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11-23 5pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: reviewing losses for the Saints and LSU and analyzing the Tigers' coaching search

Nov 24, 2016|

Bobby, Deuce & Deke review the Saints' loss to Carolina and LSU's defeat at the hands of Florida and dig further into the Tigers' coaching search.

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And get a name candidates human do you and knows all of us here at WW green sports. All courtesy thing. Many master control mr. maudlin on also the great Deuce McAllister embodied there. I'm deep Bellamy coming up this hour will be deuces take one look inside the SEC is robbery week in the SEC some big wins. Dog did Georgia Tech. The palmetto state Clemson, South Carolina. Arkansas Missouri LAQ you knew in Kentucky and Louisville Tennessee van de. Draw for a state. Mississippi State and Ole miss in the egg beau and Bo. Alabama and plus operating jaguar upping your photos at WW dot com. At four and six tied for a third and final the last place in the AFC NFC south. With Carolina is a New Orleans Saints Dem base at five and five and as it's that simple the cage again embodied it doesn't think the Saints are out of the NFC south. Mix as follows when the time and the division. Do you. Cast your vote online at WW go out come the great deuce McAlister joins us now you are Aaron week induced the Saints are at point six. August era in the home in the season when in the conversation. I mean they're not eliminated by any means. You know you've put yourself in a tough situation where. You've got to run the table or at worst you gotta go four and two and we know you talk about going for into an engine needs and he'll. You know best thing for them to do is have a lot and win every game they got left on is impossible. Yes but do they have to play better considerably I mean you have to clean up obviously I think. If there's one thing that people screaming about it is special teams mean you know the other piece. Becomes on not turning the football over a pinkie on six of the last two games. You know and that's something that's yet to clean up you know defensively they've gotten better. They can continue to get better you know I think that they can help themselves without creating some turnovers. And odd enough to feel third announcement mean. They're not out of conversation by any means just because they have two games left what would Tampa and and obviously a game with the Atlanta so. You win those three that at least you put yourself in a conversation. Those wouldn't you agree that this I mean to me it was kind of amazing considering reminder as to that we re even in the game. Against him and even Carolina well now we had to play catchup would you look at that minus category turnover margin and there was a lot of somewhat encouraged and I would think you would beat also it you know shoot yourself in the foot on special teams Wheeler. Block and have a chance to take it to the house. No scoop and score often turn over a this is pretty encouraging that. And Dennis Allen the defense. The past five games have only given up twenty and have points I mean that that's a cartoon to me. Considering that I don't think that was gonna happen this quickly considering how they started the season. Knew what what we're getting gash who given. Like 3233. Points a game it'll really when you started the season you have to remember that you had to many guys out as well you know one of the wild cards has been nine LOB. Who has been held their last couple of games so he definitely helps you but I mean. You know inserting packages that fit personalities in scheme wise. Has helped tremendously you know offer for one point there you would down your top six corners. And so instead of us playing a nickel defense we play three safeties. And you know that's pretty much has been a base package for us you know I think didn't Franken back has helped you know fairly has been unbelievable. He's helped cam Jordan be able to come off the agency probably a little list of double teams he still didn't double I mean but gave to create pressure. And the thing that has to. The and you have to be impressed with particular with his defense is. When they do being you know when they do give up a big play in the red zone they've been able for the most part. Bolting out in the red zone yet they've been able to hold teams. At least field goes well you can feel field goals attempt you know and so when you think about them from often to standpoint. You know it's just got to be efficient on offense you know I think where you have to be the most disappointed about it and you know we can't beat that horse they Utley because he he's he's dated. It's been special to me. Mean because the last two games you gave up a blocked field goal which would would which occurred where two. And and you gave a blocked field goal which would have been a touchdown if