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Dec 21, 2016|

Bobby & Deke go "Around The League" with reporters from all over the NFL landscape.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And his son had to go around the National Football League we start things off covered the Cowboys for the Fort Worth star telegram and the NFC east is drew Davison drew. Thank you so much for the timing you know it's kind of want to go here is he any of the year or some other times. You think man you you point twelve of fourteen. And down the street Q you've got another team just breathe and gagging at the New York Giants in that like these two teams to drew will be warning to his fault that record to concern but. You know New York on message Dallas focus will wind up being in the five seed Dallas could be the one seed. But the Cowboys still you know it's not like it's one of those scenarios where we can have the luxury of resting place they get. Dallas got a week. I yeah. Mean that it's the only seen in. Number I'll Spielberg. It'll be hurt you act in their economy is the guy we're in the court the Cowboys. Well lock up home field in the top seed in. You know it made no rate would be. Right Ers rock debate. You know the idle the game but it certainly the Cowboys better prepared right. They need to be good lie. It didn't make it in the play out shoot. It certainly built more aligned to. Feel like Betsy it. And solid game and I. Drew and that's just look at is situations and that's effective let's say the Giants do fall. And Dallas keeps things locked up. Any possibility somewhere in those last two games it would be meaningless games and we could see Tony Romo. Jerry Jones birdied that oh beat. Is that an area they'd be right either starters an hour ago. Reason you put Tony Romo out there. Behind a that in their perspective outline in the mean. Tony Romo in play you're obviously predicted them as best as possible but I I don't see a scenario where they are retiring Ramon out there he put it impractical with the coaches feel. He's ready to get out there and grit. In big injury. In a meaningless game you hold the key play here OB. Would stump and on line. Yet Joseph with something on the line is that short leash you know at that press got our. Your opinion what would it take I could remember. I don't wanna say the year at Dolphins though went undefeated I want to say Brian greasy at this club really I mean before your time through and I can remember. Griese broke his alarm and they were Goler are old borrowed and become suitable time. Brian Griese was the corner right now actually in that direction could it be that. Now all of a sudden that. It's it you know we had to playoffs is not a series is wanted done. Ours you know you have to win it that is scenario that if stack would be struggling that that Tony Romo could could go in the game then that does get it would trying get a win. Yeah mean Akron but I would hurt quarterback in the league in Lauren trouble working games ago. You know I know. They're there on the water court rock. Going into last week's game against Tampa Bay after accurate that it needed a bat that did. I thought warm it. That that really good with the bad the Cowboys that are hopefully I'm that Brett died in the I think at this point the only way Tony Romo deep. Indy game match it is it is something that. Injury wise to Greg. Drew let's just say because say it could very well happen you know we see for a third time later this season which would be for the ultimate prize Dallas. And the New York Giants. Well it will be interesting it's hard to beat a team twice much this three time but that would be. With the Cowboys at face and is that is that something that looks like. You know that could be a tough match up well always it's somebody that has got it you know battle tested quarterback they were poses a tough matchup someone like Green Day. Yeah I mean the big wreck and the Cowboys are better guys. Just because you know so well. And did you like the currencies that figured out a way to load on the thing cal would drop it might be. That big that would certainly don't see them because. Back into doubt that in the last time tablet that. The top seeded in a field. Bad but at this intimate Tony Romo problem triple open by that we but I yeah he certainly came back to grind. Not a morale in the courtroom and win that you're you quibble though I date certain he. At that he in that scenario play out well for. Break early I think it would open the child going to drive it. Beat deep like. But Kevin cowboy in the NFC east for the pole worth star telegram drew Davis drew thank you so much with the means to the game this week. Our. Our. Fourth straight now with two met the Green Bay Packers are allowed and went on the Al line and for the NFC north division Pete daughter recovering meat Packers. For the Green Bay press good day at Pete when you think about it green Bay's been in this situation before. And they are rolling right now envoy they can win this week it would typically huge when next week with the Detroit Lions pretty much for Europe could be in. It. You know what stood out for sure it would be and in a little wild but again four weeks ago this