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11-23 7pm Bobby & Deke: with the View from Vegas

Nov 24, 2016|

Bobby & Deke get the picks of the week from Raphael Esparza of DocSports.com and Vegas Runner of TheBigMoves.com and profile Iditarod hopeful Walter Herrmann III.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number of for the final out of sports self he is Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert. I'm Deke Bellavia we're here for another. 48. Minutes in there landings are decreasing gig in T Bob a ban for Thanksgiving edition of double coverage. The first up operated jaguar paid your pole last year LSU Texas in him. As they Dana. Grew longer and older first quarter second quarter. It was learned throughout the rumblings that Tiger Stadium that they game was much more important and we fell to the battle between me and imminently issue a lot was on the line. Tomorrow night when the Tigers played Agassi College Station in Texas. What the outcome of L issue in me and him having a bearing on who becomes an issue Knicks take coach. Voted operated jaguar opinion poll at WWL. Dot com and it's time now for the view from Vegas and here to help us with the view from Vegas is Raphael. As bizarre Riviera thank you so much for joining us Howard nearly as regret the Olympics you game. Well I think that the 221 I'm not mistaken but it's it's funny you mention who can beat LSU head coach to that next week. Get rid of that and who will be the LSU head coach so maybe we can discuss that next. Yeah yeah for sure no doubt about it yeah 00 would be on the list that you would set the odds for raffia. I mean of course it's huge it's obvious ones but he's been coached and of course Florida State. Those you have to be different when I still being. I mean I don't think maybe Stoops from Oklahoma to get them some grumbling that they don't. Let me make it our get a good bowl game that they give him very noble game I think though Oklahoma. Can be. Maybe his way out just because they'd he's had some good teams Ritter sport would be contending. And could be another disappointing get a year Oklahoma and not making a final four. You know nowadays and they be in will be no bowl game Miller's you have a head coach wade reporting on that now Raphael would that be so what are the odds that the coach O coach or draw because let's say. They can't get the man they want. The CB would jumble Fisher. Are the ego the used to coach his name's Tom arm got Tom Herman and don't get up and all of a sudden coach show. The team plays you know he looked at a level like they did when Niekro as targets I'll say they would blow out aid them a what are his odds with coach goes. I think waited display what against Alabama was probably the worse. Job if you can probably I think that public facilities and it's just not scoring. A point against Alabama it being he would have to beat down the list I'll be double digits I wish I was. Oh rout you don't want a I want it you know Rafael utilized that true he's a defense that coach he's not all of it's a coach in his last miles. Coaches being a part of that coaches that sliding begin to talk to we know because we don't live down here. Then he's gonna have an opportunity that you get the job OK who you bring it is all of it's a coordinator. To make the offense to be different see that's why you cape known Alabama their because. Because he did the exit the nets have coach he's not and I'll ever alone as an expertise no one knows everything the same thing when Alabama when Alabama is on a roll. When Alabama their roles say it doesn't have anything to do with the Dolphins. As Coach Kiffin I gotta hire right people in the draws that rap I'm does give you some inside scoop from Louisiana. I told I believe it respected about 00 I'm looking for opposite coordinator right now you would you do have that interview used decade. I'm getting so little room I would start looking at like the Texas Tech opposite coordinator. Or someone at putting up big numbers for office. And still you have. Someone in your back. Hansen might help you need to go you can pick whom you guys here Whitney's third except that it ready to go only reacting coach as a shot. Raphael now let's jump riding and LA issue antics is seeing him this mad over a bit fat and happy now it's climbed up to seven. The Tigers on the road economist Jason minus seven. Was to play here. I think Ellis you have to be at play here I don't know what their mind game on out is a game and people seem to blow what. At that they've really when he won the game I think Ellis who's the pick has a lot of pride. And that being that the with it because differently yeah I think tech has been in the pocket all the time struggling to score points. Immaculate shot that the polls opened up at 47 that was maybe like maybe 45. I think -- speed to win this game covering does that mean that the well is he but I still think Ellis you can witness. Debut when he came by and. I ran Vietnam has moved to another game that got coaching circles around. Texas and TCU. This is a Friday game that is coming up. Friday afternoon in in Austin where they don't land Ohman a visit it now belong on ought three point favorite court the big question mark here liken him a few. Was gonna have their way hey coach Charlie