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Think Tank 1010am Facebook will start labeling news

Dec 19, 2016|

Facebook will start labeling news that they think is fake. Fact checking organizations will tell them which get that label for fake and real….but do you trust the fact checkers? This hours guest: Len Apcar - Holds the Wendell Gray Switzer Jr. Endowed Chair in Media Literacy, is a fellow at the Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs and is a Professional-in-Residence -at LSU Manship School of Mass Communication

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome think to saying Kobe gathered Regan and particularly yesterday ball is it miserable. Just getting out for broader buy again the car was born in pool. I don't know how people aboard door. And there were busy today in the think tank to do it. Bolt our intelligence. Agencies CIA and FB now say he. The Russians or by phone hacking. During the presidents rule elections solemn. Or extrapolating. That to say. It was done to help him crawl. We're gonna take a look today a whole bunch of different. Opinions. On whether or not is true and so more importantly. What should be done if anything. Collect something. I've been passed and we go and saluting shows. On technology. In particular. The tax would troop speed in which technology. Is rule wing. It it's no longer like in the penthouse in Dutch for revolution. Or water over in the past of that. It's Perry Perry birdied perhaps. In every multiple. He is doubled by multiples. Removing your warts these. Morgan think about it some author that talk about genetically. Engineered humans not. Glued to perusing. Where usually we can do that too big east. One of the things you've pointing out. It's not necessarily babies did somebody breeds who's 21 years goal in its. A focus of upon Smart and a button ribbon Laporte ever they beat. And goes to the shell pull bio genetic engineering. In selects what they need. Including. Increased life span. So I've I think 11 o'clock to Beatrice. Our way you talked about ad nauseam but. Acting. It's billed Jews Serbs fought in conversations. Because of the potential and big news. Image of an example during the year Election Day the headlines. The people will lead in the international Hillary Clinton. Warmed Islamic jihadist. The open doors from. Obama who used to us to leave office. And turn pro wouldn't and again remember. The news or fake news articles that people believed in passed on like. Proved services Obama was born in Kenya. Clinton sex tapes to sleep Pope differences. Forbids Catholics from voting. For hill. Edit and Cuban volume we did a long show. On the PG baldor Washington DC. Where the big news said her word humble roots where Hillary Clinton. And her chief of staff. We're committing them. Pedophilia. And torturing children. In tunnels under the pizza parlor. And no black job permit. North Carolina showed up with a rifle fired a couple of shots look import didn't didn't blinded. Remove the cubs won the subdued him he said well. The people that reported this war is not true. Or big news. So I wanted to make it move that you would hope they they're big news is. About that big news that I couldn't. So his beliefs of order so. The quote blah. There is little more true. Go to W believe what we believe and we had no desire to change. Thankfully we have blown Lynn Al Gore. Holds the window greens which are and don't share and you all the receipt. Fellow at the royalties Center for Media and Public Affairs Tuesday professional and residents and militia movement should school. Of mass communications. Outside from that he has no credentials. And then thank you for the call. Did you hear. This is the subject of raising the. It is crazy but it's serious and it's important. And the and it's every. Absolutely. Became. It is not only potentially disruptive to our society. It is as Egypt with a pizza parlor example like you were talking about completely. You know. Completely aberrant behavior and bureau who knows what else fake news conspire. Which is one of the reasons why I think the people who have distributed a news art in new. They want to and social order. And up particularly preordained order polite the possibility or the probability it seemed at the time that Hillary Clinton might be elected president. Anything to disrupt that was it's fair game for them and make a profit at that at the same day at the same time. None critically important FaceBook its its like 40%. Of everybody. Who gets your news from FaceBook. The aid took a lot of heat at the election about big news that the liberals calling him. Helped elect Donald from much of the promulgated by Russia's so FaceBook under little pressure. Says okay. We're gonna come out and were going to label. Fake news. Not have that label but into labeled that Sarah go to take look at news. Via political hack by those who know. Via a number of voters so cold fact checking agencies. Could you wrote in an article in the heel or are we so trusting of digital. Ingenuity. Their first stint in sync user asked for an Al Gore rhythm solution. Wouldn't. League best solution. Is to fix