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Think Tank 1210pm Fake news is making news again

Dec 7, 2016|

Fake news is making news again.  This time it has dragged a general advising Trump into the quagmire.  Can fake news be stopped? This hours guest: Lisa Collins - Visiting Professor of Journalism @ Loyola University

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Judge you and your dues out bow were words think about. Put all the wrong in the lives of blood so currency in this country accurately it's the world they knew weeks. Just jumps on the room. People would term loan talks. Mad. Congress is gonna start to investigating. As to where the Russia. Tried to move back the election that in the former production in particular with big news and in others subterfuge but big news is part of and Monroe when I first heard about is I thought I'd. Just be a problem who's gonna believe this when they bring it. And me and written to talk to people. And live let me give an example would you haven't heard. How for a deuce is school. And how much further it could ago. North Carolina man. Goes to Washington. DC. He'd support. And he takes an assault Bryant pool. Go and couple of weapons. To sell open investigated in the election related conspiracy. Theory. He walks and citizens. Everybody hands. According to cope with the employees who did shorts white a couple of time and in the brush. In my whole block goes on lockdown please all the ports. Then he eventually go I've acts beach apartment. And admiral Edward claim that he did but it can kill him part. And in this pizza Boyle is very popular gambling brush prone in Washington DNC. And got swept open and slaughter a big. News and conspiracy. Theories. There were really wrong in having during the presidential race and releasing back and often and soon if ever. And because. Of those diaries in the text in the emails in the forwarding all of the conspiracy. Theories. The restaurant in its owner its app in either by either them nearby businesses. Attack on social media and Obama got a death threats. Persons older employees threatened and social media. In the days broke for the election. And do this story store that circulate. And the story is war. That Hillary Clinton. And her campaign cheap. We're torturing children. In tunnels. Under the pizza ranch for a as part about child sex ring. And even Michael Gordon general. Whom president elect on trumpet count grew by Jim on national shoot security. Shared our good stories about an anti. Clinton conspiracy. Involving penalty Aaliyah and I think. Most of it had to do with the Chan chief of staff. Being accused of performing sit and think ritual it's. Would junkets. They lose this day be sitting there looses say I did from should say because people still believe that. None of rumor true. Barred. Some of the stories all of the sewers for says that. So make even aimed at the children. Of the employees. At the breeze around observant and surrounding businesses. And the rosters all the work finally. Had a good we have beside. To talk to move the web sites to get a new polled on the articles. But it Britain didn't stop the threats general announcements included. The Washington Post goes in their Bryant story about it and they and they are of them. Become targets of threats. Owner of book and little coffee shop next to the preacher par. Thirty and forty colts won't worry aboard the numbers. One person to have blown killed in front of firing squad. The top everything else there's some. Ole hanging over symbol. On. That the conspiracy after his claim. Where is an international symbol of peddle. And that there aura underground tunnel. In this thing was on YouTube video. When I checked it down. And had about a 175000. Views. And during this time in the restaurant owner. Was stalking him BI says. I'm biggest fears somebody's gonna come and shoot ablaze. Sure. The content drives all the way. From North Carolina. Opined that totalled with the children. Forbidding torture. And unity. On the political side gut. Politician political organizations. Can kind of view group conspiratorial. Allegations and threats. Neighborhood mom and pop shops. Coffee shops he'd support. Mean. Watch it coming to him. And to top everything else. This guy. The travel from North Carolina. Washington DC. To appear in its report. Fired his rightful. Mob reported to do you intend to apply in the tunnels. We backed doubled his hands. And says no. I was doing something called the false flag. Eight news story. He is going June. To do us to draw the attention the media and police. To say hey. That. Goes forward trying to shut down the web sites. Where this information. Or wrong. That the web sites. Should be kept open because all of their other conspiratorial. Ares. Rebel. Are rumored we're. All going down these Alison wonderland. Rabbit. Where. Nothing true to everything his play. We'll move would come argument Terry break boom come back I'll talk about books and they're calling. False flag conspiracies. In it to mainly come from military deception. Which an enemies tricked into thinking. An opposing wars is friendly. In the beginning to use that. In breaking news. Like always movement burns over it's going to get about. Brit that we're going what are we doing who we're becoming. This is what we always wore. Judge Joseph it's instantaneous. Communications. That revealed moving. Eludes I don't at all at kid's art and about it. But audio tunes eggs or want a settlement DiMicco. Are we doing things get about a phenomenon called big news added to its so called problem old world but. One particular. Ribbed. A man from north Caroline drove probably watching these C. Walked into he need to borrow with a broad it will be cause CU had read on the Internet. Auto website. And pull in the storage picked it up. Hillary Clinton was torturing children in a pedophile ring inlet tunnel on ordered the pizza parlor. And little bit later in prime time. I'm getting into and now available false flag flown home on the board income chuck huge swing with the big news. Of first we go to the listeners scripts in New Orleans appreciate the call. Hey Garland you do you know a little bit about peeps today pizza gate on. Obviously. People that are doing a little bit. Relentless