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12-16-16 Scoot-1pm- Does the audience determine the news more than the media?

Dec 21, 2016|

Reaction to Dylann Roof guilty verdict demonstrates the audience determines what news is covered and how it’s covered. Reaction was mild. Why? Because white and black America agreed that there was no excuse for what Roof did. Do you now agree the audience determines the news more than the news media?

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Here we go it is Friday a beautiful Friday were heading into the last weekend before Christmas or you know it's going to be Michigan out there. Elusive for those who are celebrating Honecker you know what that means it's going to be Michigan out there. Shopping to be crazy we'll be talking about that this afternoon. Also we have a few serious things to talk about but for the most part man I just wanna have fun. This afternoon. You know one thing that I always like to do with the show is try and fit the mood of the audience and look at this day. And it's Friday and we're heading into the weekend and Christmas is almost here so right now crank it up because this is what you have to market for. Also later in the show we'll talk to a guy who is the mayor of the North Pole about the running of the Sanders which aside is tomorrow. And don't later in the show since a lot of people are gonna be getting. Rings for Christmas this is there a good time to to get engaged. A lot of people are going to. Becoming gay issues that affect the the Christmas weekend. A thought it would chill some really creative stories about getting engaged. So if you got to create a story whether it was you or somebody you know. Who had a very creative way of getting engaged we'll talk about that. A little bit later I'm scooter in the afternoon this is where politics and pop cultural or speech or opinions in the afternoon and again. It is the final weekend before Christmas you take him that was my Christmas shopping no way. I'm just really getting started so we'll talk about we'll talk about that Campbell talked about it ideal gifts for. Men I do guess for women I do guess work for kids. And we'll also talk about some of the weekend activities over the weekend and tomorrow in the warehouse district is the running of the Sanders which is just crazy. That's starts in the morning it's one of those warehouse district events that is just wild and if you all want information that stay with this because we'll have all of it for your. Coming up. One interesting thing that I wanted to talk about ten at the beginning of the show is the reaction to the deal and roof guilty verdict yesterday. I think the reaction on the show in the media in general. Demonstrates. That. It is the audience. That determines what news is covered and how the news discovered. And not the media. And there are those who still argue well you know it's not that it's the media's fault that the noose discovered this waste the media's fault that there's this story on that story on. When I've always argued that. Really it's the audience that ultimately determines what's on the news and I think this is a really. Important. A lesson too to be learned how the reaction has V into the deal on group guilty sort of related to that in just a moment. But first you know I've got to talk about their seventeen year old who shot at police officers. In Jefferson Parish in the West Bank. Seventeen year old he was. You he was hit and he was pipe found hiding in a car but your fuel Norman you know once again. Holds a press conference about a brazen criminal. 1717 years old got a gun. Probably not legally. And what happened was a license plate reading camera alerted. By Jefferson Parish police that there was a stolen car. I'd near the Huey. Many shot it and it had it at cops. And they returned fire. You know if if texting and driving is dangerous. So we shooting and driving I mean that's you know you gotta keep jurors on the road and I mean I I obviously the police are chasing him this guy's turning around. And shooting at them. But then again he doesn't have much regard for the law or himself anyway you know what what do you do with us funny we talk about this all the time and it's just so. It's. It's easy for this to become. A normal thing. And and the danger is people becoming apathetic all well. You know what are we gonna do. But I think we have to continue to talk about this on until. We all collectively figure out what can be done about this and and I think about the the robberies that have taken place in the carjackings that take place is an increase in all of this. They're just seems to be a growing number of people this is of course not all people. But there seems to be growing number of people who feel like. They can just take what they want. And what happens to all these cars. Of these joy rides. Or did they chop these cars up and sell the parts. Well you know the people who are buying these stolen cars may be they're almost as guilty as the people who were stealing them. We discerning way to find out where they're selling these cars. Are there consistent places where these. Carjacked cars are are being I dropped off being sold. Anyway just it's really scary and and supporting here at the radio station where as soon talking about how she was recently almost carjacked. And it turns out that the guy fit the description and his car fits the description of