the formula between a war years are we do and a. Well as a number wasted do you and I teach it many other. Faculties and campuses they're teaching this now. And let's step back just there's just been here Garland. What what's been going on for the last ten years we well now we certainly felt it in the Louisiana and New Orleans and elsewhere. Is that disruption of the traditional. Use built in. News filtering newsroom. Editing process is right. What. Happens is that these these newsrooms would make a lot judgments on our some good. Mostly good some bad. And it would decide what got into a newspaper. And or more recently in tool web report. Social media accelerated the complete picture ration. And so now we have to be our road matters and one of the skills we see each which we think is quite scale. Is how you look at information. That. You look at it was the sourcing. The opted to be it did verification. And so I teach oh maybe five or six basic. Tools. Off of which ways in which people can look at news. It. But we'll give them and we take quick break when we come back let me talk about some of those who smoked the bolts. Barrel Obama. Authoritative. In foreign debt and more. Singled weren't thinking about big news and the big issues global. FaceBook apple. They Ord and taking steps. To minimize this but or they had the right steps what do you think there's a general one they set. Up. Introducing. A do over to a deal Brody Jack borrowed and dimpled you'd trust back checkers to eliminate big news. Edu percent who absolutely not resume read outs. Is. Base vote. It's been soared to in labeling disputed. That. And can news read they consider via their alma rhythm. To be potentially orb definitely paid news. Veterans enrolled as word talking to Linda norm. Who is a Lidstrom and should school maps communications. Proposed. Lynn did talk to me about the EU so called simple techniques. You'd teachers students as to how to get round league. I I think in a nutshell Garland. We ask students the first look at whether any sources in the piece are identified. Who said it. According to who who is who who would who are these people are being named. ID independent. Are the authoritative. Aren't even in the position to know. That's one. To do is there more than one person identified. Maybe two maybe three all strengthened the report. For. Hound numerous is the evidence how much evidence is there to back up what they claim. It is one person's opinion is it no person is named opinion that kind of and we kind of put it altogether in that a an accident it Q well independent. Multiple there Bobble authoritative. Identified in numerous and we just take the first letters of that and we say this is very attractive to students. I am being. I am bay. And they is that just a quick. New moniker if you offered them to remember I campaign stands for independent multiple verifiable. Authoritative. Identified in numerous. And if you can run those cats you can be your own best editor India and algorithm all the time. Aren't helping here. Saturday. Many independent truly know liberal or conservative leanings one shall ever I am I bringing. Try to form an opinion and in bad for Lego and I don't throwing clubs. To him to fly into and semblance. In a buy gold we did withdrawal process. Multiple barrel ponds and authoritative in war. I'm making were pressures I'm picking advocate I'm paying bills and doing the for a huge room and artists. When I go home I'm paying to keep up with the commission's. I don't think I have time reader and ordered cool well I do because one doing his business. To look at the multiples. Humvee named Schwartz's or there. And I'd I don't think most people can look to barrel five or authoritative. And inform so led city. If they go to him. Little pact could when you read it. And that got Pulitzer Prize. This are great organization. Look at look at look at roared look at her article here. Not a reason blog political fact is unqualified. To label big news. And so what you don't go to slopes. Well it's no boots which will be back checking for FaceBook employees left as almost exclusively. And these entities that wrote this is the daily caller. All of the daily caller who's on the bud Tucker Carlson eat and to get re very conservative political content. Former advisor to former Vice President Dick Cheney. Even if you have the time to go through that techniques. He hit to a point where you go and I got out. There you go there urged the crew. Well I think a couple things one. Act is done some great work I mean take anything away from them so the Google and FaceBook they agree. S access to technology. But I don't think in the First Amendment issue here if you'd start automatically. Pulling out flawed. Writing you are apt to get out you got to screen out other things that. It deserves the right under are under our right to be told. And an end to end at air we may disagree with them we may think they're completely crazy. We may find them offensive but they have a right to say it. And they have a right right and that's just the way our democracies work her for a long long time. So any algorithm trying to pick