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12-14 4pm Bobby & Deke: on new LSU OC Matt Canada

Dec 14, 2016|

Bobby & Deke react to the news that LSU has hired Matt Canada as new offensive coordinator and discuss the hire with ESPN.com's Chris Low.

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And good evening and welcome to sports talk we are on the location and and caught a Livingston payers it didn't rain we had routes that's where you can come on out. And Jonas and we are here this evening until ATM of the exact address is one of one brio crossing point in the springs. It right off the yard Cuban exit that made it to toil. In 26 that you can't miss this week I'll be shopping centers is come back and we are here to 8 o'clock tonight decision walked in but. You want to partake in everything in his beautiful new store is the grand re opening four months and it day. To the date this over I do get a lot of hard work and lot of people Barbie obviously affected by the great for the 2016. To and this community is so obviously. In coming here they're bound around that's an out and around family it's a huge part of all the communities going down and it. Thibodeau area and printing all over so aboard United States and it didn't rain vocation now I'd be used to it beautifully as well. It's a place that have been it looks like destination spot where yeah you know well. People around here you know go to cabello as our bass pro shops go hang out yet. With three or 45 hours you can hang out here for three of 45 hours in right. That the it is massive the end it didn't pick a book popped out about them you can create you don't come here go below know you can go row after row yeah it's unbelievable. And it at the key UN people or no I mean hopefully like you are no you know people well not mom I'm part of it. Yarder gave me hope on this I had I don't think that what kind of hit me again I'll hokey yelling at him notoriety that this is upscale this is the beautiful. Still worthy to consider what. I think four months to the day for months and won it had been there and Andy they got is going to lead at five feet of water in here. I know you know you think about it so yeah a beautiful it's over just glad to be. Florida because. The if you look at the proximity Webber at. Right you look at between the New Orleans Saints LSU Tigers you know that big part of who dat nation that tiger fan base and and obviously everyone's all hooked up. With the hiring of an all with the coordinators is in that Canada yes and peca. Mean I'm not it has been a homer with this them but I think. I don't know it's a plus. New considered the skins on the wall what he's done. And me kind of speaks for itself have had to have put a program long term without a doubt no doubt now. He can have a little success and lead to become a head that's all right but that hey Phillip you want the best coach. Didn't want to coach Boeheim you're right I wrote it two no doubt that you won't you won't the coaches to be going to different places right but like Bobby says we are here new office played fairly humid candidate we will get. Feedback on that coach candidate out on the road already could make it but he will be with a five point tomorrow. We know we are on location so don't tomorrow. As a coach candidate will call in the program tomorrow at 520. And again the talk about this area is called up so much by from a you can just talk about the entirely Easton of everything payers but we're on the Winston had been springs. In this area here you go back to walk the B before walker you have reliable. You gotta walk or. And you got in and sprains and they want smallest who. Basically walker did springs with those two have been had tears whose bodies who now. And it just a matter of years Babel went from a 38 schools all preschool for a and now five and in this entire case was it to grow though it is there an advantage broke in down for the O'Neal on the south east in. Him off all we have spring Theo all any of great community leaders or parents is truly a community oriented payers and we are here. And admitted to pairs at the Ralph has come on out Jonas we had 8 o'clock at night 10130 crossing with the Indians brings coming up on today's program. We have a lot to you to commit we'll visit with Chris Lowe ESP in. SEC and college football insider it was his take is ultimately you hiring. Coach Mack candidate as the offensive coordinator would do every few preview with Deuce McAllister coming up from five to 6:30 PM you know this over the phone as web site match up. His take on the Saints where they are now at five and 81. Percent chance of making the playoffs it's QB QB how we can conversation to retake the lead. At 640 Indiana will preview the 2016. Knew all unfold the owner cares who won both of man's poll. Game of Saturday the first beat both day. December 17 and that he would pick up and the Mercedes-Benz superdome the raging Keita got to the bowl once it in dramatic fashion a preview. A replay after replay about the felt that the quarterback office of state knee hit the turf before he made defeats on the option that caught the touchdown back indicate it off with 4419 wins. You talked about used to. Talk about us on our earlier it's basically when