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Think Tank 1010am Tyler Bridges, Governor John Bel Edwards is the subject of a new book

Dec 1, 2016|

The trials and tribulations of electing Governor John Bel Edwards is the subject of a new book.  What’s your reading of Edwards so far - good, bad or somewhere in between? This hours guest: Tyler Bridges - Co-Author with Jeremy Alford, of LaPolitics, Long Shot, the behind-the scenes account of Governor John Bel Edwards victory.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ball girl and older and these think tank today. All of whom Americans. According to do you appointments to. Comers. Had pre injury. Under Donald Trump bodes say Americans who conceivable largest tax cuts and Ronald Reagan. And dumb broad we'll take a look around the liberal signed the conservatives so as tube. How on that might object. All all sides of the spectrum. 11 o'clock New Orleans and it's not I didn't know I. Billion dollars for road repairs. In the consultants. Dollar's gonna be dipping gold to come by its gonna I'm they have Golden State. Or office or both Abbas and we're gonna coach you. During the editors there appear willing to pay more taxes. Or anything can talk about them a very interesting new book. It's about Jon bill and birds called long shot. Soldiers sailor jurors series soon and epic of you and the election. And we have one of the cold weather authors tie over bridges where this tolerance for you call. You Brittany. OK and so are you breaking up. Welcome news show. Two only blood in God's sure guidance to write his book kid it would seem. A little bit early in his term. To be looking at his body of work what what what was your intention. The other is that the bookmark shot out not about the body of his work the stories about the improbable elections last year. An election that I covered for the advocate newspaper and my car lot pitch every Alpert. Out of that recovery is well. And I've covered a lot of governors races Garland despite their book we optics and and I Akbar. Think a lot of people would agree that it was truly an epic collection. When lots of twists and turns and then certainly. For much of the race no one expected that John bella Edward. Which were few people expect that John Edwards would emerge as the Victor and so what we do it long shot. Tell that improbable story of how he how he and it went. Well who will get to the big budget ending where. There really was no honeymoon. And that bodes governor's. Experience. But don't get some good things to remember most. In India campaign weren't seeing what did you hear that stood out. One of the things that stood out forming Garland is in the early days. John ballot we're just traveling around the state very very few people thought he could win. He would appeared various. Venues and you would just get a small turnout of folks ask you remember that that most people expected that David Prater who is. Incumbent US senator was it was heavy favorite to win net based it was a couple of other. Republicans who thought they could win one Jay Garner. Can't governor. And Scott anngelle member of the public service commission. And so they all thought that they could somehow get ahead of bitter. But again and John ballot which was a long shot in the election. Where and when did you receive bad turning round. And in woods had jobs bitter news unpopular everything. That led to the election of Edwards. Yet in the story that we tellem longshot is how David bidder wanted. You know. Political campaigns and summits are like battle. For the terrain that David bitter wanted it to be fought this. Story we tell behind the scenes he wanted beat spot on the issues because Louisiana is the date. That elects Republicans statewide office. And John Billy Edwards. And we also know telling his side of the story from behind the scenes. You want in the race the spot on the Torino. Character. And so there was a pitched battle battle. On both sides and ultimately. The race ended up being decided on character and not huge it's. Did you personally. Sick of this change and that you're expected bid for the election did Edwards would be elected. Yet Garland I remember an event in December 2014. So that was a year before the election. And there was an opening ceremony at Lou Whitney and Haitian slave museum. In the river parishes and I actually set next to John ballot or at least said there are away. From from yeah. From where the event. The front part of the event and Mitchell Angeles with the lead speaker that day and Mitch my engine at that point was. Are considered a possible candidate for mayor and the guys that way in the back with beach on bella practically you know nobody doing and I can flash forward. So some of the event that I attended and I covered her what the attic yet. Just before the election again these are some of the story on the spot where all the somewhat steeper coming up and they want it shake it and that it would check. Knowledge that you see that this guy possibly has the chance to win after all. And probably a silly question. But how much of his military career did that make any kind of the difference. Actually gone I think that the great question because when I was talking earlier about how the Edwards campaign wanted it to be why on. Google election be fought on character John bella Edward military background very important. And you know he he studied at West Point. He was an army ranger for eight years and wonder things that I did in the book you know what elections are over at that collection of going back in and really take in the car together story. Find out what how topic was to succeed at what point in young man especially young man from a small world town. You know they need it like 2000 people can't local parish and know what he had to go through to become an army ranger just that the physical and mental. Direct. That you have to go through and and you realize how this guy. Was and then as an historian pole in long shot. Is you can see how that then meet the very end of the campaign quickly caused by David banner would never want an election before. Do you deduce it do anything that was the original in politics something. That hadn't been