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11-29-16 Scoot 1pm - Trump...the media and the recount

Nov 29, 2016|

Do you believe that all of the criticism of President-elect Trump is unfair bashing by the media?

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It's so windy. Monday Tuesday afternoon. Marine is on the way and cooler and beautiful Thursday and Friday and I think over the weekend is a chance of rain maybe the biggest chance of rain on Sunday anyway Willis. Be paying attention all of that. I'm gone ledger winners and for those of you who are new listeners who our show we welcome you to our show. This is talk radio by two I don't feel old if you're listening to 22 hour show. This is so we'd like to think current talk radio that's who was able to a lot of different people as all of the shows on their behavioral. You will commute or show though if you're one of our new listeners you are very much a big part of our show every afternoon I love this audience. Because a great buffer music plan for you that's the music we play in and out of breaks. Some of the songs from our pop culture calendar and just a few songs that are good song you haven't heard in awhile. Also there's a nasty trend is going on with trump and the media and this recount thing and then trop is also talking about. If you ban the if you burn the American flag you should lose your citizenship. Or go to jail. We've got a lot to talk about also visit a passenger on a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Allentown Pennsylvania. We've got audio this guy he went on Iran it. Just denouncing. Hillary Clinton supporters. And they have now banned him he was promoting trop they have banned him from flying Delta Airlines for the rest of his life. Now they're going to be people who are gonna say the guy was banned because he was ranting about Donald Trump. No he was banned because he was ranting period. Also the smoky mountains are sure you've seen the video the pictures of this they're living up to her name they're smoking. Get Lindbergh if you're fortunate Pennsylvania doctors will be pigeon forge Tennessee. Had had 250. Structures. Burned either destroyed or damaged and their B and eighty mile an hour winds. And they're having a drought there it is just heartbreaking I spent part of my my honeymoon. And to pigeon forge Tennessee outside of deliberate and it's just such a beautiful area have not been back since then have always wanted to go back. But so many people from this area love that part of the country and it is absolutely beautiful. That we. Have them and our thoughts and prayers and hope everything will work out just fine. I John Rick Horrow our studio producer. Is is is gonna be a witness here. You know I get a lot of criticism every year because cover all the skin and all the fat off my Turkey. And people think you cut off the best part no I'm just getting rid of some of the bad stuff. And so I asked John before going on the air two to taste like musket was Turkey that was Turkey geologists think. It was good looks really good. The brunt on Romney was super juice in the right knee which is normally dry man I mean it was juicy flavor. Knew it was now I'm just make it is it was good I'm originally I just what does somebody other than me. To say that the Turkey comes out just fine it was wonderful art com note. I'm going to be doing this again for Christmas and in order I really had a lot of fun. Going on a FaceBook. I wanted to be to your already a FaceBook page and fright receive the Wednesday night Wednesday before Thanksgiving. When they're not I I a copy of the skin in the Fed off the Turkey lives on on FaceBook and it's just amazing how much stuff you can take off a Turkey. Anyway let's get into our show a Donald Trump is claiming as fact something that has not yet improve it. And media criticism of this is leading some truck supporters to say the media is just bashing the Scott. Trump says he won the electoral vote which he did. But he says he also won the popular vote. Trump says he won the popular vote because millions of people. Voted illegally. And I think he's also say that millions of people who are here illegally also voted. But many in the media have criticized Donald Trump because what he claims. Has not been proven. The truck speaks as if it is stacked. So this is a nasty trend that's going on in America it's fake news. And people. Believe it just because. Somebody said and we as citizens of this country need to do a better job of I'm not accepting everything somebody says even if we really liked them because it this is not been proof. But you're selling this very disturbing to me and if you listen to this show you know that I do not always. Stand up for the media. Effect quite often I criticize the media. And and finally enjoy doing I'm part of his business but I'd I don't think I'm like everybody else in the business and I got my perspective on. On the business end and media in general. But this is a dangerous trend and it continues to grow and part of this trend is the acceptance of fake news by those who want to believe something to be true. Even though there are not facts to back it up. And we talked a lot during the campaign and even after the campaign. We talked a lot about this tendency for people to hear what they wanna hear and see what they wanna see as opposed to what's actually being sent. I was actually being shown. And I experience at almost every day I judicial. People hearing what they wanna hear as opposed to what's actually being said. Just because trump or anybody. Says something that benefits them doesn't make it true even if you wanna believe it. And repeating over and over and over again insisting that it's true still doesn't make it true. And the criticism of the presentation and acceptance of fake news by the media. Criticism of the media office. Is. Not only fair but it's an important function of freedom of the precedent in America. The campaign 2016. And now leave the aftermath. Has made this one disturbing trend possible. And an obvious to. People believe what they wanna believe they don't care about tax. So Donald Trump is insisting that he won the popular vote is also insisting that in the states where he lost the electoral votes. There was a widespread voter fraud. Is it wrong to criticize. Donald Trump for saying that he won the popular vote even if there's no evidence to back it up. