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Dec 7, 2016|

Bobby & Deke go Around the League with reporters from all over the NFL landscape.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back before we get around the league less a squeeze and a few cause so rabbit I got a few moments let's go to. Tommy intentional Tommy thank you for calling Debbie did you know. Big guys in Jordan show the Asian or call and I have a question and I guess a statement. The first thing as a there was a point in the game Sunday. Where public who in the middle of the field matter of fact two. You recollect who recollect it batter and support it was a play where it true mission of the ball all the dues. That was a third snap of the game we were you know went and admitted if you would towards our and and Dallas the previously before embarking and caught a swing route and I thought if you cut tobacco we have the first down but it was third and a half the yard Tommy. And there you go all what you story. OK about my question exists. Third and have to go on up on a stern in. Well the same thing I mean c'mon. Look at why. And now as a defensive coordinator or defense of ploy work and I'm looking here and I ago they got into the back right. While you can see the threat of running the ball especially with Arturo and on the third after Euro Asia shipped. And let them pit areas spectacle that do. Well that was the scenario. That coach me now outsmart themselves you gotta be can be. There's no scenario third and happy yard. That you should be in the shotgun RB are in the shotgun you have to have a running back alongside you. To hand and all eyes safe there and have BR shame on you Peking get it I know it's matchups. But I know Drew Brees dual quarterbacks need car he got a built to run the ball. And end drew he's I think drew said this that would necessarily bad it in his eyes of the ball who's looking at the coverage in Amos and all of us that we haven't upon targets. He's in now beanie in New Orleans big thank you for calling WW real. Thank you wouldn't squeeze me he Cuba and the hill it real quick to come back and you know. Hear about. It and I've been coaching it and you while bringing Jay. All year a great guy he was like Louisiana. Sides flies like peaceable. Honest of high school and you know the economic thought about is there anything about Brandon Jacobs. He's promise ups in the bully bill. He was Ann Arbor news that third banana. You know it's an omelet Baghdad account Mike Williams went that it and the Buccaneers and Ronnie Brown that with the Dolphins well he left Auburn could he when played he was even willing. The play linebacker U wanna begin to feel so we transport the southern Illinois you that you look NFL careers he was the featured back when the Giants won the suitable. And Canada lives and Ronnie brown and Evelyn anything. So right place right time. Right. All right are being thank you very much all right time now to go around really. And a Dallas Cowboys continued to roll and roll like they've never done before. And if franchise's history. Against setting new records now eleven straight is the Cowboys. On eleven and one in the NFC east the Giants at eight in full are in 65 if Philadelphia at five and seven. Over the Cowboys and the east with a full was thought telegram drew Davis drew. Dallas you know still has a ton of games left but man if they take care of business Sunday they are pretty much set pretty much in dad used to say in. The NC east title reigns pretty much got hit on the hand and and they could just I guess focus in on that number one seed. It's. 88 record and they do well Detroit or. Seattle wins in and week and pay court survive in the boat at all in that sort of losing include some peel away certainly Cowboys. On the scene right now certainly. You that you are older terms that you feel that our. Now Audrey you know fan bases being get a little spoiled our penalty complete domination what is your taken and the fans also about. In all when is a win but not necessarily convincing considering how big game of folded against the Vikings. Not a term I mean I cut me you know commitment the and be. And I think we're certainly the news is he hurt it more film on back for a guy you well it. And but not many people at the crap that talent. Mean you look around and yet you brown has been beaten that her background it well well you know. I certainly by or about the chances in the league cracked me. Mike Zimmer degree heat and the coaches in Akron are these. Owners' side it. Paint he never seem wore him. In front of I think that expected but it appears they're able away. A whack at stake blatant factor so big concern from the public or. Now drew boy you look at Eagles blog how they've fallen of the map and and you look losing streak also with Minnesota. Who do you think the contender could generate about wild card and all that and you have three teams in the NFC