you think about that we Kentucky faced each year southern miss was down what 32 or 30000 nothing. And they came back and they score you beat Kentucky in makes it 40351. Inning anytime. You can beat us who is now from now five and you beating it theses two I don't care what kind of scoot you're. That's big time in on that sat Bobby only one team in go to bowl that was dessert everybody else in the east with two vote. Well digging you looked keep track of how they finished strong that you had Lugo thing Ruth Ellis you've with the idea of playing in the bowl game right field. Had a thousand impressively at the southern miss in the program and you know just the proximity of the fan base how convenient it is to come to New Orleans but in New Orleans full they I think that's what it's all well supporting yet. University alumni. And who doesn't wanna come did you Alter celebrate them the bowl atmosphere. And I know the rate decay defense they've always. Come to support remembered LSU mean LSU the you laying raffia game how many fans showed up and we actually did did you remember Ralph yes. Right outgrown the dating game there was a lottery only ran into they know I have a Bataan and not UCL a lot of southern miss support also. Yep and him by with terrorists who talked to coach hood at seventeenth 730 coach Jay Hopson mean you remember that name in Mississippi. Mississippi native he was on it over his team about it it took him Marlins with Owens who now meets gives the award every year the victory took a moment. Went to Alcorn State. And you turn it drove around they went to back to backs right championships and his first season he's going to a bowl with Sotheby's so you had to say as follows college coaching circuit by the his name is one that's on the rise big time in her fans fans are used to take quick short amount of time. Now they go what do you think you because Canada when LSU have any input. As far as the bowl game ours you know and I'm saying Ari does that fortunate thing to handle here I would think that's tonight with getting that that's what coach did you know going to the hired to coach. Coach didn't make it would be called me and you know taking care of the duties immediately get you to serve in the talent. Who he had to come out and didn't every now and then and maybe he drove in what he won't put his two cents orient but we have you know you gotta think that yeah first things first. Yet because it's very promise that I think going forward as far as recruiting and you know recruitment. Players when he had the stability. Which I believe to the top coordinators in the in the nation at Dave Iran and that Canada. No doubt about it probably right now about who they audio only team no one of the only teams. That has a victory but with two teams went past because if they just got the top five over two top five teams that beat Clinton champions state they want both of those games. On the road. On the road yes ot the game are really watches that clinching game the in hostile environment. Let's fast pace and that went in 1943. To 42. And a civil I don't even though Pitt was that good. Right WC and because you beat a team like Clemson moved in a national championship game at the in the final four. That a Heisman quarterback. But you look at the offenses that would you know coach candidate to do in. It in and really. Just put the offense at a different level at the if you look at my past and correct it that game with in Pittsburgh on you which would not include middle of the pins they hit they were they what was it happy that. But they let us on this. You know you read it the background our. You know the resonance of any player or coach he was all up at the finalists. For the Royals award this year at the nation's top assistant coach. They'll all off it's a finalist you know although to be that the coaches. So they indeed got this is in Houston that. Their offense ranked number ten in the nation in scoring at 42 and a half point basically. And average and 448. Yards total this that this thing. If you move the ball but are you getting in and they'll. This is NFL number Haralson also led the nation in red zone touchdown percentage. An 82. Were you talk about when it's after turnovers in. That's that red zone authored the Kansas got to be right up there on out if you look at the top NFL teams red zone touchdown percentage beat these these 68 to seven run. And then the Saints have been at that number at times and it's fluctuated. But they went 82% of them wanted to nation. And then the if you look at look at the power five it keeps you might recognize that the fan. Pitted only power five team in the nation to score at least 28 points in every game this year and I'm just looking at. Ellison the fifth hit in their talent. I mean but I would say. Because they scored 28 points on anybody even if this thing that you get to twenty point against Alabama. I would say shame or you as she able to defense yup it it if it did not able considering how coach Dave Miranda wearing hasn't met. That that should be a winning football. That you don't have to score before parties RD would say. Take. I don't know a dozen points less. Between you look and what they were averaging facilities that you take does the points list so