Strong. He's gone I mean at it then I meant exactly that he's coaching it I heard the reason why he is coaching established that the players. But we're we knew we B we talk about now plane the next class a couple of games as if fired and most of the it has to be tactic I think that that's when the game. Just just poor record strong coached on the law actually it's not that has that problem is one green to have around out. I think that there's three now that the yes I think taxes is gonna get so much public money and that's games. I now Rafael would look at and a ballclub that you know they they they didn't have the year. Did they did a year ago with Theo they they are not a bad ballclub and they won and I think they become. You know a little bit better from a bowl standpoint should they win this week. Missed the news and Houston in a lot on the line here because he is once the game trending upward at the last week's blowout win over Louisville. Tom Herman he came courtesy of I am not a blowout victory habit upped his ante so to beat. They probably added another million dollar to it and you Patrick looked that way and I think you've been asked to be done. At the nuclear an omen that the talk to play at home they've been they've won four of their last six home games. The defense played really well all of a lot when I thought it would be used and I think they're rolling right now. You don't have to be to play I thought it was going to be like round six point favorite used to win this game they won last week let you are what point. Nobody thought that respect you have been a big win that they have map as it was almost a fight and feel sorry about that game do you think you can gloat about Memphis. I wrecked the out now missed go gimme your attack. For college football league. A lot of blue. A big one at that wanted to watch beavers Washington. At Washington. I think wanted to stay up all go to rock go over the annual in Anaheim take analyzing who they play at that point that the Inca. I like the way they're going like pretty clear all of their eyes they want buy another ticket holder opposite potent. I think yeah badly wanted to beat the way apple. So Washington State at home you're taken him a six right. It was six all the wash sample of the apple cup are direct Theo pick number two. Picked numbers to look at temple owls are east Carolina temple lane minus twenty and a half. It east Carolina. In Auckland this pathetic at being mean you probably scored some points and then they keep it you know they need six point last week and navy adding temple although the big number coming up a big way. I get our Tulane green wave which I had last week two temple awaiting. 31 not been having palpable to get a win. My guy mowing and lot of NB a and I nobody sixteen is now at 21. I Rafael pick number three. The Philippines and other beat them on. Writing. At that age you there at eight in Arizona and pick in the doubles on the road. Well at the medium blame minus three I just being gay in the team has given up uncle rod. There one intent against the spread disease and I think Arizona being as we went off and that he visitors on the attic and giving up over sixty points a couple of games. Alex Arizona be on the road and. Right and it and young Lance Thomas play Raphael give it to. I think that do that but Alabama minus seventeen against Auburn. Could you bet against. Alabama there on eleven and ultimately get to spread their last ten games I think too much running too much opposite the minute he sprinted back and give him any points. I think Alabama rolls Auburn Angels to the SEC championship woods is rolling in it happens in a defense that defense is just. And a belt I spent defense. As you read your I heard it's and a they've beat that Alabama's done as they are. They would be eight point 88 in a hair caught on the dog to the winners even brown who would you take it and had been. I would take a week and I'll be longer it seemed totally different. And now I think talent spoke. Down on us some people really can't convert him they'd be in the decimate Alabama plus two point eight vs clean I'd take that but but tell somewhat. Is it that it is completely its man vs boys when you look at the NFL gains style. But just off in the line and deepened the land when will walk over he'd be in. And and I would help people propelling the justice to our the to the college kids looking up to me the other idol but at the play against. I think Tuesday members is Foyt the defense about Cleveland. Or run while all over Alabama office to land in LA and Alabama has the pressure Marco not to let us do to corners. I would pick leave him out pick plus 28 double mortgage my house. I diablo obviously in the reputable forget to topple NFL plays Thursday football Thanksgiving Day introduce in Dallas and Detroit. The Detroit Lions to bail for anyone in their last obvious example atop the NFC north against Minnesota. And they are Detroit is now minus two and a pair of three at home tomorrow what's the blah. Who'd a thought that the division at the worst division in. In football right now he got a legal team you try to out of being you being. Final minute of the finally broke or does losing to win last week against Arizona but Arizona that the team that we thought we were going to be. I think between the lines where I used pampered and a quarterback very quiet winning by about it that they mean between Houston and a road that only hiccup. A pick in Detroit. By now now a rabbit out. The Dallas Cowboys they won nine straight day did you know against this bridge there and actually in that ON one I guess is red because he pushed against the Giants. They are rolling right now minus seven oval Washington Redskins another ballclub that is hot this 63 in one. I don't care they're playing. 