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Think Tank 1210pm Donald Trump promised to keep all jobs from going overseas

Dec 5, 2016|

Donald Trump promised to keep all jobs from going overseas. Did Trump keep his promise when the Carrier company kept 1,000 jobs in the U.S., but sent over a thousand jobs to Mexico and got tax breaks to do it? This hours guest: Brendan Duke - Associate Director, Economic Policy Center for American Progress Daniel Ikenson - Director of Trade Policy Studies at Cato Institute

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All right Donald for open. Problems again ball. Off. Salute to bode well did draw from one owns. So what do you think did it wrong when the yeah carrier company. Kept blown out and in Cuba or. To. It's over a thousand jobs in Mexico. And all the financial instruments to do. Computers and think. Sugar abroad and do good sues you directorate economic policies sent them programs and then. There's always thank you so I appreciate the call. To his thoughts when you hear this. And what route carrier. Well you know it contains. President president electron is focusing on top say really why. That it serving about that is just how small beans and. Term would have to view wonders ideal week for thirty years to stated many jobs as Obama otter he did. I'm about over hundred and company 5000 people I'll lose adopt each day. The late labor market works. He say about 800 job about 12100 of those topics welcoming go to Mexico Decatur plant. So that has really been in what we really be focusing on is policy not just talking points that will. And create jobs in her on. Soon aides one current policies would make a difference from reasoned. I have stolen and soup like in London. Have you on spew workers. Talking about this all of the implant and that Troy open now talking about. Forcing them more confidence in him. The stimulant. States he said. I don't think they can do or the the wages. And the plant and these of the C workers union reps. Save the current boy aged between eighteen and thirty dollars in our war to match the colts say being the company's gonna make in Mexico. Bad after drop below minimum wage so policies make a difference. Sure well what we're talking about trade and you know keep in mind those Americans don't work in. Industries that are particularly impacted by most Americans. Our teachers work restaurant. Work in healthcare. And you know to operations really up at a trade there when it comes to trade pact injures street like being captured. Like sealed a few things that worked there so 11 thing. We need to do issues mixture than. Are the dollar is in com unfairly pushed up. That. Certain currency manipulation to one an issue that thing going on China. So that's certainly one thing we can do another part of it is just happening on a well educated. Workforce which the competitive. You know eighteen to thirty dollar and work that's certainly sounds like a lot that actually load shared the higher price the deal of it's part of the cop the deal is that the eight iron that goes into it you know capital into it and having educated efficient workers is actually the way per country to stay competitive which is quite really disturbing that. Donald Trump is armed nominating vote like that he'd vote for the Department of Education course seeking to undermine our country's competitive. When we just talked about competition and we do your show probably couple months ago. On social security and and what I heard the reps. So much cure and the department. The federal workers. Say the problem we've cut his people are going on Social Security disability. Because we have such an aging boomer. Population that think it's. 101000 people at Dade turning 65 Beers over the next thirteen fourteen years. End at the bed soon block grants to the states to quote. Re educate him. But the good the state teachers. Looked down and said the jewel that your life could be able learn how to write code. Not going to be able learn now too. Fictionalized and its prime lonely robot soon end and electronic. You'd do a whole lot better adjusted take the decibel. How do you train people wouldn't so much of our population. Is aging. It would really struggled to learn the new technology. Sure I mean I think that it is unfortunately. Lee something that Washington politicians do where they talk about all at the training program all of these coding program. That are realistic for a lot worker. You know the key thing is again the demeanor and still work gains factors that are backed by trade. They work. Hospital restaurant. In their local economy and so that's actually the he away. About port operations usually comes from an action that main way that we can actually need to create cut it by the aggregate demand. You know our economy global employment we can still pretty a lot more goods and services. We can dope what people who work. Com without generating inflation to which he did. And you know the way to do batteries should put a reserve to keep interest rates low. On the city to have a good or structure plan will actually put Americans to work. By investing in our communities that will create on all sorts of jobs that won't require on the anywhere in your particular retreating. That technical Lotta politicians talk about. And I he'd be wet blanket but I'm being were all in favor of infrastructure work when we hear it. Would choose things what we have about six trillion dollar debt and and give give its jobless civic works got doubts illegal Paul whole lot more crap. And lived through its federal projects. It's going to be things like told robes of would we pay pork. So it's a lot of the infrastructure opening more. Well you know the real weight to use in that. Infrastructure is you know for the program to our we have really really low partly hot right now we days. Are actually pretty okay. The International Monetary Fund which you know is the entities in the yet help countries weather the app too much that are not is. Actually telling you