WWL>Topics>>12-9 5pm Deuce, T-Bob & Kristian: talking Saints football

12-9 5pm Deuce, T-Bob & Kristian: talking Saints football

Dec 9, 2016|

Deuce, T-Bob & Kristian break down what's left for the Saints.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Often run welcoming our two of the pain in the pro on the B well it math and dot com reports were upstairs that. BB king blues club level for Decatur street new world Americans lose by that. Pulled pork platter earlier outstanding great food great music live in all day long. But off the market to counter the body there. Christie Garrett with the field. That's classic ticket demand Leggett said. Alec I love. Fancy through as much as the next person but there is something. Reassurance bit of a comfort and just a theory simple chicken tenders and prize type. Quite us. I gotta give the treatment. Call last hour races called last mile double cover yeah that he was going to a show that the reason aunt and so for the building. In protest of their loss to the semi success last night he is being made and eight sinister picture. And sure enough it. He's handcuffed. To the buildup to Brodeur that we really thought they expire gentry. Does too we did out. Yeah it's it's the Jake now I think we officially given the title of the realist pelicans fan. In the final four and like this'll probably end up like like Chappelle show we keep it real goes wrong. But. Sometimes it may have done to get take shop right. And Purdue and shoot for the duties even if you miss you land months r.s Steve isles on a poster that's a great time to meaning got a loan to he's got a long sleeves. Are going in jacket all. He got up and down all at the corners like he sees that Indians can fire. So then yeah I know you called that though cattle call it when they they ran up they ran off the police ran off city that's been the weekend at Yale and a couple of if it not to tonight and that's or is it magistrate I wonder boy did that Monday. So he's like OK I think I'll reconsider this case I don't like or good on you GA. Friday with the cops one man protests letting your displeasure. Beef now if it's a day like it's not the hero. That we user but the year we sort of had. Now for the Falcons as the Phillies fan after a loss to the 76ers last night one of which that we talked about. But the city Sixers and wanna a game on the road since January 20 of this year. 5042601878. X 87870. And also breakdown we continue to break down the Lane Kiffin rumors that are swirling around Houston. Go Major Applewhite is there could not Lane Kiffin Willie leave Alabama to join his Friday coach and those were on in Baton Rouge as LSU Tigers also cool. Talk about Saints and Bucs on Sunday and yeah here it's our team Karl starts his four game suspension this week. It decent to about break that down last hour put them. Is this the box the 75 now Ott for row. A couple what is it about that the sense that it is quietly doing grass. They are starting to play like the whole Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Lawrence. You know. It's. Box office any you know that goal in the right that whole day camps and Cardinals whose union rights you know explosive. As that you know obviously in so. Drove annual reports that guy you're awards that tied the squad Alexander their road rules you know Smart. You know at one point they had party knickers and over on the outside and we say that. David ought to date the date date down gates Ronde Barber is it for Grimes or Burton are you go on American Eagle on race because he has got complaints that yet you know and I don't want you I don't know if rain it's more comfortable. You know inside so you know they have to make. Of that great defense in what. The hum what they've been doing really really well this year optically let's go back last month is creating turn. I mean any time that you gave any off it an extra position and it definitely helps though when I'm excited to see you guys may not be excited disease. I'm excited to see kicking game. There are picking run it Lyle being. These aren't the team. Close it. Accurate kickers in the entire league right now murder of while it will lots Edgardo wild that it works any stick around and trade up for their trade up or. But I'm excited because now. I have watched or AT and aunts and you know goes just like I have to watch it's only an automatic you know it used to be when mechanic do it. Yeah I mean we had so many problems. Block of me is and it's not necessarily when he give ever up accident that you hit when he gave up though. It's only lose yeah have been gate view that he makes you noted he's got well. As far as actually I Willits is that the problem getting yeah its as if he gets it up. In. I totally dominant. I felt like it is already up a couple of yeah. Hawkins football and don't make it rabbit out of the way it all it would yet he and the problem when he gets put all that's left of the football he's absolutely. Low trajectory. And Robert. EX world who might even use it yet has yet there then yeah yeah I can and therapist if you what to do it and about a month ago. It would be it's it's just the Bears to the sport where there may be whether we're delighted to have our they're going to push this as far as they can't hoping that he turned. While it's like look. It hasn't been perplexing because you know he can't do it state. Which scary that is the eighties though Mitchell writes don't hide in your mind and I guess its kind of like golf may be like what you see like