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12-13-16 Scoot 1pm- Can Christmas be about Jesus and Santa?

Dec 16, 2016|

Did an evangelical pastor do God’s work by going to a mall and shouting out to the children in line to see Santa the truth about Santa Claus?

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And market through our show this afternoon you have heard in the forecast so we've got some showers so don't worry if you art to the north or to the west of New Orleans she might be some of that rain right now. And there will have a lot more to talk about today as the show goes on because that's front that's moving through this area it's actually Thursday and Friday going to be much much cooler. Then it is now. We've got to some tickets to giveaway to go see Chicago in concerts at the center theater on March the 21 when you hear the Chicago song of the day. Which today is beginnings. That will be your cute called the content slime to Syria coach 504. 26094678. Caller breeze the tickets will be listening for beginnings. And I don't always wait until the last hour of the show to get something going at it can give you that little hip and I can't tell you win we're going to do so just keep listening. Donald Trump made a comment that if elected president every business would be saying Merry Christmas and not happy holidays. To river than. Does it bother you when you hear Merry Christmas. Doesn't bother you when you hear happy holidays. And with some big businesses started a greeting customers are happy holidays rather than Merry Christmas a lot of people saw this as part of the war on Christmas. Is there really a war on Christmas will be talking about this on the show this afternoon terrorism does the Warren Christmas on the justice and is this actually a real thing or is the war Christmas more of a myth. A lot of people watching who believe it's real. I'm not so sure it is. And I'll tell you why but we'll get into that a little bit later but you think about the times that you hear Merry Christmas and happy holidays and to see either one bothered you. In this year Christmas and Chanukah I can't coincide. Honecker is on the same day is and as Christmas it doesn't always happen that way but it happens that way this year. I wanna give you'll a little warning about the topic this hour. If you have any kids listening. You might not want them to listen to the shall mean I would hate to lose you as a as a listener but I wanna be honest about this and I'll I'll I'll give out this morning a couple of times this hour. How more talk about something then an evangelical pastor did. In a mall. With children standing in line to see Santa Claus. And in our conversation about this we're gonna talk about. Santa clause. We're gonna talk about. The birth of Jesus. There are some people who think you can't have both. You can't have Santa. And Jesus. Sana distracts from Jesus in the minds of many. So as I start to set this up I just wanted to let you know that if you've got kids and if you think they might ask a question. You might wanna. Get them in another room you know take the duct tape and duct tape onto a wall in the other room so they don't bother either you or me we can just have this this conversation. I'm but I did wanted to give you that that little warning to congress. I believe in Santa clause. But there are some people who say that Santa Claus. Is not real including pastor David Grisham. From the last frontier is Angeles in church in Alaska. He was recently in Texas at the Amarillo mall. He took a cellphone video of himself walking up to a line of children and parents waiting to see Santa Claus. And he said there's no Santa. He said it's just a man dressed up in a suit. He told the kids. At their parents are all the presents that were under the tree. Here's part of what's. Pastor David Grisham said in that video what he's talking to these kids in the mall. Folks my name is pastor David kids don't wanna tell you today. That there is no such thing is seeing excellence. Santa Claus does not exist. The Christmas season is about Jesus. Jesus was born in 2000 in sixteen years ago. He was born in a Manger in a small town called Bethlehem. And that's the truth about Christmas. The man you're gonna see today is just the man innocent. Dressed up like Siena that's Siena does not exist. Santa's not real. And parents know they just thought lying to your children and telling them that this Santa Claus is real when in fact he's not. And you hear some parents are two approaches sky there were still physical confrontation but I've got more of that video coming up in just a few minutes and it's when the parents approached the guy. Is this evangelical pastor doing the work of god by going to a mall and telling children in line to see Santa. The truth about Santa Claus. If you wanna join us with comments are numbers 26 so when he seventy. Every coach 504260187. In a text is a 77. Here is. Texas says it's a freaking Christian holiday if somebody doesn't like Merry Christmas. Then don't be a Christian. Too many idiots. Freak out on this display. At the checks and it's yes there is a war on Christmas or at least using the term. There are more Muslims. Than there are atheists. I don't know where he got that a statistic. But again this year tonic and Christmas. Are on the same day. So does anybody have a problem whereas. Saying Merry Christmas. Is anybody have a problem with saying happy holidays we'll get into that more in the next hour and wanted to start the show we're talking about this this pastor. In my opinion this guy is not doing the work of dot. And our party general opinion poll is simple. Can Christmas be about Santa and Jesus. