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12-08-16 Go For Two Podcast with Seth Dunlap and T-Bob Hebert

Dec 9, 2016|

Return of the King; January Joe Flacco prepares to take center stage.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and Zach Dunlap. Hey welcome excited to go to podcasts heading into week fourteen of the NFL season work as a daily this week Thursday. December. 8 26 team upset Dunlap T Bob Hebert along side as well that doesn't. Saku NFL football. This week we don't wanna remind you off tough well. Donna said yeah okay. Yup registry imports and if adults have so yes for the top 100 NFL podcasts in this world that's so he says that was great. If you plug I'm collateral on the top 100 yep podcasts in the New Orleans area. But I'll top off it's up follows on what amounts up to lackeys at you about 53 and then also be sure to share with everybody is our show continues to grow we're certainly glad. You guys are helping us grow it. And there is we're trying to by popular demand that. Condensed these Podcastalley little bits obscure a tootsie Voller storyline of the week. Really yeah. My biggest storyline here is got to be in you hand that storyline this week if you want butts are a stop to get back on yes Sutton we've talked about the last few weeks but for me it's just that based in the cowboys now have the number one seed locked up this is have been made a hell of transformation. In one year for the scout always franchise a franchise that's. Most. Neutral observers. Thoughts would kind of stuck in the eight and eight issue mediocrity for a long time because the way their roster was constructively Romo was aging. Certainly they have an office climate they did not have agreed defense I didn't tell people thought they do have the weapons on offense. All of a sudden this year they they certainly now look like the team to beats in the NFC and I include the Seahawks and I think the cowboys would be favored if their home against it's the Seahawks was probably weren't able to play the season so. That's just my storyline that we're here we fourteen with four weeks the play. And the Dallas Cowboys basically locked up and once it. Yeah I mean look the the camp bay Buccaneers kind of region pillaged a Seahawks this weekend and combine that with. The cowboys Julia I know I'll go to history and now an expression my mind you I think it it feels like it was yesterday and yes I was amazed yet. Is as admit this off the bat I was security this region and he did not watch. Any NFL football site and we watched the YouTube videos Extenders or whatever bottom line it's a figure right. I've been very hesitant to give the cowboys have favored status all year we both have. Talking about the Seahawks but there right now Seattle's Tuesday. A bit too consistent. For my taste and allies still think obviously gonna to beat anybody. When they play well but they have too many weeks where they just look completely ineffective. Offensively now what this cowboys team. They were really good two years ago right. Did worse than they were play away yet from possibly playing Seattle in the NFC title and so this is kind of team that's expected to see last year I mean they were one of the favorites heading into last season now. They lost Tony Roma and to be different does obviously to have a good back up quarterback to replace him when you lose that premier position. It's going to its what does it back significantly and it snowballed in the season got out of control. But I think what you're seeing now is that. This cowboys team the roster make about who was not as bad as it may be appeared. To be last season's. Your points and the defense has been better although I still think. So think the defensive. When they're not a good defense even numerically right now on there there an average defense and all of a pack but I don't think that is more product of their offense in the way that they are playing offense. And ball control. And taking up a lot of time in other leading timeless smelling and every single game one this season so I certainly helps a defense that helps the defense that. Be frank isn't variant on the backhand so I mean make it's you they are easy to aid teams that won the defense's. Like that the past yeah no absolutely no we actually got that discussion last week Merrill dire couple weeks you'll want to mind Thanksgiving and you know NFL thinks was that I thought it took you know an elite defense now is the last 45 years to win a championship. And it has but you go back again to the mood the two thousands. And teams consistently won titles with meddling or below average defense saints Packers colts. Ravens. Ravens' most recent one would you say. From rim that really happens at Ray Lewis was not a silence on eleven month yes yes red lights and on the down that was not what I would call by as the dominant defense back. I would say that these images of 49ers defense of that year. It was a done deal they weren't Seattle low estimate for Paterson Bessie is Malia and soon queens somewhere along I think that kind of met at shifted but yeah I think Dallas is that I guess my great report is. If there's a weakness of Dallas it is their defense but having an a weakness that ranks his average middle of the pack that's not. South that. Nobody could be worse now definitely not bad all right that's our story line of Louis I'm kind of hate the fact that story lines are becoming kind of cowboys entered I don't. I've never been a fan of the cowboys or the hard on that the country has. For the cowboys and now I feel myself feeding into that machine becoming a now becoming a part of admits it's a bit disappointed on us yeah well. Gives us some to talk about I guess on a weekly basis is there years like the Yankees right you're lumber and is on between the cowboys. How to yeah. Guess how callous gets you are steadily. All right goats do it. Our bus sides of the week. Those are very professional a delay has put her like how to divide the sound there look. I'm I'm I am this is more chill cast for me today not as prepared its first day of winter. So can hear my voice it's a little rescue total royalty rate but that gets hot music Christmas coming also though. People understand is when he gets colder. Your body starts expanding more energy to stay warm so I think that's what's going on me today just energy levels low. Because of the cold weather luckily. I've actually been eating wars and working out last the last few weeks to try to add some war. It still might otherwise I'd be asleep right now RS might be complete sleeps or just note about the way it still odd. For me to bank it 55 degrees is cold but it is amid well enough for agency bloc has and it feels called it five degrees would be it is always 85 degrees feels like good how does that mean that's that's out there who look if this was a Vietnamese team you've played tabletop or huge reason. If we were real life tabletop or BD care just like we would have any resistance to heat right we I would not like we would be sad to read we wouldn't get me. Energy indeed buffs or anything could probably get some sort of bonus roles but. It is in the cold. Air may or may because it your roots your. Kind of like hi we have a lot of hybrid literally I don't like and I got like a plus Cuba to have called resist you probably adapt quickly. I was on this is today I love your love the cold weather is also the four degrees perfect. I don't know if I could do you weigh in and actual harsh snowy full on win at all like them every Don Imus I don't miss Nicole I missed the snow. I'm bloodied IE AK you wanna give her so it still is this no romantic like again like has to be like Eric Snow is great writers grant you maybe got to miss schools also in the late. Would have bet with your mission getting your haven't like. Shovel your driveway where do you get to shoulder I guess had to shovel driveways had actually plow roads into a talent on the country so we had our own little knowledge do you ever. Did you what do you do about windshields. And I agree yes they're all you have little scraper pray. And Luke scraper it's like you couldn't find your stricter you have these credit cards is aussies seems like a lot of extra chores no doubt it was a pain I'm not but that's more of the coal right. I hate I didn't was not a medical and my guess I realize you can't get this now about the cold it snows romantic mamet missile. It does not feel like Christmas a winter without the snow from. No it definitely doesn't mean last year the noses and shorts and my anti gay ministers Yeltsin. Christmas Day NASA bats BO at the lakers' tropical homers just hope being that. Global war room works both ways. On May be will start at previously cold winters Helms told us he'd be out late. Extreme. Yeah both extreme mouth those army decline it's going to be more times like machines climbed to go. Rebalancing global warming because it's not cynical issue what I'm saying. Analysts and you know I mean it would be mortgages Bill Clinton were like really Poehler okay yeah yeah Google what do I just wanted to make things modest sort that is your weather update yeah explaining the drill now there's a load automatically key in these steps of the week sound. Puck I think and a must that Louie it's easy for me man a guy came back from. A battle with cancer and had a big east player of the week so it's a story. They're very Eric Berry I saw chatter you wanted air period did well pick to helping to for the win against Atlanta so it's only fitting