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Think Tank 1010am Donald Trump has businesses in 20 countries

Nov 30, 2016|

Donald Trump has businesses in 20 countries. Some say even if his kids run the operations there are bound to be presidential conflicts. Should the business be put in a blind trust? Donald Trump has 144 companies in 25 countries. Do you worry about that? Some say even if his kids run the operations there are bound to be presidential conflicts. Should the Trump Organization be put in a blind trust? This hours guest: Dr. Jose Bautista - Economics Professor in the Division 0f Business @ Xavier University

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A busy day and you'll bring tank. Or is in Oregon. They got to fight the federal government to overweight and writes in that rural property. They had weapons. The feds never live it costs them everything with water canons or rubber bullets or anything oats. Eventually they surrendered Bundchen jury rendered juries and let Gil entry. Now we got Indians in North Dakota. A dueling virtually. The same thing with the Al weapons. Without any potential threats of violence. But did their rolling into government formed in attacking them. So we're gonna have some experts are there different rules for white celebrants. Well article are Donald Trump says flag burn it should face shield and lots of citizenship. It is and that proposal would direct contradiction. Of the First Amendment. I'm looking. Prodigy a word but appealed and tempo. And Tom and show and should burning the flag be illegal votes that 3% people say yeah outs. I don't under it's quite understand why. We don't want. Even the little ship on the Second Amendment no change in what wherever regardless of the real reasons. But the First Amendment the randomness speech. We're willing. To change that. And you know one of the questions looked when it's on this. Bringing when do you founders of this country when they burn the British black woods was that wrong. Should should have been put in jail for. I think they put that law isn't to make sure the people that read his speech but. Or listen to all sides this hour. I got to this morning dunk from. As promised through movement so provides businesses said he balloon now holds the fields in two weeks. About how I was endured a good board conflicts of interest and he is president. Not trump owns. Or as a position more than 500 companies. Pardon pimping. And of dumb does that and at least 15. Foreign countries. Like Turkey Qatar Saudi brand username and and a poll by its unity and from that six in 10 Americans believe pro am not doing them out you were droughts conflicts of interest. Vendors. One interesting thing about that poll. We don't believe cold anymore they keep coming. But I do Google IQ and when you've been launch. Date and what the poll today. But. I've got other questions. About. Putting lives in trucks or giving all of his holdings whose children. George got real long in my questions and answers doctor Jose Batista economics professor Xavier University doctors always. A noted that our production at the time. Good morning currently tied to be an idiot thank you for having me. This of Warren computers it via your becoming president and you've got stopped and she dubbed bond you've got triggering hopes. Put that in a blind trust you have absolutely no control over. But morning comes from real say if you give it to your children or even if you give it into a blonde in crossed. You've still got controlled name on in the in countries. That we may have to deal wouldn't. And negotiate where it take a hard stand to win or get together as Allah it's. How does that work putting real loosely in a blind trust forget that children. Just in blown programs. Well this is you know again very very complex issues you know. Probably the best legal minds are better you know better suited to to address. But say the basic issue here you know goes to what you know with business people economists. Referred to political so corporate social responsibility. And you know there are three fundamental issues here you know corporations that are that are fair. Our charge we're able providing goods and services. Producing those goods and services economically and the third one which is appointed to bringing up. Is to. Operate and operate ethnically now the question is under whose ethics. And you know would you say okay you know the blind trust you know who's blind trust you know should be put in the dates here and there. You know it it raises many many other question about it tangential question this you know whose ethics that are. You're going to to follow because of eagle by you know OK the corporation is gonna say well locate these except we're going to look. The setup we know what will put this money away doable give it to charity. Well whose money you're you're giving away giving away your own money you're giving away. Stockholders money which is not your money. Are you saying OK well the government you know the government should be the one to news that these that the ethical standards but again. Government. Are made of politicians and again we didn't mean we mean type goes there. You're also you know it becomes very very complex issue which. Bit delineation has to be made by. Another authority. And you know there're there're other authorities. World worldwide that are addressing this issue. A again led led study it was a blind products. Wouldn't leave real loosely had to be liquidated. To be true blood and trust big columns. In the blood and drugs you have no control over. And the very fact that true or it has nothing to do whether it goes up or down. But if you put real estate in tool blah and toes or would your children. Come on diplomat from Philippines. That that have ownership would trump in a hotel. We're not gonna see in the crumpled tell him that and so the White House. In order to curry favor even though it's been so well the president had nothing to do that I mean. It isn't that duke Woertz. Sure sure again and so you know it comes down into you know finding you know finding another. And other decimation. I'll let it is you know what it's ethnically lived ethically correct because again you know they're they're they're they're hundreds of ways in which you can. You can conceal. You know Katie lea a business decision under the name of