that out as dangerous. But but but more practical issue right there is that. There are simple ways in which you could take a quote in which you'd be look at this story you find it suspicious he could take a quote. And just putting in the Google's search bar or any other problems search bar or anything like that and and check it out. And if that looks if it doesn't check out Portland Blakey. It probably. The second thing to think about is that it these stories aren't being picked up. By other people that that they probably are clip made another were there there and make you click on it says that whoever put it out there. Is getting if you sense a peace settlement on the clinic. And currently. You know million. In any way. He's there are ways to hate ATP. And decide for yourselves I think went whether it looks right in other words there Arctic BBC news. Or other other big network brands that are being. Essentially copy. But they're not copy quite right in Puget glance that the EU ROP address to the top of the web page. You can find that there's something called BBC news and there's something now that got a few characters in the address that's wrong. And that the logo looks slightly off now ADP's lawyers I'm sure all condemn it but. But. That happens a lot and if you are perceptive enough to just check the URL in and check quote. You maybe attack that the story is complete that. Allred final question. Wing wing. When we move we've looked. At all of this they didn't do. I'd assume that I've read something that by then in the cold ones there's no more troops. Even if you're in an. You even have good yeah have a little picture time. Wherever you look. If you look at Wall Street Journal you're gonna find in the top of the different story in the Huffington Post Norman on the lawn sure. It is number two thing. Is either. In more crude. And if there it is Kim we'd find did without. A whole lot of work in time that we don't that. Well at the hard question it is really hard question and it's in excellent Warren. Look I think for things we most care about we're gonna have to devote time I just think there's no two ways about it. The other thing I think we need to do is we need to be careful consumers meaning don't like his story on FaceBook. If you're if you think it's a little specious we think it might be wrong. Always check out this site about. Paul. Peace it and a peace now website and they don't happen. Something is in this. Something's missing because about is about as is really just an elementary piece of transparency but to get your fundamental question girl it's. True it's true it's gonna take time to eventually come out. And we usually win that they would but it could be in the meantime this kind of stuff. Can be quite disruptive and I don't necessarily buy that prudent cared so much about one candidate over another as much as he cared as much as I think. The Russians cared about just selling a little chaos the kind of mixed things up. Lynn you added a whole lot to do is come surge and thank you so much you have a good day. Been a pleasure colonel thank you. All right we're coming back kid is. Time for Dave Cohen news and just you need to secure 187. If you don't have the time. A fine no one is big news. All we were residing to listening. To be echoed chambers of what we already believed regardless. Of what the truth. Is. Governor of yelled to procedural when they're settling come and we're thank you about big dude we're done any number of shows on it but. And FaceBook Google coupled major importance. Org confront and do something about it. Here's can be summed things are fighting during the presidential. Election. Here's Olympic news Hillary Clinton or Islamic jihadist. The Pope endorsed fraught. Obama refuses. To leave opposite from within its. Or improve services and Obama was born in Kenya. Clinton sex tape jolts leak probe pretenses or bids Catholic from voting for Hillary. And we bring criminal penalties. If we don't believe that. But a huge. Amount of boots. On La. Not only believed him but boarded him and those that got them Gordon him enroll in and roll on and on. And it became news. That eventually reached. Does so called where have all the mainstream media your lame street media. Because so many people. We're taxing it and it and breathing a better page book. The so called mainstream media had a bigger than him to do is prove it. Now. FaceBook. Have decided. They're gonna go routes notes. Back checked. Or good. Little fact. Something called pointers in actual fact checking that war. An ABC news that I don't quite get there gold with the BC news. But they're gonna figure is old am these fact checkers professional puncture workers to do this old the every day seven days week. To inform them. When they think. They dues paying dues. In storage is flagged by and moved back checking organizations. Will be marked as disputed. And and and those stores are going to be penalized in the news for you outward of them. Meaning they'll tenders short further down the list. Even though there won't remove from FaceBook all of the good as you well know. You go past the Rio for a lot of literature