WWL>Topics>>12-1-16 Scoot 3pm- Did the media control who won the election?

12-1-16 Scoot 3pm- Did the media control who won the election?

Dec 5, 2016|

If the "liberal media" controlled the outcome of elections, then why did Donald Trump win?

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It is such a beautiful December the first is since Thursday afternoon is so great to there's a song that will play going into our first break this hour. That day just it must be played on a day like today. Chip and Joanna gains have a big show on fixer upper that sent a short HT TV and how many vehement wash that show. I don't I don't watch it because I don't have anything to fix up and I don't expect having to fix up any time soon. So I have to adjust properly to show but it it's very entertaining and it's a very very popular show the couple lives in Waco Texas. And they have been criticized because. They go to church this is from by speed dot com. Their criticized because they go to a Christian church. That is. Actively against same sex marriage. And I act I can't figure out. Why this is really fair criticism I mean it it looked at it seems like they're kind of reaching for a reason to criticize this this couple. Every Catholic. Goes to church that does not support same sex marriage. I I don't agree with that I go to a Catholic Church. And I'm sure there are aspects of your religion and your church that you don't. I agree with specifically but you still go to church but. You know and again it you know this there's judgment on both sides. If it's not fair to judge a couple. Because. They go to church. It doesn't support same sex marriage and a whole lot of churches don't. If it's if it's not fair to criticize them for that then it's also not fair to criticize anybody. Who call themselves Christian and supports same sex marriage. I just find that we live in just such interesting times that are so punctuated. With hypocrisy. And on both sides. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 26 so point 78. Very coach 504260187. Or Tex is a 7870. And I find it interesting I don't know where this is in the in the don't legal process but I know it's always going to court to their record is the case is gonna be heard by the courts. The attorney general of Louisiana. Is is trying to. It is trying to stop. The governor fight if I understand this correctly stop the governor's executive order which says when it comes to state contracts. I you can't discriminate based on the LG BT community. Unless it's a religious based organization and I don't know what the specific wording as that's that's loosely what the when it is. So the attorney general. Wants to say it's okay to discriminate against. Gays and lesbians don't you VT community. And governor says you know you should be able to do that so this is in the course to be decided. Why do we have an attorney general. Looking for reasons to discriminate against people. And on what basis do you discriminate against somebody on the basis of of what goes on in their private life and you know this is up. This is an old topic because of the this is not our topic it's been around for three years now. And it really reached a peak when the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to pass laws that and same sex marriage. Which is congruent with. Different could a Supreme Court rulings. Based on right to privacy of their birth control pill abortion a lot of other a lot of other rulings. And I'm not trying to bring up the abortion issue and I know it did you have very passionate feelings about that as I do and I I understand that. But the Supreme Court is consistent when it comes to the basic right to privacy. I just I find this at this this attempt to want to criticize people when I mean it's it's it's it's not fair. And it happens on both sides because think about this if if there are people who defend. Chip and joining gains in Saint Louis not failure to condemn them because they go to which church that actively opposed to same sex marriage. Then it's also not fair to criticize somebody who support same sex marriage or it goes to a church that except same sex marriage. You know and I know look at that some of the things we talk about I think makes some people uncomfortable because. They don't want to address. Their own hypocrisy IV can I say at that way. You know we need to work as people and I'm sure there turns on hypocritical. It is people we need to work on on being less hypocritical. And being more consistent. And those who say. OK Donald Trump is president elect US to accept him. Many of those people. Said I will never accept Barack Obama as my president. And they showed a lack of respect for the office of the presidency because of the individual who was in an office. But yet their they will now say as they did when George W. Bush was president you may not like demand that you should respect the office of the presidency. So. Again it does hypocrisy is just. It's overwhelming. When you do talk radio show that he is not targeting the right to or the left. Pavel again to argued that the majority of this country is not right or left and it's about time that people stood up. And had more courage to stand up for a radical moderate view look I've got opinions and I thought and I'm talking for you. I've got opinions no matter what the topic is but I'm not far right I'm not far left and that actually describes it. If you've just joined us this afternoon and Europe you're heading home with got a traffic forty coming up in just a few minutes here. We've been talking about President Obama today saying that Fox News is one of the reasons why trumped up beat Hillary in the election. