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12-15 -16 Scoot 2pm- Dylann Roof Verdict

Dec 21, 2016|

Reaction to the Dylann Roof verdict.

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We were scheduled to talk about Donald Trump's kids being part of the administration and we can still have that be part of the conversation but since the jury in the Dylan roof trial. In Charleston, South Carolina is now deliberating. It has to once again see the video of his confession since they're deliberating right now. Let's you and I deliberate on the radio. Dylan roof is the guy who he's 22 now but he was 21 in June of 2015. When he went to the African American Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. And sat there while there was a Bible study. Prayer meeting going on. And at one point he decided to. Start shooting. And he killed nine people who were at that prayer meeting. Based on what you know and what you've heard and we're in the court of public opinion we're not in the courtroom. And sometimes there's a big difference between what we think and what happens in the courtroom. But based on what you know. Which you can pick Dylan roof. And if you convicted him. Where he sends him to death. If you enjoys with the comment on numbers 260187. In Teri cut 5042601878. And I text is 87870. I don't Russo lawyer has asked the jurors to consider what was going on in his hand as he planned the killing of nine black worshippers. Tennis racially motivated attack at Charleston church effect this is the guy. Who really started don't have the the the new controversy over the the confederate flag which led to the taking down of confederate flag. In Columbia, South Carolina the the state to a State Capitol building. Defense attorney David brook in the case. Conceded that it is closing arguments that until and Ruben did kill victims. And he also do the attorney also praised the FBI's investigation. But he argued that roof was a suicidal impressionable loner. Who never grasped the gravity of what he did. Prosecutors successfully objected several times to those arguments as he tried to make groups metal status part of it to judge said hey that's not part of this phase of the trial. Is mental status will be part of the sentencing phase. The trial. They show what I know. I would convict a guy but again this is issue and nine. Talking. Out of the courtroom. Don't have all the specific instructions on how to apply the law. But this seems. Like a rather clear case. Of premeditated. Murder. If you and join us with your thoughts are numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601. A seventy text 87870. And here's our party jag opinion poll this hour knowing what you know which you sentence Charleston shooter domed roof. To death. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here's a text I don't Tennessee to death just put him in the general population and things will work themselves out. Here's an of the text about fakes and what you talked about two last hour. I did the preacher from Alaska start this kind of story is fake rumors I don't know you know he he he might have done and done that in confess something else he talked about this week. That. You know I felt noted that a preacher. I was just at the guy who went to the delight of people standing in line with their kids to see Santa Claus at a mall in Amarillo Texas. That he really doesn't even have a church. He's just a street preacher. So this guy is as insignificant. As you can get. In in that world. Any a lot of attention because of of what he did segment to the kids at Santa's not real and it's really your parents your parents are lying to you about a Santa which I thought was a horrible thing to do let me get to your calls from party Iran a year under the WO good afternoon. You know the is not good. Answer your questions applicant make them and my answer is clear yet. Beyond insisted it seems so obvious. I mean if there were I mean if there were in the EC case it that you don't we thought Casey Anthony we thought OJ Simpson or ECK us and it was obvious the way they should have turned down. This seems even more obvious. Right I mean no question. Mean people ball when he. Bitten like. Wait a one all in. Yeah. That's what I find particularly appalling about this is that they welcomed here in the and he was this white guy and these are African Americans that are premier they welcome him in. And he sits there and listens to the Bible study and decides to kill. Yes yes and plug it into you know you know you. Don't. It is scary. Rhonda appreciate the call. Complimentary junior year on WW well. I'll sure. It. General population. That's what a Texan just a moment ago and is it interesting that there's there's so there's a whole new. Code of conduct and and and code of justice within the general population of a prison. Absolutely. Absolutely you know at a they but Debbie. App who lives in that it got to bat again beat it like you said Beckett. Did a day. Hey at the end this is there without. Him and did you pray and be people that died. There as well. And and then think about the pick about the to prayers that he hurt think about the things from the Bible that he heard while he was sitting there. And then he still decided to kill. Right. You know appreciate