WWL>Topics>>12/14/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Monsterland - a discussion of the strange occurrences near and around Leominster, MA.

12/14/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Monsterland - a discussion of the strange occurrences near and around Leominster, MA.

Dec 14, 2016|

12/14/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Ronny Le Blanc discusses his book Monsterland, and the research involved in exploring the area that has been the site of many strange occurrences. These events include bigfoot sitings, UFO sisitings, strange orange orbs, and much more. Leominster, MA has been the epicenter of this activity for many years. Also, listener calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was reported December 14 2016. I grew my need is wins Dana thanks. And it is beyond reality radio Jason genetic Italian today I just little distracted little little lake they get like crazy it was your ordeal on a lot of shiny things in my face or does it just distracted me tonight in. I'll overcome and a pro next may not like then I'm not sure what to do with all that or harm in just stop doing some of the stuff except for the radius statement that's that's probably good advice I don't wanna tell you though it idea what welcome everybody before we get into this great to have Rudy along with a some beyond reality radio tonight police yet and we're tonight we're going to be talking about a book called monster land which was written by Ronnie LeBlanc. It's an area in pencil and now Pennsylvania Massachusetts who sits yet not too far from having investigated and now it's it's. We're gonna pronounce the name some people call. Leo months minster and today they have different and I'll go lime in stir a lot of people call lemons are so. We'll see how ironic announces. Yeah and a lot of stuff is happening in that area and am hoping actually. No I mean he'll tell us obviously but you obviously know where the area is if you will where whereabouts as Patrick Wilson Massachusetts ended there has been a lot of different reports of everything from UFO's bigfoot says these strange orange or herbs that have been seeing throughout the area. And and a lot of other things in this area and they a lot of people have referred to it as. A monster and Tom just because of all the weird things that seem to go on there and a lot of the residents have had dealt with that as well. Have investigated many properties up that way. It's it's a really old area. So on it's it's definitely interesting and I'm doubly to get Ron east and take on it because supposedly. His life sort of what are mixed mixed into the somehow really dragged him into it and he ended up writing writing about it. Yen and the book is called monster lancer run he'll tell us all about that anyway it was about to say before we get talking about what we've got coming up on. Upcoming shows. I watched John I guess it was was at the mid mid season finale of Chris evoke island last nine and and I told him mid season what or maybe not maybe not I don't I he's. I watched it tonight with a wife and she is just so we love the show she's here she's like. They drink and come back and come back for three minutes they play three minutes of the show on a cut to a five minute commercial. And is that things they show you the very beginning of the show or before edit tonight on the personal island. Com is that. You know like highlights that they wait till the very end to show he and love the show but and so I think so much in TV's getting like that lately where it's it's just it's becoming tough to to law. Well they they certainly loaded up with advertising and I don't know what the difference between you know advertising minutes per hour today vs ten years ago or even twenty years ago that seems to be some significantly different I can tell you when. When I started doing it in the show go Saunders who we is an hour long show was an estimated 47 minutes to you at thirteen minutes commercial. When I was done goat doing goes on as we finally. So enough was enough with scifi it had worked out to 43. Minutes while so you had seventeen minutes of commercials and rush. They really if and when you break it down there to stay at all yet because it's almost almost cool about a quarter of shell. A little over. So yeah but now I mean all the sudden this year it seems like it's you know toward him 2324. Minutes of commercials. It's just it's crazy late in the EC only shows instead of being an hour now their power in three minutes yeah. Yeah I know is that to him which but that hour in three minutes an extra five minutes or or three Minnesota putting into these shows is all extra commercials you know. So I don't and it's straight up the DVR box never knows one suffered a sort of a. All the trials and tribulations of catching these shows but. The what I found pretty cool and you know anybody watching the curse of book on in the likes the story evoke island they do a couple things happen in this particular episode. They actually have reached something that they're hoping is very very significant. By drilling into the money pit. Yeah map would but. The that they and they came to an abrupt abrupt halt yeah which I didn't understood I don't know either at that point I'd be like to send a sucker down their Tera whatever it is let's make all get down their figured out I mean at that point they are there there's and I don't know if they just understand them the brother suspense senator I understand the difference. The feeling of the Brothers from where the older brother is morally able to something down there. We we gotta be delicately got to you know get down there and see it. And but I'm more like that in the shorter brother obviously we'll dig a hole help punch a hole through let's figure this out spent this much money this much time. Let's get it done but then again you gotta sit there wonder. Wouldn't wars in History Channel stated it differently like celts know it's now we can probably get two or three more episodes out of. That's all I'm wondering if that there was basically all four. Flourish for show drama and and they didn't really stopped for saying they may have stopped for the day but they just in owned did this big dramatic thing and and and pick up tomorrow and we'll be honest it's that's a big factor I mean when we first. Our first main issues like what Brian and show. And I was letting him go one of the big things it was brought to our attention was well you know Brian brings a lot of drama to show. And my my feeling on it was well I don't need the drama drama is just headache forming now I'm just here to investigate. So is definitely the TV channels do you look for that. They've they like that they like the you know inner turmoil on an inner battles right Tom aside animal. You know moments I meant I'm anxious they do they do and I said it was a mid season finale but I realize actually did show. Previews I guess in our goods and scared next two weeks shows so. They're gonna continue to be looking in I don't know I I've always liked the show and I've always enjoyed on this story. And and I read about it as a kid. And was always fascinated about sewing and you know it's it's it's it's it's fun to watch and I really hope they find some there at least get some answers maybe they won't find anything but at least know that. You know there's nothing there. Nixon and really I don't watch much TV like I'll watch that channel and I don't want my name and one of my favorite shows is ratings are low voice text. But besides that yeah the TV I'd had turned in on the History Channel or honestly I'll bounce through Netflix. And a lot some stuff on the air Lanka. My good friend Tori and had Clinton them from on Mythbusters actually have a new show on their call call white rabbit no they're doing a show. So I'm now have been can catch a match and but that that's pretty original do something if I didn't I didn't watch something specially now that Netflix is allowing you to download some idea of the shows and and the movies on there because they understand you people. They either taken or tablets are getting on planes and and they understand and so they're giving you the ability to actually download this a lot of the stuff and no extra cost so they're they're thinking ahead I get a given that. Mother certainly been an evolution and maybe even a revolution in the way we watch television and everybody seems to be adapting death into it a little bit differently to be. Interesting to see which you know what becomes the standard down the road. I just hope to god that Netflix doesn't implement something like Italy the problem with our on demand is when you're. You do on demand and on cable or or whatever. They embed the commercials and they shut down your remote controls so price war doesn't work it's rising crazy so I created job the Netflix never goes to the extreme of adding commercials to be shows scares at that point. I'll just go back to all radio that's Alter. But then again even on Sirius XM a plea commercials he's doing is commercial free so I he can't win. It wasn't that long ago that you know commercials were who just completely accepted in fact it was why you've got to listen or watch or whatever for free because the commercials for paying the bills on the we've kind of gotten spoiled some of these other methods. Of watching or listening and and now it's almost impossibly Jason Day going out and ups and owns a tune in any. 200 dollar A month cable bill just to watch TV it says it's a little insane so so arm and changing subjects him so. Of course. There's a lot of people out there who who are terrified when when they buy a house and I think that a ghosts is an aunt or if