not for bad I'll block in the bag which in turn lay it to. At least another three in the following game so when I would that and talk about it anymore because I think they know what has to be done there. But you know if the o's are regular appoint a natural point. Then how much different is this team film about itself because literally you're six and four instead of 46. Now does that now and I think. You know to keep the ball rolling forward and play a lot of confidence in my youth and all the colors come back. That the defense should. Have a good outing against the red. Well you got to make the Rams one dimensional I mean you're right yeah led tide do it and I know you're a tiger early and I love him it probably. I love him but one thing about girly. That he hadn't been at Georgia. If you get too early. Not to say he'll quit. But he had had the same fight night at the same fight as it looked last year he averaged four point eight yard took basically five guards McCarron I was at 3.2 yet. Almost a sell adult let them gash new in an N. His office a lie and had helped about a lot as well I mean he's gonna make some plays a mean because he's a tremendous run America really really. Like him I think he has a bright future. But I mean they have to have them up front. And then when you have a young quarterback we can't allow woods young quarterbacks you know you look at Mary Joseph what he was they were do you look at Jamison on his first art. What he was able to do we can't let a young quarterback come in here and feel comfortable you know move on a blitz him we've got to be able to either get after him. And or anticipates route to be able to jump some of the things that he likes to do you know whether it's stolen a slant with the storm Fay. We can't allow those receivers to come off the last free. He ambulatory hit him be able to throw goal and and just have this way you know if you gonna bring pressure bring the purse. You know if you gonna sit insults and end zone and try to confuse. Well. Things that in my mind. The quarterback for Denver things seem mean yeah OK trusting them. Okay it was sacked him six times you threw two picks. And we're blitz and his save like every other play. One look at it right now which Eric offset you look at Nadal was he he was seventeen of 3134. Yards but let him get some kind of comments. When he's been on alike think his numbers then 250 yards by you said make them one dimensional. And it and you don't want. Tiger again all because what you do you you play action. You do boots off of that so. I don't know do's and Ollie being extremely disappointed even though the Rams have beat being the Saints handily the last two times and they wanted to trenches. I'd be really disappointed frustrated. And I called him out. They if they can't take care of it is at home against nova will look look elementary. Longer. Jars that speculative you got to bay you got to pick a double on you know you can't pegged as one lies this this this and you know I'd pay a double life. I mean because whether it's Michael Brock does what it's and Donald you know it'll be intricacies of Robert Quinn plays. They can view it after the quarterback in and we lose the last scrimmage. And it's going to be a a closer game we delighted bid in 96 times tight games fourteen at hand because of the NB yeah yeah I did president pros they've been and done that for the black and go the cage he can't about the eBay and Deuce McAllister. It's a preview previewed a very easy one now and torn and it's coming up here. On WW. Deuce and Bobby here where there's 260 point 78 to the phone to go Schaub Matt for Wes Wes getting in thank you for calling WW there. Well my chance to finally talk that you took me it would Shepperd good the other day my man. Shuttle. Okay well as well what day it was today. Who did college hate on him. Armada bringing me and he sat out was cooperation. All smoke and wrote about what Tom Herm. This is what I'll say you know in years ago when the last miles beer and hot you get lit things up and down and I. But you've got away at our hosts Calero and you gotta set to call up because it wasn't just that you won just what are you saying because. When you came in behind your mother we gave you any time we respect they take it you get that they are not just you just didn't think Tom Herman that you'd run a lot of other stuff. Okay well so are talking as auger who wants a deal the rest of the story in the brought our. Erupted at all. One game at a cart is one hop hop right to pop pop all you'll note got it. You and you pick out Oklahoma at home right but it goalie. JP rollicking pop pop. All. And not do. Not eight and eighteen but chronically Putin built up and use and not like. I'm like Tokyo. It Peter ran it well. It got a job Bert I don't think you about leadership that can bring much what it is because you know it went. On quarterback. One championship certain span. Where went. And every event