and it to invest in infrastructure. By increasing its capital that. So that's why it you know the folks to really monitor I need to up our game. Is that we actually you have to really to make that sort of investment right now and what and what kind of investment with outlook by. A lot of that is. You know I think that you don't even see it like our electricity raid which is really old in effect. It's. You know water treatment I'm in it and those wrote but it also. Railroads. Airports that sort of thing it's appropriately you know rod definition of infrastructure. We can put those people who work will pay a believer in great weight. All right limp Dick break Cumberland right back. Words linger about trump telling your carrier hey don't don't go to Mexico. And for about 800 jobs that you said OK but there guns in the house and blows over the border. The question it is should he use and abuse and swatted promised during the campaign. Say carriers into the ball bearing plan. But he is getting ready to have to give the same speech do I'll slap you 35%. Tower of all and you. If you're already there or if you go all. Would that not do what he wanted to live ball draw what do you think. Number. All right drug's alleged fraud problems you do all the draw from going overseas news. Did you can't just from from the carrier company kept at the holes and jobs and New England states have a body in 200 actually. It's Laura Feldman jobs to Mexico. And got a tax rate in the process. Our double dubbed yelled pretty jaguar daily opinion polls that we room every hour apps that question in 56%. Of you say yes. Read. He problems that keep all good job sheer. It'd it seemed like with the politicians liberal or conservative. What are they say during the campaign. Don't believe them because. They didn't mean literally. But of course comply would mean that Gingrich students. So maybe we're just sort of terminal the radios and television. Talk shows during the campaign just Pogue who we bought for. In the NC what they do. Anyway we old scroll experts in the talk about it we have Brendan Dube associate director economic policies and for American progress. Brendan in one of the forward suit I can buy and did there with me. From. Suggests that hey boy born on June. You can beat the competition. If you need to sell more. Wine country of competition between states remove one state to be a father. An order to get tax benefits and better for it have been for the workers. You know that's something that's been. How are the country you know that we've been doing that complete pat made Ian unfortunately. They're high in your rate to the bottom crop states in terms of operating. These sweetheart deal. You know somewhat dazed look a little bit like extortion. And all that but it went to it doesn't seem to work. I think one great example of that is the fact that. Back into when he thirteen carrier. Threatened to leave Indiana. And Mike Pence Oxford carrier top a million dollars in grants. And that didn't per in the pocket and make it a couple years and then what do you know years later they hit it in the plan and the these incentives have been proven not to work in its unfortunate that. These companies are basically hitting. Cities and states. I'd get each other basically to creep sweetheart deal to. You know to basically. Help their shareholders and hurt taxpayers I mean the rate it taxes on everybody else. So we really think about it solutions that prevent the Rick the bottom. In again or borrowed them policies are we talking about again moved we talk about Brea education. We'll read talk about infrastructure. Roll all the rooms come with some real problems. Do you see anything Polly policy wise it's. They're both conservatives. And liberals can take a look at and say yeah outlets Cohen and director. I do think that there could be. Ground war. Collaboration on and yet the currency issue on the much. What the country's. By US treasury bonds in order to you make the dollars. Go up in price and make it easier for them to act sport. Pat not here which cost. Plenty of jobs. There at my part and or present now Mitt Romney talked about. Talked about labeling China current is currently manipulator back into when he twelve. Yet silly to think that there is some ground there to work together Mac. So. That morning. Dude is if we've become a currency manipulator. Almost sell outs and accuse Cha. Allred rolling into one of those trade wars were started throwing parents at each other in the first thing you know like we're always here. Cellphone that it's 5600. Books and Al becomes too files. I think we need to day you know have a dialogue with China about the issue and you know there's a lot of things that we did at. Trade deal with China think like intellectual property. At center that. Are part of the deal if need be you know big party for ot. Should the making here today China that in. Cut the dollar to go up in it and we're gonna have to get up away in May be something on and you know. Not letting. You know US software companies charge as much money for their intellectual property or drug companies from doing that. The negotiation that I do think that. Now on a wait to come up with a fair and equitable the temper how you know the dollar and the Chinese and the now each other I would make a lot of. Our guide to thank you so large projected time is always have good debt. Oh. Got a couple of tweets. Or you give him oops siege that terribly on the site once and awhile. The village from outside of the crew who's to do something. We're still waiting on Obama to start. Couple thoughts. Obviously. You don't lists. We call that thing to I think. More than any of the program you hear any of the plays we really weren't hard. To give it conservative. Or liberal alike with the short term ruled on today the pro and cons on both side it's. This side and men and again moved recently the invitations. We tell them what we're gonna talk about this is the first time. At The Heritage Foundation. And two other conservative