you'd be about 3031 points and actually be good and over the time you've it. Ellis who has a year in Europe. All right come on out and Jonas that's Bobbie Barrett the ability were on location Rouse is 10130 crossing weigh in you'd put Denham springs in Livingston has made 8 o'clock this evening. And Rouse is coming out by efforts by local by relatives and it says this holiday season coming up you've got a lot going on in arouses can prepare the Christmas dinner forward. He's not be down the ability Deuce McAllister would donuts with his segment coming up by phone at 5 o'clock far rebuke preview here on Saints radio. And the home of the Tigers that you get you there. And welcome back. What thoughts on location and Ari you preview with Deuce McAllister with talk with Duke coming up about 630. A week in review which Drew Brees at 64050. Two's take on the Saints offered to instruct me. On the alternate to touchdown. In its books. And during the lines to think that scored. We're just wonderful points in two games that's five points below their per game average of 29260. When he Sammy. You can Ecstasy 78 Sam are ready to it or that you opposed up and available for you if you do you know outcome. And it can use. And if you aren't met him today it's into off the quality if it's a good move for the Tigers vote on line if you get you real we are at Ralph is in. You know spring and won 30 crossing mean in the Pomona to 8 o'clock the night. Or does he do you need to gain when you look at the things taking place. Last night the phobia executed it new you to take it might be me in kayaking after the final ballots. In the end of course what usually happens with goalies they usually. They'd be closed on and they want to be nuances but you what they were about him at a point. Well there's what you all talk with the Haywood to close out the game you know how does that point and Anthony Davis. Me giggle like anything to draw a soft shot well go up and jam had to stuff it. Stuff that never Kevin Durant blocks in your life you get their I was pumped up to Kevin Durant. That was it with a good game Kevin Durant is like a seven footer all the he's so long and yet so long I mean that got a dog in and now they could call the following their realistic development. You know that you did he lost the ball with the steal and I think round of that pack but but as far as the you know be to finance the needed vehicle we jam that. I thought the delegates that have been obviously. In the glory is as poised as they are they new articles up right. And it its debt is that what pelicans fans won't. Is that OK now it's 82 games this season but is this one it's a star of a sign up and it didn't get a seeming to be getting back healthy now we're Jrue Holiday. You know also Evans and can be in the mix Andy Davis you so Langston Galloway who we thought could. You know come into along all of that he was huge last night makes the gallery was huge riots so. The they've got some good parts and hoping they could but you can continue to mature I just wonder about the when you're looking at the visionary and if they just dug themselves too big of a hole. Because when you look at the wis man out again I'm thinking this all the talking here the last few years on average you probably look and it between 4548. Games. Well there's a review the policy that the market and that we shouldn't be on the level. Like it and in the conversation on the they going to be a wealthy putt on the back and you look at the utility man has done. You know becoming a Timberwolves right you know and you should always been a conversation with immediately inning and you lose to a team like. The 76 is that they got their first road win but it also beat the Pistons. The Pistons aren't good team. If you look at the talent as it is indeed talents of that diplomacy Heatley. Allen had been seventy sixes and you would injuries and Wear their act but. That you gotta give each got a third of fans of all we gotta give them whole and that's the kind of games that they can't be more optimistically low we've beat the Golden State Warriors with. You know so close with so Parcells. It's the leaders in the seat because before you know at the Saints team is going to be over. Yeah it could be helpful with on the pelicans you know. I don't know multiple local perspective what you'd expect. The basketball programs. I mean you know high expectations right now and LSU Tigers. So they have interest in Tennessee. You know then is going to be we gonna draft. Talk about the come line now that we not there yet and did also in a breakdown after the break the Cardinals. And it could be a challenge that Drew Brees. And all this would mean not only an 83 games in a row guesses that oval at the pits and Ana are right now. The Cardinals the more pats beat it. All right divvied up your new senate for 33% the first news and we will go to Chris Miller. It is a beautiful around cystic grand re opening four months in the day. They had been a repairing it. Rebounding get everything fixed on the floated 2016. Come announce he has by the gave it beat Baylor Viet. We ran routes the same Denham springs we had 10130. Crossing weight you put him springs and Livingston payers and the in depth with so many people that been