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com Mike you're under the WLA good afternoon. You know good. But. Do you know that beat when you speak the people. Medical and do you you're. And I don't. True not true no I think it. Oh and in. Particular we've been called what is the way to do you notice not. All of what you do you do you now people ought to pick we've guarantee out of Obama on the real the week not a. Don't Mike I agree with you guys so we're gonna continue with this and in just a few minutes or got more of the the audio from the video of this this pastor if you just joined us for talking about. Evangelical pastor David Graham from the last frontier evangelists and church in Alaska who was in a Texas at the Amarillo mall. And he goes up to the kids in the parents standing in line to see Santa. NHL's and there's no Sana the pairs bought the presence it's just a guy dressed up and it is the only thing that matters to Christmas is Jesus. And I do understand the point he's making that this is not the moment to make this point. And also coming up this hour I'm gonna share with you the audio from a video bit has has gone viral around the world. And it's a man in Tennessee. Who. If ever there was a guy who looks just like Santa Claus this guy looks just like Santa Claus. He was asked. By a hospital. To come visit a little boy who has done it five years old. And a little boy. I mean it's. It is such a touching story. The little boy. Was more. When he he was trying to focus more on Christmas and then dying. And the way this manhandled it was. What's phenomenal and we too you hear this story so don't go anywhere that's coming appear in just a few minutes if you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon our numbers 260. One a seventy. Area code final four to six so when it's happening. Text numbers 87870. And here's our party general opinion poll and Christmas the about Santa and Jesus. It is your opinion. Every if you don't icon. Here's a text I'm Christian but all I can say is that we just need to pray for that. Pastor. I'm getting a lot of text here under to your calls and your text when we come back I'm skewed the afternoon at a very you'll. I mean are you OK with that is that is it okay that Santa Claus is coming to town it is Christmas have to be about sand or Jesus can Christmas be about both Santa and Jesus. That's a pretty general opinion poll 84% say yes and 16%. Say now. I remember years ago father Kenny who was just have a very. Very popular priest had to say Philip narrowing where I got married. In in Metairie. Nine and we would go there when I was with younger and it first marriage a father Kenny one student. Sermon. And he said this this little kid came to him and said I figured out who Sana news. Since Santa can see you all the time. Since he does nice things for people. And since he knows when you've been bad or good Santa must be got. And I thought that was kind of acute in this story. And getting a lot of text here here's one that says said the man could have handed the parents. Op pamphlet to share. With their children about the true meaning of Christmas rather than announcing it out loud and causing distress to the children and the parents. That was very wrong another text says. That here here's the truth also Christmas although Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ. Actually Christ was born in September according to historical fact. I'm using the the time. Children Chandler anyway did the text goes on to just talk about how yeah I mean it's it's true you can look at the Bible and kind of figure out that. Jesus was not necessarily born Christmas Day but that's the date that we we celebrate and think there's anything wrong with that. Here's a text Santa Claus is saint Nicholas therefore pastor used loosely. David Tess says. That he needs to go back to theology class. If you wanna join us in the comments if you just joined us we're talking about a pastor. And evangelical pastor who is from arc from from Alaska. Any went to a mall in Texas of all the kids were all lined up with their parents to see Santa Claus. He and I did a cell phone video of him telling all the kids in the Paris well actually he was talking mostly to the kids. There's no such thing as Santa is just a guy dressed up in a suit and a Christmas should only be about Christ and also if you just joined us I'll I have given this content warning. Where we're talking about this so if you've got kids that might ask you questions you might want to. Have them I've not listened you might wanna put in another room I would hate to use luge was a listener but I would rather protect kids if you wanna continue to do that because. I still believe in Santa Claus. Our numbers 2601878. At a Texas a 78 Saturday and coming up after the news at 