85 Bears on pick in Dallas during nine and went straight up and 91 against the spread all they're doing it's cashing tickets and winning games. Until ballot loses that boosted agility have been different that often the line is going to be so key to this game. A bit in doubt again minus seven. I -- and final for the Thanksgiving folks there give him another plate Indianapolis at home against Pittsburgh this flag opened three. Now Pittsburgh is and that point favorite political. I mean I wanted to take it personal I kept it. No mine it not so I'm not going well when the land mine he jumps so much a granting us this it would Pittsburgh struck an owner wrote like the. They made that numbers so high so they would do that can wipe out some of that parlay action it because. It's so high people won't be spending the money lying. What other key teams like new wing leaned in and others they've made and they're dedicated Indianapolis are they're gonna get in them was money no matter what. But they just may get to China to protect the house and that's only need to do was protect the house would is that numbers but I think the COLT over the is that I think Pittsburgh wins by the navy Savion. A lot of land there's no way actually minus nine and Pittsburgh and wrote. From docks boards Rafael as Bosnia is hospice against. Given us the picks of the week I ran bear youthful it has failed leagues given to the. Forward but that was a problem with you this thing minus seven against programs you build it into an offensive numbers is no doubt about it and it you're in the lead programs in order to go off spent with the with the Saints. No way that the rampant that stroke struggling scored points. All you belong on pick and it ain't that went by double digits easily in the game take this thing minus that in. I element to. Number Q you have to basically LeBron pick the New York Giants but that was. I'm a rookie to hit Cleveland Cleveland on eleven I really need to say anything more I love the way the Giants and complain or defense has been a lot better than what people thought it was. Think the Giants have the public about the business of football at the east or Giants I think 083. Coming down aspects to mall eggs at number three raffia. Pick number three is gonna come on Monday night while we're at it a little Eagles minus four over Green Bay has its dream Gator I. Like he'd been rendered giving up back to back thirty points. I think as another when I mean you could court has done and they Green Bay defense. Eagles have way too much opposite of power I think roles as a big game against that we deepen the Green Bay as particularly at minus four at home on Monday night. And found him and they are just. Final NFL player of the week on this does give it to. Take it why not take New England Patriots ticket and you are crappy jet that I don't know who's quarterbacking we don't know who it is and she. And this game but Tom Brady I'm Brady wears three quarterback to be near chips might have on the field at one time. They're only lanes seven after eight into their perfect I have been oh on the road vehicle perpich six and on a rotate New England minus seven and amp. Apnea as Bausley he's exit the week that college picks of the week Washington State plus six oval Washington. Temple minus throwing hand over ECU. Arizona State minus three over Arizona and had about a armada seventeen overall Auburn and Lambeau. The NFL picks of the week the New Orleans Saints minus seven over the LA Rams the New York Giants minus seven over Cleveland Browns. For the adelphia minus for the Green Bay in doing a minus seven and a half. Over the New York Jets Raphael is Raza Vegas in form of a dark sports Matthew I'm a man that nobody Tebow with you on social media. Speaking of that and I and so you need to follow me. Yet I tax sports you could also find me at back sports spectrum. Raphael have a days given the union Sammy thank you so much we'll talk next Thursday night. They did it. All right. We will continue with our view from Vegas and Tulane coached the winner of rates that's coming up next on WW. The tuning green wave conclude their 2000 and and sixteen outer season under coach Willie Fritz a this week in in Connecticut against the hunt Huskies in American ethnic. A conference accent coach really for its judges now coach rich thank you so much for the time and I know no one's more disappointed. They knew that the ballclub on loses of six straight been outscored nanny between fourth. And now the last few contest coach or what what is your message C team this week playing Connecticut coming up. And you know what would you tell them going out there to try and way to harness him in basically a game that you just trying to go to momentum going in next I would imagine. Well it won't exactly I'll