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Think Tank 1210pm Russians are behind the hacking

Dec 19, 2016|

Our intelligence agencies say the Russians are behind the hacking of the DNC and Podesta, but are not sure of their intentions. President Obama says we are certain it was the Russians and Putin. Both parties have vowed to look into the hacking….are you concerned about foreign governments being able to hack into our systems?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Willow bit of debate goes on there and does not look like yours is needed Chileans have roots going down there being an actor. There there may be coincidences that brought sure did some hacking the Democratic National Committee. During the presidential. Election. There may be combing. A coincidences. That was done to affect the elections. But whether or not it was done to help from. Is another thing. In person. Ago abortion to impose. Three days ago Ian Kennedy liberal organizations who would try to do. We've would try to put no blog reading what we think we briefed her. Here's their first paragraph after I'd director Jim and combing. And Director of National Intelligence CI jinx clapper Horry in agreement with the CE RC EO of subsequent. That Russia intervened in the 2016. Election. In part to help our moved from win and the White House records there's this Washington poached. Let me go to and interview. Andre Bauer. Former self Carol removed ten to govern big trump supporter and she union. Good to give me Bauer or current number one of these children. Edit the FBI can't confirm that in fact Russia did it act in the CIA says they think they did so you don't even have. Hurdle agreement amongst the different agencies. And we didn't. I'm looking here at blushing imposed that says not only do they now agrees. Day today is saying in part to help Donald Trump when the White House. Which code to paid to bowled went against civilians a cajun spam and Syrian news reporter wrote Joseph have you would give me bold one and number one. Well actually up quite a night where McCain done that and actually the entire. And in American intelligence apparatus I thought that agreement came known I'm now they agreed that Russia was behind it. Then that Russia was behind the hacking what they don't agree on is the motivation and why they did it that is nowhere on the different it yeah it is very cool person are you October haven't gotten paid a figure highly paid your right. On October 7 statement coming from the that error involved in American intelligence that they believe a high degree of confidence that Russia was behind the hacking into the Democratic National Committee at no point that they Netscape and say what the renovation of that or a reward ratio of that Haq was that is what came later and that is what actually is debated and worthy of debate right now because there is no consensus it's not that they want behind the hack that. Andrei. All right give your word drone. But our numbered two receivers all fronts. Well you just even said they're there they highly thing they. They get an FBI goes on concrete evidence before they say without any question. Where they only do what they can confirm that they can prosecute a court and they know they do not have concrete confirmation. That Russia did the hacking. You seriously or take pentagon. I've taken a position he got seventeen different agencies and as a conservative I don't know we have seventy different agencies anyway seems like a lot of reputation. Nonetheless there is not total agreement across those different agents I have without great question ray did it. And and see a couple of thoughts. This season in questioner. Choosing news anchor. And indicts Holmes in and trust me I'm a pro from. But it sounds like an inquisition. Rather of that and shrewdly. Jostle looking for the information could be very Liebman said. Or or use saying you don't believe these two entities. CIA. And and I heard. On on the radio station or the week. It was a former FBI. Agent. Apparently pretty high I member's name. Or his ranking but they have been absorbing because he had been blown believers in the Villa Pia one of these higher ups. And basically what it was saying was one does Saddam but our guy access. Yeah ease said we'd have to look at him from nation. And decide whether or not we can take it to eight quart. In win. So there are four. We can't say here we know this to be true until we prove it to be true. CIA AD simply get hundreds information. And the vacant Senate Committees take it to congressional committee. Almost always behind closed doors and the inform them. Wants the information. Is it. And now they got. And because. How they got it. Can put people's lives in danger. Can't be revealed to the public or the use or you got. You've got to entity the FBI and CIA. That operated on two totally different platform. So when you say with the CIA didn't come out and say where they're going