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12-9-16 Scoot 3pm-Office parties do you go or is it a no?

Dec 12, 2016|

It’s time for the annual Christmas or Holiday Office Party! Will you go? Why is it good to go to the annual Christmas Party with people you work for and with? How can you benefit from it? What are the biggest mistakes people make at the annual Christmas Party?

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It's Friday we're heading into the weekend and since we're on location and crescent for today Jefferson between Edwards and victory. We thought we would have a a little fund so we've got more or relax Sharon you know try to do is sort of refineries and at the weekend but you know their trials going on. There's a lot of serious stuff going on. President elect Donald Trump was in Baton Rouge earlier today in fact if you were part of that if you were to Tennessee in this was the thank you tour. Stop and admiration. If you wanna call it and and talk about seeing it drop it tells about that experience you would certainly and als or the terrorists of protesters out there as well. But we're live at there pressing forward and this is for operation Christmas drop we're collecting donations for the men and women in the military and their families. And we're here with that got our troops foundation and nasty behavior. Choices as Steven welcome. I'm ready to accept wrong. There. Welcome on the thank you for what you do and and for those who are not familiar with the got a troops on nation tells what you. Well work work group to start a couple of years ago the crowd around 2012. And we just. Got together and thought it was his time to try to help some local. New Orleans area. Greater Los area families that are in need in in a military base then. And and we just try to help him in different ways. And and who needs help yeah I mean I guess there's some people who would think it would you know I mean if you're in the military if you've been in the military you'd. Yeah your fine. Well especially when Christmas. We find most of the people and ego are young military. Families. You know they don't make a whole lot of money and in. Times are tough form and try to raise a family and doing that it we find. There's a big need there. So right Christmas that's probably our biggest focus is helping. Young military families. Seniors actually helping them hypocrite Christmas dinner that's there's browser kids of their family that says Sumner crest again aren't just for some toys that might be for. You know Christmas dinner at its its. You know not real big things but it's stuff that help make Christmas happen so anything is appreciated I know you don't set of toys because of all the logistics of Betsy took donations but the gift cards it seems to be a great idea we do it some light comes and says they need toys. In a will get a gift Clark farmland and to supplement and it's always try to tell them have expressed sponsor you're separate nations but also our gift cards from from any place from any place then. And we do except toys week you know we get a lot of requests for Toys 'R' Us times though. We eat we will put everything to good use anything we can I mean people bringing toys by here today we haven't gotten any yet today that we did one just the a couple of days ago and we got toys. And we actually got some request for toys Syria will put the good news okay because we've been promoting that you don't bring toys here because of logistics of it but if you could bring toys aforementioned we're gonna want them whenever we can do what are we can get that we're gonna put to good use. Cool artsy and neighbors thanks for being with thank you that's got our troops audacious so okay you wanna bring a torn by bring it to invite. And you know we're we're not far from my from from home from I'd Jefferson Jefferson highway and and clear view. We're very close to that whole area so there's so many things over there you could just go pick something upper again a couple of gift card and and and bring it by ear and the hooters girls are here Nicole and Chris are here. And they've got some must spicy wings of his siblings still left for you if you would though like compliance. Chat with them and get the wings this kind of sand and I guess I want to talk to curb the guys up here for a moment but I think it was Nicole told me that. Dyson will commending on. Guys don't make eye contact with the date she says they just they never look us in the on. So and guys c'mon I mean they've got big beautiful. Eyes that you should go to status as well and and I think it's just sad that you. You know you look so many people in the I want out of the hooters girls in the eyes as well anyway there they're out here. So it's a time but here for the annual Christmas party. Some offices have holiday parties as far as I I I know our party and intercom and every WL is it Christmas party. Are you gonna go arsonists seventy is that case that's its next weekend but their parties going on this weekend. So do you go to the the annual Christmas morning Halloween party. Why do you think it's a good idea to go to the Christmas party and I would love to talk to anybody who's in HR. Would like to talk to anybody who is on a manager war. Sony owns a business. Gotten. Do you enjoy me. Seeing what you see at the Christmas parties agree what's what's the biggest mistake people make annual Christmas market. And I think we all now it's a streaking too much. And you get around people and you tree and you know you might say something. To your supervisor. Or to somebody else that you wouldn't ordinarily say. And I talked to or to June in. HR it the radio station now before coming out your day message and so what's the deal with HR. What's the deal with all the rules about things you can say things you can do or not do with employees and work. Can you do that stuff at the office Christmas party. She was a little vague and she said that that essentially. The the office Christmas party