WWL>Topics>>12-6-16 Scoot 1pm- Did Newell Normand go too far in his news conference?

12-6-16 Scoot 1pm- Did Newell Normand go too far in his news conference?

Dec 6, 2016|

Reaction to the arrest of Ronald Gasser, the man who shot former NFL player Joe McKnight after an apparent road rage incident and reaction to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand’s press conference.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have all lots to talk about this afternoon ahead we are just getting started I'm screwed time I glacier with this. I'm so if you didn't hear the press conference where if sheriff known Norman Jefferson Parish it's on our website WW dot com. He was wrong. He was very. It was very insightful and I mean insightful eye in SI GHT. A few well I'd like it sightings of him but it's likely turn some of the fact that he he talked about. He talked about society. And it's interesting that there are heads of police departments who are now Serbia talk about. Societal problems. As they relate to the police department. Newell Norman was absolutely right. On Friday during his press conference when he said just wait. And people react. And he said if you don't like the way he's handling this. Tough. He also wants a far to say shame on all of you. They wanted to take action. Before they had a chance to get to this point. Run out of gas or to shooter in the Joseph McKnight junior. Road rage case. Has been arrested. He was not arrested. Friday was arrested Thursday when the incident happened or Friday. Because as sheriff I Norman explained they were getting a lot of information because he didn't have a lawyer yet. There are getting information from him that they would not have been able to get. I think this is going to hit national news. And I believe that this is going to start a national conversation about rushing to judgment. And for everybody who are so quick. To say everything is about race. I understand our country's history. I get a I live in a very very diverse building in downtown New Orleans which is a very diversity. I understand. The past I understand the present. But that still should not allow us to demand justice. Based on the assumption of race being the issue. Because sometimes it's actually about justice. Sometimes it's about behavior. And has nothing to do with skin color. We've got some highlights from the press conference and it was raw we carried live on WW well. And no Norman read some text messages. That were sent to people. Who supported him and his press conference last Friday. Supported the idea that justice. Moves forward. And if there's no timetable on justice. And people said ugly. Ugly hateful things and he read out. I'm glad he did it. Are you glad that he read those verbatim. Was Jefferson Parish share from the old Norman bright to read verbatim. The file messages directed at those who supported. Not initially arresting Ronald guests are. That's a pretty Jerry brought to you Paul. Give us your opinion Michael chart web site every if you don't icon. Here's a Texas says Cisco shares enormous press conference already hit the national news but unfortunately MSNBC would not air. At all because they didn't like his language. Well MSNBC was the first of the three networks are over Fox News and CNN. To cover the press conference life. I don't know if others. Picked up on it but MSNBC was first to carry a life. Now if you were watching television and you wanted let me know because I I. I had TV on in the background and headed muted and I was listening to enormous press conference on our station WWL. And I was proud. That we carried it and did not bleep out the words. Ugly ugly stuff because it tells a story. He tells a story and it paints a picture of who's out there. It sounded like people who Tex this show were texting. Jefferson Parish. And those people who supported norm norm. Dose of the kind of texts I get every single day. I don't think it's important for us to continually repeat this throughout the day of what was said. I'm proud of the station for carrying out did television carry the words to television carry that or did television. Plea to it I'd be I'd be interested to know our our numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach 5042601870. At a text is 877. It's not always about race. Sometimes it's about behavior. And no Norman were absolutely right. Where he said Friday. Page that that the system needs to work and that they did not have what they needed at the time to arrest Ronald cancer. But he didn't mean he wouldn't be arrested. But they were so many people to jump to the conclusion that and look at and I get that I mean I I am understanding of that I I get it because of past and in very recent and encourage prejudices and biases. I get it. This really is it I think this is gonna start a national conversation about rushing to judgment and how wrong it is. It was wrong with Michael brown and Ferguson was wrong people witnesses were making stuff up. That's not right. And in this case people were making stuff up one witness and nor Norman pointed out. Changed changed the story I think was a female Amish or does it matter one witness. Changed her story. Three times in an hour. Or three times in one day I mean I think at 24 hour period three times. Here's what Texas has studio was leaked on television here's a text every WL TV did not obsolete. Here's a text but I'm proud of Debbie did you offer not to bleeping if you wish raw it was honest emotion it bars. Here's a Texas channel six simply the GPS oh oppressor of the text he deeply to so apparently some did and some didn't. I would get here call set for New Orleans might gearan deputy bureau good afternoon. I'm good my. Arm good read a lot more dramatic come back. What a bargain that there. Is it. I'll know it's more. Prominent people aren't very. You know moment. Articulate in Europe of what you investigators do what you ought to do. Mock opera at all that's why. The national move you won't clobber bit you know we all know is a few short weeks are released and not being yourself. Carol Wahl and what is it that he does she think he did wrong. But that that was not well that was not his language that was the language of people who and in some tunnels. And indeed the to respond two of the world. Social media and so you are you mad at him for getting mad he's angry I don't know what but to be public. Although all she. Do a little bit different like you couldn't. Control. At republic news. You have a problem here with the people and it all the incident that department which. Our own goals on the ballot