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Think Tank 1110am What do you have to be thankful for

Nov 23, 2016|

Do you expect your Thanksgiving to be: joyous, tumultuous or somewhere in-between? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  What do you have to be thankful for?  This hours guest: Dr. Amy Dickson - Clinical Psychologist/Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine

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And good morning once again gave Cohen and the think tank for Garland Robinette he's getting ready for big Thanksgiving celebrations I was happy and honored to you have the opportunity humane and the think tank. This morning coming up this hour we're talking about how do we avoid those uncomfortable situations when we get all of the family together for Thanksgiving. Is there one person in your family his drives you. Crazy who you know always gimmick com and either gloating about the fact that they're candidate Donald Trump one. Or just angry that their candidate Hillary Clinton and the loss is there going to be a big debate and fight. Over the elect coral college is they're gonna be a discussion about. Politics it's gonna turn ugly no matter what you do. There's someone who you know it's coming over whether Richard daughter's boyfriend. Or years sister's cause of endorse somebody who's coming along who's just gonna make everything miserable for everyone how do we deal with those situations. And do you expect your Thanksgiving. To be joyous. Tumultuous. Or somewhere between its RB 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll you can log on right now and voted WWL dot com being call us at 5042601870. Texas Eddie 7870. And will. Talk about it and give you some help on how to avoid the home turf mulch with situations and how to make things more joyous coming up next hour by the way. Mike Tilley is cumin and went talk about LSU in the matchup tomorrow with that sustain them what it means for the future of coach show. Kenny still get the job as the not in her on the permanent head coach for the LSU tigers or is that done and over with his or somebody else who's likely to be the next coach. At allies here. This hour joining us is doctor Amy Dixon. Clinical psychologist and assistant professor of psychiatry and LSU health New Orleans school of medicine happy Thanksgiving doctor Dixon. Thanks to you as well. So glad you could join us because. We always think about the holidays and we have the fond memories of all the good stuff and we look forward to holidays but then sometimes reality slaps us in the face some fears. When we get together with the family. And it just turns ugly somebody says something somebody does something somebody doesn't like the way somebody's watch in the kids or somebody doesn't like the way somebody's took something and before you know it it's just this big tense uncomfortable situation. That can happen for sure yeah. Here now a lot of you all family time isn't it great and then they remember when the family gets together sometimes it just turns. Ugly so you know especially after were coming off of this. Election that was so divisive that had our country so angry and still in many cases as people very angry. About the election. Do you expect that mean could have more situations when families get together where politics get in the way or other things make things less than joyous for the Thanksgiving holiday. I knew and I actually had a lie a lot of client hop to me about that I've had a lot different top and meet. About politics in the election and tidbit that meant that applies to win their family and friends but the of course everybody's able to read everybody else's face but and and how they're read being keen what they want to deal over the holidays. Yeah because they may be they're thinking you know what. This guy whether it's their cousin their brother there in law or whoever. He was so so angry on social media throughout the election. He was so in support of his candidate and that's such ugly things about the other candidate. Is beginning come and just be ugly at Thanksgiving or can we set politics aside and I'll just enjoy some food. Maybe some football. May be just hanging out with each other. Yeah how do you what do you do about that do you not invite that person he is sick ground rules or how do you handle. I think boundaries are always important and I mean boundaries are now and what we're willingness that are others. We have asked our. You know are we going to somebody else's house where we don't have much control where they cat. And it's not here at the band to not be who they are expressed their views that can we handle it to be they air. We handle our emotion should we just come producer should we just cut. Maybe up by later could we not be able to participate. Had we let that he remembered now but I'm glad you. I want Abbott that they indeed buy a stake right now I'm just that is very vulnerable place but found that the war. I don't want there'd be any fighting at that Thanksgiving table and maybe it better I skipped this year. Wore it where code mean do we day call buyer. Brother or sister on saint lock I've seen on your spouse's social media as. I want to have a peaceful Thanksgiving we've voted for different candidate. Is that apple that he outcome we don't