stents New Orleans few weeks ago they had basically a walk off play where they lost to Johnny returns. Actually going to attempt to right by virtue points Alexander yeah this one. Was even worse if the falcons they score a touchdown to go up yeah I won outright with a bit less than a minute left. Jim and other trying obviously you'll for two and trying to make it three you have case that it's still the right so yes. And nobody out there trying to that is you know brought you go for it absolutely just latest podcast and then that. Yeah and Matt Ryan needs out in necessarily the bad read I suppose on his part but a better player prior periods due. I know situation might sell out for a pick in that spot. And then the ironic back and Inca what was a 102 yards awesome like that for 82 point conversion so. The first time in at those are the first read first time in NFL history team has gone up by one point but by the end of their extra point try it was actually down so they scored a touchdown Padilla but they have been or are actually change red. Yeah wizards but Eric Berry. Clearly it was that also the first walk off. Six it wasn't technically a walk off bit. Well I'm OK maybe I don't walk off. But you have it was the first played it messing around saint wasn't technically a walk off the nose first crack that ever correct this is the first time this has happened well. Unbelievable shot entered bear bear class of those seven he was the number one player in Georgia when I was coming a high school. Ball that did Tennessee and the rest is history. You'll seven. I don't. You know seven I mean is there was there like it was the type this year Herbert is what are your earlier point you don't have that beautiful that in itself what does that look like this is zero it is seven Sato and sound ominously though slightly duties have now look at this notion. Makes it look yeah like I'm totally awesome X rated death. I guess that. Yeah not no not Matt Stafford the burlesque performer you saw I would go is. The box in your day I would go with. I don't care what they don't know the only game I'm really read up through paid attention on was the saints game unquote bad step for man. He. Put together pretty masterful. Masterful. Performance in the don't do it it's it there was any reason why these. Why the saints were so bad offensively this game on top line of defense is playing well. It was because Matt Stafford at all and stayed on the field they had some Bayern civic drive come into possession. Pretty impressive stat. On the third and tame or longer situations. Stafford actually converted on three of those six. Intends and it led to scores every time so whatever bad severed. That was big win a lot of people's a couple of errors you know settle on this podcast. We said they had that we've aligned and win yeah we were were definitely on that but did you see the numbers going into that game this saints were heavy favorites. Oddly and we don't when you look at the stats. He. The lions don't. Have any good since his goal Greinke it's guided insane like. There is nothing impressive about this team on paper this saves there is a case to be a David busy toward markedly better team. So what Detroit is doing right now it is like the definition of just. Scrappy. Ugly just like finding ways to win getting it done. Do you believe in Detroit heading into playoff time opera. Give me media tester lions. We believe and am how allegiances. I believe there are several organs and are now yes do I believe it will be a tough out in the playoffs absolutely. I eat the same as always I would be shocked if they get to a suitable Detroit Lions will make the Super Bowl. Yeah I'd say luggage claims like I know our and that's it that's why this here's a bowl picks and not have to and I think very dead might has been doing so obviously that's a little investment. Because they don't make it that will never come back to army nobody nobody could remember exactly but. If they do make you best believe that MB pull this tape up. Are cut their words just beat Detroit Lions remember that I will you create this kind of things cough cough Bradford cough cough Panthers. Medicaid yeah I live I know so we'll tell you for for the Panthers I me. Or Seattle talked about them in a minute outlets it's a world of sea dogs blue oh oh yes Obama. You're still week in review. But first let's talk about it's those Dallas Cowboys against your Minnesota Vikings a you win ugly for my psyche saga. The vikings and I saw how bad their school countless. Let's be clear. This word once upon a time of my vikings but seventeenth favorite here right in 1715. Dallas. Winds in light of that really ugly football again impressed only threw for 139 it only ran for 86 somehow he won this football game. Merely because again Minnesota just cannot find an offense in the cannot find a rushing and once again for I think the sixth time this season they're leading rusher was held to under fifty yards. We are McKinnon nine carries 41 Barrera wants chip in par. It's a story. Mountain chicken farm now covet ha ha but. Automatic ads. Are yeah scourge of the Internet it's your shoe takeaways from this game for me one go back to Dallas Dallas cementing themselves as the best team in the NFC because they can win games like this even when their offense just. Completely spotters in memory they are at an office powerhouse I know is running the football but he'd been. And so good that offices has not been able to be stopping or this into the story a little wet because at defense was good enough. All of the really does like using points yeah there. Of all the other side I just think Minnesota's. Tight out there are dead and evidence how the Packers for second that is and we brought the Packers through weeks. Day. They they hit it clearly bad boy what a when he collapsed well again leg pain out what is it penthouse to the outhouse five and O two now seeks in six. Mike Zimmer. I guess getting so stressed he ended up have a to have high surgery got exactly why a nicer to over the room well I of these are okay. He's in Jordan eye patch for it. He. What what's going to his head right now what's going to that franchise at lake is he falling apart as a team completely lost faith in him I this is. This is the type of bag collapses snowballs and then ends up getting you fired because. What what do we always talk about. A lot of times. People these kind of temperature or anger level of fan base it's not your actual record. It's where you fall in relation to expectations and after five weeks when you're talking about is the best team in the NFC. You know this is the year biking it was got restated result is good momentum and it blows up this spectacularly. That could dig it it can get really ugly. In. In this here's what I don't understand this is this offense app salute perplexed me. I don't understand why Sam Bradford again is throwing for forty plus passes for 45 in the scam. And they only have was in nineteen runs and that includes you can think of Herat underdogs like apple they didn't do what you have thing no faith in their ability Europe and they averaged m.s looking at this on the averaged four point security here in the him. Codes so that it doesn't say what that tells because they shortly it was a close out game words are there haven't played from behind right so you throw 45 times in because what that is out of sync and that's what tells me that this is the team that has no compromise their ability to run the office right like. Even if they're. If your eggs at your average or four or you're having some success. And you still are not going back to meet EU have fallen into such a play calling rut. Do you think that like that she is she your team is in this gives you the best chance to. To win via. Our rights let's move on and this talk about the next scam on the lives sort of some solid and try to pass through it as like saints an alliance. On an absolute dominating. Performance by the lions. You're an adult is kind of disheartening as some stats throughout do you divide Leo Lyons scored on six of their first seven possessions. On. Five of those six possessions. That they year ran nine plays from him. Including all those third down conversions like you talked about they're down two persons in the census can get off the field they had two opportunities for pick sixes easy pick sixes one was a ball about suffrage here Gerris bird's hands. Tolerate center field. This I don't I mean out of it it was like our vast amounts of had a dust up in the air it was just a soft catches bread basket and you'll Austin and the two plays later the right idea for an. There are virgin Airways is now has his moments to. To make it to make up for all the years of futility and restoration and that's safe and that's what he joked that open because he knew it the ball that bull is floating in the area tie back us down when your journal rankings and he was guaranteed thinking like OZ. This is this year and if it is chance to. You get days takes things get this they were gonna be back in the game don't we rocket going to be able of this bloody sign me. Yeah but here's a couple so yeah defensive backs who can't catch interceptions obviously in the fifth allotment. Apparently can't either because. Camps Jordan. Batted a ball up in the air again a full loading. All he should cot ran back for a touchdown. I dropped it now you said that like Hewitt expected offensive lineman to catch better than a defensive back well. Did you got a zag. Yes yes yes now