WWL>Topics>>12-9-16 Scoot 2pm- Have you ever fallen for "fake news?"

12-9-16 Scoot 2pm- Have you ever fallen for "fake news?"

Dec 9, 2016|

A Facebook post of the Fisher-Price “Happy Hour Playset” went viral and Fisher-Price has been bombarded with complaints and harsh criticism from parents. How could Fisher-Price market this play set for Christmas? Well, they didn’t! It was an example of “fake news.”

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It is a beautiful and chili party afternoon in December we are heading into the weekend together I'm skewed glimcher witnessed. We are life from crescent Port Jefferson highway between at percent victory here for operation Christmas drop. Collecting donations on money or. You can bring a gift card and they are so replaces for gift cards you go to the grocery story and we go to check outline at the the we gave a check outline there's there's always an array of a different or gift cards are Rouse is no navy Amazon. Visa gift card. Any amount is good week give this to the men and women military and their families and we're also here with the got our troops foundation Steve any tears here. I'm helping with all of that and Chris and Nicole here from polluters. And they've got their spicy wings. Right here and you can this to apply for that. If you don't have to come by and the their chest strive for by 2017 explorer limited. On the showroom floor on. Power poll or room seats and rear view camera in you know voice activated an application blind spot monitoring it. Trailer tow package just too much equipment you don't have to test drive that apply to you can't if you want to. But if you do have the chicken wings we heard few. Your answer every department the car right so we've got a lot of talk about it I want it to. I wanted to have a little fun this afternoon and just have to show today kind of hit where we are. Pressing forward and why we're here. And we're here to collect donations for the men and women in the military and their families you just joined us in the first hours talking about. Yesterday we lost a true American hero. Now one of America's first astronauts and former US senator John clan passed away at the age five. And to me he really deserves the the title hero. But some people were called heroes and maybe didn't really deserve that title so we were talking about whose hero who is an hero and sometimes people like thicker too quick to call professional athletes heroes but there are some exceptions of people who really aren't the military and and in professional sports heroes and just about everybody in the military on its hero and even with in the ranks of the military there are. There are special heroes so don't just give the title wave but I thought about this as we thought about the passing of John Glenn. We're also going to talk about this a FaceBook posts on for Fisher Price it's the happy hour place. But the fun it's happening or place that you know with its approach and bar and pretend the year. And it's a recommended for ages three plus we're gonna get that in just a moment. But Rachel I want to talk to you for for just a moment or Rachel and forties is with the Louisiana philharmonic and she's here with her heart. The music is beautiful racial. Summit and to be here with you and executed the tonight at the New York TM holiday spectacular with the success stoppers. It's a riot and me is so much fun and there's such a great group of guys and it's a pleasure to work with them and I think they're really it and think they're getting a big kick out of being with us as well I love this at the Louisiana philharmonic orchestra and the sixty install presuming this goes together like the tally to working. Yes speaking of the belly secede and arsonists on late at a really there on the fact that there really awesome. And their at their very sweet guys and that the audience we'll certainly love ignored doing it tonight. At the orphan amendment tomorrow and it is silence this isn't amen aids those planning a chance this weekend to have a good laugh and into the holiday spirit with the orchestra. I'm gonna go to night so it would be inappropriate to elect a shout out from the apparently the the the audience right. Yeah I and many waiting for a and the art ethnically Heidi it's sort of way. A little bit on a concert tonight. LA all right thank you thank you for via opera music you're providing hours this afternoon. Are you gonna join us for the comment our numbers 2601870. Text Amber's age 7870. And that right now let's go to migrant net and James George is on Debian James good afternoon orient. Oh. You as a cancer. Talk to me about that what do you think about this FaceBook post Fisher Price happy hour place at recommended for children three plus. It's on the up and get the boot to look at cases there really funny you know like polity duke of people drink a lot during the holidays. You know. I've seen the hole they need top record even at that point term is kind of similar to all right you know I mean. It is eight news now kind of like anything that is questioning. The mainstream media witch and use in people try to which in a course you've got which were you manner that ruler conservative. I know you don't totally tried and the mainstream media but there in Ohio. Yeah