to. They can't. They jeopardize. Lives. The wrong people. And and people that work with the wrong people. The FBI. Is like getting currency categorically. We agree or disagree. Because day you have to have approved to take it to. A court. So the question will be Compton did this word we go back to partisanship. This world we go back to what well we talked about. In the 10 o'clock now. We've we talked about these spoke with talked about big news. In and I made a comment. Truth be professor. That was what the proposed through communications. And will issue. Real villain lives still plug qualifications. Alone. And that's. Everything I read leads and we need to begin to believe there is no true. If you're conservative. You were with the inland. The think tank group conservatism. And we knew scream all you hear Jerome and scroll and that's all you want to hear. You don't wanna hear the other side view on the beach in general here knew her from that you can you believe what to blame. Conservatives. Saying thing liberals conservatives. Just like you wouldn't stay in your herds. And saved the same thing and hear the same back to. If you you're anything different. Then you immediately discounted okay. So rude or senate committee. It's the other way. An FBI. Reporting to them behind closed or. In the CIA reveals everything. And the FBI reveals everything. If you're conservative men from is going to be president. Dude this counted on the basis of partisan issue. And if you do. Is now I'm in code is I'd eat crow bar. That any foreign entity whether beat China would be taxes were the beat Russia. That can use to Friday at odds on par. I remembered talking to our congressional delegations. Back in the eighties Billy toes in the and company. In saying to them what I was trying to learn dude the duke mechanics. Of congress eager to build through well basically you go through all of these concerts. And to issue directions but. When it comes to the end. You talk to your buddy you crawled so how'd you argued debate choose green rant you're ready. And usually if you can't come to a conclusion. One of the Houston and then X I'm here Breeden conclusion the Obama gives him. Oh we don't have that anymore. In isn't that a weapon that our energy our enemies can use what you think. There's a 0187. Double. Our number of things had about a number of news reports talking about. Russian acting curing the president true election. And and I think it saved that Tuesday debt in the car today packed the democratic and for the committee. But. Washington Post reports liberal. Publications. About three degrees it's sad. FBI director James called me and injuring five parade have this CIB. Issued and treatment in the assessment. Russia intervened in the 2016. Election in part failed on the problem. Win the white. And if you read bright board you're here it's something different if you read. Drudge Report you were here bird truly does saying is bright board. If you grew to in the UP other liberal. Web saw Huey of the opposite. And I submit that regardless where you come down and so well but a number of taxes. Call him it's you old age and it's a Angel strategy. Of divide and conquer. And I think that one it makes costs. Because of which club you belong. Not believe in the process. Let's go to that John encouraged Bill Walker and show or appreciated call. And a goal and an eagle on the very yeah. I didn't realize you know if so Corey is almost as the elections. Are. I think it's not even water. Great people. In expose it to the American people. And I think we need them corruption that goes on between both all. So whether. Active. The important thing is that it used to audit and Teddy it and in the air. And say. We needed to clean up their act. Because being exposed to get the process. Of election. And another thing. You know. The Democrat won. Russia India in the world. Should be held down in an election. Well yeah if you look at the liberal media. Except maybe you. How might have come out against trump on all these different. Media. That. They'll rather. He. Celebrities. Don't know. An architect and a I'm not a true thing and anything like. That a position. I think ball. If you wanna say hack and I both pack your article he got. Now whether it should think it's important. Donated and indeed it didn't. Pick wait and Russia. And it Rancho. Short decade. Like yeah I'll fight against Utah we can give any. Act in doing that very thing. I think you had a broad whom had blood I have been saying. Where and when you look Ed good Wembley Hillary Clinton said yeah. I think. Russia hat and I think they tried to do he'd meet meaning Hillary Clinton. And she said I think the reason why. Is when Russia held their elections. She talked about the phrasing is the rupture and dentists were optioned. The idea that cam a poor world election that wants. And she'd thing it's in made pew wouldn't matter enough to respond. And I was listening to report