that said we all know attic and Jordan as he can make that no he should've made the plays so long it. This doesn't want that though is a 5050 ball and this is one that any. Players and offensive line entity if it's one that's that's the ball the applicant. So it was really just when he went in the dome they can't get off the field. The up and spotters it was the worse analysts say it's about some battle off bad not as office for its bad performances on the last. For years been a while the and there was as disappointing is. Any loss the what I amendment on the record in the moon the passage it suddenly start 500 I know they they were 411. And then they want to in a row. But now it the way how many more than you have lost your Denver this is there around like six and thirteen six and fourteen that's insane considering that. What that record is working off of is when they. Were when they had gone like two seasons in a row undefeated no where ray and then all of a sudden just some to targeted would jump or if you're get saint conspiracy. It would Jabari Greer went down that's the demarcation point. That's win the this seems empire begin to begun to fall had a tremendous home began to fell BM general Paul began to fall that wells. They Drew Brees not. Your games and really questionable throws three interceptions and no touchdowns in this broke his streak yes hum touchdowns and I think is sick of it sixty games now that's it's fascinating me. Is that what you Saul on Sunday in my opinion. Was probably more true look at this saints' roster. Then you are normally privy to. Like that is the type of game that it's the type of saints team. They you would've seen over the last three years if you had an average NFL quarterback. Because there was an average performance. By agrees you can take that little guy to pick him. Three slightly well given that third is blast wave frame IA IE eight guys I don't count that as much. But like his yard completion percentage were still. What are they were they great they were still good to your every calorie breakfast yet as I did you do not have a whole fame quarterback dragon this roster by its bootstraps. But a week to week basis I think he would you didn't like that's the true kind of measure of the New Orleans Saints roster that's a bit. Do it is important leader that does said that explains to me how over the last three years. You keep on. This aids or shocking in the hell consistently. In inconsistent they've been tough like these two into the ability to. Time and time again slingshot from these great performances where you beat these old good good teams these really bad performance and remove its. It's wild you could maintain that type of consistent roller coaster. But they've been able to I think one of the reasons why. Is because their roster really is just not up to snuff but they have a quarterback who for the most part. Tends to play other world we just heard this NFL. Salary cap driven sport the saints at 27% of their cab being paid to guys who were not on the team. How are you supposed to win and that's the case I can't romance to you can't. And it's proving that point now is a very frustrating loss. And extra frustrating because. Was the last loss they had a chance he had just one game back they would have to gains Tampa still another horrible and I hate it there's no keen deadly NFC's sounds easy it's. Aimed beat famous Janus asked him there are calling it. To dazzle is brilliant and said the bus win the division that night instead of him before the year started that this could act enthusiasm didn't actually it happened. Next up so we move on from a saints games talk about that she's falcons game the collapse by the fell orally comeback putt falcons and I guess collapsed. On that two point attempts but the chiefs man best record in the last twenty weeks going back to last season. In the NFL this team is for real and it's. It's one of the best defense is an Andy Reid is ever had Alex Smith is playing some of the best football of his career yes ballots before yeah exactly saw Alex Smith. They know he's still met here to if we will raise him a tear to the better term that is. This chiefs team still has a shot a first round by spinning a what they do in their division the last three weeks and some day we are proving that they are. It isn't my mind one of the five or six legitimate. Super Bowl contenders tears again when assume rule this year people got a swagger Jack and. Now you're saying. Archie is conversation to do it this congress issue weeks yeah we got rescission or creases but yeah yeah yeah so. Really Smart oh this he knew exactly was your average she's. And fortunately. Still. Injury in the playoffs again after two bedroom to your show. Like this chiefs team out of respect for the walrus and what he's been able to do. And actually tonight now it's Sierra because as a podcast gave probably a road Thomas who was this. Let what are the best Thursday night match ups that I think I've ever seen greatest city chiefs raiders tonight. Yeah yeah it's crazy amount literacy and equality of the game because they're probably Thursday night games. Hasn't always in the matchups this year or there's been a pretty good matches with the quality of the games are still would resort even that. Vikings cowboys game last week played yet there's a lot of line. But I guess it's kind of hard to watch calculus the other 7015 game political outlook. What about those 66 game of the century old certainty the team's board members go pick. Well you know. OK okay yeah I got to deep cuts but don't look good it's bad nobody cared than them and out C now it now. And your thing is 1750. That's what the defense is played OK right you know I like amateur but all I did take it below the military success there. Big is this is really highly minutes of football you're right here your right at least you get it done a poor thing was exactly OK but all right who are these raiders this is this is hate really. Tough spot for them they got to go on the road midweek short week playing perhaps the most important game of the season. As the raiders him to say it again entered late join our podcasts or say it every week the Oakland Raiders can troll their Ol and a number one overall seed deaths in the they have the tiebreaker is now as this are you more common opponents. Over the New England Patriots in that due to tiebreaker three. Straight victory they would have that as well let's wait they control if the pictures went out they went out they went at the pictures lose game raiders losing game it would also. To have that. She's got him being here. Who's the hottest team in the NFC the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While. I'll blizzard cam bay Buccaneers of the hottest team in the NFC glad we agree on that they've won six out of imported zero. What's your basket. To pirate right sure John Rocker. What is the Oakland Raiders mask. An angry greater. Which is a vampire. Repaid knife in his shirt never know if it's about regular buccaneer you Daria is great Russia and either way point being there raiders still debt is a pirate look this is a very. Nautical type of year Washington won the pac twelve. It's like the guy you know the northern she graders coming out of college football that it'll I think that I think that's obvious heritage is that is giving her did badgers got to bring that up. Up again pitcher Huskies. On. Yes so I it makes it leads it to me that the raiders in this did get these goods this year and how I got back I expect when we disease that what house of husky nautical. I don't Orioles in the weeds but how are probably talking ten. It is not a bad of a bull yes first off because they have seen locating they're quite literally on the water. And I view them as light kind of northern CE raiders their little Barbara's but every now and then a warlord rises like Chris Peterson. And he kind of rallies the troops and look these tight. These pirate towns these these this is the only game in power when there's bodies stronger regional power right. Well look along Wesco Stanford's down USC's down or Hindus or did they do resort to the towns were right for the takings. Washing and swooped it. Look at the NFC south right now. Did the falcons what eleven New Orleans Carolina. You're looking at three town considerate shambles. They're all having just getting worse and end the fighting. And enhance the way it comes surging out of the south. Iron or give them on my guys xanax once fitted you have a right out and to wait too quickly man you know Martha's my falcons. They were your falcons' other myself a year felt himself speaking of my falcons after this one yet they are tired of between mentally it is read. Try to get back to art we can view or to tolerant place here but. Yep bad loss for them to 75 and a little. Echoes of last year's post where Atlanta too politically am completely collapses and initially have. Everything seemed aids last year it was like falling off the cliff. This year it was like like they didn't descending a mountain and just getting more and more injured along the way like it twisted ankle here yeah. Maybe that they jammed finger it's getting seething wars like a broken toe. Right now they're. There are isn't pinned between Iraq where they got app to cut it off just yet. But they're starting to get to that point. You more hands on let's talk about a week interview I do wanna talk about this ravens game and severe ravens go and play previously the hottest team in the AFC the Miami