and I gonna bring it sort of remove the boy down. Did it disqualifies. It now. On the right. They're saying things like. Actually conclude that. None reason why a little pact is unqualified. To be labeled big news. You can find groups and bride part two if we have time our group through a couple of them. But they are listed ten reasons why I've load factors totally unqualified. In venue broad term something called the daily. Caller. That says the other major fact checking all being like content nod like NBC news log like pew when it's no hopes. Little pact fractured dog or. They do the specialty every set week. And daily caller. Hears there have won its slopes. Bridge will be back checking for FaceBook employees leftists. All hopes exclusively. Throwing a daily caller thousands in the call. Who. It was found by some gold you talk of corals and you've probably seen them on television. Conservatives. Are Ricans are. Political pundit and end and heavily involved in the conservative world. So. You've gone back checking organizations. That the conservative side does not believe in the liberal saw an it's. So the liberal side goes to these back checking organizations. Have. They have time for a while the former not more crude propel accurate a -- movement and should school mass communications. Then I borrowed the bridge join us on our show. Said huge who do. You should Gordon checked as well I'd submit you don't have time. But it viewed doom. You've you're liberal. You probably couldn't believe it you drew conservative. You're probably not gonna believe. It's on the bright bore. You can believe it is true conservative. If until Wall Street Journal. You bought through journalism business conservative web site. There's some things in there at the conservatives probably wouldn't like. So when it's that would drug report in and bright Bard and whatever else is on the Internet. And for the liberals it's the fact checked in humans helping him boats and then its Washington Post. And it comes down to what the professor said to me. That suit good question. And then release him and is truly. Did it. All it is all we hear now. The coats. A Merle boards. In the conservative. Thing. And that Democrat think tank. And hips so. What does that pose for those countries that it is so worn by partisanship. There is no chance of reconciliation. Or agreement in the middle. What can foreign entities that want to her boots do with. Just the bottom think tank choosing 01 lead somebody doubled up. Are welcome back. Burg Brooklyn got about produced FaceBook Google number of others. Have waited then they think they're gonna come back and then they're going to use slow movements and factions can pollute the act in the ABC news in the Coppola boulders and I'm never. Fact checking organizations. To tell them when they think big news of big news in in the FaceBook is gonna prove even disputed. Tagged on the end stores you can give people of the going to be porch for them down by a normal rhythms. Never battle this show was like at most of those never go at three U four problems down. Brilliant approach which don't put that very little change and moved in the field the Korean. There is are you here. What are the Davidson. In view of your exam showed big news was all talk about Donald Trump. The big news we brought was pro and this Yule. I'm sure when that either liberal or conservative organizations heavily bred by B yeah. Washington DC Crowe does. And the big news and a resident who was thrown bock switches. Definitely in liberal organizations. Bud. The nine reasons why little pact is unqualified to league ball big news in bright board extremely conservative. All the molecular and it says while little pact admitted that front scrolling that Russia's arsenal of nuclear weapons have expanded and and the roses has an up the let where and how the deem prolonged statement half true. And being go to revealed to in I don't seat in their ruby involved with chrome. You took the time. To tax committee. That what we had pointed out big news which you actually use fake news. Detects had nothing do to the big news being Perry news. That Tex had to be. Quiet Dellucci who do moral and board would set about trump that was big news. In the NC in the intent. We attempt to show boats. What people listen and I've attempted to minute increments from radio. So geared conservative think tank or liberal thinker and you'd think that what we are so even a show. That attempts to show both sides have to go up act owned and there's. Trials that question again is true there. Is strong only blood you don't believe proved to be. WB. Are a couple of bags. Something. A little bit different I know the big thing like to hear about it strong in saying Susan. L issue. But but it's something I think some potential to affect all of this for decades. Article that says genetically. Engineered humans. Will arrive sooner than you think and we eat or not ready. Well think about that boom we come back. Any chance you have thought on this Sunday Gibbs called to usage are one thing it's just you and me coming on. Nobody BL brigade celebrity gave him 153. At that.