try to build momentum into the off season recruiting. Frank ball all the different kind of things can. You know it can't compete and you know politically and talk about. Country and culture of the program and get guys to compete every practice he could go on the Coke can be groomed. And you know we've had great by very good week of practice shall are. Finishing up tomorrow the next day in a particular team with a win on Saturday. Coach drizzle when you look at it is is there a point that you attribute to when you you got off to such a good start. Oh yeah 32 and name we know how close you are with with navy and it straight out nicely into it may have this and that straightened some tight games SMU. Is there a situation coach where you look at and say you know this is where maybe we started to run and in depth always got warned albeit what do orders and things when you look at this season north in his final game. Did you say you know what Dick this has to be completely corrected in order for us not to go to his next year. Well. He WR and trouble that we weekly addressed. 68 and you know what actually tripped up in all game lightly kick it you guys. Connecticut and what they have guys. You know he would get a much better job. Get that many factors in being able to compute this level and developed depth and competition. In the laughter. And other conditions got pretty good competition. But the condition of competition. And you know well. He's obviously. And equally. Important momentum and he'll he's. The guy can keep changing the culture program to develop players in the program and better. Actors stronger quicker. Creek where football IQ we've. We've got a great job the crew. You get taller and walker. I am very proud what they're Americans. And pat and happily. Every Claude and beat it dead in the preparation gantlet. You do get in our. Tuning go to ready for it to wave wrap up their sixteenth season on the road at Connecticut this week in. Taking on the Huskies coach like when you look at it you know a sophomore or freshman you signal caller as a and Gloria and brenly. You quarterback I don't really for its need to get another down a couple more guys here that is more adequate to the type of offense you'd like to run. Well it can't all those guys that really what we do. Much more consistently. Now obviously yeah all they should try to bring in guys. I can compete and if all the player early. When a lot of freshmen played seventeen true freshman. This year and hopefully later on at least one game. Or if he's yet these same thing. Like a couple of years Florio. You know our lecture. But right now. All they're not exactly close things fell. You know into recruit an opportunity to play here Michael. Ankle which rates the Connecticut Huskies some things you look dead don't they don't get a team ready. We know it's kind of had a unique week of regular weeks for some depending on they plan Thursday Friday you said it there's a holiday in there. What are some things you need to do to be successful gets the Huskies. Well you can get because if at all frankly I really played pretty well he correctly most should be treated. You play well against. Couple or three quarter and we kinda award. Offensively that we could do it skinny little and a at the point our program we can cut colonel a year. Don't let the climate point of attack in the NB a little college. We desperately. To. He'll lower the organ and a you can hear that can't be opener I think that's the main thing when you all currently fifty with every position. Do and I beat him out. Oh really restricted to an angry rate on the road this week in Connecticut coach rich thank you so much for the time good luck and happy things. Right vote you know it's sometimes we gave different folks come in the program involved with sports and sometimes not. Well this next against it comes on it is a jam and dead about Lee and do him in new medium income you know it is it's a small world. Don't teach it to screw. Miami's goes unnoticed on God's truth but the idea of retirement mr. Walter Thurmond the third uses it. He it is it was a one night. And and went to Houston information to about Bears beat the and so forth into a some things he's involved in trying to do. Malone new laundry here it's and they see their roots here. He's kind of all involved in the ball and in on the world and now Walter Jones with the ball to thank you so much for the time and how does somebody in these points getting involved in something where there is no thought of cola on the follow us know what's. I speak it's an honor the the only issue thing is so much. I got involved with our dog sledding old war. Eleven years ago. We have some point dog ourselves we can't approach with thirty years in the competed in many different. Are being used the confirmation obedience and agility. We went on the court in Alaska. My wife wind up giving up an excursion that took us a helicopter lineup to Mendenhall glacier and on the glacier happened at the united arrived. Sled dog can't that they were training during the summer day here took rod with the leader Barack Meister. And it kind of ignited a spark into me that kind of be an attention to all that I'd like to work with my dogs. Insulating him marching and I actually have done some dry land marching