they own house and all of a sudden things are happening right. And in that happens alright so there is a new device that allegedly blasts on wanted paranormal entities out of your home. It does what shall you heard me right. Supposedly this thing blasts on wanted paranormal entities out of your home. In glass than on an own. If blast yeah. Yeah you heard etc. and they she's art and of course there's there's no shortage of ghost hunting technology in the market and everywhere you turn somebody's got some device. Weather's dosed radar goes magnet. And then some things in and we all know that there's some mad scientist in a basement somewhere they can pretty much build the voice turning to think about it right. But for those who want to banish. Knows her demons or whatever from your house there's now this device. And it won't require you having an X assist come over and hang around and do his preaching. Yes I'm I'm serious. This is what they claim and so a new device claims it'll blast the phantoms from your home with weed killer technology. So it's it's it's sound waves is that we're document. Honestly I don't think anybody really understands the distinction of dentists it's a whole wave killer technology but. It's a tie company call super bon. And it's released a brand new version misses I guess the version number two of there actress. Tristan Cree. Coastr yet to sauce it's too aren't announced interest I'll ask don't try to you can go to settle at Narita Tim tied word yet. But and it's a device with a sign street pretty much for an overdose bosses the company claims it'll read your residents of home wanted spirits. Thanks to its specially design circuitry. It's amazing it's amazing you know it's it's it's really foreign science I think you know you he you know he won an hour I do wanna know works parents so when you ready to clear your home negative entities you simply flicks flipped the switch on the Scotia column pox it activates a low level electromagnetic field. Condenser microphone in an infrared camera. That works in unison to detect paranormal activity aren't so pretty self explanatory and they call that they call the phenomenon receptor. OK so when the machine detects an anomaly. It automatically fires off a wave killer. A radio blast that they claim is enough force to four to push these nasty phantoms. Out of you out of your home. Have yet to do they have a demonstration video or anything know what they refer to it very much like one of those sonic rodent repellents. You know the box simply to him but they say that this thing will continue to drive off ghosts no matter how many times they attempt to return to your house. And this company's exercise osprey whatever goes for power makes and they make some big promises. So are generally uses an infrared cameras the MF meters Carty found a lot of paranormal investigators tool kits. But the way killer blasts. Had it I think that definitely needs some some explanation and exporting nation. Isn't really understand any some data to demonstrate that is actually doing anything aiming it there spend their other devices and if you ever watch the movie. Napoleon Dynamite I did you know statement that the that we had jolly good job on the show that's remember the time machine that uncle Rico blood thinner air here. There is a huge set the people who sell things like that. Time machines wish machines all the stops and you know it's interesting some. You claim that works to which machine works because it is grabs. I tell you what they're people that say we're X 11100 dollars into artwork and I'm sure were worth every penny to work every move all this goes to goes propellant system. It's affordable for people you like pocket change you gym and it's. Just a little 15100 dollars plus 140 dollar. Overseas shipping touch he is he's the I mean so an anonymous they're gonna sell a ton of them to that point it might just be cheaper to keep just released a dose of they really do no harm them going. And it's. Bhutto's arrow the company's bullies penalty for about seven years again this is the second device that they animated so. I don't know. I I think what we should do is contact them and ask them to send us a demo so the beacon true take it out and tried out a few times see if we get any results from a there are if it's okay yeah if we 15100 dollar charging rent or another got a sentence and come here there's a message demo and we'll take it will take it to a bar and we'll have some fun with it. On the remote and we've got some great shows coming up view and I've been talking about tomorrow night's guests quite a bit it's Robert Wilcox. We're gonna talk about the new theory about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. That's outlined in his book target JFK it's pretty cool it's a novel. Discussion on new information and it really changes the dynamic of the discussion about who actually pulled trigger and who's responsible for. And there's been so many theories of a Kamal what this whether it be an exploding bullet there is our claims at one point and I know the government was working on. An ice started bullet you won that limit doesn't tell us of course though they would it would evaporate into nothing. So there's so many different theories conspiracy theories when it when it comes down so it should be really insisting to us to talk Robert and just hear what he has to say in the Monday. We've got to close friend Rosemary Allen Ilie. Leading expert in the metaphysical internal field. Scott more than sixty books publishing a wide range of horrible and spiritual mystical topics including nine single volume encyclopedias. Sun and the list goes on and on with their with the books. Yes she's another very prolific at paranormal investigator or researcher writer and it's gonna be role honored to have her on the program. Tuesday it's Hans king he. Had his first visitation from his first spirit guide Sebastian who remembers having out of body experiences. He felt a deep sense of responsibility. He's gonna talk about his experiences. With his guides during the discussion on Tuesday. Well and then Wednesday were never good friend Jeff bawling and your arm and Jeff's been a writer for ghost adventures and a he also runs ghost village but we're going to be talking to him about legends of folklore. The last last Christmas around this time we had him come on he told us all the history behind campus yet. And it was really interesting so I know we weren't syndicated that point ridges and on wind chill so it'll be nice to have him come on and discuss it and I mean just generally. And let everybody know all the new listeners. Yeah well he talks about the practice which a lot of people now familiar with because the movie that came out a couple of years ago but there's a whole bunch of really strange Christmas. Type legends around the world in different cultures that all have little here Arenas in Spokane is to them. And some paranormal connections that that Jaffa talk about it's pretty cool stuff from Texas cramped it's something extra you know which which you get in the morning. Has got a cramp so. Just I should attract a much car for speaking of preface were quickly orient running out of time here and I know the people wanted to we had a lot of questions about the Harry bots are called order idea Guerrero due up from a NASA which is a new age space agency we've learned not national aeronautic and space agency totally different but on there are some questions about of people wanted to hear it again we do have a recording of that that in discussion and I'm wanted to announce enough let's play and elsewhere -- -- is from was a Monday night. Yeah Monday night Monday night ten OK so this is the discussion with Harold butts. OK welcome back to be on reality review Jason and javy in this slick Geddes said that although this is a bit of a last minute saying here we it's a pretty good idea to bring in this next guest we didn't originally have him scheduled this is on herald's her hairy butts from NASA. Kerry welcome to the show and I hear you say you're from NASA and you've got a pretty exciting announcement to make to you wanna make or hear him beyond reality radio. You know we've progressed and Corey. Great information and counseling and armour shirt about terrorists out of most scientists. So she Apollo missions Malone who weighed ninety church. Really and I won't say it here mom what's new stills about it. Well what are national Wear chided to announce some new Asian man's place space exploration. I would feel Steinberg US took a it is pretty in space exploration and yet it's so he shuttle launched your producers and and deep space explorer crashed they'll travel to do universal restore. And certain critical data territories under systems separate and. The seventh planet it's a seventh planet parents and virtue Arenas there's an. Gadget you're right it's is cheering and sent him why you're in this. Recent scientific evidence shows that Iranians. Are you are registrar. Earnings credit you are caught it on all the essential ingredient such distinguished. Specifically human politics so you're and a skirt PR and encouragement stitcher hunch here. Really OK well this sounds real interest in. Tell us about the the crash because obviously it's key to this whole mission. Interest kinder re engineered to species of course to use policemen technology. Space crash or call. Ed San tests and nuclear. Astronomical Lander probes so this review to see the day and AM the they would beat. Anal PR. The anal probe put this is the piano probes the first manned mission tearing us. See certain that is correct and we all told launched from the moment sometime I'm coming here. OK so the anal probe is gonna