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Think Tank 1010am things we have used for years in our daily lives

Dec 2, 2016|

Some of the things we have used for years in our daily lives are not going to be with us much longer. Kiplinger says things like keys and clutches will soon be a thing of the past along with fast food workers and blackouts. We'll take a look at the top ten things that will soon disappear forever. This hours guest: David Muhlbaum - Online editor at W Kiplinger, wrote article

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Dave Conan for Don Dubuque on this fabulous Friday here in the Crescent City thanks for joining us quickly recapping what you just heard in the news conference from the new Orleans police in the mayor one man has been arrested and another remains at large after last weekend shooting on Bourbon Street. They killed one person and wounded several more officials say both suspects are from the Lafayette Louisiana area. And had an ongoing problem with each other and they just happened to both be on urban street the same time. And meet up with one another and decided to settle their dispute with bullets they think neither one was in town. For any particular event not here for the big showdown between Grambling and southern in the classic in the superdome. There's still looking for a second suspect we'll get to the very latest on that the release of the man who shot and killed Joseph McKnight in what police say it was a road rage incidents on the west bank of Jefferson Parish. And our flipped over eighteen Wheeler on the high rise heading from downtown New Orleans toward New Orleans east all of those updates for you coming up in just a few minutes right now we want to welcome men. Against that we had scheduled previously for this hour we wanna talk to about. The way our lives are changing Dave mole bomb online editor read chip linger wrote a fascinating article. And is joining us now here on WWL. They gave power. A am glad you could be here Tom. I cite article MS and it picked it out. And had put it out this week about all the things in our lives that have become either a part of our daily lives really. They used say will soon disappear. For ever. What of these ten things that you wrote about surprised you the most when you did your freezer to say. Here's something that we use every day that we're not gonna be using much longer. I think for me it would keep and you've got to remember that this one deleted disappeared but it'll be a slew. Slowed it ripped away because you'll still have beat the east to load you know on that its country place. But when new installations. Key that's happening they're increasingly. Optical would be electronic. They are cute that's now made by about eight year old working with next and on that it's still light each of the home. To get into how else to a lot of you don't give someone else collude to get into the house. So my Martina will open my front door to my home. Right so BT you're still sort of have a key dissents but it's your final the idea that he'd beaten a cut piece of brass. Is going to go wait particularly. Horse. Yeah I know a lot of people party have a fob that you have to keep in their pocket and if they get in their car they pushed the start button and they don't need a key. And I think as more and more cars are being manufactured we're seeing less and less of them taken actual key. You still need something to started but you don't have to stick it in a hole and turning it. Right you're saying the same things gonna happen for our homes. It might work we always we RD have a card we use we to swipe the card on the door opens and some people use their thumbprint to get into their offices. And you're saying this is the beginning of the end of a key even at home right. He's going away the next thing mechanic caught my iron surprising was when you said that black outs are going away that. Sooner than later perhaps we will not have to dish deal with electrical outages folks after the news we're going to find out how could that be possible. As we talk with Nightline editor at Kipling there. David mall bomb here on WWL AM FM and dot com are big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll. Has technology overall made our lives better we'll see how your voting on the added WWL dot com coming up. And we'll take your calls at 5042601870. And your text messages at 87870. Dave maul Bobble tell us why it is that blacked out to gonna become a thing of the past. Along with other things disappearing from our landscape including fast food workers the clutch. No more stick shifts at all and other things that may surprise you that you will never see again. In perhaps less time than more all of this coming up here and the think tank and WWL right after this update from CBS news in your local news here on WWL. BS news update across the Mississippi River near New Orleans shots were fired. And when might be road rage involving former NFL player Joseph McKnight this man close by. Turned on huh. Saw this was in Terry town Louisiana and Joseph McKnight who returned kicks for the Kansas City Chiefs in the New York Jets was shot dead. Jefferson Parish sheriff Newell Norman. The shooter in this case stayed on the scene relinquished. His weapon then individual identified. As Ronald gas served. They white male fifty. Forecasts are taken into custody he's. Now been released just a guess Eric. Did in fact shoot mister McKnight. And we will be releasing additional details. As we get through these interviews. CBS news update I'm Dave Barrett. 