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11-18-16 Scoot 1pm- What's wrong with the Saints?

Nov 21, 2016|

Clean Shirt…new shoes….same old problem! The Saints loss to Carolina last night was highlighted once again by sloppy play and turnovers .

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Here we go Friday afternoon and you have heard the forecast. Finally colder weather coming some rains gonna move through here tonight two very early in the morning. Should be out of here by tomorrow and is going to be chilly and windy for the LSU game noon kick off to Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge LSU and Florida. And it's going to be very chilly over the weekend so look it's November the eighteenth. Yes we should have some chilly weather this time a year so. I'm looking forward to it maybe you can finally Wear that scarf and boots that you mr. politician anywhere yet. All right crank it up this is where you and I have been working for. I have made an executive decision about the show today it's. It's Friday there's going to be a big weather change ship coming tonight and and into tomorrow. I don't wanna get too serious this afternoon. But I wanna talk about the saints I wanna stay away from. Politics for the most part but look if you wouldn't talk about the truck transition. I mean this is Friday we kinda consider Friday to be like free for all Friday. So if you do wanna comment on anything is going on with politic you certainly can't. Also the Oxford dictionaries. Have announced the word of the year for 2016. The word of the year. The fact that this is a work. Affect its type anywhere but the fact that it's a word the fact that it has been used so much city it now has been declared support of the year for 2016. Really is a total embarrassment. But it's it. It's a perfect reflection of of who we are. The word of the year is post truth. It means objective facts. Are less important and appeals to emotion and personal beliefs. This is sort of this is the culture we live and post truth also known as post factual politics. It's a political climate in which debate is based on emotion rather than facts. And repeating the same facts are repeating the face the same alleged facts missing talking points over and over again. Cancels out factual rebuttals. So we'll talk a little bit about that later and again if you wanna make a comment on anything going over politics we we can talk about that there's a lot going on. It looks as if Alabama senator Jeff Sessions. Who was so loyal to Donald Trump from the very beginning Jeff Sessions is going to be the new attorney general some people are happy some people are not that's the way it goes. And we've got Kanye West me if you need another reason to not like Kanye West if you don't like him already. And if you around Hillary supporter Kanye West says. Data if he voted he didn't vote. By the way. And if he voted. He sent a concert in San Jose last night he would have voted for Donald Trump. Really are we got crowd reaction we got that coming up a little bit later. New uniforms. The same problems. The saints may have been in new uniforms last night by the team has the same problem. Sloppy point. The saints lost Carolina last night. Because they could not maintain consistency. When it comes to basic fundamental. Football. As for the second game in a row of the saints had a routine kick blocked and both times the ball was picked up and run back for a touchdown. I I know that you could say that the guy was out of bounds. Last week. And you can say they're okay well there was a penalty and imported backs are to account. The point is. Those were returned for touch of the saints could not stop at the saints could not kick and then they could not stop the person from getting to the goal. Fortunately yesterday. There was a stupid penalty. Their two on nullified the touchdown. What are you wanna say about the saints. Here's our party general opinion poll this hour. Who do you blame the most. Of the State's loss to the Panthers. The head coach. The quarterback. Or special teams. Give issue for you Michael chart web site every WL dot com if you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon our numbers 2601878. Every code 504260. Points every text 87070. Let's be honest about it. There are people in this area. Who sometimes are afraid to to. The artist. And an in some ways we art too protective. Of people who at one point were our heroes. I'm not naming any names in particular but this is a phenomenon that I say I've I've I grew up here. I know this area well. And we have certain anointed people. And some people are totally afraid to tube to be critical and and to be honest about it. Talk radio can be a very Clark thought cathartic thing. So what we can talk this afternoon and just gonna get it out because you know what. Last night was disgusting. 23 to two I went on our brand and at halftime I would like when FaceBook on my my FaceBook page. Scoot on the air. I went off on a rant and at halftime. And obviously I was a little bit more upset than that Sean Payton it's it's a feeling I get. And then I went our rent again like on FaceBook. After the game and I'm gonna do that occasionally you know sometimes from the station sometimes from my apartment downtown. Here's apart what Sean Payton had to say. After the game. Obviously. Look it's. The sporting loss we put ourselves a hole. Clearly in the first app with with how we played. You know the turnovers the sequence. The blocked field goal. That's ten point swing in. Two weeks general now you know we're struggling. Just kick PA tier field goals so here. It's disappointing. Tell the show. You telemann you can with a passion you you get passion you talent. That's a comment. That I I I guarantee you this was from the game last night. But that's a comment that could've come from a number of games this year last year. And the year before. Drew Brees said the saints offense. It struggle. You know I don't know what we're we're immediate figured out that. Listen there there's seven Florida