land a launch from Ramon. K so you're gonna put a base on the moon to launch this probe. Pakistan. So NASA is launching a manned mission tearing us from the moon called the anal probe now is simple funny did I even growing without. We illegal electrical you know twelve channels. The panel probe. And he had all panel probe okay parent okay so this congress approval assists in the first that I'm hearing a jail I think if you heard this before. No this is brand new to region so high Devlin wanna hear some more as congress approved this. Well versed or congress hurts. Well doesn't congress overseeing NASA yeah I'm I'm sure guys execute director Jim. Not. Restrictions yeah. Well now we're not screw decisions where are passionate partner. Working to reach space association. The new eight speed which again stands for NASA. And necessary so you're not the United States the NASA though that sent some of the missions of the moon. And cull skull where and who engaged space. I association people get it appears all the time. Yeah I am sure that there's our copyright issue their summer. And here you what do you what do you hope to find on your NS. And maybe some maybe some dark spot screen BR. In some sense says it released so sort of internal gaps. Magnesia and it could shut string lights. And we're we're hoping that it purchased a lot of things our strategy kissing yeah. Well Harry we wish you and Nass so which is the new age space association. I notice is spelled new age space ASS of the abbreviation for association we wish you the best of luck with your. Anal probe the first man to me and Andy and broke. First manned mission to year Arenas. Good luck and all that that's great keep us updated. Thank you thank you very much cash you on occurred and I. It's beyond reality radio Jason Jay-Z he we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll get ready to bring our guest dinner guests tonight. Is of course running LeBlanc will be talking on monster. They gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. Running along going to be talking a monsoon. Jane you I know what it is used for Ben in the area you kind of familiar with it anyway but so I'm Cheryl but you'll have some good questions to I'm just looking to get an introduction to it. Absolutely it should be great and our number indication of any questions you are calling and his 8446877669. You can write that down at 844. 6877669. And I'll Jimmy Lewis and running you'll block can beyond just a few will be talking about one and stir Massachusetts with a monster Lance. You listen Jason TVM generalities and. It's TV Johnson. A great time already in the nineties just guns started. We were happy to play that a conversation with Harold let's again in his. The battle was epic and it's great if there was a brief phone call I'm really glad we got him on that nine them mum and hopefully we'll deal update a says that appropriates closer to Uranus or yeah. Are they enough and enough and you say on the exit attributes people we bring our next dinner guest in tonight running LeBlanc let's go to the foam ones who do have a a caller this is Nina Nina welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show. Yeah I had a question for Jason. Okay I was wondering it talk. Is there away to give I. Autograph pictures like of you and like to go to McCain. I used to have a thing on the web sites do it but anybody hears the concern was. Like sentence somebody wouldn't would go order one and it science center now and a lot of times they seem not to be making it's that people's homes and now I don't know how they were. Disappearance in in the United States Postal Service but not so. It's one of those things worried I feel bad that I I do show up and a lot of different events and and I do signings there. But it's just you know if if you order one online. And partnership now and it doesn't sharp right kind of feel bad with that. And unite Siva put something back up on the website put. Yeah I would marry and I can find any thing or any sort of linked to it anywhere from. Guess underside. Like. The united. Questions to unionize how can I get one of your autograph says no 100 do that I know that I'm. She Ariel leased not one area on us. That well. This probably go to my Twitter account and maybe favor one of and I can Neely about. Do you. Well you know I. I have a lot of defraud a lot of different characters I've played it over the past year and I ever went has. Our own favorite I don't know. Millions in what are. What or who Jim is have a have slick Unionists information policy about trying to get one now. And it would do we'll do an autograph exchange house and you know. I don't go anywhere and that's in the line forests. Just an open you know I need to call the it's slick it's still has stressed I'm telling you it's I just got off on the wrong foot but we're gonna get through this I promised. And we're gonna do with the help of Ronnie LeBlanc our guest tonight Ronnie is the author of the book. Called monster man Ronnie welcome to beyond reality radio please take the ball and run with it. Hey guys. He became an academy. And thanks for coming on. So on the radar right off the top Ronnie wood skid musket discourages people a lot of people have a problem pronouncing this part of Massachusetts and and some call it. Oh Lum answer some call it legally ailments are. What what's occur and are correct work. The correct way to pronounce it isn't love and stare into songs and the senate. A year or are you always have. Harry good M I've been up there many times investigated many locations Terry on the show off the show and a it's a really historically rich location there's a lot. There's a lot of activities thorough many different harassed and now I a throughout the years have heard. A lot of the reports of people seeing these weird orange or herbs that you talk about. UFO sightings that have been pretty common up that way. And also Massachusetts just especially with the amount would they have there has been a lot of big puts its. Yes cracked and they are seeing that happen greats smacked happened at lobster which is. Pretty interesting and that's what kept me it is kind of a couple of open. Wanna take into little bit more cheaper. And casino that might be possibly some connection with all of all of us. Well in Massachusetts has always had this weird history when it comes to the kernel or the Bridgewater triangle. A lot of activity that you know with that and or has made just there's many different areas their opener. Gaps. Idea I was I had no idea appropriate water until much later impede in my life and terrible political stories people saying. You mentioned the horse balls lately. Black unmarked helicopters used to bigfoot sightings. And again what mr. Arafat what would. That any American you know history. As well as a title at. Now when it comes down to these orange balls of light that I've seen. What one of the cases are even investigate in this going back I wanna say the 9998. Right around there. On there was a report this one family claimed to see this orange ball light that they came from the woods behind their house. Actually came through the house and then one across the street. Through another house and kept on going now the people across the street claimed CNET the people in the main house and it came through saw it. Have you ever been able to figure out anything that seems associated with with that. You know I have I have not heard about peace you know the ability of these things abaco crew. House. Interestingly enough my wife remembers. This is news film called back. 2000 or so 2005. Where she woke up in the mill and 923 in the morning. And it was a small. Orange ball flight but the size of a golf ball that flies around in our house. It should try to wake me up but it was an able to do so and Khatami a few days later when they're kind of you know can pop back open mind. The we connection with these things these flights as well I've seen. It's. And I'm paying these. In some kind of connection with consciousness in the senate where. The community groups sought about Russia talking about them. And in the in the potential development. So they seem to be intelligently controlled and differently talks in the beaches this ball late in. And it's something much different. Well in the one in the case I'm referring to and I remember it was a year the senior high school that way and I think I wanna say it was on. I can't either Cumberland Rhode do or. And because they're old you know it was right over near nor full grown and was Cumberland road because nor folk rode my wife is originally from Norfolk Virginia and that's what. I brought it up to me but there was pond behind abide behind the house and all these woods as well so are you familiar with that they're in the tournament. You know outright but it behind what mr. Hadi if you can continue to go up there is a Greenwich street entrance what mr. states force. And that's where I've had my. Exciting along with goaltending so. Or probably it will appear. In the sky it misses. Night. Materializes. And telecoms flow through cross the gravity opposite PC this fact. In what you're saying Andy's still a ball flight porch and it comes flying into those two bullets. And as it enters. At lake supplanted Tiger Woods and he can see it is going through the trees. Am. Currently oversee and it is. Basic point two an area where this it was headed. Maybe 510. Minutes before saying hey we needed medical of that area to do some investigating them and look for real bigfoot. Evidence. In this thing shows up. Shortly thereafter and literally shoots down into the ground Rick Perry that he was the point. And if I don't talk much but we we jumped in the car to car and it