever happen it would happen I really strongly that I really because of its. And they're certainly the potentially you're talking about but I mean even more of them there are members of the Electoral College cup would and Colorado I think there's. Maybe Cambodia Port Washington the members of the people who were you know that doesn't mean after the Electoral College you were talking about. Being faithful electors. Which of the term. For a member of the Electoral College who doesn't troops for the candidate. Who won in her or his state if they if they sort of defiant. The which Jews they're they're. State corporate debacles they will electors for their future if bird the first thing they're going to be faithful. Well we're electors and try to do something strategic either. Food. You know a change of from Portland with somebody L. And in an effort to maybe try to effect from the parade in the outcome but that that it's just not. It's not a real bad in it's not actually gonna happen. AM if they did those cult will pay balloons electors. If they did change your votes will they be identified. Yeah I think I think you can identify pupils were electors and and the and they they probably would have been now for they probably would. Would wanted to seek the attention for being faithful electors and we've had them over time you know person here person there nobody know we've really retained long term notoriety for such a thing but. It wouldn't have happened before. That. The scale on which it would have to happen. Took them. Mr. trump the approach them via the juncture is that. Yeah is quite large meaty you know we you know 20/20 Electoral College pledged. For now more than he needs. You know we're not talking about that number of these folks we're certainly not hearing. Folks that are pledge cute trauma. Necessarily. Saying that they're going to be faithful full. All right didn't tell live picture every every time will move Gordon into the use the drugs eventual elections. And we tell people we're here in Louisiana if you're a Democrat. Everybody should vote number one. Murdered her Democrat Richard your broad really doesn't count on because. US citizens go to the polls to elect a president. There there in fact voting for the light tours or they know. But are in effect voting for electorate to vote in particular some of their voted for sleep total hours that are. Down to the tickets. Your voting for a win is to elect war. And producers met so we're used states going. Those voting blew their of their broad relief doesn't carry him. Loud and out a couple of things number one and you know let's not ignore them I mean we've you know we've spent a lot of time. WS Saturday. Certainly hear any Spanish pair were talking about a pretty contentious mayor's race going to be. You know a runoff here and a few days so unifil but look look not ignored them well of the maker if you haven't talked about the presidential election. The main away. It's kind of pollute and Louisiana matter. You know kind of in the margin in the Republican probably go away from the state but yet. But if there were an abnormally large number. Blue if you know if if that democratic candidate did particularly well in the lead in about my send a signal to. Approach for the electorate to the true to the Republican Party. That there's something going on. With this particular democratic candidate better or ignored democratic politics from the Louisiana so I wouldn't I wouldn't discount blue. Non determinant. An entirely. But it just that your ride enemy you know than the prospect of electing. A Democrat president Al. Louisiana units of the electrical the Electoral College votes would be blue and so Brad. In the book particular political aired them in. All right and correct me if I'm wrong you're given. And every city bonuses where you've been to Maine in Nebraska. The bench crew wide. That's right in every Tuesday. That the constitution allows every state to decide how they're going to a word electoral college of the other constitutional style also. The electoral college and also spell of the prime few states in. National elections in terms of the administration and governance of of of most aspects of that. A defiant to convert to camp who can't be prevented from doing things like that will be in the Cutler in the constitution well. But the states have the ability to say how they're going to allocate. Their Electoral College votes and but the fundamental problems to kind of give an overly technical. Term here is part of the problem proportionality. Well what's gone on in the national elections in the in the presidential a lot of people are are kind of scratching their thing out of Hillary Clinton. Win the popular. And not a win the presidency and it's because of the characteristic of bill the Electoral College in the constitution that it creates this proportionality. And fully. In some way of them to flee flea dipped another wave that kind of created Steve the distortions when you when you are. A warning your Electoral College that took the whole nation and award of the Electoral College the way in the Brasco and Maine do. Note about that in a second but it would be. But the Electoral College. Would look more like the national it would probably be closer trop might have won it that way