10130. I'm gonna play more of this this video the audio from the video. Of this pastor David Grisham. Police. At one point confronted by a parent and then a couple more Paris. And if he'd been in this situation how would you have handled it. This guy think she's doing the work of god by telling kids in line at a mall. There's no Santa Claus. Is he a Kayla a year and every WL. I think for me I mean I'm on the topic that I can actually increase the speed packet out and I and keep it I think that went attack surrogate was absolutely outraged Easter he appeared on the lie to be able to explain. The biblical reason recruitment along with saint. I do think he. Needs appearing to be able to explain in the terms that they wish to do within their. To simulate QL election. Kidnapping and get back yet again and you'll wonder. If you are a little bit magic to Christmas. Just by looking at operational is not real. Global wait immunity did publish office in real. Here. I know what you're saying Galen. Actual exhibit these important children Crittenton is about he's our actual. I heard that children. Magical time and she and I think that according. Think for children to grow a lot on their magic in the world are out there that you could be the key didn't. And not eating into what it out a lot which he and I think that you can incorporate by an anti. And he'll keep the rule a worker and it really I think that it ending to what completely wrong. It was an outrage. Parent I hit it fat and market leading the shorter. Or are that the arms and at the ability and it. I think he struck the theory that there parental rights. When they're children line. We're currently in each family there. Different. Tim Cahill I I've I appreciate the call while I mean I I would I would I would agree with you on. The interesting thing is what if you were apparent in that situation and that happened because of freedom of speech there's nothing that would stop somebody from doing it. If you were standing in line with your child and somebody did that. How would you handle the situation. Is it GI Joseph Biden. To Vanya on Devin have you on good afternoon. It. And it. I know it the day you know when I walked and it. Yet the air out of there. Because I like he. Knowledge should act. It out. A bit. Out of respect and you know nobody wanted it out eight in the on the I've read it did because I have at eight EH OK and Motley of it and be a war. OK. I lied. K good who cares or reward you get it. The that would get. And Joseph Klein sit. Is it may be. And I hope people understand when I say this but is it may be easier for a young child to grasp the concept of a Santa Claus with all the imagery. It is to grasp the concept of a guy who died on the cross for our sins. Exactly exactly right. It would have devastated. The EE. Doing good schools and it is reported. That. And bickered about you know paying it and it is that you can dealt. And a and cricket I looked it out they'll let. Outlet that it quietly in a random person that I child on the street. In a good. Question. That ultimately in the totally wrong. Javon I appreciate the call I've exit to this pastor this evangelical pastors wrong. Yeah and this is another great opportunity to talk about why it's unfair to judge all Muslims. There are Muslim terrorists. Who claim to be part of Islam. But they're not really. They don't really understand the relation I think this evangelical pastor David pressure from Alaska. I think this guy doesn't really understand christianity. And you should not judge all Christians and all pastors and all evangelical pastors by this guy right. So this is just another opportunity to talk about how it's unfair. To stereotype everybody with one religion if you're on hold stay with the saga toward your calls are more your text coming up and we come back after the news. Wanna play another part of this on video that this guy was taking this to the yourself. Cellphone video. Of him and it's telling kids in line waiting for Santa that there's no such thing as Santa is their parents who by the presence and it's really all about Jesus. In a couple of parents confront him we've got that for you can morph your comments coming up I'm screwed in the afternoon glad you're with us on his senate Tuesday December 13. And here's our WW welders update with Chris Miller. I was looking at the current charts and the weekend. Has more hits on the charts and I remember anybody ever Havoc on the charts at one time even The Beatles. I mean discuss his very prolific he's got one hit after another and this is from the weekend featuring Daft Punk costar boy. I'm skewed to the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions in the afternoon. And it's a lot going on with politics in the truck transition does continue and president elect Donald Trump has selected. The head of Exxon a Rex Tillerson to be secretary of states and senators Senator John McCain Lindsey Graham. And Marco Rubio all have for serious concerns about that however none have said that they would actually oppose him at this point so there may be some. A consideration with the confirmation process with describe it. You know we'll have a lot of time to talk about that also apparently a president elect trump has