I mean a lot of people don't but if you question Nate you're gonna be coined here from framed is being a news but one last thing. As far as security concern out on the interstate today they had some protesters trying to organize in batters. Pretty trump rally on the highway and the state troopers shut that down so again I got to give credit oh lead in matters. And that anybody else any protesters are there because trial in backers should it be careful. You're not in need these people. You know one of them try to act meet what who voted for. You know could I role model and again people going on. And down. You know market tally were not include. So do not indeed these people nicotine protest about it trumpet target give credit for heroes to this state trooper and the bachelor plea to par shot net now. And you know their ambulances on the roof and being at. Yeah we're here I mean I'm all peaceful protesting product are not in favor of you know blocking Adam blocking highways in and in blocking roads here's I appreciate the call. Yes so this really gets into this whole fake news thing I mean James is right. This FaceBook post for Fisher Price immediately looked so authentic it's got the Fisher Price logo it's even got the little TM like trademark for Fisher Price. And it says happy hour place that. And their three kids. I would say either three to 41. Boy is behind the bar the pretend bar with a bow tie so he's the bartender. One kid is at the end of the bar with. Played beer in his hand the little girl is at the other end of the bar with a plate beer. In her hand and this is being marketed as a great Christmas gift. It's not true it's like. And as soon as I saw the story. Before I got to the part where it's it's not real as soon as I saw happy hour place that I thought. This is a joke. But not everybody thinks that. And it's just fascinating to me to be in this position being in the media. And witness how quickly people. Will accept. Fake news. And it's it's it's news that's not real but it's really kind of dangerous and have the Clinton talked about his serve very recently. And this idea fake news can be dangerous because people act on what they say they assume it's real. And I I guess fake news in in some ways. Started out with a lot of difference. On a lot of different I emails they were were sent out they were not real. And you can put a Facebook post it's not real and people assume that this stuff is real but it's it's it's not. And if Fisher Price happy hour place that isn't real but yet. Fisher Price was bombarded with complaints and harsh criticism from parents how could you do this. And what amazes me about this is that why would they take the time to complain about this I guess they assume it's true. Me why why would you think why would you why would you think that a company like Fisher Price would do happy hour place. I mean it is that this doesn't seem real but yet they're people who want to believe certain things. And and last Sunday it was a guy in the 20s20 something guy walked into it ITC pizza restaurant with a rifle. Fired one shot he said he was they are too high save the children were being used in the restaurant. For child sex trafficking. Yeah there was this story they went out a couple of days before the the election knows this when I was the first being aware of it. It's a story was about a and DC pizza pizza restaurant. It was on running a sex traffic will ring with children in the back. And it was run by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. This guy went there with a rifle fired one shot to get everybody's attention he went there to save the children. It wasn't true. But but he believed it and so there's so much. That goes on right now that people are believing fake news. To believing stuff that is just so. Unbelievably ridiculous. But yet it's what you wanna police. You police. If you wanna join us for the comment I mean have you ever fallen for me don't be embarrassed about this but if you ever fallen for a fake news story. And we you're her happy hour place at my future price of meeting you really think that was realty Q automatically you know that's just a joke. And we've also been talking about heroes if you wanna join us for the comment about who you think deserves the title of hero. Our numbers 2:6 so this morning seventy Rico final four to 60 when it's happening. XX embassy 7870 life impressive for a truck on Jefferson highway between degree and Edwards this is operation Christmas drop. I'm outta the afternoon we'll be right back. Well. Yeah. Okay. It's just fake news and you add somebody people actually. Police stuff that's just in my opinion unbelievable we're talking about a FaceBook post that went viral for the Fisher Price happy hour place. It comes with take the year its editors and bar with it's it's recommended for children three and older and it looks so official fancy picture be connect you can Google it. But it looks like Fisher Price toy. But what doesn't seem even possible is that they were you happy hour place and yet so many people believed it. That Fisher Price was bombarded with complaints and just really harsh harsh criticism. On because they they were just bashing Fisher Price for doing business. It wasn't it wasn't real. I guess the real question is why do