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12-7-16 Scoot 3pm- 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Dec 9, 2016|

Today is the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. America was a very different country then. What did you hear or study about America when we were attacked by the Japanese on this day, December 7, 1941? In what ways should we be more like America then and less like America now?

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And if you are just getting your car or just joining us on this afternoon we've been talking about terror road rage which is really at the center of too big. I've case is going on well one of us are not a case yet but it's probably going to be a case. The case of a will Smith and cardinal Hayes as a result of road rage and the case of I'd Joseph McKnight junior and Ronald cancer is about appropriation we've been talking about ways to. To justify. Within yourself just would leave that moment of urge that you have and we've got some really really great advice from people. And the bottom line is why we should just let that bother you so much. I mean I know it's an instinctive to two wanna. Wanna get back at somebody you know you you you you wanna get back to him because they've they've they've wronged you. They are wrong you because they cut in front of you were they did something stupid or use in you you see him driving erratically like this idea of cancer admits that he saw. I'm McKnight driving erratically and then in pursued him. And that's when the road rage began he didn't like the fact that the guy was was driving erratically. And really didn't have anything do with him. He made it. Be something about him. So when that urged com's. I just think about how you're not one caller pointed out just a little while ago. You're not gonna change the person who wrote gracious when that they do it on purpose or inadvertent. You know could change them so why spend that energy. And says this was a big topic last week I actually thought about this in church on Sunday. When we did the lord's prayer. And I thought about that one line. Forgive us our trust passes. As we forgive those who trespass against us. So chest. Forgive the person who. Does that it's a lot better than getting into a situation you don't have to be. And we've been talking about two how road rage is just such an. He's become such a part of driving in this area and really around the country it's not just in this area but it's it's it's around the country. We've also been nice talking about this. Perception that. All whites. Think one way and all blacks and the other. And that's not true. Because there are a lot of Caucasian Americans. Who do not support Ronald cancer. Because he's white. In fact paid he's white they don't support it because they think what he did was wrong. That's their opinion now technically he's innocent until proven guilty in terms of what he did but there are a lot of people who are not siding with the Arab side. A lot of people at a lot of Blackstone outside just with race our order blog about this just on our website at WWO dot com I think it's something that we only to pay more attention to because. We are given any pressure from the news. And in particular the cable news channels when they get into big debates about hotly debated topics. If it's a black and white issue they find a white person to represent the white point of view and a black person or a percent the black point of view. Which is a reflection that all whites and all blacks. Have opposite views which is not true. But there's not enough talk about that so that's something that we for trying to bring out on the show today. Also today is. December the seventh it was on this day in 1941. America was attacked by the Japanese in Pearl Harbor. President Franklin Roosevelt did a speech to a joint session of congress right after Pearl Harbor. And just to say about seven. 1941. I don't think we're low level. Then send them. And here's so also part of what's president Roosevelt had to say today joint session of congress this again Bruce right after the I think it was the day after. The attack on Pearl Harbor which shocked America. Really confident. In our armed forces. Would be none founding determination. People. We're live day it is inevitable triumph. So help us god. And apparently there were a lot of indications that something might happen. But America was not vigilant. And America was not vigilant before nine left. There are a lot of sites. They should have been noticed by they weren't. Hopefully we learn from these two things and remain vigilant. 2400 people were killed at Pearl Harbor. Count on 9/11 about 3000 people were killed so when you take 2400 people kill the Pearl Harbor. In 1941. Compare that to the population that is a much bigger percentage of the population. Then 3000 people at 9/11 I'm not downplaying 9/11 are all but I just talking about what a significant moment this wise in the history of America. And then America fought two different wars 1 in the Pacific and and and one in Europe atom Foreman joins us from the World War II museum Adam welcome to the show. At. Today's a big day at the museum this is the savvy fifth anniversary of Pearl Harbor when you have going on there. Meant today's been a whirlwind day. This morning we had the brother Martin's band. Plate forests sounds and patriotic tunes than any. Then a ceremony. At 11 AM commemorating the attack. With city with a moment sound and a bell ringing right at 1155. Which is the time central time of the attack in 1941. But most importantly what we did today and you'll be able to view it on line and in the upcoming days is that we hosted. And electronic future at. For over a 100000 students all over the country. I of the partnership with with the local PBS station here in New Orleans. And we were able to share this story Pearl Harbor what it means today with with. Huge amounts due to all around the country today. That's great I am so impressed with the World War II museum of every every time ago like I notice is something different but one thing that we're gonna talk about this hour is it. Then I I have talked about it before but the thing that really stood out in my mind the first time I went. Why is the the area of the museum that has the posters. And the signs. On. Reminding people to share. To save food. Don't waste food safe food for the troops. I see these these signs these vintage signs from that era. Talking about a very very united America an America that was willing to sacrifice. For others and I'm not so sure we're still that America today. So that. That actually began. That Pearl Harbor. