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Think Tank 1010am religious leaders were attacked for standing by Newell Norman

Dec 7, 2016|

Many of our during the investigation into the killing of Joe McKnight.  Were they right to defend the sheriff? This hours guest: Pastor Alex Bellows - Senior Pastor of Hosanna Fellowship Church of Gretna Captain Black - Safety Advocate whose Street Patrol hits the pavement in the Marigny and St. Roch Ave, escorting women and visiting crime scenes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to big tank. Drop no good amateur schedule on fake news. Breaking news making news again but get this. Now. There's big news. About how big news. In general ordered to make you rigid rule big news seemed odd play. Confusing you know boom where there have been an expert on both Washington Post ten. I got food and reading I can lecture him. It's in one form. On one side it's kind of funny on the other it's it's incredibly. Right. We're gonna talk about trying to trump you know drug binge comes to each time one on the media and nuts. Saying Taiwan doesn't force China's concerned as sport chime and there's no debris that relations. Now what's gonna happen in the South China Sea EU. China has been building orbit visual islands and stocking it with a military. Media. Bases. During the shutdown trapped in. In an area that transports about five proved to be intolerant for the goods every year. So we'll talk to a couple of think tanks both liberal and conservative trod upon and done it in the opening is there were problems. All right bill it's this hour. Madrid for criticism. Re reading this. Blood. Give. What we're doing in tax. In the email. And rants and rages in Haiti. Making your own kids committed. Suicide. Cyber bullying. If the only answer either. Well. When you Rhode bands who we all that we've always been. Well didn't we are confronted her at all on. Whether talk about who we far. Because there might be a boards are warns it is output. With huge Asian would be in the leg with the emotional stability. Born in. It's not who moves on this or more injured while being lied to about it here's Robert. And get rid talk to parents. But let let's go back to share dual norm. Newscasts. Yeah. When he talked about our elected leaders. We talked about. Our pastors are members. He said they did ball was in the best interest of the community. They're back for sure. Sheriff set up feel bad for its not fair. There you'll recall words like you punk edge whom. You ran ads I get home. The total while we called our elected. And religious leaders. That stand didn't say just as much proved it. And and it got emerge stronger. Commodity said MSNBC. Puck alive beat off an apology. It or not it's had something good that there's certain. You said we've done a rope left. And look at ourselves in the mirror. What will we be. It's about. Community. Will we continue. To terror cells of art. We don't get to be able trying to get the truth in an opportunity to do what brought eight. Computers do so today. And I'm not drew regional that outcome on camera at. One of hard to news web site. Run Heussler room this year the first two email that your tax. Say. Someone in his Sid trump was elected elected by a white backlash. Madrid there's sick it was certain group trying to manipulate the justice system sector of their complaining. Sick of they can do whatever they want. And you need to Egypt India I can take him back is wrong. There's sheriff acted appropriately. Funeral like it too bad shot now. Search rajat says it Java absurd for journalists about search for a lunatic. We're the number or shot by a bill people purely beautiful term until they. Majid bastions routing problem of JP and so. In demand they bring that he'd be killed route to jones' will. Okay. If this is who were your. Let's talk about it. I got capture Alex bell will would may answer I appreciate your call. Thank you app. The words. Bitch herb Norman. Small lot of people praised him for a lot of people programs and pork. Did you want yours. What you're subjected. To the arts. And if you were what do you sleep through these. While no one contacted me personally. I am being well. You know I objected to it. The social media. Charles. Want to invest my energy. Incident doing the work from community apple posters did you stay in a roster yet or re. Our economy. Intelligence. What to do it does anybody you're the senior pass through who's on the elbow Helms who heard should grow up. Do it do any your parishioners. Come to you Wednesday it would. Back in this. This does white guy shot a black man. Got interrogated wind oil once and chart. You get in the parishioners sending acting and senior church disagree or any compensation whatsoever. Op Ed you'll conversations with parishioners are on record in that case and I think regarding if I think it important to. Clear. That we we were not