selected Rick Perry from Texas to be the energy secretary. Which is really interesting because at one point during the campaign. Did you Rick Perry say that he he wanted to eliminate. The the Department of Energy. So there's a lot to talk about in there will be plenty of times talk about all of that but you are today I was really I was really hit by this story of an evangelical pastor. Who says he's doing God's work. By going to a mall and shelling out to the kids in line that. Well the truth about Santa and by the women to give you this warning if you just joined us if you have kids who might ask questions you might now want them to listen to the show this hour. I would heavily to issue but if you if you've heard me give this morning before forgive me for doing it gamblers wanna make sure that anybody just tuning in knows who we're talking about. We're talking about the truth about Santa because. This evangelical pastor David Grisham. Went to a mall he's from Alaska. But it went to a ball Amarillo Texas. And walked up to be the kids in the parents ever talking to the kids telling him there's no Santa. In fact let's let's let's play another part of the the the video this is audio from the video of this this pastor. Who did cellphone video of himself. At the mall. And at one point a parent comes up to the guy so think about being in this position. You're in a mall. And a guide identifies himself as evangelical pastor. It is telling all the kids there's no such thing as Santa and really Christmas should only be about Jesus Christ. Here's a little bit more than video. Don't lie to your children and tell them they're such a thing as saying no when you know in reality. That there are no flying reindeer. There is no workshop in the North Pole. There is no and lives in making toys. Do you bio the Gibson put him under the tree that's told the truth. In there is no real senate colts. There is no Santa. It is not your place to lie to your children. No and the truth about Jesus cries out I tell them the truth out about what Christmas is all about. That is about Jesus. And it's not about Santa clause it's there and smaller sample. There is no Santa Claus it's about Jesus tell them to. Lugo can't review. You sir don't put your hands and go along quit talking Matthew Stanley would keep his guns to yourself I've got kids over there. We don't need to come over above whatever anybody until the law written material announced their next go on no sleep. I'm not lead. He keep your views to yourself sir don't put your hands of people that these don't come over here talking about it they don't want to tell your children truth. That is not a static. So after decision for me tell my kids what's true and what's not the truth is there is a sample. And that there is no Santa in his since Christmas is about Jesus didn't answer it the parents grow out of line with a look. Not your decision that's seen. To sit in the Arizona which we do here is the only thing and a today announced that real good and they're saying to you don't believe there is to say they'll have a nice day. As far as I know there was still physical confrontation but what would stop somebody from doing this and if your apparent what would you have told your kids are what would you have told that guy. And Chris Christie about both Santa and Jesus that's a pretty general opinion poll. 92% say yes. 8% say no and give shipping by going to our website every of QL dot com. And from New Orleans Jennifer welcome to WWL. And meet at. My chart I'll go eat I eat at. Would put. Me at night in. Remember exactly. Went. Out. There. It. Or are high end. And I. You all. They. Cilic. And it. Well. Anyone you. Like it quite quite. Eat. And the need to. Oh yeah. Yet I think Richard I think you're taking I think it's Hebrew is eleven point which is so one of the scriptures and I'm not an expert in the Bible puts on the scriptures that I always remember. Faith is believing insulting that. Has to be believed in to be seen. Mike in one and nurturing. EET. God. Hand I want it now fuel. Deal when appointment. Out there. Now. In her. Eye on it we were. Mike showed. Me. Why me. They. Make that. Certainly a lot of people a lot of people. Q how. I. And it definitely here in June and I'm going to ban. And yet. And many people. And he can't. Yeah. Yeah you get somebody out there they're not you're aware. That even. We're going to explain mired. Near. Actually. He tied up yeah. I. Jennifer I agree and listen I'm a god bless you this Christmas and I hope you have units it sounds like you're a great mom and appreciate you are sharing that with us. Is some ways the concept of Sandra personifies. What Christ has for. And maybe it's easier for young kids to understand. Santa in the very very beginning. Then understand this guy who died on the on the cross but you know I I think both can can exist. Now this is an example is something that really it would cause a lot of people to question whether or not there really is a sailor and we've got some really Madonna singing Santa baby I mean rarely. Mama sent real. Like Madonna or Santa. I'm skewed if your old hang on we'll be right back on WL. History was made at the white house on this date December 13 1974. The son of president Gerald Ford