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Think Tank 1110am the war in Aleppo Syria expands

Nov 22, 2016|

A million people face potential death as the war in Aleppo Syria expands.  Now almost all hospitals have been destroyed.  Should the world wait and watch or do something? This hours guest: Mike Lyons - CBS Military Consultant & Retired Army Major Chris Fettweis - Assistant Professor of Political Science at Tulane (specializes in international relations)

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It's our public think about he's a Middle East probes elect from. Says he will destroy crisis. Wouldn't talk to military people and ultimately experts. As might scorer wins so pour it looks like we're making progress. But the days certainly haven't been destroyed. And the question is can they be. There are all over the world at least in the Euro all chutes and you've. The main thing. Award startup thing good about it Syria a leftover. On Syria or of their largest city in Syria. The video that's coming out of that certainly looked strong renders. All the reports relieved when I read something from new route surgeon. There are viewed by the media poll and let them in old user sent. You can imagine what it's like living and level right now it's a living hell. Our neighborhoods are inflamed bombs raining down from the skull and we're urgently called on the international community to send help. Our hearts and homes have been destroyed an odd thing program. One of them being destroyed it was a Children's Hospital. Landslide. During long reading a pickup and doc told Bruce stories this year. President of Syria about Shura analysts and it says quote. He admitted and assures stripes around hospital. Which moves would be constituting. War on him. Two of their normal practices suggest that service or Russian allies target civilians. Said it would be like you're shooting ourselves in the book that we did that. So over the all that said. Thankfully I have got the major Mike line and Serbian military consultant retired army major. Major thank you with the college always and told you room wall good to commute. They are likely to be back with you on this Thanksgiving week salutes to. I'd restart. It's now become the center of gravity for the Syrian civil war the last stand and in some ways for the rebel forces that as well as for the Syrian army. And with the help of the Russians that we and other civil wars you bring in other sides to the equation. And it and that's what it's about that right now itself from the air. There's continuous pounding aspect of these hospitals. Humanitarian conditions or atrocious at that point. That's a very large city they can hold out for a little while longer back in the world is standing by watching. Great tragic expert that and to put for the past six months. In the moon is Saud says layups and and we re it would be award for her book. Would you still would you shooting ourselves we'll put anybody else in the air. Yeah there's got them. We've just got to position to do anything in the suspect who had we had 20000 soldiers in Iraq it would be something we could've done once again because. You could deport them that members saying back then within twelve hours you have been in downtown Damascus with. But those tankers right now including your on the ground helping those people out there's nothing gonna do to save them and we got. Some handful of US special operators there. Look what these forces now we don't believe it is about forces are actually in on our side we think that there I Qaeda infiltrated them soak. They haven't properly vetted and this other free Syrian military is really no match for the Syrian army because it it it just has more equipment has benefited. In new worm was asking if it was so hot themselves who weren't a bombing. Is anybody homes in the air United States is flying sorties or are we anywhere near dropping ball so. I know we're not it's the Russians. As a proxy for. You know it is similar to what we're doing in Iraq being the proxy for the Russians continue to go after targets inside. A couple of pro from the air it's as part of they agreement. In its Russian interest that he's not government survive this. So you know again we we tried to get a ceasefire in place a few times that it doesn't happen. We have no leverage that the issue Russia doesn't union needs for them to stop thinking continue to support them in the short term support inside government. And it is Zurich in blade two. Be guaranteed. In Russian column. Because lead in the distance great way we in the future. Just say there's some currency fire that holds. A sawed. Holds on the power of portions of Syria. Tend to be tried on war crimes. And could we did in Darren TP identification. Of whoever's doing the bomb. Yet no I don't think so I think a lot of it has to do with them. What crimes are done by victors over. Those dates state defeated in at this point I don't see side. Losing and you know having said that he he he does have this capabilities inside this country touted for you know since the civil war started took. I don't think the world would ease the stomach could actually take him out of power. Creating another vacuum in the Middle East and creating another typical situation where there's no telling what succumbed to pound explodes. In the and how many reminders and annual report keep breathing eased a level is zero. West celeb bowl worthy of god discos and restaurants. The system and it's your intent but it's mostly exists the wrong course from the water could. That part of the world to steer it in most lead just countries amid the desert areas. But it was probably pushed through the push out of them and it's that coastline there. Where they sign in the end the war and irrigation that were left but what is it and it's not you