east. They will be pretenders are contenders between the Giants. And the Redskins and Eagles got a kind of run the table overestimate that same situation in. The Redskins had a disappointing loss the coach calls a mob but those who who do you think. I don't know the Giants Redskins Eagles there's gonna finish strong. Well I could go for informant with a giant back it probably not the guys that there aren't. It would work either it in either Brett jive. Are more likely mean it had been paired them with the remaining. Look happy that the directly topic is so especially. The quakers cut the article on the way. In a couple of issues. Sorted out in order agreed and saw on. Jack in a couple weeks together so I'd be paying rent and their big the rat but. Acting in Giants just what they're experiencing kind of work Eli. Has been before his career. I would I would bigger and bigger threat that would certainly be a division opponent that. And Saturday if I'm correct that's that's what happened after the eleven season Dallas was the had dead had a big CEO 1011 you'd had a big seed and the Giants say thank him for a third season. And that the third time and that's from the Jets went on I want to vote. Right yeah and actually. And better yet yeah yeah sadly it could pick out what their victory. Party using opera or via. The course. You know Patrick earlier it would be that we get them in. I mentally was it real or it was he's we all grew illegal. You don't think I realize. Are. On the it and good luck on spurt sort yet I mean it's hard to beat a team every park in one year so accurate. After the red game he'd be your depth in the game correctly. Record the equipment locker yards on you need to you know 1 PM. They're kind of playing with fire won't. Drew Davis and come in Dallas and the NFC east for the full or star telegram drew got a Tebow Tebow which you are social media. I have my putter it'll drew David's been DA PR at Baylor. Drew thank you so much at a time. And the Packers have won two straight now a couple games behind Detroit. At six and six they have a very meaningful game this weekend as in attained a Seattle Seahawks here would have to talk about the division. And the Packers the WS ST in Milwaukee is bought went to a embark Green Bay has done this before they've been all big win streak statement is to a thirteen games fourteen games before the season with Aron in my McCartney. But this time a year. We'd go back to the 2010 season when they had the one out big. I think these two wins of people is there's impact animal optimistic. But if you beat a team like Seattle Sunday and I think more fear and respect comes back the Packers. I think that the early this season right here six Olympics coming in against the team that. You've had problems with in the pat everybody conjuring up memories this week than the championship game the epic collapse that. I personally feel wall watched highlight. L as a top go around for the Packers and and it is an interesting sort of feeling right now on what got and they were born there. They were left for dead Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson their future called in the question even a little. A little bit about Aaron Rodgers. He's treaty be. I hanging of not Panama for him at least earlier in the season and now all right again is yet to win against two mediocre team. Just like themselves eagle and that accident. At this point of the season for the Packers there that you can't have away and say yeah have bought the Packers need every win that they get. However out there however and that southern not a great team that the Packard you know winning in the end we can. And it doesn't. Doesn't seem optimistic at least right now packer land but it faking it that way in Detroit is. Need to lose one more game and you got potentially a week's seventeen showdown. The NFC north which. Couple eagle at the bat mobile for many across the country especially in the they would have. Now Bart. Obviously got to the security blanket a running game your quarterback and a receiver you could. Come on and trust so we're Jordy Nelson right now. A big game eight catches 118 yards. As economy be turn neck corner whereas the recession there. I think majority now in all might be gone and at the reconstructive knee surgery you're thinking. Majority now that going to be guys who once the game or a couple of years ago every game there was a sixty yard dirty down. At least it's free and I think. Bet Doherty now is probably gone. But what it is it's like when your pitcher. In baseball you have surgery and you have to sort of figure out different pitchers different style. Jordan bit percentage party is great receivers scoring touchdowns he's become that security blanket or Roger like used to be day they have a great bond between them a great truck the security now than. Is bigger bird in the packer team is that it seemed that calling it the chat that your