which is on a wheeled cart. Up here in northern parts of top ten by Folsom. And so it's been very interesting. The journey that I'll hand with the. Now Walter when you look at the actual race I was reading where a 190 mile track of by dog sled. Then the trade to get their travel between Norway and Sweden above the Arctic circle. Obviously. Would do you do to prepare for that topical obviously being an Arctic Circle in and how long. How many hours is that actual race to cover like a 109 well well. Actually under miles the going to be gone in four days. And it's it's actually twelve kilometers which is approximate number on my house but it's done in four days approximately fifty miles today. And actually not going to be using my dog they are dogs that I will be used in that the our organization. And a problem. As sports corporation myself. Physically and from a young age old B 61 next month. Actually have spent the last two years we have. A great trainer Sean do with the athletic republic. Frank goes cross stat. Over on the North Shore and talk with. Problem two years ago and that they they look like. This this is really interesting I'll take that challenge so. It kind of hit on alt alt though they have got me involved into something not yet done 42 year contract in high school. And they actually. Have involved with senior Olympics. In three different races and the that we missed eight Olympics. Senior Olympics here and actually that Mississippi State Olympics I actually am one I'm a five time medalist. In the senior Olympics in of all things despite racing and my young days. Yeah. Walked and now I understand it you know and all of you to get involved in this day there is I would to explain but. Now people how they can come I know there's there's a surge into some on this is a familiar with. Having the vote for things like if a players don't like Drew Brees NFC offensive player of the week you go somewhere in on the stand for you to be involved in the east is a select few or just wanna to people. But did they need some interaction from people social media. Yeah right bury it actually fifty people let it slide right now from from the United States that would like to have. What like to do this week wage bit it's gonna happen for me is that actually people vote for me. There is a web site. If you hang out if you were able to take up piece of paper and pencil and write this thing I'm not gonna Italy because this too long but I'll give access to it. It is poll are. PO LA are bought. All raven would just spelt LJ. KLL. All our day would be. Dot com don't mean that you'll see where it has boat hit the button vote. You'll spot where it is. Competitor. Type in the name ball. And you pulled it right up and please vote for me this right now running second in the United States in about. Walter Herrmann of course you Walter Thurmond the third very unique than who only mean it trying to gates well. We don't know to be involved and Iditarod Walter odd to you this story is fascinating and Babin actors you know we know what we are impressed we did driven and is that you have because you you come to. You come as those wherever you came to the players show and gave us some information in the and you know at the end of the day I'm going man this gentleman is very seriously and I know this is something you really wanna do. And we we shoot a best of luck because I only only one person gets elected out of US we certainly hope you all the war. Big thank you felt like Bobby thank you so much to never give up on your dream of everyone. Don't sit back go out and get them. Arthur ought to anyway and they eat talk about a motivated again about a meat for your body. Just have for your body to be trained for some might say and living down here in China for Sunday Colombian optic. And an Arctic weather environments thought. Fifty miles a day and all we have. 62 years of age things that young 61 you gotta be in shape because united is going along for the ride it's old team work in and make the dogs work for you goes hand in hand had the hopefully he makes it DQ we get the interview last that a race absolutely right will come and get the view from Vegas for VI RD just at the Christian anti Bobble on WW. They semis of the techs got some ticks on coming at saint day of voting for. While it Herman now and you know I'm sure walk and we do appreciate it. All right kind of short on time but I being from Vegas and the off. The odd that you job writing and yeah. He college football plays of the week. I'll write that I would. Friday with the IQ been in Memphis split and make him do that too lightly from limelight being. And when it comes get on a week and B if there's one thing you know it's huge influx of recreational bettors that are all the work. And aren't writing and this sport books nowadays and they have to defend himself. And to do it. They add a couple. Points actually up to that team in order to get money in this one match ups where it's good meal once you and massive hole. Better in this line reflection acting and T if you have some problems in the package used to beat him one year. Yeah prior and I think Memphis now but not actually. You need somebody and grabbed four point. Now with Memphis that they'll need to make that we count right and I absolutely love India and