throwing any port. Ian on in this case we were simply making a call for the people our community to remind called. And and if they want to express their anger Arctic is pleasure to do so in order peaceful law abiding action. Oh I have not gotten in these feed back from the parishioners about church. That they were on top couple we've positioned call. Well what do what do you think's happening. And on bold saw in the the racial signed. The angers so. The UV. Rays salutes voices. Vets say the kind of things are sure repeated and I Jones rent. What occurrence happening. Very. Religious leader do you think this is charts. The winner will have always been. Well I think what's happening right now ER. And. Meaning in the black community is concerned. The election Cotchery and we can't make it. You know eight election we've been at issues. The net and concern for me but knee. I became a little bit concerned at the right. Let you proceed. With Detroit on. What we have here is I believe they're needy people and black community angry. Here. They're rate the our action in and that's important for Korea. People are you the whole. Area. Okay and salt or action to Armenian community. In. Two operating arm. On to compare it with Leo and now I'm a court. It. Bet you her perception that maybe people see and we we saw it. And let it today when get out and arm in the walked. So perception it can't make it right in the way. You know chat back and inaccurate UK and I believe. People bit angry. And what the perception is it black lab or. In this country. Our announcer bureau where a man. Limited to big break and come back I want them to do you seat in the answer. Is is this. Just something that we ping pong back and forth for a Barbara. Are there answers to bring threw it. Call its comments. To music or 170. Dubbed. Think about the weight of the U killing of rumored and I thought Ronald cancer. Those. Dogs it occurred for a dear so where in. He would not routes would be allowed to grow. Then he very. Angry. Emotional news conference we sure Noual Norman's. Would share of Reading some excruciatingly. Angry union and sing. Violent. Message directed towards. So leaders in this community's some ministers from pastors. And things he says and we better were collected and look at ourselves in the Mira. What we or bow out it is our community. We won't continue it there are you know are sells the hard. We'll get a good big bold trying to get the true the opportunity. To do so much. Thankfully. Droning accidentally. Senior pastor who's on the publisher and children under. Pastor Alex burrows. Pastor. You can read to use some of these. And Marie. How pervasive do you think it is personable lions now. Do you see any answers do you reach in the. I'm yet. Opting idiot there. Great deal why bring it. Anger. Nate even great patriot and that has been released. That is unions in in country in our community but I'm not without. I do believe that there are. Solutions and first. On to the problems that we face today in our community. I'm wanting that we can do. It and that everybody involved is up all emotional reactions. And embraced intellectual response. You know we don't know all of the facts about it on people are. Emotionally torched that they had that yet. And I want to do in to limit or. I wore two. It's insane bad. The Indy that capture may use about some formal. I bet the case. Or began talking to some legislatures debate. Let's take a look at is law and do we need to. Look at on the Indy. Com old debt and the it is it and answer that get somewhere as opposed to yet. Are calling for emotional responses I also believe that. We can do it from some progress on these matters yet it. Al you. All. You've mentioned that that tragedy. That's week. I'm aware in my old com lawsuit like this do to guns. I'll bet it act opt out you follow. So at variance we need to make sure we're right out children about all. And then let me every person need to be committed to do mean air port no matter how small. So make our community there. Dental. And the people that much are we go to the school next door to and we named four key and we helped them. Armed volunteer cleanup or a bit cute a safe place to play. The ball in your out flat. All of the parent teacher conference call to the school board meeting chulk then what they're all. Being. We can we begin to embrace. You're engineered the criticism. Where were the path which are shooting Bloomberg and trade we're with the passengers improved terms of that ten month both Ohio. Should there are being dug contingent. Both of religions. Represented tenants. That shore bid to use rim does cases. Of death. Well. And thank you injure and carriage. I shall meet me kept seeing him and then you know atrocities attracted people like that. As I error. On a volunteer. Apple and well this year and they doing it argument present the honor and I don't need. To do not war. Oh