team looks kind of dead in the water than. Outlaw and out back to back games by a country in Washington foreign section of you know they got together at Philadelphia when the game dollar or wins in a row including one over Seattle on. They're they're finally figure out drop on the other quarterback who's playing and the bat but he played non. You know obviously body calendar more than a calendar year and now and better things are looking pretty bright for now. Yeah. Repeating you look at especially. Eating the line is obviously a feeling the heat. The obviously there's according gained only scores six points with the medical act Dallas Monday Night Football. And now you look at Minnesota boy. The sky has fallen and it literally has fallen on them they got it going Green Bay so. Is it right the more the pressure would be out right now on on the Lions. They Green Bay considering what's at stake in the NFC and our. Yeah how much tougher game for them down in Dallas and you know on the facility is it really is just on a par technically call and they look so good earlier in the year. Branford prep rose's first game of the Packers and he looked looked great but there laughter tackles. A lot Peterson in the acting in them. They just you know they were going nowhere or rather the government Lebanon map attic and on. But I think you and Troy loses the Packers won and I still think the winner backed up. Packers. Lions game and how last game of the winner Patricia. So love that Pete when you look at. Hi each training look error Raja is Matthew Stafford. Noble goal what is your take is it looks a blind and is not enough good young quarterback so I'm Matthew Stafford and woo where do you. So I wish him well know Aaron Rodgers. You know kind of like the seasoned veteran that he is the MVP type player but I'm kinda. You know oddly coming youngsters and I say youngsters that I look at him I think he's nine years younger than Drew Brees. With the Saints but I've been a Matthew Stafford and where do you side with him. Yeah he can still love me and make an account this year you know the last few years he's been a little a couple of but you're a little better Jay Cutler where. Probably lies yeah it was a tough for guys that factored mile and a cut. As well colors of the guys even like a lot. He had he had goggles attributes he relies so much an arm strength and natural panel very often turned for all of the title windows on an option. I'm and he seems to cut back some out while still make a lot of plays obviously you. I can probably means it is they've won the last few minutes but he used proved to be really clutch in and you know week after week and people up walking on fires so. He seemed to appear big jump this year not yet and get the put him. You off there are months I haven't thought this through haven't written it you know down the list but I'm certain the I would think he's. Rank among book and that's quarterbacks in the league and probably even higher UMB Ichiro like we're allowed only an alien can post but there. Pete are recovering the Packers to the Green Bay press gazette Pete have a people people with you on social media. Twitter handle that he Doherty in there upside as Packers mused that now. Pete thank you so much for the time Parker talk things statement. And then beat Seattle Seahawks are already champions or the NFC west and nine for him on a couple of wins and the two seed. Any NFC post season joining us now to talk about Seattle and the NFC west is Bob conduct a writer for the Seattle times and Bob. Seattle has an opportunity to. Pretty much at going be one of the top two seeds which would be a pretty much to their liking meaning that they would only have to travel watch and that will be for the NFC title game. No doubt about it. Pretty obvious obviously the benefit there in the PC and yeah I think wrap up that we can actually if they win. And in Atlanta and Detroit news in the box who would adequate political into. The final week as he's in the obviously not that much you know they yet they and make that happen priority purposes. Beating Arizona and fight that these hitters that have got to expect for the cup game and become a pretty good rivalry between the two teams there has won two years here in that memorable or. Tie in there earlier this year so we are going to eat but certainly when you get yuck that. But Bob it's crazy how things that change your a year well at the same schedule and came on the brink. I'm looking at the AFC west and that the US and think well. I think the Saints have to be heading in the right direction it would be a five or that type team. You know that being seven and nine and eight in eight bit and somebody would have told me that the Saints would sweep. And it's US senate but no way. I mean I I think maybe 31 is that Seattle at home. I think BQ we beat Arizona road very disappointing. Although the Rams and the quarry niners but. Why that I don't know anyone's seen this coming. It was Seattle it 941. And all of a sudden Cardinals 581 in the brands fourteen and in the 49ers won at thirteen day. All of a sudden he kind of receiver look at the NFC west. And atop the visual that has not been. The case this year and all of a sudden