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Erica 5042601. And seventy an 77. Here's a text how much a page out. Paid him about ten dollars to say what he said about my Turkey here's up another Texas says is there a day that you don't bash Republicans. And a bashing Republicans at all. And I'm bashing somebody who is saying something that is a true. And now I guess in some ways I'm on bashing those who were so gullible that they'll believe that just because somebody is saying it. Now again what what's happening here is there are people who don't want to question anything Donald Trump does. And if the media dies then it's not Donald Trump's fault for doing something. Wrong or saying something that can't be packed up with facts it's not Donald Trump's ball in the minds of many Americans. It's the fault of the media for even bringing it up. And this is really scary scary thing. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Enrico final four to 601 A semi tech's number. 877. And I realized it did there's going to be misperceptions and I'm bashing Donald Trump I'm not bashing Donald Trump. But tell me where the evidence is if you have the evidence. Made this is not just coming from me this is coming from for everybody. There's no evidence to back up yet. And he he won the popular vote because people voted illegally. But he saying it and people are just saying okay it's stroke. And if you if you question it. Then your bashing trump. Do you think for the next four years the media is going to just totally back off of anybody who's president. And not question what they do I mean my god if Hillary had won the election given what the media all over and in many ways the media would be critical for. I realize the media is more liberal than conservative with had a conversation countless times. But there was a lot of negative publicity about Hillary Clinton during the campaign. On this day November Tony ninth 1986. This is a number one song in the country. And with all the hits that they had even before this song I was surprised that this was Bon Jovi is first number one hit. I dispute in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinion sand will be back on Demi if you help. Does the truth matters. Does it even matter anymore. He likes somebody and they say something and you believe it. And anybody that challenges what the person says all you're doing is bashing that person. That seems to be a really dangerous nasty trend that we have developing in America. I'm scooter in the afternoon here on their VW dogleg to witness. Here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour do you believe that all the criticism of president elect trump. Is unfair bashing by the media. 73% say yes. And 27% saying well. You for shipping you're going to our website WWL dot com when I find interesting and we talked about this I guess it was last week. The week before. Donald Trump has become more moderate since he became president elect. Donald Trump has changed his position on something certainly she's projecting that he's going to change his position on a number of things not the least of which. Is he's not going to assign a special prosecutor to prosecute Hillary Clinton. That's not what he said during the campaign. So he's pointing that out. People who love truck. And are looking for reasons to hate the media. Blame the media for for even bringing that up but actually deep down inside their their manager Donald Trump. The constructs the one who changed. But it's easier to attack. A talk show host it's easier to attack the media in general. It is sometimes to face the flaws. Your own candidate. Here's a Texas says size truck is a master. At outsmarting America and the media. This nonsense over voter fraud is merely a distraction from more important issues details of Trump's tax plan were released. And it's something to discuss tax increase for single parent households tax increase for families. With three or more children 47%. Off proposed. I tax cuts goes to less than 1% of the population so. Yeah there are going to be a lot of things that don't trust Arkansas through but if Hillary had won the election I guarantee I'd be sitting here talking about the things that she's not going to be able to do. And this is again a reminder that politicians will say what they need to say to get elected yes even Donald Trump said what he needed to say to get elected. So it's to me it's unfair to blame the media when we're just talking about something. That. Should be talked about. Which is a discrepancy and and you wouldn't voter fraud is is who is one thing but. Trough tweeting out an insane that he won the popular vote. When there's no evidence to support that yet. If he said I have suspicions I believe I really won the popular vote that's different. But to say convincingly I won the popular vote and and to insist on it. Donald Trump knows that there are people who will accept that just because he says it cannot top knows he doesn't have to be factual. Because people will accept. This is scare you just a little bit. You know once again. The use of profanity will not be tolerated on the show. And if you can't have a civil conversation. Then don't call. I don't care if you're passionate. But don't use profanity. When somebody Stoops to that level it just makes me realize how. On intelligent they are. It's not necessary. It's like out of desperation you've got to use bad words because you can't you you you can't get to point that using bad where it's it's really really sad. I learn a lot about America doing the show every day. If you enjoys the comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Terry coach 5042601. A Saturday Texas a 7870. I'm we're getting close to the news so we're