that now that now now is tell the audience the rest of the story why you ask that you profits. Because you were trying to compare. One coach on one issue but you do wanna give the other coach the same leeway meaning day dues and I tell would you would you say what Houston did this and now and not quest you passable. What do I just knew what about navy in you know it took a lot you know what to excuse us. Holes that's because they what they can about. But you may get some excuse and we are you going give you would give to go to the Saints eight. Do you reply and days ago. God what all of October and audit. Can. You what the problem waiting all on the you know you. What did well. Just search. Four Croat and began in with proper. New York that. You program. Went in the right spot. And yeah it looms as human rights and it was taken out every ball. But you're right now bring top acts like he just told me. That that term what it was an approach he let me. What makes you wanna see my own on the side and give up coaches and in the anything you do you would just slant. Well as I can't tell you pocket you line. They would shoot and because that committee with Jim will pitch over Tom because they are apparently was him. Winn-Dixie won a national championship. He was during the off. You aren't aren't. Well. Opt. That the best we can do you actually like. I think LSU fans and have no problem double legitimately. Or elevate to take my equation out could chose a college league come in and wins and wins the Al won the west but I'll tell you Tom Harmon not in the Thompson on the decades an old. Negligible it did. Look overall not this season. Look overall but he did it right out of state following a legend how many coaches have success when they Apollo living legend Bobby bow. It'd. Get at Florida I play my point I don't look at his overall track record of Florida State. Right and he was all the to coordinate it would save and it won the championship. That's why I LSU fans have no problem with it. Which are accusing you pointed to a city where west have been unfair he wants to give Tom Herman. A leeway because some ought to put it came out but he's saying open but the two Jumbo. You taught me and know this man and Ronnie Renner. I'm not you knew when you see I. Would be back up. By actors don't think he's ever think everybody go on me or you can't wars. When war recruit them. No one went on war. Where went. You know one game at two years. But again you but the Houston and saint what they lost that knocked cannot but not now. Houston lost antsy and you used to loss to navy you know what you save all of this article. They tell a football man as current. Edge there as well I think L issue has now what impact has better facilities that Florida State in the Gator since that coaches a whole lot better. You know I listed is seeded kind of leverage that Jim bowl hat if he does there at Florida State. Does he have some input with a future facilities. Paying assistant coaches and an obviously in itself getting paid when you look at OK if you coach at Ellis shoot you aren't a top dol. That did that there's no other state school. Where you have to he did he got that the numbers the players of Florida you have to compete against Florida in Miami a big turn things around. So look at look at the challenge and I could see it SEC west vs the ACC so that at pros and cons boldly. Whereas you have a great days gave them a man we appreciate and west from the bottom hawk you welcome him out which in any. 260 right Sammy you could Texas 87870. Coming up a CBS news update local news to Chris Miller. And a lot to get to plus deuce is take it every week a lot on the line in the SEC especially some big blows including right down a street. The Allstate Sugar Bowl this is WW. And welcome back to sports talk he is to Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert on the going to be don't forget tomorrow now T Bob Hebert myself more comfy at 1 o'clock on you down it's a Gulf Coast bank and trust tiger tailgate show. LSU and Texas a and am and I on the line tomorrow night between LA issue and an Ammann who knows a year ago at this point in time we knew it was a big game. We'd realize how big game it wasn't took the battle continued to incident in the and he got to be second quarter and the record in Romans around the stadium. And there was sweet jump in the press box Koppen. It Jim both Israel was coming LA issue and it nest in my house without the in the and then before you know it Jimoh official one common LSU and less miles had to win. Are in order to keep his job on the whole mess Mao's Lands' End 68 seconds before he takes the Mike. In his post game press conference he's dole but F king Alexander. And Joseph Lieberman that he would be retained as a coach so we may see that happen drama again tomorrow night is it funny. For the second straight year in what twelve months and one day. It's a gangel come down to at least you. In