game in this not a perfect game. But but there are some critical things that the you need to get corrected and I think of the candidate's team that makes the fewest. Mistakes. You know is is usually the one that that insult you know with a big advantage. I just know this and we. We basically put them in a position to score. Seventeen points today. With either turnovers are blocked kicks. And when you play good football teams in this region Peter retire. If Drew Brees is the champion the real thinking years and he really did to himself today that he had a really really bad bad game. A lot of different levels Drew Brees had a bad bad game. From homer Richard you're under the W well. But it still involved. Nobody talked about you know. The word awhile ago when. You are in the new word of the editor of the williams' house most often. Copilot you them sanctions which now you know. On actually a word deliberately hurt we have Thomas here. His talent. Yeah I'm gonna have to look that up I think it's a word it's it's used as if it is a word. You know a word victim of the people use all the time the W word is regardless. And sometimes you have some like really intelligent people see you regardless and that's not really work. Here. I'd Richard I appreciate the call this account you know I thought that was a work. Look if you're holds stay with us we're just after getting started here we're gonna talk about the saints more comments from. Fairy com Sean Payton union country to Sean Pate a lot of credit. Mean harness that guy remained that com. Does he remain that common the face of an embarrassing defeat. Two weeks in a row. I'm scoots in the afternoon you get a comment on numbers 260 when he seventy. Tex embers a 778. I thought we were dead dedicate this onto the saints they had new uniforms but that was about it last night's. Now they don't like look good. I hope they keep the uniforms by two I mean I'm disgusted with went with last night. A special song. We are going to dedicate to the offense. In particular. And it's a very great description the offense coming out of this break will be right back on WL. Yeah this is disarmed we're dedicating to the saints offense from last night running on empty he now. They had very very little going on. You know a first quarter Brees was way off six or the opening kickoff. Then a little bit into the air the series two running plays marching from Florida an eight priest is wrapped up ball knocked out Panthers for cover. As first intent on the saints 32 for the Panthers I mean my god we just what we gave them points. The Panthers got down to the one yard line Newton was sacked to announce third and goal from the thirteen incomplete pass personal foul from the saints. First and goal on the six yard line. Good job guys but I don't you know. That didn't look too much like a personal felt to me so we could debate that. Then. Ended up with a field goal after the the panthers' offense totally sputtered. Where they appearance on the bottom after the fumble but it was treated nothing the Panthers and it was just the beginning. I'm scooter in the afternoon you know you know we're we're talking about the saints. And end. If I were you I would not. I would not allow myself to get so upset. That it somehow impact your life. Because obviously they don't care that much. The seats or fall the games are sold out I think there's a waiting list to get season tickets. Nothing. Nothing is going to change. And so as a fan sometimes you feel like there's no recourse. What can I do. What can I do to let them know that I'm upset that while they've got all their money and everything I put so much into this game I put so much into this team I love this team. I'm not talking not just me intricate like you was well. You love the team and yet you feel so frustrated because you feel like. Sometimes they just don't give it to. I mean they were making mistakes that you're supposed to make in pre season. For Mississippi Alex your endeavor WL. Mad at all what it called. Group I don't know. Which you meet your value so like you all are up. Right I am but I mean I can't tell you what's causing it other than I just I think there's just. Some complacency I think people are just happy with where they are in their lies not all the players there are some players who are really playing well. But they're just seems to be this. This collective complacency that there's like no demand. There's no demand on all the players to do the best they can on every single play in every single game. Well schooled all I can say is that. It looked like the while in that morning Dick about it but my question was. 193 year old grandmother want to know what it ought to keep the ball well. Well apparently he's a low kicker. And as Sean Payton coming in on that and you know he may have a strong leg. But yeah you do you know when when the coach says this is my kicker. We trust the coach to have picked out the best kicker well apparently he hasn't picked out the best kicker. And sometimes coaches don't want to admit that they made a mistake so they stick with the same guy over and over again because they don't want to admit it. One that. You. Can get sixty yard field goal you can get it back right tally. Kicked a sixty you roll sixty. Google and the debt so ridiculous we get back to. Detail all of our money that got just what you want people such. You don't fail all of our mind at all get to the bill on our blog to champion equip people get to the bell. That's a lot of money that bought toward the ambassador and stuff like that. And I think that you used definitely for four they are you get a tko. Allan appreciate the call hi yeah I needed to it has not here's a text that says it's. Drew and the offense were moving like they were twenty points ahead at the beginning of the fourth quarter. What happened to hurry up you need to score points to win. Great point. The saints incapable of a hurry up offense. Hazardous can actually go along and there did it I mean I can they not do hurry up offense. Even the the the announcers were