discuss politics. We get like you said that if a pilot in clean brand and interesting topics. And we're giving them a warning and you come in BP they keep keep at it all right you won't hurt her feelings cannot comment here. You know it's interesting you point out it may be the host that's the problem. Because yet if you let let's just and this is purely hypothetical let's say that the person who's hosting your family Thanksgiving with a huge Donald Trump's supporter and is now. On social media gloating about Donald Trump winning is so happy about it but perhaps you supported Hillary Clinton. And you're uncomfortable go to that person to ask that you know they're gonna bring up the politics or even if it's vice Versa if someone who was a big Hillary Clinton supporter. Who's still out there saying no she won the popular vote we need to get feel like doors to change their vote she could still be president and your fearful that. That person if you perhaps departed Donald Trump or perhaps you're just not. Emotional about the election that you're gonna have to put up what that during the entire Thanksgiving gathering. Yet you have to be able to know what you can handle what you can't and what. Acceptable to ask him what not. Is it may be a good idea to say hey guys politics are off the table that day. Can we please just leave politics out and not talk about it or might that anger somebody if you mean suggests that politics shouldn't be discussed. Well it you're opposed to our that you have the ability to say that to your cap your welcome means and into your. Europe has it been men and you could hit everybody. Politics is that became a pop about other they'd let should be thankful that we're together. Security that you could I poster has it that at the head but it's there house. So they could they you know I can't guarantee that that that happened. And use dead after being how will you handle it if you're there and act topic comes back. Kidneys stake he played Blake eat yourself. Maybe you should just comfort dessert that you're now locked and sitting at a table weigh in this politic political discussion and started off we have the power now and what we can handle. One person Texas and its seventieth Lebanese says I'll be out back in my wife's aunt's house for Thanksgiving smoking a cigar drinking a beer. I'm gonna let them fight inside amongst themselves. And maybe that's not a bad plot odd. That kind what I want you in your talent. Ivo four to six 187 DJ thanks for calling your on WWL. It is happy Thanksgiving Jaeger on with doctor. You've got so called potato chip. Yeah I can't a couple days off way to budget Turkey already. And I are traveling system Cobb mania. Well especially for ma and like everybody despair oh put that our goal. Here. I've just got to report well bill or Orton they're out there and watch and acute and there are report special series books that people still go and about it. While sort of ensure that monies the air and I'm not going that's what it's like a bit by. That all they were. It and post open to. The people that voted. Or shall end. Clinton in a basic which in you patrol don't. Follow it would be a glacier where if you voted record. That you. They. They'll build electorate could have been a lecture in. Tokyo. And are so much. I do that so much. Oh. It's like bill basically. They've purchased by saying the election that Obama. The well on. You know political. You know it's well there's going to be. For four years. In Iranian unit you mean like it like you're not like another that. Idea thank you think it's gonna get in the way of Thanksgiving. Do you think that it has. I think it will be for people they don't know although their oh. And if you're one of those people. That you want people. I'll in you know they could do something in your house as big. Out to areas where yeah they're department panic. You know once. Kind of put they were people that are either. Ever read hitting and blues seating and in between seating doctor Dixon thank you can do that can you separate people based on the political it is getting back. Brilliant idea and I you know many of us don't have huge homes are thinking. They're getting here each other talking but it sure would be nice day next to people that you making sure way it have a conversation at. Or people who maybe are gonna get an apology for it people who are rabid about it. Yeah maybe get a one room this is the political Romeo go there and fight it out. For those of us who don't wanna be involved in that we're going to be out here talking about other things and enjoying our time without politics. However if get a big in a house to get points sometimes you don't have another room. We conserve folks. Dog with doctor Jamie Dixon that LSU health New Orleans will continue the conversation coming up here on WW I'll be able question are comet. Get on the line right now at 5042601870. Into text messages they 7870 a lot of people are fearful that it's going to be an ugly Thanksgiving because of the election. Comfortable also about other things not just politics they can turn Thanksgiving ugly in a hurry when the family gets together. 