they're not going to be like they did in that. Points and run you alluded to your belt going deep yet James Jones Greg Jennings going EPA had guys that were. Brett this team they mean that kinda drives they add. The other day the last two games they've had two really good. Fourth quarter long drives food drives of over eighty yards against the Texans the field act game. That's the kind of eased the team that they need to be but they don't have the deep threat and their running game is all over the place but really it's about the short road from errant. And when he is in trouble he needn't scrambled and treatment bothering him. But those long that they doubled driver they could figure a way to do that in Seattle and keep. The Packers defense off the field. Keep the Packers defense from giving up the big plays that the Packers have been known for that Corey start to see him win more football. Current NFC naught and the Green Bay Packers for WS SP in Milwaukee is bought went up but how could be rookie but we do on social meet. It's a wing things WI and K and I think that's FaceBook or on order. Bought thank you so much for Utah. Now whereas we go. And the Arizona Cardinals pick up a victory on the season as they take care. Amid this is pay a week in Arizona beating Washington 31 to 23 prompting coach so gruden did get after. He is club Arizona now when you look at the standings in the NFC west. They are behind Seattle at 56 him once at a Adrian won LA Rams a Forney in San Francisco at 111 cover in the west. And the comments that Arizona sports many point seven FEM Adam green. And Arizona coach Bruce aryan so where at where's the Al process. On this club right now is it eight let's run the table got some teams are scheduled at that are right there with us as far as in the mix for not eliminated from the playoffs. It's been a decent plummeted to this point today if they I they've got a run in and they feel like they can get to the postseason. Or their thought process right now it's just one game at a time and it sounds very much cliche of course but. Their partners they're still in it yet but it doesn't matter at. Or struggle so. They beat Washington on Sunday out just about beating Miami this weekend but. They don't protect are still in a bit on the back so all but they understand that they take care of their business and they're dated but yet they could make Iraq. And what happened it's always been two weeks against chievo against lots of the next huge errors. They don't beat Miami this week. Yeah you know that I should get a tie of what is it tied mean that I've got to look at it the wild card. Matchup she did beat nine and seven. And then and and all of a sudden. You know you are wild card team is in one game at a time Arizona can run the table that we saying the same being here in New Orleans. That because I have a game. That what would they be ninth six of one instead a 97 I could be did different than like you said first things first. Because Miami Allen Miami was to get Baghdad that are winning ways considering that I gonna care is doing with the that. Wild card spot and and they don't want to go down 77 win six losses. Yeah America absolute Decatur when the Cardinals tights yeah that was I could help you were. Yet period went what you have in the center to guard 61 of course I went in their Q what have been a lot better on them by. You know they look at just saying where I think any keyboard right now that it true you're mathematically eliminate your chair and there are there. They're mattered to them they've shown so our procedure that. What they did last watcher couple days about Washington rabbit was more indicative of who they are as a football team. It's here to believe that you believe that they are back in the achievement that's not. Actually other remote possibility civic or the Miami net game and perhaps. Try to run the table here but it took all the ordered out of them where Rebecca so a small hole where as good as they might be the beginning of the rock. It's a lot to ask you to win collapse argued that seated just hope that burnt exit warned that you can play. Arizona visits Miami is seeking in the Falcons at the Rams and Seahawks are at. The Packers and that is a matchup this week in involving teams. And the NFC west for the Jets in attaining the 49ers at a green govern the cards and the division by Arizona sports Manny point seven F and it. Adam how to be able Tebow we get on social media. I people on Twitter at the at a green that probably your match. Adam thank you so much that it's not. I'm wicked tee you're around league next on WW. And welcome back to continue around the league might try you don't just come in the Patriots. And the AFC east the WEEI. And WTV guide that common Micah. It sounded good fall while we're trying to make it sound like the Patriots had some company in the division but that lasted about those six and a half days. Now it's