through so much lot of folks. In these ports have started to catch their breath a little bit indicative collective sigh of relief. After the floats and march it devastated maybe in tenth hole and all of his region in the game if they go. I'm not even a few months later and had to deal with it some of the people that guides it home being floated. In martz gotta put it in office I think this is a pair stated time draft. It's not in you know when there's there are some and you know in the history whose parents they've never had anything. You know it is daddy if they had a biblical. It's ethic that's exactly a biblical right side you hit the nail I don't know. I say a hundred year knows a thousand iron right linemen and you know you'd always see. The thirty get away from the Colts beaten but then you know you north of I twelve or you north of my opinion. Though and it's never happening. You know I think it just goes to show you decree is arises. You know in the by using creeks it you have water has to go somewhere so yet no matter. I mean you could beat them out and it. That flooding in West Virginia yeah exactly go ahead and ask for the London look how much you above sea level so elated that means if the pin is the amount of rain hype that this Spurs. All of that water. 260187. You can Texas and 870 eights in the he LSU Tigers make Matt candidate did it offensive coordinator do you like the higher you can if you vote. Online at WW Rio dot com news about the Pittsburgh scored 56 and seven to six points in their final two games his season. You talk about the averages of all the quarterbacks I think the ACC had the best quarterbacks and talked about many feel the quarterback in North Carolina. Is the most pro ready I was reading right now Howard Green de Mayo cut but he's probably academy come off the board. From a value standpoint the highest and you throw lots and there aren't the quarterback at NC state. Obviously authorities got a young quarterback you could argue they had the best quarterback play. If any competent Pitt's quarterback but the best efficiency rating in the ACC so coach candidate. He's been a steady rise above if he's ever regressed ponies move up if it's in season where he might not have taken. A big leap forward but he has maintained its progress and as you get somebody on the way not only now we don't know no knock but. Let's face it Cam Cameron he was bottomed out when eligible in the. Yeah yeah and Deke how we need develop quarterbacks having a perfect example and if you follow pro football. He even had a opportunity to play in a real NFL game because Tom Brady was suspended. Magical we percent during. You know you look at what the Patriots. Who was the leading guys that would do anything all of us and go to North Carolina State coach Canada helps develop him. And turned him into third round NFL draft. I mean the Patriots are trapping him at third round of dated they get a lot of side in. If you look at two dollar fifteen NC state finished with third in this ACC in scoring. 33 and a half points a game and I'll light seems like where he's been. The the score points. And he had a stout defense or scoring offense in scoring defense that's a bold well looks like we've been able to do as far as its offensive units putting point two before. He's one of the best in the business covering college football in the SEC and all over the country Chris lower ESPN EE SPN dot com. Don't just now Chris always a pleasure to have you enough about a year ago we told you about a couple of important highest sum up somehow profile hires at both Tennessee and LSU coach who went from being they. To Tennessee and coach are random went from Wisconsin. To LA Hutu became dads and it turned out to be very good for LSU and coach Iran and marketing himself a rates now they bring in a guy who's standing up on the hot. Movement is C a high young coach and coach candidate your take on coach Mack Canada and what he brings to LSU. Maybe god is listen to the body or has brought you a candid. And me he's spot on. Coordinators. The two coordinators now would never. Bet or round quarterbacks that can develop quarterbacks have shown a propensity. Develop quarterbacks at a premium. And it to look what he it would Kobe or set that it is state transfer in their. You coach an apple player the coordinate the pavement this year Pittsburgh I remember people who use the tendency. You know he maybe didn't get. The shot he deserved it Tennessee down in the long run that he would not be great football player by any stretch the imagination you go watch that your pit. In a way he played he was outstanding I talk to somebody on Clinton's stats this week on their defense to step. They said listen a lot of people we're gonna catch you agree because there and say we were overlooked in Pitt we were rated player this that the other. Now they were just better than that date they were create out here. They were part of the can. We just didn't Avalanche will defensible and I think that certainly speaks well. The net in the kind of laughing at this that he rock. Now look Chris that the show you how diversified different programs different talent base. Now I'll I'll also Presley Christmas saw Wisconsin. 