Texas and hey Eddie guy got a course. Before we talk about it again yes sir what are you by. Me and Bobby I mean me about it like elation when we wanna talk on the go of colds. The pregame show you know eagle might as well so it is not a cub town was line. Anyone say do you find together. And then he came out yeah game that I did to Korea and about him is he was policy is is pops. But certainly this as a Thanksgiving and I I figured the other day amount in his dues it was nothing Paris okay. We did that bother me out I'd been. Now. You talk about its leadership to about leadership and a okay. As king Alexander. Done for the university. And positive and other than that then you know what stalled last year they could have been known to the descent at space given to the university band might because no one steps forward and said anything. I don't know I would take I would take it he's done his job but. Okay then now you throw in there. Joseph Olivo let did you see trying to make a big splash as a athletic director. I mean considering. You look at situation with Hollywood of Duke when he left Duca to come Ellis shoot. And he can make a play that I mean he's volley it was gonna get a new basketball coach may be eventually going into the decently on a Jones he's. Ace in the prospects I'm into a new basketball coaches which is supposed to be his wheel house. And the aces you know and athletic director and now what does that have to do to go to the idea is not a return and yes they go to a tournament you hear me yeah go to return you raise the price take it to scoop because he's making me in the I know they'll early in the press that he does that I think I think they're physical problems here that you there. You you've got a president. And Jill. Who are from losing. Greatness from moral note written in a group greatly laurel regional I mean so. Here you have two guys that are connected but they're connected because of work. Brian Sell a lot of times. I don't want say it don't put the best entries. Athletics. And hand but. That's what has really happened I mean because. You've come out own record two years in a role of identifying your gap yeah. As being jumbled this year and probably two years in a row. There are heavily to head V heavy rumblings. That your gap. If not comedy it is gonna be in bed routine gonna make a. And now all even if he is got a call. How much have you raised the steak. As far as price and four for for for yourself I mean because you you knew going in. Vet him making. Six million or better was at least a starting point and you got to remember it's no state tax. And and here's the thing deuce. Is no plan B. There's no plan B who who is to blame beat because it and I got no problem because gimbal. You only merited or. Do you hear that they know if you don't have a plane be already. Beaten all the. Why why do it personal you don't even less miles happening for dole and I was destined not well I. I like where I like he had but he is not innovated you know and well if you don't and playing DU beats you got rid of a man and in that note September you don't handle play. You can't pay out money you got more degrees at the mama. Lee well to be Larry Fedora. The lakes the far coach about the art and that they'll agree to Cotto. And now Hamilton now this is might be. Just look at geography. Is there any connection. When Larry Fedora and being in North Carolina and it goes a southern coast it's a little haven I think at colonial is our involvement cornered at Oklahoma State well so I mean. He has some conviction as far as explosive often double and ultimately back connection as far as relationships. By him going in North Carolina are they in the same circles. Jolie who was in North Carolina Duke. I don't know how to outlook in his that's one of the I've doubted him in because rumor he was it right that's Hillary got the that. Got a guy before he got to Carolina meet the only I mean the only. Play that you would hang out. Outs. Fisher. You know you Tom Harmon is not again. You know Tom Toms won takes Grammy and you don't wanna come here that that'll be done you know. He's seen what has happened the last couple years and he's a stay away from nets his ways he's going to ticks. The only other play that you would have would be some innovative. NFL coach exactly EO which. Which I don't know Jones who has I don't think he's got the mines and lasting mats I don't think he's got to. The whereabouts to contact. All how you rules there again I he would go about contact me if you asked him now OK who's your top opens corny you graft in the anything out of even name for a already now and I'm not in the man but this this same scenario Keaton jilted at all if this is happening what we think its hand in. You go to jilted at all again annual go to a you'll big money people the big money people. Okay well he's not come. Well you know we did happen and you have a full money this year and you've you've