seemingly okay one seed or two seed. And now looks like it's you know somebody out the west in the east is gonna come down to we know what is an east. It's either open Kansas City or Denver in the Wes and open in Kansas City Thursday night so I guess that's the point of interest for the Patriots at this point. It is and and I think your point about golf and is. Is that good one because I actually got the call and might be able didn't have any ups. Challenging nature coming down the stretch. By the Patriots took care of business against three woeful seemed from the forty niners jets'. And the Los Angeles Rams and the Dolphins got blown out in Baltimore and at all but over I mean the Dolphins lose this week in the Patriots went on Monday Night Football more than division. Belongs to the Patriots were an unbelievable. Tenth straight year we may just or nine straight your actions say they just. They haven't messed up and their consistency through all of the changes. Aside from Tom Brady of course being there it's just remarkable. Why like one team I could say. And you know we talking about at at new England and and we've had success at the plate the confidence that beat the Baltimore Ravens and a Joseph Flacco coming off a big game against the Dolphins. 181 yards four touchdowns. Things like that one team though whatever reason going to look at the records. But that the rate with the kind of hang with the Patriots are just things that way especially. In the post season. I think though and you know I had a chance there Belichick this morning probably about in the conference call what makes the Ravens. So top. Any that simply. They know how to ball hawk better than anybody. That they played. Over the last you know 567 years and odd that is what they do the Ravens just under John Harbaugh. I've had players like you know obviously Ed Reed and Bill Belichick paper and ray Lewis and those two are gone now but they've been replaced by. Great play makers like. What areas where have been ever well. Who also Bob ball Hawks in the neutral and guys lecture re right and Jimmy Smith. Others are reasoning at fourteen interceptions are second most in the NFL behind San Diego. That's what makes. It challenge for the Patriots every time they eagle against the John Harbaugh Ravens coach gene. Their defense does not only very top but he can take the ball from. And now might be looking at the while court situation and you look at the AFC east. Miami it's almost they cannot afford. To lose I mean if you look embarrassing loss to the Ravens 38 to six. But you look all the sun Arizona and Miami Arizona. Convincing win against the Redskins murder Redskins got embarrassment what did you take you where Miami's that. Consider they had that winning streak but now. Arizona colluded big win then and haven't across the country but as things like while courts it's wasted dollars have come it would when he gets the momentum. Yeah I think so Bob we have mean especially given the fact that if Baltimore doesn't win. The AFC north while Miami is now in an industry wild card battle. We're Baltimore and losing that had been that is just. That's the key loss in hand. While there I think Miami's pretty much gonna have to win out to cover realistic chance. And a wild card maybe that can squeeze in attendance expert. I think eleven and five at Miami only shot that means running running the table the rest of the way and not going to be difficult you mentioned. You know Arizona's playing much better and they have a lot more plate for. And out in the NFC. Ryan Miller yeah. My Italian Mike how can people keep but we do on social meet. Well I can find me on Twitter at tracks ER EG out. And you can find me on FaceBook at Mike dot trial. It closes out week fourteen Ravens at the Patriots Monday night Mike thank you so much for the time. Covering the Pittsburgh Steelers and now this early in arresting ASE not where there were down to two it seems like it's Baltimore Pittsburgh gone up with a the division title. Covered the Steelers the Beaver County times is Chris Bradford and Chris but I mean I would during the post game of the Saints and Lions during that contest. And that lets him be a classic play that you could break down in many different phones mean different terms and phrases. But a play they've been Roethlisberger made on that touchdown as rolling and hitting Brownback and don't. That is a veteran play made amongst a veteran quarterback in a veteran receiver and have a good own feel worker relationship with each. Yeah attitude we have good to work report each other Roethlisberger you know. Yet chipped the ball in the lights you know he figured he saw into brown and and when he threw it up there and and very humid jet and forcing you to get that. It's heat on the guys that are work a lot that in practice what any great surprise that to what you're seeing that that they were that. Around each other at that that there