maybe the NFC east who bit of C leads kind of surpassed them. No doubt it not been agreed it is in this year on tour for a surprisingly. I don't know that there could be the best he walking the last few years I have now. Think it's that that could probably right now as the teams you've got to the to quibble but they're there almost some of your time when it is because there's no. San Francisco that was that was a couple of years Miller you know last year and it's out of the Seahawks and it is and I'm looking just sort of fell apart. But you know the doctors at some tough games with that the NFC but like most. Yes that is you know each other so well that the division intended tend to be fairly competitive even. You know even Thursday gain was was Coco midway through the third quarter you know with the Rams. By the end Julius on the yup running game dale asking you do. So my game Expos supplies for the Seahawks are going. You know that that the division and have a different picture with whoever takes over Los Angeles Inca. You know who knows what might happily ship which is go in the league knows what happened in Arizona. You know depending on that experience to what you decide to do so. You know lots about change but the Fiat had been sort of the one constant Porsche this year. Now Bob Wright quake I mean I've looked at Seattle's offense and you see a final score you'd be paying it hits it a whole league and it's almost like baseball scores. As far as lack of scoring a should say. When I look at it at the Tampa Bay game. You look at obvious it all the time game with the Cardinals are. Viable what has been the case where you maybe see that it consistency with the office is at the office of line are what did you take with that. It's largely the offensive line and Nina that that's really that you beat but struggled out this year. You know the they sort of just made some strategic financial services through the years to. Up pay guys at other positions and be a fraudulent or taken the brunt of and I would I would argue I don't industry made wrong decisions most of the guys out that they didn't sign. Aren't necessarily do well every where where they are now it. You know it's just one of those things they have adopted developed operative line as well to the position and out of our control to keep there at the linemen so. They're you know they sort of not get trying to rebuild and you're a lot of young players and trying to find the right thing. But you know after the had a lot of injuries Russell and even though he'd ever. You know at three different injuries this year they've been pretty. But it is pretty serious and you know the sort of gone from the ideal for about the first games of the year Indy Indy Indy game not in Bakley what Russell would beat you running wise. You know the nor would gain down there it was a good it was a really good example of Russell earned big break he was admirable bull he wasn't running much. That takes a lot that takes a lot out of the Seattle offense so you know this analyze it that they. Coming to Seattle Seahawks and the NC wins for the Seattle times Bachman died about not compete keep up with yours so to me. Get this on Twitter at. At be can go to peace deal and BO TT. Bob thank you so much for the time. It that you are I will continue around the league on WW. And welcome Matt we continue our around the league and here covering the Patriots and the AFC east which what to gain belong to the Patriots might pick valued joins us now that he EIW yeah I'd back. My gut this so remarkable run with their Brady and Belichick this continues and you know when it's all said and done. This is warned that you know I don't know we're looking in any sport in any aired any time will be. Equipment equal this up close to it's got to be subject from the past because I just don't see it is they attack on the week. Then leaks in the game to structured how anyone can be close to duplicating what they've been able to do. That's funny you say that because just yesterday. I was on with that rob double the and Hartford Connecticut and he brought up the same point toward the end of the interview and I said the camp. You're not to have that kind of success simply because ilbo. Pak has had a remarkable run as a head coach. And the personnel guru of the Patriots over is seventeen years knowing and you have one of the single most. Are intense competitors in all of sports forget football and Tom Brady and the two of them together are committed. 