1125. Are big 87 deep ready jaguar opinion poll do you expect your Thanksgiving to be joyous tumultuous or somewhere between 43% of you say it's going to be some that are in between. Only 14% expected to be a disaster and 43%. Expected to be joy yes. And I guess that's about half. More than half expect at least some tumult and actor Jamie Dixon from Alice you. Health New Orleans I guess that's normal when you get families together though that there's going to be some uncomfortable moments than and some strike. At the lately and I think. You know why people know their family. Seeking unity their members being and we come mean. Date no what Felix back and cut back to prepare yourself for. Is Thanksgiving do you think the time. Cute discuss pressing family issues and is always someone. You know mall mall who doesn't like the grand daughter's boyfriend her pop us just not a fan. Of the grandsons girlfriend or there's an outstanding issue or some thing. They comes up maybe can be as big as that may be it's as little as hey we want it fried Turkey beat the Turkey. Why does it seem that when families get together some of these things just explode and turn into these kind of big balls of of problems when everyone's together. Well I think that sometimes were all together for a long period of time that's really gonna push the limit that people's frustration tolerance. Some pundits very stressful people are hosting a lot of people in their home where they're trying to have a lot sleeping eating dinner and they feel. The pressure to put every game very nicely and that they might be eerie irritable when somebody makes that negative comment. The things you mean not other holidays at that time we should be giving thanks for all of our black beans and everything that we. Had to go in on our side anxiety that it probably not the best time to bring it up. Grandpa made spotlight green's son and girlfriend bank. Now would probably not the best time to address that with the grand sign when a girl pregnant bear and deer come into the ground. To spend time to be with the Iranian break bread and enjoy each. We're talking only doctor Jamie Dixon a clinical psychologist assistant professor of psychiatry at LSU health New Orleans if you have a question. About your family gathering or how to deal with the situation feel free to get on the line right now at 5042601870. One person Texas City 78 them he says my family was trump supporters and we were Sanders supporters. So it may well get ugly at Thanksgiving someone else says I'm extremely disappointed that mom voted for the candidate she did. But since she's my mom all divert the conversation to other things because I love her and then this text message today it's 7870. Says we should use the rules of six apps for Thanksgiving. Food fun and fellowship football among friends and family. That in theory doctor Dixon that was really good but I think they may have trouble enforcing. I think everybody at the sector and attitude. And I think everybody acted go in being prepared. You enjoyed the people that you can enjoy. Spending time around people that you would actually means and trying to get it back at a today. If you feel like he can't tolerate six hours with the only don't go for six hours. If you feel like you can't tolerate somebody call partner boyfriend trying not spend a lot of time around that person. Trying to find the people that you really truly be when it. And have a good conversation in that time that. Yeah you know I think somebody mentioned earlier that there we're going to be out Mac with there is cigar in their beer while everyone inside was fighting and arguing and bickering. Maybe you do need kind of different areas for some folks are around the TV watching football that's not the thing for everybody some people though hated they don't want the TV on at all. Because they say if the TV's on that we're not spending time together so that there's anger and frustration there and the as the be able to go outside to get away and maybe there's another room so you do end up often splintering but that can cause frustration too especially for the house. Well I think you know the hub at it that Italian people. You know doesn't wanna watch but I'll can be in the room those who wanna go out back and have a discussion can be over here you can set up your comment such a way that. People can get along and they can happen. Can pay up he is not going to be on and I have and maybe you wanna come later dinners that such and such attack. I think we're just very open about what her expectations are and then people can see what they can make your Q what they can't make him change. They're of the heap here. You know your sister and mom made Shoppach hit that your brother showed up later package. Holidays all act that they're OK okay. Yeah like are you a doctor Jamie Dixon will continue the conversation coming up we got a line open for you with 50426. 