are obligated on. Chris that it seems like now does that kind of week to week one game at a time but a playoff scenarios. You got. Baltimore right New England. They'll think I Pittsburgh or Buffalo. And say Greg is going to be a lot tougher in the AFC is four as a total record when you might have to. As things like get to short to double digits to be a wild card team wears the advocates and NFC but. Boy oh how do you see this right now and and and who's an of swing weather is Baltimore or Pittsburgh considering the ball had nice win. Definitely could have done to Baltimore Pittsburgh and at that as their new game were won by sport. There have what they don't work in that week is they're going get the ball looking that that up attempt broke while the Ravens going to be. Against New England took it looked like yeah. It may be Stewart can put a little space between themselves and an awkward doing that that. Christmas Day game because autumn or patently has owned you at that one that's where games including one. Earlier this year when they really completely dominate the Steelers so I think it Steelers cannot. You know get the win this week against Buffalo a little bit better about themselves on and that that that tempo game in the attic and on don't hookers but. And our Chris staying in the AFC north. Cincinnati's him like following had been I can't recall the games this season but I know of this one. Was maybe a game that you'd expect them to have more. You know this season convincing very convincing win against the Eagles 32 to fourteen. But very disappointing record and only Fortson. Yeah that one of best practice it and be that little that there easily. You know that they do and a pitching out there and that you know it kind of game or expect when he took them. They they believe that some of the the creator receivers and any element at. Not a guy to work with than that AJ green and not having him did not via a huge look it it definitely via Anders it's staying off Eaton and that in terms of what they do with. With Marvin Lewis he's been there you know fifteen years or so and not. It put a streak is gonna come to an end I think you know me neither crossed earlier and not. There where they're gonna go move report. Now Chris. The the Browns win a game there on twelfth had four more chances. Are these things they keep company with then all the sixteen lines the. What you they have earned your that they might get Robert Griffin back you know that yet we don't like yeah little smartly. Yeah but that might help on that idea a bit yet they had that owed fifteen government that final game against Pittsburgh. I'm sure they look nothing more than two out. You know beat their old rival you know and and appointment the when he during the light market to double A get it kind of a trainer up there now Cleveland. Chris Bradford coming listed as an AFC north of the Beaver County town with a big win this week Pittsburgh in Buffalo and Baltimore and but in doing that Chris had to be the people with your social media. He brought Chris thank you so much at a time. I'll ride around the league continues. W did you know. And it's been a lot of debts they've been around this league this season with something on the line not just a mouse but don't look now they AFC sell well at the end. In their reach six and 66 and six and six and six Houston Indianapolis and Tennessee all have identical records in this week intimacy has a tough game made there at home. Taking on the Denver Broncos and there was talk about the south. And the and Iran back that is really proven a lot of people although one time he did lead to leave rushing and DeMarco Murray. Lot of people kind of see where he's got a good offensive line DeMarco Murray journey is one solid all around back. Absolutely and the the one year in Philadelphia. Group for NFL often the player of the year and Aaliyah 18100. Watched. Brushing fees and so they are now time right now Titans offensive line is looking pretty good iron. And you know that Eric Taylor the line at left tackle and then Leah the rookie Jack cock and right tackle. But you know he's. Back in the NFL in rushing leading you eat and pretty good job of keeping Heisman Trophy ordered Henry. On the match because people aren't so very well she. Now our Teresa Laguna had AFC south and obvious matchup. Mean speaks for itself Houston at Indianapolis. What your break begging them and also I guess a good measuring stick even though not. Having this season. You would like if you are world champs but you look at Denver a come in the Tennessee they're hitting fours that are good measuring stick that's the Steward at Titans Herat. Comment on that and also. Obviously had a big game with it Houston at Indianapolis. Ample start to get on that role that they beat the Titans a couple weeks ago in this week and for the year. They completely dominated the jet last night. And that you would Andrew Luck