21 single purpose and that is domination may don't want to speak yeah. They wanted to dominate you and wanna do not on the just on the field. But in every single detail their preparation it's a very unique. Combination of very unique you know football marriage. And it's just me and you know really incredible to watch from a distance and on and been able to talk to a few people including Nam and others. Who knows their way their system operates and they say. They usually bring up a couple of words won his discipline and the other's competition and both of them fell. In both those areas and I think that really in a nutshell. Without being too cliche is really light it up as a just by that. Now the fourteen titles in sixteen years it's just. Unlike anything football ever seen. And Mike quick where they say you know for the sake of not being you know. You know the immediate drug as though our ride ago where a guy who won date somewhere down when Pate and when Belichick and Brady lost you there. They peaked. I don't know Buffalo did to Dolphins someone to okay this the year it doing and gone not win USC I don't think it's going to happen. But you know you get older you've been a full time. If there was a team moving up in is that he's in. Win this Patriot for on is all stayed in line. You mean the Patriots have seen teams beat Lou Reed do you what 67 pan since all right I mean not a great I want. You so that he and I mean oh well yes and yes I mean. And you look at all of quarterbacks and changes in the top draft pick to from Buffalo alone at that part the third pick another quarterback with. War who is that he is their franchise that is you know somewhat said at a consistent we see Miami's Dwyane now but. I mean if Miami welcome back and win again actually we've seen it yet to win before but the you know in the back to back AFC title yet. They they Phillip or is this somebody in their division it's due to compete not just with the Patriots but maybe in the UNC the long term in the division now. I would say the Miami Dolphins and not just because they're a good year this year but I would stay there. He really hasn't spilled. A lot of discipline down there and they seemed to really albeit on the same page. In terms of what they're trying to do it down the front of side of the ball. I'd really like they're deep up front like the Lions always created Havoc for the Patriots it and you know it could again on new year's day of the Patriots win this Saturday which they should against. The engine that stadium on Christmas C I would think that you Patriots win that game and that's the case they. All but they'll pop the number one by on number one seed. In the AFC rather his chance against the Raiders could catch them black. You know if they have the number one seed wrapped up going in Miami. I think the Miami Dolphins probably play that game early our hand. You know regular at a team like Miami into a playoff that knows the Patriots they can always be dangerous but to your point I think the Dolphins are probably bill. To you know challenge the Patriots. In the coming years and still like the bills' roster. I mean you mentioned Tyrod Taylor maybe the two and a different direction I think they're pretty. You know. Art Bell and have their hearts set on Tyrod Taylor and you know it Rex goes out the door and new quarterback new head coach. While coming in a different direction. Maybe that changes you know I do think they have a pretty good thing going in Buffalo they just needed to choose. You know committed the discipline and I think I just in talking to people around the NFL. That is not right for them I'll. Now and you think about soccer adequate just to bring it before Mexico Mike I saw. Character generator to it on the screen near the day. Any news that the coaches that have more losses than anyone else in the last few years it goes Bradley was up there and X-Files that they were 45. Right now. That just says it all on the when we him more him I'm but I mean. Yeah if you record as you say years and he's in the top four of most losses in the last few seasons well. And it it it points to you know is this Mora malt ball in bite so to beat might try to get BEE I. And WEEI dot com Mike Huckabee the key but we can on social media. On Twitter at track. TR AGS is wary and find all mine. Patriots and and so optics. My thank you so much mayor Chris mister you all right Merry Christmas to you guys as well take care. All right. And the Pittsburgh Steelers now entertain Baltimore Christmas Eve Christmas Day. With a big opportunity to lock up the AFC north covering the Steelers and the north division for the Beaver County times is crisp Africa and the status it Chris. What are the players like in the locker room on Monday when you talked to him. About Jamie he'll roll you know basically use and that detail without the proper written up in. You know players who do that kind of stuff generally they're more known for what they do is thought to cuteness it and trying to be cute. And they all with this post we've known for and that is this battle plate and that's pretty much been the course of history. It and we have a won't be a showboat that's. Jerry what demos and don't force be an issue. That's when humid here you know after that that that now and outscored U. They're a mocking the term out Kendrick and upbeat he did not after that got that the particular. I think picnic and it took a tournament agreements are not there or not the first team that and a you can give you a few excessive celebration penalty and don't agree we were kind of surprised that. Wasn't called on that play because he did you to profit the celebration but. You know among fans in Pittsburgh you know that the terrible outcome. An iconic symbol and any time any player. You try to desecrated yet it's Rick impart knowing me and that spurt. Why Chris secretary Webb from football fan's perspective. It doesn't get any better than