Bernard drove in today. They're regular viewing read journalist in Russia and that's what's happening over there and they said there'd I think he'll have been. There's saying hears you on that states. That is held up there way. Electing people electing presidents. They're democracy. And how much different than war and how much more intelligent. And how much more protection. And look at them now. Don't like to snake its two or non meat should. And they've funded they've said the World Cup record to loans in Q and comedians featured making fun love it. Because we. Sound like everybody hopes. That's the wedge. I'm talking about. And in labor and go once approved. At the end of the FBI and the CIA. Now Tse a they're in agreement not not about pro but about the hacking. Oddly election end. The dual opinion MP artsy ID. That Russian tried to sway the election. Lead bullets say in no particular. Direction. But just sighed and tried to go back to it so that we'd lose eight in the process. Don't don't wait at least. Put together senate congressional investigation. That is non. Isn't. That tried step find out what their true or not Hilton side. Trump company would you like or dislike completely get an office. Or available eight. About any thing. FBI. Well you know big enough to go to court. CIA. Well. I haven't cord proved a big got all this information they're gathered suggests businesses true. And they can't tell was exactly where they got it. Because they can and kitty could change hands and somebody leaking it to the media and giving bitter people. And those people who are working with the foreign countries skill. Does does anybody who sees it is as in labor. Not just Russia. China. Ickes'. Philippines that coupe called the league and the Philippines now. Any of that. This constant. Disparaging. Bobby Jones. That constant not believing. What anybody says beat callebs of their label. Many. If you're an enemy didn't have a golden opportunity. Divide. And conquer. What do you think Jews eggs or one lead celebrity double rubio did Colin knew. Bird finger Barbara ward says at least a number of reports from quote mainstream lame stream media. That the Russians did hacked during a presidential. Election. And it in the watching bonuses via PI in the CIA degrees and the said it blows. To help trump for one part of that book all so. The other part was too distraught that he elections to a point where we lose. Faith in the process. Our enemies seaboard some of via a text to. In their middle middle middle middle middle. Who cares if they had paid provided true the voters about the dealings were saying it dude doing very exposed liners. Now the question becomes in the next election. Is strong pouring in to the tax do you or and seat. In order to hurt trunk. Will you say the same thing I've heard it. Democrats never did the emails were true so what's the big deal. Obama would try to do influences readily election shall wind fall abroad actions now. Will he had been involved. Not only I I don't have to call that the elections. But in putting people in power in countries. So. I don't agreed that it's a little bit hypocritical. To be this concerned. About what they quote did done to our hearts. But I think the bigger point that. You know we've got Republican votes. Dead two missing. He is not. Who's right from wrong who did want to do why did the fact that they're moving us further in Peru liberal part. Words she used to clubs. Constantly beating joke there. Believing only what base today looking for no true. And whether or an odd that can be used as a weapon against this country let's go to criticism annual interest Richards call. Point eight. Yes I agree with views the wedge issue under I think on people in the media are in hot topic of calling up Russia. Diego and issue in my opinion. I'm made sure it's been as important and within emails. It was found out that there was collusion. Between the DNC and many. Many journalists and many in the media it's really disgusting. That someone who respects that industry so much and to watch it do all in my area it's doing. Right now or think about. I think a lot more you say is true. Isn't the bigger issue. Or wheat concerned. About. Orange in twenty. Getting robbed a rubber bedlam it finished getting enough of a wedge were we lose faith in the products at some of the words the next election. We're looking to see. Who own. Attacks. Fought in the pouring in to you who were trapped the other one. Do we get to aboard were were more interested. In that depend so bar club but then we yours and that depends of the country. Yeah that's where that lipstick you and down. You know I think people are going to have to resort to it did dealing with the art. And now art source material. And in other. This includes talk about great news and essentially. Well I mean you know it. Should interfere with. An actual unit from a don't. You know. You know Hillary Clinton in. Actually did. Russia. And