talking about I don't get so some of the stuff seems to be so obvious. Here's a Texas says son Drew Brees is great. He can do no wrong he's leading the NFL our offense is top five every year. But we are 797. And nine. And now four and six. But it's always the offensive line's fault but the defense. I think there's some sarcasm. In this in this text. Reese had a bad night. Human beings are not perfect. I never get the sense that the players what the coaches some of them. Are willing to take the blame they should take for their performance. Brees was so determined to win that game in San Diego. Because that meant a lot to him personally. Because he lives part of the season in San Diego. And it was a first I'm going back to San Diego since he was. With the San Diego Chargers hit a personal reason to wanna play well. From the very beginning of that game it seemed like it was a very inspired to brace what happened that Drew Brees last night because he came out lethargic. If the leader doesn't bring it to you they see it in their eyes. They they can tell if if they can tell if their leaders got a spark. Panic until the leader doesn't have a spark. Got a few more consultation and from the from Brees and if you do want to join us to comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach final four to 601 a seventy Tex embers they said he said he hears our party general opinion poll who do you blame most of the saints lost to the Panthers. Head coach quarterback or special teams but if your tenure by going to our website W of google.com. I'm scoot in the afternoon we're coming right back but more your comments and talk too much about politics so we'll get to a little bit of that coming up. This is a song for us. I'm scooter the afternoon. The argument the saints won a game last time now. Fresh new uniforms. Excitement going 500 and you know maybe being in a position to get to the playoffs they're not mathematically out of it put emotionally deceased just don't even seem like they can. Can't legitimately compete consistently. What's what the lack of consistency. If the players have the ability to play at this certain level for some of the game why don't they do with the whole game. If the saints have the ability to play really great in one game one they do in the next game. There's a lot of talent there I know there's some people injured. I am and I know we've we've got money that's invested in some players is as kept us from getting other players in other areas. But this team has shown signs of brilliance. And that's why you feel like such a soccer. As a saints fan. When they play game like they did last night. I was just you know yesterday in the show I was just argument I got a feeling that tonight's going to be good night. I really had a feeling that the saints were going to be so excited to get that Denver lost behind him. To make up for that I thought they were gonna get on that field in Carolina and I thought they were gonna kick the Panthers parts. But it didn't happen. And what happened from the very beginning was so predictable sites. Are Bradlee here under the W a good afternoon. And I don't know if you noticed that are not regard just like take emotion or read a lot either not just because of their age or whatever. But look at what the Denver game and I think the fans are you realize what's gone on. The New Orleans fans are staying home watching it on TV less. Week they had just too many Denver and as they did and the adult you know and we did tonight on March as it was lacking gold. And I think different you know. If this franchise doesn't care about the fan but we're dependent like air being being written in a dollar ticket that make money. And heck what everybody else to say on the watch you do want to comment on that. Both for the Broncos game Bradley you know there were times also for the Seattle game. There were times it was hard to tell you some mention you look down and you'd hear the crowd cheer you think the saints it's something good. No they were so many. Bronco fans and somebody Seahawks fans that they were making so much noise that you thought the saints to some degree but no actually the saints did something bad and thirteen get something good. And especially right. Especially when the when the offense for our offense was close to the end zone they had a lot of opposing fans in the and so they were making noise with our team was on offense. That's exactly right. So I think it's franchises. This leadership this franchises and yet. Come lackluster I think if and really recognize. It but you know a lot of that solid but it will stay home dollar ticket to make. Bradley I appreciate the call. Up to the West Bank Herman here and having a few well good afternoon. Great crew. Not lack for entertainment Eric everyone do my mom bit but what I. Enjoy the breeze duty and actually in second man that is except he turned into a kind point swing because they scored they got the ball out and and it could talk. And now the court victory on the ball is going out of my guy who want him or not. Coming on line thanks good drive down the field and didn't count on and three point. So where we are why home. Why are mistakes like that it's not that they make these mistakes it's like these kinds of mistakes are absolutely tolerated by this. Back I told not like anything like it at high school and you make the mistake in school you in the hope you can pay. Football and make wise defeats are currently neck and the go to the and Oakland like the Euro bought because you'd sixteen your home state urbanized states. Scoop Herman appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comments are numbers 2601 a seven. Harry coach final four to six no warning Saturday Texas they 7070. Like. Drew Brees is still amazing quarterback. But I don't care about all these these records. Because Drew Brees can throw for 500. Yards. And again. And boy that sure looks spectacular Mike threw for 500 yards. But he if he throws an interception a pick six or fumbles the ball at the wrong time in the team loses. That