was just so it's real. Well you know team marched in his or just pull up on the map your talking about granite street which again right over near the high school which is were investigated. And the only thing that separates grant street and Cumberland road where I was telling you all right we I'd investigated with the that orange ball light. Is old Smith pond and the force that's the only thing that separates those two looking at a on the map so. It that's strange enough right there because you're you're just separated by the woods from where I I went and investigated people at the same experience. Did you know without further down that trails were bill pending in this way is truly got a kid in June of 2010 and found sort of six. Footprints. What they were out too Roddick in the summertime and no one was around and as a company are closely knows that these things are. Five toes and human looking. But to try again it was about six feet between each step. It is you know come out of bullets on the trail back into the woods. And they had there's been blocked by the area and I had gone the wrong way in kind of double back. And upon coming back to this'll various fork in the road as an analyses track work there. And so that freaked him out because of collective MarketWatch but. An ordeal to swallows some kind of crazy got it right around barefoot opener but has it close circle track and so appear trachsel oxide that. And basically put together it was like chasing it appears what looked like. The tips for the parents. We're so keep. Google's 232 and forty pounds. If you try to push develop this footnote the approach he couldn't break patronage. That it obviously that is something they can and have created and some house keeping up but the key here. So I data in typical rock and it was killing disoriented in. Told me afterwards and just go as a think except. Where it took. Maybe 45 minutes to get this particular spot on the trail. Protect them hours to get back out there were just so out of it. And that just seemed to kind of coincide with a lot of these different bigfoot. Reports of encounters of people's feeling that they get kind of zapped after it is kind of been close or had decided. Well and that's that's interesting because I'm looking at now again I'm looking at the map and it feeds you such. That whole area that we were just talking McConnell and then and granite. Com feed to a huge area and I assure valley conservation area. And which is just endless woods made that connection do Fitch bird city forest. Which also connects down at Gartner Colin Barnett from them park and it just so it's and and most Masso. All the waterways in wooded area so the possibility of things letting him there of course would be all right. Right and contrasting to his his monster land is that a small sections. In and so what mr. the calendar at the Lancaster border but it is connected to all of this logistic forced most of there is where you mentioned to cut the power alliance. Can definitely there. Pictures stinky because there's been sightings. In these different areas in Tampa continent Gartner go back and I think after him out one's sleep it is still early historians and potential seventh at. So there's been sightings in different counters stories to report second or help. You know collaborates. All these different things and put together to achieve. Casinos. There's more than one and you know there's post recently movies through this. And also the mid state trail. Which is over ninety miles. Runs through regular logistics forces well. Okay and within your restrain I knew your saying that these things seem to these orange or spring Ambac that. He seemed to have some sort of intelligence where they're moving they're being controlled or there controlling themselves. With all your research into them what and who what sort of theory or did you ever come up with on this well aware of where they from where they going who's controlling the most patrolling the Monday. They're working with the with their own conscience and consciousness. You know I looked up to work. Quickly Terry ray. And others sort of content. Focused on this. He believes that they are basically these metallic. Balls that I have this player almost. Classical album that color can change. They can be they don't smallest a golf ball has been using a beach ball but what we've seen their best ball sized. I still don't know. You know exactly what these things are but. Are you really pay you know I think only paying a once we get into your real quick breaks our fans. We'll be right back. Getting scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. Well I chase champion our guest is running low long Q we're talking about one minster Manson. The legend behind and why it's called a monster and an editor I am sorry had to cut you off really quick we started talking about one monster and I'm done so many cases up there and I looked up and realize that we just missed a break and we are coming onto our brick that we couldn't move. So he would go ahead Jimmy I won't I wanna hog the radius. Wizard no sir I get I mean you've been to the area see very from other familiar with the Cheney were running up to get to Leno a little bit about you when you first to become interested in. As you put it strange and weird about it stories and tales and phenomenon. And when Jews become aware of monster run is an area. You know for me I I was as a kid I used to and take towns books so of the library that was always. If student different animals and things like that. And that they had stumbled across. One at war COLT notebooks. You know book's prologue this monster and all these other creatures and really got me. More interest in fighting now. Where these things come from Hulk problem you know we can't find them and so that led me into whether that happened to you close and coax it in of the paranormal and just always had that interest. But for media I heard of the march went because it was a place that would go. To go quietly nearby Canton guys would go dirt bikes four Wheeling. Puppet and also. You know couples pitchers would go parking and they would be parties. And not really knowing. Why it was called bobsled and but it you know circus taking final putt. The reason it is Carlton Marshall it was back in the day it. It was a place where. 1984. Farmer watched. What the as a creature walking on two legs. A column walking across and watched disclosure. Was realized it was noticed it broke into the gulf force car. To the words in that same area. That the children had seat and it came here. What do these creatures grab one and as cattle America shreds. Take off. Some nasty stories to Kuwait back then. In that area. Given it's an emotional and. And if you're talking about turn that original signing I think he set an 1884 where a creature was walking in to lay eggs. Was realized it was being watched. One on all foreign took off which really songs sounds dog man asked to me. Has there been anything like that cents. You know there there has been sightings where. Two cabinet officer. We're so Huntington logistics force. This is probably feel 1520 years ago. And watched some kind of Karl creature are locked up. Walked out of the tree lined up all the power lines. He was hunting with ability. And they had cut. Can split off a little bit just do it first you got it loses his friend. And the quick question to an open there. And also focused on apple shoulder future growth as is has birdie opting brilliantly looks back in this. Richard I want trip back to that look like. Does spend a lot of different. Just recently. The people a half ago. The gentleman was in mom's sister forced. But don't count as or area. And found ways to string tree structures. And as he was kind of taking a closer look at. April it would sell the chemical or law. Just heard movement and tolerance in chicken entries. Concede I think it just took off product. And so there is activity because we don't now and it's. Continues it to happen as or more people are going in and doing their own exploring these whoops. Well and there's are there analyze and that area is also there's bear activity as well also. The players do as anybody looked into the possibility of it mean black America's growing up initially in upstate new York and of course when in New England. It's not uncommon for there to stand on their hind legs and and walk or news or points or that is their videos of them of them doing and perennials and so is far fetched to think you might have been something like that they could have been easily explainable or who were people close enough the thing to realize that it wasn't. If you can't discount that there's a lot of sightings that are meant certain you know. They're saying possibly repair but there's also these stories we continue to happen where people are seeing. Now much. Mr. encounters people here committed you know their state. And knowing it's not a bit here. Arms of those stories in calories really have. Beatrice did I think well more people. Are stunned even hear that these are actually happening in Massachusetts. More and what do you what do you think makes one minster mass such an active area with all the pieces in the strange thing that most things that are going on the UFO's these bigfoot sightings these weird orange or herbs. You know if you look you mentioned could what are. The tour should triangle. Different areas you know that people consider that this potentially he's. Portals or some kind of wave from them to come in and out that's where we're seeing these things. All the in the same area. Why there. You don't hear and Garland. And you know within an instant. So there's two different crews have been out there a long