to do I have sent them and on the calculation or vehement denials of but but you know but it would be left. Stored. Than what we have. Let me let me take a break your bottom of the combined car and touch on that a little bit more. Because I've ethnic urged a little known in New York we have today having openness crucial movement. To get rid of the Electoral College would call for a constitutional amendment. Likened it happened blood. On the way mean does it in there and of the way in Nebraska does it. Could that be done nationwide. And make kid did hear of ward from the popular vote. That question company objects in the old inkjet. And once again important she walled old doctor Morton. And soon to. View the show where they should know better but he keeps coming back. The literature professor remembers communications. Political science. Oh my hand wrote election night to doctor. It isn't mentioned. Sing your gentleman and I think it was in PO or Wednesday in shock at Nevada and social movement. To replace electoral college and not the rule constitutional. Amendment. But very much think what I mean and perhaps kudos. Remembered the other and I boom we would look at the graphics on television. You might see you'd patrol brilliantly. Red Fort Hood state brilliantly Bradford trump. But the bees big block dozens of blue and the turned out to be population. Centers. And I think they're talking about. Basing it on that. Which would be a better match for popular vote is in there weren't near where. Definitely think a lot to rule that will count Nebraska and Maine Maine do to every state gets a number of Electoral College votes equal to the number of members and the House of Representatives that house plus. How many US senator so every state you've got in particular company members of congress the that company electors. And so what what Maine and Nebraska do. For the candidate who wins the popular vote in a given congressional district. They get the Electoral College the associated with that how these. And then whoever wins statewide get gift attitude that. Link. Electoral College so what ends up happening is if you know if if there's an area in Louisiana for example political work here. There's probably. Congressmen. Richmond's district would would probably go for. You know for a Democrat potentially so so a Democrat might get. One Electoral College out of Louisiana and then the rest would come to you know to the Republican candidate. You know at last somewhere along in their universe another one of the halfpipe and some of one. In the direction of the Democrat. So so you know the weather is so instead of you know and if they like Louisiana which you know obviously the you know way more trouble of some Clinton. But it went you know what 100% for Clinton it was you know it's more like 6730. Something for our vertically. Clinton would Annika. Yeah that's an Electoral College vote out of the state and and a total again if for the national college more alive occur total. In and you know him in the popular. In him that. Ain't gonna happen. No is that what you have to do you have to do. This. The stabilize state and you know I'm a bit but he convinced people. In states that could change their holes and in other colonies of you know the wake of the election plotting a Republican go through look at them without common thing. Well electoral college of the sort of that that makes it easier for them for Republicans and but the public particularly bad enough common and in the State's economic contraction for open like that from the Louisiana for example would be virtually impossible because. People like the outcome. Got to produce. And I had a pollute sort of grown look into and I think was Johnson Dave boon for. Or absentee votes still being count. Gotta stop laughing at them in every just as I mean and and really put the net effect of the truth typical for Clinton Electoral College the key and electrical popular but it. Total keeps rising in her Electoral College route cup whether this. But every every day there are more trumpets counted and more on that votes counted. And what that it's tended to do is magnified I think she's got to over billions. Absolutely did and the popular vote now. You know while while Electoral College group has remained stable and I'd I don't think any of these groups that are being counted actually rappers. That the threat to the popular. Good to be important but I had a bush scored tied injuring. We'll reopen waiving of this allayed to get the captain Tebow and total. A potentially. But the big differences. A giant class of that are still being sort of these provisional well. That only came into existence after her. The bush goal scorer. Controversy about that it was a bet profit the profit a provisional balloting was created. After. That photo and relieve responsible and so I'll and so loose those were there by absentee ballots. It's absolutely would have to balloting. To doubt that we've still weighting of it coming. And and MBO would. Roma at all. Electoral College Terry is so that new York and California and other big population. Centers. Wouldn't dictate the president every year I. Yeah I mean it's yeah that it's it's it's that the founding of the country argument. What is going to be the relative power. Big states