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor in the country and actually very divided. In fact the dissenters of going towards those that were isolationist we're we're really winning the argument. The United States did not want to join World War II they did no one is doing Great Britain in the fight against Nazi Germany. They were an interest in fighting. The empire of Japan and it wasn't until the attack on Pearl Harbor. And that that support for isolationism just disintegrated overnight. To the Japanese did. Well yes they'd be successfully. You know completed surprise attack on the United States Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor. They also very successfully. United the country. Under. Under one. Common thread in this says so you're right it did did. He did a phenomenal job of uniting the country toward. One single goal that was that was victory. Yes that was your that was a great thing I would I would like to think that there what happened today it just happens briefly after 9/11 but unfortunately that sentiment did not did not last. The other thing that I remember learning my first visit there which that. There are military. At the time of yeah the attack and in 41 our military ranked I think nineteenth in the world we were actually behind Romania. In terms of having a big military and Ed after the attack came in 41. That this country just pulled together and and men and women and whites and blacks and people work together to build the machine me that it took to fight for peace. Absolutely civil war in the attack on Pearl Harbor we had. I think size military yet Portugal surprisingly. So it's still after the attack could be this much for we're all in this together. Really came out and and we saw massive influx of volunteers into the the armed forces. Adam I appreciate the time you guys have a great day at the World War II museum I know this is so one of the great moments for him. Absolutely and this evening we actually have Ian Cole who is say award winning author. He's going to be speaking at the museum at 6 o'clock PM. If you can't join acute museum you can catch our live stream on line. It's great Adam form with the we're we're too easy for extremists. Thank you write about it. So let's let's go to this break with some more work to music this was so one of the top songs on the charts back in 1941. Duke Ellington. Take featuring. I'm still in the afternoon if you wanna joys of a comment about and he was talking about or. If you want to. If you wanna get involved in the conversation about it. What was better about America in 41. Then is clear in America today there are some things that were better about this country one of them was I just how Willie we were to become united. I will coming right back on WL. This is the attitude that America had a right after World War II. And a lot of young men. I immediately went down to enlist in the military to help fight to save America. Wars are different today I I understand that. But sometimes I wonder if we would ever unite like that again for that period of time. Tom Brokaw has always called the the generation that does is the the parents of the baby boomer generation the greatest generation ever. The World War II generation. And he said that generation was born on this date December 7 1941. Went there a lot of things about America that it changed since 1940s. That are better. Integration. Equality. Sexist race a lot of different things much has changed and much is better. But there was an attitude back then about unity and I think we've lost today. And I do if we can get it back. Order remind you that I haven't done it yet the Christmas song of the day is I wish every day to be like Christmas by Jon Bon Jovi and when you hear that song. It's going to be coming up soon. You're aware enough Forte got a chance to win four tickets a fairly packed for tickets for the LP a holiday spectacular at the gore team it's this Friday night it's a Louisiana philharmonic orchestra. And the 610 stoppers. It's perfect it's a perfect match and I hear it's a lot of fun I can't wait for this you got a chance to win four tickets coming appeared a few minutes. For Jeb Tilly Rodger welcome to the show thanks for hanging on Roger. Grant. Streaks in. You know fairly often interviewed him on certain world war two and an American needle puncture. The discrimination. You know blacks experience in the military in World War II he talked about eat. Weakness chairman W. I'll be treated with respect and dignity whereby you'll be treated and I'll be back in America returned back to the treachery in word. Into their uniforms. Are. Their so he talks about their own watching. The page we have mark who what used to gain. The crime that he would be you know. What one person from a black person to walk away. So you know and Robert that Bill Clinton later be aware of this case things in this tech. As. Chile other black you know. Black Kirk Triplett would strip called police want to know their own. Yeah Roger I did did talk earlier I wrote about it in my blog is a website today two yes there have been just it did decades and a cameo on was from the beginning of this country there have been injustices. But the problem is is we can't make up for the past by not applying justice to everybody regardless of whether they're white or black. And while there has been a lot of things that have been unfair over the years. We have to cherish each situation as it comes up and demand as a society demand equality. In every case whether the person is black or or white. I'm justice means doing the right thing as