time by truck peel and others. All of these could be bumped actual portal type various. And I'm not dismissing capital not saying that's what it is but it is curious that till now that would. Certain facility. That's his deal. Same scenario all throughout the country to put out spot to have that same. Not to happen it. Born and it is strange also laments are mass Howell and just how many claims of haunt things seem to reside in the area as well. A lot of a lot of our caseload when it comes Massachusetts. Woman stirs one of the most active locations for us to be contacted with paranormal activity claims. It's it's amazing and that's one of the things that stood out to me. I was a big band of Tillamook the way it was or auction critical these. Elements are like opposite and end up in other shows. And the underground railroad. Peace and problems as a part of that history. Can't really interest status status and perhaps be some kind of connection to all of this in though and it is made of Americans secret sites as well. Yeah right we have about two. I mean you just little less than a minute before we have to go to break again but Tim when I hear you talk about. The area when all the different types of phenomenon that are occurring you mention may possibly portal or something along those lines are reminds me a lot of Point Pleasant West Virginia where the moth man sightings were plus all the other. UFO in various activity. That went on there did you ever make any comparisons between the two locations. You know I couldn't attend. It is actually bring that up by no blunder refer to look at the broken into the review. Communicate correlation and did I felt that her interest in even OK okay a couple of in this connection as well. Just kind of kept me more excited that there is some potential hero. That being the case with what mr. You and I wonder what other spots around the country we can point out that actually have the same type of varied phenomenon occurring. Are gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our discussion with running LeBlanc he is the author of the book called monster land. We've got a lot more to discuss its beyond reality radio or telephone number is 844687766. 4677669. It is beyond reality radio with Jason and JB thanks to everybody for joining us we're talking with our running LeBlanc tonight about his book. A monster land the tomorrow night we've got a great program as well we're gonna brew bringing in I guess we've talked for a while Robert Wilcox Jim winning. Talking about the JFK assassination some new information some new ideas. Roberts' book target JFK talks about it all and we're gonna Bernard that it's here are some really interesting stuff. Mon night hassle and then Monday were talking with our close friend Rosemary element guy at least leading expert in the metaphysical and colonel fields. And with more than sixty books published on a wide range the paranormal and in a sort of talked with her in the two Tuesday were going to be talking with hons king. At the tender age three had its first visitation from first guide Sebastian. Members having an out of body experience felt a deep sense of responsibility he started using his gifts are channeling. And are we talking to him about that. Got a great two week ahead next week lot of great stuff don't forget to visit FaceBook page. In like it ends up by the website if you wanted to join the chat room which is always hopping and also I forgot to say because in next week last week for Christmas that we got our good friend Jeff only entrant on and it's going to be coming on talking about it. All types of lunch legends of folklore we had Jeff farm last December. Where we talked about campus and the history behind it a lot of other winners bring so just so Lisa. So it was a fun to have by the way Jefferson that movie the producers did Seattle what do you I want my boys and wants. It was it was interesting I wouldn't say in anyway it was kind of the movie that you had to equally heartedly against him. But there were some good parts and and it's funny scene might my twelve year old boy in all their eleven at time watched him of covering their houses and stuff and and I'm trying to tell my topic I know that's a great part coming up in the uncovering something and happened to be angry throwback over the nets. Let's bring our guest back in our running low bar or Blanca author of the book monster when Ronnie before he went to break we're talking about the connection between. Maybe they'll minster area and the Point Pleasant West Virginia area where the moss man and all the UFO sightings took place. And maybe some other parts of the country knows and I said you know maybe we should investigate whether there are other places in the country they share these. Texas phenomenon but you probably Murti done network are you aware of any others. You know. Can walk to branches as one that there seems to be some similarities. And has also. And fortunately enough. Mystery no result concealed Hampshire. There was city. And sacrificial role and be able. But it didn't go from unfortunate historical society on school street lobster club that was felt awful. Granite street in that it is very similar to the world that is up. That mystery in jail. And mystery files know as America's Stonehenge which. There's seems to be a veto connection would. Would look mr. and that and that site as a potential outpost. You know we don't know who actually built some of these different stone chambers of these different. Areas. It seems to be that would have been one of these people out spots. Interest and well and I I investigated the place right in Salem Salman Hampshire it was a an island. I've forgotten the name of it off the top in my head you might remember it. Ron I'm sure if you're familiar with the island but it's at a well but there was and I forgot because it was many years ago but there was some weird tie it to some of the the residents of the island and also lemons to mass is well I'll have to go back to my notes manufactured on the. Actually yeah a couple of we'll be here. Running let's sum that less is set the stage a little bit more because you've been talking about parliament stir Massachusetts. Do you know where it is obviously Jason knows where it is give us a real sense of the geography where are we talking about in Massachusetts. Hit it where it's natural masks. North central. Part of fifteen miles 45 miles west vote Costin. And maybe. 2530 minutes self doubt that it reporter so apparent north central mask and you mentioned earlier LaRoche works well mostly forest sluggish it's spots. For some things are gonna lose. Little therapy in. To have gone and so these different sightings and you close circle back in the sixties. Slow different contrasting cases. Back to what she too. Well potentially when you look at loans to mass especially when you're looking an aerial view of then there's easy ways for you to stay in highly wooded area all through that area streak into New Hampshire all the way up into the white mountains. It's yes that's what it's supposed to be put them but a big what. Aka right now right you've got to listener who has ago story that they would like to share with you and so Ralph from sort of welcome to beyond reality radio you're on. Thanks in on the show very egos it's thank you are. Call and no where Christmas Clinton to hear thank you. I blew it a couple content I I get off point. But are called. The first time our call out trotted talked about how he looked. So far all. And war on Mac there likes straight. Use east west west view gulf credit for being so. Awful. How are 24. Something to its east west ham and and it's there debtors. Peter keep. And so our Paula one night and I talked about it on radio you'd want my. And there and I got an answer it. They're got cut off that but anyway the thing we're group. We also again I was the year. And missiles probably not more than two weeks ago we all thought everybody that was there we all saw. When you say everybody how many people you talking about. Probably thirty. Yeah authority because you're so racetrack award crops. Like Berkeley across the street from. It's army unit that's playing out. Also very small town and hang out and and yet everybody saw and it flopped it's not ought the big deal is like well okay. Describe describe to us again it was a while ago since you were on the show talking about as a describe it again. It's it's just it looks if you torture. The way out so it is not cook brought this. Up there and here. And I'm looking at it it's bigger than mark this news. Keywords. Which will be probably about maybe. Ottawa maybe maybe it's point one mop it's hard to tell. How far all the credit. And can you give it an estimate how high in the errant ones. Back. Earned about 4 o'clock. Or are put in and either. And this so bad before the current chain. To better the last. That happened. Pot has changed but it was still. At the same latitude. Ten and we'll make sure next thing you see it may and then you see at least have a picture some of forests are. Are loyalists well armed armed totally off secret model error. Mark rhetoric and their arms but I mean I'm sure there are people. That what. Everybody acts like they definitely feel. Kirkuk city it's not in Florida who knows. What calming you down either of you know we go out stationed off the and already there who bought it bought bought it rains alienate worry you're not allowed. It lets you know if you fly in a small plane you know you're not allowed an anterior. Juanita. Won't let. Mr. Ron let's get Ron Lee's take on that Ronnie. Be exact description sound at all familiar to you. You know of the is willing to vote. As moving into a kind of coming