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12-19 5pm Bobby & Mike: breaking down the Saints' win over the Cardinals

Dec 19, 2016|

Bobby & Mike take calls on the Saints' shootout win over Arizona and talk Tennessee Titans football with the "Voice of the Titans" Mike Keith.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to do this again I feel like that you obviate alive from the so we'll slip casino beats not pick up Downey. Mississippi couple by business they have the square as that while the Monday night contest that you could hear that game live right you on the negates levity. Which we knew Carolina campus in the Washington Redskins. And we came within three points last week. Of hitting that game. Right on the money although I know three points away it was almost looked at shots of the month doubt Bobby hit it three weeks ago. Almost got it last weekend's no beauty areas the apple but it's. This and you know might look at that big game tonight. Bull put a Pampers yet but but it's amazing. Kirk cousins how to v.s to go to get their respect. Where he has the Redskins that. Because look at the Redskins though fight for their playoff lives. Do you consider the Giants and you know Dallas where they're at. The Eagles. That that that you know they kind of like the Vikings Elvis acute Rodney King off yes evocative and now where their rat. But that's not a Kirk cousins fan. And I think he has legit you know get supply demand 32 teams and how popular quarterback. But that route currently third string running back there. It takes a starting running back with a Washington Redskins. You talk about a story and I told us the kid Hart I would talk about this that's story you should do. It was the guy actually. That's started the first two years got a little bit of trouble. Basically was put wade back the line. But he was the third string running back actually it actually played all back. And he's the starting running back now but Washington Redskins. Well that showed you also not having maybe. That pitching getter as far as production in college. Because tooling doll with a line. You know. They'll find you when every at a Duke gave me an opportunity of Matt Forte and they match authority obviously we heard up and we knew. But look at the success he's had with the Bears going on to the Jets it seemed really in a Bears uniform. Same thing it's a bit just to this year and sells sports is going to be I think you're probably not I get you I don't know who stands l.'s defensive tackle for a it from the Baton Rouge area of the little black Tulane actually a little bit over a six foot all three yard bounce you talk a bottom border. This guy gives it all every play and he's good up beat a good layup. What about you school morally. You might see all these two small what everybody says he's too small. Look at what does he took every week. Well the thing is. Carroll and Barley Bob Marley son you know Bob Marley is the Eackles grapple. Grandfather. But you know what even if you undersized. Whether. You know every other line backer maybe night that a guy out of a hybrid position that also might. You know that he behind fashion Argentina went on it now. When you look at that that the two men roster and I YouTube tribute to help the team win that's why you might see Bob Marley is grandson. In the NFL. Think about that. Well I'm aging Bob Marley used to meet to about football these figures of soccer. He's not thinking at NFL. But the policy at twelve kids yet but yet and now you know and I'm looking at reliant and eco worries that on noah's. Meeks goal has that those sort of football that's nothing gets. Very instinctive he kicked it distinctive so laden. That's that you might be got a place to be on a regular defense but if you can make plays on special teams you could have a career national football only. We'd go to big John admits that he beat John you know a lot of Bobby Knight. I'm sure it's good that got their big guns that are out there itself. Bank but it thanks very much in and night you know now on I'm OK I'll. And the next round will be talking will be out after Christmas so merry crescent everybody. Before I say about talk about the game eat. Corey answered. The question Bobby when. Went out there are out of it Jews and you could be in the game on Saturday afternoon. And the question is very simple. Are you remember who that nation or not about. If you're a member of the net nation. You've got to regain your spot only gain you a lot. Simple as that. Because even if it's just 1%. I'll put it in the playoffs. In in over that ladies days and the other. All we use metal ones that I can come up. So are all make a decision right now OK he can take care of the job that they announce that yet the RC they. It's that simple. You know big giant currently we need them but from traditional standpoint. Let the quality. And and in the program all economists arts. Really. That Christmas the night. So when you look at big game now mental rather than twelve do kick off. But realistically you know or it's our way it. The line cancel flights picked it at that you know is that that a post game. Without. It ended up that is that is so tell me about the point after. But they can actually watch the ain't gonna have their cake you need acute in the end. I think gain see what happens. Aunt and Uncle Sam at that I think Cutler. Welcome most games even more at times and won it. All up. Absolutely. That's been you know the plot and came out today or not feasible yeah it's cloudy and rainy and it was so were rushing and it made me feel like this but he talked about Sunday afternoon in a week so hibernate. But he often being back out and and the recently the award to our. I'm very credible Arizona peace and add them up you know I was on on main eighties last week like nobody else and still apparently outsmart sell. But nobody knows more often times to correct the errors as well and Eddie we seem to do that our committee to run yeah. They'll look you off him. Quite talked about the L in the room and