Dolphins who everybody was up on their bandwagon right. And today eviscerate them 38. Says six and we just have this conversation last week on this podcast part of the ravens for real and we both agreed that. Look at this point this season there they are what their record was and we thought that they were. May be the favorites in that division and did not and certainly contenders in that division. And it's outlets is it's a hell of a performance here ends saying again and see Joseph Flacco playoffs. Exactly. Usage should come as no surprise. The ravens old formulas Barack. Here is what old formula you have Joseph Flacco believe it have a bad message to your idol is the best seat in the NFL right now. And Joseph Flacco. Is already elite. And then he just kicks in an even higher gear compiled. I will say Flacco for all our timing tongue and cheek jokes yet one of his best games the last two or three seasons look 3647381. And a four touchdowns. One pick and remember he does have the running game that used to have with ray raster Justin Forsett who is forced to do a lot more here and he is doing a lot more look. They don't call it January joke for nothing OK that's where I meant cuts his teeth. That's where he earned his bread the earns his keep and I expect the ravens to win the symbol lions ravens' Super Bowl you heard it here first. Dennis Keller he doesn't talk and nobody talks about anymore at least a couple years you want to it was a big thing you might want to. Ray used kittens at your head yeah now are able he's like number one off everybody's draft boards I've lived after rubio rock. Nine catches here a couple of touchdowns is this expected exhibiting Goodyear overall immigrate here three here sabathia tied Italy right now. Are we considering that since dropped his injured yeah I'm I'm Alex is fiscally accuse every on the hill well it's Olsen and Jimmy Graham monsoon Paulson has the most yards Graham tripped and I think grams has the most touchdowns Graham got a little quietly feel it does he really lead the NFL influence on their appetite and tight ends in tight and down Graham has the most yards by Nina Olson has almost here it's earned its respect respected Jimmy Jimmy's bad. Jim I know I deal maybe yeah obviously just as is no longer member of the saints or hear about him east coaches I have always notice that makes me think that this was an odd next game on the docket here's a move on through them how about the giants and Steelers in your boy. O'Dell back in the meeting complaining about this time directories that he was music calls us. And they're very big way or annoys him and complaining about not heeding the calls in a day and age were flags are ready out of control. Yeah but great game though attempt for a hundred. Eli under the radar. Pretty good year all of this is what it was were scams twice for 39 from 19. And this was a Steelers day let's be honest is the game with Baltimore continuing to win. Yet the why India Steelers needed the. Yeah they've AFC north IE. I still engaged is that that division where. Whoever wins it that's gonna be DT may that Wohl. Did and I have the best record bit they're there they are true threats to winds are rolling out like Pittsburgh for. Baltimore Indy playoff type scenario now hold on what normal is jargon trying to dreaded double check. This Jimmy Graham being here and I'm think it Delanie Walker actually leads all tied into touchdowns wood six. They could be after this with a was going in the last week's games OK you Graham is asset it was fun OK are so I just wanted to take that away from now. For no reason regarding our it scientists found is that now what we're talking about debt and whether read about the arts thing I don't know stick by yards is now. Well I won't pass it all in your global we'll talk know how well I wondered well. Talk a little more and then when we're talking about Steelers I'm not a big believer in the Susan everybody what our goals in his first in yards Travis Kelsey is secular I just. And junior observed. Oh yeah current. So little movement there after this last week but. Pittsburgh I am not it's a big believer than in the class I don't think they don't go on the road beats you want to be mean I'll make an eagle on the road beats. Oakland's I don't think they could go longer and beat Kansas City Denver on not a believer in the Pittsburgh Steelers I have made the symbols on it too bright man while he didn't mean do that. You're going to be a one man show houses the bids Google's OS like Sinatra you wouldn't be one man show because a lot of people on this to pursue his bandwagon and I just think it has to do with Lamar stall two and actually looking at what's been done this season. I guess I'm a good bit probably element of little benefit of the doubt element it a little I think it's a lot. But I don't understand when you look at what big teams have done this year how still to this day. You have more people. Believers in Pittsburgh they are in Kansas City that boggles my peace. Okay is well it goes back to lightly grease and just kind of like when we talk about the chiefs who say well. Did the records nice ones in the playoffs it's the chiefs like that that's the problem is that it's established. I may be reached for better or for worse fair or not has that reputation. That he's struggles in the playoffs and the Steelers. They are not have the reputation that they win you know until they are not sure they also struggle in the playoffs as recently it might come as a coach it prospers quarterback they want to suit my whole album is a new mikes are okay that now. Mike Collins anything Sean Payton. But a better rose slightly better Sean Payton he's the defensive minded Sean and I guess you know I mean I would qualify the Steelers and dolphins team true. I would move it out of I. I talk you know I didn't see help and I've no idea obviously but I'm more talking in edges just about records right results. They got Gallo derail their bottom if you wondered why should give it down geez I do believe that's. I'd say it's on more time that was my point and end but but like is it fair or not. Dear those are their reputations and in that she's on to change that. They have to go win some playoff games that can't be dominating and you look his rookie year and then allow them to come back from like. Forty points. Hi nice saves. I saved the best for last I've been waiting for this moment. Four what four days now to rebel hands there just complete destruction of New York. Carolina Panthers and New York Cam Newton this last week's yeah they are up forty yup. Forty. Carolina seven. And everybody knows now about tied gates' idea what's your thoughts on tight gave when Cam Newton was suspended for the frank it was the first driver owner and I it is images that knows that. Northern Ireland's. Is that lie dead among them didn't show up there are sure to bust tireless and Ron Rivera is actually did you release 2200. Aggregate news there's little bit and Dallas is cinematic probably for the for strived for straddle him play. Did and then. And little little fatty Mike Tolbert dropped the ball and that goes up yeah what's your thoughts on that. Not cure as a player that you think is distress code like that thing has to be in Forster loses its coach who lose little credibility I I honestly I don't know if I have a good opinion on this because it dynamics of NFL locker rooms are so much different in college. College is very much a lot of times are putting everyone on equal footing exhibit that has done fly in the NFL right I mean there's superstars. There are guys who play by different rules and really a lot of times. That's way that that they call it got to be great coaches have is managing she restores understanding when to let him get away when to pull him back. Brought veers into June pretty good today Datsyuk board's audit Geithner is not adjust to judgment here obviously. And to his credit I Cameron and his from. Really really well in the post game he'd just said everything you needed to say he said look this is the role. You know coach I had a conversation it was my fault I thought he handled that does as well as anybody can hate regular rule it's who's humorous is going to be the first series it is it but look this thing this the Panthers. It's a long term approach with the Panthers now this season to watch everybody for the most part like world were there and in their there are. Right. So. It is it is about establishing some guidelines a big movie for kinda zone. Relations and then look you know your mug every now and remind me of aviary he reactive. Kind of investor. Did the thing anyway yeah we're not against talking about everything else but it's already so well it breaks it have payrolls. The pound plummets you freak out you sell the town you'll have some other people make a lot of money right mom. That's Cam Newton right now okay. Dot com hero I'm selling cam knew exactly yourself. Right now and I'm buying up all your shares governor and I'm laughing late although president odds because I sold him at his height I sold him in the pre season when you look at him as laid back to back and be broad Subaru oh Jarrius I'm. Valuable hustled him super now whatever you're panicky you think this is you know the VD Norman says the exception yourself and your freaking out on buying shares okay I'll seriously it's OK your year and still not worry here's who I am no fourteen of 32. Broken 182. Okay censor reading. I am I am negatively word now or that you really