you think in 2016. What is behind so many people believing fake news. And then if you say something it's not real but it's something negative about Hillary Clinton. And it year conservatively maybe not you but there are conservatives who will automatically believe he even if it seems ridiculous. Like Hillary Clinton the Democrats. Our. Behind a child. Sex trafficking ring in the back of a pizza restaurant in Washington DC. What is political about that. But there are people who want to believe the worst. So they believe it. But it's not true. And people do FaceBook posts and send out emails a stuff that's not true and we've had come to refer to this now. As fake news but why do you think. In 2016 people are so willing to believe that news I mean I love to have conversations like this with you because. One of the things that we often do in the show is he's analyze it talk about the relationship between mass media and in society. And you know I've realized that a lot of people were very gullible some of the fake news stories are not that bizarre. It but he couldn't be possible so I understand how some could be believed by. I think this is a classic example happier place it nothing believe this. There's a real thing it's that's absurd if you elect to join us for your comment this afternoon numbers 260. Points ethnic area code 50460170. And I Texas 877. Let's go to Slidell and Terry we welcome you to WWL afternoon carrying. I. The one. While ago I was locker compromise by the on December 7 1941 and the heroes herbal. It. One black gentleman he would not. Cook all worried are you tired you know he got paired revenue on you'd gotten to them a couple of Japanese planes goat sucker hero one guy. It is the damage that voted you down that plane. You know and so I mean there are men and get him Likud. Via lob in brother assistant the way given me freedom so we can get on its own talk about there. You heroes in America span. If you look back in the in the late in early awarded 1 December what happened all the Major League Baseball player football players they gave up their careers. The goal like in the war elected what you're angry bird and a counter act where. Quit playing football and join the military who attacked our four out. Out of the telecast ever and equipment should there few people who wouldn't countdown yeah you get the worry and think about how little player remember Pat Tillman. Yeah apparently with that in Arizona Cardinals. That that's the difference and that you know generations. You know and now you're saying about the great news watch people believe. Because yeah the millennium plot so well off at Brigham courtyard it would go real the real real great. All right I don't think it's just I don't think it's just more with meals I mean it's it's it's baby borrowers as well people become outraged over something that just isn't. Isn't even true. Well corrupt self or long ago mr. dale brown would regard it all in Israel but. You know people who don't. But. It's like the this year they knew that the economic. And global in. Well I don't know what that qualifies this fake news in the beginning because there's there is that possibility in the 888 and one point eight could happen it is certainly does it seem likely at this point mathematically can happen but. Unless the saints I changed the way they approach every game that's happened. You know that the that the hero about I think it erode our walkers that you know that bought it never told anything about what figured they would. They just couldn't bring it back and stuff like that because. With the old man went through. And the involved and in Vietnam World War II Korean you know like that. I don't know a lot of people today. And the younger generation could go through that and I I really don't believe they could. Terry I appreciate the call it fine if you're on wholesale witness if you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Area code 504260187. Tech's number is 877 he realized impressive port on Jefferson highway is inherent and between Edwards and Hickory we're here for operation Christmas drop. Collecting donations for the men and women in the military and their families and god our troops foundation. Please hear Stephen Ayers here helping with the donations so we're coming right back after this stepping up real news update. In this race such class to our show. Lifeboat from music list. And Rachel and forties who is with the Louisiana philharmonic and tonight they are going to the team at the European holiday spectacular this show tonight tomorrow night and it maddening on Sunday. And you can go to the net gain additional latter part of the saints game because this Easter golf as an optional 325 in the afternoon. But national Rachel. It's really it's just it will come to the stage. Felicia bring you back stage. To get police are gonna be I think actually the Louisiana philharmonic orchestra. I mean. The stories that I will have to town. We have the story about being backstage with the stones in the superdome acting backstage at raw story and Alice Cooper it was a this is not even gonna hold a candle to being backstage tonight. You don't mind. This expense offers. I'm Skoda the afternoon we live from crescent for Jefferson highway between Edwards and Hickory. It's