ethics but again I think it's still. Directs towards achieving you know some. Ulterior motive might play my point currently is that. If if people look around at people read around you know the world nowadays. There's there's there's a lot of discussion going around program. Ethics in business even at a higher level. And the the the Pope a Catholic Church is taking a stand on this. Or and what what he calls Catholic social teaching and it's a very very distinct. Presentation on how business is so corporations. He should address there their operations. Can equate Syrian other other you know. You know secular organizations are also you know thinking the same thing. Booted but again the president. It doesn't have in the conflict of interest legally. So long even if somebody says it's not ethical good nothing to be done about it. Again you know again if it's a matter of you know looking internally at this you know. Up president elect traveled as a president the United States definitely has to delineate. His responsibilities. As. You know the overseer of the of the country and he definitely has to do already canned. To you know at bird any any any any impression. Conflict of interest now again how that's going to be done and you know through blind trust to order hero or near complete. You know diversifying himself from the you know from anything and everything. Is going to be it's going to be hard tilt because again as you said the grant is there. What. What what can be done is. You know not a matter of we know where you put the money. But a matter of delegating the responsibility. If you delegate the responsibility. To. A labor. Rate but the below if the lowest run. Your corporate entity and say OK you're in doubt that this use you trust them enough to make it to be the decision maker. Eric then you'd vendors there's an opening up saying okay you know wild or some real diversification here. Because you're not only feeding. The economic. The economics of your business but your seeding what the management of your business also. Doctor good she's I know where you got to lead and then your broad time and we'll call a good day. Thank you come right back what do you think to procedural wanted seven era little poles as the bad from majority view. Think devoted to his kids is enough why gimmick called to use eggs are one itself. Or look from back. About del negro province and today drew remove themselves from his businesses. And notes that troops couple of weeks. About hill over his good aboard conflicts of interest when president who's got 500 companies under at two. That have done business in 25 countries. Rule over the world. With some polls in which we don't believe but I've read and Justin it's. Say that success attitude of Americans believe trump does not doing enough to address conflicts of interests. Our own little polar Britain jaguar opinion poll. If trojans moved from business interest in children taken range isn't 78% of you say I am absolutely. Well that this is the part I don't understand. And and reading news out of Forbes mag is not exactly. A liberal publication. End of what the article says and as a practical matter. Him putting it with the urge children. Or even in a blind crops. Is a complete non starter. For the trust owner who beat truly blind. In his portfolio. That says it's happened to be liquidated their first. Medicare Advantage can be bundled into the trust. To be amended by and in have been approached Ito approved by one of her ethics committee. Whoever it may be. And chrome wouldn't receive any information. What has been thought our soul. Will lose money. We could get reports on how much income the portable huge and ridden hole. Lives are being strong would have to settle. Who's strong towers. Palm Beach Margo logo while ago. And give control of those proceeds to a virtual stranger and said his children. And get important grows on to say allow his shoulder round of showing them. It may give biblical or bring the Clinton didn't mix business with politics. Transferring Ctrl+Alt. Who doesn't change expected from moment exactly once in his portfolio. And how certain events that affect his bid to. The international trade of Trump's holding. Terrico on his giggle under George bank in Germany as a big dead old didn't. Right now that bag negotiating a settlement with the Department of Justice. Over reprieve financial crisis mortgage bond trading to business fields and more than half a dozen countries. Including. The country were prone does business. All of this. Cannot be said well general president hadn't said no this is unprecedented. Ports sitting president. To have holdings of this tight end in those volume. And again doses for. One of the things we have one of the president. Had to reduce our. Whether to impose sanctions against the country. In which is the only held substantial real Tuesday. The would plummet in value if the sanctions were in poll. These big and strong hold of things that are going to be apps time and time again it's not get a goal way. If he goes to teach children. And I submit that if this was truly going to be a block and pros everything has to be liquidated. Right wrong. Experts do they call 2001. That needs seven. Or do or think your blood Donald Trump promising today to remove and so from his businesses. Surgeons gonna give a big announcement couple week's life of details. And who's gonna abuse children Wear them. And most people expected Lucy is contingent total control. At a record in the article from port very conservative publication. Quoting its own legal experts said it's a practical matter it's a non starter. No I've gathered his kids nor a blown trumps at this board would work. World blind quotes to work all of his assets are apt to be liquidated. And not yet entered read several things in New York that sentence she's mic and say now. Here's some good messages. Garland what difference does it make Hillary did it with the Clinton foundation I never heard a peep from view on that. You purse out of listener. I don't people all along Deborah boom from Clinton because of the Clinton boundaries. Because of some of the shady dealings but most importantly. Horror. Connection in the send it to Wall Street. The Mosul now. To bring down boots economy. In coughs you'll meet in our children and eight trillion dollars. I get younger Texas what difference does it make