the call. And from Baton Rouge John your under the WLA John. Okay yeah I'm good. I would be big in that I would but you know obviously in the days. Being here again I think Erica but that it be. Eight people at exactly you know. No but. I think it it certainly at Burton hit the hole. And not remotely good partner the world but it. I hit it out. In the war he hit it more that I'll go and people look up and a career. Yeah we use it and that's why this seems just particularly appalling to me which you which you is sentenced him to death for. Him. I John I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon numbers 2601878. Area code 5042601. A seventy Tex Amber's age 7870. Here's a text what's going on at the Hammond police department surrounded by. The FBI you know that's in our news we've got a story on our website at W if you don't dot com the FBI has raided the tangible or sheriff's office. And so there are people being taken out there apparently. In handcuffs. So we'll have more on that is the story develops that we do have the latest on our website right now at WWO dot com also organ and the conversation this hour Donald Trump's kids. It appears is just his daughter you vodka and her husband Jared Kushner will have offices in the White House. And I'm hearing that you've Barca will occupy an office that he's usually occupied by the First Lady and will carry out many of the duties that he First Lady would carry out. So what about Maloney. But she didn't do. I'm sure she's going to do something. But he knocked it seems like a very capable young person. Who would do it very good job of taking care of many of the things and A First Lady would take care of effect I think one of the causes that she's going to take up and this is gonna surprise a lot of people is climate change. So isn't this a problem for UN and the guy Jared Kushner hurt her her husband and don't Trump's son in law. Was apparently very instrumental in guiding him through the election. Getting him elected. So. Should he have an office in the west wing. Went areas in office and official title or not. Is there a problem with kids being involved here I don't think so. And we you feel the same if Hillary won the election and Chelsea became an active part of the Clinton White House. And also have you ever worked with your kids. Have you or do you work with your kids how does that work out. I personally think it would be very difficult to work with your kids in the same way that it would be difficult to work with. A spouse but yeah so people do. So how does that work out working with your kids are if you wanna join us with the comets afternoon about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601. And seventy. Gary code 5042601878. Text number eight cities have him. Here's a check to see as Carolina shooter lamented. He would stand because. It he had differ fallen in love so well. Where he's going. He's about to receive all won a lot of it's gonna hurt that will be back and every WL. This is the band one republic and it's a Christmas song Christmas without you trying to find some new and also some Christmas songs done by people. You're not used to hearing do Christmas songs Fox News Channel is reporting that the jury has reached a verdict in the trial of Dylan roof and we'll find out what. That is and as soon as we do will react to that we've already started to react to that I wish you convict this guy look this didn't take very long. And if they did not deliver I mean they they just started a little while ago. So they came to a very very quick decision. Now they have a sinister in two to death but this is a death penalty trial prosecutors want the death penalty. But at this is via the conviction face of this the sentencing faithful who will come later. And I guess we the jury just didn't by the argument that well this this guy was delusional or. They did they didn't buy any excuses that he he may have been on given. For his state of mind when he did this it sure seems like it was just pure evil and pure calculation. On his part. If you would like to join us for the comment our numbers 2601 a seventy. And it takes Amber's age 7870. Also are talking about to I don't front skids here they're going to be part of the event as well his his daughter you vodka. And her husband Donald Trump's son in law chaired that Kerschner. Will apparently have officers in the White House when he swing one in the west wing and his sons Eric and Donald junior are going to be running the business. Here's part of what Kellyanne Conway she was very instrumental in the extra campaign here's what she said this morning on MSNBC's morning Joseph about the kids and the administration. They have assured everywhere Joseph and Mika. That there will be a complete distinction and separation no ambiguity. About business holdings they have to separate themselves completely from these fast has their own business holdings boost. He's a young men and women are at the top of their earning keen to sacrifice that they were all meet to go in and serve if that is what they choose ultimately. Is really unprecedented extraordinary the idea that they would complete me. Separate themselves from their businesses are very successful businesses is Michael. I mean is it really that a mutual that it's a