sold large amount you mustering. The yellow. Understood all that I don't wanna get into the weeds blood. You do we need to OK it's our total sales that back OK it's back it's back we're not talking about uranium. We're talking about. Yeah interference or 100 dollar or her. Whereabouts ultimately. It was boy in Hillary Clinton and darker campaign that's public or in her opening. I think. I'd kind of pulled the islanders and bow windows CER eight in the in the US BI's. Says they tried to bet the election. Or you continually going to point out what Hillary Clinton. I'll. Yeah. Are such it didn't yeah aren't you are in OK because I think verdict in the old country. I appreciate the colleague and to my actions and I'm a forum in any debris. You're just gave me a weapon. Can you lose. We got two clubs in this country and eighty jobs. And her hard facts or only the hard facts that they know to be hard facts. Do you think you can get the middle of that room. To convince them that the glue that holds the country together democracy. Isn't really working. Due to usage or 187. Or would think at about did the reluctance. How the DNC think that it's a given during the presidential. Campaign. We're thinking about did they endured to help form that is still being debated. All blow but we reboots. It would close or sooner bridging CIA officials said was on quite clear that electing trump was warned Russians colds or corn and they're Schultz. CR AMP a pair of shoes did not think Russia and a single proposed buying into being in being angered the president and twelve campaign. In addition to the goal. Of helping elect pro puede mean to undermine competent. The New York's electoral system intelligence officials have told law on the record now two things discount notes. Boo boo me funded tuned and we'll limit the of this swords. It's. It was printed. The Washington Post so important. What I'm saying there is no truth anymore. Pour everything says that you can find your liberal dependents or you're conservative depends. My porn to Barbara Duncan but that is my head the probe trumpet and cut from pro liberal. Pro conservative. Is. And they divided nation that is this angry and divide. Isn't that a weapon that can used. Matt incoming to I've appreciated the call. Well. Good. Well. All of you. And you know. I. Oh. After the great hell is partly. Agree upon I think it. Is getting into the pot. You. Our. Country. All the bulk up but. Oh what. We do. Is. It. The country. Well I don't like. What you care. Our democracy is more deeper and stronger and it. And yeah. It. League blow more political. Ally. And and more credit. It. Draw accurate way. People. It. Oh. I didn't think you marry a good org. Being QB you take away some of my concerns. I'm single board Tuesday. Is or. But the difference is day. Is with the ins and change use social media. I submit. Years fifteen years ago. This would not be of concern because we would not have heard about it and if we head. It would have been the headline. In the Sunday morning paper. That we skimmed. But today he adds debated. Ad nauseam. When you point out but I think I have and I think that's the. The Google news. The more information. They're. All of this country to be more. It. Is. In. Order. Cheers. You've won the and it. And the and Portugal brought. It. All up. All right Bob or above for Fallujah a moral point out. We called that is the intent. I've given you very strong opinion. This entire war. Matt calls. It it's kind of painful. But I guided me. He's taken would be a part of my argument. I think Gibbs there's some still some validity do what I am saying. But the and they think tank where you are thinking you want to be proven wrong. So we can do better educated. I'll call like maps. Is not at all that makes him well and those that do you couldn't go home but. At all to help fuel in goes listening. To get better educated in there thinking that I appreciate the call very well and that's what we do here. Always in the very beginning I tell you my opinion it by half and sometimes as strong sometimes it's not. And we set about trying to find out if I'm right or wrong and upon proven wrong. Get better educated and I always say oh god with a high school degree. I wouldn't think education. And missed education. I won it. Reading and learning and listening to people and a prime example and submit that we should all try it a little bit. Like in the old think tank that Alberto via. Or do we always scooters actresses and every war and is unwilling to his spirit of Christmas. There's talk about some loose feeble and what did you do tell Hume about the rent choose you ruined too and personal and and in the malls etc. Etc. Plus religious on the true friend exertion screwed in the afternoon. And go away. Double dubbed don't bigoted celebrity AM on the rule 53. At him tubman that suits and John were there. Thank you for a team in the show together form it would come right back soon screw.