1870. Coming up I'm gonna share a couple of text messages from people who I definitely don't wanna my Thanksgiving meal. I'll have those after this on WW well they've gone in for Garland Robinette in the think tank. On your day before Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving eve I'm Dave Cowan in fort Garland Robinette our guest this hour is clinical psychologist assistant professor of psychiatry at LSU health New Orleans doctor Amy. Dixon got a text messages coming in an 87870. And a couple of people I think I just don't want the man my Thanksgiving meal one person says Hillary Clinton is the popular vote winners or she is the real. Otis they've taxes this about five times so hard 8787. Now the president does suck it up if you don't like trump he's the real president and if you don't like it just shut up. Yeah I don't think I want either view my things. I well I think your family members at these people and you that they feel. Theory strong me and you is that they will want to engage in discussion and you don't want to he Internet discussion. You'll have to decide for yourself what that. Well one person did Jackson say you did know is going to be strife why go to stay away. But you feel pressure you can how to go to moms or dads or whoever is hosting Thanksgiving. You feel like you almost have to go and at least make an appearance. Just to stay in the good graces and it is Thanksgiving you're hoping it's going to be a joyful thing right. Well I think it is quite important is that your expectations in your boundaries. Said hey your mom is so mean and she's not gonna be that wrapping it Politico who app and majored passion. You know that several in remembers that she has invited car. You may want to keep your mom has that. I that there are several feeling members let different opinion. He knew we had that lightly taxed from someone said I'm very disappointed that my mom dated for a different candidate but I'm Robert Allen Alley. And we want to thank there and people like they might really rat meat Iran play on Hamid but please understand I have to leave. I don't want there could be implanted in your house I want you have a wonderful thanks indeed. Maybe I'll come early and help you prepare and spent some time you you can. And I'm like the only without it means he did discussions and you can glean what you need. Yeah mom what does uncle Joseph coming because I don't wanna be there when he gets thicker than maybe a schedule would that way someone else Texas today it's 78 them he says. Our families having this problem so I'm putting this sign on the door. Welcome we are here for a family gathering please no discussion of the election. Wonderful they are said he that boundary and they are that it has that it. And there ain't. Your little weir at new please respect and boundary. Show respect to another text message today it's 7870 QB about kindness and love and use the time to enjoy each other at Thanksgiving and then this person says. The one rule everyone should follow for a peaceful Thanksgiving. Is refrain from being a jerk but. Well generally speaking that's a good rule but unfortunately it seems that many family gatherings that just doesn't work out that way. But maybe maybe that's assigned to to put up there please don't be injure the maybe that would help would dog with doctor Amy Dixon coming up someone at suggested earlier. A phone free Thanksgiving. And I think this might be a point of contention for many families where. There really some of that older folks are tired of everyone to sit there and at their phones may be. Looking at there social media feeds are texting. At the dinner table or during the family time but others are saying hag and thickest helping with my Turkey now on all my friends know what I'm Dylan. Can a phone free Thanksgiving more or. Should there be boundaries about that we'll get doctor Dixon thoughts on that coming up next here on WWL. You can also text a sedate 7870 with your thoughts. Paulus at 50426. 1870. Coming up we'll see what kind of Thanksgiving you're expecting in our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion ball. So earlier we had the text message saying show respect kindness love and use time to enjoy each other at Thanksgiving. Will someone else's taxes this in response to that thing respect. There isn't such a thing for anyone that voted for racist passes fascist massage and instinct they get no respect for those. And doctor Dixon I think that's where we run into a problem as some people just feel so passionately one way or another about the election. That's gonna be hard for them to be in a room with people who disagree with them. And we're back at the same thing that you have a being remembered like that and you'd know back. And you just has to be prepared. How your candle in her acting without. Phones are an issue we had a earlier caller suggests that. He asked everyone to leave their phones in a box at the door because they don't want people on their phones ignoring each other. During Thanksgiving is that realistic in the way our society has evolved now. To expect that. Everyone's going to be able to be happy if they don't have their phones. I know that we think people are going to be happy but he encouraging more action. And that I think many people out there which agreed that we're getting dairy opt in to our electronic every time they gained there but it. People feel they need to look at it which is actually Mary Read what you're having a conversation with somebody. You know that the very U. Our emergency responders are cardiac surgeon that we need to respond to that found. Right away but is it like for that matter. Oh and I'm back he's that it has is it that they're policy. Act like they're at Indy get it you. And they are working men and it time and people can make actually. If they want content and spend time did they feel that they can keep that are now. Why