wait until after did the news update we've got to CBS a special there's update coming up at 130 following that W if you don't there's. But coming up in the next a segment right after the the news updates I wanna play for you are ranked that this guy went on on on Delta Airlines. He's banned for life as a passenger because he. Talked about his support for Donald Trump. Now there are going to be those who say the only reason he got kicked off the flight was because he was promoting Donald Trump. No that's not the only reason in fact that has nothing to do with the recent he was kicked off the flight. He got kicked off the flight because. The guy appear to be quite intoxicated. And because he went on a rant you know you you go on a plane it's enough to deal with a loud talker. It's enough to deal with enough with the natural noise that you hear in the cabinet. You don't want some guy giving some political speech basically telling you that you're nothing in Europe on a lanky he voted for Hillary Clinton. We're gonna play this guy's rant coming up don't go anywhere I'm skewed. Under WL. One of the top songs in the country tournament pilots site is called he tends. And latest right into this story about this a passion or Delta Airlines flight November 22 from Atlanta to Allentown Pennsylvania. The video has been posted on FaceBook is gonna go on viral. The man standing in the I'll he's on this this point. And he gets up and he starts ranting. Any salting and yelling at those people who supported. Hillary Clinton. And talks about how great practice. That's fine. When a plane is not the place to do that. We think about when you travel in you know when you look at the video you should see that the passengers. Meter just like stunned. At discount. So here's the skies ram and I don't have his name they don't have his name associated with its the story the Delta Airlines has banned the sky for life. As a passenger. For doing what he did here it is. I at home and I really. Don't know. Yeah yeah. And and outlook. As well like chrome mountain. I batted the ball. Every don't wanna use it you don't get your man. Perry is that necessary. If that's going to be the mentality. Of some not all some trough supporters. We're going to be in for a fine. For years ownership. And I think this guy's a real classic example of how alcohol. And stupidity. Really don't mix. He got a comment or numbers 2601 a seventy area code 5042601878. Texas a 7870. Here's a Texas says people are not man at the media reporting out trumps flip flops. They're mad at themselves for believing him in the first place. At a text says media bashing of trop is fair. He isn't very presidential with here is ranting on Twitter is offering back row and Stockdale. Here's a text says senate considering the tweet doesn't really affect anything at all who cares. How what do you expect from trop I don't think can your bashing him I just think it's pointless. From shell met Kenneth here and every W or good afternoon. Are you doing today good can. That she'd show quiet all the the and the luck of the draw and you know you've been put in the position. It. The oval even. Was threatened any. And you know. I have no idea why we want to. Try to take on the job. Being a threat and that he's not say you can't. Yet when the other thing on like all of the different. Businesses. And to trying to help this family grow and they'll be at all not trying to take on now. Being a commander sheik from Buena. And at that Canada idea you know some some people are driven by different things and and you know here's a guy who's been so successful in business that may be that challenges has been accomplished in. He wants you going to do something else I mean you know you can't underestimate the Donald Trump really wants to make America great again that he wants to make America. The way he thinks America should be he's not going to be able to do everything he wants to do what he's already told us cities not to do everything he said he would do. But I don't question Donald Trump sincerity and in being president. I'd do because not met that rolled. And if I'm in real. And not only did real concern yet Iran. All individuals. Really note that the Arctic. She which should be done with Cain and would it be done. And when you have those kind of things that crime view. You know like. When you have to take some thought in the they even. I'd be. A. Now you don't I mean your your your qualified if you meet the qualifications not if you have any any particular education. Dennis I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601 a seventy area code 504260187. Tech's number is 87870. Here's a Texas says sir thank you scoot to. Thank you scoot to we're still civilized rights are really when a person uses profanity it shows the person's lack of vocabulary. Yet a stroke and and desperation. You know people resort to profanity. When they get desperate trying to make their point. And they're failing to make their points of the reports to profanity. Donald Trump is saying as fact that he won the popular vote there's no evidence of that yet will be right back. Whatever if you realm. Jerry Lee Lewis back on our pop culture calendar this guy has led quite an exciting life right. On this day November the Tony ninth. 