invited George Harrison to the White House is George Harrison on this day in 1974 became the first rock star. To ever. Visit the White House. And there's a pretty bizarre stories as a rock stars who have visited since then. Hi George Harrison gave president Ford a button this at all am which wears about meditation. And I Gerald Ford gave for George Harrison a win button which was a button that I was for the whole campaign whip inflation now. Honeywell is Janice you're on WWL. Yes get a mention that this has could get that can't get my point crowd. They're with regard to that preacher and that if that had been me. I would hit them if someone's running that ball and the people in charge of handing them. Out. But it would have been too late at that point does it would have got his message out so what I bring intelligence. I'm sorry I think he's about intensive. I would have had they get something that's how my children I mean. They look at all the time when I realized that none other than that and then there was at least a bunny. And I don't lie you know still he and that's just the way it is that they children today everybody's gonna puke ask. And it can't could be Aniston and believe it felt like that have a good candidate Juliet I think a lot more Pollack do it. Then out with regard to Christmas. That you haven't been going on right into. Against Egypt tried is what it. You could probably count not you don't take stupid. I eat. And if at all happy holidays. OK I can't go back means Thanksgiving Christmas and yet it's Dolly could. And then on extinguishment talent I've realized what was happening kids have been on line ninety. It's not his time but he now mr. Tompkins due to Tompkins is. Coming to do that and unwelcome contact. With the power on the top of the tree that the city is that they. Looking him in the rebel who. Then they get in that the beat tank again. And monetary damages to paint acted Tompkins. Connecticut tennis mining limited time get significant impact could be. Didn't make it came up beating an. I consider it could mean that people I think put a step like to publicly. Talk. You are well I I I agree with you Janice. The war Christmas organ and there's there's some more in the next hour. But I disagree with you I think the war Christmas the war against Christ is more being near earth than anything. And if somebody allows it to turn into war Q allowed it to be turned into a war. You you don't. You don't have to allow whatever is in the news whatever rules there are concerning public property and religion. You don't have to let that affect you and your faith in your religion if you allow that to happen maybe your faith wasn't really that strong in the first place. Can Christmas. Be about Jesus and Santa at the same time. That's a pretty gentle people 90% say yes 10% say no give us your opinion. By going to our web site I revealed dot com I'm getting so many text about what is sure that's evangelical pastor is. Here's a Texas says so screwed ever heard of a good beat down that's. That's what this guy would have received had he done it in front of my child and you know a lot of I get a lot of texts about people who say they would've actually. Punch the guy lead singer this band. And in essence. And released 35 years old today. If your Arnold hang on we still have a lot more to come we're talking about a guy who as a pastor thinks is a pastor. Went to a mall to tell the kids in line to see Santa the truth about Santa and they should forget about what they've been told about senate and just worship Jesus Christ. We'll be back on every realm. It's December 13 and we are heading toward Christmas a Christmas and Chanukah coincide is it is it OK to say happy holidays or should it be Merry Christmas we'll talk about that in the next hour. Also talk about the of the war on Christmas I haven't heard as much about it this year as in the past. And I wonder if maybe. People are finally realizing that there really is no war. On Christmas but gets a lot of people want to believe that it I guess. In some ways it might qualify as a fake news. A lot of it has to do with how you interprets what you hear how you allow it to affect you will get into that. In the next hour. I here's a Texas says the pastor earned his right to be clocked. At this access on May be those parent should tell their kids that the pastor won't be getting any gifts this year for not believing in Santa. And here's a text that says Cisco I went to New York last week and there was no Bible in the hotel room. New York has taken god out of hotels. It makes me sick with rage and fear. First evolved because one hotel did it doesn't mean that they all do I don't know I visited New York in a while. And why do you need a Bible in in the hotel room. I mean if the bibles that important to you bring it with you I mean I would not depend on a Bible being in my. Destination. May is that part of the war on Christmas as a part of the war on. On that I christianity organ into. To that coming out here is another text that says so. Scoot somebody should have been singing here comes Santa Claus. When. They don't chimed in and the pastor would have got the message are if you're Arnold hang on I'm skewed heavily right back on deputy well.