done before or again was it primarily. Bitter going forward forum for issues. John though going for character and and that water born on or did you see anything else that really stood out. As good as forests what he'd he had in the campaign. I government it would stick outweigh that in recent years Louisiana has become a red state nation now. At the time of the campaign. There were no depth you know Democrats holding statewide office the last one was Mary lynch who's got. Now soundly defeated in 2014 when she ran for reelection. So Jon bill Edwards had a position himself as a different kind of Democrat yet to make sure that that. Voters of Louisiana. He was not a national Democrat. And that you remember that during the campaign that TV network he sat next to his wife Donna. She talked about the decision that they based. Would divert. Their first child Samantha. And that's Mexican that the story with talent and behind keystroke tell law shot. And out of there very powerful that. You know you would get at people out here moderate Democrat running back out of it at the cheap did he John Edwards speaking to the conservative value. The Louisiana on on the choice issue. And also him hunting and he was clearly very comfortable. Around the gun. That's that's the kind of a profile that could win in Louisiana but that position that he was a long shot most of that breaks. Are grown radio with a drug tunnel bridges blown call on terms of longshot. Soldiers senators series soon and epic to Louisiana election. Story bug jungle as word shall we come back we'll talk about the brand new governors honeymoon Gooden several wa state what is questions comments we've got the author or coauthor. I'm a very interesting book to procedural ones eats up. Yeah it's official un scientific but always in person. A bit of deal brought in Judd Moore opinion poll would whoever you know what your opinion of governor Edwards so far. A boat to 80% of music good somewhere in between so. So far. According to our little unofficial poll and it would seeing that he's in a bit of a honeymoon. What's interesting about the book we're talking about a long shot. A soldier as soon doctors series in the in mpeg Louisiana election and we have we're in the core enters Tyler bridges. Isn't governor really didn't have a honeymoon in particular communicating to. Picking the that they had with the legislature. A review would jump to all of us about the like compounding moon. And a protectors. Saint Jones who could be ruled that it of the don't know outrage. Yeah the Asia you know Garland tradition. In Louisiana and it. It's not part of the constitution it just silly thing to done Louisiana's governor basically pick who will be in the house speaker. And the president of the senate. And that's very important because the house speaker set the agenda. He has the most amount of in much of anybody in in in the hundred member chamber. And in past years the governor basically designated who he or she wanted to be the speaker in hand after the election. John ballot rates. He is one of the things that really became clear demeanor restriction law shot it's this is Amanda just very very strong confident. Now than he had to have great confidence that it could endure everything that. The doubts to page that the campaign. So after the election he announced that he wanted to escape represented a wall which day was speaker pro camp from New Orleans Democrat to beat the new speaker. And he lined up as people. And and the in the house. To not meant to make represented worship that is speaker. And again in past years. That would have been a done deal. But Republicans hold majority in the house representatives and they decided that in March cynical lot but the governor. And they that they hatched a plan. And and and part of it you mention unfolded there and a teacher in Asia as the year. Republicans in the house. Called the way their members to their for the inauguration ceremony. And met. And and decided that they would instead elected as state representative not rely on non from New Iberia maimed. Kayla are raw and so they were to vote there's a third candidate Democrat. From New Orleans and Neil Abramson and damp and and and there are report candidate Cameron Henry. Our state representative from Metairie Republican and in the end. And John ballot which is technology did not get the job he fell short by just key vote in and so. It in his first year in office and in the foreseeable future Taylor borrow is indeed the Republican house speaker. In the part of the article. Wrote about true book. It's should counting votes is set to be like growing pigs and then it was says and fatal flaw in the governors elect handled. Of the vote can own and then it was mentioned that twenty Republican helps members have promised to back the OJ. So you infants like telling pigs and he didn't incorrectly. When it was part of those forty votes didn't do what they sent. Right then and you know I guess you never know how summit gonna vote until they actually have to vote. And I think the governor's. People knew that there is a chance. But the Republicans in the past and we're very good job of making it a partisan issue in some ways. They're bringing in the part of the politics of Washington and Louisiana to police at the great bipartisan crowd numbered years. And so they elected a Republican and house speaker. And again one of the stories we tell right at the end of longshot or. And that you mentioned the blue jays to beat men Edwards. Wouldn't have any say in who Gupta chairmanships committee assignments. Is is these struggling to govern if he doesn't have Ambrose. I don't know peace struggling McGovern party struggling to get his agenda to House of Representatives. And you'll remember when John ballot which took office and the new legislature in the biggest problem faced with big budget. Problems left over from the previous legislature and and the outgoing. Bobby Jindal administration. And balance they had to special sessions in twice sixteen which I was in bed at least cover for the advocate. And they ended up raising a lot of taxes they also cut some spending. And they need temporarily solved the state budget crisis. And obviously