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine Obama said. The part of the recent Clinton lost the election to trump was because Fox News is on in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country. But the president said part of the reason also is the Democrats lost because. They did not work ate grass roots level being there showing up making arguments. I heard during the entire campaign. Then the the grassroots the political machinery. Of the Democrats. And Hillary's campaign. We're much better superior much more sophisticated than Donald Trump's. And out front points. The president is wrong to blame Fox News to even suggest that Fox News swayed the election. And and I I love talking about the the idea that. Leading up to this election I sat here in this studio. And on a daily basis heard people talk about the liberal media the liberal media is doing all it can to help elect Hillary Clinton. And intra doesn't have a chance. Truck one. So do neither side is is right here it's it's unfair to blame the liberal media. And the liberal media is so powerful as somebody if you believe. How to truck went. And in this fear of the liberal media's been around for a long time how to George W. Bush become president. If the liberal media is so. Powerful. How does a Republican ever win. What President Obama is doing. Is. He is reluctant to accept. The reality. At the Democrats ideology. The specific ideology of Hillary Clinton. And what she represents with the Democratic Party and the political establishment. Was rejected it. So rather than think about that it's it's it's more. Convenient to blame something in me you feel better about yourself one you know it's not the democratic and rejected democrats'. Debate which is fox news's fault. Don't Mr. President it's it's the fault of that the candidate that you have it. She wasn't good enough. She wasn't good enough to get but she wins the popular vote. But in the political game that is played with the Electoral College. She lost. And shame on her in her campaign for taking for granite. State that they thought they were gonna win so they didn't campaign there. And when I was watching election night the states to stand out most in my mind or Pennsylvania State Florida was really exciting to watch watch the results come in. Well a Pennsylvania. Michigan and Wisconsin. Those states have a lot of blue collar workers. They traditionally vote for Democrats. They didn't vote for Hillary. And a lot of people didn't vote for Donald Trump's a don't trust got his work cut out for him he's gonna have to do well over the next four years if he wants to be reelected. Donald Trump was visiting a carrier today this is part of the thank you tour to Donald Trump is on vice president elect a Mike Pence is witty and and they were in Indiana today at the carrier plant tour and carrier plant where they've saved. About a thousand jobs from going to Mexico with incentives. Will it be worth it to give this company incentives to stay in America 22 paid him to stay is is it gonna be worth it. Only time will tell but Donald Trump says that companies will no longer leave the United States without consequences. And a lot of people are applauding that for marry Tommy here and every WL. I. A remarkably they want. I'm used to watch Fox News that all too polite so watch it definitely Spock that CNN and at MM that's that'd be easily lock out. Fox always told true we listened to ideology. They for what they want not what the people want the epic about the boat channel an election. And up on Hillary at sixty. Don't you go back Fox News. And it should get two came here to the but what what exactly fox always they've progressed very true about why most. That constant election the election and see and I would argue fool fool. So that's one reason why most bought who want the list I appreciate you torture. I totally disagree because I think CNN does a very good job of telling them. Okay located in Tommy may be Fox News learned its lesson because it embarrassed itself in 2012 when it insisted that if Romney was the was gonna win. And not so. You know I mean on election I let go I don't know what they're sort Tommy sometimes that can result from the sources that are coming in I'm not doing this to criticize Fox News or defend CNN. Some of it has to do with where the information is coming in. And you know you might get one new entity that has information is coming and it doesn't match the other but in the and they all agreed that Donald Trump was the winner. An opponent that's why where when Obama got elected the first time I didn't vote on tape but we all gave the man a chance at two terms. Now you know. Anyway it would be at the ground right now and Malcolm are in the chat that cheap. Eight Beijing electoral how to pop will vote allowing the electoral try out crowd is gonna be viewed give you the truth and to the election. Tommy I appreciate the call but look let's let's remember that there were a lot of people who never gave Barack Obama chance. And those people are saying. You should give out from the chance you see a little hypocrisy there. Do you have a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy every coach 504260187. Tex ever say 7878 beautiful day I had to play this song I'm skewed will be back on WWL. Love it when the seasons change it feels like December 1 or me as very mild today but it's gonna be chilly tonight called in some areas. And it's December life. SS exposes seasons change. Doesn't really cute girls. Had a dream about him one night. Oil companies feel so guilty and you back to sleep to apologize. Opera tenor Alex here on WW well. Yet. Calling it yet commenting on stuff in the U. Our Asia about hypocrisy and the second. The president yeah. Undeniable but now. About Tennessee and and so would be yeah I wanna be demanding. Successful and we got. I'm with a the Kindle. It'll Barack weigh in. The country be successful. Yet so he wouldn't be successful. In that. I spent less time talking about it Alex because I'm I agree with you receive it was a pathetic. Display. When. Party identity and ideology was more important and what's best for the American people and there. You know there were things that we're not done these guys. Obama would've gotten credit fours when they might have been best for the country. And that's now