burst loose. Smaller smaller states. That's why we have a House of Representatives and senate. Where you know senate have a tendency to diminish. The power of technical point in New York where's my house representatives. You know that that power is magnified by the number of members of congress to come from those states. And think things is that in the Electoral College if we didn't have the Electoral College. It was sort of Q. Be attention MMM and both of them poor word. Toward those big states but you know in your your hurt one of the things that one of the many things that that Donald Trump have to read it is that he thinks he could wind. Under different sort of rule because that would have changed how he campaigned and that's absolutely the case. I don't necessarily know hell. Early strategic of campaign war. But it's certainly the to the extent wants strategically would look different under a different level because you campaign for the rules but he. Oh forget about a minute led to and our founders didn't have put the Electoral College again other. Because they were kind of breed of democracy. Indeed they didn't really trust that's the voters. Sure I mean you know remember we didn't have the direct election. Senators. At the founding air we we. You know sort of folk about two state legislatures. Both sort of miss. You know. United States as a you know direct democracy a popular democracy. You know of is is the. Bit of. Historical. You know an accident that the founders were definitely concerned about balance thing. That kind of popular world will there would refer to would have something like the tyranny of the majority. And and and wanted to sort of the Republican process for small are we talk a lot about all the Democrats but. Small. Doctor joy and and you saved me election I do is say mean now thank you so much have a great week. Come right back doubling of BO brigades a medium 15 to re open. All right we've been taken to school owned over the electoral roll colleague Joseph. And bower mortgage conducting got about 80% there at thinkable was scouted let's go to Lou and slide a little what you think. I don't buy a ticket call and question or illegals a lot to vote presidential. Partner. I'd I don't think so. Are you old order Erica or you've got to have some form of IDE. Cores they did. Hold its own security in the get ball so I d.'s but I think it helps would be in the boom red whose shores lineup. Right well that's just my thinking that Specter. The popular vote oh. Untouched restricting. Output no for Mexico although there are start toward their care vote in the can be yours. Presidential primary. I think a bright but it's it's I think arrived within apps for it. Perhaps somebody on call and they know you're totally wrong because it's but Laura appreciated call. What would of backed coup. Just powered over the last couple of our one point out some. This what do you think tank Kia. Where I'd say some then I think about whatever subject W weaved its God's org or I've chosen. With the intention to getting dis proven. For. Just picking that subject and seeing what's real experts and so one of these topic we've picked up was present like Donald Trump. And buddies think about doing in the Middle East in particular that Syria and I didn't pork hookah. But this is they think today. Brought a libertarian think tank in broader and acted in million. And boat that. Basically. Said look. If trump says who's gonna work with the sobbed and Russia. To defeat iasis. We've got a ball in the wrong in Mosul. We got on the wrong and Rocca serial. So if he does that. Actually may. Delivery of not a death blow a gigantic blow. To access. Ended Melissa Block a lot of putts it's odd is is bottoming Children's Hospital. And he said well home that's horrible. But you believe. Unseat. A side. The people bid he's skilling. Organs started killing is dubbed the whole wide fraud. They're gonna start killing women and children. And the fact of the matter really is we have killed. Women and children Mosul when their strikes not intentionally. But all the other side. A dog not intentionally board were selling the weapons in the ammunition to the saudis. Veteran killing civilians. In the name. So it's it's kind of a fine line so what I think they were poisoning how. If trumps. It's. A minute change. Dude. Middle these large. To working with the Russia. And genocide. In Syria to kill writes it's. They they didn't say this categorically Bo what I got from what they were saying. That may work. In the and that's all we do with the thing to. I didn't vote for him. I didn't think who's who bright. Lot of things he said angered many a lot of things he said I couldn't actually know my daughter. Bought. Morgan of follow what he says he wants to do. Human good looks like it's a good idea. How we're good idea. That's that's more give us a in the thing done candidly news. Withdrew experts bounded Berrian groups and they've basically said in that is stacked in Syria. Verse of what Obama did it could be successful. Sale of its I think you're gonna call me right now. And couldn't branch dude do you really you know when there tickets by a bit of PO. To the same brand game Sunday number from the twenties and Mercedes-Benz. Superdome. Nobody can go hungry at Thanksgiving. Clips. About. I'm beauty bush shouldn't need to say it right. Unfortunately. At this. One in six households in Louisiana. Doubts. Now all we're gonna do is put together some call hard for a holiday broadcast. Do's my account to Christian and your team Bobby eager. Tomorrow sprint. 