10:42 good morning Dave cone and a think tank on this fantastic Friday were following several breaking news stories for you and we'll keep you posted on developments in an arrest in the Bergen street shooting from last weekend. The release of the man who shot and killed former NFL player Joseph McKnight in a road rage incident. Police saying not enough custody though not enough evidence to keep him in custody at this time as the investigation continues. And we have a flipped over eighteen Wheeler on the I ten east headed from the CBB out to new world these. On the high rise if you have to get out the east do yourself a favor and take shaft highway which will also of course be slow. This half hour we're talking about things that are disappearing in our lives Kipling or did a fantastic article. About ten things that will soon do it disappear forever so I asked their online editor Dave mall bomb to join us this morning and Dave. You told us keys are going away we already know many cars don't take keys offices use cards or retinal scans or thumbs scans. And pretty soon you say our homes we may build this open the door where they're Smart found what surprised me on your list of the ten things that'll soon disappear forever. Is blacked out how is it that power outages are going to disappear forever. Will they'll call me polite spoke out sometimes. I'm well you'll be able to because thoughtful work for the power and an. You know they're two entrants coming together here one is that the sort of slow incremental work on. What's known as the Smart grid so utilities are using not computers. And did he injured it basically to tie together they're great better and have a better sense of where things might go down in. Stop them from going to and so degrade its skinny overall better to begin with. And then there's essentially. You know individuals taking things into their own hands with for example solar installations many children solutions that he could simply add it up. Battery pack up so you are you know you're normally in on the great person when it's the power goes out you weren't on the great person. Are you ready you're not Al. So it if it's black if that feed to my home goes down for my power provider if I have a solar panel that's constantly charging a battery. Then. Power goes out my battery keeps my house running until the power comes back gone. Right and I bet that you can add these court and that's not even you know and come out the sun went out to you know batteries that last for. And a in the you know what did what did it that's that's dealing with sort of existing technologies which is basically a tanker car packed recent basement. But John Tesla and others are looking yeah. You know really advanced battery that will go on the wall. I can't be charged bicycle and I remember that so Kessel just bought a pixel company. Mr. Big investment is sort of company is part of this idea that he it will be charged the car pulled in charge the pulled back home. While our eyes so. Because we'll have a better smarter grid that will be able to route power to meet even if it goes down somewhere else on that grid because I may have let house generator because I may have my own solar batteries. You say more and more people not have to deal with power outages one of the ten things that will. Soon disappear forever he also lists fast food workers we know the national fight is on. To trying get fast food workers fifteen dollars an hour business has been fighting against this trend in many cases. But labor unions are really pushing forward and you think one of the consequences will be fewer and fewer fast few fewer and fewer fast food workers when it's all said and done. Yes and and one of the ways that there's this business obviously trying to counter this in the political. The year but they may not prevail. And so one of the ways they're dealing with this simply with automation. Yeah if you got into an era recently you'll notice not touch screen kiosks. We played shorter and then behind the scenes in the kitchen at some of the industry giant sensible startups. Are working hard making machine to take on acts like loading and unloading the dishwasher flipping the burqa cooking the interest and the. It's not like this not could be human and the place but the machine postal requires supervision and maintenance but the number of jobs will go to. So I place my own order a machine or a robot then makes the food maybe it even delivers it out to me. So there's only a few people left in the entire building when all said and done. All right to keep happy about it tent fast food workers are going away another one that I thought was interesting you headlines watch panel. It's not just the clock to the entire stick shift right. Yeah I mean it it's what causes all sorts of teeth gnashing among parties yes of which one. You know the trends are not in our favor there are debated this has been going on for awhile but certain factors or. Accelerating if you will that demise of this stick shift. No pun intended in the pocket. But no one is that automatics are simply getting a lot better and more efficient and in an automatic semi automatic appeal. Up to nine durations which let in on the the most efficient. You know speed of the most of the time effort to put fuel efficiency. I don't think anyone wants to shift nine years. Yeah plus if you got a hold this Mark Brown. How you get a hold distinction what's gonna hold them