know normally towards they. Eastern part of things so it's still like you would think it as a country grows it's sort of a population that they because it has the resources to support it. In. It's that got civilization to to to get into a thousand people at the large groups in the united very big military in order to make sure. That sense that you could force to keep it under control. Everything I've read says Brigham quarter million people. Very good June surgeon dime by a bombing. Germans are very few lacked the Warner. And who watched from. Goes and office and towards asking you to make a personal opinion. What do you think the military is concede them or they gonna say it does. There's nothing really we could really do for them in the way we could do to let this thing play the I'll. Reserve and other short. I know I think the military's don't web courses of action Q. President electron that we're considered I'm in a feasible to the previous administration to present President Obama so I think. Bet you'll see the potential of having troops on the ground for example. He would bring him back to a rocky looked at the town copes how far to the west of mobile. I'd been advocating. Adding that it's the twelve step on the troops there are very non have been safe and protected witness had. Too worried that they consider that the defense of promoter had they've been and now. That it would have been destroyed the town would have been saying you received other aspects of the northern part with a simple logistic space and now is that palpable it is. Think it helps support the same thing could happen in the area. But it's gonna happen and so something happened on the ground coalition established other other forces are brought together and where to go and and rebuild that city satisfied the operation. All right good let me take a break and come back. Did you will little league of the Egyptian detailed little meat on the bone in what you just said of what exactly would they do and how would they did two of them via. Ridiculous and the Middle East a liberal Syria in particular. I think it's about. Quarter million people. Known bird drew votes starving being fueled from bombs. Dying from lack of water. And the question begins with a prison like from the from coming and saying that he fuel prices. You remove the suit is an Ohio Poland where Aaron how there. Bedrooms and this thing. We've got to it's obvious military consultant retired army general or me again he could do to promote did you. Major Michael Owen. Matrix to me it looked like boots on the ground would we would deliberately move boots on the ground in from a lot. You have to have a security force and so you'd have to not only have troops there to provide security. But you've got to have an hour and competent group. Of individuals to help rebuild that city and unions. Transportation. Resources. A significant amount of medical. Person now so it's not just the security element which supports what those troops should do. Which is before the prison. In the United Nations has provided the blue helmeted forces command. So what it would take he would as secretary of state of this is really nervous State Department mentioned. On some level that you gathered this coalition and I think you hear Donald Trump introduced the concept of commerce into it and and have people pay might fort. So I. I think that to be more encompassing plan that's just more than just combat on troops. I have to go there to rebuild what's gonna be an disaster are seen as the student. Seoul. Would be united nation troops in the in the didn't. Where would we have to fight our way in. And how many troops we talk about the reason I have. Is one you're very aware of every hole. That says so Americans we're gonna put boots on the ground. There of their virtually totally against that. How many trade on how to begin and his exit. A big plate getting him. I would obvious right is this is the importance. This strategic. Mission to betray outside of Iraq because. The military in ground troops when it was in the lots of point and that's what they would do if we use the northern part of Iraq that health care airbase there that with the current so we're. We can go to a place where the local community would not be threatened by. The forces there and adopting this that terrorist uprising infidels on land. We've we've been in that place before after the first gulf war we we stayed in the northern part of Iraq for awhile so. I think that's what I want to appoint will be the logistical basis start getting bilked. There and then they would eventually move their way inside racquet it's probably two to 300 miles. 22 logistics to get different here and given helicopters given all of the material that the US and the bear. I'm thinking get. The humanitarian effort open and very quickly. And how many true so we talked and. Know that that it's probably in the wild card in the equation because the military would late Q. Since troops units and so the questions. A decent and media battalion 2500 you said brigade at 6000. I don't think it's the division level mentioned to a division between thousand troops that they 1520000 troops. Although he said division and it also at that division can support itself and had a lot of capability and their so. It's to detail issue that didn't too much inside baseball you've got to send troops to be able to support those troops that division troops 1520000. Troops. Would have more capability of supporting himself organically. And not having to rely on other external. It organizations to do that. And once we do bad do we get in the nation building again do we have to. Props to leave her up in and do wit to lead 203040000. Troops on the main thing. I don't think that liquid to bring in Japanese and that's been proven I think he it at all of the the