in that same area again. Election stiffly seem to all the same kind of tasks. I had witnessed and Pope comes flying in tandem. And Cape Cod and they rule the water. Can't they were going from left to right. And basically the next day. They came in again and that same path. So it's introducing any metric that they saw it again and actions to be. And Erica book air travel route that coveted out of here. And you saw you when you say that you witnessed those personal. I held. I receive actually could come over books the good times though. Well I'm assuming that you're not off the grid if you were you able to get any. Us. I was able to get them some studio. Well my Eiffel. Concept of Al sugar creek. That were in a triangle formation basically hovering in the sky. Head it can't was apparently because I've been we can watch they'll audible collections. I don't see it is not my idea I felt was struck a replica of my phone so I. So rapidly certain that it could settle. But what I saw physical lie and had that would solve under that recorded at least was really caption orange. Don't relish or should quote these things. Because translated into a whitish. Color and not that great. That. Camps deal. Just kind of like that but also just flying. What they're going into some kind of direction. You know that it is they're all kind of a mission does double what was it. Kind of fall in tandem. The potential continue. But Eric Douglas thank you to Ralf for his phone call I just wanna mention one thing about pictures or videos of soft lights in the sky it and I'm sure we've all at one point looked outside and see the beautiful moon. And sit on the take a picture that thing in the pictures never come out the way. If they look when you're just looking at what of the object is it with your eyes because of the way cameras will average light on a screen and down so. -- it's a must be very very difficult much you have the right filters in the exact equipment you need to take pictures of that kind of activity. Guess it just he the presence of mind. Greg camera and it. Several times where it's like you are seeing these things seriously circus play where you really are crap like I can't. And it is those moments where it's like you kind of look at united thinking about it. While that happened Jimmie and I will Wear up in New Hampshire oh me because you've got you've got the air force base that's and in Vermont. Right over the border and all toys we had planes go over and they broke sound barrier which sounded like you know stick of dynamite going often in the the driveway of the Spalding and when when I owned it. But Jim there were at twice that we're up there where it was pure dark news just dark now. And you'd see these planes going over and they were shooting all these flares in the other planes would. Would end up going to add to the players and to be honest with you if if I didn't know any better initially we we didn't know that it was from the air force base put. We we truly thought that we are seeing and UFO's and you remember that Jim. Yeah absolutely and you know it takes your brain a while to figure out just process it before he can even think about trying to do anything about it. It. So are going to so yeah I just was Gannett news movement going back to the book what types of Islam. The stories do you share is it is a more analytical what approach do you tape with monster land. You don't what attracted to look at Brooke it is to kind of focus on Massachusetts. And the history of sightings. So I look at our beautiful settings and they can kind of find that work. He can be executed or that were really credible but of all of the military your at least or you know real credible people. Like lawyers and doctors. So right. Propose almost different stories and encounters. Constitute the same with all of the bigfoot. Counters in Massachusetts. It and I didn't all of his other new reports of these or short. And count in my experience with this and as a category along its seem to be of the mystery kind of a wonderful thing. At a at a time when a case where is little cape which that this group of an exclusive. Open up. And so that was out this whole experience kind of went from anywhere. Was discovered along the way and everything kind of came at the right appropriate time so there was a lot of synchronicity. Where people are Mac. And different things that happened. Just had the kind of complex and put an echo is really getting involved. Well and looking at looking up the information on your book. Pinning your books got five out of five stars available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and but and just that the people are talking about it and in a monster only and is a well well worth five stars very well researched book about a very strange place one of the best. Books around the Woolworth to read. And the list goes on on so it looks like you definitely did your homework and you know because then you've got endless and most comments on it. People really have enjoyed. These guys committed it's like I'm a little you know local content level is considerably. Request of people company and or two and kind of book signing there and lobster on Saturday. And it in the state is people that by the book that they have a story. Or big dose of it has story. Do you know bigfoot or U fools is also play. Which is fascinating that there's just so much help group of people to search. Afraid to come a couple of quick. Those are ridicule all these different subjects. But I think it's gotten we're heading into account and or people are seeing that there is other people who have these same experiences. And they're coming forward. Are as a guy who's written on big foot I need to ask because I asked this and first off. Are you a believer in big. I have you know there's just a committee this is committee account or its stories that. The tactics or those to be real. And I'm on the kind of guy I wanna bully for breakfast I wanna I want a boy and I'm sure there's something else there that. That we haven't we haven't been able to figure out yet but comes the question. YE in this day and age where we've got everything from thermal technology down and you know you've got hunters in the woods you guys. People people like me I heads into the white mountains for usually a week every year with just a backpack via a live in a living off the land just in trying to tell hike through the whole area myself. And I come across everything from bear some moose you name it. Never come across a big foot now why and why in the scenario is why do you think that we have never been able to make contact with these things or. Find OneCare can tell you it's sad sabre cats one. Just be able to observe that they are real. You know. Didn't do it's a question I think that whoever can have. Read. It's the million dollar question right it's. One always is amazing to me is in. A couple whose son out of Libya or oh in Massachusetts. He wouldn't force. Ranger. And pat has been kind of restart capitalism. Treatment effect. You actually have you actually seen them you've you've seen them. I have not to talk to people admittedly people put out didn't have time. I counted six and it is and you should hear their voice. Petty little brother bring up as a lie detector test but. It is amazing stories of people who think congress have. They're just they're faster something. That these people cynic but it is. Perplexing how they can just disappear. Hogan took bribes and be gone you know. Yeah and and I get the fact that finding the bones is is is unlikely especially. You know as as the again a guy who goes on hiking trips myself through the mountains and grow and grow up in upstate New York Tom it's Alec I can't I really ever came across a dead bear markets because they decompose so quickly in the wild and and other animals and really helped along in in sexson and all that. So I can understand not finding the remains of a dead one and of its gonna get covered up quickly by him by debrief from the tree and everything else. But it's just it's one of those things reset their question. Why haven't we found them or been able to. Two somehow use thermal does to locate them more or any of these things or you know why hasn't somebody pulled well there Smartphone camera since everybody has won with these twelve megapixel cameras. And got an a great picture agreed video. That is just like beyond a shadow of a dial. Optimistic at that time and still is coming up. That will hopefully get him to better quality. Footage shot there at the vet definitive proof. Because it is a cap of believers that wanna believe. Didn't ask your body for the same two. You know what the take it seriously and if I do think that it's suited to it so happened recites a critical Ford. I don't know why don't we can't see it or less time but it seems to be would commit to a point where. Something's gonna sarcastic you have such support with just this whole load. Nichols project. I agree let's talk a bit more about the UFO component to what's going on in monster wins what's what's been reported. And what kind of verification of those reports to we have. Well he interest seeing peace with what mr. is that that he entries yet. Who is. Well look beautiful Turkey. Raymond Fowler. Mr. circle cook's been treated fair the watchers. She got her first experience in what mr. 1944 which is what seven years old. You know this marble size gold in all play. Issues. Playing at or play elsewhere in her friend in the slowly kind of campaign that it is doesn't sound should initially thought it was a repeat. Candidate we have had. On a couple and there was still have to communication. Easier saying you know we're. Keep a variety June well time is