muddies the idea that the concept of somebody's kids being this involved in the administration. You know even people who didn't like Donald Trump admired his kids I thought they were sharp. And it seems like in some ways they for the ones who let him in. The right direction on a couple things and it provocative sharpest daughter. Is talking about taking up climate control as her main cause sitting in the first lady's office. Then that's a good thing for a lot of people I got a couple of text like this would. Millennia is not moving to DC she'll stay in new York and keep their sign a bear and in current school so if mark is a stepping up to do their part. So Malloy yes that is true will Maloney ultimately. Still this fill this role or will Colonia. On just stepped back a little bit of bloody vodka two more victories and First Lady were to. Fox News is reporting the jurors have convicted. Dylan roof in the killing of nine church members. And South Carolina. Guilty. I'm not surprised. And particularly. With the hardest coming so quickly after deliberations started. You had defected they knew all along ever gonna convict this guy. Next. The sentencing phase. I have ambivalent feelings about the death penalty. But. If we're going to have a death penalty. Wouldn't it be for somebody like this. If you wanna join us your reaction to the guilty verdict of Dylan roof in South Carolina are numbers 260187. The area code 5042601. A seventy. Texas a 7870. A through mid city Brian welcome to the show. Aren't cute arm. Com thank god that's their first work dog went and remember networks when that are reported in Bangkok. Bomb. See a reason why it's armed. And I think we need to carry much are getting off one. Are knee he had this planned out he had on you on have a change of part one day when this congregation extended there. You end. And I actually. Upon a wonderful experience by such wish. An all black church won't be key years ago there was one boss Sundays were right mr. Ashe. At a Mac ordinary. And it shot ago. It was summary ready only. Chose not to go there. I was welcomed with open arms. Because they actually troopers they act much else Williams my girl and and that was the first time in my entire life the next 2% digits in the journal. It was a warm feeling. If it did it was wonderful and you know any any idea. About going to a different church. You know in in my case a church that was Bernama probably black was was just totally distraught totally wiped away. Like wade it's it's it was one or two that. Someone should. Walk into church where he's welcome to open arms and while. And plotting guitar what these people. And Carter them. Calm he just doesn't he doesn't deserve to be on this world anymore. Ryan I appreciate the call and I appreciate you sharing your story with us. If you're Arnold stay where this if you wanna join us for your thoughts and comments this afternoon we're reacting instantly if this is just I've been breaking news this is just come down. Are the jury in the case fund Dillon roof the shooter. In Charleston south Carolina at their church has been found guilty of killing. Nine African Americans and it didn't take the jury very long at all should he be sentenced to death that you reacted as some verdict on numbers 2601878. Every cut 5042601878. 7070. Also went to our remind you said. We still have a pair of tickets to giveaway to see Chicago and concerts sang her theater marks the 21 the Chicago song of the day. Is 245 or six to four when you hear that that's your cue to call the contest line. A caller is a winner for governor of you well I'm skewed and here's our Debbie. This is more hot country. Maroon 5 featuring Penn the Kumar. Don't wanna know. I'm screwed us in the afternoon to pay its December 15 and it actually feels like your basic feeling December on Saturday so enjoy this cool weather Wallace here. The verdict in a deal and roof murder trial is. Guilty. Your reaction to that 2601 and seventy area code 504260170. Text is a 7070. Here's a Texas says I'm basing the south is still segregated on Sundays. Stories like that this a caller just called in as. A white guy and I said that he he went to a predominantly black church in New Orleans Easter recently. A Catholic church and I asked him to bring up the gifts and usually touched by that. Southern Texas and stories like that Shelby and we don't need to be that way coming from someone who doesn't practice organized religion. Here is another Texas and sack kind of thought that would be a verdict according to guilty charges. Yeah I mean it seemed obvious that they were gonna find this guy I'm guilty and then the argument will be should he be sentenced to death. I'm scooter in the afternoon and from New Orleans Stephen welcome to the show. Kabul latency. So Eric Claus and immediately he did and she should get the academy. Yeah he's going to approach in kilometers. Doing well and those of his speech he has. So that we apart it cause it just so was that offers people a little worse. Who diapers and finesse pitcher born. Separately and it took to. Start to go advice did you notice the cities and and it looked premiere stop acting out a little interest that she was so she was back dig up the channel to the agency immediately stops. Dooley Eddie Murray that's