there to gauge the a bad rule states and its leader out there but as leader. This out but called. You could search. I mean just a way to go. Out. You know what we should be viewed marriage election or election virtual. College at all in the upper would be much. The match. On the election should have nothing to do notice. Don't know what part of the problem of the country as well so OK but right girl right now is there. We may call me in a city in the aren't they yeah. Why optical you know the way. Talking now you are not Croat GOR release. Often. You're you're Java where he did. Art this and I don't think that says you know what my. He. Like I think it's important sometimes. You know sometimes if a teacher is too nice with the kids in the class the class gets out of control. And sometimes the teacher needs to put his or her foot down say wait a minute. This disruption stops now and I'm glad he got mad he needs to get mad more people need to get mad. I think he was under control but it's time for this. BS to stop. What. There. They are the trade. And only. Law a soul and you did on on on Twitter page. The what about all these are really cute. So it can be boring to me. All. You know what. We sure. And move forward. In Cleveland in it. Or. When you know you know what. Like Knight can Mike this is like here. Like their there. That's a fair amount or are you on just buried because it would outlaw. All. And we didn't didn't work. Don't want to put mr. Ricci we could. I want to report to double that it would just. Out and gore and and Mike working to get the starts with not rushing to judgment. And he was directly talking to those people who rush to judgment I appreciate the call I've got to move on. We've got some highlights from new enormous press conference we'll share those with you are starting coming out of this brick and also get back to two more fear calls. But I don't think he lost control I think he's an ad. I think Donald Trump to some degree is meant. And I I think there are a lot of people who are in this country who were angry and this idea of well we need to be nice and calm people you know to some degree that borders on coddle. And you can't coddle people who support breaking the law. Let the system work the system worked and no white guy was arrested in the end. I'm skewed in the afternoon if you're Arnold stay with us your calls to text coming up on WL. I was very impressed with pictures pressure no dorm it's a press conference you know we talked about it Friday which are Jewish press conference which happened while we were on the year Friday. And immediately after we started getting your reaction as press conference that a lot of people are upset that this guy ironical asterisk got arrested right away. No Norman said there are reasons for that. Which was his way of saying he might still be arrested he was arrested earlier today. Here's a pretty general opinion poll which Jefferson Parish sheriff knew all dormant right to read for bait him. The following message is directed at those of who supported not initially. Arrested Ronald gas. There are people who supported not initially. Arresting him including some African American ministers. Was it necessary to read it verbatim with that foul language. 78%. Say yes and 22% saying no it was uncalled for. I think it was important to read it exactly cap wage is so you know. The magnitude of hate. Italy is a lot of people. If you went give us your opinion go to our web site Evian you will not come. Did you cause you're just a moment let's go back and I do some of the highlights from new enormous press conference earlier today. I know Laura talked about the press conference last Friday and here's part of what he had to say today. It is what compelled to be to have this press conference on Friday. Was to try and bring extensive Carlton. And reasonableness. To debts and to create a distraction from that because that was the further from the truth. No Norman and also. It's read some of the rants. Against the leaders that stood with him many of the leaders who stood with him were African American. Here's part of what Norman said. To go on to say you kissing. That is done little to our community. Always though is that door up popping. You see you read a book and TV I bet that made you say that opera right I know what I see I know that norm it is a piece. And you stood behind that white boy would that we're. You won't even stand with your people you self serving son of a. Really. Unbelievable. On believable. An army talked about the black ministers who supported him he thanked him to play that for you coming up after the news. At a time for a quick comment from Liz Liz welcome to the show. Me I think he was brightened in reading tax the way each and actually. When I discourage you put it back on it was believed that. But earlier it was a rat every word for word what he had even profanity and. I agree with that but you know there's if we would've continue to do that throughout the day you know that would have been. That put it didn't gratuitous it would have been us. I would not have wanted to do that because it would be. I'm doing it just to to create shock just because we can put the fact that it's not sent all the time that we said in that mover at the press conference I think was important. Think that we need a price for Jim McKnight I am leaning Barry Barry and mean that 28 year old art call on. Political light had him you got there he said to me. Why I copying that Norma Armon it would be hit again oh. You know I don't think it was wrong many that everything can honestly that how a lot of people feel in the community in the Gary carry. As I agree with you if you're Arnold stay where this you can comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Erykah final four to 601 a seventy. A text is a city Saturday. I think it was important to read it that way. But it would be wrong for us to continue to play that way it would just be shock value and and I'm I'm sure there's some people who will be doing that but it's. The point has been made. Adequately and when we play it bleeped out know that the first time it was sent live on the radio live once on television outlets. Was and was stunned verbatim. I'm skirt in the afternoon coming at we've got to. A song about road race because really this is a guy like in just a little bit but this is really about road rage this did not have to happen. And Ronald cancer has an incident from the past ten years ago. Where you were outraged. This is a problem in our society an easier road ranger or if you have a tendency to to rage