like is Sid. A lot to understand this is you know I'm very fine successful financial broker on the side vodka but you have to take a long term approaches with these things you can't be too reactive. Stay the course and Cam Newton long term. Is going to be just fine. This is a down year this is a humbling this is one of those years where you've got to. Take it on the chin may come back hungrier to come back better that's what Cam Newton isn't going into heat probably started to believe. You know probably stirred things MB did he used a big dog he is the keg thieves is gonna be easy well this sometimes. Like kicker it's the wax birds off your wings you fall in the ground. But unlike kickers give me in the strong enough to grow those wings back out and fly or reattach some exposed in sore back towards the sun. All that was going on OK so you said and to be fair I was looking this up yesterday as I knew I really want into a dive and do you once again. On Cam Newton in the short guidance I don't know what hole all right. Doesn't go well it's been well said she said that this was off there yes and when I look at this I say. No this is what he's done all his career and last year. Was the aberration T Bob his career completion percentage. Is 50% he's got 55%. This year. His yards per attempt average seven point oh this year very bad he went 77 point one the previous years before that. Fourteen to eight touchdown interception ratio little lesson too for one that's right on par for his season and is raiding. His rating of eighty and the bad rating man. His rating previously was 82888684. And I'm so I really ahead panther team but here's my points. I think in the last year is the aberration Camden girl and not not this year. And look I I I just got. I want to I want everybody to lock these numbers in your head I want you to sit there and think about how Seth is right and ally wrong and I want you all to enjoy that satisfaction that you know you're feeling and then. And here. Or two years when we circle back around this with cam Newton's dominating the NFL once again. It is then that I will have. That I will be vindicated and validated so. Sure whatever. I am I am IU I was yawning or you were reading those numbers all bets are concerned about it. Now on the other side of the football a big concern obviously this game not much talked about a movements beyond normal Seattle stuff could defense setting up their offense for touchdowns Wilson still. Also Wilson is I. If I make a fair amount annually concerned about him is that look the same even adds a lot of offensive line that. Miller and they do it it's not it's just that he's not he's still out there for touchdowns in situations when he has receivers open a special. I'm great on can't be a 100% healthy he's not he leaves you need Midland is much without injured he was like. He is doing everything he can to get a body functioning and now there the room when you hear about him like. Let's leave him his physical therapists and stuff fees. Seller get your sport police got a Jack did you say sleeping at this oh yes yeah like legitimately not on an A I don't know. You heard of sexual healing. I don't think CR for them and she's refer you. And you know six yards treated him like Maria and you're into the I'm just saying you know yeah that famous in the music industry did not have a few like. Hedonistic or general experiences that book let's let's not get lost it's okay. Your earlier this year another after you're seeing you amount of money. And anybody committed the offensive line it's no wonder the quarterback is afraid in stony and kind of rambling mess I guess for you Stein's monster. Like yeah it is different times doctor trademarks Mercedes patched together yes let's go to. Thomas Rawls who you're used and you know Nicholas Charles is now. He ran well. Well you do it but he looks. The real DeLia fifty for 16 but some of those cuts ma'am since job one of the best first cuts that I've seen in quite a while it is really only get that vaulted panthers' defense now. Mig go there at the big problem for Seattle going forward is they lose. Maybe the best all around certainly one of the 45 bestseller on the fence players and football player for the season Earl Thomas breaks his leg. Brew the pearl Earl the pearl fractured his tibia and so the only guess how the only way you can break Earl Thomas. Running into the man of steel himself camp chancellor was. Who friendly fire we'll friendly fire there and his buddy in the Seattle secondary collided and Thomas read out afterwards. Contemplating retirement it's probably a little bit in the moment there but you never know. What it. Then he does give thank you. Just got paid phenomenon and that number though he never always thinks all of your favorite Tyreke I think I had in my area I viewed as you please tune competitive these vacant too much damn money he would be crazy ideas are always common man you crazy retire right now. It didn't study the head injured who is here's the question that a lot of people related hideously broken bones that's destined dream get decidedly humid and. Wasn't really it was just a crack on it a fractured so that's again yeah. Un so what everybody was being asked this week and I couldn't really thought about distraught and haven't answered. But the question was which injury this past week was more impact full patriots losing Brock or Seattle losing Thomas. It's really just this brand it's too big injuries this week pursue broad they're kind of like. Mirror images of each other in terms of the importance. Seattle's defense is not the same about thomas' isn't item for a while now so maybe this is why Thomas. Is the bigger injury. Because the patriots still have Tom Brady. Where. The pearls kind of like that defense is Tom Brady. He has so maybe the pros bigger loss there. He's kind of the proverbial. Straw that stirs the drink. And you're recently married that sort of orders are details even forgot why the saints were inside jitters Byrd was to try to recreate them. It was always gone back and forth this obviously. As. As you know a guy who watches all the Seattle games every snap crackle Beckham for back and forth on if he or. Can't ask Laura Bush ordered that defense but certainly. Bring your coverages more. More readily Tomas Tomas undercover house for all of these risky Thomason covered split you you can't over estimates what. Can chancellor does in the run game and in the mid you know the short midfield. You wrote in the it and they've played KJ Wright multiple times columns. Season missing is they now. Never knew that same exact age I did like three or four educator I have them like a defensive player of the year season but he can't hear us and nine. Was it didn't call us that have sent back never I don't remember many rivers and measured in 2009 Missouri sits on beggars are getting insist that I figured that was him. Is we graduated Vittorio. Anything you say get well again that was on the docket the mid wicket as a mailbox chargers chargers lose another heartbreaker at home genus. Tim has played well let okay but mills played well he's I'd rather just let love take this game you play. Yeah but but it. Coming up. Give course credit when they come up with a big scorer and he got me I gotta gotta if you former crunch time makes up for. Did it go a long way towards me government and okay stat line but. Which didn't wanna start this at 3 in the eastern during the streak if you seven pixie public four times. And really dad. These last eight games man fifteen touchdowns to four receptions and the Bucs are six and two. Our leader on a believer in the books winning this division now certainly think they have that opportunity they're playing tool but they just seem like. Does this is eyeball test me now I've watched them all there you know every snap the last 45 games. They seemed to mean like the perfect example of a hot team now it's time. Harder economy and I think that's gonna carried in the playoffs and I just think this the streak is going to end. Currently I don't see this this isn't that in normal for Tampa. The only reason why it might disagree. Is because. Mike Gibbons is may be the best wide receiver in the NFL right now. To make that argument Doug Barton just came back from injury which they've been missing him. And this is it deepens that finally seems to be playing like the defense that has. Gerald McCoy Kwon Alexander like Vontae David. It's for crimes. Books then yeah. It's pretty deep so. What. Why don't look I'm not gonna sit here they're big time Super Bowl threat. I think this is a little less streaky than people are giving and looking piercings than men getting terrified. Panthers. They have their quarterback. Going into the next what decade the books out there court record at stake it held match. Falcons at least get their quarterback for the Mets were 678 years. The states are dwindling empire man. And did the teams that you might get worse before you better. Let's move on now to our. He's arguably in a view of the weekly preview. And for the weekly previews. Great week of football at least on paper to you Bob this week get this eleven. Of the sixteen games right now have spreads of three and a half points last rarely see them in the NFL even when the NFL when most gave us our close. Now we start off on the Thursday nights at tonight action is record the spot Catholic diva says this man meat probably going to be complete about a time it was of this podcast but. Raiders heading to the chiefs they