is. An extension of the office. That you kind of implied that this ruling nothing we can do. So if you're an HR are there are brought but it does that mean it does anybody work for a company. That actually sends out. Rules and regulations for the Christmas party or is it you do what you wanna do because look I icing it I mean I've seen people make out with people they were supposed to account with. I've seen people. You know. You don't want somebody to spare car in the parking lot. And this kissing going on he can't help ST some of this stuff. Is a lot of this is not necessarily a good idea. And you know we can strained relations with the rest of the time he's been with the company your win you could have the greatest. Reputation. But there will be a moment at that Christmas party where you'll ruin your reputation for the rest of the time you spend with that company. If you wanna join us with a comic this afternoon on numbers 260. When he seventy. Every coach 5042601. Examining. And protection receipts every Saturday and you know their people you work with the Indy you wanna get relaxed with these people the Christmas party you wanna be relaxed and you want to. Content. Talk to them and and it is more of a social settings so in sometimes in in the office things are so strict. Things are so strict and and you don't really get a chance to be. Personal. So. You know you go to the office party and these are more relaxed and people are having a couple of beverages. Wine. And they're relaxing and you know you get to a point where maybe you start to. Start to talk about things and yelling you know while I tell you what we really need to accompany. They tell you the direction we really need to go I mean this is not really a good idea although I'm sure that there are times when you can. Talked to the general manager the owner or your supervisor. And end. Actually bring up something I wouldn't going to a lot of details the sometimes you can let him know that there's this other site if you bit that your thinking about things with. Which accompanied the business and you know you might just plant the seed it. Hey you know what you know may be some time we should be to talk about this epidemic of going to any details of violent tiger which is gone wrong with his company and I as you know that you know that that kind of stuff really does happen. So if you go to the Christmas party had quite I would love to hear a greats. Christmas. Office party story in fact is a movie that's opening up this weekend. Stand dot. Kate MacKinnon from Saturday night liars and she plays the HR person and a tech company. And she's a real fruit. And you know the immediate if you could have a movie about a and office Christmas party you gotta have a crude unit to. You know make it all on seen him. Seemed like it's totally inappropriate but this so I'm gonna advertise cedes this weekend office Christmas party opens up like this weekend and they in the Dallas area and around the country. I would love to hear a story. Something that you saw or god forbid Q did it. At the annual. Christmas party. Our numbers 260187. Victory coach final four to 601 it's happening. Text numbers they 78 Saturday ordered the hooters girls go to Europe Christmas party. What is it any stories to tell about. Looters Christmas party. And I'll ask. I've scored in the afternoon we're live from pressing for a Jefferson highway this is operation Christmas rob and we will be right back and to be WL. I this is the hole and o.s version of jingle bell rock I mean like I love Holland notes but I gotta say this was the absolute hokey is the video I mean their videos were not really that great that this was like the worst video off all time. So we're talking about Christmas parties the annual Christmas holiday party and let's go to Mississippi and GM here on WW on good afternoon GM. I don't have them do it. I just wanted to play and yet you're right on the biggest bank Workers Party is in much alcohol. But I. But outlined over but here are partnered. You'd app on and don't. 80 about actual work. And a one thing awkward though. Hawk down on one help. John and yourself look good because that's definitely. Welcome back to. Bite. You know it's and it's amazing it's amazing how that alcohol can make you do stuff that you really shouldn't do. Or maybe not the greatest certainly. People talk about that fatal. I'll go. All kind of eager where the small community it eagle employees. More. I think you'll. You really personality. He's not really more pot. Gold and an upper management at your parents. Your rounds around I would be a little bit more. Late back in what you're doing don't really show personality and probably not going to work I think it is currently the third party aren't you aren't gonna get an extra 1020. That's really good advice here infect you know people could actually think about. You know what something about them acts that people at work I don't know that they'd likened to know especially their supervisory you couldn't you couldn't bring that up. Career this morning and a lot of people sick is that the more. Or. But come out they're not aware of yeah you do go. To court on out more than. All of that whatever people. And where they work well. They. Don't all work. Out all day. Jim I appreciate the cauldron you have a have a great weekend OK so the that girls from looters Nicole and Chris are are with this idea. A Christmas party holiday party at hooters. I gathered at is called the gathering. Spot again praying is being bakeries in again. It's like Iraq Chris front end during the holidays. And and the good stories here. And I mean do people like me we have a little bit too much for excellence. Yeah. Yeah and edit it embarrassing things. Yeah. You which you wanna go to our Christmas party next weekend. Downtown on a prime (%expletive) about the isn't really that I. Hooters girls couldn't you know. So you noticed this time of year during the holiday season and you noticed it on the mood of the