well here's the different. If you voted for trial if you like prop I didn't vote for an. But I got a tea and hang your own mind all those wall. I've moved very big paper. Says here or 282. Of Donald Trump's campaign promises. I'll give it to. A wicked taxes. I'm like good idea. Shrinking the federal budget. I liked it regulation. Like a health care change I like it. Borders security changes I'll like it. And I got to tell you good to real old 200 need need to. Most of them they have majority. I hope will be successful. But if he maintained that it wouldn't let me give you an idea. New York Times has been doing a series. On the potential conflict. Around the globe per pro. They talk about its guy Wednesday and told me. Been named special on him onboard. To view on it's it spun the Philippine president this is the Philippine president. It's it's once was thrown out of the country. Doesn't wanna do military exercise. With the but he put this guy in charge of being the special on board to do violent states. Because he's building a 115 million dollar towering in Manila. And it promotes itself with the slogan. Live above the routes. And I was partner on the project Donald Trump. Have been elected president of the state here's why you should think it's important. When you look at his 282. Things he wants to do. There's some really good stuff there. How much do you think the media. And the ones that don't like him or constantly getting key pin entering responding. Over and over again and troll all these different business Eagles. This keeps him from concentrating. On what you want. Of legal. Immigration. Terrorists not come in this country and Emmitt. It takes away from the time he adds. It's probably got a two year window. To do everything is promising to try and do her things promising. One act time. Would multiple business due to all over the world and look. If you think Muslim countries including our Angela. Turkey. Saudi Arabia. United emirates. Qatar. Are you look at the building. That houses slogan outside that says live above the rest. And is a 150 million dollar tower. In the middle of a poor country. A wedge out or president. Is a quote silent business partner. Because it goes to whose children. Or general blown pro if it's a liquidated it they can't save. But if he's still. Maintains. Ownership public. Or his name's ordered connected to it. Terrorist. Uses as PR. And what you want him to doom. Becomes are more typical. Where important role in the recall losing 0187. About Donald Trump Brahma sing to today. To remove themselves from those businesses cities and then Yeltsin to its couple weeks. Probably turn it Goldberg to lose children. And a Briton article Bergen and true from four very conservative publication and talking to three different legal groups and they basically says as a practical matter re unity it's a complete non starter. Ten Gordon whose children K guru blind pool of blood and portfolio. Unless you know liquidate. All the property. Because and you put cash this year and it and trump has no idea. Watched making it a bit of it or not Britain would be ignorant and money market. Good stocks or whatever. No called so. Go to something. Good politicians. Have always have a conflict of imports. All the voters and do what should've known trumpet business every hour. Apt to lose oddly enough in goal as soon I'd acquired ban is absolutely. True. And for drug to liquid you're all asset strippers Fam leave the business is completely ridiculous. Think I have sacrifice and prompted take the job of motorists. Four in the liquidate the vets whose family is excessive. And illogical. Clinton foundation. I'm and shows that I do. Saying why don't pay heed to vets and sell. Their benefiting financially. From speed suits from donations. Why don't pay that Wednesday. And from the liberal votes I got the news the exact thing. This is always done for them to do that stick is a logical and now. Poured them to liquidate. Assets quickly at salute. Because it's realistic. That may give bird bird of co. Another wouldn't sell goods a month or union negotiations on a big is central to deal saying oh. He wouldn't even talked to doing the workers are making him money was saying these are the thing it's. Then when trunk codes and to that briefing room in the White House. But he goes out in public instead of being able to talk. About what I'm thing. Or some very good thing she says he's going to do. And again and I've got to publication and prone to meet 200 need to have Donald Trump's campaign promises a reverend ball. Didn't vote forum. Think a lot of them were good but that is going to be the destruction. Bobby in general welcome to show appreciated. I go to near me. Are in the world into liquid. But the point is real so close I mean liquidated them everything the animal. Source. So what are we talking about here I mean it's great it would be great because what is it. The possibility he could wave which is here under. Seventy company. To be an. Hour. How how Bob argument you make good point humbug it is thought. President of the Philippines that paid soon so all of a sudden oh poured some special onboard. To drone. And he's a pardon would trump a hundred it to move in a hotel. If word goes out. Detroit is the best thing you and well dug that do away with their leverage. As to what they can and cannot do. And as good point but it is. Understated. The basket and you liquidate the district is so out of the by truck strike. We got to try to do right that's what we community who we trust in them. We we have no chance. It looked good caller good pointed to end for those abuses of what is an owner Jones just that cohorts at trusts. If you get to a point where visitors hammered over and over and over again. Except for the guys in the war ends oh. Just like brought Obama voted burn the birds I'm didn't bode for the second time what he didn't do well. Turn me off what would discuss so tied up fighting these fires. How is he gonna do the things you wanted you to do covered up. Earlier this morning girl from jail or greed tweeted to. Berms and American flag should please on span of supply and consequences. So jazz trio form wallets of citizenship. What do you think you agreed to agreed to answer it juror one aide said it would come right back. Call rob them what you would call that the thing to condolences. Of Columbia.