why. New job and parents who love to have you round of the usability and. I'd do time in restaurants and it. Will I think give it to you know. I was so you'd almost impossible. That year. And did just that I would say indeed good portion of the time. Stops them from doing what to do it. It's amazing it's interesting victim to kiss full on listen to senator Ben not their parents. Well and doing it I think if you wouldn't. In the Michelin enters started it is so. Monument in an extremist murder. That commitment the. It did come up during that time whole discussion a debate about the and the confederate flag yet that once you Stephen I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comment numbers 2601870. Erykah final four to 601870. Tech's number is 878 Seve from downtown L would welcome to our show. They lead no problem. No problem though. Is in the that is the it's actually. Put it below put something. About the Olympic security as that was wrong screw. Since I was wrong on all counts it would and calls. Into it that your. Cuban people in and did what you. I think. I'm older. We will be. We will be. You want for. Writes are you a race war more than a Ryan who wore. Irish oh yeah. Heat index even worst in inciting a riot I would think. But you know. I have to bill that would like to do first before. In population and putting them at the criminals. And that the Kremlin and get the criminals and gone. And that it. Wait let's not give the criminals are gone because they might kill other people to let's not let's not. Well I'm not for the Obama who we want him in the everywhere it goes and. Well this was such. Atrocity I knew he wants he wants it. He'd sit in beauty is not the route to. What Princeton you know two different. Well Albert we are right now we have to go through the process I I appreciate the call or not I do understand your peer passion I had a takes a moment ago why did even have a trial. If the guy confessed why did even bother having a trial why did they just go directly to sentence. I respect the fact we have a system of justice flawed as it might be. We have a system of justice and we've got to go through the process. And you can't just executed after being convicted they've got to go through the penalty phase. So while it seems so obvious. To many people what should happen in this case. If you start skipping the steps of justice stand I think you're getting into really. Dangerous territory here's a text I had no idea I am picking up your station a big hello from the Alabama Mississippi State line. Yeah we actually are under WWL 870 AM we actually carry over into on into the state of Florida so we do cover this site entire region. As some of your listening on every avenue Melbourne a 53 FM knowing what you know which you have sentenced. Would you set in central since you don't move to death. That's our party general people give your opinion. By going to our web site WWL. Dot com. And there we'll get back to board your comments here just a moment ago we are reacting if you just joined us senate to be guilty verdicts in the Dylan roof trial. Charleston, South Carolina this is the young 21 year old white guy. Who went into a predominately African American church and I'm set their during part of the a Bible study meeting and then got out. And shot. Nine. Struck and killed nine people. He did not take the jury very long at all like just I mean maybe an hour maybe not even enough I I don't know what the exact about a time wise but they started deliberating. I just a little while ago and they came to a verdict almost immediately. And based on what I had known from this case it seemed obvious to me. This is one. Horrible vicious person and I want you to pay attention to all the voices that speak out against Dylan wrote. This is a moment of unity. This is a moment where we should recognize that. There are whites. Who don't support doing roof. In the same way that there are blacks who don't support black criminals. But the news tends to divide us. It is tends to show it's always a black person representing the black point of view and a white person representing the white point of view when in reality. There are people from both sides. Respecting both points of view. But we don't see that that's not what the news gives us. So listen to the voices and watch the voices and and watch the people who are standing up against Dylan roof. Because just because he's white. Doesn't mean he's getting support. From the white community. And anybody in the white community who does support his actions. They are rejected by the great great majority of white Americans. On this day in 1990 Rod Stewart Barry New Zealand model Rachel Hunter who was the star in this video stay sees mom by Fountains of Wayne. When he married Rachel Hunter. I don't know if I can read this on the air but he made some reference to. A banana and a fruit bowl. And basically said that he was not going to put he's been an a anyway he was talking about how he was going to be very faithful to Rachel Clark. They split up in 1999. We'll be right back on every well. The calendar Arizona State December 15 to 1966. The legendary Walt Disney passed away. He died of lung cancer in Los Angeles he was only 65 years old. And if I'm not mistaken I don't know whether