it became like three different times. I went online came out at around seventeen. Odd. ADT's batted again nineteen total to 2421. I think you're safe. There isn't wanted in state. Schools with Purdue and Indy. And Indy it gives. Team this year and he. Makes this. For him a chance to him well we heard team. And now I'm really think they. Could get it on the line now. Mine is wanted by accident. That has blowout written all over it. All over Purdue which is now 256. Yards. It and is well in the net that was the ball almost three yards per game and I figured a lot of offense that has like well we all were. So we'll go ahead and take India. As well and finally on Saturday at the time you know maybe I'll that may be as. In don't get me wrong but he should not be 25 in the nation. Most professional batters even and maybe top 44. Rating. But the polls as well the record the ranking look at the actor Andy on 82. Team. Be careful. That you can lock it in five and six record. That team beats you been. Told that falls. And Carolina beat them on the road they're very capable. Beating anyone in the league and catching a much at home I absolutely love and it's genuine Spock. So and take SMU plots than in. Well Ivo a couple of minutes now on the NFL so I've got to straight games to mop us some Sunday. And Monday US three Bears in if they'll play. Okay and whip the line a lot I like a line tomorrow. Want to go ahead and dealt with the Minnesota Vikings Albert Detroit and Detroit's kick off after a win prior to winning last week. The team that's thirteen and 26 against the spread only 33%. Up. We can't that they weenie game and I think made it coming off the win last week a lot of momentum here they're they're. This week. And if I really think diminish a lot been catching pointed just at it. On what it took Minnesota on the money I'd also like to conduct its going to be scoring which fits perfectly four minutes. Would want to Le someday. I'd love the Jets over the Patriots note you know get rich against the Patriots. That the NFL team. Kitchen sets and points at home. Against the New England team that trampoline. From the world Kyle. Com and Francisco and they haven't played well obviously they played hard when you lost and it was a couple points when he lost last week it was. Field goal. And if they can give you sixty minutes of that I think they're gonna be in the game from start to finish let's not forget. Giving New England problem they'd be. At. Yeah and they only touched him here in New England. And they need to execute and you see him off and come in the replay week. So that one thing you can expect an objective and play the Patriots extremely tough and finally go and and I'm gonna take the Cincinnati. Goals over Baltimore Ravens catching four points topple a more peaceful got exposed. Down count police last week and the team if you look at the two games they've won over there in. It was against depleted Pittsburgh Steelers team. And it Cleveland. Team around but they should not be given more than the local to a divisional rival let's not forget. Only won two out their. In games played opt. And I do not see him be even Cincinnati as much problems they tendencies then again this is the divisional. And Cincinnati and there's nobody people legal. But the difference between. But I think they do it on that line on this game was and it. Now it's the war. I don't know what's changed in seven days. Can make Cincinnati. And Fort Wayne points better than they were just the week prior can get it on the line value I'll take Cincinnati's well. By now VER a looking at that Thursday night football Sunday Night Football right quake Andrew Luck penile Pittsburgh at the colds and ended chi said then a pretty AFC west. I don't like the Colts in this spot. I'm I'm only like take that team believe not what the injury because the betting market truly over reacts and may think players are worth a lot more than they are now granted told these is the gear. Act quarter. Tommy hasn't played since the 2014. He didn't panic Green Bay. Buddies at home he is so that the ball and I think you'll have to. Pittsburgh did give too much for us not forget the Pittsburgh game that's lost for the Lions safety Reed not the only way it has been against. Cleveland come and now we're going it to even people that I'm literally at the momentum in the region you're paying so much is because of the eventually quarterback I do it that's. The most probably the most important position on the field. It's only work a fair amount of points and right now you're you're being just paid way too many points and then when you look at that someday not. BR we got Utley that we advanced listeners out let everybody know I think he but we do on social media money. Now that Greek on this court gambler Greek underscored gambler and out of reach out I'll answer may question his effort as we can gain. We are having days give a team Amanda. All right thanks so mustangs in masterful mob and all Chris Miller on the news admits is -- get it to about a bad happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from me about beat a bad. Did it three love and raise a man I miss Jack in his MM is out of the all and see you very soon and as always I'm dumb Roddick can think and and Bobby a ban on the usual and I people.