is it that we are seeing increasingly and it seems to be across a larger larger swath of our society not just. Between thirteen but increasingly. So many more people that. If you get an alert on your phone from your social media feet or a text message on your phone. That for some reason people see that as more urgent and more important than the people who were in the room with them why have we. Evolved into that kind of a culture. Their. The theories about why added. People are wanna be in the manner they wanna know what's going on in mind and what happened mean. And we are many people would say they it we Europe all the chief who much flat. Polite culture that we are not prioritize being alive person in front of over our and they'll meet people are doing it date sorted heeded the norm and not and being greeted. And make it hit the way that. We are educating our children and how we're handling it there are certainly plenty of people that put their phone and do not disturb or turn it. Silent and they have offered the conversations with people and they may about sat in the back yard. And check their messages when they're not around people and then they come back and are fully present in their conversation. Eight other people with eight and to their maybe to avoid conversations. Or maybe they feel the people around them are not as important as what they want at the other there's a lot of different reasons for people. And either way we know it's true we know it's reality the one thing that drives me crazy is person who puts their phone in the lap and thinks they're being really slick and sly by checking it in responding to it because it's sitting on their leg or in their lap. When it's still obvious what they're doing even though the Nat holding it above the kind of table. So that ever going to see it it's still clear what you're doing in your still not engaged in the conversation but. I just fear that some people they just they would be less happy they wouldn't want a big be angry. And then you have a problem if you town hey leave your phone at the door. So it's trying to somehow balance that with a everyone in this kind of accepting that you have all these different personalities that are. Common together when you bring the family together for a big beast like Thanksgiving. That straight and that night they began. That your expectation that Mac people she is that they want it hammered out. I predict and any last minute advice for folks get ready to head over the river and through the woods or and the welcoming a whole bunch of folks to their house for Thanksgiving. I really hope that people out there can buy the joy and Thanksgiving. They can go and spend time with people they loving Arafat and walk away from it feeling good day feeling like he connected with people that you love. And you'll find your own pastor enjoyment that Thanksgiving we all need a break we don't need brat that I hope we don't get them at Baptist Thanksgiving. I I hope that can happen and I hope all of your advice this hour's helped people who are looking for that to have a wonderful Thanksgiving doctor Dixon you have a wonderful and happy enjoys Thanksgiving to you thank you for joining us we appreciated coming up we'll see how you're voting in our bay it's every pretty jaguar opinion poll. What's nice get a giving gonna be like in your home or you're gathering we'll see which is saying online at WWL dot com. Well you know less than half review voting online at WWL dot com expect a joyous Thanksgiving I'm a little saddened by that he had a big it's seventy ready jaguar opinion poll 47%. Say there. Thanksgiving will be joyous. 16% expected to be complete disaster. And 37%. Think it's gonna be somewhere in between. And I think that the divisive in this. The polarizing election we just had is only making what is typically a difficult situation for many families. Even worse because there's always issues when families get together between siblings. Between in laws. Between children and parents. Whatever the case you bring a family together when families don't get together all that often at least in such large numbers. And there are people who say and do things that make other people angry there are situations that are going to. At least have the potential for ruining the gay and leaving people just. His stop war sad. Or whatever the case may be my advice based on everything we've heard from everyone we've talked to and receive text messages from over the last hour. Is let's all just cry really hard. To enjoy the day. Focus on the good things. Go into it expecting it to turn out well. And it's open starts to go off the rails just do whatever you can to bring him back on track. Only 47% expected joyous Thanksgiving. I'd and I think that amplified by the recent election in fact 52% of people in a recent national survey says the idea of politics coming up at Thanksgiving dinner stresses them out so they're going in stressed out already afraid. The politics are gonna ruin the day. I like this text message today 7870. This people need to learn. To just be adults. Just divert the conversation. Or take the person it was initiating that conversation to the side and explained to them that it's not acceptable. Whatever the way you do it I'll be of a thing fantastic things given we're talking LSU next hour.