2012 Big Ten championship. They won the conference championship by defeating Nebraska. This is not a misprint seventy the 31. Might it and it championship game seventy pointed that out look how they were structured your next season. They finished twelfth nationally in rushing offense of Monte Monte a ball. Along the Bill Walker award. Look at all American receiver. I don't know productive that's the last name of readers but readers. And then left tackle. That this starting thinner now for Dallas to Travis. Frederick. The tide is Jacob Peterson on just talking about stud athletes at every position that he played in the right direction but when I saw that considering how well. LSU has always run the ball up pretty much not on that not necessarily get to Alabama I thought that was impressive. Holly utilized the talent that was content that would leave it there. Well I'm at best coach by the you know take what they had their personality color and and he would you can achieve that had about. And throw it looked to run the football to me Hamels school media so it would easily be an old here. But he's still got on the football you just have to do it and I'm messing up for two regard your game are at at the ability and the the ball. To keep these it's not in the way it is this commitment well I think that. What again it's known throughout his career that these teams are gonna run the football you know they're going to be created you know tickets for the Pope all due to pick or paying. But when you could run it. It opens up so many different being that between European in its back on that note see they vote they'll do I think you'll take great. The way it neutered they'll issue with what you know running over and up adopt. Future QB that does not so I like to hire a new with the audit radar. There in the summit you'll talk about lane certainly was. What would bugger to that met with Belichick guys that don't have an interest in felt like would be a nice fit there and that really. Chris low one of the best that is ESP any years in that I'm giving us his take on LHU Iron Man candidate is elephant when they all right Chris that would kind of knew going into 2000 in sixteen in no particular ought to does it Auburn. Listed bad routes and then possibly Kevin some of it in hand worked. Quote unquote on a warm very hot seat now. Gus is pretty much a removed himself from that seat with a tremendous season in Macon series like that but I could bring some quarters right now movement forward they stay healthy. At least you have the new coach in place. And Indies camp Kevin summit in him. Going into this season Chris who would beat Baghdad a who would be 12 guys that need it you know they need to tighten up kind of quickly. Over the next few right going into outs empty seats in it. Output but showed that the top of that list. Attending it and yeah and this is going to be like the the FCC Euro is hot hot seat so to speak I mean it. It doesn't take much you know one bad year. You know 11 bad recruiting cycle. Things go pitch here in your own hot seat and I think what jones' tendency. Really neat to have being here finished next year and it. A secret yet. Did I expect with The Who would you say also with how they've finished coached them in. And in my brother's in the Houston area and he has a lot in M Aggies alone and he and a half heartedly joked with these that well. You look at the by L a coach them in this haven't had any coach but with that bid but there are affected because the price of oil. And the right time could be a change you think that because in the play. Now I know he's on the hot team but a guy hurt like mortal Webber's succeed at. That all the violence too high. That is not rolling right now but if that that's why that you didn't answer at the ratcheted. He could of had an at different times. You know but they do everything figured it Texas man it's they really want it and it's here. They would not yup. I think he would not think he would if you had to pick 21. Of these won the west at saint helens. Kevin in the west but in the eighties did it this thing with with Kevin is. This is the couple years erode Alex you say they just looked spent. And I think he's gotten a call me crazy. I don't think he should be saluted him not going to Florida uses the whole game and cheer all you LB two up two straight years that they've lost three straight games. Is he did coordinate security in two straight years their war I guarantee you those greens will be restless so that. You know that at all by product of that at basically one guy. That guy in there at Tuscaloosa when knows net chip chip. And every once take that Alabama right now and everybody wants to have a quote from. That's winning titles playing for titles every year an outside Alabama gets loud no one else to do. Right and you know Chris on their Florida won't which unique about that what not so much about you know winning it's also looking about the pay what how did you peak years what what is your background. His background was OK he's gonna take us out of the ministry repay and the Mans too coaching stints he's gonna bring us back to some good offensive production like we ham and Irvin was here. That is yet to indicate that he thinks is scared him it's not that they've been bad they've been terrible. And they