just have a full money list and now you're telling us again he's not comment or who is come. And you sit there were a man has complete charge or program around and made the Morales in the whole school. From secretary as air by a lot better the team is clearly playing better. But because you overloaded you're out also auto week. You're trying to and the whole Florida game on a coach and everything happening because you could say to defraud game most important because how you rank your. Mapping the media. That's not right. And I dig out at tech sit here hominem maybe they can enlighten me Bobby please played is how Ellis has better facilities in Florida State where the last time you step on the Florida State campus. No I have never thought that a Florida State Canas as is that what I what I have read. So now I'd be surprised him and the pro people and all the facility on the car Nebraska. Alabama LSU who knows that the deficit at the facilities at Florida State. Awesome with the best in the cart to wait yet where Jim bow seemingly Utah to Florida people in this in the guest and not talk to people who go for our state. There have been some times. Which Campbell has wanted to pay his assistants or try and land a big assisted in his game I don't know if you say argument our struggles. Awed disagreements. Dad has been somewhat I guess you'd say of something he would like to approval. But as far as everything else. I think from what I understand Jim both relationship with our president draster. At Florida State and everybody else is excellent look during this whole process. I hear people on the show up to yesterday. I think everybody here was not shocked if Jim both mr. ears in was do. Don't even an issue choice. But. When you talk to people in Tallahassee from the oil and I was an immediate. It is not fear tactic like you know some media skated saint make. Nobody over there will say that they think Jim both Christian is coming to bad note it's not knocking at LSU. They just don't think he is going to leave. Just Florida State. And and to meet at this up and I don't know if it if he's going common. But for those Bieber to sit there and save to deny him in some that weather has a chance because that there. He must have a great race on these are good ratio so they want it to about that this is no this is the coach but by the right at the RC. Nine I used data from our Miami's Miami to be on the lower fraud at Florida State it would not our face not with Marty Nesbitt. For Ortiz that list as well. Money I mean yeah it just talked talked about money what neighborhood would he have to be in to at least feel comfortable to take their job I mean because. What the package as far as just based packets. You know we're talking about 2016. His base package. He moves in the neighborhood of about five and a half 1000006 million dollars so NF by MS MS before balls that's what he's Ginn a Florida State right now. All right handed you don't you don't play you don't pay state tax in no more like Texas yet you know and not now what you have to go with sex and I believe that's his agent would you have to be on the level of Jim Harbaugh type note to Jim Harbaugh makes over nine million yeah edge I don't know headboard and save. Yeah he makes over nine million but part of that is they paid a premium for his life insurance though. He basically EEI mean the fiftieth and I had a thousand go to the rim like Goosen and look at the whole pen okay we go to break a cut to be. He's outstanding college. Is Chip Kelly a possibility and I'll look the part not yet to remember. With the Eagles get back to back in his six seasons Wright ended things dingle is a way. And the Eagles and now the 49ers and I look and his system and I'm pretty well Italy and they let our own office I want you guys and that guy and I'm glad I got our Iraq which is and I chipped Cammie has always put LA Hugh. I don't think he's nowhere in being in cavs edged knife you look at what it had Dave ran the running the defense now and Ana and I and every uprooting it would show it is our ass is all out and LHU. He's nowhere he's no Witten to beef now. But Joseph concept is right somebody with Dave Randy is but he's not on the list August sake as dual eligible I don't know yeah yeah yeah I did their other names though that I'm like a gallon what joys it once more closely what could he could hear it will be wood chipped it out now to Chip Kelly leave an NFL and does he have at least. 18 and eight season that there at Frisco you know I don't think census goes far him after a one year last year and a firearm alms and after one unit they they don't give him another year. Is 2015. Again seemingly LHU NAN am is that this Thanksgiving night the drama. Is getting thicker and thicker. With LA issue moving forward and the coach exert to a continuing WW. Artists a huge games in the SEC aggregate deuces take. At the top the next hour all of these some big rival game incurring the one between soccer Manning Clemson though to just don't like he took a bow of the went deuce has displayed in. I'm going tomorrow night Collins we can't kicks off here on WW LSU and enamel meet for the 55 time the Mark Ellis she leads the series thirty want to point. 