people the mood of everybody kind of changes and a. Definitely he. Gave me. Like chips like giving at the end of march US or 62 chips go up when you when you get to politics. If this event shortly. Christmas and knee. Which Rex. Grossman eat pipa and I think. So you are always wondered about this do to hooters girls ever. Like meets customers in caught with a. And it. Only you would just like me. How how would you how would you need public public comment on how the customer me you know I mean I'm Alex and it. Yeah and and say hey you wanna go out an aim saints game now coup in. And. Well you know they take it to the saints game this season they might not really be going for the team you know and I'm well on an eight cents. He still has some wings left and we can all thank you guys are coming out and who who is very community minded and they fought off community service work. Thanks girls Anke you aren't if you're gonna join us to comment this afternoon numbers 2601878. Ricoh final four to six so 170. And checks number is 87870. We are live from crescent. Fortunately Jefferson highway and scooter in the afternoon lightly advice from the caller we had just a moment ago on the the Christmas party don't talk so much about world. And don't talk people down to make yourself yeah. Better and say OK get out on the dance Lori is not the greatest answer but it. You know storm that time to sort of signs don't currently got down on the dance floor it you really should not have gone future around like ten. But yes people will remember I remember OK one of our Christmas parties a couple of years ago this person is no longer with the radio station. Somebody got a little drunk and I. Was almost falling down on the dance floor and you know we're still talking about it to this day. I'm screwed in the afternoon are alive Barbara music cues that provided by Rachel and parties and issues with the Louisiana philharmonic. And we'll be right back after the stabbing Honeywell there's something. It's. It's a Friday afternoon it's actually but I is it's going to be seventy you're close to seventy by Sunday I mean it's just they're really crazy roller coaster. Whether wherever it happens this time of year. I stood in the afternoon I'm glad to witness we live at crescent Ford on Jefferson highway that's between Edwards and then Hickory. What thank Steve for to stop and nine Everly wanna thank everybody John earlier. Everybody would stop by an animated donation. And again we've got to hooters wings out here and hooters girls Nicole and Chris are witness they are here until 4 o'clock and spicy hooters wings are here. And our Rachel and forties with the Louisiana philharmonic is on the heart and she will bring us into our next break with some lie park music. A progressive force also I've got our troops foundation is here Stephen A appears here with others. To help collects at the at the donations in this operation Christmas dropping its. You know it you might think that nobody needs help but you know we just talked to. Stephen about this and in a lot of times it's it's a young. It's a young military family and they if they don't get paid that much. And if they're just starting out in the military maybe they need help with. Something as basic as is Christmas toys or maybe food or maybe an opportunity to gripe is something I'm sure they have they have the food that they need to eat. But it's extra things it's their it's the things that you want to do for the holidays for your family your kids that you can't do so if you bring by cash donation. Or check or bring by any kind of gift card. And unity could get the visa gift card which some etiquette use anywhere or gift card for restaurant or place where somebody might be at the buy toys. The organization got our troops foundation will make sure that this gets into the hands of people who need it. And these are people in the military men and women and their families as well. We have been talking about to a number of things. We've talked about in the first hour we talked about. One of America's first astronauts and former US senator John Glenn passed away at the age of 95 yesterday. And that Atlantis into a conversation about heroes. And not everybody deserves that but I think he is at one of those. Along with many others who do deserve the title hero also we've talked about the at the fake news the FaceBook post. A face Fisher Price totally. Happy hour place. Which went viral and this was recommended for kids three years and older. And I mean people believed this this Evita looks really official. Because it has the Fisher Price logo and next to the Fisher Price name even had a little am. Up at the top two to shoot trademark so it looks really official. But a happy hour place that I mean merely as soon as I started to hear this story. And I I didn't know where it was going I thought this is ridiculous. But the stories about so many people believed it that they were just bombarded with complaints and condemnation. How could Fisher Price put out a happy hour place that it comes with a pretend bar bar stools and played bottles of beer. And there's three little children in the picture. One a little boys there between a 34. Oh boy has a boat Tyson he's the bartender. And and is a little girl went into the par with her. Fake beer bottle and a little point the other into the I mean I don't even if they're trying to pick each other up I I have no idea but I mean it looks very very authentic. So people were buying into this going oh my god picture prices marketing I'm happy hour place after Christmas. Well it's not true. And there is a great example of fake news. And there is in danger though it's some of the fake news that is believed and we talked earlier in the show about this guy a twenty something year old guy. Goes into DC pizza parlor. With a rifle fires one shot to get everybody's attention this guy is they are to save the children. Because it was a fake news story out about how Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Were. Armed