operation Christmas from collecting donations from the men and women in military family's very easy just bring a gift card buyers who bring your cash by and Jack got our troops foundation. Easier to look to collect that any gift card would be perfect if you just have all the time to stop buying. He would be helping somebody in the military or their families. We're talking about their fake news and this story ends on FaceBook that it went viral Fisher Price the happy hour place. And I can't believe that that some people got so upset that there was all now all large number of people who were complaining. And it's condemning Fisher Price how could you do this how could a company like Fisher Price create and market. Happy hour place set for Christmas 2016 well. The point is it's not true. Have you fallen for a fake news story recently in the past. And why do you think people are so willing today to. To believe that news is because the news has become so entertainment oriented. That the what you what you see what you hear in the news is is almost believable even though. It's not mean it's happy hour place that is this is ridiculous but I tell you you look at the picture of it and it looks very very official. It looks like an official Fisher Price store are if you wanna join us with the comments are numbers 260. Points out. Arie cut 5042601870. At a Texas a 77. I talked about earlier before Tucker and again in just a few minutes but there's and it was a fake news story. Natalie that I believe it but I perpetrated this story on the air and this was back in the mid seventies. And it involves a song. And an alleged murder that took place during the recording of the song. Which that is tomorrow let's go to more rare chance here on WW a look at afternoon camp. A great height down there aren't good yeah out of order. And go back in the late 1960s. Johnny Carson amounts on the there. They edit view it would take about a man. It during a night show. And score eight aligning. If you and drive it in the oven if you smoke that you like you would get. And certainly land in the market and narrow Wednesday grounder down. There who could not under man while and there are ten people. Ali has been man. And I bought the last. He would but he had Elliott that has been and then the next day. In and out on the it. That this was a hoax it was it was a joke but you know if you wanna believe pomp and you're about our crash aren't. That's that's that that's true so you wait so he said eats at you scraped the the the other side of the stand and and you eat you what you put that in the oven. Oven on cookie sheet and are high and now and then what are well I again. You mess we may at least I don't knob and higher apartment building on main street. Trying to do it and he chance dry them out and not welcome out don't even try a back. That is a really funny story. I appreciate you sharing what is gonna join us our numbers 2601 examining the very code 5042601. Saturday Texas 87870. Yes I guess we believe the stories that we don't believe in and you know as I think about this while doing this this show. Maybe it's because is. The news has become so sensational. By its very nature. Because it's designed to. Get attention. It's designed to. Get ratings. It's designed to generate revenues mean that's that's what drives the news so if the news is. Design to the entertainment. And get attention and why would it not be governed by the same principles that govern every form of entertainment. And so I guess it's because the news has become so sensational that people are are are. Quick to believe things that seems so ridiculous. Because in all honesty there's some stuff that I guess is really true but it does seem ridiculous. But when I saw Fisher Price happier place. He's in real. So back in the seventies there was a story going around about the and the Ohio players and the songs love roller coaster. And in this song love roller coaster. There is a part in the song where you'd hear a scream. But it's a screen that was part of the song well I'm on the air. Talking about how okay politically with this he has if you listen very carefully screen somebody was stabbed to death. In nearby studio while they are reporting this song and make it in the zone. And I perpetrated it for years. But that it was a great story I believe but let's it's not true but then I had to stop and think way to right there and once studio and recording studio. What that's a soundproof. Reversing its stance in another studio that's a soundproof so that the stabbing the scream from the stands and go to Tucson through studios. Thanks. You got a comment 2601870. Area code 504260. It's an accident take 7871. To thank those who. Apply for operation Christmas drop collecting donations for the men and women in the military. And their families were here with got our troops foundation. And the hooters girls are here Nicole and Chris are here with spicy wings and be here till 4 o'clock there inside because they're not wearing enough to stay warm if they went outside on this chilly Friday afternoon. And I'm happy to happen here. We'll be right back on every few well. We've been talking about it. Heroes. John Glenn the US senator and one of the early astronauts third person European space first person ever