somebody who carjacked somebody a couple of days later so she really was about to be carjacked. In uptown New Orleans. And this is a mentality. And for way too long excuses have been given as to why this happens it's this reason it's that reason. And so the problem continues to grow. And I don't think it's a till we say we connect. It doesn't matter what individuals are responsible for their behavior. And there are far too many good people. To convince me that. You can't be a good person. Regardless of what you're exposed to a life but anyway a precious reliever recession and as a seventeen year old can't. I mean the guy's not even old enough to drink. Any shooting at police. Amid at you know at some point his life is gonna end. Mean hopefully it's like if if his life is gonna and hopefully it ends before he kills anybody else I refuse to anybody yet but more kills anybody. But he sure tried their killer terrorist in Paris police yesterday. So we're getting to that what going on with the truck transition again since this is a beautiful Friday heading into the weekend and Christmas and Honecker coming up declines are coming up. A week from this Monday. This is the holiday season. So on this Friday going into this week and I I thought we would be just a little bit a lighter today. But I I do want to touch on this on interesting lesson that I've thought about concerning the Arab reaction to the deal and roof. Verdict. So that there's a trend and and you know about dissent as well as I do there's a there's a trend of blaming the media for the content of the news. And that trend continues to grow. The media reflects the audience and I always make this argument but they are still people who wanna say no it's not our fault it's the media's fault. And people look to the media and say why do you run that story why do you create. Racial tension. The media does feed this appetite that we have that is part of racial tension in America. But they do it because that's what gets your attention. Sorry get into this I did write a blog about this and it's trending on our website. It's titled Dylan roof verdict proves that audience determines media coverage you can read that share with others it's on our web site. At WW dot com. Here's a text you're actually right scoots we like to think the media is being unbiased and impartial but in reality it's all about the ratings yes it is. As so winning examine the reaction that we had yesterday on the show in the reaction in the media in general to the deal and roof guilty verdict in Charleston, South Carolina. And demonstrate how this determines. Once again that it is the audience. Decrease in news. I'm skewed in the afternoon will be right back on debit bureau. And we will be playing a lot of Christmas music on the show this afternoon and Niger or Niger winners. So this this trend of blaming the media I mean I hear all the time you know why is the media do this why why does the movie. On stir up race relations. The meeting is responding to what they think the audience wants and I think the coverage of the Dylan roof verdict. Is really a great demonstrations it's got a text here. Was was it on the news about Dylan roof I had no idea. That's exactly my point. I make this argument about the media reflect the audience. And many people argue that no it's it's not our fault that states the media's fault. Me blaming the media for for stories. Really I think emphasized his son how the audience just wants to feel better about itself that was the media's fault and those controversial stories all the hate on the news channels and in particular. And this is because that's what they want us to see their stirring it up the media stirring it up now the media is responding to what they think you want. All stirred up. Usually reflection of us. And if you doubt this at let's think about the coverage of the guilty verdict in the Dillon Ruth case. Don't roof twenty to now Tony one at the time back in the summer of 2015. Went into the historic church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. He's a white guy. The African American worshippers in their welcome to meant. They continue their prayer meeting. The white kids sat in the back. And he waited. He waited. And any listen to all the things that they were saying about the Bible and god in Christ and whatever they were talking about with their Bible study. And then he decided to get up and shoot him and kill him. He shot and killed nine of him. Yesterday. He was found guilty on all counts. A young white male. Admitted to killing nine African American worshippers in that church in Charleston. This broke on the of the guilty verdict broke while I was on the air yesterday immediately I switch to the topic. Of reacting to the guilty verdict. We stories like that when break when I'm on the air the response is instant and passionate. And the lines light up. Yesterday the line Saddam light up. I was surprised. So it made me think OK why. Why has this story not been such a big story. A few people called. Made their points about Dylan roof and there seemed to be a consensus. To dealer group is evil. And most said he should be executed or spend the rest of his life in prison. White colors. Black colors and text I don't know whether you're white or black protects obviously. But everybody seemed to agree. And so there was no racial controversy. Interestingly. The guilty verdict was not top of the news it's