justice is not. Revenge for for the past but you know I've often talked about your grandfather's generation Roger and for those people who dismissed. Concerns that African Americans have because slavery was so long ago. I your grandfather and in my generation the baby boomer generation. Experienced firsthand. Segregation. And how rough the battle was to fight for equal rights and Euro it this is something that is it is very much alive. In the generations that are alive today. Part. Look people straight in the jet photographed the American. League with this cookie. What you are teaching English and institutional rates and the justice system. But that they were were you. Thank you haven't been to that. If you know it oh you are more under the skates. What she deserved Katrina there. Yeah I notably the most which would be over fifty per stop and drop a little bit but. The most. But when you Roger what when you when you heard about the reasons why. Share Norman did not. Did not a breast cancer immediately those were legitimate reasons for building a case against the white guy. Kurt armored cars aren't yet to reach a long. Lot of mystery to cover of that yet partnered. While we don't know do we Roger. We weren't. Really all you can do is all you can do is use. Speculate mean you don't know. All of the single school. Criticize those in. From a continuing its airspace you know. Understand what he would preserve that we always that we. It's not always only Roger it's always been those who are critical of injustice and always try and sold. You know that that that's that's which well. There will always be Roger it is historic there'll always be appreciate the call there'll always be those people who are criticized for a standing up against an injustice by. You know we've got to get beyond this. This point of of always seeing race. I I understand the past. I was part of it. Not I saw that firsthand. I saw separate water fountains and separate bathrooms and ask my dad why. I don't remember when he told me but he nothing made sense. And I'm not the only white person in America feels this way. We've got to get beyond this. And when you think about it sheriff Norman and the case that he talked about building. Against Ronald castor. Everybody who protested. Did the wrong thing to protest at that moment because Noual Norman. Was trying to build a case. Against the person that people thought was gonna get off with now. And there are so many white Americans like myself. Who think Ronald gas it was wrong. To engage in road rage in the first place. I'm Scrooge if you Arnold stay Willis will be right back after this WL news update with. Sorry okay what I'm glad John Rick reminded me. And today we are remembering the 75 anniversary of Pearl Harbor today is December the seventh that it happens every five years ago I stay at 1941. Our congratulations to Kenny deemed Kenny is just want a family pack of four tickets to go to the or feel holiday spectacular. Featuring a Louisiana philharmonic orchestra and the 610 stoppers is Friday night. And the tickets are valued at 396. Box I can't wait for this event organized it's going to be fun. We've got another terrified not appear we've got another four pack of tickets to giveaway tomorrow afternoon tomorrow lie after Newser Christmas song is all I want for Christmas is you. By Mariah Carey. Also want to mention that the are the guys say deacon Bobby was more soccer going to be. At fidelity bank on veterans highway as part of our operation Christmas shop I drop throughout this afternoon bring a donation to god our troops foundation. And this is an opportunity to help the troops and their families. And there because of the logistics if at all it's best to give a donation or to give a gift card or some kind and you can do a gift cards for. A grocery store clothing store just a general. Like visa gift card. And it doesn't matter what the amount is I mean even something like Starbucks or report or target and either just or so many examples just just get a gift card. It's a great way to make a donation and to drop it off and then Friday afternoon we're doing our show live from crescent Ford on Jefferson highway. And Harry hand and that's between Edwards and Hickory and there will be doing the same thing as soon just part of this. Operation Christmas dropping its it's a great thing and it's a chance for us to get together and help put a sports talk coming up live from fidelity bank on vets. At 4 o'clock out from Metairie Mike welcome to the show. There's still an area. And have a comment about. Low wage things and advocate topic but I think we're. Partially. Missing the point on why it happened in. When you talk more about that. I would agree club called previously dropped they were can't straighten. The behaviors of people and driving. Where I think it has more to do with the person who is driving of course are I think it has to do more wins and who. In the wide. I listen a lot of that adorable myself during the day. And it'll be perfectly honest I mean if seven year old leading me off. I'm maybe look like in Russian hands and should question of whether she's seventy. A little more empathy for her minor react the same way. If it 25 ruled with. At two. So my personal reaction I think most people's first reaction when it comes to any situation where their worldly during standing in line Wal-Mart. And it's somebody an army units doing something you don't light. Which you have some form of empathy for that person because older. Guys wearing goal were to veterans. Compared to somebody you don't have much. For. But the question is wider audience or why you so quick to judge since the other question. I'm personally don't think that I'm that type of person I'm back and saying that Q and do. I think most people in me being someone tried July. In other things and just being astute enough somewhat economists you know watching people's reaction. I do think it's it's within us that it's not always the what button to I don't think it's. What you know getting cut off I think and so a lot of times our reaction that create this quote on quote road rage tactic it