healthy or. Anybody so. You know that that game you would think that the call would Wear it and in here and the eat out to the right call. Here the Titans can handle that Denver. Depending Super Bowl on camp let's face it they're they're looking fairly good with that the man but. You know guys that can be really big that's the heightened now they can't beat. They have winning record and now Miami Dolphins that was on the road at equally all on the road. You know Detroit is it generally good at that moment plot they're gonna have. Have to show that there's this is big chances they cat. Have not had a piece of the aptly put it in the united that it would be week 142008. That about three coaches ago. Terrible quarterback ago and you know they accurately and it would yet felt that record thirteen reached it went along on time for that franchise. But the thing that has not won you know the best example is put the other two games streak at any stretch this year. When they can't can't give up on or they haven't been able whatever reason to be that opportunity. So now they get a chance a couple things. You stay in that in that trap and pushed her chance that they play out but the have to wait a second straight game they have could be good depending on it and they've got Adam and you know because of their law in the division 13. They have they they kind of have they have the way now to really you know a strong chance on January 1 when they wrap up either hoping you'd. Covering the AFC south and it's Tennessee Titans of the Associated Press Teresa walker Teresa how to be able Tebow with you on social media. Well they can like night. Cage or on the count they're doing at least I am walker. The recent thank you so much at a time. Or a right. It's become somewhat of a thing to do and AFS. Denver did to New Orleans a few weeks ago Kansas City. Did it to really -- on Sunday don't look now but a huge showdown not only in the AFC whereas against one of the top two seed in AFC. Transpires Thursday night historic Arrowhead Stadium where the Kansas City sees take on the Oakland Raiders who detailed talk about the teams and the division with sixty and radio in KC is about Disco. Bob Kansas City it was a land need to really handed to open and they dominated them. Torre sixty Tiant and during the restricts the week before this Steelers when they lost that game they've only lost once since. These Kansas City team everything is done in on him about the west and wanted to talk to see. Yeah really how it worked out. All that better on the line like they were all even though are on Thursday they. Oh yeah yeah I love it here but in Eden. That he's not going to light up a puddle and everything added I am not happy like meeting even be out. And that are crowned the light up the ability to adopt a lot I mean there are a lot there. Now love bobbing your opinion. I think Andy Reid talked to coach Mora last night with Adam on the show. And how much respect he has Andy reacting all the does this win you know that she's seem like Nuggets could be the more kind of flying under the radar. But the one thing in an average of a jag did a real mark personally with the Saints but that's one thing the Chiefs it just seems like they've had the raiders' number. They really. Out at 81. All time he'll now in one year in him pretty well. And went on Thursday night or whatever and beat it out yet. That job. All Oki the football that Jack bell. He don't got to. Eat. Go to be here. And eat I. Eat out. Here. And they. Are. He got scratched and keep guys help. At all and did all. The Oprah or. Now I'll Bobble we love this considering how the Chiefs in the clothes and I'll bag game against the Falcons and but it just seems like whether eagle on red zone defense though overall our largest two point play. Goal line whatever you wanna call it just saves like they come up with takeaways that. They really do it. They ate there. And you know every creditor there a point but that all well and bat. Now it's what you mean but the red. You know. Twenty yard fumble where they are and I am at a win that football game going. Out the bowl and beat out cheap. Went. Bob vesco body got a big win Thursday night it ought to be all Summitt tell everybody hating cable we get on social media. Just got up at Belmont what are these views way. Beat Kansas eight seed at Dana Oakland Raiders without question it is the game move weakening in if they Okie Bubba Bob's sixty in Sports Radio KC but thank you so much for the time. All right offense is now we do each week around the league he is a wrap eczema to Chris Miller on the news. Also off Omar Manaudou Christian guarantee badly bear. And Steve again all our sports to be Zydrunas in my eyes we every du pre was Deuce McAllister. And Drew Brees it 64 up next it's double covered sports him over Christie Garrett and T Bob a bad. Now I'm big Bolivia as always job object KJ came Bobby any bad blood is. People.