that's how it works in Washington. Collect and and the cut you. You know. But the country. Ago. Feel appreciate in. The black that we all went to Cuba. And I guess they want quality and economy. Oh. Democratic streak. Let it go boldly. You know it. That should make the you may vote but the secret. You know equipment and B date. Alex I appreciate the call here's a check to says you're wrong on that screws it was obvious win trough would win CNN still showing close. By you know I was slipping all around saw eyes you know I don't remember that and I'm not here to defend CNN but they all got it right at the end. And you know people see what they wanna see they hear what they wanna hear and if you wanna believe that fox was the only one that had it right then that's okay you can you can believe that. And maybe they were the first ones to say that trump won again they were embarrassed. In 2012 means had to Dick Morris and on. Karl Rove really embarrassed to election like 2012 because they were just so convinced that they're probably was gonna win and kind of project I forget the exact. Verbiage but. Evian projected Ronnie the winner and had to go back on that because. Barack Obama won from Baton Rouge AJ a year and a BWL. Aging. Gonna go after but you know I need to wake up in the middle today some in this morning for some money. More than my traction. Again. Are all about the com manager Mike a while ago about the yacht Koppel. From Waco. To show you joining internship gains from fiction author and write or bankrupt. For him. Going to a church that just spoke but the most discriminate Opel. Welded they think the church routed it to discriminating by they've been criticized for going to a church that actively. Opposed to same sex marriage. Right and what little question that. Good. Each church no no. There there are. So I'm. Buzz feed is the website that came up with this. This in this story to start with and now everybody else's son has run. Frightening thing about Bravo. For congress one element and so should tell them. And the fact that he belongs to a public and that. 00. Now if we do that we launches there for a moment HA. The congressman victim police line it. The congressman from them so. They democratic congressman from them so a lot of move belongs to. The parents. Almost virtual. Worlds almost all of what they'll. AJ at a ball anyway. AJ I've got to get to a new set but I mean I'm gonna go to talk about that when we come back after the news I'd scoop we've got to CBS news updates on the plan Debian Google news Chris Miller. And we'll be back to talk about that. And more. He was on this day December the first 1955. That Rosa Parks a black seamstress. Was arrested and after she refused to give up her seat to a white man. On Montgomery Alabama city bus. The incident sparked a yearlong boycott of the bosses by blacks and it was one of the flash points in time the start of the civil rights movement. As for today's establishment. That's something that is in their memory. And it just think about how much the world has changed. This woman was tired she worked all day. And some white man said. Go to the back of the bus because I wanna sit here. And she said no. She was arrested. That was not that long ago that was 1955 right. So the pain of segregation. That hatred of segregation. Is is not that long ago. So in many ways you've come along way in anyways we have. A long way to go I'm screwed in the afternoon going to witness has an update on our party Joba for new poll have you noticed any change in people's since Donald Trump one. 51%. I know 49% say yes give us your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com. Before Givenchy calls and text very quickly becoming a what is a share caller saying I had to go to the CBS news update. He was talking about the the congressman who goes to church that has homosexuals I guess he's referring to a church that supports nicest. And this was son in response to the of the criticism of the couple that goes to a church have a show on HDTV. Fixer upper Joanna and tax shipment gains. Their Waco Texas and they go to church that actively opposed to same sex marriage but it as long as their show doesn't do anything. I to discriminate as long as there showed us and bring this up but what difference does it make what church they go to. And if you think about it any Catholic that supports same sex marriage like myself. Is in conflict with. The Catholic Church because the church does not. Support same sex marriage so there are a lot of people going to churches that don't don't agree with every single aspect of the church. I honestly I think this is a cheap shot but those who say it's not fair to criticize the couple because they go to a church. That does not support to a same sex marriage. That that group also needs to realize it's not fair to criticize people who support. Same sex marriage can have it both ways. Are from Jefferson deal here under the W out good afternoon bill. I don't screw I'm gonna. That's good or must good luck passed on. Ten different viewpoint so lectures forums is no problem. Noble want. Today and in the past to mourn a young couples are having without the proper protection. I'm sure they were all sorts of education are less war astute draw allow local responsibility total other car. Number two perspective though to be people who took their genetic makeup. Allow them all civil rights issue compliment disease is not their fault. In my third. American citizens to do they want true mortgage consume considerably in creation and earn their way in life. And for. If you this to go to college to make sure some value to your career. Where is to make a living off of its advantage sacrifice to make sure you pay off your loans. I don't care for today's organize unions. They expect to. And wage. Their push too much cost demands and then it. Number six. Mean whom where and should be very inspirational harsh school education. Quick note for the trade or college timing. And sent them. Don't build