still shuffling quarterbacks around so it's like okay what would we have to do now the defense has been consistent fought the one constant. But the offense is terrible and I suppose they got the quarterback they won't campus francs. He can develop like he wanted to so to me I'm with you on the fraudulent because it's like that when you spoke to bring us office where is. You know what they've Leonel coaches it is its shape is pretty quickly guys can be too rumored got to be you know one of the top for a quote. Brightest mind before it dropped its in the college football and have a bad year couple bad years lead changes quickly we think god. Over the last twenty years and it worked on the top hundred by list and after a couple of years it worked at the Buick order in order. In the SEC. To sustain success but I think it's harder whenever coat debate but all. Definitely got the routines are spread out quarterback like doing different things but not this. Updated I mean for every coach in the league you're always one bad here when mr. bill on the hot seat yet. Chris Lowe ESPN ESPN back on Chris Huckabee to keep up with you on Twitter. Are below ESP. Chris thank you so much made Christmas to you you Merry Christmas you guys aren't put. All right come on I have been on as we are at Ralph since we are here to 8. Tend to want the real cross and we and you know on the here and run assistant 8 o'clock tonight on saint radio that you did you have. Are right where Ed arouses in joining us now director of marketing for routes is call is missed him a constant. Tim always a pleasure to visit with the innate AZ it's a proud proud they missed it missed dining in the Ralph's family. This Bobo went through everything this community we threw and got a three PO to my commute mediated. Four months and one they've made it back up and right. Yes we. You know as tragedy that happened and the whole area. And now we just. Glad to deviated a serve and everybody spokesman here at 7 o'clock this morning. Just happy to see their grocery store back open in his demonstrated you can cross and you know so and we had a great turn out. A big turn out all day long they folks from all over the place to seven just to be happy to have that. Yeah talent and traffic jams the net and sent Communist who met him that you know I think when we're opening being tied at the back up and run right back up Enron and if it hit look at it it is great building in how everything so convenient. And how they have different sections as Cormier as keeps me going and decide if that's something that you know the blueprint. Hi Al got together and yuck Arthur it was divested of bats yeah they did the best. Or is still this is absolutely the best of the best in the whole country you know Donald and Donnie and you know they. They worked on they looked another saw what was working well and in other areas in. And just got ideas from different places let me put it together and one nice patented fits south Louisiana and the Gulf Coast right here so. This particular location is off third store. We have three of them like this right now so. Where does that he had. One about three stores in Lafayette has this footprint. This one here in Dennis springs and then and in August we open up the one on Manny out in Iran wrote in Calgary Alberto. Yeah. Tim a 'cause direct demographer arouses with a thin and camino when you come here this is. We caught arouses a professional but as much more than that I mean people coming here and they can't get caught they can about anywhere in the country. I have everything you got everything and they gave him once I got up and what you want something but Danner. Breakfast lunch dinner right in the right I've bodies around here you know get salads and in this chicken and barbecue and getting here we are tip of sitting through the show put on my goal area right yeah. You we winning right up to cause play for brown Thanksgiving than most with tennis. Now be that their holiday meal preparation has become so many people called and ended and you guys could not joint base here but could cook Christmas is that the. Yep yep we sure do holiday dinners at hand Anderson and turkeys in it portrays him. And throughout all of Baton Rouge right now to not only diesel Casey you know we have the same thing going on we just recently acquired. Some nine former on the ball location of the long grove OK torso. We have. All of us it was a busy we get everybody geared up ready for Christmas. And is to be a wonderful year wonderful below them when. Later they tied it at him like it's I'm a client a moment that getting up and Italy and they wanted to get everyone together but Thanksgiving. And they realize that no pressured. You don't have to cook him at that said. Well Ralph that there is a pretty good job is gonna go get everything from Ralph and romped home and it was unbelievable. All yet to do which is he if I knew I was right it was ready to roll you do Tuesday neither Christmas. Yes sir Christmas you know New Year's club portrays and then come enough we king cakes. Those are nonstop nonstop that I don't come announcing its rare around system a doctorate demoted. I don't think I always say I think it's sports books are coming up next you tell me a Christmas on WW.