would appear that the person getting cut off. Person who's cutting cutting. And but it's the it's the judgment of what you think of that person rather than anything about that person. I agree with you and Matt Barkley isn't that. I think that the bigger issue I think that the conversation that we need to have ourselves. Instead of focusing on what we need to do when traffic is why would I react this way like is that why the body so much my personal opinion about it I think. It bothers some people to that point because it's not getting cut off. It's cutting its cutting them. There really is religious of the rate of the anger it's not the actions of the car it's who tried and I think that the bigger. Yes and what we should do though is is is check ourselves ago way to vent and I who invited cherish this person because whether somebody's got a veterans. Had on or tattoos. You don't know that person and you know it might beat the veteran who's really the bad person just because you served in the military as an automatic meekly key automatically make you good person for life. And the person and attach his could be wonderful person who just. Inadvertently. Pulled an apology. All I agree 200% for me personally. I agree I would never find myself in that room which situation. That's just me but I can't speak for for you know everybody else by you might think that's a good point. I bought when he I think we also need to be more aware of of this and going back to this specific case which is re talking about in the gentlemen Roger from gentility I think was alluding to some that it. You were kind of referring to line. N'sync black people react differently to indicate that more people despite whatever the evidence is that I think it goes to the same point which in this Natalie why light boards that. Mike and I. It's a credit as a reporter guys you brought that up. And I are critics nationalistic. Love his audience. Okay sometimes people call and I'm not crazy about them I've welcome everybody's opinion and this is just really a great afternoon audience and you should be proud of yourself for being part of it I'm still in the afternoon and we'll be right back on their VW well. On our pop culture calendar today December 7 1941 is when Pearl Harbor was attacked and this was the music. World war two and Glenn Miller actually served in the military and Rizzo was overseas in London. And where is sect killed I think in a small plane crash. Right. London was being bombed and Glenn Miller was was was performing and this was the music of that era. Detect similar to go from someone said she you don't look 75. No I said the the attack at Pearl Harbor is every five years old. I'm scoot in the afternoon I'm I'm glad you listen to get to a couple of recent interest and tax. Here's one that says I drive fairly slow and courteous Lee but I get cut off and even flipped off because I drive a Hummer. May be attest to do with who and what you drive LO well. That's true and I thought Mike brought up for really good point just a moment ago about how we tend to judge the driver. And we judge some drivers. Differently than we judge other drivers. That's not fair because you really don't know the drivers. And you know. It quite often when we're not courteous enough to let somebody over I mentioned earlier there are times that there's there's space for me to move over into the next lane. And I put on my bleaker. And the car actually speeds up to try to stop me from merger. What is that about. Does that make you feel big. Keep disguise coming over what it is that your source of of sensing power. I mean that's really kind of pathetic. Here's another Texas since and actions speak loudly. Cutting people off there's usually more intentional and less accidental. I I don't know that I'd say it's more means it I guess it's more than 50%. I don't I don't I don't know. Sometimes I have made mistakes in and somebody thought I cut him off and that was not my intent at all. Here's a text scoot you often cite your mugging at the hands of some black men. Suppose you. Were repeatedly. Mind and all of your family friends and even your 99 year old grandpa. Could tell you stories about being mugged by blacks. Than someone tries to tell you it's not always about race. What do you think. I think that it's not always about race. And sometimes my mugging comes up is part of the conversation quite often listeners bring it up I don't. I don't often bring it out but there. There are people who want me to be racist because we're black ice Mon. They want me to demand that I'm and there are people who are mad that I'm not racist. Because of that like I have every right to be racist because for black guys jump. In beat me up. Why would I judge everybody based on those poor people. Then again like I gopac did the did the the stereotype that we see in the news of child pornographers. Your middle aged white guy. You gonna judge every middle aged white guy as a child pornographer. There lot of stereotypes out here. And no I mean I know too many people who are African American who are good people. To no matter how many times I got my god forbid it did happen you know hopefully to an ever happen again. But I'm not gonna suddenly change. My attitude about race. When I know it's not about race. There might be some issues with the in communities and a culture in terms of how people were raised. But it's not about race. I we're gonna close out the show with another Glenn Miller song from a World War II. I'm skewed to the afternoon we'll be right back on WWL. I. But here's a Texas says I have to agree with the last text I drive a Nissan Cuban sometimes even when I'm doing the speed limit guys in four wheeled trucks we'll get right on my rear end. They tailgate me to intimidate me because I'm driving a small car. As soon as I drive a small Carson gonna see that as well. Hey thanks for being with a descent do one thing Diane Newman our executive producer tougher necessary associate producer and John wicker studio producer. Undertake a break but we'll be back here tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock bloody New Orleans.