not top of the news today. And ordinarily a story of a young white guy going into predominately African American church killing nine blacks in 2016. This is the story that stirs racial controversy. Why didn't. Because there was widespread agreement on the guilty verdict. And so I think this is really the that the positive aspect of this. White and black listeners called and sent text messages. Agreed. There was no racial controversy. There was racial unity. Without dissension between whites and blacks. They guilty verdict was more a footnote story in the news rather then a story that generates great passion and great debate. Now there are going to be a few people in America. Who are wiped. Who. Are so. Hateful. Of blacks. But they applaud his behavior. The data so tiny tiny group. Minuscule group. Compared to all population. So what we celebrate in this is the unity. This story didn't get a lot of attention because there was consensus that this disguised evil and there's no controversy it wasn't like people were argue that well you know he got a bad deal you know he should've gone to prison you know and you know they they they probably played an information. You know this was this was all set up what we didn't hear any of that. So with the widespread agreement. It was just a foot don't story. And on the the news or web sites. It's not even the top story in fact and on one of the web sites or looked at before the show it's it's buried. Like almost oh by the way don't roof which found guilty but ordinarily this is the kind of story that attracts a lot of attention and a lot of passion this did not. This stock the only example. But this is a great example that illustrates it is the audience that determines what the media covers and how the media covers. Of course there are exceptions. But overall the media response to the desires of the audience and since there was no great. No great racial tension over this issue since whites and blacks agreed. Since there was racial unity. It was not a big story in the meeting. If there was. A great controversy here. Then. There would have been a lot of reaction is there would have been racial tension over this there they're there would have been a lot of reaction. So I just again I like to talk about these things because I don't think there's enough discussion in the media today. On about the relationship between the media. And and society. And this is something that I've I've inserted throughout my career and I think it's something that we all should pay more attention to because we are. In my opinion we the people are responsible for what the media covers because they're trying to get our attention. For ratings and revenue. And so they cover the stories and they stayed on the stories and they expand the stories that cause us to pay attention. Well. They realize that the Dylan roof guilty verdict was not a big deal so. It's not a big story. It's not a big story because of the audience. Not because of the meeting. And I've often used this I guess it's a metaphor. If you look at to a mere. And you don't like the image you see. Do you blame the mirror. Or do you blame the source. Of the images reflect it. When the audience doesn't like. What they see in the media. They blame the media. Because they don't wanna blame themselves. And ultimately it's us. It's we the people. That determine what stories are covered and how the media covers stories. I'm getting a few checks for people who say that time you know people. People are very narrow minded and they pick news. That supports what they already belief. That's called confirmation bias in it's it's true. And most people are not looking for the truth they're looking for confirmation. That their bias opinion. Is the truth. And it's interesting how some people see one news channel as the truth the other news channel is not the truth but yet it's all about what they believe I'm screwed in the afternoon will be back here start every WL. CBS news update we'll be right back. This is that their songs from the band train. Called play that song. Are going to be a big head I'm scooter in the afternoon I join us. If I did this so this first hour we're dealing with suffers a little bit as serious. There's a lot going on but on a day like today I just thought we reduced both relate to our. Our collective mood which is it's a beautiful Friday heading into the weekend before. Before there were Christmas week in the last weekend before Christmas we'll talk about shopping in the parking in thinks that people do with their shopping and trying to find a parking place to irritate all of us will be and all of that. I'm a little bit later here's an update on our party general people. Do you now agreed the audience determines the news more than the news media. 