a hitter going to a swamp. We're wants them mine betrays you. Matter we're kind of physical tools Ugoh left over it and every equities you acquire now ease stress like he got to be. Know our popularity are yeah thirty yard and he's he's free now Italy and ultimately was it you're breaking down the kick up the kick and you know sometimes you gotta you gotta fan. The Swedes out of the game. Making 60% of its kicks in and at that peak what lets it said before work gets it right out for IR. Yeah for second worst and that is also faster in new because that's one. Yet in the same way can be traced directly back to Sean Payton had a pretty unorthodox. I Jin just outside about and know where we use two kickers go through to better kickers go through an entire our camp. Two years in a row we did that yeah. It's a bit that this doesn't Hopkins in that you can pretty well there Washington it is that that this one is you know. I think it was this one at least he had just I mean Hopkins was on top you know this one was more perplexing because. Outs out of work out he would never even animate. So it and end the big serve the bullets was it was it your potential play he was 1219. Seniors well that's not. It sort stat line that excites the distances but I look. Now to be honest I seen. Why Sean Payton. Sees it will looked because like you said when he is executing. I mean he's got power. He's got accuracy he's actually. Mean he's the perfect players it's done partied at the NFC special teams player of the week twice in one year. Semi Dick you've got to be about how up and down he's been boats are so. I don't actually. I I think I OK. He's not as it is it as a rumor wire I think he's shown more potential. And I think that this year's already in the indicated cars that answers done. So when it Boyle yeah look just look forward to future what it boils down to the Saints actually have a better kicking game in this matchup gotten. Any other than the that he. Place faced this year yet because ticket office Tampa is your golf game is through as well so. Arts and been very cute there and they're terrible in the return game yeah. I wonder. I wonder how many games acquire Lewis cost him. This year with elegant articulately not to at least so that's may be where Tampa becomes even a bit scarier is that big plays game but it it felt you played saint. A bomb yet it cuts both ways it like you also won a couple close games but. Stability kid kicks that it FL kicker should quotes make a couple of times and missed in it's it's. Give the team could be a bit better than their record would have you believe like you said eleven turnovers they forced to use for him when he at least two per game. Since week five they lead the NFL. It forced turnovers and watch out boys because Jane is Wednesday's twenty years ago. Mike Evans 23 years old at least your plane. Is top not to vote to about like an atomic top five wide receiver tires are. I come back for your phone calls we are at BB king blues club the pin is on a break. Live entertainment here if you will with 1104 Decatur where you can find it's upstairs it's offensive approach Deuce McAllister T Bob Hebert Kristian garic. On saint radio W that well. Who waited to figure Friday night. And he didn't. And balanced. Won't involve a dapper dark wood back to the room to the phones we go to Deion in Slidell what's going on too young you're on WW well. You dockers and do. You know what. I want to. On elaborate on number on it pretty. Chopped me. All. Pop every year without power the okayed the 10 he called up about 300008. Create Woody. OK I should quit. Do Eagles. It would be. Or do simple call or live but it money nickel at the other levee. Why don't I as a head coach right now and ultimately all noise. That is them like that don't bother. Urged them heavily he has some sort of puts guys in when he was next on our identity and it's Pittman I'm Vanessa each call Matsui right. As talented as they did a let and let the eight you've that it. Yeah England you know not be here yeah anytime. It sounds weird because bad that the it started but. It is now that's a good job with it keep it to be considered the injuries considering that. For me roster standpoint it's not the best constructed the pits I looked for it that they show blows like giving up. Yeah so the art the second half of that deeper. Than you are sick of that they're like 86666. At at the heat it's that they want the bright spots moving forward that future. I'm excited to see it's he expects you just have to LOB not that sent me boxes that there's so. You're going to have Howell he I'll hop back through a lot of people out now. Towards the excellent. Credit Robertson expert put. He showed a lot it's like Utley what we're we're go to beat it it's ours offseason bills. His free agent market will be built. Ward but it that everybody's answer to go on a pass rusher and that's that's the pats were compliment him to a amicus. You don't know who wouldn't be back in the field they went. Nuts and that's it. And opened up not only wanna be in the department in the fidelity. It in the third out at. Me every now. Sammy got occupants only job it is that god let. The big question with. Allen took over his productivity dropped off completely I don't know he figured out how to use him. I just wish at least it gives the opportunity to build off his success last. Saints and Bucs this Sunday in the Tampa Bay we live here on saint revealed that Dorsey gets. Who's up in that war in the rodeo on them. Look