1976. Jerry Lee Lewis shot his bass player Norman butch always twice in the chest. While trying to hit a soda bottle. Jerry Lee Lewis was charged with shooting a firearm within the city limits. And that's it. I wonder the guy like left the Vander stayed in the back there which you still hang around a guy that shot you twice in the chest always trying to issued a soda bottle. And it actually calls from lowly Justin Euro on every WL. There's go to Google was good. In response. They claim that. From what. You won't be illegal votes that it went popular vote that evidence. You know. They wanna point out two days ago trim the vote triggered this statement and Google that'll be in the biggest voter rights and the efficacy of in the city. I think in Iran they're in their release surged 280. Million voters. Registered voters under the re young illegal votes. And that they're resurgent and continue for the next several months as being built in the case but want to point out there is some evidence to substantiate. Well there's certainly I don't I don't I didn't read that it was that high I mean I've read other counts from from other sources say it's not nearly that high amulets witnessing immediate look at. If if trop when the popular vote then that should be determined I I get that would bothers me though it two things first that truck would just say that he. Won the popular vote without knowing it without facts to back it up in the doesn't really wanna talk to the media about it. And then the other problem I have just and is the idea of questioning that when there's no factual basis for saying that. The media question that. Turns people against the media like to what you just bashing trumpets its not just about bashing trough this is about holding people accountable which is what the media is supposed to to. That's true they are most these Aetna and I think that turn people immediate that they haven't been kind of been held accountable. For all. Hi and it'll open open true the vote would come out and make a statement like and let the evidence the back of their. They're not biased. One group and other parties and other. Organizations. From voter rights and and entered the forum vote fraud and when they come out and they make a statement saying that it is voted on three million legal votes. And that should be looked very seriously. Well I I would agree with you Justin but it would have to be here to overturn the election it would have to be. On illegal votes are in certain states that would sway the Electoral College because it's ultimately based on on that so. Yeah I'd look no illegal votes are are correct. You know there are there are mistakes that are made when people are voting they may have pushed the wrong button they just make the wrong David the wrong choice of the by mistake and and that accounts for some what is described this as voter fraud. But there's not as much voter fraud. As people have conceded. As on as many people would have you believe it certainly is out there what if if there's evidence out there than and it showed that Donald Trump on the popular vote. But it's just it seems. Like I trend that's going on where people are willing to believe. Fake news and an if somebody says something and gets one source and and I'm not talking about you specifically. But did you know you do you get when source ego cable what this is it won't know maybe that's not it ends and sometimes you have to look at the source. I think you bring up a good point about that to a source that you have put. You know what let's just wait and see but it's it's bothersome to be that. You can't say anything about trop without people assuming that your critical and yet. People want the media to be critical of Hillary Clinton. And others and on this show we were and we will be and we have been. And will continue to be critical of of out of anybody and it doesn't have anything to do with the politics. That could end up being one of the things he pointed out in the term they use up think. It should be taken. Used carefully as to say because it was a bit determine what in its stake. It's something you rarely become clear right now right now at this point today and it. 150 in the afternoon on Tuesday November 28 Tony ninth. It's fake news Detroit won the popular vote. That's not true that's fake news. I think is that he's got a Boehner and Citigroup coming out inspecting. They're not affiliated with stroke. There aren't there are countless other groups Justin that are saying that it is it's not that many but the point is as you've got one that's not that doesn't. That's one group they've they've got to recount the votes to determine. If the votes are recounted and that changes it that's different. But this is not the the the source that you cite is not the one source that everybody looks to okay will cheat trump won the other truck when the popular vote as well. It takes a lot more than that they've got to recount the votes and so at this point. It's fake news to say the truck on the popular vote. Yeah. Just and I appreciate the call it's fake it's not true at this moment in time. He he may end up winning put it this moment in time trump has yet to win the popular vote. It's just amazing to me how people. How people. They just don't wanna see. Things. That go against what they want to bullying. I've stood in the afternoon with a lot more talk about including Donald Trump saying that if you burn the American flag and a lot of people agree with this. You should lose your citizenship. Or go to jail. We'll be talking about that in the next hour I'm Scrooge had to be back on WL. It was five years before The Beatles arrived in America on this day in 1959 at the Grammy Awards this song Mac tonight one record of the year. And Bobby Darren was best new artist. This was hot stuff. I still love their song leveling a Viet pack a place disarmed. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll do you believe that all the criticism of president electron is unfair bashing by the media. 40% say yes now 60% saying no. The media has a right and also a great responsibility. To question. Candidates to question. Government that was the premise of the beginning of journalists in the very beginning of the media in in this country. Why is to be a watchdog. Against the government. To keep an eye on the government on behalf of the citizens hey we don't know it's changed a lot since then and it's not all that it it should be and I don't always defend the media. By it we have to be able to. Whether you're individual or in the media we have to be able to question. Anybody who is president or president elect this has nothing to do with trump personally it has to do with. The job and responsibility of the media. All right if you burn the American flag should you are no longer be a US citizen or go to jail we'll talk about that in the next hour on WWL.