that is the incident with Mark Ingram on spot. And marking me after the gates at all like that and he said all the right things but. That was kind of very challenging situation on the sidelines from a mainstream sport. Now they've you know maybe pointers look at a little bit differently. Because Bobby. Exactly the latest look at it differently but. No 100000. Dollar bonus involved as the market and ate out he owns the tackle that. At night. Only one person put that out. That was Houston's yet. We got it from yet not yet sad. But I did not open the box. That game. At himself. And that was incorrect information. That Hughes a lot of times if you're on Twitter FaceBook everywhere else. Also a mention. So it made it look as though he was that out later right with a five from that is ovals in Arizona. Letting him escort that. Well it you don't see the marketing in Knowles. I mean is there anything about where there aren't there where. Marking even though it looked at him right now our had a long run. In the playoffs against the thing. Which the Cardinals six years ago basically 2000 and when you think ultimately. Even though I now that it significant Rolen. And it's human nature. I now over the Philippines at Butler a look at each likely want it to yet. I now an opportunity. And they'll make it his former team the Cardinals that right now I think nothing more than that that was nothing short now like. Kabul is beanie. It's not like he's trying to say Eva target now little whatever Nikes bow. Without a touchdown now I brought him in the post game in the point out there ala that's a scenario. You see him at two point 71987. Two days after Christmas. We had to strike your year if I started twelve games or at the saint. I got to give it the 8000 bowl or in 1987. Are hurt and you get the eagle on the row. Replace nick Green Bay Packers. Then and I don't know it's gonna happen in the future. If at the now that I got to take the effort that. I shot mine deal lay it in there I think Dallas Braxton I'm gonna fight and now we caller elves. Ignited Barrett's spot by. Well know it I told Dave Wilson. With the back at quarterback at the time it will if they came in the opening game and ethic day. I'll give you 50000 dollars I'll go around a tall sweep the dollar and gain. And Amare and yet they look at them like oh we wanna feed reader playoffs. I've stated in the rule if you practice you play. While practicing. Always want to play that game I have to kick it to a three tonight now we want 33. Detroit or we beat Green Bay. On publicly that and I built the player the but the players that's I don't know but instead of you know a lot of people part is that they instead of laying contract. Because that is definitely. On track yes you know favorite players that different then at night. But the whole thing I think. Now playing. Both sides of the fifth I truly believe. Actually paid to reward Tim Hightower nothing against marking him as hours and now that. That was thrown out there to about all they want the state money towards the experts there was no boulders but that's now know was that. The bonus money comes in with yardage let the one yard line. Yeah. And and hit it down now the question might be at them and H in Cameron as the man. And even the coaches what and it is. You trust at times. Thought bowling department now in the reds know that I'm Mark Ingram might miss the cut and you think Tim Hightower. Nathan a couple of Gaudin bugle. I guess it's down the data that's out that it might trust right now wait a minute that to us. In an apartment point out that Mark Ingram memory needs to go back but it. That game and and I actually held on the ball as well he should have looked pleased and and the league mean memories of coaches or very well when it comes to that sort. It's a lot longer than a yes I'd act that law didn't play there's two guys up. Forwarded to it it's a disease and you know yeah you'd you'd senate on several agents. It will work the next season. Because you know you gotta at one point on on each stop an offense umps and what do you make the playoffs this year what is gonna get right. For next season you know it will when we talk about the rebuilding the of the trenches. Put the Saints the offense and defense and watch our means that we are looking at right now at all and at. You know we talked about this at west. Is Sean Payton and ever. Any point going to do here and just recently he has. Ignorance of looking eighty miles up river. And so the most bullets but now more trip picks per capita than any other school division one or BS college football right now. Because that the number of wind and that we capstone for Belichick knew countless schools nearby is just it's it's mine bought him. Well look at the big big John look at the linebacker position. Haven't met there with outstanding. That that those Saints linebacker that played in his level but I did it that you look you want not a lot Alexander. People adults while we get this us lovable would have a reason the well whatever reason. They have fast. Global oil well at all big John Mica Ziegler break eyes to the thing you gotta get it and it rusher. And and right guard right there's nothing against Kaka. Or an apology which you know whatever but obvious that it can't jarred. And like you said. I don't care who we draft. Do you think bridge laid right now that that guy's going to be better in Jahri Evans. To me it was class a right got to give Jahri amateur another chance that chair would bring him that can't get it out as a whole lot of gas left and it that it was going to be a mild. Well not think so much for the call but we appreciated. Was that against went up this great. Or second guessed right up to this news break wet. Jim had so. Back here on this yet he'll like it up man alive but this was the casino. It's not right here got out in Mississippi and while the Saints have been a disappointment if you beat a team. I guess that was the biggest disappointment in the NFL when you're out the season started out in the Arizona