organizations. That we sent invitations who didn't respond to org could make it. Out of all of these years eleven. Been here so we have fraud and covered up that rule and technical institute. The parent organization would bury conservative movement he beat they'll have reasons to back it. And for those who do and what you said. Never trumps you keep all that you really believe that we give your quote. And business it leaves our country for little comfort fired two employees Belgian factory. Or plant in India the country in the business. And then thanks. The world so much problem back into good run its rates were the hub retribution. Or consequence. Is totally wrong. There will be a tax. On our soon to be strong border. A 35%. For these companies. Waving to sell their products. In the product across the border. Going and in the direction. So why wouldn't you and set a world to improve regardless. What would you say of 35%. Thing. Sounds like a real way in which they disabling. Urge it's. It's it's old one and 100 shots I thought. Here's a general one hates government dubbed. RO grabs skimmed probes are like Donald Trump problems stinky old drove from going seized. Did drug induced problems when we carrier company Keb I think I'm reading about 800 jobs look at about eleven or 12100. Goal overseas in the 800 that city got a touch break. Good idea bad idea again of a couple of Texas says I've ever heard him say Ole. Oops yeah. Everything I read says that he would keep all jaw and from Lee being Buena island city. By putting them at 35%. To our odd. Ago but what I'm saying we go to via Oxford to Rea did annual I consume. Director trade policy studies at the Cato Institute didn't appreciate it Stella and my girl. You go to mentions greed and economic Shia and you can probably hold my hand on them. Do you go to companies and say hey come talk. We're gonna debut what was to seven million plus you're on the benefit scheme by 800 soon be on the and so bouncy each. Well look I mean that the people whose jobs are staying in Indiana. You know I'm happy for them. Unhappy that they can defer. You know judgment day but it's the real beneficiary is he is is the politicians and did they do the job of appointing a look what I can do by transferring taxpayers. Dollars to. Two to sort of bribery extort this company to. To to change its decision. It's important to deter us to have. Manufacturing in the United States and pressed to have investment here in tech we are the world's number one. Destination for that but we do that good policy makes companies want the stick and make companies want to come here from abroad. But haven't could regulatory environment of the tax environment. Good infrastructure workers with proper skills. And went went trump gets involved in. Overrides. The depth of the market signals that we're sending carrier broad. Dirk costs that are unseen I don't know concede club when we don't know exactly what carrier would have done the proceedings of would have realized that it invested in other facilities and other parts of India and other parts of the country. Other companies are going to come up with their own plans to move abroad and then slashed them by the administration as they were leaving. He's enlisting a you can give us something to step. And then to the cubs committed to the idea of imposing a 35% tariff on companies that that ship jobs overseas. That. That adjustment urged companies to lead entirely. Dina but that would be real world would this investment is mobile capital as mobile. And and and that's a result. People invest in companies invest in places where it makes the most sense in a policy makers berate the companies are trying to badger them. Behold the before special beastly yell at them for keeping profits optional. They don't have to be here at all there's lots and lots of places we can produce products that now they so policymakers need to recognize the policy of non tribal. And companies. Can react that way and that they need to be induced with good policy. And believe me I'm not wounding about him and going to question. Save Ford Motor Co. that says are consumed. Manufacturing. More of their birds small cars to Mexico. If you've drunks and developments finding good ball what they abuse and Beck has a 35%. Tara. Matt Hahn. And would win that keep me. Well I would probably you know dissuade them from from from outsourcing part of the operation but they might today. You know do this this administration is. A little composing and one that we just ship all of our production. XBLA would become a Mexican company won't be in the European company. You know that the other problem here is that. If it's such a good idea to incentivized. US companies to to keep all the production here. What about. The foreign investment in the United States that we it's over six million Americans who work for foreign headquartered companies. In half over half with the US auto production has done by foreign nameplate producers in the United States. Still we don't want this this extra. Or so I must say that again. That they got over half the US auto production. In the United States is produced by foreign nameplate parts Japanese Korean and European. And you know if they were to pull back there investments. It would be really bad the economy because of foreign companies who are invested in the United States. Tend to perform above average probably US economic average because. There's cream of the crop companies from a country that performed well there. They graduate to be able to compete. International inception opera United States and we look up from two meat companies like they're best practices but it makes compensate the workers that hired an average rates. They invest more are indeed there's more exporting. So it it's it makes so so little cents to. Try to override the market signals we into the factory floor has broken through holes and now stands borders and oceans. And US cup unit headquartered company need to be able to compete. With companies abroad. And and