23. Wayne in saint Tammany thank you calling WW yeah. I doubt our elder I'm not too quick bang. It is unfortunate in my opinion that there. We're discussing the possibility of the coach. Leaving his job because a player went the wrong way on the play. I mean if he did he make some extra. Audiences I think that were having this thing discussion and number two I do believe Oliva has a history of poor decision making and lose at. And at Ali who Wayne absent I don't think there's a more respected coach on any level. College to pro in any sport. Anywhere in the world in my actions just speak at Duke university and that is back. He's two years his colleagues. And the players he has coached on the pro and cut no I'm dumb but the players of the highest that I have coming salary standpoint ego up and land Olympics and so for everyone has a great. Report when it comes to my sister everybody it's been around at him come out on HBO special when hold Duke Lacrosse to England now and say did we. As administrators. And people who were in charge. Should he put his own name but we knew we was going to because he didn't mean he do with that across part of should have used caution. Instead of bravado. Win the whole Duke Lacrosse thing went down. Point toward the DA. From the attorney general's office to the prosecutor in the county in Durham and of course the hand and a director Joseph leaf. So you bring up a very valid and truthful point Allan Houston Texas thank you calling WW Rio. Yeah hello yes I do writing in. And yeah and I don't want to. Were call when Doug about them if you go to or two Ottawa that they want going to have a collection. I'll for a while oh yeah the great coach I don't know why do you. Like Ian here and as you. Or blah blah. Think. Him or our job again I'm you know. Now and days them deuce in the mile an hour talking about this and break someone who knows something about. The hockey and indestructible football. And obviously you do that point now that's excellent excellent. Point to bring up just make game he's a guy do's and thanks to call out the nose just he's got a background. And if you look at the something you can kind of compare not that he's saint. But O'Brien took the route he met you at doing and went to Penn State probably put in the most difficult situation the coaches have a may have put in in any situation in football. In bill O'Brien when he didn't Penn State. And now he's back in the pros would if you're looking for somebody dues this got some name recognition and can handle things I mean mcdaniels is an office again. Yeah I mean the thing that you have to do commend him because I don't know his history as far as initiated from Kent can recruit and and asked the biggest thing you always talk about NFL guy when he goes back to Collins and me at the last so important that you keep the Damian Craig you keep our on do you keep a coach old. You know if possible on. That at Pete Carroll did what when Pete Carroll the only Kathy is Dana who was the head coach. Coach goes all the one Pete Carroll kept as because I'm Paul Hackett. Yeah I thought I hadn't yet and Oakland chose on Jack I was OC Maclin and and so you can't go pros the college back to pros so it's not like. You know we you have to like do said that the recruiting going if that's that. You know the Nolan think that you could do at a high level you that athletics matters and it's given peca a lot of confidence usually as I called the college goes routed Al. Like two week two weeks a year what they off two weeks CA is gonna change this year a little bit you know just because of you out via NCAA has changed the rules. You know the thing that would be impressive with him. Is how he's developed quarterbacks and that's how it. Now would Charlie was there when Brady but you know for him and you economy and that liquidated would Bruce it just easier to yeah here I tried in you look at what they did with the go block brawl yeah Guerrero bogey upper lower as well Islam mean. He is getting the most out of his quarterbacks in the and he is running systems. Where they can be successful I mean because knowing that the normally run would would would would Brady a quarterback keep you off at the nets would. Numbers that likes to do more with what he did at NC state so. He would be one to watch rep they he has as I only NFL dot all right everybody in Florida when you talk to Florida and. Eighty MP what they say Jumbo efficient he's happy where he stayed he stayed in Florida State's. Do you take. LSU was in play for Jim both finish and if not Jumbo Dan who. The Jimmie Lee who not guessing who always deuce and Bobby and Deke Bellavia Drew Brees in forty minutes on WW.