getting close and so there's is that first interaction with that kept. It is a really countries exciting. That happened right on the street from where it was actually legal secretary. Where a couple. In the late sixties were picking drive it was a hot summer. Ninety there's like 1 on the morning. I can could drive down want to contain a long way Castro out of the city. And they came back partly an hour later. Org shrinking their their forties they try to buy at the cemetery. They haven't seen this time talk in this lights hovering over the cemetery. We try our bodies and turn the husband shot to current charge round I think we got soccer and pulls into the cemetery. In as we get closer to the slaughter that slowly they notice it's city. Flying saucer that typically you go hovering above the cemetery. And it kind of sewing and underrated as we get to take a break point comeback. Who I wanted to necessary he'll listen Jason TV. Arsenal he's trying to dvds left without being real sound you always find your dvds halfway through your favorite movie is selling the dvd you later his free arm. Our state of the art technology we'll take your dvd re going back to the beginning for cinematic masterpieces starts. The very beginning and we tie and reach out our car. May she get that dvd you wonder now how. Are. I already on nine is just flying by our guest tonight has been Ronnie LeBlanc author. The book monster man running and fortune only get about three minutes left with few here and you're in the middle of a story we would certainly wanna did you hear the end of that and they give you an opportunity to let folks know how to get all the book. Sure definitely. Because Oakland temples of the US military and the child and it's now the car as a boxer is covering. Point to twit has quite a screening of shortly to back in the car. Or are its back on the well almost what you describe magnetized. And there's you know solution to a stream into here. Well after a few seconds and it regained his composure control as are any expect a car. Well traveled. It was spectators to their outlook and he still hasn't completely can regain control of his motor functions and crash is ready to begrudge you can't break soon enough. Astute very important at this point in there there's forties has been mentioned. They called their parents to tell what happened what they saw to a picnic it's up and optically connected through in the morning is that going to be something good will. One at a Paris and it's in the columns to police to come down. Interviewed them and he knew the couple. Respected in the community and based on his experience completely they're telling the truth so those cases like these that just came in Indonesia to. It's people's minds in the other stories of people see these two to craft to mistake. Implement Serbs surrounding areas. Well to brace of American people get ahold of up monster land find out more about the work that you're doing. Sure they can go to our web site it's Ronnie. Look long dot com. They can also look at the book on Amazon. Parts in oracle as well. Doing a book signing at peace let mr. Barnes & Noble this Saturday December 17 from twelve to four. So I wanna come down again this autographed copy of the book and meet me. They can do that. That city and perhaps was a case with me through my website or FaceBook and Twitter. That's critical and we appreciate you being on the show and sharing all of that information and I was Sharon parts your book with a so's terrific running thanks so much. You guys are really appreciate the opportunity. Amish c'mon right so on the book is monster land and good it is available Barnes & Noble and also on Amazon. And it's well worth checking out. I'm just getting and note here from slick Eddie that we've actually. You know OK some aren't so does remember from we're gonna have somebody that people have been. Looking forward to hearing for some time wasn't on the program are. Are nice aren't sounds good and we're gonna go to our special guest line and bring in our good friend the amazing -- key we haven't heard from sake in a long time GA end miles good to hear from you thought he welcomed the program. If hockey. Ha ha JD decent condition. Yeah here we gotcha yeah I can hear you just just super actually yeah. It's incredible to be back and Michelle I secretly appreciation to help farm yeah. And asked me c'mon get what we didn't but number were happier on anyway Tom Barrett unless you physically can't reach their voices. I was able to. Since coming out here each actress and your energy and it was installing funny. Shocker aside were you by any chance listening to last night's show. Yeah. That was that cents each on. Okay yet John John Kerry was on last night yeah. Aren't so (%expletive) you which of an up to him and heard from in awhile. I asked them to a lot of green things I just a kid coming to the end here Christmas is right around the corner. I just needed to come on and he informed me at all of money predictions right when he sixteen predictions that at all came true or nice Oprah. You're saying all of your 2016 predictions actually came true. This is correct. I honestly don't remember. What they word JD you remember what his predictions were no engine naturally it'll it's because I didn't tell you you all the. Then just in case the beaten cancer and announce that he can tell you tonight. I'll now. Eric cents all right well why don't you share us with us the predictions that you made that came true for 26 in Canada where my first big prediction making sure analyst I initially had cult floor. He's presidential race turned down until Republican. And it Democrat. And I hit that one right I do regular merit I have to admit I do remember you making that prediction funky meter right here on this program one point. Japan's current TV. Another prediction of mindless. Bet me the world would not pieces that would Matt and he can act. With Matt. Strike and strike until he's sixty. Okay well we still have a couple weeks left so are you still OK making him making that. Assertion that it came true well. Can this keep Hillary Clinton possibly Clayton two weeks if everything goes well. Now we're gonna do alive the (%expletive) you we're the only area our lives so. I don't I don't foresee. Here. We're still here Mo we know that 90% of the time your 100% right so. We were actually. That's up to about 92%. Well okay right. Bombs Jason you do you do do you remember any of his other predictions. That I remember the one about the Republican and Democrat. Have been it was pretty much it bug us like he's gonna tell us again. Well so and I also predicted that. Ingredient that we spent yeah immediately becomes syndicate and say it again let's correct them. There was a good bit. Here you were correct you and remember you calling it taking credit for that and six African national editor and yes and were well all I can say is that where we've been really really happy with the winners but there syndication since August and it's been gone really well. So are now being honest. I I wanted to put out some 2070. Technicians and usually trying to do this until the end of 2017. Sanctity my. My predictions etc. OK okay Richard you're gonna win this time for this year. Only if he occasionally for yeah. You about right well that sounds fair. 2017 prediction you know it's still it I wanted to have Christie teaching them. So my frustration. In January US will become more patient saying we will we will become more syndicated. Parent that's accurate a case so yes. US video we've been we've been talking about it for a couple months on on there being physical and syndication again yes yeah he had a sitter dad's a whole bunch stations must. Larry I have lunch for one yeah but we don't want for one year ago I was. I predict that there will be a billionaire and the White House in 2007. Okay Atmel I would guess that would just be because as you know Donald Trump won the election in November so inevitably. He'll will be will be inaugurated in January 6 to twentieth so it is so he needed that's true syncing your point yes and so again and scientific since. I think but two for two yeah. Yeah I'm good. Identification as a little. It's a little personal history changing. Anarchy and money to relax and Maria well as long as Jason Terry Jason get your finger on the none of the delete button OK I'm ready to be ready okay my appreciation. GPU. He will recover. From a none permanent fund insurance now like the only stay with us and he thinks he do you you know. Erika Sasaki every I know exactly what you're talking to I think everybody listening does is well it was a very healthy person and their idols yeah. Clinton even if she got her or because they talked about it but it's yeah and you just eat you didn't break up and started you know about this conversation now continues and you. OK okay well I'm glad to hear that because have been very concerned about it in Jason's been really concerned I mean it Jason if you keep sending flowers like you can minutes OK I'm good all the nice flower show. On this very species and notices a difference. McCain and I won JD and wanna see if there's no way. Princeton commercials and lately for a group cult safety. It's. Support for again from international and I want to stick my support with the men and kids to free readings Hutchison part. Sixty. Christmas. Well Asian as you probably know I've become by the official spokesperson for safety. Sport forgotten some international and yeah you how would you propose its who would you give these readings to the anybody that was also going to support safety is that what you thinking. I don't. Yeah well I figured it sneaky instead. Me charging people money for their meetings