function of who's the leader is at the sides still there. You know I'm not sure that that happens it just it's going to be left to its own devices. You know it is. We don't do well on regime change as he would succeed in Iraq and Libya does doesn't go well so. I think we got to recognize that you know bad breath is better than brats at some cases. It decide stays in power like we think he's gonna have to happen there and there's going to be at via a more encompassing view the we cut it up in the United States that the section and supports and has a clear boundary and support the certain area. Some little happen to Berlin let's say after the Second World War. Then news and know where are we gonna be there and solid still the major figure. We leave him empowered in the mean time do we. Spend money rebuilding. That place. How many people do leave a hot iron to maintain the peace. Yeah I think that you look at this president and he looks that is the transaction I think. He could look at it as say in that positive for the United States and the cost of the trillion dollar public attracting rock I think. He's gonna demand that these foreign countries to literally paid to them that way for the US forces out of there. On if he can that they can create that security environment and bring commerce bring another. Capital know we we took a job sometimes exporting capital from the to have a good job exporting democracy. But yet we're capitalism people do like the fact that the they were cause they can get something in return can they can trade their goods and services on market. I don't threatening the focus is going to be it never really been actually Dick Cheney would. Would do that in Iraq and and with that with his experience and and and the like and what you can do it but it just never happened whether we just didn't have the kind of got to come out and say that's what we can do. I think that that's part of it was this president has said so for example. Don't trumpet that I'm gonna take you in Iraq we're gonna take the well I look at that in New York but they're saying. He's gonna take you can put that money and and we're gonna make it turned back to that's I think that's what's got to happen. Major always a pleasure thank you call me read it. So. Here's. We couldn't have troops on the ground again in 101520000. Movement and due biding their five different rebel group sees people in Riggans stop fighting each other. And it's dog saloon power with him in there. Your thoughts double up. Anger about Theo Middle East again blog Colombians for reasons drugs bullet from. Said he wields destroyed the Linksys. Home prices is fighting. In mid many blitzes. In particular laughable glossary is while we won't think about it leagues for a compliment. Quarter of them in pool. A new oral surgeon watched in the bugler as night. I hired a broad comedies these that you can imagine what it's like living well right now it's a living hell. All of our neighborhoods or in plunge ball and running around and cry. All of our house but there have been destroyed. Including the bombing at Children's Hospital. We're Julie Colombian man from community it's and oh. And we're just interviewed an army major that. Over the years he has been one of those that said we don't need troops on the ground but this time. As to what the military's gonna. Advised. Troll and hid in that day. So that they will settle in and brought in a movement. That eventually. Move very rather large force into Syria and take mullah widget that you Weirton. And all hello can brands are allies now it was paid for every thing that wouldn't it. Throws always go Adam. They brewed from restaurant to in political science. Specializes. In that from these actions all of this proposed cruised the boards. Protester always Persia the top demo to be here so what do you think all kind of thought schooling him aka the debris and Roche and stalked him. It's so heartbreaking and it just in it makes me wonder what kind of shook human quarters the bombing of children's. And in what kind of all mr. tires that order. I'm mean maybe they got an Intel that there had be in the war. You know moderate. Rebels in the hospital getting treated the people which it's it's it's good to remember that. Shot and his guys in Syria have killed far more people that crisis are orange and people have died. Because of the side action and ices up by order of magnitude. So what we're talking about you know. Citing witness odd essentially to bring worse cheers were sent an absolute monster. And I don't know I mean we've said this before showgirls. What do you. And inform policy is a pretty good rule when you don't what to do. Don't do anything. And getting to agree to plug it. When Duncan blown slams I've found that those in the October. Bar sure all those side present Syria did and who viewed television group and he's said. International strikes on hospitals or schools. Would constitute. A war. Time. He stood there are no facts to suggest that Russia or Syria and have targeted civilians and children. It would be stupid drugs in the would be like shooting ourselves in the foot. Because it undoubtedly would be a war crime. Nobody else's and they error in Syria or into. Now it was certainly aside and indeed the Russians from all reports I've seen the Russians are very hard time. Controlling besides people reap we kind of think that the aside as a puppet of who. Side I don't think that's the case so it seems that the U we had this cease fire about a month ago. And the Russians couldn't get the series to stop killing their own people. So I mean it's our policy Obama administration policy has been from the beginning this up ago you that we're never gonna normalize relations with this guy it's that he's a monster. And I don't know what the next ministers is going to be but it's hard