4025. Veteran borders 7 PM. Are you wanna go meet the big name and hope. With one and six households in Louisiana. Not having food for Thanksgiving you kidney well all of this leads me to one of my favorite people one of my favorite organizations. Have we will be communications. Director marketing reports second harvest food bank Gerri welcome to show it's always think we're calling. Thank you garlic and as always we certainly appreciate your comments that you'll sport the sport in particular. Year round especially this time of the year. Minimum compared to what do people do one in six households. Don't have real food for Thanksgiving and you hidden. Yeah that's the unfortunate truth in Louisiana and the the harder thing is wanted to reached one and three children. Live in poverty and yeah the topic we've seen in wheat wheat field this year roundup in three years. Let a couple of years we've releasing grandpa that I've seen personally. If people come to the food bank for the first time a lot of those folks were more recently from the flooding that we responded to who were still getting help. A lot of those folks who or in the oil and gas industry. Face in the downturn well into its second year. And I personally interviewed and talks of families who come into them some hundreds of food banks and weak support across the Syrian south Louisiana. Artwork and there at least work or life but never had to do this even during former downturn. And just come in with their heads down and for the first time element to a food bank which supports to get help for their family and it's just as importantly common. That would make them understand this is what we're here for her with open arms to make them feel welcome to exploit people donate to organizations like hours. If they help people were just like because like you say it points to counseled. It could be your neighbor in need to be you know it's somebody your next. That it's good to hear I kind of gone for a when. Have doomed to live reports where the B. Troy and raised in the brewery in your bedroom and trying to get food for people won't have it. The response but we always wanted to go way beyond. What should. They give from and some. But there there's a big response. In the very prime that you awards scene of respondents. And 12 harvest. It's. Too wing how are you letting people new gold. The injured there are in and have a big where. Yeah short talk about what they. How big find out about it and what these Seguin again. Well starting with where routes and facility here and we're in the top elm wood area we have one. Vietnam in Lafayette about 200000 square feet. A warehouse facilities. What I wanna came over about three years go from that appeal process and our sister is state you know food pantry to church pantry. And a walk in here and the massive warehouse with millions of pounds of food coming in and out the flu that we collect on that we collect help redistribute that food. Two hundreds of local food pantries soup kitchens domestic abuse shelters homeless shelters. That's across 23 players who says well here in the metro Portland area in the North Shore. The donations of food this year help count but the monetary donations that we did during the holiday time. Especially people or distant or the start of the year. It's a significant part of our budget I mean what race in the next six weeks is gonna fuel for the next. Several months to be able to distribute food in and help that we give to the communities. Arm for the people wondered civics that don't have food and thank you and that numbers stuns me. The one in three children that live in poverty in this state. Award winning where how big fund where they go Ludwig called with the talked. Garland if they can't if you can't see you tomorrow with sprint would do in the guard. 4025. Vets so that's right off the clear on veterans. You wanna go or web site it's no cash hunger got or you'd like to donate food Fon and time volunteer or he needs help. Just go to our web site note there hunger dot orgy. Yesterday you made your birds bullish view of the people who weren't worth of goodness knows we could not do without you project called Richard Bond bull what you do and world's view it at spread 4025. Veterans for 7 PM tomorrow. A dog can you come right back doubling up via. Or it won't remind you again and one in six households. In this stayed cool hungry for a Thanksgiving. We're trying to make it different hard Troy holidays broadcast do some account crushing RT bog of Bieber. Tomorrow. At sprint 4025. Veteran forwards 7 PM idea of them talked saying it's an alleged shoe. But they're gonna beat their groove and be there to collect food donations. For the second harvest food bank remember. Every dollar donated food provides three me you. Hungry children and seniors and veterans. Family is good don't have food for things skimming. You've got to show up who leads. In the rain doesn't lose you wouldn't acts have a great day this is. WW obligated celebrity immoral 53 yet.