so some about all know. About all out there and eat things that day. In debt. Irish out somebody to. Compound. And at the same company. You know to buried there. All just be. We've seen the wrong thing. It does it mean when I don't think. I. Know it's. Comparable columns. Thank you so much for calling and a mockery. Oh. I'd been removed two and use them whom we come back we'll talk to captain. Community active groups but it's seep to add cleared twinge report rule it's the pavement. In the manner in the eighties say broad avenue Maria. Go to him and people often that means one. Because it's too easy these couple of pastor we just talking to. There's no way in its own its goods in and tell lewd and Kolb was so huge and and he's an upgrade to. Approach the lead content from birds to sides of boards listening community's part. We'll talk to move we come back but right now its news. Are welcome back. We continue our compensation. In the way cubs sure are dual mormons. News conference yesterday. The shooting. Killing of Joseph McKnight and by Ronald capture. The controversy. Been sued. And later Roland because cancer was pleased with the being towards leaves for time. In jail. Charge of manslaughter charges that can be changed. And indeed news conference Noual Norman and bread. So we'll be scurrilous. Incredibly. Obscene vindictive. Emails are facts. But have been delivered to community leaders pastors ministers because. I've and because they act this year. They simply agreed with him when he said. Let me do the work. Let me finish what I am doing. And then let's talk. And app after he broke that a problem insulin. There sure are so we better report than look at ourselves in the mirror. Barb we won't be easy it's all about community. We've continued to terror our selves on part. When you don't give people. Leaders. Employees the chance to do. They say they're going to do. Often give a goal to cap from Black Sea do you advocate and street patrol hits pavement in the Marron he's saying broad area. As courting women visiting crime scenes. And and pretty much community activist captain always good to talk to. Welcome to disposables and and now. Bill shall I call you bad bad bad good term viewed as sensible center. What would it get me it just your overall thought GO hurdle. It's not a proper. Because whether grow lovable employer in this mr. In this instance you have the share who is known to be there. Because and so forth right. Whip. Braking issues and their candor. Wrote certain circles properly belong worry conversely. You. Certain segments of the population. Who will vilify. If you bought. Cool in an instance where there's a confrontation between a black and white person if anybody in the black community. Let's look at. Let's be column let's see the process bros. That's interpreted. Has been eating in corporate ritual of the and the invective directed toward more experience. And some simple pretzels and so we called for calm and deliberation. That's which slopes they go into COPEL terms publisher where. You know numbers. I did TV news and including port twenty years. And goodness no Sweden we did these types slower is we did come from birds and moves toward we'd. Political stories. Conservatives. Liberals took exception to but it was an occasional. Hard. You know well written with criticism. It was an occasional that are. Very seldom meet them phone call in today you on the show. Of file opened attacks. I daring TU. Tired there's. Number object impacting me. For what I am saying and doing that subject to the show. On boats on. What I see I think is getting much words. And have Supersonics. Beat. What do what do you think it is this chose the way we've always been. And instantaneous. Communications. Revealed this or there are hundreds. They don't. With instantaneous communications what is in the news to work or an editor. Sorry okay that's. Those of our community stands it would knock of the problems that we're not in the polls slip resistant and soul. The same way you mug of skinheads and neo Nazis Klansmen no one and and probably may have. Black Nationalists. Gang member. And malcontents. In my new. Who made out of made it too black or white media platforms were mentioned in the tradition once groups. As well there. So whatever view from the tips from the underground work. It's out there just like sabotage. Moderate or even partisans. Such dual incomes or community stands and aren't necessarily trying to chew. Build airwaves corporate media we're racial Epoch of soul or. Personal problem expert we wouldn't make it past an editor or and or certain that she can't say. Because it's easier because your personal character would not so it would instantly hit it a case our social course. All right don't go away they were a big captain black. Comments questions to Sid 01870. Is this who we war. He is instantaneous. Communications. Revealing. Blood the blood