back. In the Borough live there and yeah rocket right now yeah. Of of what gators. About there is now packers' Aaron. Newly renovated. Apparently seeking its own life force a great five here Greek Greek me. Friday night. State championships in town. You. You know be in Louisiana prep football. Is next on the foremost expert in the New Orleans area Al what they'll light now I told Allen that. The league at that surprised. Pleasantly surprised that. Pete and did. Yeah her over. New York's. The Big Apple man and yeah. Chris. Like the idea of ticket in my first. Yeah he Christmas. I'll first three out cricket match that in. Typical peanuts and now first class it was not even in my times he gets out of me. Look the flight back it was all agree that fly out one of the bigger airports game normally get a good plane is local man. The flight out there I don't know what's of the Sixers received it yet to get too much duty. But this thing if felt I don't like to read a half hours I was on the edge beat switched out of my seeded them the surface area excellent coverage after he. Area local would have had a great time your urge you all had a great time without us right. We did that we we inspired. A permanent that he would not battle we thought we thought that. You know you pop and some. Seen the New York City crimes greedy. With. With so we had to and obviously I was going there protests dump truck I cannot confirm that India is. This conversation here I would. Wilson this EEC. Why it's. Yeah ID be protection I don't know how to say it. The security detail that is around trump tower thirties and million dollar is that we're tossing his opponent and then not that day but that's the projected claw now and that's just that this until I don't feel like roads shut down and wrote that would be packed with cars normally. Shot down in that little single file fought all through that leads type of lines in the busiest parts of New York City it is. It's 182 bogeys on three. I did not give up on thread I I I. I don't you got him through I would say 3 AM burlesque shows that was yes he knows. Dark departure is heated in state stuff that have ever seen I'm not going to go to the others to push me he looked out there. Guess nobody's on the but he also out of me right now we had not good job last night onstage let let's had a box at that burlesque club. This some random Ellison bit on Twitter I get the stats back it up. That somebody knows what laid down in the box is. Now it's crazy and it was a lot of fun. We've we've we have plans to be museum stuff but when Agassi started item no I really wanna go to museum of natural history wanna go to the net. Really get beauty of that has to account for so next time next. Pretty solid Johnson yours deuce he backed seats in Buccaneers particular quote the world's fourteenth meeting an outside shot at the playoffs. Those hopes are fading quickly but. For the four games if you as a player since that 517 minutes athletes like this where you know you need a lot of help down the stretch he needed to do business. What's your approach and how is it fifty for a player to to know their feet and kind of night. What's the point. No. Because everything you've got to deal videos you know for some of their Olympic career. There will be some later and it may not take another snap after it. Through but you know I'm. At. There'll be some player that will need you know it on the team right now. It efforts. Whether or reached at here or not somebody else that the makeup of this team today. Well look at it this way. Early in what we have things that that room right there will be yeah yeah only three more. You know because not that ante after that they have three more week if they practices. That they will be yet. You know. If I probably here. Let's take marketing effort. Mark knee. Out yards reports on the old Sparky. You know he's close he's played well enough. To go to the oval but he on the brink of a hurt well but don't let little and a that's part of the. Love being emotionally and for the Pro Bowl but you know the last two weeks Carolina last week and really play I was paying down. But if I want activate some of those incentives. That could be as much is almost close to a million bucks who. So I got four games up like that that it would be tough. To hit that 12100 you know when you're at 750. But hey if I can get a half million average of 4000 yards over the next four games giving the ball. Not only that they don't if I just broken. I'll probably keep running it you know because he's got to make that team better. Tim pat Howard another player that in a similar situation you talked about LB he's in a similar situation but the numbers of plays. He won't be able to hit that it's you know really his contract. Will say look you know you play that need opposite so that's looking at it from individual's perspective you know let's look at it step on it. Definitely should he would need board game. On this but it's. Why not right you have nothing to lose well it alright yeah I am guessing don't we just got our court you know for him though. He had to prove that he can beat the mind. I can be the Mike I'm may not make the call but I can be the Mike and I can do my job. You know if that's the case. He gave them the look more comfortable putting him out there and they have a specific act it's toward him. If he can't do it in now these basements and it looked you know you have your whole year. We got no contribution not so so if Pat Robertson in practice so we