go to aero head and remember the chiefs finally offset their. OK let's try and Q do you do this so it's irrelevant like the games are a good place. So we gotta have a conversation like the games are you know like this is our review of love. The chiefs raiders look yeah where's this where's. Is that arrowhead so if the chiefs are going to win this football game time how would you see that transpired. Well you know I thought that she's got a lot going for them being that they were played at home. Tough holly just in Houston pretty happy I give their pass rush back. All look in the end once again that raiders offensive line just came to play. And we all know how dare cars this year legitimate MVP candidate. Don't at all. The field went climate altering our ghost of Brett Favre I ask you how the teacher I'm big on how the raiders went on the hand of interest yes the raiders yeah you might be forgetting that the raiders won that very exciting action. Which can't just I was there I mean this case that divided the he and Jarrett car it through another last second touchdown. To Michael Crabtree to defeat air fare in the raiders that was a hell look at their Kerry had in the second quarter though. That's very specific. You screw that up those idiot and so now how many chiefs of how how does this go on the chiefs on merit and I. It did did the TV well I don't understand your question because it she's did not win but it. We did it seemed like they were going to win brackets it was because they were doing a good job of making the air car uncomfortable. And the Alex Alex Smith. Played surprisingly. Well and threw the ball a bit better I think kind of data into beta today. In measuring contest with their car saying look I can sling it to say that's. When you thought it was yesterday that they let Smith yeah I agree now going back to your pregame picks and oh yeah recipients the spread which three and a half our readers by three and a half which haven't ally forget while I had the chiefs because. And you know I ended up being correct chiefs by three and half opposed she's got a PS I ahead. The raiders then I mean what I try to correct because the raiders. I oddly IA I have the raiders well and that but I I I thought that the chiefs who went and does for me than they did that the defense played well under card kind of looks like a little Brett Favre threw some bad pixelated and you just think he's gonna do that these big games and you know kind of proved in the Sloan again and bad turnovers late about their attorneys had a few of those this year and came back to buy and stamp. Won't know I think you're limited alternate reality because it sounds like you're saying that the chiefs won dazzle us off. I don't know if you watch the same game as I did because. Derek Karr in the raiders they were role in and they are now six in oh. On the were really because I thought that the chiefs should now cut a lock themselves into that first round by at least a Mac. Now we have upper hand now you obviously don't have time I don't know I gotta go back and washes India problem and then exactly a bill closer to earn it well we'll figure out what happened there and now let's go to the Sunday games. And we'll talk about saints came saints go to the Buccaneers. Are lying near Tampa by two and a half which means Vegas thinks on a neutral field saints still after everything that's happened sensibly favorite mantra you're not to that in Tampa Bay. And oddly again like Tampa's done all season long and playing their home games. At it's. 4 PM eastern. And it has not gone well at home although. I don't think it's as bad as their record look you look at their record at a glance as to enforce whom they started alone for so it's been better. As of late Lola and Raymond. The last game that they played they handed Pete Carroll is worst loss in four years the Seahawks fourteen to five mil just absolutely dominated Seattle like nobody dominated Seattle. Indians five years it was impressive. Yes so now the only concerns me is it is well known that. Pirates. They fare better when they're on the road right when they're doing when they're raiding and pillaging a lot of times. If you attack a pirate at his home base that is kind of pirate hideout. They're gonna be drunk. They're gonna be chasing women. There are going to be handling that they're not going to be kind of there there edge United's and that are to be sharp and be ready to fight so. I don't know man this this be because the saints very mercurial and very consistent. Pedro performance is this I I have kind of concerns for Tampa here. Yeah I do his well. And this is obviously New Orleans has to have any semblance of Della well profitability as I. Say well they're only two games out my friends I got a message and they have two games against the bucks one gimme at the falcons coming up does not completely. Dead it yet is there any thing to what's our buddy Tim Zimmer has been talking about and some mothers saying that Sean. Payton needs to get marking on the football more not only morbid disease played more snaps a what are we got hurt. Why that's what I told him that Tim's argument and it's kind of a it's a good argument was that it's even in those limited amount SF should touch the Obama. Yeah but it gave it in and did nothing right in there didn't really good economic marking your defender at his. People don't give him the benefit of fact they just like. Say he's bad inning nor the numbers would tell us. Wise it's OK I have a question about that as well bet is that just because here everybody has this little disdain for Alabama here. I I in the back of their minds I think it's more to do wit. Look at it like we said where do you plan in relation to the expectation. Now there's talk of Alabama's saints think no I understand there but noted I think it's much more about the first round pick that you traded up four Heisman Trophy winner. They wanted him to be let in Adrian Peterson an easy good NFL back yah he's not great. He's a good and if so should they get him the ball they should have a look when you're losing like your line the last time I'm playing catchup ought not just talking about against licensed document in general this season definitely they've been trying to more incidents. And look where it seems like at the very shortly remember the one fumble. They haven't used bench pretty much for the rest I get two fumbles he fumbled the in this game to lose that game that he fumbled at the beginning of the next game and look at Ingram is not a bottlers is characteristic. And with coaches that coach is always a short leash is on guys when it comes upon me especially critical spot so. Ideally market would get more carries but I actually think that when you really look at it. There's some pretty understandable reasons injuries included. Here as a blatant lies he has made it. Everything I just said these are the type against the saints went right just to keep that glimmer of hopeful lives of the saints. Against the spread are getting two and a half an amateur the saints out I'm sick of what essentially is every game here I have some wrong but why his values on. But now they got injured but who know him a bigger database actually bigger and better room and asked via some of these solutions how that worked out the browns but it OK well first software at the beginning of the indeed the best era in Cleveland and he specifically said it was getting your words for it's better so there except that it must only a cop outline now. I'm gonna go away no because he could just has proven this in other sports and important as well as podcast may get worse before it's better. So we all move on let's talk about you know what it's not a cop well I'd say that both Ford gets worse now that you're trying to like afterwards say no it's at this ridge now. It but he he looked like setting expectations lower I agree say that all of a sudden you know they would aid may this year or something you'd say well. But they did it so it's story right along his plan I mean you can say what you want about senator visions load it. It actually would have been more damning if they had gone eight Nate when he said it's in your words were important is to bet me. To me that speaks as someone who really just says. Did that that so what you're just trying to set expectations look. Hey how about a game that actually has me any one thought at the beginning of the season the Tennessee Titans. Hosting the Denver Broncos titans need this win to keep pace with the colts six and six they are a Broncos. Eights and four and maybe the most online the week Tennessee's favorite in this one Tennessean minus. One pretty well evil vibes coming out of the AFC south right now broom. Double triple sixes if you look in newspaper Texan seeks its cold 66 titans 66. And we all allow fictional classics and Alan. Most closely colts favored by six. To this over little little design gives an evil cherry on top now. We all know that beelzebub is not the master of that happens. But. He does have a lot of power here on earth which leads me to believe that tiger. Only win but they actually cover against the Broncos. Are going to end here as well to seemed like. They're the better football team right now to be frank they'll sing. Hole how well how wild it. Well ha ha ha and taught us how to set a hands on that note. Talk about sex the calls Doug called from the slime may not come pick him and against the spread pick them. I'm sorry are you there and news talk. So forget NS for first