Cardinals. Most surprising team in the NFL if not do it without a winning record and now was shot in the division in the AFC. Is the Tennessee tonight. We have now that guidance the place that that night that sell part of mine like he might think so but particularly as the night. Might be great to be with you like. You win not a blackjack with boarded a couple dollars yesterday. A former Q does he. If you go kicker Ryan stuck up in order. In that pulled this game did I snapped up hopefully. And he hit that thing that it cleared it buffet yeah yards. Well I don't think he believe that that was gonna happen before is because in warm ups might. He didn't make one from forty meter. Rise and Cairo into those the kicker for Kansas City. There's a reason for Brazil. Was having just read and its problems and about. And I mean you know that you know it's like to look at it that well. So for sucking up to mimic that Buick and intensity in front of the coach Claude. It front of the guy who replaced in his first game winning opportunity. As it tightened. Even though he's been on this team for nearly three years. At a ball that they have not led to one Beckett of the team not once acted. And say they waited at the it's a pretty good story. It's been an exciting game in town for writes that no question. Now you know Mike I think is kind of flown or that are radar you look at they might be the market obviously it. Look at the quarterback position and young become the quarterbacks and bark as very ought able what he's been able to do it. Look at DeMarco Murray. And how they winning in the trenches. Is that. Flashy but just talk about what they've done on the line of scrimmage. As far as what the type Herat. And maybe. You know you'd better pack a lunch you get rid of play that tied because how they went in the current. They did they'd they'd be and the Chiefs yesterday at the majority of the game. You know they've improved the offensive line they've improved the coaching they've improved the personnel. They've improved what they have it tailback. And that helps a great deal but it's also just about commitment. Growing to. Even when they do know. There are going to run the football they're gonna continually run it and I think. You saw them that in the last three drive. When the Titans went no huddle. And then they have a lot going on it's been the last three drives they scored the you know thirteen total points and comeback went for game. The twelfth two points or shoot Tuesday when football game. What it comes down to visit the I think it would be it is now. I think they played you know that there's three. Threshers for the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday. That you know deep. Just in Houston and Tom Hartley. Would not really big factors in the game and a big part of it I believe is that the Titans went right that. What Mike what are the things that you're not talked about this the development baucus Beriault that quarterback. Thank you look at this he would not even to use in the National Football League. And he's handled it would so much poise. And he's not up a got a raw rock his butt type a guy. But he's quiet competence on the field. And yeah they got Delanie Walker a good running game but most people would have a difficult time telling you wide receivers or. But it tightens outside of people and cover. Tell us a little bit about Marcus and what a great job but it could developing him and also his commitment. To the game it was a guy before the draft a lot of people voice of spread option a lot of that he's a lot more than that today. You're running out you know as it was hard throwing the football yesterday for him it was impossible for anybody that. Again grew up in why he put Duke game to be in the he would never seen anything like yesterday. And for about three quarters he was average. In his own standards probably averaged. The Titans won the football game as the cosmic kicker rooted deep into the and gave the game and they've got a franchise quarterback who brought them back. In the fourth quarter and things happen after being preached to breached in the first record. He once the in those weeks situation he's not scared questioner. He's not scared to make adjustments. He makes some mistake he rallies fact. Consider okay lets you know we go to the guidelines will be an immediate he's not well enough about what his statistics dark. You know he's not gonna take the easy to all the time he he compete. And I think that people who passed in the fact that he's a quiet guy. And he was addicted that he has not talk to step up. And because of that that people don't they keep competitive. You know eat it. And in that situation in the fourth quarter with the eighty degrees. Not include in it's been a long day. He still found that the Titans know that were equally effective in this league. Now Micah the fan base in Nashville. Are they believing in this tie and then. Party believe that it might Malarkey as the head coach. They're in. You know believing in John Roberts in the general manager but it. The Titans have the Rams first round pick from that tree blister before the draft so. They're certainly like these it is the Titans going to march with a lot of cap room and in April with a lot of it. And believing in coach they they like he runs the team it's really stat guys. It was one of the reasons Mike Malarkey was retained it promoted to be full time coaches. The feeling good he can put together a good step in the clip which he's decent people would Gator and that's what happened. Like this club in a bit. The guys to relate. They don't eat simply. These aren't part of it is like you going to leave the city. They've been the odd team you'd been handed three plated. It's one kickoff. And indeed they can be used to pay the Titans. That that's that's out the players. In them that they can be and attitude that they like. Like thanks so much notice that I really appreciate also to dislike about this will be it's changed. Sixty years ago John Robinson the general