to imagine shaking that guy's hand after doing the cement. If you survive the bombing as you do get two treatments. I don't monster does this. Are limited rates they would just what do you think two's exit 170. We Bruges said the major that the army major broad to iron. That seldom. Says boots on the ground he says it's very firmly in the last interview. He'd truly expect some military is said trump okay let's Colin suitable bodies and rock. Get our allies and give the United Nations get than that opens paid for. And let's go let's go straight in to blow up well your forehead or against it to music general 187. It was bribes are pretty drug war opinion poll. Where those who were born series spending should world the world wait and watch or do something that the 3% of you say do something. And we're the state that voted for trial proves veggies and he's going that prized suits and we're gonna get devices. Syria it's going to be one of the main appliances. Generous and all this for closer political science ruling proves that once with this. A professor way and when we're not here of things of well Bogor with the UN will Golan where there are outlawed. Because I have the major. We begin in Tunisian building begins to weaken the aid for all of the damage that the Syrian war's caused. And he's troubled applauded will boom again with the UN the UN won't go with the are backing and now it's. And Brady and the allies won't pay for it did yeah New York connections in legalese you here in the inclination. Of violence thing yeah. We'll share of the call outs of the war. No that that's that's crazy because do you win is never gonna back up any kind of movement to let go because the Russians or the Security Council. So they're gonna veto anything it would ever so bad that some non starter that we might be able to get some European now that helps someone by and indeed it. The saudis have been eager for a ago in some degree. But I don't think me and I don't I don't I can't see how that would work and that's not agree about that. It's possible that we don't know president trump is thinking about regarding sugary little old he'd. And so will have these issue which totally clear where where the idea that we can just. Somehow in this over to the UN and going with the UN it is is not because. There's something they're called the Russians. And in and I'd tell my students that. Beautiful list now Garland Russia's allies outside the former Soviet Union. Syria. That's it that's the list that's the only threatening note they're not gonna let it fall and a little apple ball flights I don't know how we going with the UN. And is you know part of the human a look at who's suffering in particular children. But I remember herb it's all the same thing that tortured in this and that death in the suffering. Bob Hope we took out Hussein. And got replaced would torture in debt. Than destruction. It is ultimately he's sold your retrieval bull that we basically. Protect darn close allies whoever that may be. And and leave the runs to the Middle East. What I always go back to let that you would herald after Lebanese civil war in the 1980s look just like this and there's all sorts of different factions Syrians were Bob has balloons there they urged Christians and Muslims. The Israelis invaded few years before. Lebanon was and nasty horrible civil war that it essentially came to the peachtree settlement nobody won. There was going to be gate oh victory parade. They just Katie Tibetan dissent and Corsican dislike. And I think that how's your hat and are you optimistic we may be in that direction a couple of Gordon's like we are now. Not a real technical Stewart but at. Actually it is it is this war's gonna happen and and you're right that if the other side and was waiting they would probably be slaughtering children to. The whole thing or and the notion that we can go in and just make it better so I'll. By just just taking out solve every Wednesday that it just it would be that are spread. I know would dream about Lebanon have been there twice been quite a bit of time there. But there was no license and and prices seems bigs are primarily out of Syria would all be over all shoots. Do we do we have the option of just leaving. Prices. In that era. I think right this is the days are numbered. I think if you were a lot bake it. Garland mutiny they had over under line about how long one crisis is going to be around the holding territory of terrorist group inspiring that's around the world for awhile. But a year. A year from now you can take bets particularly at last western more than a year emotional football open next couple weeks maybe a month and have at least with one city. Rocket and is are you talk about 82 point it task force agency joint missile rocket. So I got about your list. And now hopefully it not any more than that. Rebels there will always do better on top of it or hold. Oh. Thank you so large and great. It's. It'd it's. Of the horror of watching a million people. Have real good to dying insure more light blue black water. No that'll. Let. It isn't. Anything we can do Obama. Governor of the held against ebony immoral line three open. If you did think it was agreed that would not gold band pro ball but what could be and I think New York City may be a couple and cal or near him. That kind of thing. But I aboard not saying that is Saturday when the and it says economic. Role in the navy ship and the got hundreds of multi national corporations. Or how there could be going bankrupt. But it's outlets. And the reason. Is something that infecting Chicago. New Jersey New York San Francisco and possibly. Hours eight. We're gonna talk to were Jerry Jordan guru interim administration. And live a professor of economic certain publishers say with a scarlet rub there with that we call it. The pink tank.