54% say yes and 46%. Say no leadership to you by going to our web site WW dot com and if you just joined us. I couldn't help lights try to analyze why do the coverage of the Dylan roof guilty verdict yesterday got such little attention. And I really think it's because there was such consensus. And whites and blacks did not disagree there were not enough that disagreed to make it controversy therefore it was not a big story. Got to Texas says Cisco the media didn't cover the trial at all. That was their choice not the public. That's not true. The media did cover the trial. And yet the the media coverage. Is determined by the reaction the media gets from the audience. And so if there's not a lot of passion. It's not that they is it's not that there was not a lack of fun. A lack of passion for dealing roof being found guilty but it was almost like this is a no brainer there's still there's no controversy here. But I think the bottom line is that whites and blacks generally agreed on this case. And there was there was not enough disagreement to make it into a big controversy therefore it was not a big story. Here's a Texas as scooped a big problem is 24/7 news coverage. That is a fairly recent historical development plus all the media outlets no longer just the three networks. Over saturation. Torre for 7 NEWS cycle means the media. Has to be constantly reporting many times O for reporting we need to break that's from Tia Geoff that's a good point I mean there's no question that the 24 hour. A new stations have changed. I have changed news social media. Has also changed news in fact we've talked recently about fake news. That is. All over the place. And a FaceBook is now going to use an independent source. To start flagging stories they'll still allow the stories but they're gonna fly the stories. They cannot be substantiated. They're gonna try to substantiate stories and they can't they kind of like the story so it's going to be perceived as. Fake news here's a check to says sun national media didn't cover the Will Smith trial. There was some national media coverage of it yeah I I guess that the Detroit transition. Is that is taking up a lot of the oxygen in the room. Is senate taking up a lot of the media's attention so I think that's a legitimate point but again you know yesterday I just I have been doing this long enough. To know how things on happened when there's verdict guilty verdicts and I have a young white guy. With confederate flag in Montreal around him in his life. I've going into a black church. And in a premeditated manner. Deciding to kill. To kill people when the details aren't African American worshippers. That's the kind of story that usually gets a lot of attention but this did not because again I think there was just general consensus on. If you wanna join us with your comet this afternoon our numbers 26 cell. When a seventy Harry code 5042601878. And our text is a 7870. An Aztec trees I didn't agree with the outcome of the trial I don't think he should ever. Has been made. Made it all don't think you should never made it to trial elbow that's what a lot of people believe that this was so obvious and even confessed. And his goal was to start a race war which look let's let's give ourselves credit. It didn't start a race war. And is. As as. Tender as we think race relations are in this country. We are better than it. And I hope we start emphasizing. The positive over the negative and I think this is an opportunity to talk about how we are. More united and we are divided. And is as much as a duo and Ruth confessed and as much as people think he should not even gotten to trial. C'mon we have to respect the system of justice we've got to go through the motions even if it's just a formality. And then there were those who yesterday you're sending a text. Saying that he should be executed right away. Well we have to go through the sentencing phase of the trial mean let's let's go through the judicial. Mechanisms. Before we start to just totally talked via. The whole system of justice which is is flawed but still it's a system of justice that we have. Here's a text I know it was not an inflammatory case now it was not in the air force. And I guess I get to some degree people kind of agreed that the Will Smith case was some kind of cut and dried case. A number of people died on this day actually kind of a sad day in a pop culture counter on Tuesday December 16. Nickel at Larson who did this song in 1978 ticket for her. On est 1997. She she died symptoms of depression and cerebral. And deem. At a close friends sent her death was in no small wave related to her chronic use of Valium and Tylenol PM. She worked with The Doobie Brothers Linda Ronstadt Beach Boys Neil young and and Jimmy Buffett died on this day in 1997. At the age of 45. And no lead singer of a popular one hit wonder in the eighties I'd died on Tuesday. And also on another song writer from the and the seventies and eighties pastor or we'll talk about all of that we come back I'm scoot in the afternoon glad you're with us on WL. A sad day in a pop culture calendar is on this day December the sixteenth 2001 Stewart Anderson a lead singer big country. When you wonder from the eighties that did this song in every country. I he was found dead in his hotel room and Honolulu Hawaii he had disappeared from his home was found dead in a hotel room. Also what superstar singer songwriter Dan fogel Bergen remember seeing him a two year. Arena in Baton Rouge. How understated 2007 Dan folk of Oregon had died at his home in deer isle Maine at the age of 56 he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2004. And we just mentioned it to a nickel at Larson who work with a lot of performers it has the FB kit. Lot of love in 1978. Passed away on this day. In 91997 some kind of a sad day also this is the Davidson. It Miley Cyrus. In short a part of her anatomy. For one million box. Why can't we take about that next hour and we're gonna play like Chris and GT percent and as well here's a quick update on a party general opinion poll. I'd do you know