they human animal really is than I have always bit them. And if it is always comfortable with the Ortiz and the only thing we don't nor should be done about it. Double. Showbiz on these Paula walked to the killing of Jerome ignited by brawn will capture. Shared Noual Norman's a newscast yesterday you know him where he broke some X and move was sued communications. Directed towards. Community leaders and answers. And then leaders so well religious organization ministers. And and he basically said we continue to do business word tempering our community apart. We're captain black with a huge area activists. In the community year heavily involved. In the community. Captain before we broke form world we're talking about and I've been pure greed. Because of instantaneous. Communications. Today. Every kind of hatred by yeah it's political. Hatred religious. Disagreement. Is why did this surface ride for everybody Dixie. A mostly. Faceless people bond and the the businesses that send them out. Oh yeah mine mine and my question do you. Bring him said in the past the people worked in my business and prince. As corn on the look at me you'd like I'm. A trial. Deadheads learning disabilities. And that it's a calling mrs. Williams always Britain. If it is its number one do you think it is in this it is is there anything we can or should dual about it we should just say. This is where we live and M well we usually. Certainly. Anti war. Yes Lesotho and with instantaneous communications now the French. And becomes frontpage. Again people who would have been may make it past. You're out of there or eighty producer. Now can be on global. Instantaneous. Platforms. With no one player refereed on after the fact. Or some console and where may block them but you certain words but models street suburban you know whatever certain there. Our laboratory can get out their through Polk what can we do Obama. That is ought to pay the consumable. It would go to web site. Radio station web site has been awarded your site. If you are displeased. With the tip certain commentary. Then major you know. If the decision makers. Choose not evidently you have the chores human agent as. That cynical side more. Lugo on the outside you know the power the pocketbook and wallet person always been used great. If you take about a month armored book board could not show. When money will look was withdrawn shortly people a year ago. Do do do you think then good we do look at these comment sites. That that's a profit center. People don't listen to good news. They're not interest they say they do. But through the decades had been proven totally rule. Normal saying it could believe totally yeah. Yeah and to have somebody scoring giving blacks or whites from religion from politicians. Or football players whoever it may be. Dude do you think that it's up profits site and if it is even if they got. What are two or 320 people calling and saying I don't like the tenor of your comment board. You think anything really being done about it. If there's only can and some in the twenty people know. Yes it is proper send it does generate interest in Doe's generate extra clicks in turn generate some items per. But it more than 220 people. Protests and it becomes an economic disadvantage or a loss of Russell or an act of Viles somehow be connected. To date the typical site and people frequently. It also call on as a negative sentence ought to yeah it'll statement about art in censorship. But. They're also count art to it for community standards instability. Hello to you. Also robbery of former presently in onstage. I'll call probably weren't even though they agreed on very little political. On the subject that they met. Cabin there in final thoughts. Although I would so people news. Will we need to turn the page role where we have to carry those are real well. At originated Barroso but you may have caught someone else saw on the street to lay on the bed and two governments states rest. In the crumbled just whistles. Didn't turn the page overreached. Cap from black all wounds of pleasure and rate today. And that and photos give give this is the way we are. And we can't wouldn't bring about a big courage and have some ownership but that's about to talk to bring an all. We get whack jobs carrying shotguns to pizza parlor and Washington DC. Traveling all the way from North Carolina. Because we thought Hillary Clinton. Was running a pedophile ring torturing children in a total under the pizza. Parlor. Okay if that's the way we are. Bring up our own make a lot of rigged who really good radio talk show. Double bill. All right the president of China currency reserves all the won't try to that includes Taiwan. Controlled establishing. Relations would Taiwan for a group Chinese UH trade war or more. We'll talk to a couple of bad for stable that's. This is double down below brigades have been the AM local five debris at them.