I can do very people he safety seats each taking just entities that. At work girl it's very generous of you funky very generous in one thing Elena Pataki is easy to about. And some other. I heard a commercial for a potential product. Fitness is out there. And yeah you're recently Jason into this and Jane uses duke it will catch on a new product itself but go ahead yes yes that's correct can't tell. I wanted to know if he has had a way to contact that company because I would love to become a product testing finance from the camp he. Okay sometimes there's just these situations where you in the middle of their meeting and it's not the perfect thank you can happen until it he can use the restroom. You're talking assembly and a sensitive matters. So of course it. That Paulson play. Crapping your pants from a somebody generating current and there's also other situations sometimes when I get. In the morning. Jerry Springer sound and I really in a lot of times it's very interesting things like that. And policing I wanna do is run into the bathroom so. It just I don't miss an episode of. Good session. That's been here intentional catalyst result and wouldn't it wouldn't have to pick harassment and because the whole episode. And can access your pants too. Yet the wreckage the catchall thing it's a pretty interesting product psyche and did he sounds like you be the perfect person to tune dorsett for the Renaissance of I. I think sound. Me I foresee that it would be. A very positive relationship for us where he. Yeah I can understand that critique it would be great Kiki just geeky kid and like he and Alan my FaceBook page or have them. Call them. And yeah are eating and just lap and held my hand and we'll connect you know we can do that for your truck you know from both and thank you for coming on and then not only. Not only letting us know what what of your 2016 predictions that we didn't hear about actually came true. And that is going on and win for the 2017 predictions it's pretty exciting. Will always remember you guys passed the Nike. Heat I suggest you can't just let us together. It's a week and we as a group and that much on Wii is that he had that much. Just an easy. It meant we amazing hockey Diana an amazing for our great thanks for call. It's beyond reality radio will be back with more after. It won't back down really refuse and he and. That was their plan to call her hockey. Yeah it's predictions that he didn't tell anybody ahead of time just to Casey and Justin together how do you do you verify there ever right and then he wanted us to I'll pre record as saying in holder for two weeks just to be sure that. That last prediction actually was accurate. Yes I don't think there's academies into intimately is amazing in his own mind them and then for. We've got a great week of shows coming up after tomorrow night is or less show for this week and we're going to be talking to JFK assassination and that's a topic. That out a lot of Americans became very interest and then when now Oliver Stone released his movie JFK obviously which was kind of well wasn't it was directly tied to the Jim Garrison novel. On the trail of the assassins which I've read the book it's fascinating. But it's just one of many many conspiracy theories related to the JFK assassination in this going to be a new one introduced to us tomorrow night when we talk with. With our guest and it's going to be really interesting. Now agree more conspiracy theories and then Monday we got Rosemary oil and Ilie leading expert in the metaphysical internal fields. With over sixty books published in a wide range of the paranormal. Spiritual mystical topics and and most things like that man on Tuesday were we talking with Hans king. Tender age of three he had his first visitation from a from a spirit guide. Sebastian senior members having out of body experience felt a deep sense of responsibility and started to use his gift that channeling. And to help others and then. Wednesday we've got our good friend Jeff Blanchard skimmed talking about legends of folklore recovering campus and had a bunch of other things. Yeah or last time we talked with Jeff which as you mentioned. You know minus sixty days of a student shows once a week you know is Lucerne mid November and it was about mid December so like the first thirty days and so one of the first four or five shows so many years is we've got mark yet and go but the interesting thing is he was taught when he was talking with us under somebody legends and in and some of them are so very sinister that have kind of morphed into kids' stories and kids things that sound. That really. Either not what do you think in the crafts is one of them and these things keep coming up. Out of a legend in folklore and Dem rhesus surfacing like the campus which became popular because of a movie that was released. But there's a lot of stories like that so it'll be interesting to a pseudo seat. As to share with us and that's a big German thing that and they still do they still must also prepare these big festivals or are scaring kids. Let's go to let's get the common to bring rose in roses from an island welcome to the show rose from the armory on the radio. Hi how we used these things can do it should. I'm on my question is adjacent conscience chariot. That I do coming back to Rhode Island ever. Ireland growing and finally I'm Arnold and anywhere. Belmont. Familiar with. And different. I houses that we have a right around loans slate V as in areas. I wanted. As military rulers as men to grow with most top. Yeah Johnston. Okay I have a nice and gas station explosion. Then. Yeah thanks. I'm not feeling that that area but in another direction off 44 route 44 in that area. Yeah I'm unfamiliar with the area and how can you leave us. I'm not a policy so that lately I am torn. I am into all the paranormal investigation myself as well and there is how that the areas that I have investigated. And I've wanted to do now. If you know if I were to give you an address I have to get these as the actual address. If you still go to different houses and do that. Oh absolutely there's a whole new Sweden the what you see on TV is just a small part of taps. Com and we still had out on a weekly investigations investigating cases that aren't televised. Because it's not about it's not about TV it's we truly do this we did it before the show and we do it after and so forth so. Yeah if you if you get the address he called into us one night sent send it over to slick Eddie. He can get a form and semi open. Fantastic OK don't get how much is great talking to him do you merry merry Christ. You too happy holidays thanks for the call rose OK let's go to the throne here in the skin. Okay so I'm glad you guys played the lost boys they have known as cry a little sister. Let's see months ago when I had I heard of the first time in years I'm telling you that's one of those songs. At least for me it really haunts you and stay with Q are really. It's stuck in your head. And if my recent backwards also known as back masking or in reversed. Trade and cover other which they use for one of the sequels. And they bring into words that you won't hear a foreign language. Adult the pair make of Latin or whatever. This stage in hell hole. I'm burning. And people. People have. I guess that the arrives source speculated that this song is actually about and that. And that's from beans about the movie real quick so the mom's name was Lucy. So that Lucifer. Michael the archangel Michael and spam. Was they MIL. The demon and also associated with Al when he does the big article all about. I simply don't have you been and a Saudi. You know similar everybody would you not saying everybody was named Lucy use connected to lose for. Pretty much yeah the soul so much so my aunt is somehow connected to Lucifer. Sure I mean just inside encountered instances she's a church like four times that we shall be two to death whether her purse she heard the. But I've been quite a bit more immediate end to be. Some of these so called words for awhile in the music. And odd because I guess just says. In different parts or whatever. You gonna have about thirty points you need about thirty seconds to. Not signed the moon light to. Brain brain and brain dime and Lucy and go to art Lucifer Satan the devil antichrist. Well. What anecdote is soldier follower it was the first state in the double or antichrist. All it was the first all about falling in the span also the fallen angels. Stars are fallen angels or demons. Start beat Napoli cares hybrid between men and fallen angels. Did you order to get organized antibodies. Thought I would have to touch their service return object. Or on time here are my saw somebody in Chad say is a no show tomorrow I'm not sure how that. Goddess that are heard word obviously due to show tomorrow and we've got rob Wilcox argument to JFK set assassination may do Jesus spoke. One Thursday offering any and all it was Thursday when you guys are holding delegates at the end of the world every Thursday screwed now also with an output dolby you'll realize tomorrow with Robert Wilcox SOA. And again a big shot up to Ronnie LeBlanc coming on tonight in talking about his book monster and check it out CF five stars it's really staying has some great reviews. And if you haven't yet make she had over and like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. So what everybody have a great night safe night and Jason NG you catch you tomorrow night. And media is to discuss its importance but it seems. Johnson for her Conrad now don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what punt or you like to be cast on beyond reality radio email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.