it's still frozen or not but I believe he had his brain frozen. Because he was hoping to have it to a transplanted when they found a cure for lung cancer or. Whenever the date of the issue was he was he was part of acquire onyx our plan again I I don't know if his body his brain are still frozen but that was having an hour's remembered about. About Walt Disney. I if you wanna join us we're talking about the verdict it is just come in on Dylan roof he was the young white shooter in. Charleston, South Carolina killing nine African Americans in a historic church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina this is what touched off the whole controversy over the confederate flag. I if you wanna join us with your reaction on numbers 2601870. Rico 5042601. A semi tech's 87870. Here's a Texas says I disagree with most of what you say I'm white and I think. He should hang he should be hung in a town square this coming Saturday at noon. Yes a lot of people. Feels that Dylan wrote this was a death penalty trial but this was not the penalty phase of the trial which is still to come. Believe it is. Young person should be killed. And again we're you know we're not really when it comes to big things like these were not justified it is is. You would have us as is many people would have us believe. And we're certainly not as divided as the news would suggest we are. Because there are white Americans all over this country. Who are cheering. The guilty verdict. Just because he's white doesn't mean that whites are standing by here there are few who do. But anybody who does is rejected by the general white population in America. So I think it's important to to to keep in mind at a time like this. Also we've been talking about Donald Trump and his kids as some of them may be being part of fate his administration with offices in the White House. Ever work with your kids or ever or would your parents eighteen year under the WL. I. Mathieu kids work for me. And now it's gonna get in this case because. In my mouth that's on seventeen and the middle my daughter is McCain. They both were forming. An about it did you and by in case it's it's the subject matter what which they are now. Now joked before. And so part of the training Doherty earth. And then also. Eight we have been able to carry over there you know kind of the parent. Parent child relationship into the job you know where you teach morality thing to Rome and then. I back into the job where now under teaching him how to do something which is to do this job. And he it's worked out really well. Good as soon as there's so so you don't think is a problem with her sort of with the kids. The other camp. I'd pay their candy you know it's one thing we did in my son is back and work for somebody else. In the same industry. To get to get perspective I think that's important to an idea for them. Am I likely be its restaurant toward that record like a New York State that that was when it with pat on the business from one generation to the next. Wind and children not old enough that we haven't worked the competition. That. And it is not as you know kind of you know other people's that the secret the morgue chip to get perspective. Or and it got interesting that's a really interesting idea. And you're going to you know and in this case what I went to work toward someone in the family business to much micro manager kind of person which I'm not. But public Internet okay you know I think you know popular I would. Like manager and then it was like edit now and which are talking about. I mean they ever threaten you and say look Kyle lucky and if you don't if you don't like now we we know your wife and we'll tell her all about it. Your. And I appreciate the call sounds like a great family business if you are holed hang on if you want to join us with your comment on numbers 2601878. Erick are 5042601. It's heavy text Amber's age 7870 once again we got a lot going on this afternoon. The verdict of Dylan roof has just come in and you know I this is just not a surprise to a lot of people guilty. Not a surprise because it just seems so obvious from all that we knew would be right back. And today we wish a very happy birthday to Cindy bird song of the supreme Cindy is 77 years old today and this is some of those classic early hints from the supremes. Back in my arms again. Also is on this day in 1999 board George was knocked unconscious when a mirror ball fell on his head during a show in Dorset England. Wonder why I think that's funny from Hammond Scott you're on WWL. Good. A it. You know but you noted there are some some whites who might like so much that they. Today I think that this guy. Did a good job. What being cool I think that the old. It is important. But now. Our or record operate as if he. Knows how it would work. In it yet. Scott I agree with you here's attacks that says. Scoop the thing about Walt Disney was a hoax. Really. I was so gullible backhand. I believe the story I mean it's been written a couple of different places but I guess this. Mr. Staal to say they didn't really frees his body freezes brain. The Chicago song of the day as 25 or six to four be listening for that that will be your cue to call to win tickets as he Chicago with the singer march the 21. And we'll be back on WWL.