place man and now. And I can't get excited about it it's just to completely uninspired franchises. Baylor under the radar here and election on earlier. This week. And I really need seven and in addition the lightning have an MVP ish type seasons. You know you'll win that award because of their record. Artwork look so he's back to like oh look par for the course like where he's like drag he's a hero like play viola he's tier one point five like he is drags the colts. By the bootstraps and makes some relevant. So it did this week you think it's titans colts 76 atop the sure I tell you excited about this Shura III can't I just say now I'll let that exotic type because that was unexpected and they've been so bad for so long it's cool it right on but yeah I I don't know man. I don't give a damn about the edges out Brock as liar now now Alex O'Brien studies great hard. Vegas is still hang around you or airs on a cardinal somehow slip away I mean. Fringes are definitely on the fringes of the playoff race no doubt about it but. Not done yet they're 56 and wants that probably need to point out. They go on the road you have to win. Yadier a couple of the struggle others who were. Toughest tests was embassies map to go to Seattle later but they go to Miami against what was a red hot dolphins team dolphin seven and five. Cardinals impressive last week in a win and Miami is spirit in this one Miami about one. But 106 goes over 9518. Receive correct yes yes so I'm saying international and done I mean they're still. And the second wild card's gonna be 106. Trent you're saying 96 and one. Not seventy yet. Yes yes she's 961 race tendency to battle it out tendencies goes over nine some silent but the 96 ones who have been an island 72 we're about alike agree that's my point is that going to come I think we're in attendance of wild card I don't think you're getting Tennant seven and that's that's that's a bigger agitated six walk hard show airs an affair ends. Looked at Ayers and his team is sort of like the population of Arizona a bit old. A big conservative. Neal shake up meals shaken but a little dry little draw little spices will drive could you or oyster. It's dry heat ago so. You know I don't know ordered Albert I don't know people always say that the photographers or media are. One next gentlemen you go and film does it. I'm really looking for a little and talk about here is an hour Shara tablets of all Seahawks Packers obviously is probably the featured in this league along with the cowboys giants. Yeah Packers trying to zero season keep this tendency this'll be on the sub freezing temperatures. Snow possible. Last time the Seahawks went to Green Bay. They want them well. No actually lost Abbott backwards. Noted that the figure was they gave downgrade bit crazy playoff game Dallas and Seattle. But it's been awhile it's actually the Packers I think the last three times they played him actually played NCR also the first time that. Seahawks go on the road. Packet Lovett is planned well and it's good spot for them just because Seattle beat trying to still kind of figure out their secondary. With Stephen Terrell and there instead of Earl Thomas. Yeah man that Earl Thomas won its killer to kill us there Specter from may gel those favored by three here but it's. Kim how do. Can Seahawks fly when it's that cold Dino. Mo may have migrated. Mr. are do yes sort of say interview for a hot August listen I don't know if you four bit that they're pervert probably pretty used to cold weather in the city Dara Torres strait to look at it still exists what you forget I mean Russell Wilson did play in Wisconsin so. Yet walked over the actual animal but I know but yeah I mean if Russell Wilson more Hough you'd be used to. Colin Russell Wilson is far too soft and face to be all greens and much more at climate is now as UT Bob has a self proclaimed its. Packer hater yet and Rogers later this year means you have Rodgers sucks him. Did because his personal life and Mike McCarthy needs to be fired if he gets he accepted view congregated at least you happen and analysts on. Look honestly. McCarthy and Rogers what does that they too will be just aren't I would not be selling my stock. You know even if I'm raising concerns legacy enough panic in. Blades. I honestly don't know the only thing kind of works against me wanna go full Seahawks is here here is that they don't have a lot of motivation. They don't have a ton to I don't know where they have their division rather first round bye though which is due to be huge for them that's cheer investors who may be back and David winkle world thumbs actually guessing that you Packers wouldn't this make you remember I actually I'm gonna take the Packers straight up here I can see oxidant bat on the road this season as the Tampa Bay game prove really only time it would go on arrows that jets game early on in the season. Polygamy in the back here. They don't really mean in less. Led off with a lion's keeps. Keeps you are somehow I guess for the first time search teams are dumb and monopolies like jelly Seattle you know I saw myself there well they're pretty good game against the group. There has been terrible instances Obama fronts on front for him affronts imbroglio the Dixie then I would say the biggest difference from last year to this year is that front seven has not dominated nearly. As much they did last season how cowboys giants cowboys they win this they would be your NF played just champions. This is Pat's the giants magenta guillotine to beat them this season the way back in week one Dallas favored by three points in the scheme but cal was also coming off. Perhaps there were stopped and the giants. Did they get have been exposed. Because is. They didn't beat anybody during their winning stream we mentioned that. And they finally ran up against Dave. Did you pretty good team who had them in play for you can kind of see that with the cowboys and don't count was or 111 vote. They're beaten up on their division that is that division moral moron. They've been good teams embedded in them makes them. I mean for talking about the six and six Packers this six and six vikings yeah. They did before alliance then they it is alliances. That beat the Steelers. Packers. They beat the ravens. That's another series gave props to address that is a five and a great conservative by visibly. Be the Redskins are winning record bite humans it's true. Whatever Tenet rose on now I. Are not just saying why don't buy my point what is kind of making a variety of well I don't think the giants cameras you like like that Panthers were not really fifteen and one team last year. Well below the cowboy way. What do. What. I love this post mortem you're doing on your panthers' forty link you just that's like to throw line had there. Now or you're singing from the mountain tops about how did that French as matching one small they and there are you know they were gritty team but we've talked a little time this show play in the AFC NFC south increases your records stripped Busan Jews look the issue Lester right now. So. He's in is east and this year you know but the north is seen or not NFC north. What about AFC south and no I oh well right right yes yes okay exactly right Syria mixes. But as early to judge not sure sure about is that giants. Let's let us take a look revealed big blue NC I don't know I don't know if I'm a believer in the giants split him. I'm endless supply of ravens did to you got to give him credit for that. But I'd say yeah John V one. And they've lost volume eight somebody's. Yeah within they've lost so like they did team they've below what are big globs are short enough lead to prohibit butts. In this specific match up because that defensive line continues to be so dominant perhaps the best offensive line. All around in the game at least run stopping defensive line don't they have that lion can. Couldn't stand is totally stood to lose anybody can against that cal was going. A bomb. Maybe but I still bring figure line winds bit inured to that that'll be the premier matchup to watch. As far as does maybe the league's best the line beam me league's best align who wins that I like I like the giants here at least a government human Jessica are tickled the junk that lack of without book man. Monday night game patriots ravens patriots by salve van. Patriots in no way. Now wait now know drunk. Flacco back. Flapping his wings. Demanding the AFC north. Saying get out here or Chaka tuck open Roethlisberger you fatty. Tugs brute. It looked rough is without saying why is he endorsing him confused yeah there was. Hearing kissing Suzy Colbert really you know yes satire state backed up today and of itself around. Aborted running jokes there was have been Roethlisberger is obsessive Chaka toxins which sounds. They're realistic it's as if you look at his body type. So yeah gimme gimme flak intact especially in the seventh but give. Me. Baltimore straight up. How does that do for. Now am Wade's latest wave say this again you're taking Baltimore straight up over the patriots. Cap and easily. If there's one and praying that the patriots lose to you it's Baltimore or I mean that's kind of true and it. Total feel yeah that's if they had a couple of years ago and that AFC title game. And they shouldn't whine. But but vote what's is name drop to talk to give it goes up that's. Big that I didn't know it was a privilege Flacco is dominant once again be dubbed no look. Bottom line is that. The patriots Tom Brady company they're going to be