because nobody is coming out indicating. A growing amount but it's. Leading to host the suspicion that there are indeed nefarious activities perhaps going on or reverend John Podesta and quietly come out. And a addressed in any of these issues lie is now on trips. Rated the 49 most important person in DC according to GQ Mack is being. A lot of people are talked about fake news. Well you know in and MSNBC for the entire year they were guests like the public telling us that it was impossible per Donald Trump to. Why exactly chewing has the most. No well actually. You know Ali what is it just telling it to it it's obvious. Something strange in the works what do you think. Well I I don't believe. We believe what they say anywhere all the polled saying people don't believe the media but. This. This I am I mean I think Richard talking about. It broke the news stories of them had to buy a ring under a pizza parlor Hillary Clinton torturing children achieved Samper and satanic ritual it's. I. Mean I am talking about dancing story and its peak it's called pay a lot but there actually. Her. Notion in the count in Chile which are true. Are they being distorted. They're Russian propaganda. You know anchor art we're talking about. They're all lies and taking surreal. And little bridge a little elementary where I'm with a good. Can understand. You said there's substantiated. Evidence and showed there tunnel. Where Hillary Clinton tortured children. There is currently leaking Arctic. It can't go out there they're. Dork or wrote a column at all. Are repetitive. Or they'll do it caught trying to picture eighty Q Hillary Clinton and Al market. Well circle. They're a lot. Credit to future in my in my opinion or L. General well. The trickle panic that people because it but there is some truth to the in Europe and has an alcohol and drug did an epic and. Villa analytic on. You know other than that horrible. You know people don't believe could take Harry out that people have to read more looking into everything war. Good would you do believe there something to it. I to a particular very disturbing on a giant ultra loose and grab. I'm running out of time I appreciate called bird. Kind of really. I mean there is a false flag to encompass found you out. I mean they're there will go Cribbs is one problem. The blazers. Ed here's old balls plagued Clinton has been an end to end or point two in particular bid to gain that we call with. It is it's it's even more bizarre even more confusion. That I think poured Christian it's. Allegations of child abuse spread by dubious web site. Or themselves on substantiate. Now on top of those accusations. Come and additional conspiracy claim. That the false flag operation boards would work. To discredit. In censured the alternative sites. That originally pushed the story. So. The next conspiracy. Is not that they were true. Is that these were pushed. By some other entity. Tar heard this. Heard those sides that we initially gave it. I mean among those perpetuating all that is. Does this guy Howard Jones on the on the unit that you you've got bored she showed only that he'd he'd go away. Did send your shooting. Worse they. Didn't have occurred June stage it was actors. And then I didn't. Do you false flag. Element comes and they say well. It was staged to adjust of five more gun control. 9/11 fruit thirds. Believe the government not terrorist. Acting on orders from Osama bin warden. Destroy the World Trade Center as a pretext for war. To expand the government's orders. And at that some people believe you do you go look Gupta is false flag. You'd troop. You barn 785000. People. Took that time. To look it up and click on continued to and just like Chris said. There are people around there at that actually being there is some truth to that suits. And if we keep going in this direction. Do we reach a point where there is no way to know. What the truth it is. Bull Garland diseases of idiots oh weeks then. That it is there were younger and crazier as a loony bin from the time of Apple's in the UW. Into Asia and I've been in and out of the media and news visits. 35 years and les. And I would alike to young people. I'm real Glock and like learning new things. And a big cup of doing the show to end years all the experts on talk to all the world. Appeal and sometimes that I conceal little ahead of time back and see something's coming. But I got to tell you big news I never saw income totaled from brides. We're we're getting big news possibly. From foreign countries possibly from Russia. Trying to influence an election. We just. Which coast we got up from North Carolina like that stuff up. Most of pizza parlor and Washington DC discharges is gone. Demands to know would there on the list where Hillary Clinton was torturing sexually torturing children. In a pedal piled ring. And into words and email word tax from what Herbert was heard tweaked. Deb Deb words forwarded all over the world even down to would general. That was advising. Presently. Trump. Yeah they're they're reaping stories that heard. Changes that was conducting its attended rituals with the young children. And we just said the caller. That basic completes a block and then there's some real credence to there. We shouldn't laugh about it then I'm Burnett. I think it's incredibly dangerous. And are really concede. Bread disclose how we stop it but. Large enough as always we go to the experts released at Collins with this. Visiting professor of journalism loyalty university. Please welcome the show appreciated that time. Have you taken a look at this one well on the late news. We spent a significant dramatic times that actor a not fake news and how it's a real problem. And part of my concern about it means that you know I'm I'm thinking about. And they come in with really low level of media literacy so we treat them you know what is incredible news how to use the line. What real news compared to a they line. The a lot of older don't have trouble discerning what's fact and what is fiction. Especially on the immediate right. And in novel. We're we're getting something called false flag. Media have you heard about that. I heard back but acting out about. You know what it means keeping the story is this confident are you for the weekend. It's really