this I could see. And number of people you know you have Christmas morning with your family but come. Late Christmas Day in the afternoon. Baltimore at Pittsburgh I think a lot of football fans the perception is that if somebody can overtake. The Patriots it would be one of these teams either Ravens artist two of those were not giving too many other people a chance so what did you take evening. The comets in in Baltimore and Pittsburgh where they're at right now. Not a ten victory and need to do about it too plaque on bedrock or two quarterback who wants to promote and we can proceed and you know Q what our quarterback take yet. You know I think from the other perspective I think they like. The way they're playing out there and five game winning streak basketball at all that to you again in the well. That game occurred in the U you we got let people. On that this game figured you know Baltimore would be in there and Pittsburgh will be in there. And it turned out there here's the game game that we get really. You know between Q you bitter rivals. You know we that the play out the expert for the winner. Now Chris. I'm. The Browns and lately gain look at San Diego. Act Cleveland. Mean at that eagle for eating in a bullet to the you know would it take on the Browns. As desperately. Yeah I think maybe your best chance to put me that we can get into that that in the I'm not going anywhere either but I quite yet here the Browns like it one of these went. They're going to be into it to come down that we seventeen game on your day it's Bert. Yet it perpich robbery between Pittsburgh Cleveland for the Browns would like nothing more than it did get that. Get one on the Steelers you know pick finally get on that in the win column. That you two really bad team you know I'd. You acrobats at Utah but they keep me at the time it would break hire that team but not to think that worked out well they've turned the ball that Robert Griffin and yet it just doesn't seem. And to go to work there and it's going to be a few years before. Acute Jackson at it's he has retain and I knew he would be went deep in a matter. How many windy yet but you know it's gonna take a few more first round draft pick who would you know approach respectability. Chris Brett become an AFC naught and the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Beaver County times Chris Huckabee the cable with you on social media. Sure about him on Twitter at B keep keep Bradford. Chris thank you so much made Christmas until the game Christmas. Day America that it took. All right we look at the mean here and beat them you. And that was only half the story here to have a talk about the rest of its recent walk book covering the Tennessee tight in the AFC south within eight feet. Recent riots suck up of course was with the Chiefs a couple of seasons ago they've opted for a former Tulane green lately on the pick and Cairo sent those. But any TV actually Nicole from what I understand eight time now that peak before that and that was one that soak up had missed. And any gave him a second chance and he nailed it in my correct. Absolutely now. Not ride out that did it. Hurt. You know it's called. Now a lot. So you know trying to see how Mikey need to put the neck and he gave. Crossbar everything is right. Up call hike in franchise history going back to 1960. It and the wind chill well. Era so it was like kicking a rock out there and he had everything into it. Now Tracy look at that AFC south. And obviously if you look as of late. Not necessarily the most competitive division top to bottom but it's been kind of either the Colts are to Texans. What you look at Tennessee and what their right now looking at but the Colts got to travel at Oakland. So do you think that's going to be then you look Cincinnati at Houston is it. Cut almost situation that Tennessee with a big win they got to have the momentum. You know going to it to Jacksonville at divisional game obviously we know the games it's been tough. Which Jackson go back it was with Tennessee but this is deadly to me. The tight division to lose it it does he keep the momentum. Well. Absolutely and you know let's not forget the Titans haven't their lap Chan. It and are not that they won. And three straight era they're doing out there we have to do ears. Yeah they beat Green Bay Packers which didn't look like much time now Packers there are making the top there and they did you know try it well picture. But the meat defending Super Bowl champs last week angle on the city. They're competent is growing with each week it is still pretty young. Rookie on the field on eat there. And that came up with a goal like an interception in doubt that was by. And in themselves that what the coach is asking to do it week by and we got. Market Mario and a that never hurt Peter. Now luxuries of lights it was like though even with a great young quarterback and Marcus or what he's been able to do. That I I kind of you to Titans as the bottom line is not a win to gain. No such thing as ugly when you got to win at what I mean by that is like winning in the trenches. On all the to be bits of line and and being committed. The running the football with their game plan game in the game well. Well