listed as questionable for Sunday's team. Use him well. Who does all the things that. You might scheme which it looks like dean. Well I mean just you know how you play will be in the right place to park you know I think it'll be active situation. Where. Whatever action the end. That's what we're gonna play you know secondary wise they always say do it anyway or look to that's not see what their call is going to be. But from that front seven were for seats in that box. It looked as beaten them play you know when you're in this what will run you know look look to the side work third down call. How I I don't think they'll be too elaborate where they looked at we get to exclamation. And at this down and distance you have the right or believe me. Still how common is it. Scorer. That might not to make the calls for that to be pass fell and Sam it will mean we've got how common but I have seen it done before his prop. Now coordinators on the have communication with whoever's playing. The play calling you know they have they hit it there's one guy I'll have to happen might earn you understand what I'm saying you know it's not going to be a guy that's in every play. And he may now be called yeah indoor. At this accurate it may be just and could it be neat to farm it at least and bar with some part in the game. But you know if it it is going to be in the game and he Colin it eat it and you know it's something that. It's not the fences or seven different variety that would eat it when he's in game. Deuce McAllister Kristian garic. T about eight where fans in the pro live from the thinking it was probably inside and beating teams here. It was still light it on right now on stage if you look at Roswell upstairs 1104. Decatur street. Zinc radio W did well enough and knock them. Here with the same color analyst who's now ultimately you roster and our own pirate. He about it there yes the all time leader of exactly nothing. It puts a Woodruff a lot of dues knows the it was a pirate trivia question the that's the origin of the department of pirate in the book and I hit you if you hire the Buccaneers now one of one of Poland and Woody wouldn't come back back there. That but I appreciate the confidence that you breakthrough that was it. Not at all correct. I'm still all all Buccaneers are Pirates novel argument here. Pirates or anybody to we'll play you go high C yes you believe it's illegal also it's the only all. Win and oil nowadays. Spikes is back today maybe just that was just news. Since all anybody great guys that are the Buccaneers specifically. Pirates it did the year race in the Caribbean and you even more specific to reach for this rich predicates. Who were no for smoking. Right. They call the guy who could and it is something along those lines about what you wrote that. So it's along those lines. That processors. That that Cain. Oh yeah Angela Buccaneers. Be allowed them it would in New York did you go to to please. Note that they have though so we're supposed to goats do. The nutcracker and we're acutely. If you're gonna rock cats and he'd be like them but I don't subways guy out like you're technically I got a payback I got it. We ended up Brooklyn not so long and talk about Coke. On about oh where we biggest we've missed the rocket. My. That is the part that we are out there its virtues of the Harlem Harlem don't. Portland seems to be different from the Harlem let him like when I was young Carter's electric yes exactly the right Adrian. It to the middle of going on and not. You know we'll look we've seen it happen here Portland's I hate what it does to the long term. Reds did they appear uncomfortable feeling about it but. For better for worse it's happening RO right now how much fun you think you have a pirate ship and rated games to me like. This is that he is a pirate day and they know they got a boom in there and I can't remember a young talent. Admire that you would end up right in the middle of it you know I think the only be ordered and I think there's only one football state and has a pool as stated more out of him at subject that everybody noticed. I thought ample wanted to copied him and you know. Do it as well. It's never really. To cool down there so I I mean look I used to be a outlook you know huge from right whoever is your nose in too. I had all the plots championship year. Success in the case. Every now and views he's you'd like fullback in the league we go to which you might also announced Michael it's not exactly Michaels out was my hero look up Michael's back arts Michaels that Jersey Michael that toys. I thought he was the man nobody made it act pro bowler. A couple of Michaels to quit Christian where good college it might all its not a deal. He's probably as Tuesday's sports there with the that would be to god it was Purdue. For over it is what it. Daniel last go actually the first. Pro game he saw these fellas this week he's been a little time in his life in Tampa the first pro game he saw. With the Buccaneers and it's Brandt followed new player Michael Michael. He was so even if he's running back policies that. Utley ointment now. Yeah it whenever the anti short little fat like it trying to play fullback Mike Alstott was like he was victory at the top. Of the categories so it was. It does but see him or. All's thought that that feel that powerful do it there. I certainly hear all the fans the pros don't double a conversation that 2601870. Tech's 87876. Out with the band live entertainment here BB king blues club. 1104 Decatur into.