scary that person poll believed that he won it health and at the these claims that. Pizza restaurant was being used at their headquarters for the green he. Had a feeling. Factory and there's no truth to this story it. You know they don't being into the at these. That it started as a group on me on. A chat board. And then some people start you re tweeting and treatment and it's your turn to Latin. Michael and who in a charm that president elect Donald Trump's choice for armed. Four ahead and say I hit actually leading some some of these can. The team exactly. Say you know what we want to hear it a little bit of. But what are Murray usually of these they did not draw that boring to Washington DC. When he backed out to end the pleased interrogated him he said I was going to do is prove that. So that the people go to making phone and in discounting. Valid media sites. Would be. Cleared. So the Paulson had allegation. Is that is. You going to have said to bush and that is so ludicrous it is beyond believe put people believed it. And when it's on the verge of being built proved. You going to do and say well. The only reason I was there was a herd ops that started it in the first place. He and I think that concern as a journalist you're out of the talent you know. We we want people to the journalist who journalistic institutions. At. As I'm by end. Good sources that perk it stacks. You know you don't need it how I like to be a journalist in the spotlight in the doctor or attorney pat pat the car in medical. Journalists take that charge expose them achieve it very seriously and concern me that there are. People who think you know which it can't track media and we have the dollar well I'll bet me. And and that's frustrating because. Traditional media it is they're not reporting it because pretty tightly they're they are rumors and you know YouTube and every call today. If you've seen these beat these crazy story by you know people believe they. Poll out today. That app as C news published and they said that. About 75 cent of the time. American adults at school by eight it well that's a pretty high number when. You enter. And if you are under note earlier reported that about 44% of US adult and get their news on. So then it's up to the consumer to decide. The iron from fiction and what we're getting their news from. Social platforms. Aren't take a break we're longer ago breeder believes are calling and visiting professor of journalism. Loyola university. And doe were talking about big news. When we come back domino fleets aboard she's hearing from the young people did she teaches. And did she tell them there's anyway tool overcome that as soon as news gifts deserves something we can learn. It was called comments questions to answer eggs or one lead suddenly doubled up. Forget about big news. The very bluntly you had something I used to laugh about. It's who would you gives up and who would port that stuff. Which couldn't be real problem that led to violence and at least one case. And if you look at these cock combing the YouTube video it's. On this big news got 170800. Geared 200000. Year. People from all over the world watching it and be breathing it in looking at in believing that. Credit jaguar brand new poll. Campaigners beefs up. 83%. Say absolutely and that then. I'm currently in that corner boob we've always had Colin visiting professor of journalism. Loyalty university and listen. To yours tendencies until it can be stopped did tell him how good a current events most of the substance really brief. I you know you have could be your you'd have to get Smart consumer. We know there. Student in particular young people tend to believe a story. If it has a final attached and it and it hit a unit. Well arms the first thing to do it to see it with a credible. There's something there. But you know. I think they spot captain planet in. Measures to stop the news site from a but then also. But it one you're apt to. Be it can never. I think the unfortunate different people what they ought to see in there. And in bare arm. In an active people. And so you know that. They use is highly partisan and that. Mean that if I have a credible. He did not come true but it been twisted it and an agenda and we. Both sides of the aisle. There you know occupied Democrat. There. Aren't content on the balloon at a own. And then Republicans there's been a group called viral liberty. At some time you know looking Anthony is or isn't enough to counties. Am I getting in the united front is that the credible source that the Arctic and and nine I get it straight you need fair and balanced news. And re. Read behind. You know a lot of people to seek out like. Our mind but he. And so that between we postage that you really have to go beyond the headlines you have to at all. It does you know measured approach to that it is that story you know one of them mode. That would be. Story on the media people in these with the story. Jerry and a political cycle in the election cycle and it was about at the FBI. Let me let me at the agents suspect. Acting inhaler emailed found dead in a parent yours Hewitt. That the story but it was one of them are of age story on on social media. It would put back group called the number are well on their own party it was such extreme empire she spent a lot of people. That story the Democrat party. Yeah it is. How. It yet it's not actually be a big wreck Y. Les thank you so but this time blueboard Opel will submit follow Jones said the hopefully do. What was your arm did you back again thank you so much have a good day here. All right. Come right back. Beginning at seven you'd have them. Doug to between you and me. I think it's big news of could really be good for reading showing. Starting for anybody did tunes and right now. The news story of voter Joseph follow on. John jury you've thrown wallow in over a period of courtroom Tuesday. A trial old companion. It was apparent alien might have more or. Rivera whose State Council or rule own song drew QU. Winners twelve year old Moroccan companion. Well into the second period. And that would verify that do web right wrongs that. You can book at that big news in you only you heard it here first. Scrutiny facts don't go away double dubbed el brigade celebrity immoral 53 FM.