agreed that the audience determines the news more than the news media 57%. Say yes and 43% saying no. On Hillary Clinton is blaming the Russians. For interfering in the presidential race and that's why she lost. I guess she just doesn't get it. There were other reasons why she lost first of all he shouldn't be sending those kind of emails. Me again it was the exposure of the emails that is to blame for a loss. And they're not taking accountability for the fact that those emails were written and sent. She's sick casting her failed campaign as part of a long running effort by Vladimir Putin of Russia. To discredit the fundamentals of American government. Hillary Clinton said that she says citing a personal beef. With the Vladimir Putin as a possible reason for the country meddling in the race. Hillary Clinton also cited the late October release of a letter by FBI director James called me. About her use of a private server as a reason for her loss. She spoke to a gathering of campaign donors last night in New York. This is sudden the blame game. And there were a lot of other things that we're going on and elect. I think Hillary never really. To the satisfaction of enough American voters I don't think she really. Did a very good job of accepting responsibility for using the private server. And you know just to say you're sorry you shouldn't have done it. It would of worked out a lot better had she gone to the extent of saying look. I made a mistake. I did this. And this is what I have learned from it this is why I'm a different person today. But she didn't do that. By the way gonna texture correcting or something it's a Stuart Adamson yes I said Stewart Anderson it's Stuart Adamson. Late singer big country cigarettes in my music officially art is out there who know all the details. But I you know I think this is typical blame game. Stuff. Yes there was a lot of stuff. That was done it seemed to favor Donald Trump when it came to the their with the Russians hacking and do things that were revealed I'm sure there's a lot of stuff that. I'm Donald Trump has has written. They did notch I get exposed but the point is. You should write this stuff. And if you get caught you can't just blame it on being caught it's like two people were speeding in the cop catches you. You can't go wolf the only reason I got caught is because the cop didn't catch the other guy. What are you just admit that you were speeding and it's it's your fault and this was part of the disingenuous lack of trust. Image that Hillary Clinton had during the campaign that's why she lost. This just this just fed into the did the preconceived image that she already had so I don't think it's. You know what do we don't need the Russians battling not suggesting and that's a good thing. Biked by its not fair to a plane that doubling or lost on the Russians but you know she's talking to all these people who gave her big bucks during the campaign and you know she's still not gonna accept the responsibility. And you know kind of like. Kind of like the Republicans. After Mitt Romney lost. If the Democrats. Don't do an autopsy on their party and figure out what went wrong and if they're not honest about what went wrong. Then they're not going to right the ship. If you are George for the comic this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy Terry could 5042601878. X number is 8787 against duke in the afternoon a there will be people who are gonna be getting engagement rings for Christmas. So. Coming over the next hour we'll share some stories about getting engaged. And there are parties going on this weekend I know the identity WL. Intercom. Christmas holiday party is Saturday night. Marty trying to figure out who's going to be on the dance floor. As is that always interesting when you do you you work with somebody for forever you'd sit next to them stand accident or work. You never see him dance until Christmas party. And then you can never get that image out of your mind and sometimes it's not pretty. I'm scooter will be back on WL. And who says so you can have our rock Christmas music. All right. The band is so Bad Religion. Are just not a perfect name for a brand mr. Christmas aren't. I'm scared of the afternoon here's a quick update party jag attorney told the you now agree the audience determines the news more than the meat news media. A 57% say yes and 43% saying out. Here's a text that says sir you were the first member of the media that doesn't have a bias that I've come across. That gives a common sense point of view of rusher Clinton and trump. Here's another text that says a Skoda went to the sank or Tuesday night and watched Jersey boys the Russians made me do it and I liked it. Here is another tax service says it screwed shame on you. And those hypocrites like Q what happens to America first how can you side with the Russians were supposed to be together as Americans. Unless siding with the Russians. I'm just simply stating a reality that I don't think it's just because the Russians acts her emails and the information that came out from that. That the recent Hillary Clinton lost and the Democrats don't open their eyes to why she really lost and they're not gonna win another election. Not signing with the Russians. It's if it's enough people have how these obvious takes that. Largest obviously as there's part of their point of view are askew we're gonna come right back right back out of him you'll.