if you haven't. Like minded speaker of the house I you can have a much better chance to getting your agenda full true. Or are going through which John ballot we didn't we should mention that. There is a Republican. State senate president John on the aerial result of the state senate president under. Governor Jindal. Larry style it typically is to go along with the government. And he did and Jindal and he's done that under John ballot which is very different governor. And so. John Edwards gets pretty much what he wants in the state senate but the problems he had there in the state house again. Led by some on. It was not destroy the speaker. When we do look at the two billion dollar deficit he pays when he came in and the big devers said we're looking out this year is it possible for him by and answers. If if if the Uga Helms's kind of Biden. Well how tight in the typical in the end. The Republicans have a majority in the house and the senate is you know car and any solution it's gonna have to be a bipartisan solution by the Democrats and Republicans come together. What Republicans have been saying is we need to cut and what they have a shot at an actual plan to act because any cut ultimately are going to hit. The universities and the health care system and universities that are in very very hard. So that's why the legislature and the governor pushed through a one cent. Increase in the state sales tax and 2016 Louisiana now are at the country. Highest combined. Sales tax. Now the governor. And the legislature put together a task force to look at the tax system. They've completed their work there that came up with a serious suggestions. That they're the principal. Component is going to be on the agenda. War 2017 poetry each week. All right stay aboard this would telecommute time or bridges over the coauthors wrote book about Jon bill and birds won't shock. Will come back with more details. Gibbons called to Sid 018. Celebrity questions comments. Think about a very interesting book it's called long shot it's a bulb governor Jon bill and Edwards campaign. Who's winning the governorship. We borrowed the coal author's eye over bridges with the news. Tolerable pool we give back into the year protection of the book certain subjects in the book. A bird you're gonna have books on things I would assume. Two in ninety Michael optic Jeremy Alpert and I are going to be in Hammond at do you booksellers and at that the first. We're exciting we're doing what you think is appropriate because our intention of poker should undergo workers. I'm there and now on Wednesday night we're going to be Octavia books at 6 o'clock in new Moreland and and chew. Yet great local independent bookstore and then on match Saturday. The number ten. Which is the Election Day will be from noon until 2 PM at the Barnes & Noble and Metairie. And then on December 18 that the Barnes & Noble and man oh. Or it did it to student about Edwards were saying. But it would serve dead dirt in your book should just about every legislator. Who have served under governor Jindal. You with the Jindal was fudging the numbers to create the illusion of a balanced budget. But no one understood how much she was plunging in. Ways that pots of when you when you spend. In entire session and saying. You Republican. How can how do you not find out. What the budget really looked. We're Garland that the great question and when I was covering the legislature for the advocate during the Jindal years. Understanding the numbers and admitting the truth about the numbers would have to lead to heart patients. You know legislators were gonna have to raise taxes which the public didn't want or they're gonna have to cut spending for the state universities. And healthcare system and the public did not want and Bobby Jindal most people believe insiders were focused on trying to. Create. A run for the presidency. And so he didn't want to make a tough decision he won the people over the stage problems and legislators and did not show the courage to. Take a leadership that role themselves to make a hard decision. So they simply close authorize states to the problem is being drained the various. State reserve funds. And admitted and the that the problem wasn't that and that. Lo and behold the new governor takes office. John Allen Edwards Whitney. Guided he had one of the people it defeated in ashes governors raced Jay Darden. Becomes the top of budget guy and they say well but we're at we ought to cut the numbers we have a problem. And and that led to various taxing increases in 2016 a lot of spending Cox. And they and the governor during the campaign should he would not raise taxes right. I think that he would not raise. Have attacked. Race tax re. So what the legislature did was. He and his request that they they had and it and cutting back and trimming and number of. Tax breaks for corporations and individuals and and. They did raise state sales tax. By 1% so that was not something you said that he would not. It's I don't get too far away from the book. Reducing anyway. The company legislature. Doesn't continue to kick the can down the road. Continually. Cutting colleges. Cutting whatever they can bunt but not fixing the problems. Well Garland you're obviously a bunker and didn't do Louisiana politics that we were in bad really. Because. That is very well the possibility that this. Task force a tax expert to come up with the best ideas for the state and it's quite possible that the legislature will simply discard them because this would mean. Political pain racing taxes which equally on on on the wealthy and onto ambitious as. And instead just raised make the sales tax increase which was temporary and make that permanent. And we as. Do we're re warm again Google or is it very. A political viability. Just to keep kitchen and down the road. Well the legislators in recent years have shown that they can just kick the can down the road that's what they appeared a bit they opt in opt cap cup. But. I think I go back maverick thing for many years ago. 84. I think governor. Presidential race where's the beef. While we haven't seen that the spectacle it from the Republicans. Who are the ones to say they want a cut spending. Tend to