behind the wheel of a car learn a lesson from this. Ronald gas or is he in jail. Will be right back after this every WL news update with Jim Henson. Sat down and up pop culture calendar neighbors on this date December the sixth in 1980. Eight's very you've respected legendary singer. Roy Orbison respected by many of them of the biggest and rock and country today. I'd have a heart attack near Nashville Tennessee he received to two years old. All of the part of the summary of there are there is the growth. Yeah I do love that part I'm just thinking about how to use that play in public off the show her right. Attorney and former defense attorney. Robert Jenkins who was on our show yesterday who supported dole Norman and how he's handling it. He talked about it on the show yesterday. He just called me austere. And said that he has received such backlash. Because African Americans not all but some are telling him. He should not be saying those things. He because he's African American. Should not be fair. He's gonna call us back a few minutes we'll talk to him about debt are from New Orleans Janice welcome to the show. Get on the try to make this very quick first of but the form. About the letting them they and when I found out that he had the weapon and the other man is dead he had no gun in his hand note on this side it upset me now. Yet this man naturally he'll go to trial to this day and collect everybody should. But it damn guilty. Actor battery can be stopped giving life in jail on the what you get on Unix. I can serve I appreciate the call. He you know we deal with we deal with a system and I've got a couple of text as saying on well it is is the system fair and South Carolina. Because yesterday. There were so on a mistrial declared in the case of Michael T slacker the police officers South Carolina. Who was videotaped. Killing an unarmed black man. My shooting emitted back is the guy ran away Walter Scott was his name we talked about that on the show as well. And it it it looks like murder to me. But the system works in that. There was a trial. There were people there were peers. Who made this decision. You know you would iron out in the courtroom and whether it's OJ whether it's officer Slater. Or whether it's Casey Anthony. Went before police officers in Los Angeles who were acquitted in the criminal trial the beating of Rodney King. If you're not in the courtroom you miss a lot of how the law you supplied. And sometimes there are technical aspects of the law being applied to cases. They are not. Acknowledged. In the real world and people are just acting on emotion. And telling I think this is a turning point and this is gonna get national attention this is a turning point in a conversation because. Because this is exposing a lot of African Americans. Who were criticizing fairness. Because it might be against another African American. That perpetrate its racist. Because this is a conversation about what is right and what is wrong not about race. Terrier on WWL. It's picnic Dick McCall will be on the want to leave it out I disagree with you know normal couples that make a component in nuclear reasons why. Our governor rod Albert surgery if you would posted as didn't do that situation Burris should have been a white guy. Complain about column in cost inward spotlight you came obviously on Wednesday that it. Now we have a decision about what he told you at the polls haven't accomplished our. What have you read that he ripped apart and penalty Mexico City for depose him were directed. Right I understand but I'm saying that we are now at Cairo streets and while that at the polls at composition about what happened. And more people. Oh. I support our mark spear the problem that we had in its effect that we know we feel in the black community. Black community. That the law is going to some Howland. Awful it's mean to do away with what we feel in the black community that we aren't being. We meet we didn't teach. He equates to you in the you cannot understand how come we return you seen me you weren't really in here. We can and can't be there will be. Fine tune it to keep K one and in this year. Like a black and white person and actually kill. If you know. Are you telling me that never has an even nominal and even though you and I don't even though you and I don't know of auditors doesn't mean it didn't happen. OK it is not yet not being reported in the news out of black and white person and somebody to bet that wouldn't say. This is a place of a confrontation between a white person and a black person in the black person got killed. What is what I would turn it weakened and our community and we try to figure out why do we need the. Automatically. Equals to you in the hole. Well it's Terry I listen I agree with you that this is a problem and it's a it's a problem because people allow themselves to make decisions based on the stereotypes they see on the news. And I brought out many times on their show. If you use the news to stereotype young black males. Then if your middle aged white guy. Then you should be stereotyped as soon as somebody who's into child pornography because that's the stereotype that we see on the news night after night. Who lifting moment wondering what is our most people. Most black people the black community did support Marc spears trust me on. And it's more pocketed poultry could we beat them also when he didn't a lot of negative things about that are you go back and most people in the black community we support all passes we support we support these. Arnold. Black elected a patient's tissue it's not about that you take a chance to Qatar to. Want to people who probably not all of it is because we are. Not being widely read upon me. Hit a ball mark. Terry I'm glad. I'm glad you called Terry but this is really about. What is right what is wrong and not about race and for African Americans to be an accountant. Ties they supported. Doing the right thing with the law. Because it was a white guy killing a black guy. That's wrong. And in my opinion it's a definition of racism I can't take a break I'm Stu we'll be right back on WL. And on this day December the sixth 2011. As singer songwriter Doby grey passed away complications from cancer surgery. At the age of simply want in this was perhaps his biggest hit for 1973. I'm screwed in the afternoon we're out of time I think this moment could be a flash point in time when the conversation about race relations changes in America. A good to your calls and talk more about that we come back. Right at the news also more you're taxed coming up I'm screwed on VW realm.