and they act on which to do that sometime that required in some. Some of the functions that used to be done all in the United States to become elsewhere that that would steeply to and to create. Value added and and jobs and and other segments of the business. Or eleven big rig rumored comeback and call as Cuba prompt saying hey. You've got as more or do better human to get better tax and fins were made more money. Go from state to state that the states complete come right back in the think tank dubbed the Columbia. It's would change a little better every hour of privilege Barnes of the bill opinion gold some we have skew the did brands like from Cuba's from a boy in the carrier company kept at the homes and jobs in the US house. Set over a thousand jobs to Mexico. And got attacked for eggs to do would Schwartzel of that he proved 2% of you say no. And cubes prompts. Talking couple more amendment would dent who I can it's. Director of trade policy studies said Cato Institute. Then do you probably saw that blurb brings via president elect served two companies in general. Under competition between say shall find your profit you broadened the tax incentives. Your thoughts there. Daniel have we learned you. We have to we have. I listen. Yes and yes sir the so and be in the United States. It's competing with him the other government in the world attracting investment and in production and value added activities. Maybe you in the number one destination for foreign direct investment forever and in 2000 week. Were home to you two gentlemen pumped about 39%. Of all leads direct investment. Melodies it's about 21% to on considerably. That's not would be that that's because for two reasons the rest of the world coming on line and other places to invest. That comp countries that the Abdul blob forward workers killed were disputes are now coming online and beak to become relatively decent places to put best. But we're also cheeks thing investment away through that to their policies that regulatory and possibly the highest corporate tax rate among a week CDs in the rich countries. The highest in the world that we have the extra territorial taxation system which. Subjects or US multinational club company's profits abroad the taxation again when it comes back. So there'd there'd deterred from investing in productive activity here in the US. But the states have been competing but he took a long time also went and not a good thing we have fifty states and system in this in this way. Excuse states can use. Their own policies to and we could see what works what doesn't and there's no reason I think that we've seen more investment coming into places like. South Carolina and Tennessee and Alabama that we do. Wisconsin Ohio Michigan. Upper capita basis at least because. You know that they are more business friendly environment that's. Mark of the regulations streamlined. Taxes are more favorable the right to work state so the cost of organized labor aren't does as as big to deal. It doesn't work in every situation that he's been we have a federal system which means we can pick and choose. The policies that that are working around the country and that and see what works best. The predicted a president who wants to run roughshod over federalism and and mandate from the top in all 35% careful coach companies that outsource. Then you're you're preventing states from acting the way the founders our state to be able to act in the 02212. Or purple. Daniel couldn't do the show about and should think with the time and the call. Mark thank you are much. Forward you in the show I'm on the average on the bed sleeping and indication that QMQ. And hand them. The human race. Either hasn't them the ability and are bringing. The worry either going reasoning. Or orb we have lost all ability to think. North Tola and man walks and dual Washington DC piece of little rightful. To win and that's the gay election related conspiracy. Theory. All right everybody in the please panics. Several businesses. All round Gordon told Locke. You walked in and everybody wrong and god to shortages of bright ball in the restaurant and numbered time. And in thirty caliber of cold or obscene. Shotgun and you know him. And he win in 28. They only breast fraud that's very popular in Washington. Because there was late news. Transparency. There roots problem throughout the presidential campaign. The restaurant that older stabbed nearby businesses. Had been hacked on social media. And received. Death routes. And if she brings them. They were threatened. Because of the great news story claiming. Dad didn't democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. And her king are camping cheap. We're running a child sex ringing. From the restaurants back problems. And under the brush Ron Paul oats. You probably Chabraja none of them were true. In the big storage threat persisted. All of these people including their children. Have been threatened. And then you bring us. Michael Palin. Are retired general. Who probes are like Donald Trump has to have two good buys him on national issue of security. Foreign bloated these stories. About another Clinton conspiracy. Involvement better be Julia. If if the human race is not going nuts. In this judge Arlen it's a way it's always been. Would then turn off the TVU's. Quick break your dog chose the way this cell phones. Let's not seat any evidence of the way you wean you off. Uncle leading global double up yeah. Cabrera its own two years ago and talk about these Britain over the shooting following. Road rage incident on the West Bank. Talk about what's being said how much and he's stoned raw emotion how much Bridgestone. How do you deal with the road rage. Courts we'll talk about these saints performance or lack there are. Book against alive and scored more encumbered object. All of rubber debris Durenberger. Elements and Tammy. Cobb announces all people to keep the pieces that showed a good thing Q so much. But the rest of the you have a great day hopefully sun shine it in your merger.