manager. Was it sjeng at nickel state university. I know I'm right into Atlanta and I in my. I don't know but odd million and that was a great ride the not Woody's good he's the guy that it's. Yeah it's Nichols they outlawed it that's. As you know but I like that so let him rot that it's not about that might. Michael key thing tonight that you might. This gets right at this rate your own beat them. Back here on the second guess she'll like it to you Bobby bill we're gonna go to yet. On itself won't kid you the huddle with Bob and Mike. Yeah they came would you go about it I can do it. Yet we quickly number one when I've spoke about Pete being treated and the rains. Mean that they took off you don't European and everywhere else this week. Rolling good because it is logical what you consider. Supply and demand how many quality great coaches you have especially on it. I mean that it and now this that again and I brought this up and ask that it before defeating in but humorous times. Larry holt a broken down he had a great piece in the times BQ. If you look at Sean Payton. You know winning is doable. Jon Gruden. All of us that they wouldn't give a direct hit after six seasons Brian Billick with the Ravens at the seventh season. You look at as Shanahan and caught the winning a couple of syllables. It was hit seasons there are so. Fourth seeded so we righted seventh seasons. Which Sean Payton so. No I mean though what ours are. United has carried out a losing team you know lose that franchise. While you alternately have a chance to win it's doable. I think that's correct right now which on pay. Give the other thing too is what you make it change you better make damn sure you got somebody better. What you look back and an end at the track record. Not its the hierarchy here responsible. But a pelicans do. You have what they did get bit of money Williams to bring about what gentry and dealt the with the days as the. Number two my. I was looking at. At the beginning of training Q a after the labels should analyze it recognizes the linebacker. And she is trapped and that was. Sure and yet he could blow. After they've been great and out of there which you could get his guy won't be able to get him. Can tell opinions about them than just the typically account kindergarten up Pittsburgh. And he's got great instincts that have followed. You're not talked about him a lot. It happens great work out he would not in that stuff is bull. But in states Smart did a football. In a good open field tackler isn't that what you want and linebacker. And if we've talked about Travis a number of times. For whatever reason that you felt from the practice. As a player but I you have but it giving back. You have to get him on this football team and he and he can help somebody you could. You know it a bit of the net and now Kim can't Allen action because I know use the outcome. You can't no matter what happened against haven't me alone Christmas Eve or yours the New Year's Day against. The Falcons at Atlanta at the closed out the season. I'm not and I think I would view run the table or we lose both games. What is your take 2017. We talked about. Okay it's not so it may be who. I mean to launch date gate give me a name they'll say Bill Belichick. And me c'mon. It yet that yet that he really pick it up Fayetteville State that yeah who would Bill Belichick. So what I'm asking you. If not Sean Payton and Drew Brees who would go to different direction. That enlighten me and I've kind of taken that approach. That because at that level where they're playing. Where the all of it does rank in game two we think it even it is turning the corner. Would you give them one last hurrah a hold their feet to the far. Playoffs. I ever you want to describe it that you get more into the seven to you know one. Obviously vote reasoning is for sure about two or Pete they've because I look look at it this week. Bear is a guy that is about it vehicle right now. There won't be because Nico which will be all the same he's coached. He will be in all the things that would guarantee the thing is. How can read it will ultimately should. Sign that individual person. That's the key Q we find that nick great Colts depth no one go about. Salary if you don't like kids you know because because whatever department lately. That's not the situation. You know with similar. Situation his coach Peyton. Mike McCarthy with the Packers. But now that the late Dave winning winning it winning but all of a sudden. There's gonna come a point at a time the point where you go get go we've got to go to give a direct you to think if you could tell me forgot how to coach and you'll be successful. You don't want thinks that you coached that's gonna get a lot of looks outstanding. Yeah outlook giving him didn't. And again a lot of look. Well I think they'll look at a ball that last they've not heard but he lately Pippen. He knows when Nolan. Will finally. OK I only need the outline that I would put into the game there night in and Alexander you're home though it seemed he stated that. Doing so he went to. With the Carolina line chemically you know he outlined there. Ironically both little cut and oh he's been that try to pick they mine as to what he needs to be good please. Follow linebacker if it goes from there is reason. He did that you all season of beer instilled in football you need actual out of whack of 000 blow. We weren't looking for are a bit. That Eagles lack of commitment. That commitment AM occasionally going on it's all who yeah. Commanded at that they'll be satisfied you the previous year how many get better at this level in the NFL yeah that makes sense that. You know what I would do he's retired now I've got what what Patrick Willis. Obama pops up on Anthony I give Patrick Willis that ball would say you know what teach me the little intricacies of the game. And while they doubt that would be. A great idea of what's the fallen entity you have got to go to break thanks so much good call buddy what it's like it gets right up to break in the big 87.