running a child sex ring trafficking ring out of the pizza place. And people believe that story as was something that really got a lot of attention a couple of days before the election. And I think it just really brings up this idea that people. People will believe something if they want it to be true. And there were people who wanna this negative negative thing about Hillary to be true silly belief that. But this guy believes it to the point where he actually walks in the place Sunday afternoon this past Sunday afternoon. Walks into the pizza place with a rifle. Shoots around off he's there to save the children. But there are no children to be saved. Because it's not true. So. Even though there's been fake news over over long periods of time it seems like it's getting a little bit crazy now and maybe one of the reasons is because. The news it becomes so sensational that. That people are just think there's anything that is just actually bizarre it's true also if you if you have a Christmas story that you. Hand and want to share with us to be talking about office Christmas parties ours is coming up next weekend but this is the season for the office Christmas or holiday party. And I mean I've seen people make out with people should make out with I've seen people get to drunken talk to applause when things that they should talk about. And I've seen people too embarrassing things on. The dance floor do you go to the office Christmas party is that a good idea any advice for what you should or shouldn't do. If you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 260 yeah. What is happening. Every coach 50426. So on it's happening in our text music 77. I've stood in the afternoon and this operation Christmas drop and we lie and presses forward. Jefferson highway and Harrington and we'll be right back if you don't. It was. This. The beautiful art music live our proper music. For the show this afternoon coming from a Rachel and Ortiz with we philharmonic. Anti racial views are going to be with the Louisiana philharmonic and the six and stoppers at the or feels that he or PM. Holiday spectacular tonight is another shoot tomorrow night. And then a matinee on Sunday afternoon but less than a minute talking to Rachel you can stoppages or grab the microphone Irish. Can't little cubicle rock songs on that thing. Yeah a lot of times guys have handled it to a secure against effectively Led Zeppelin so placed there way to have informed that kind of shuts them you think you still haven't Diana. It would hear a little bit of an ankle okay. Austin stare where having a heart this is going to be awesome. Austin. In this article so tonight you're gonna beat this on holiday spectacular at the at the orpheum yeah. And often and if you just joined us earlier in the show are Rachel said that if I come to this stage you know before the show shall believe backstage. And man I can't wait Monday afternoon on and such wild story to tell you about hanging out backstage with the Louisiana philharmonic. And his extends the authors conclude this is going to bring an answer those stories that I told you in the past about The Rolling Stones that were always there always are the backstage story this is gonna be an awesome story. And the content is so much onion doing it's night and tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon as the men named it really is silence of imprisonment as. Fun to do that'll put a big mound if isn't have a couple yuck it's really an that the success ciphers are awesome. And this weather make you feel like it's holiday I only. I honestly cannot you know what I'm sure a lot of people will go across the street and look at the at the lobby of him that Roosevelt hotel which is spectacular. It's it's it's beautiful you know you can't miss on this I got to dress up for this is not crossing content however you want to come and meet people think it's. It's so formal but it really is just. People come you know in whatever they want and it's really an outside of funny story and he's played a band with some of The Neville Brothers and I played this concerto with the orchestra so I want to Charles now the common hear me play. So I get to the end and he come backstage solicit Charles how can you come backstage he says he give me a path. The children to classical music in the past he just come backstage this isn't like rock and world. I'm not gonna get some all access pass that I can hang on my odds on that little momentum in Iraq enough for me it's a little tax break if you don't have the past two a East Asia and India land your little hole and that's online your eyes just read it yet come to prosecute them on popular backstage pass with Leo we philharmonic. It's going to be a lot of fun with fortress it and you you know I might just. If I decide to go crazy I'd like to shout out from the sands. The audience I theory it's. Plot that's hot range all got our. I'm playing all right I want you gonna play a little bit going into the break your heart attack Rachel and forties it has me a Christmas classic CD out. With all these beautiful songs and when this would be great background music for. For your family around the holidays. And again I still think this would just be so awesome if you feel like reports a broad range and you could just you could just pop this in. Helen who's. Oh that's cool so. This is at least barbecue. He's barbecue pit punch six so 65 Jefferson highway just partisan stuff spot take you guys for for listening and thanks for bringing this by all right. Yet you're not quite as cute as the hooters girls but I don't you take that personally the hooters girls are here with their technically there. Your vehicle your code thank you very much I've stood in the afternoon we'll be right back and if you're human. All right fans and the frog coming up next sort of think Joseph Malayan Allison Janney John went back in our studio. The hooters girls and they're calling Chris Anderson victorious bloody New Orleans and.