the wheel at that point I got back to meet Fred. So he can't hold this up. I was surprised increasing nine car manufacturers aren't even offering. Me until recently and it almost any vehicle you could for an extra fee get. A manual transmission a stick shift you're telling us a lot of manufacturers saying a lot of their models anymore sorry not even an option. The economics or not they're for them there he'd been to get that to offer that manual transmission they have to certify it. With the EPA they have to provide back up parts for it they have to do the engineering for it they're not getting the money back because not enough people are buying them so goodbye. All right that's one of the other top ten things it will soon be disappearing to Richard keys black outs fast food workers stick shift. College textbooks thank goodness I got a kid in college now and I can't come fast enough I wish he could just user textbooks all online to we don't pay hundreds of dollars every semester protect. Yeah. They that you might still be paying money but they will be carrying around as much we. I've met to pay for the download a third right exactly. I what else is going away forever we got a couple minutes left free to tell us anything else that stood at you on this list. Well one of the words that I think is curious is the idea. That plaque. And this was one when I was but he decided together right kick it around to our reporter who covers. Ot. Agriculture and decent Allah and. Why farmers to use. Are out there yet. The I mean it is heated this is sort of almost a cultural thing like he'd be out while the field that. Frankly it was called no till agriculture is really taking over and and or salaried and eight it reduces. On erosion because the the plow you know Lee went straight when you read it BP deep field. It is a plant material on the top to keep the wind water from caring so that'll mean. That's really old Matt I think the gospel. Yeah but but the plows dozen more trouble and it's worked out Cutler child network and the other thing it takes a tremendous amount of beef. To dig deep into the field. So. Now what's happening in the soil as being largely left alone. And seeing real and other equipment used to proceed in then you're kind comes at you harvested he you'd be behind the well the accurate stubble. It. That's why not ask you to be up armored right regretted it kind of leftover material and it decompose this and it it builds episode overtime pound and it is even if it had net of what comes along with its hugely that you need to use them purpose. Keep the weeds he could not flatly. But on it's even extending now in Cuba organic farm which used to. Dave mall bomb we appreciate your joining us on line editor at Kipling bear. Great article we'll put a link to an on our website so folks can take a look at the top ten things that will soon be disappearing forever have a great weekend. I'd Dave Cohen here on WWL. A natural recap our breaking news from the past hour. It's an update here on WWL on that overturned truck on the highrise let's do that now in fact as we go to WWL traffic and check in with our traffic reporter here on WW well. 1057 on your Friday gave colony in the think tanks Korea as we get our weekends started breaking news several stories this hour one man arrested another remains at large at the last weekend shooting and urban street it killed one person. And wounded several more officials say. That the two suspects were both from the Lafayette Louisiana area and just happened. To cross paths on Bergen street. And apparently try to settle all ongoing dispute that they had by shooting at each other. In the meantime killing one person and wounding so roll more also the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office confirming this morning. The their release the man. That shot and killed after a road rage incidents former NFL player in Kurdistan that Joseph mic night. McKnight was out of his car and apparently approaching the man's car when the man shot mic night several times and killed him. Police will hold a news conference Jefferson Parish sheriff Newell Norman coming up in about two hours we'll bring that he'll live here on WW well. The investigation continues but we have determined and learned. But there was not enough evidence to hold those suspect on any criminal charges raising the question. Do police believe he acted in self defense was she's legally justified in opening fire. I'm Joseph McKnight we're gonna talk about that all next hour here and the think tank and WWL. So party text me date 7870 says so you're telling me that a man can shoot and kill another man and be released to the comfort of his home the next day. What new hell are we living a man is dead oh he's that good guy because he surrendered himself. What do you think do you think it's possible. Based on what we know in this case that it was indeed self defense or do you like this person taxing a sedate 7870 tickets preposterous. That the man has been released. And I'm. Pretty share races beginning to become a major issue in this story you have a 54 year old middle aged white man Ronald castor. In a road rage confrontation with a 28 year old black man. Former NFL player Joseph McKnight. Gas air shot mic night witnesses say fires three shots and then stood there. And waited for police to arrive and hand them his gun and said yeah I shouting kill them. Are you afraid of a road rage incident turning deadly if you're involved. We'll talk about it after the nets.