feeling a bit insecure a bit of tidy and indeed they missed their you know there are getting more. Did this kid is out there rolled around and look at all attractive enough stats. Pages you're gonna Alter. Well OK let's let's give us on to Leo you're the one and everybody is talking about this week the jets at the 49ers tough shot they'll. Shut up. I have heard you say anything on this guy a guy out the only us end this game is that I feel bad for Chip Kelly that he did not manage to get fired fast enough. To take his old job or in that Willie Taggart gotten. Tell us there from Illinois thank. What it lights. Yeah. I think he is I don't do it regularly try to rebuild it judge orders genius leadership Isiah I didn't say it was a Smart little guy does that and you're gonna be there for awhile Jed York has created a fascinating case study. There's a movie how to lose a guy in ten days. How utter ruin a franchise in ten days it's been unbelievable to see the fall from grace this 49ers teams you certainly. Have you probably love it. Oh well. Not went off I have in this the honest truth but you and I have like a fundamental disagreement on. What is enjoyable. Right slowly as a rival. And rival whose life changes. I want. The 49ers beat good because that division was so much you're fallen leaves Seattle that actual riot police say that because you were coming out on top that is you know it's true. I remember specifically went Harbaugh went to the 49ers and I think he beat Pete Carroll his first four games yet. Arnold Carol how it is so good. How did it in. Seattle when he consistently wins you pulls him Britain ever got a Super Bowl. It's easy. To play the all misty all right Rory when you're the one who crossed the opponent is an Alley. Taken their women and parading in the dust of the cities like it's easy it is say that we are the Victor okay wait a second here beat you you you are saying about Washington writes. Yeah like I didn't dare look at local in nature and that Washington Washington is that I'm so glad that Washington is relevant again even though it pains me to think about them having your latest shot here and that there title is it bad apples to oranges because your time two schools that were so relevant for so long. Where waving your experience like you're in school they were relevancy loved it they just disappeared forever. So of course and coming back I figured I ago market this'll. Ha ha take what I get I mean I get Bagger at that point is trying to catch scraps off the table my point is. I don't I think here's but I honestly. I've had this conversation on it before what's that I think the you have not experienced. But true. Like in states visceral. Rivalry like you know like a little old Kentucky like it'll wash and wash like USC UCLA. A Clemson, South Carolina in Turkey. I guess not immediately discuss. Is different it is different when you have that here. I guess you know way and. So I think you can empathize that you can't play. For the empire and you all the others schools in your state or just kind of kept low by your machinations and your just whatever else she's a reflection of Louisiana. There's there's no whose nose is there room for another true competitor. Yeah how certain things in their battle teams used a youthful lose to you well. Part of that is you've blown even those who best has three top fifty NBA players of all time which. I don't think the school's consent and the number one overall pick. Him. AA. And it. Is sort rivalries go. Well made I have the Z time honored tradition. I would venture to say they're now in many at ms. spears like. The LSU Alabama games in the seventh through 2011. Period. I ask you to Nick Saban returning. And all that drama there and rewrite I don't know V. I guess a closing out ever be high school football but even then we lost two our arrival every single year repayment secular religion. Michael the ownership of a huge source our reliance yeah. Soccer line. Today this week it's easy for me I'm going against my Seahawks on the road they should not be favored in this game this is going to be a sub zero game. In the possible snow Aaron Rodgers at home this is the game the Packers need much more in the Seahawks need yet Seattle is favored by three points. So this is not need to you about in the old jinx things is musical and it alliance look on the looks the most out of proportion this is the one given the Packers. Getting three point here at home surprising how. Now you do in the jinx thing even though it's same thing you've done in the last two or three weeks and one former fashion let's find a home. Well we are discussed it. Just like seven points. To the flak attack. Are you flaking kill me. It's easy writes itself. Ravens plus seven that is the line because how did the defense has been I don't know the ravens defense is Davis is a top five unit displays at air well. Mayer yeah he's nearly every area ravens back she rolls back. Who's realist. And analysts T sizzle. Calling out Flacco on the apologizing on Twitter for calling out Flacco. And I grading whoever ravens get into there you don't you don't poke kaine right. You're what is you know targets Lieberman's case. Rays got to be smarter. That that's probably why Flacco threw for three days to be honest just give me. He still to struggles give you motivation during the regular season so I think that kind of got a little more extra focus Ellen. Seven certain Henrique Yzerman. Let's finish it up lock of the week. Who locked. Although week and just to go in your face here I'm gonna go my lock of the week the New England Patriots likely Ali always do rally around. Adversity. And they go wild at home. Tom Brady throws not one not two but separate touchdowns to his back up tight ends without gronkowski. Can't the patriots. Win by twenty plus at home against the Baltimore Ravens. You in. Rule or from. So enjoy losing like for the week once again what was it is ML awkward week. No because it's so bulls and ridiculous. It's I think it's quite bowl. Bennett manually go off load to have a dude what is it adds that it so much energy tries to you war. I saw lock of the week later for now or go to the NFL draft yes way to fight on the road area in the summer. It has and he's doing there and he just declared the so I'm trying to say chip yeah Obama okay we did everything we did okay and we will breweries are about is about the giants. Do you line is cowboys O line and a gives me Zeke rushing for. 150 plus. Averaging. A report have yards care. Bull can I do a second walk on the Allen also easy doesn't surpass 75 okay they're perfect right there yeah Zeke 175 yards you don't plus fifty so I got to block some take in the I'm gonna go I need to do. A Trace lock this no I actress let's is dessert no but I do need another sucker like and so far behind him. So I'm going to go also are that patriots game distillate. Paid you a little bit here give me New England minus seven home. You're a poll. You know not look Amal on the pitcher's Sicily and zillow check is intimidate underlined by John. And I think you're in Syria on Sunday. Some reason I still think Bill Belichick gets. Its moment. I got and got it way to pick up women really hard Osman and I don't know what I heard is to you. Made him feel incredibly bad insecure about themselves. And I feel like I feel like that's the main way to pick up when you what do you think that's what the trade in my third stage like muddy as well I think up artists in VH one and then did you ever heard of nagging right you know and you in his. It is sick something like. Today's teacher like. Do they have it in your size. And in the girl feels like insecure and then they eventually come around you or something. Tell works. But my bill that takes a master many people feel insecure import about themselves so he could probably take advantage of a lot of boys and girls went by daddy mommy issues. That it does open like. A whole New York. In view of millennial. Dating this is this thing got Politico you never heard of the pick up artist sterling the book that he wrote that albeit for reality show you have. Yeah. For some reason you're supposed alerted you magic tricks. I don't know why. I could preclude flags worlds and LA clubs are just really doubt. Yeah yeah yeah she's got millions Cali people you know his bright room. West Coast girls. Just a bit they're there there there little mind I love many things about them. I would do dislike me so must the raiders and you've been on the iPad and a well. I think what you're talking about. The baked out area where you're right is to the bay area of the big town area where it's about eight town. Mr. cook reference Nam. That little or edge a little more my people. You have savvy these softer than the San Fran this system all by. The LA the Malibu crowd. There. There. Aren't a little too much accessorized provides Wii successor as this podcast. My original too long so let's don't get out of here and there. Thanks for homeless on the street yeah and so enjoyed podcast sheriff follow us on Twitter. And there's a next week to wind down the seasonally. Feel original polish what is getting worse or just when I am wrong I'll sounds good can. Christmas is here I'm happy Chanukah and Christmas alone and Kwanzaa and now. Don't tell don't bring up a little scenario is cultural just this. There's just one. We're out on mountain arts music. He's ignorant. I. Okay. I don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. Don't don't don't don't don't don't. Okay. Oh. Okay.