a Wal-Mart shopping board instead. Foreign darkness still preserve the Republic's system. Public school system for their citizens. Where there are educated. If amounts that are dead Mexican citizens. Should peacefully protest against their program. To make him change policy. Number eight. That you win the United Nations take the next terrorist actions against Mexican government's true and connected drug cartel. There you're killing US citizens. My parents have the UN take the necessary steps to eliminate the two plants that produce both forward and cocaine. Number ten species nursebot Lawrence sealed to do extraordinary opportunity alarm. Our. Trying to increase in the use of nuclear. Solar wind turbine car to a doctor. Thermal own view thermal production of coal. So. Look toward generating power plant. Number eleven. I'm not gonna I'm gonna temporary care Bill Richardson to listen do you put a lot of thought into this call and then there's a lot of common sense and what do you say which is gonna mean some people are gonna disagree with you. Yes it is Sipe I appreciate the commode just giving eleven real quick. We're so at some level. Increased research during that all mobile as they Jones exhaust CO2 into the Obama like. Don't let's planning appreciate you taken time to think about things before you call the show if you're on hold hang on if you got a comment you wanna join us our numbers 2601 a seventy. Erick are 5042601. A seventy text state 7870. Happy birthday today to a singer guitarist Eric bloom of bull I start cult. 72 years old today. I'm scoots and as somebody else is having a birthday today but also it's time to talk about. The remake of a movie and I can't believe they're remaking this movie. This woman was in the movie that's being remade today's or birth they will talk about that we come back on WL. On our pop culture calendar today December the first we wish very happy birthday today to Bette Midler 71 years old. She sang this song as she also appeared in the movie beaches. Say it any soul. Lifetime movie network has decided to remake. Beaches. Like America didn't cry enough back in 1988 and since then every time somebody see them with like we didn't cry enough then you get a remake beaches. For the love of god. I'd never saw that movie and I never will I'm sure it's a wonderful little story. I boycotts. Really sad movies and I like movies that are descent or middle to some degree but I am not about to sit down. And the entertained. By this subject matter of a movie like. It's a Vermont town Dez and a year on WWL. And first term or long and it should go. You one quick question beat him in and if they're utter hypocrisy in government today. I know they're being beaten you would care here in our jobs or American dream which is really great. Effort in which Obama so cool. Thing. There was such a bad thing and we shouldn't believe we should do it auto industry training in. People should the new and different thing if you top that differ from the pale from the corn treat. You with. We were cared. A book that corporate welfare. In theory and theory designated might be close to the same objective at practically speaking it's it's a difference did the company just failing of the company moving to Mexico opened my eyes I see the apparel unit load the parallel your drawing. You know only time is gonna tell whether or not this who was worth it time prove that saving the auto industry was the right thing to do. Time will tell whether or not and I think it's I think cat carrier gets on. Incentives of seven million dollars from the state of Indiana over ten year period only time will tell whether that's worth it. I thought the election. A referendum on corporate welfare we own. Tighten up by bootstraps and you know that would you know I mean we just giving money away. I think this is a state and I believe this is the state of Indiana Brian I'll I I could be wrong it's still taxpayers still taxpayer dollars. Out an error there are you know it's it's like the you know that the superdome the saints and all the businesses they'd get tax breaks. Incentives to to move to an area. The jobs that they create the revenues that they generate stock compensation for the incentives that they get in and only time will tell whether or not this is is the right move it. You know for the thousand people who are keeping their jobs and I think if they get the suit Fred before the holidays is certainly is good news for them. About it. There's that whole collection from educator. And this case as as educators and talk much you know like. And I'd teach our I've outlaw torture and population in. All go. Isn't really interesting because they've. Before so they've built from positive thing now. People bashed him on. But it has been that's you know that's good stuff that that's just unnecessary group and and I. They are in which there are enough good people in America you know I mentioned just a moment ago that this is the day in 1955 minutes Rosa Parks refused to get up controversy and a white guys and I wanna sit here. As she refused to walk to the back of the bus. That cost a lot of whites to say wait a minute. This is where where I stand for this anymore. And there are a lot of people who wore white a lot of supporters who were not going to allow Hispanics African Americans Muslims or anybody to be mistreated in this country. Just because somebody thinks they have a mandate because trump one. And we've just got to stand up and be very vocal that we are not going to allow this to happen. Desert I gotta get your pregnant I join our conversation. Thank you for listening. I'm astute in the afternoon. There's a populist movement that is sent gaining a lot of popularity in Europe. And I think that Donald Trump's victory in the election. Is an indication that there's a populist movement going on in America which is something we talked about a lot in the form of saying. The far right and the far left do not run this country we'll be right back. Under review oil.