all that yardage. Doesn't even matter. It's a team sport. I'd just. I'm frustrated. I'll still go see the sinks. But at some point. Somebody needs to be accountable. And I don't hear in Sean Pate is voice I don't hear in Drew Brees is voice after the games I don't I don't hear. I didn't hear last year but the year before. Is that any correlation. Between that. Sean Payton. Getting comfortable. Complacent. And the signing of the new contract. Is there is there a connection there. I don't wanna say there is if there isn't. But it sure seems like Sean Pate has got to be real comfortable. Paycheck or anywhere. And as winning one Super Bowl good enough. All they want the Super Bowl is as good enough we we go to the games every week. With the expectation. There were gonna watch team. Hopefully win a game now there's no guarantee that the teams could win. But we go with the expectation that they are going to work toward getting to the playoffs and I just don't see that this team has. Instead it consistently. There seems to be complacency and I just I don't understand why it is tolerated. Who do you blame most of the State's loss to the Panthers 50%. Saying head coach. 42% say quarterback. Maturity for Cece special teams. That's a party general people give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. I'm scoot more of your calls and more protection coming up it is a beautiful day let's not forget it's Friday let's not forget we're heading into the weekend. So we are gonna all be okay. But denied there's nothing wrong with Denny after a game like that to enroll we'll be right back on debit have you held. On this day November 18. 1992. Spike Lee's movie Malcolm X starring Denzel Washington opened up nationwide. I was really I was really touched by that movie in effect this this song is from the scene where Malcolm X is a driving to the place where he's going to make a speech and be assassinated. There are people who judge Malcolm X I realize this is just a movie but there were things about Malcolm X Victor came out of that move we have a lot of people laden I don't know. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601 a seventy text 87878. I'm scoots hand we're talking about the saints and yet another disappointing loss this time to the Carolina Panthers last night. And Carolina. Here's part of which on page dissent abouts. The kick was blocked. Like it was slowed me. There you. The block it looked like came from a little deeper and in the rush so. Typically when that happens it's it's slope here. Yeah I assume. And that's apparently what happened in the government I mean the guy jumped over the general resentment you know its deal. You know it's it's unprecedented that something like that what happened two weeks in a row to a team. Brad three I Drew Brees said that he felt like there was balance except for the turnovers. Can we mix it up quite a bit and unfortunately. Today really you know two turnovers early or costly. And those are things that can be corrected and eliminated. But other than that yeah you want balance of felt like we we ran the ball well. And I felt like we were efficient in the passing game I mean. Right yeah I guess the problem is they're not consistently focused they're not consistently doing what they need to do in their missing some of the fundamentals of football. For Metairie Kress here and every WL. There is to. Lose your. Model is life. You know and I'm getting it and let it has been. There are guys that it would be fine. And it's output last week. And they go. Oh. Yeah. And that's what I expected that to expect a different guy like Darren play like they're capable of playing and as they did you know. Yeah it's a lot of different. Light to. An odd. But he. He has written on but it don't matter. What the central Asian. Chocolate and a lot of him. But you can't let out a secret and went. Am Chris I appreciate the call I you know I guess we should have respect for Sean Payton who in the face of all of this can remain so cool and common just. Seemingly unaffected by all of it I mean that's what is a fan that's the impression I get. Maybe he's not really that way we can only go on the impressions that we get. Is this just the way it is. Do we have to accept this. I'm getting some techs like this went on they're young scoots they will be fine I promise you. This is a team that we have been building for the last four years we just need more rap span. But I'm offer excusing the the fact that they're young. But I don't like the lack of discipline I don't like he did the lack of concentration and and the basic fundamental mistakes that they make consistently. I can hear and evidently you don't got time for a quick comment. I will begin BD if it. Weren't kicking extra points or pupils. Moved back. And back to you art. Well that's a thought but then again you know I just ordinary video of what they would need to plan that all the time for because of the snapper and the timing and everything. Now that you know I mean I don't know you know being open it would you know you can beat him. Well that's not a simple but I don't think so. We're all on paper sounds like it makes sense I don't know how practical and I thought. Oh. Go only to stocking figuratively. I can't type I appreciate the call. Movie Bakalar and and I against or. You don't get a kicker that can. Kick the extra points the field goals. And again ticked to to watch this block be kicked. And even though it came back. The kick was blocked and it's run back for touchdowns second week in a row I mean that is a national embarrassment. That is just like a total breakdown. And we trust Sean Payton to pick the best kicker that's available and he had a lot of faith in the skylights. So I trusted him. But at this point it's hard to have. Faith and that decision and then and then you just are thinking about all the bad decisions that have been made by by patent moments. I'm stewed in the afternoon it's Friday it's the beginning of the weekend. Will be back we're talking about the saints and a little bit of politics.