orbit the earth. Passed away yesterday at the age of 95 and I think a guy like that deserves the title of hero. And we've been talking about Doctor Who deserves it and and and who doesn't and again in the first hour when we were talking about this part of a good point. We all have the ability to be heroes. Within ourselves is the ability to be hero. Relative to the world that we live there are moments when you can be. A hero but right now we've been talking about a fake news in this FaceBook post from Fisher Price happy hour place at marketed for Christmas well the problem is. It isn't true it was on a fake news story it was just funny. And some people tickets are seriously that Fisher Price had to put out a statement because they were just being pounded. With with complaints and there and can criticism. I'm another story that you think that the state news but it's not Donald Trump is gonna remain as the executive producer of the apprentice. Now it might seem like it's a no no now my question is when he put his name up there are they gonna have to say executive producer President Obama. Where they is gonna say I'm sorry I've a picnic president Donald Trump. Or they ceases and president on basic president. Donald Trump or just don't try iasis going to be if I'm still here on Debian you have good afternoon soon. Our men are I think people out there that's wonderful. Just quick point alternate. Hoax or you mentioned Carlyle. And a model not an option but that war world. And yeah he'll attract on the planet at. All. Hopes segment via radio. Yes it factors that led I don't I don't have the information front of me but I remember reading that that led to some new. New rules and regulations from the the FCC because you know they think they go on the air. With this idea that martians have landed and people were actually panic. Absolutely more. Honorable thing gullible outcrop and certainly. What. Should exceed that many. I don't root I don't remember it may have been in in the 50s60s. I don't got to remember. It's certainly. Error. Out he did it. Or ever. Mac aren't. Widespread panic. That's right. Still I've I appreciate the call in effect you know if you. If you think about. If you think about that think about that happening today means it's absolutely amazing. That. Town. There would be his broadcast. It more. Act and yeah. It would be an. Or else he may have. Yeah and back in beckoned back in the fifties though that that you know there. I guess that the mystique of aliens and and martian sand UFO's. Was even grander than that it that it is today so I'm glad you called it your articles they witness if you wanna join us with a comic afternoon on numbers 601870. Thank you Erick are 50426018. Saturday text number is 87870. Realise from crescent for gotcha. And highway that's between Edwards and Hickory its operation Christmas strong and we are collecting donations for the men and women in our military. And the same system pick up a gift card somewhere and and drop it off for. Accepting cash donations as well and got our troops foundation is here Steve behaviors here with that organization. I helping collect. What do you care. We'll be right back with more and having to do well. Was. You know yesterday we were talking about road rage and I tell you these this harp music just make anybody come down and home for a rain so. If you if you get in that moment of road rage just. Just a moment and and just about it's. And this Wheaties. Any rate and I stood in the afternoon this is very politics and pop culture major thing is we rely on location today and it pressing forward. That's on Jefferson highway 3% victory they sell a lot of trust and also sells. Not suvs like the united explorers club like explorer showroom floor here at the escaped. Other vehicles as well we're here for operation Christmas from. We're collecting donations for the men and women and our military families. And got our troops on nations here we'll talk to fan in just a few minutes and his three children forties it was with the Louisiana philharmonic really stripping us. Life Partners with our. And for Hammett show welcome to WWL hey Joseph how are you. And I grade it and am you program. And verse nine dollar. I just Henry's. Calling and talking about the state news story. And pastor. And and I think that's been shocking to me is. Today take on that took on new church. The story that people made up to try and and analysts say can undermine night getting established. Was just. I mean just east. There was going to be. Knocking on people's doors and demanding to see your tax return. And make them right which it then than it there in comment. If a crazy story even crazier is that people police. Yes. That's what's raised out of making news. I'm while lifting I'm glad things worked out for you so a year year you're you're there and everything's okay. Later I. Survived it all we're doing great. Joseph I appreciate you being a first time caller appreciate losing to our show every afternoon lecture is have a great weekend it. I did you rejoice that the comet numbers 260 points every text it 778. So it's the time of year for the office party the Christmas the holiday party. Do you go is it a good thing. Any good stories from Christmas parties will talk about that where we come back.