balance the budget in the state. So. We'll see if it's 2017 present. Opinion. Ari do. Taking a break come right back cajoled joined. Talking about Greg booking long shot book budge on bill Edwards campaign to win the government shouldn't. It's called soldiers center is serious soon in epic to Louisiana election we have one of the co authors. Tyler bridges would that's questions come and Gibbs called UC general 187. Hybrid figure it out about Boca and a bog governor Jon bill and boards. Cole longshot at Wimbledon the cool authors titled bridges where groups. Two all right think the book grow up there there was conversation. About Edwards. When you lose and brought in brought don't really have to have above what Bobby Jones who plays his top agents. And as he becomes governor he points Jerry Gordon commissioner of administration. I don't have the figures in pro and a good thing was the 100000 dollars plunged more. Then the other commission or under general. And all that work. Well he he got to commissioner administration wanted change. Darden mentioned mentioned in this sort of like that but by day. Doris Kearns Goodwin that the team of rivals about president Lincoln. Because John ballot retired due earlier this top aide. Administrative agent guy who had been what is right and governor and then in the issue said. Agreed to pay him more then our regional commissioner administration. Job and when. I think the associate Chris Melinda the last wrote that story and she did. John bella Edward got smacked around a little bit more than. Did the right down the governor dia and now. Is getting ready your words in the products it's. A chewing gold companies in the in the book could not not so much about oil companies. But it was written there's a perception that the governor's turning his office in to a private label prone to on talk to them about. Well now what one of the things that that. Dying. Write about in and long shot is how. Governor. Edwards when that state resident and member of representatives her legislators to part time job so it is. Norma jobless is a lawyer and particularly worked as a trial. And throughout the campaign. One of the major groups of people that gave him work out. He was disappointed at country should mention that they did you know more. That he was in natural ally in them. But some of the trial are very nervous but David that it remembered. Story we talent and long shot straight lashes governor's race that. People but David it was going to be the governor and so. Some travelers were fearful that giving money to John Edwards fears that a governor did it would seek retribution against them because there are very clearly did not like another start on the book is out. Yeah. A law firm of trial lawyers. Harvard law firm why they decided to get involved in the race out of Baton Rouge and the fight to mold it platelet super pac. That hammered. Theater where that picture you're listeners saw. And acting job don't think Edwards is inconsistent and governor in pursue in the in the losses. Or war. Want to move forward with a lawsuit. Against the oil and gas companies to try to get a lot of money than to pick of restoring coast and that that is successful. Something that people don't like trial lawyers. In the case will make a fair amount of money for their service and they they argue that they. Our kicking at great risk they don't know that they would make anything that they a lot of money. Two. Cheer all the information that they need to move forward and that they do succeed but the state would again when all. I do but final question gone along and arguably in June. Lot of voters did this supremely disappointed. Apt there a campaign. Which are right for those who lived and worked in the building being known as the political arena. Such revelations are just another day appeal office in and that raises a question all than think about. When you look at the ego horrible things should turn to page in the personal attack Jim Cooper troops. All political theater won't want to win and want to read in the thing about hundred campaign. We've we know the conservative meet you gonna back Republican liberal media did Democrats. Well we just score the only echo chambers just cast the vote for a owned club and be ignored the campaign. Now eliminate the lights in the clicks and perhaps towards the new include radio talk to who's. To talk about something. Where you think. I think voters got a clear idea last year through the media campaign to what you each candidate with about. And would be like kind of a governor David that it was going to be trying to governor John ballot which is the architect it person covered. Last year's governor's race for the attic and then interviewed more than people quoted the governor be immediately and the First Lady for. Prepare a longshot but I think he had governing. Pretty much a team down ballot races as he said he would. OK one more time told people where you're gonna be saw him in his book. Yep so long shot actually I should say is actually. Arriving to Louisiana today it'll be big get. Start getting in your local bookstore on Monday or Tuesday we have Mike caught Jeremy Alpert. The sad about it we'll we have our first signing on Tuesday and evidently after that I booksellers. And then on Wednesday it Octavia books and uptown New Orleans. And Saturday the December 10. Which is collection that I hope people are gonna go out to vote that day. And will be at noon to two at the Barnes & Noble bookstore there and Metairie on bet. And then. A commander bill on December 18 from 103. Happy to ten to meet people in front of books and and time again I believe. Korea just in story of how behind it see how it all turned out. Fellow brother in town at the time good talking to you good luck with the book have a good Wednesday. Thank you Ireland Dublin on DO. Well suited New Orleans is doomed. No replied you want a picture all the streets in this city. No problem. You need much still a little over denying them billion. Dollars. Tickle again how does sitting in some other consultants. Are looking at a potential thirty you're playing. Their paper that. And how it might have to argue covered up and a stable of those other bureau.