particularly on the line working not. Yeah and they were about the score tied up and a fumble by Rashard Matthews but they stuck with the run game. And you end up having your cannery trophy winner. I get to a touchdown on the ground including one with three well. In that set up the field and urgent that they not want they'd never gotten to a game that we broke broke broke. Op and the coordinator Gary habit he would stop and Ron. It's big reason why they are Burton and now rush and guys that and the line right. When he went back. Oh man I left tackle Taylor on the ball in right tackle rookie Jack one is all the rubble. You know that the recognition as to how much they are and on the other side on defense. Brian Iraq Pau is that the one is war broke all. And I got a career I let it back we try to where I went back the other that they definitely work it sure that those areas. What in the last year here out and hang it. Covering the Tennessee Tynes and AFC south for the Associated Press is Teresa walker Teresa how to be the key but we yard social media. Well like it like MySpace page or follow on Twitter at M walker. The recent thank you so much for the time. Thank you so much about it the right age whose. It is a great year indeed is the and that down because they are still man make him for the top overall seed certainly got their eyes set on one of the top two seeds the Oakland Raiders cover the Raiders in the AFC west for the Bay Area news group these team meet their. Oakland took care of their business on the evening got some help from the Tennessee Titans now down the stretch boy it would be nice to see the Raiders I had that by a week. How big would get volley into the Raiders these young ballclub that's a real hot if they were to have that extra week to prepare. What would be huge and obviously that that your car in key issue much peaked yet in what we can't let that kind of calmed down. And I mean just to be able to be overplayed that playoff game. At least at home. Not have to put in the heat and cold weather conditions if they have to go on the road. And maybe eventually go to campus stadium deal in new England and I think that kinky sex and more cold weather so not to get a bye and home playoff game yet tremendous. They did it look NN obviously Andrew Luck. Everyone knows he's gotten the recognition well it's been maybe that Derek Carr I think Al player of the just to keep pace two youngster it's Indianapolis at Oakland. You know look at that young quarterback battle finally break that down and also. Like come Christmas night the amber I Kansas City. Breakdown those two games. Yeah I mean he of the car locked battle it's it's funny to actually play went on high school car with the junior and look at the senior. And carp beat him in high school player out there and he used to area that it'll be formula. Car we get up the big matchup against the others that quarterback he felt you know I'd I think the big. Different that we yet. And those two guys that aren't yet. It's a lot better protection Andrew Luck you know. Lockett is taking a hit over the last couple years to be back ought. And that on car has that great off the wind was three cobol there. And he that's allowed him half the time to sit back there and not make the decision where as you know locked with wood maybe you were. Weapons in order not as good of a line is is a little bit under pressure wore out after that Denver KC game. It's it's gonna be acute when for the Raiders because they have a chance to clinch the division if there but we have to get it and when I can't idiot. Those teams they're. Are pretty easily match we saw what happened last time they won in overtime which really went all we now political at a high they'll. It's in Kansas City in Indian so that it gives achieves little bit of an advantage and their plan a lot. Played better than and the Broncos aren't out there there on a slide that but they are playing for. You know put their lives right now because they lose this one they're pretty much out of it or what else. Cover in the Raiders for the Bay Area news group in the AFC west is Jimmie they're Jimmy how to beat people with you on Twitter. And it Jimmy underscored her on Twitter. Jimmie thank you so much for the time we appreciate. I did thanks so much beckons to do gym and so am Balkman are damn many that's been throwing on the news of next Kristi gave PT bat a bear. Smoke and I sort of night double coverage sports in melodeo dig into Oklahoma and handing. That he'll mix in the situation audits coming up and just have to Oklahoma will be in town next week. One Atlanta media in protest of maybe going for the Susan stint and missed the mix we will see. Thanks so much to damage may tomorrow on tight engineer with the Tim cost of branding cooks the Paul Smith. Then lovely mostly anything who always take care of us as well as with the died around the entire routes famine offbeat topic anyone of the great routes is locations. In our area across the board in the south and take care of your holidays the right way the routes is when you combine for his battle with is route has always. The best not the ability as always dump by the cajun cannon by having a bad on the way elation.